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6 years and 32 births attended

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Type of practice: Solo practice

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  • Babywearing education
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  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Temecula, CA Service range 30 miles

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Sarah Allen


My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Andrea and our experience with her!  We are so happy that Andrea attended the birth of our first child.  I would have been lost and probably would not have been able to have the experience I wanted.  She has a very calm, easy-going demeanor which fits our personalities very well.  After our first meeting, we were excited to secure our due date with her.  I very strongly desired to deliver with as few interventions as possible in a hospital setting.  Andrea worked with us to create our birth plan, go over comfort measures and techniques as well as offer many resources.  She checked in with us frequently during the last half of my pregnancy and made herself available by phone as the birth approached.  When our due date came and I was admitted to the hospital to be induced due to low amniotic fluid, she helped us decide how to proceed with our plan for a natural delivery.  She came to the hospital that evening to see how we were doing and find out if there was anything we needed.  She stayed with me while my husband ran home to get a quick shower and get our cats situated.  With her guidance, in cooperation with my OB, I went into to spontaneous labor the day after our son was due. She assisted by helping us maintain a calm atmosphere, helping my husband with keeping me as comfortable as possible, and helping me walk through every contraction. She helped me feel like I could make it through the pain of delivery. Every step of the way we felt that she was our support and our advocate. My husband and I are both very grateful for the help and support Andrea gave through our whole pregnancy and birthing process.  Having her there was truly one of the best decisions we made!

Morghan Velez Young and Kelvin Alfaro


We birthed our first child with the support of Andrea Cole. Our son was born healthy and safe on 12/25/12. Andrea spent 24 hours with us throughout our time at the hospital, even holding my right leg and foot for the 2 hours it took to push my son through the birth canal. Her commitment to our family includes several more examples such as this one. We met Andrea in the summer of 2012. She was the first Doula that we interviewed and chose to go with her immediately after meeting her. Her personality is humble, approachable, and generous -- and these qualities showed during our first visit. Our educational meetings before birthing were very helpful in allowing us to understand what we could do to support our own birthing experience, as well as understand what Andrea can and will do for us/with us during the labor. For example, we practiced poses to relax and help the baby move further into the birth canal. If we have a second child, we will ask Andrea to join us again.

Katie Ferreira


We've had Andrea as our doula twice now and were just as happy this time as we were last time with our experience. With her help, I was able to give birth naturally in a hospital with no pain medication. She met with us weeks before to review our birth plan and go over early labor tips. She was available by phone anytime. When I went to the hospital with "false labor" a week before I actually gave birth, she was there and very sympathetic. And on the day baby Carson was born, she offered advice over the phone, met us there and checked on me in the triage room. When we got to the labor and delivery room, her work really began. She and my husband worked as a team to make me as comfortable as possible. She massaged, rubbed, pressed my back, fanned, took pictures, offered position suggestions and communicated with the nurses for me, among many other things too. She totally supports whatever birth experience you personally want to have and does what she can to make it happen. She is very respectful and observant and made my husband feel comfortable taking a role in helping me. She stayed for a while after the birth and helped me with breastfeeding and with processing all that had happened. She came to my house about 1 week later to check in and talk. I found that I really loved to talk about my birth experience. It is a big, big event in a women's life and we are so glad we picked Andrea to share it with! Thanks Andrea!

Melody Cox


    Melody: My husband and I planned a hospital delivery at Clovis Community with our baby and wanted to increase our chances of having a medication free delivery and minimal interventions. At the recommendation of our OB, we searched for a Doula and found Andrea. We met  before the due date; she gave us tips, reading material, and various exercises to help prepare us physically and emotionally. When the due date came and went, she offered moral support frequently on the phone, providing great encouragement.
    Eventually it became medically necessary to have an induction, but labor started spontaneously in the hospital. Andrea helped me remain as mobile as possible while being monitored. She and my husband teamed up on massages and position changes. Labor was FAST and HARD, with active labor lasting 2h40 minutes. We were so lucky to have Andrea’s support during that time, even as I decided to get an epidural. We were able to continue the natural techniques we had learned to maintain control in an unplanned situation. After the birth, she stayed to help with breastfeeding and took many valuable pictures that we did not remember to take. 2 weeks later, she came by the house to visit our baby and talk about the delivery. I would be very happy to recommend her to all my friends and I hope she will be available with baby #2. ?

    Jake:  When we initially found out we were pregnant I, Jake (Melody’s husband) really wanted to be her main support throughout the pregnancy and delivery. However, being that it was our first time going through something this amazing and huge we thought a Doula might be at least worth looking into, and boy am I glad we did. Although we had read all the material and practiced positions and breathing Andrea was absolutely invaluable to our experience. She is a coach a guide a teammate and after an experience like that , a friend. Thanks again Andrea!

Kristen and Tim Balint


 We could not have done this without Andrea. Even though our labor and delivery did not go as planned, Andrea remained encouraging and helped keep us focused on the bigger picture. During our sessions leading up to our due date, Andrea was able to share her insight and experiences with us, while making sure that it was our decisions being made. Andrea was especially helpful when the labor became more than what I thought I could bear. She helped Tim in showing what it was to be a supportive partner, and even gave him several breaks so that he could catch his breath. After our daughter was born, Andrea stayed to help with breast feeding. During our follow up session, Andrea provided many post pardum resources which were a life saver to me. Tim and I could not have been happier with our decision to bring Andrea along for our journey. We will never forget how valuable her services were. 

liliya kamalova


I would like to share with everybody how great our experience was delivering a baby with Andrea's help! My son was born 12 days early so when I got to the hospital on "The Big Day" I still hadn't made any arrangements with Andrea. I called her in panic at 8 am and she showed up right away!

She was very professional and calm, knew exacty what was going on and what the doctor and nurses were talking about. she helped to ease the pain and came up with ways to make me progress faster. the positions that she offered worked great for me! I was able to deliver in 7-8 hours WITHOUT any medications or painkillers! I truly believe that this happened largely because of Andrea's participation. my husband helped me A LOT too, but even he admits that Andrea's help was essential.

After the baby was born she helped the baby to latch onto my breast and then before she left the hospital, she showed my husband how to install the car sit (we hadn't had that ready either!). when I was released from the hospital Andrea visited me and looked after my baby so that I could take a shower. she also kept in touch with me and called to check on our lives.

I would recommend Andrea to anyone who is thinking about having a doula during childbirth, she is a great person to know and to work with!

Liliya, Sarwar and Baby Marcel.

Amy Dueck


During my pregnancy people would ask me if I was going to have a doula. Some of them were surprised when I would say “Yes!” It was almost like they assumed that, since I am a doula myself, I wouldn’t need that support. Having a doula is something that I firmly believe in and I wouldn’t want to have a baby without one.

My husband and I thought our family was complete with three children, so this pregnancy came as a surprise. I felt that after experiencing birth as a doula and seeing the many variations one can (sometimes) choose, I wanted this final birth to be different from my others. I talked with Andrea about all of my fears, hopes, expectations and dreams for the birth of our son. She knew that my previous births had quite a few medical interventions and I was hoping to have a more natural experience. I felt confident in the support Andrea provided before the birth and I knew she was going to play a necessary role in the delivery room.

When Andrea came to the hospital she offered suggestions for positions to make me more comfortable in labor and to help me progress quickly. She offered words of encouragement and reminded me that I was strong enough to do it! Later when talking to my husband about Andrea’s role in the birth he commented how helpful she was. He said, “I wouldn’t have known that those positions would be helpful.” My husband was an amazing advocate for my wishes and he rose to the challenge when an intervention was suggested. Andrea’s presence made my goals even more attainable.



My husband, Gabe and I knew we wanted continuity during one of the most important days of our lives. So, we chose Andrea to provide that continuity for us during our birth experience. I was induced with our first child and this time I really wanted labor to start spontaneously. Unfortunately, I went two weeks past my due date and my doctor ordered an induction. Fortunately we had Andrea with us at the hospital during the whole process.

Gabe and I were both discouraged about not starting labor spontaneously. Through the waiting process Andrea provided us with the encouragement we needed. She even suggested we have a night to ourselves before baby arrived…so we did! Her encouragement continued through our whole labor experience. Through prayer, suggestions about laboring positions, creating a calm atmosphere, giving Gabe a helping hand, etc., Andrea gave us exactly what we needed for our situation.
Our personal list of benefits of having a Doula:
• Having Continuity
• Giving us ideas for relaxation before and during the birth
• Suggesting that I be taken off Pitocin briefly so I could walk around outside of the room
• Having support for the decisions we made
• Having suggestions for labor positions
• Someone who knows the stages of labor
• Giving Gabe brief breaks
• Providing a pleasant aroma when cigarette smoke filled the room from a nearby break area.
• Best of all…having someone we knew with us during this special time!

Thanks Andrea!!!



We feel so fortunate to have had Andrea as our doula for our son’s birth.  At the initial meetings, she spent time learning what our hopes, concerns, and expectations were for our upcoming birth.  She was very knowledgeable about the birth process and also lent a sympathetic ear to the emotions that surround the birth experience.
At our son’s birth, she was a very calming presence and was completely supportive of all of our choices.  She offered numerous options, ideas, and techniques for dealing with labor and was very caring and encouraging.  She clearly has a passion for helping moms and dads have the best birth possible.
We both benefitted from her individualized help and can’t picture having had this birth without her.



Andrea was the perfect addition to the birth story of our first baby and it didn’t take me long to find her. I found her website, read her profile, and knew that I wanted to meet with her. She was the perfect match for us. She is friendly, kind, calm, knowledgeable, confident, and encouraging. She met with us a couple of times before our due date to get to know us, to help us think through a birth plan, and to practice for the big day.

I went into labor on my due date and Andrea was available by phone all day. She came to our house when we decided that we needed her help. She assisted my husband in comforting me in various ways and positions through contractions. She even made me a snack and did my dishes! She helped us decide when to go to the hospital and I’m glad for her help in that decision because when we got to the hospital I was already 9 cm dilated (keep in mind that I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible). I would not have been able to labor so long at home without her there. She continued to coach my husband and me through contractions at the hospital.

The nurses would not have been able to give me the same help that she was able to give. Even the nurses were amazed at how well we all worked together as a team. Even though the whole experience was exhausting and painful (I had no pain medication, which was my choice), it was one of the best experiences of my life and I wouldn’t have been able to do it the way I wanted without Andrea’s help. She gave me confidence in myself to have the birth experience that I wanted.

My husband and I would recommend Andrea to anyone. We will definitely use her again if we are blessed to have more children!

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