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Thea Jordan, CD(ProDoula),PPS

Boise Birth Services, LLC


Phone: 208-407-0869

Birth Fee: $1000

Postpartum Rate: $25

Fee Details: One prenatal appointment, to discuss birth preferences, any fears or concerns using creative techniques we will design your birth plan, discussing hospital procedures, possible birth scenarios| I will provide hands on practice of labor positions & comfort measures| we will discuss breathing, & affirmations. During birth continuous judgement free support will be provided to you & those involved in your birth| Comfort measures include and are not limited to massage, aromatherapy, hot & cold therapy, rhythm & ritual, music, positioning and movement throughout birth space and so much more Postpartum recovery is given the same attention & detail as your birth, we will discuss postpartum meal planning, establish a meal train & circle of support I am available to you as On-call status from the point we sign contracts until 1 month postpartum. Enjoy a 4 hour postpartum Doula as you transition into life with your new baby. Light house keeping meal preparation & newborn care.

Birth Doula Experience: 2 years and 32 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 1 years and 10 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2016
  • ProDoula, April 2017
Type of Practice: Group practice with shared call schedule

Clients per Month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 6 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I will not attend un-assisted home births.

Other Relevant Certifications

  • 4. Biologix Solutions Bloodborne Pathogens for Placenta Encapsulation Specialists Trained
  • CPR Certified - Red Cross
  • ProDoula Certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist

College Education

  • AA/AS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Home Birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Single parents
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Belly binding
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Director of Marketing for Idaho Doula Associates

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Nampa, ID
Travel Range: 100 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Thea Jordan, CD(ProDoula),PPS

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Sarah Catalino

 I’ve known Thea for 12 or more years and could not have imagined a better person to assist me in my third birth experience. From the minute I went into labor she was available to Me for anything I needed . Her presence was very calming and helpful. She has the sweetest spirit, she is so kind and loving. Thea is definitely the type of person that you want in one of your most vulnerable moments of life. She was amazing. 

Posted 10/10/2018

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Janie Rose

Everyone told me the birth of my second child would be a breeze. It wasn’t. If I learned anything from the birth of my first child, expectations of certain outcomes almost surely are smashed to bits through the hard knocks of birth. However, I still had expectations, not unrealistic ones, but basic expectations. I still am disappointed that the second time around I was not able to scoop my baby up from between my thighs and press her to my chest. Instead she was transferred immediately to the hospital with my husband and a second midwife, leaving me alone with my midwife, my doula Thea Jordan, and my placenta. My baby is four and a half months now and thriving, so the trauma of our story becomes less and less significant. What continues to stand out when I reflect on my child’s rough start is how much I really needed a doula, how I never could have predicted or foreseen how necessary a doula was, and how fortunate I feel to have had Thea as my birth doula, and Soraya as my postpartum support.

Immediately after the birth, Thea stepped in to fill roles that I suddenly needed by my side - mother, friend and husband - as I navigated my sudden reality of having birthed a baby that was whisked away before I could even lay eyes on her. Thea held my hand, told me stories, comforted me, reassured me and gave me the support I needed when I needed it most. After helping me navigate the transfer through the hospital to my baby, she was the last person to leave, after everyone else had gone home. She ensured I got to bed after the assessments, updates and unknowns were explained to me by so many doctors.

Thea and Soraya continued to give me ongoing support during our NICU stay and my many ups and downs. When we got our baby home, they were available to me whenever I had a question or problem. On the rollercoaster of my daughter’s entrance into the world, they made the ride smoother, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Posted 7/2/2018

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Sarah Field

Bringing a child into this world is not an easy task, but Thea made it so much more pleasant and bearable. If I decide to have another child I will be hiring Thea again. She is so friendly, easygoing and knowledgable. She showed my husband how to best assist me through the entire birth process. She made our environment comfortable and kept me hydrated and as rested as could be. I don't have the words to express my appreciate to her. She also took some incredible photo I will cherish forever and she did a great job encapsulating my placenta. I interviewed several doula's and I am so glad Thea was available to us. 

Posted 6/26/2018

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Allison G


I'm so happy to have had Thea as my doula! She is amazing! I would recommend her to anyone. She reads you and figures out exactly what your needs are at each moment. She's hand off when she needs to be but steps in when required. I had planned to have a home birth but there were some some complications at the pushing stage which required a transfer to the hospital and interventions and Thea was right there with me the entire time. I felt so supported and loved. The photos she took of the labor and birth were amazing and I will cherish them forever. The postpartum visit was particularly helpful for me in that we spent a lot of time discussing the birth experience which helped me process through the trauma. I'm so grateful for Thea!

Posted 4/25/2018

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Anna Krzemieniecki

Thea was amazing.  I asked my husband to narrow down the doula search because I was overwhelmed!  He said that a lot of the other doulas reacted poorly to a man calling for inquiries.  This was not the case with Thea.  She was welcoming polite, and very professional!  We first met her for coffee and she was extreemly attentive, validating, and willing to help with my birthing process as much as she could.  I am a pretty private person and it is hard to open up so quickly, but Thea made me feel right at home.  I am so happy we hired her because when I was induced she was great about staying in contact.  Labor with my first was like 20 hours so I had no idea it would progress so quickly this time!  She asked if she could come over once I told her how close together my contractions were and I said ok.  Thank goodness she did because little one was born less then 3 hours later.  She was great in assisting my husband in being a support for me and she was a great support too!  After the birth she stayed and assisted me while my husband was with the baby.  She made sure to keep me hydrated throughout the process.. something I didn't realize was so important!  A few days after the baby was born she stopped by and just having someone to talk to was so helpful!  Overall I would recommend Thea to anyone!  She is quite amazing and this experience (a home birth) wouldn't have happened without her!!!

Posted 8/14/2017

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Christy Pickering

Thea was a dream come true! Before my labor she helped me identify my biggest concerns about labor, how I could find ways to keep control in those situations if they were to happen, and how to cope with and accept the things I was most afraid of. She was available 24/7 - even during my false alarms. She was amazing at providing me with reliable sources. And I'm pretty sure she kept me from having to have a C-section when my baby's heartrate dropped during contractions, because she insisted on having me change positions often. She kept my husband involved and supported. The photos she took of my labor were powerful and beautiful. Her aromatherapy kept me alert but (mostly) calm and gave me a boost of energy when I was becoming exhausted. She was encouraging and supportive, and I feel the birth of my son would have gone very differently without her there. I'm so grateful for Thea, and I will definitely ask her to doula for me again if I ever have another baby!

Posted 8/7/2017

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damaris yamileth umanzor umanzor

I loved having Thea over to help  me adjusting with my newborn. She's just super amazing:)

Posted 6/14/2017

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Lizzy Anishchenko

This was my first time having a doula and Thea made it a wonderful experience. She is incredibly easy to talk to, is supportive of whatever birth plan you have, and is very knowledgeable. Any time I had a question, she was always very quick to respond with a great answer. She was supportive through my labor/birth, and kept me calm when I needed it most. Highly recommend!!

Posted 3/20/2017

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JulietAustin Petersen

Thea is talented, kind, and dependable... three qualities we were looking for in a birth photographer. The images she captured of our labor and birth are stunning. They embody the emotion, intensity, and joy of that day perfectly. I will be forever thankful for the emotional support, special touches (Christmas lights, inspiring signs and essential oils that made the room feel less like a hospital) and one much needed double hip squeeze. She was a seemless addition to our birthing team, intuitively aware of when to step in, and when to step back. We hardly noticed her taking photos and yet we have a whole album of priceless edited images within a couple days. I cant thank her enough for the gift of being able to look back on one of the best days of my life. I have no doubt she's an equally wonderful doula, as she was unable to resist helping us out between photos. Highly recommend!

Posted 3/11/2017

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Melissa Morgado

From the moment my 2 yr old and I mer Thea, I knew she was the perfect fit for me. We just immediately connected and my very clingy daughter loved her. That meant a lot to me. Thea met with us twice before my labor and made me feel very confident and calm. I had a home birth that was super quick and infense start to finish. So quick that Thea actually arrived just 1 hour before my son was born! And didnt even have time to hang the beautiful banner or lights she brought to decorate my birth space. She immediately was using pressure points and calm voice guiding me through crazy intense contractions.  TVM arrived just 30 minutes before I pushed my son out! I cant imagine not having Thea there. 

Thea also incapsulated and made a tincture from my placenta. While we were enjoying our  new baby downstairs- she cleaned the kitchen, made a beautiful watercolor print of my placenta, a cord keepsake, and got everything going. She came back that evening and cleaned our kitchen up after dinner and finished up her work with the capsules and tincture. she was completely done the same day my son was born!! That was impressive. 

Posted 2/22/2017

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Molly Ryan

Thea is a godsend. She came during a desperate time when my husband and I needed sleep and relief. Not only were we able to get a full nights rest but Thea provided guidance, encouragement, and comfort during a nights staY and we look forward to continuing seeking her help and guidance as we navigate the post partum period. 

Posted 2/8/2017

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Sam Bradley

Thea created such a safe, and tranquil environment for me to labor in. She was very aware of different comfort measures and was very instrumental in keeping me relaxed and focused, even through the toughest contractions. We also appreciate the photographic memories she captured of the birth of our son. The comfort and care Thea provided helped me to overcome my fears of natural childbirth and ensured the best experience possible. Thank you Thea!

Posted 2/2/2017

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Elizabeth Sternberg

Thea was a calming presence and great support for me and my husband. I appreciated her non-biased help leading up to and during the birth. She listened to and respected our birth plan entirely and was very receptive during our labor. 

Posted 10/22/2016

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Candace Foster

Thea was amazing to work with! I had only met Thea one time before I went into labor but I felt completely comfortable with her.  She was great at reading the situation and knowing what would help ease my pain, when to move around and get into a new position.  I had a Vbac so it was very important for me to have a natural delivery as much as possible and she was great at helping with that.  Thea also helped my husband by showing him different ways he could help me while I labored at home.  All in all it was a very successful labor and everything I could have hoped for.  I will definitely be using her again for my next birth and recommending her to anyone in the treasure valley area! 

Posted 10/19/2016

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Tamara Ford

Even though our birth did not go as initially planned I'm so glad we hired Thea as our doula and birth photographer. We were planning a vbac but even with induction we weren't progressing after a cooler days of trying so we opted for a csection. The photos Thea took of my daughter and husband during the brief time I was separated from them are so very precious to me. I get a glimpse into the few things I missed. Thank you Thea for coming and taking those precious photos. I so wish you were allowed in the OR also. 

Posted 9/22/2016

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Karlie Nutter

4 weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, as I sit here and reflect I can't think of enough kind words to say about Thea and all that she does. When I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon exatatic, but also extremely nervous as my husband works out of town 90% of the time... I knew I needed solid support, someone to be there for in case my husband was gone...Thea provided that support and so much more! She took the time to travel almost 2 hours to meet with me on numerous occasions...and in those times I was her full focus and I felt my voice was heard. Deciding to have an all natural out of hospital birth was a huge decision for me, I knew I could do it but also had my doubts, where I doubted myself, Thea empowered me! She spent time to listen to wishes and comfort my concerns. We had a plan if my husband was or wasn't able to make it home for the birth, she made me feel confident and supported in all my choices. 

I was fortunate to have a short and powerful birth lasting only about 6 hours, Thea helped those hours fly by. The moment she walked in the room with her calming demeanor I felt a sense of peace and ease. Luckily my husband was able to be there...he was a little skeptical on having a doula but afterward he said he doesn't know what he would have done without her. She is so in tune with a pregnant womens needs, it's like she could read my mind and provided exactly what I needed...from the lovely hips squeezes to a nice cold rag for your fore head, she was on it! Not having to think about the small things during labor makes all the difference in the world! 

Her photography is just as amazing! She really captured the raw beauty of my pregnancy and birth. I am SO grateful that I chose Thea for my doula, she met all my expectations and so much more! 

Posted 9/15/2016

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Hilary Aman

My fiancé and I were so excited to find out I was pregnant, but like everyone else I was terrified about labor and had so many things to learn. Thea Jordan became my doula and somewhrre along the way she helped me gain the confidence, and knowledge I needed to say "I got this" and truly mean it. During my pregnancy Thea was always so understanding and open for any and every question I had. I learned about teas, herbs, and oils to make my pregnancy more comfortable, great stretches, sleeping positions, coping mechanisms for contractions, and the many ways to deliver my baby. Finally, the day came and I was in labor. Of course I knew I could handle the delivery but I still had the fear because it was something new, it was change. Thea met my fiancé and I at the hospital and went straight to work with reminding me how to take deep breaths and feel the vibration through my voice. As well as the cold rags for my rising body temperature. She help to regulate my fiancé, for he seemed a little lost and unsure how to help me, while she started on pressure points in my back, and a marvelous hip squeeze throughout each contraction. And of course I won't forget the relaxing music and the great smell from the humidifier she provided. Sometimes in labor the contractions take your breath away and you forget how to stay calm, but Thea was always right there in my ear telling me "breath, breath you got this, breath" and I always got right back on track. My overall experience was beyond perfect, Thea is a natural mother, for any and all who come to her. I am very thankful for her service, time, and energy that she has put into me to have my Rainbow baby, my miracle.

Posted 8/11/2016

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D Menchaca

This was my first birth with a Doula. My midwife highly suggested one because even though this was my 3rd pregnancy, I'd chosen to go to a birth center and not have an epidural this time around. My midwife recommended Thea. Instantly upon meeting her, she just had this warm, caring vibe to her. You know right away that this is what she loves to do. Her knowledge and kind heart truly make her amazing at what she does. She suggested so many helpful tips that I would have never even thought of without her. She really helped me get into the right state of mind for my labor. I had some fears doing this delivery out of a hospital and without medication but Thea put all of that to rest. She showed my husband comfort techniques to help with contractions and she & I chanted affirmations during my labor that I had been practicing through the last trimester of my pregnancy which gave me the extra reassurance I needed that I could do it. She was so empowering not just during labor but even in the weeks leading up to my birth. She did a beautiful job on my maternity photos and the photos during labor. She really captured the raw beauty of pregnancy, labor and delivery that my family and I will be able to cherish forever. This woman was a god send. I couldn't imagine doing this without her. No matter what type of birth you're wanting, Thea will be there to support you 110%! She shows that with her actions not just her words. If we decide to have anymore children, I will be calling Thea for her services. Thank you for helping me achieve my amazing birth experience, Thea! You truly are one of a kind <3

Posted 7/11/2016

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Brittany Zeman

The experience that I had with Thea was absolutely wonderful.  I had the most amazing experience with not only one doula, but two!  I met Thea through another local doula that I had hired for my birth and we quickly hit it off.  She was so sweet and compassionate immediately through talking with her.  We set up a date for maternity photos first and spent some time getting to know eachother while she took professional maternity photos.  I was so blown away when she quickly sent over the pictures.  She has such an amazing eye for photography and I was shocked at how beautiful I looked.  Pregnancy sometimes doesn't feel so beautiful and she captured flattering angles and made me feel so special...these are moments I look back on and am so happy I had Thea's expertise and couldn't wait to see her again for my birth!  I ended up being a week late and kept Thea in the loop about what was going on...When she finally got the call that I was in labor she dropped everything and was at the hospital within 30 minutes.  I ended up laboring for 16.5 hours and Thea was hands on the entire time working similtaneously with my doula.  Together both of them supported me in ways that I have trouble describing in words.  I am forever grateful for Thea to be a part of this special moment and use techniques that really helped the contractions feel more manageable.  To top it off, Thea captured once again BEAUTIFUL photos of my birth and created a video, taking me back to the most incredible moment of my life.  She not only stayed up with me all night through labor into the following morning, but delivered my video within 24 hours of birth.  Afterwards she followed up and did a postnatal visit and helped ensure I felt supported, was breast feeding well, answered all my questions and made sure baby was doing excellent.  I highly recommend Thea!  Because of her I have memories that will last a lifetime.

Posted 7/3/2016

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Betty Ayala

Having a Doula was the best decision we could have made. It completely changed our birthing experience for the better, I only wish we would have done it sooner. This was our first child and by the time we called Thea I was already in my third trimester. I was uncomfortable, overwhelmed and just unsure of what was coming next. My husband and I felt instantly at ease after meeting with Thea, she has such a calming presence and I felt as though we had known each other forever. She's also very knowledgeable and directed me in researching different choices I didn't know I'd be asked to make for our baby. In the short time we had, she was able to help us prepare our birthing plans and understand what our options were in any scenario, she took our maternity photos(birth photos, first 24 photos)and taught us different comfort measures to ease my Braxton hicks and back pains. When true labor started we were so ready, all the bags were packed (thanks to Thea's handy "what to pack" list) and she had prepared us to labor at home as long as possible, which I was so grateful for! When we finally got checked into the hospital, Thea went straight to work making sure everything on our birth plan was being carried out, Thea created a relaxing environment in the room and with her presence. She was able to encourage us to try different birthing positions, all of which were helpful in the process and pivotal to our birthing experience which I will always remember as the most beautiful day I've ever lived! I'm so thankful that Thea feels a calling to do this and I know it's a passion of hers not just a job. Even now that I'm postpartum, Thea continues to communicate with me regularly to answers any questions, offer guidance and just to check on baby. If you're not sure about a doula or have any questions please ask - the idea that we would have gone through this process without her is unimaginable!

Posted 6/28/2016

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Kimberly Matuska

If you are looking for someone to be by your side and help you have a beautiful birth than I strongly recommend this service. My first birth was nothing short of horrendous but the second time around with the help of Thea it was near perfect. She's very calm and knowledgable. She was extremely attentive and a tremendous coach. Not only did she help to support us through the birthing process but she was able to photograph very personal moments for us to cherish. Words cannot explain the appreciation we have for everything Thea provided for us. We look forward to using her services in the future and recommending them to anyone who might ask!

Posted 5/9/2016

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Tana Grodi

I recently delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy with the support of my doula, Thea Jordan. When we met, we bonded instantly. Thea has a very strong, passionate heart for serving others. Her character and personal experience enables her to be an exceptional woman, mother, and doula. This was my first birth, and I am so grateful for my incredible experience. There is no doubt that I would choose her to be by my side again for another miraculous birthing experience.
I am very thankful for my birth team. I was surrounded by several powerful women, who each played a part in my successful birth. Whether or not you have a partner to be in birth with you, I highly recommend having a doula. Your doula is there to support YOUR wishes, and yours alone! She will make your wishes are abided by your doctor, nursing staff, and even your family members. During birth, you are in an incredible vulnerable place, and she is there to be strong and support you. Whether you choose to deliver naturally or with other interventions, I would recommend Thea as a doula with confidence, and without any doubts in her skillset.


Tana Marie Grodi

Posted 4/19/2016

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