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Tauña Patterson

Sweet Olive Birth

Mont Belvieu, TX Service range 100 miles


Birth Fee

$850 to $1050

Birth Fee

$850 to $1050

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 49 births attended

Doula Training

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), March 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

Special Services Offered

  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteer at B.I.R.T.H Fair

Fee Details

I have packages based on the number of prenatal visits you desire and also additional services.

Mont Belvieu, TX Service range 100 miles

Client Testimonials for Tauña Patterson

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Sandra Nguyen Davis


Having Tauna on our team was invaluable. My husband and I are so grateful we found her when we did. Our decision to have a doula was pretty last minute, but after meeting her, we felt an instant connection. In the few short weeks we had with her, she was still able to meet with us multiple times and send many articles and videos to help us prepare ourselves. She is pleasant and calm, while being steadfast and confident. She anticipated our needs before we even knew them. Our hospital is a bit further from her usual client base, so when we notified her we got admitted, my husband and I had accepted it would be an hour to see her once we would decide we’d be ready for the help. Lo and behold, as soon my husband was set to text her, she was already at our hospital door, ready to be there and give him a break. Her post-partum check-ups are sweet, and that tells you how much her clients mean to her. I highly recommend working with Tauna!

Mrs. Rebollar


Tauña is a calm, thoughtful and caring doula. Her presence reassured me throughout every twist and turn of my 36 hour labor. She was the epitome of self-sacrifice- giving me every ounce of her attention and energy, even when that meant sacrificing sleep, comfort and food. Our hope was an all natural labor, and a Tauña was so supportive as I pursued that goal. After a difficult early labor of 13 hours of contractions, Tauña helped me navigate through maintaining a still “minimal-intervention labor” after I chose an epidural. She was a gem! And si supportive!  My husband and i really appreciated her coaching and wisdom as we navigated back labor, hospital decisions and the joyous chaos of meeting our son. I would recommend her to anyone!

Elizabeth Marquez


I knew I wanted to attempt a natural birth with my son, but my husband still wanted me to deliver in a hospital since it was our first baby. We found a middle ground and decided to hire Tauña to be our doula. She was incredible throughout the entire process, from helping me to educate myself in my birth choices to coaching me through labor to helping my son latch on afterwards. Four months later, and she is still checking in on my little man. My husband loved her so much, he swears we're going to hire her for all future pregnancies!

Robyn Dedon


Tauña is one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of meeting and being a client of. I used her services for my placenta encapsulation and was so pleased with how quick she got it back to me, but she doddid stop there. Tauña continued to check on my well being for the first couple of weeks postpartum and just offered me a listening ear, if I needed it. As a bonus, Tauña was also my backup doula but gave me the same support and love as my other doula. I am almost 6 weeks postpartum now and she still continues to check on me, which says so much about her character. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed! 

Marquisia C.


I thought it was the end of th world when it wasn’t for certain that my doula wouldn’t  be able to make it my birth and she had to set a back up doula in place. I was nervous that it had come to take moment I was wondering will she be what I needed, will she know how to guide me. Tauña was that plus more. Her serene spirit helped me get through such a rough spot during labor. Tauña was very supportive and more than what I expected. She knew exactly what to say and do, even when I got a little hasty because of the pain but I’m pretty sure we’ve all been through that lol. After my doula arrived Tauña even took the liberty to stay and see me through my journey, so I had two wonderful doulas. Thank you again Tauña for being my back rock you were fantastic! 

mb mb


Tauna was fantastic! She is so calm, sweet, and caring. Even in the midst of a difficult time after Harvey hit Houston, she was willing to come and help me with postpartum care. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who needs an excellent doula. She is also a strong Christian and gave me excellent wisdom for going forward with our growing family.

Loretta Lane


I knew Tauña was perfect for us when we first met her. She was so calm and caring, and she brought that same energy to my birth experience. She stayed with us for a few hours after our son was born to wait for my recovery room to be ready, and she made sure I ate something after giving birth since I hadn't eaten for over 24 hours. Tauña was awesome and went above and beyond what we expected. I would recommend her to anyone interested in having a doula.

Dottie Barnhart


Tauña was amazing. My baby came a few days late, which meant the doula planned to deliver was actually out of town. In swoops Tauña, cool as a cucumber! She answered my texts while I was at work and begining contractions, she talked to me and let me know my options for next steps once things started moving forwad, and she showed up when I asked her to to be present for the delivery. I loved how Tauña led us through so many choices and reiterated what our options were when the medical team was throwing options (or plans) our way. We chose a hospital birth, and Tauña just rolled allt hat comes with that. She was incredible at balancing being around my family, the medical team and all the ups and downs of labor, constantly helping me choose what I needed, and making decisions along with my sister when I needed help doing that. My labor was a long-ish one, but she was positive, energetic and brought calm and peace into the room. 

I had met Tauña before, but most of my communication was with another doula. I was so impressed with Tauña´s patience, ease of effortlessly coming alongside me and making me comfortable. I hardly knew her but by the end she was a precious human I am now so glad to have shared my child´s birth with. I am now so grateful to have had her as a support and coach and prayer warrior and guide and (insert a million helpful adjective here). 

Lisa Loftice


Tauña has this on her website: “I have walked with women through the greatest joys and the deepest sorrows. There is no higher honor, than to be a part of such moments.” From the moment I met Tauña, I felt at peace with her. Her demeanor is very calming, something this expectant mother definitely needed throughout the entire pregnancy. As this was my fourth pregnancy, it wasn’t my first rodeo, but as any mother, doula, midwife or really anyone will tell you, no two pregnancies are the same. I had the worst morning sickness with this pregnancy, and, though we didn’t know it at the beginning of the pregnancy, my sister, my best friend, was dying. She died a month before the baby was born. My water broke early on in the labor and delivery process, but contractions were few and far between. Tauña helped me emotionally and physically help my body labor naturally to bring my baby into the world. My husband tends to be pretty reserved about the whole labor and delivery process, but Tauña did a wonderful job knowing when to encourage him to be present and when I needed her guidance and support more than his. As I started this testimonial with words from Tauña, I truly believe Tauña walked with me through one of the greatest joys and deepest sorrows of my life. And I am honored and blessed that she was on that journey with me.

Martha Lewis


This woman is worth her weight in gold! I came across Tauña on doulamatch.com, andfrom the moment my husband and I met with her, we knew we wanted her as part of our birthing team. Tauña was fantastic at answering any and all questions or concerns I had, and consistently checked in with me throughout my pregnancy. Where she was truly indispensable, though, was during my grueling 45 hour labor. She was constantly encouraging, coaching, listening to my needs & making sure they were all met, even when she, too, was exhausted. After we were home with our daughter, she continued checked in on our new little family to make sure we were all well and adjusting. We absolutely cannot recommend Tauña and her services enough; she truly has a gift for supporting mamas and daddies with birth!

Emily Beman


From the moment I met Tauña over lunch, I knew she was the right fit for my doula. I thrive off of encourgement and a loving tone, and just speaking with her I felt peaceful and like I had known her for a long time. She was a great resource when I had questions during my pregnancy and she brought a calming presence to my delivery. My first birth was long and traumatizing and I was unprepared-no doula and no birth class. The second time around I wanted a better experience. Tauña is non judgemental, and I never felt pressured to do something I didn't want for my delivery experience. Fortunately I had a very quick labor and delivery, but Tauña still made it before my son arrived and when she placed her hand on mine (I didn't know when she arrived because I was having painful contractions), I immediatley felt calm and I was so encouraged by her soft , motivating words. I'm so grateful to have found her and felt it was so worth it to have a doula!

Tara Castillo Villasenor


Tauña was my doula for my attempted VBA2C in June 2017. She was always a wonderful source of information for me throughout my pregnancy and labor. I appreciated having her as a knowledgeable base to review topics discussed in my OB appointments. She encouraged me to speak up for myself, even when I found it difficult to do so. Unfortunately, I still ended up with a C-Section, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. I did everything “right” in order to increase my chances of a normal birth, and felt deep disappointment when the outcome was not as expected. Tauña was a wonderful support, checking in on me regularly. I am positive that without Tauña’s help, my pregnancy, labor, and recovery would have been even more stressful and challenging.

Nikki Pearson


My husband and I met Tauna while taking a birthing class. As this was our first baby due back in April 2017 and having just moved to Houston from Canada without any family around, we wanted some one else at the birth for support. We chose Tauna for her knowledge of the birthing and labor techniques and her personality. She was caring and completely understanding when it came to my birth plan, helping me write it in order to have the birthing experience I desired. She also answered any questions or concerns I had surrounding the birth/labor, educating both my husband and I on different issues that we weren't aware of before, such as the benefits of cord clamping and placenta encapsulation etc. As my pregnancy was higher risk I had to give birth at the hospital, and when my waters broke at midnight, Tauna was the first person we contacted. She arrived at the hospital and gave me reassuring and encouraging words to get through the pain of the labor. After the birth, Tauna stayed to help and guide me with the breastfeeding of my baby girl, as I really had no idea what to do! Tauna was great and I'm glad she helped make the birthing experience of my baby girl the most amazing experience of my life! Thanks Tauna :)

Bryce Darwin


I can't speak more highly about Tauña and her services. She did my placenta encapsulation. The package delivery was so cute and personal, she included a precious surprise as well. Turn around was quick and communication was on point. We are so happy to have met Tauña and throughly pleased with her products! Highly recommend!

Andrea Vacek


Tauna came to us at just 1 day prior to the onset of my labor due to my other doula having to leave out of town for a family emergency. She drove all the way to our home that day to meet us because I was due any time now. She was very gentle and I worried at first she would not be the strong presence I needed for our home birth. One thing that struck me was that she said "It looks like being heard is very important to you" as she read over my birth plan. That was very insightful. I decided to give her a shot, and I was not disappointed. She was in the game, a strong presence, a hard worker, and a diligent provider from the moment she arrived at my birth not even 24 hours later. Her follow up care has been phenomenal, and I couldn't ask for anything more. She has helped me with some post partum depression issues, and provided insight into my birth simply by being a thoughtful listener.  If we decide to have another, I'll definitely be calling her again.

Leslie Crow


My husband and I were so thankful to have Tauna on our birth team. She had a wonderful calming and compassionate presence that made me feel like everything was going to be alright despite the long and difficult labor that I had. I am sure it would have been a much more frightening experience without her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone else searching for a doula.

Danielle K.


My husband and I are so thankful for Tauna's role in the birth of our first baby girl. She was a constant encourageKent to me during labor, giving me reasurring looks, sips of water, and reminding me to breathe! :) Without her I wouldn't have been able to make it through a natural birth. We are so thankful for you Tauna!

Jenifer Graves


I highly Recommend Tauña as a doula. My experience was slightly different in a couple of ways. 1) I decided to hire a doula late in my pregnancy and 2) I ended up having to have an unplanned but scheduled c-section and was not allowed to have anyone besides my husband in pre-op or recovery. Tauña was very understanding and remained in contact through it all. Prior to learning about the C-section she was very helpful and informative with great info about natural birthing, and after we learned about the c-section she remained helpful and provided info on how to "own the procedure." Even though I did not want to have surgery, she helped prepare me to make it a pleasant birthing experience. She has stated in touch postpartum and made great product recommendations to help make breast feeding easier! I love her sincerity, honesty, and her sense of humor. We are so lucky to have found her!

Jennifer Corcoran


Tauna has been an incredible blessing to my family and I. She was part of our birth team for my son's high risk birth. She had a very calming air about herself that brought peace to the room. She even followed my husband and our son to the cvicu to be support for him and take pictures for me and give me updates. That was invaluable.
Tauna has a beautiful trust in the process of birth and is able to remind you of your strength and beauty as a woman. It is a blessing to have her on your birth team.
She does what she does because she loves it and loves to serve others and that shows. She goes far beyond her call.
I highly recommend her!!

Katie Conklin


Tauna was my doula for the birth of my son on Oct 24th, 2016. This was my first baby, so I was bit nervous about birth, but I knew as soon as I met Tauna that she would be the perfect support for me - she is so kind and strong, and is very dedicated to her clients. She knows so much about childbirth and parenting - and I'm so glad I had someone to help guide me through all of the information to find what would actually help me towards my goal of a natural childbirth. I know that, because of her guidance and support, I was able to have a completely natural, unmedicated birth in just 7 hours from the onset of my contractions. Also, my husband was so grateful to have Tauna there - she helped him know exactly what to do to remain strong for me and be an integral part of the birthing process.  My birth was better than I could have imagined - my son is completely healthy 8lbs 8oz and as happy as can be - I would definitely do it again. Tauna also provided excellent postpartum care, checking in on me for weeks after I gave birth to see how breastfeeding was going and to offer support with the questions I had - she really went above and beyond my expectations!I highly recommend Tauna to any family who wants to set themselves up for a successful and smooth birth - I am eternally grateful for her support.

Shayla Doucet


Tauña Patterson was my doula for my fourth pregnancy and third vaginal birth after cesarean. Tauña was refered to be by a mutual friend and she was very quick to respond to my contacting her on Facebook messenger. She was always very professional and listens very well to answer All of my questions and concerns. During labor and birth, she never left my side and was able to anticipate my needs and take care of those needs. She was keenly able to assist in hard times and was very sensitive to my body's needs and my emotions. It is very important to have such a skilled doula like Tauña who can assist without being asked or told what to do. She is the kind of person who can become one with you during labor and birth. Her gentle and caring nature makes her the ideal doula for anyone who has experienced previous birth trauma. I would recommend Tauña to all of my friends and anyone looking seriously to hire a skilled doula.

LilAshley Hackney


My birth was the greatest experience of my life. My partner was incredible, I felt strong, and then to have my dear friend and doula tell me she was "proud of me", Tauna is wonderful! They say all a doula needs is her hands and her voice, and tauna utilized her tools to be the best possible version of her magical doula self! Thank you for being here for us, and thank you for capturing the moment Finn was welcomed to the world, we value you so much! ?

Erin Munoz


Tauña was a great addition to my birth! My doula had to step away for awhile during my labor and Tauña came in to take her place. I hadn't met her before but she made me feel comfortable and secure as soon as she came in. She is very kind and soft spoken. You can tell that she is truely concerned about you and your baby's well being. She did a wonderful job of keeping me calm and in control of my pain. At one point I started to loose it and she was able to talk me back to a peaceful place. With her help I was able to have my 8lb 10oz baby boy with no pain medicine!! I'm so very thankful for all she did for me! 

Debbie Carraro


When I was 35 weeks pregnant I developed toxemia then had to be emergency induced. Tauna was by my side through it all. Her calm and peaceful presence comforted me throughout my labor. She was attentive and caring, always making sure that my needs were met. Tauna was also very respectful of my husband and the role he wanted during the birth. After my son was born he spent two weeks in the NICU before coming home. Tauna was thoughtful and sincere in her follow up care going above and beyond by checking on us each day. I'm grateful that Tauna was such a wonderful part of my birthing experience and would highly recommend her! 

Jennifer Horner


Tauña was an apprentice doula to mine she and attended one of my prenatals and birth. I hadn't met her prior to the prenatal which ended up being just a couple hours before I went into labor. Her personality is so sweet, caring, and soft, I had no issues with her attending even though we had just met. During the prenatal she gave some good advice on how to help deal with my strange contraction pain. She came to the hospital less than 12 hours after she had left my house. She helped recommend positions and ensured I stayed hydrated (since I didn't have an IV). She helped ensure my husband ate meals and filled in when he was gone. Tauña stayed at the hospital with us for probably somewhere around 18 hours. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to have Tauña attend my birth. 

Lau Ig


We had a very rewarding experience with Tauña, she helped us out prior to labor with doubts and concerns we had duriig pregnancy. She also provided helpful information for my husband and I and with all this information as a couple we felt more comfortable taking well informed decisions trough our pregnancy and during labor of my baby. She was very calmed and supportive during labor hours and stayed with us the whole time. We are very grateful we've met Tauña and that she was part of this amazing experience. We highly  recommend her as a doula. 

Clarissa Moore


Tauna was an amazing part of my birth team and I would highly recommend her to any mom who is looking for a calming and reassuring presence during labor and birth.  One thing that really sticks out for me is Tauna's intuitive nature - she really seemed to anticipate my needs before I verbalized them or even before I knew them myself!  This trait is extremely valuable during labor and birth and I really appreciated her ability to do this.  She comes across as a very selfless and giving person and she seemed to really work hard to tune in to me during our time together, all 15 hours of active labor!  The connection this created made her a very effective helper but also is now woven through the memories I have of my son's labor and birth. She will always be a positive part of my son's journey earthside and for that I am forever grateful.

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