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Faye Strauch, CD(DONA) & Birth Photographer

A Mother's Love Doula Services 623-680-7221

Peoria, AZ Service range 50 miles



Birth Fee

$800 to $1300

Postpartum Rate

$20 to $30

Birth Fee

$800 to $1300

Postpartum Rate

$20 to $30

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 73 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, April 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I will support you at any hospital in the valley whether you are having a medicated birth, unmedicated birth, VBAC, scheduled cesarean or epidural birth. My goal is to help you have the birth YOU want.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I would love to support your birth at any of the birth centers in the valley. I will meet you at your home if you call me during early labor or I will meet you at the birth center if that's what you choose.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I would love to support you at a home birth with a midwife present.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteer doula with Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services.

Fee Details

My goal is to support you emotionally, physically and informationally through your pregnancy, labor, birth and immediate postpartum. My doula packages range in price from $800-1300. I require 50% to retain my services at the time of hiring and the remainder is due at your 36 week prenatal appointment. Included with my basic doula package is 1-2 prenatal appointments where we will discuss your birth preferences and comfort measures during labor. I will also go over and teach several Spinning Babies activities you can do daily to balance your pelvis in preparation for birth. I provide ongoing support throughout your pregnancy by email, text and phone conversations and continuous support during labor, birth and immediate postpartum. Also included is the use of one of my TENS unit and one postpartum followup appointment. Photography and placenta services are also available at an additional charge.

Peoria, AZ Service range 50 miles

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Client Testimonials for Faye Strauch, CD(DONA) & Birth Photographer

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Ebony Stringer


I was blessed to find Faye after doing extensive research on doulas in the valley. From a medical standpoint I trusted the doctors so I wanted a doula that was personable. Upon seeing her website I had a feeling I was in the right place. I reached out immediately.  My husband and I met Faye and we all hit it off immediately.  She was warm,  lively,  vibrant and very informative.  We had no question we found our doula.  Throughout my pregnancy Faye was always a text away and responded in record time. I had issues with my OB to the point where Faye recommend I meet with another. He was perfection in doctor form! I couldn't be happier or more indebted to my amazing doula.   I met with Faye again at home before birth and went over our plan.  She was so accepting of our wishes and offered me a tens unit for pain and contractions. I loved it. I began having itching all over at 38 weeks.  I reached out to her to see if this was normal and she referred me to OB. As soon as OB got the message he said go to hospital.  I was monitored for choleostasis a rare potentially fatal liver condition that can harm baby in utero. I was in contact with Faye the whole time.  My baby was too high up in my uterus.  I consulted with Faye and my husband who was thinking it would be safer to get baby out sooner than later.  He wanted to have a c section.  I didn't because id always planned for and prepared for natural birth.  She was unbiased,  supportive, and gave me sound advice which made me more confident in our choice.  She met us at the hospital shortly before birth to take photos and support us through the process.  She was in the OR during the procedure and got photos and stayed with us after he was born.  She was an absolute joy! I cannot imagine having done this without her. I will forever recommend her services. 

Lauren Jacobs


The second we met Faye for our consultation, it felt like we had known her for years. Faye is very personable, knowledgeable and caring. We moved forward to have her as our doula, and we are so glad we did. She provided tremendous support before, during, and after my delivery. Faye was always there to answer our questions and came to the hospital as soon as we needed her. On top of being a wonderful doula, Faye is an amazing birth photographer. She captured all the precious moments so perfectly. She went above and beyond with the photos and memories that she presented to us.  If you are looking for an incredible doula who does it all, I would hands down recommend Faye!! 

Jon Chubb


What I learned during my wife's labor and delivery was that a doula is essentially your BFF for the day and of all the times you need a BFF, this is definitely one of the most critical. Prior to my wife's pregnancy, I was vaguely aware of the concept of a doula, but didn't exactly know what they did. As her pregnancy progressed and we started making a birth plan, and she expressed interest in having one. Between my ignorance of their role, along with being frugal, I wasn't exactly on board. However, my wife found Faye through a doula event and we set up an initial consultation. It was during that time that I learned what a doula is (and isn't) and got a chance to get to know her as a person. We also learned about the encapsulation process and saw some of her birth photography. Between the obviousness of Faye being an awesome person, we were very impressed with the side services she offered and signed a contract. Faye kept in regular contact with us for the next few months, especially in the last days. On the day of the big event, she came to the hospital around 1 PM and was literally by our side for the next twelve hours! She provided constant support to my wife, answering her questions, providing options for comfort, while also giving us space to let us experience the moments. She found the perfect time to take photos and when it came time for the final set of pushing, she was an instrumental part of the team, making sure my wife was fully prepared during that crucial time. Being first time parents, we were obviously a bit obvilious to a lot of what to expect during delivery and having Faye there made it incredibly less stressful. Her photography was beautiful and it was so nice to not have to worry about having my phone out to capture the memories. She was worth every penny and 11/10 would recommend. 



Faye is one of those wonderful people who you feel you've known all your life and you trust from the get-go. Without family in town and as first time parents, we relied heavily on Faye for pre-birth information and support. She patiently answered many questions with a great deal of knowledge and without judgement. Her fun personality and calm nature was exactly what we needed during my long labor. I will be forever grateful for how she guided us through the birth of our son. Our pictures from our birth our beautiful- she captured the most precious memories we will ever have! She went above and beyond for weeks after birth sharing helpful resources and checking in on us. We love Faye and can't say enough about her being our amazing doula! 

Anna Simpson


Faye is fantastic! I knew when I got pregnant with my second child that I needed to do some things different because my first birth ended in an unplanned c section. I wanted to find a doula I was comfortable with because I had alway planned on it just being my husband attending my birth! Faye is the type of person who you can just talk to, it's like catching up with an old friend even if you've just met her! She was the first doula I interviewed and the only doula I interviewed. I knew instantly she was a good match and I am so greatful! We got so lucky! Faye was so understanding and flexible with me as I changed birth plans multiple times! She offered knowledge and comfort when I needed it throughout my pregnancy. When labor started Faye was very communicative and attentive. She stayed with us for 24+ hours while I worked toward my VBAC. She helped me make educated decisions when times were tense and offered comfort when I needed it most. She had the perfect amount of involvement in my labor process I never felt like she over stepped or sat back. Faye advocated for me when things got rocky in labor and delivery and she was right by my side the whole time. If I have another kid I only hope Faye will be by our side again and I would and do recommend her to anyone having a baby!! (Got my VBAC btw thanks to Fayes help ?)

Lindsay Egeberg


Faye is such an amazing supporter and advocate! From the moment we hired her to be our doula she was there for us every step of the way. She answered countless questions and celebrated through every stage of my pregnancy with us. I really wanted a natural birth and Faye was completely on board to help me do that, however, our little one had other plans. He was 8 days late, I was induced, and the induction ended with a cesarean. I was very emotional during that whole process, but Faye was right there beside me being my advocate and reminding me that it didn’t matter how I brought my baby into the world, and that I was still a rockstar! She also captured our labor experience and meeting our surprise gender baby boy with beautiful photos that we will treasure forever! I would highly recommend Faye if your looking for a doula for ANY type of birth! She is supportive no matters  what your wishes are (or if your wishes get thrown completely out the window like mine did!). Thank you, Faye, for everything you did for the three of us!



Faye is absolutely wonderful! She was, and still is, such amazing support before, during and after the birth of my twins. I’ve enjoyed my prior births so much but with twins everything is so different and I was so blessed to find Faye. She was there for me checking in on the babies and I from the moment I met her. She came to the hospital the right when I was in active labor and helped keep me calm and provided support, confidence and love through the whole process. I was able to successfully deliver my twins completely naturally, one being breech. Faye continued to check in on myself and the twins after their birth and still randomly checks in 7 months later. I would highly recommend Faye and would use her in a heartbeat if I was to ever have more kids!



I can't say enough great things about Faye!! From the first visit and throughout the journey of my daughter's birth, I felt like I had a friend at my side advocating for and supporting me, my husband, and our daughter! Faye is very warm and kind, and also straightforward and extremely knowledgeable!

This was my first unmedicated birth and Faye made it bearable throughout every painful contraction! She listened to and supported my decisions for my birth plan, and had many great tools in her belt to help me execute the birth we felt was right for our daughter! 

In addition to the emotional support, Faye gave us the most beautiful photos of the birth, which we will cherish forever! She truly has an eye for all of the little details.

Faye is so passionate about the entire birth process! She really helped us to not only get through it, but appreciate every step of the journey! I highly recommend Faye's services to anyone looking for another member of your support team! 

Mighty Meemhead


Faye was the perfect choice for our family.  I had a c-section and the hospital would only allow my husband to attend the surgery. But Faye was right there with us during all the pre-op and post-op.  My mom was out of the country and fortunately we had Faye there to fill her place.  She was a wonderful support to me and my husband during the whole thing; very kind, knowledgable, respectful of our dr and our space, and right there where/when we needed her. I feel like we bonded and she will always be a dear friend.  Two weeks into my recovery, I developed a severe case of mastitis and had to have surgery and was hospitalized for a week and separated from my new born baby and then a several week recovery afterward.  Faye kept tabs on me and came to my home one day and helped take care of my new born and my two year old during my recovery - completely out of the goodness of her heart. She is service oriented and only had our best interest at heart. Ok Ok and on top of all of her amazingness as a doula, she left us with The-Most-Incredible-Photo-Treasures in the world.  We will always have the gorgeous photographs from Faye to remember that sacred day our daughter joined our family. Thank you Faye! We love you! 

MyKeshea Bowles


I am so grateful for Faye. We started working together when I was 20 weeks pregnant. From the first meeting, I knew I wanted her as my Doula. She has such a warm and welcoming personality. I felt comfortable around her. Whenever I had questions/concerns, Faye was always willing to help me out. If she didn't know the answer, she'd find out and get back to me. 

I ended up going into labor at 40w5d at 2am. I called Faye at 3am, and her voice was so clear and such a comfort to hear. I have no idea how she managed to sound so awake so early in the morning! ?? By 5am, we were all at the hospital. She was the biggest source of comfort for me during labor. She helped to walk me through contractions. When I was nauseous and throwing up, she had essential oils at the ready. She held my hand when I needed it. Faye combined with The TENS unit that she provided helped tremendously with the pain. 

When it was decided that I would need a repeat cesarean, Faye was right in the OR with my husband and I. She captured some truly beautiful photos that I will always cherish. Even after baby was born, Faye was right in the recovery room with me. I was in and out of sleep, but I remember her holding on to the baby for me and even changing her diaper. 

Faye, we love you! Thank you for helping to make this birthing experience truly remarkable.

Randall Mazur


Connecting and hiring Faye was one of the best decisions we made for the birth of our daughter. I was very apprehensive about hiring a doula after an experience I had with the birth of my son, but I do not think I would have made it through the last part of labor without the support of her and my midwife. I had terrible back labor and Faye basically rubbed my back for two hours straight! She is not only willing to jump and serve where needed (she helped clean up after the home birth), but she brings such a positive, genuine, and caring attitude with her. Birth is such a vulnerable and personal thing, and choosing who will be participating in that process is such an important dev . I feel anyone who hires Faye will be well served and cared for. She has lots of knowledge and skills, but most of all a heart for mamas, babies, and birth. I would hire her again! 

Janina Podzius


I knew I wanted an unmedicated labor with my third and last baby. With my previous two, I had epidurals and I just wanted to do it differently this time. I care for postpartum moms and newborns on a daily basis (I’m a nurse), and see how much better their immediate recovery periods are without epidurals. I knew hiring a doula would increase my chances of having the birth experience I wanted. Right from the beginning, Faye was so easy to talk with. While looking for a doula, it was important for me to be comfortable with her, for her to have experience and also being in a price range we could afford. Faye fit all those requirements. During my labor, my husband was of course with me, but she gave him great tips on how to help me relax while she encouraged me through each contraction. She also was the one to get anything I needed (something to drink, cool wash cloths, etc.) which allowed my husband to always stay by my side. Faye also took amazing birth photos that I’ll cherish forever. I would recommend Faye to anyone looking for a great doula!

Angela Reid


I have been meaning to write this for sometime now... Let me start by saying that Faye was the rock I needed during my labor and delivery. She filled me with confidence that I could have my baby and labor as long as possible at home. I attribute it to her and my husband that my labor was relatively easy and smooth. My husband and I are so grateful that we were able to have her with us when baby Bernadette was born. God willing, when we have other children I fully intend on having Faye as my doula again.  Her presence and calming demeanor is exactly what I needed  to make it through each contraction.  God truly blessed us when we found her. Thank you Faye! 

Joy Rosek


My husband and I were expecting our second child and began discussing whether we wanted a doula for this birth. We had such a positive doula experience with our first child but I knew I wanted to try a different doula for the second birth so I could form different memories. That’s when we met Faye. We immediately connected and felt comfortable with her therefore, our search ended - we booked Faye! She was always very responsive to emails and text messages which is so important to me. She never rushed a meeting and always allowed enough time to discuss any questions that we had. 

At 40 weeks and one day, I had to wake her up very early in the morning due to false labor but she was on standby and continued to check in with me throughout the day. I finally went into real labor about 24 hours later and Faye quickly met us at the hospital. My labor was incredibly fast which didn‘t leave room for trying different comfort measures etc. but that’s okay! :) Faye was still a great support and was able to capture some incredible images that we will cherish forever. 

Overall, we were thankful to have another doula-assisted birth and Faye made a wonderful addition to our birth team! 

Jessica Nagy


Faye connected immediately with our family when she came for a preliminary interview. What stood out the most to me was her affectionate and cheerful nature, and the fact that my two year old was instantly comfortable around her. She continued to carry that impression throughout her service to us, and was very easy to be around.

Faye was proactive in checking in with me from the time we hired her, and was very supportive and encouraging. From our prenatal appointment she left a Tens machine with me to use as needed and during labor, which was an incredibly invaluable tool while in the last week's of pregnancy and laboring at home. 

We asked her to meet us at the hospital and she arrived a few minutes before us as was able to help me with the registration process while my husband parked the car. Once we were taken up to triage she offered comfort measures such as reassuring touch, counter pressure, and kind words. My husband picked up on some of this right away and was able to follow her lead and take over many of these comfort measures without Faye or I saying a word. 

She advocated for me when it was necessary and reminded me of my birth plan when I was too out of it to remember. She went ahead of us to the birthing suite to prepare the tub and again knew just what to do and was able to show my husband how to take over. In the last hour of labor, through delivery, and after, she was able to get some of the most raw and tender photos of our experience.

She stayed well after birth, and was a nice distraction and conversation companion as I processed my birth experience. She continued to check in with me in the days following birth, and be a source of comfort and support.

I would recommend Faye to anyone wishing to hire a Doula, she is absolutely worth her fee, and made my drug-free birth experience a dream come true!

J Jaramillo


As the husband, I wanted to help my wife find the doula that she wanted. Someone who is very kind, motivating, supportive, and real. Faye was all that and more. Her friendliness, professionalism and knowledge in birthing was outstanding to say the least. Since the first time we both met with Faye, we both knew she was going to be a perfect match. Her energy and positivity was very contagious and she instantly became welcomed into our lives! She showed continuous support in person and through electronic communications very well. She came as soon as we needed her during the birth and stayed through it all and post partum to ensure we were ok. My wife said "There was no way I could have done that without her (Faye)" and I believe it. Faye was there to be a champion in our decisions and she did it pefectly. We both highly recommed Faye Strauch as a Doula. Thank you for everything you did.

Alexis Federico


As soon as I sat down with Faye during our interview I knew she was the dula for me. I had interviewed some before her and couldn't get the feel I was looking for and I am so glad I didn't settle for less than the best. She is so caring, sweet and genuinely supportive of you're birth plans. She never judged or swayed me into anything, instead educated me on every possible scenario and question that came across my mind the whole 8 months. She also responds back faster than my husband does to me lol which is a huge plus. I couldn't of had a natural birth without her. From the first to last visit it was professional, loving and genuine. My birth photography was amazing as well and would recommend the placenta package as well. You can not go wrong with Faye and would recommend her to every pregnant woman i know!

Laura Saint


At 32 weeks pregnant with my second baby I was rethinking my decision of a medicated birth to a natural birth. Everything I read said having a Doula gives mothers a high percentage rate of following through their plan for a natural birth. I researched DONA certified Doulas and found Faye. Upon meeting Faye she was warm, friendly and I felt very comfortable with her. I didn't feel the need to look any further and hired her right away. She was extremely helpful in assisting me with my birth plan and offered great advice with any concerns or questions I had. The day of my delivery, labor started in the middle of the night and she was over immediately to help. It progressed incredibly fast unexpectedly as my first birth was the complete opposite. Although we weren't able to use too many of her techniques to cope with labor as we thought we would have (simply because there literally was no time!), she was there fully supporting me along with my husband and helping me remember to relax and breathe and get through labor naturally as I had planned. It really helped having her at my side with my husband to offer reassurance and keep me focused. She was also able to capture invaluable photos of my daughters birth that were absolutely amazing! I am really happy to have found Faye and wish I had her during my first labor and delivery!

Naomi Tumminello


I was already almost at the end of my pregnancy when I decided to get a doula for support, and I'm so glad I've met Faye! I had such a long labor and she was there trough all of it! Faye was super supportive, funny, and heartwarming! We were all so lucky for you being there! If your definitely looking for amazing support and a right hand trough labor, this is the doula to contact! Thanks Faye we will always be grateful!

Janie Renée Dailey


Where do I begin! Faye was such a huge gift during my birth! I was planning a home birth and as unexpected unplanned things happen in birth we ended up in the hospital and Faye stayed by our sides. I ended up having a 54 hour labor so if that isn't a testimony to Faye's dedication to the birth and your needs I don't know what is! She was a huge help and also helped turn the baby when he was sunny side up and turn him to be in position so that I was finally dilating. She was also a warrior when I had painful contractions and needed massage pressure to help me get through it. She was a support to my husband and helped him when he needed the support. I am so thankful for her presence, personality, and support during our entire birth!

Jennifer Burlingame


When I met Faye I immediately connected with her! Such a sweet relatable woman! I had interviewed a couple other doulas, one with a ton of experience and even vbac since I was going for a vbac, but I chose her because she made me feel comfortable and relaxed during our meeting. During my pregnancy she would check on me every now and then and offer any tips, if needed. When it came to the night of my labor she was calm, encouraging and very supportive. She encouraged me through each contraction, which they came on hard and strong! Long story short baby was not in the correct position and wouldn't engage, so I ended up with another cesarean. After my surgery I endured terrible nausea and my husband needed to go back home for some things that were forgotten. She stayed for quite a while just comforting me through the nausea with a fan and some peppermint oil she thankfully had on hand! I was thankful to have her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great support!

Raelynna Blair-Christ


I learned of Faye on DoulaMatch.net, and set up an appointment to meet with her. My husband and I had another appointment, but after meeting with her, we knew she was the one. We did not use Faye as much as we wanted during labor, as I never progressed past a certain point after being induced. Darn, my narrow pelvis! Baby girl was absolutely not going to fit.  I ended up having an unplanned c-section. Faye was in contact with us all day. She was there when we asked her to come, and was so very helpful, before and especially after my c-section.  We also had her do encapsulation of the placenta for me, and the placenta print, as well. Both turned out great. I would absolutely use her again!


Dawn Reed


We hired Faye the day we met with her. We hadn't even met with any other doulas but we knew Faye was the perfect choice. We felt as though we had known her for years and she made us feel at ease right away. Faye made sure to check in on me throughout my pregnancy and offered great advice. I'm positive she is the reason our daughter was in a great position and I experienced no back labor. During our labor and delivery Faye was essential. She seemed to know exactly what I needed before even I did. She helped us to achieve the most amazing birth experience. As a bonus, the photos she took we will treasure forever. She was such a blessing to us and we couldn't recommend her more highly.

Jennifer Luiszer


We decided to hire a doula and we are so glad we found Faye! She is very professional and has such a kind and positive energy. She was supportive in my unmedicated birth but also allowed my husband to be my main supporter. I don't think I could have done an unmedicated birth without her! Just knowing I had her there to support me in the hospital and before my labor meant everything! She is very caring and even after my birth, she still checks in on our little guy. I highly recommend Faye!

Iva Kozeli


I decided to hire a doula pretty late into my pregnancy, at 38 weeks. I'm so glad i found Faye, and she was so kind to meet right away. At our first meeting, she was very helpful and made me feel more at ease. Faye has such great positive energy, I knew that I wanted her by my side. What I love about her is that she truly enjoys and loves what she does. She is very passionate about the birthing process. Faye was there every step of the way. She was always there to check on me and answered all of my questions and concerns. Faye has been such a great support to have during my pregnancy, labor & delivery and post-partum! My husband and I are both very thankful for her. She helped us achieve the natural birth that we wanted. During labor she helped me get into different positions that were comfortable and allowed me to focus on my breathing. She guided me through every step of the labor process. Even when I felt like I wanted to give up on the natural birth, she encouraged me to keep going and brought my focus back to breathing. I had a great first birthing experience and I couldn't imagine going through it without Faye! I would definitely want her by my side again.

Angie Newman


Faye and I got along great right from our first meeting. I had a few other introductory doula appointments but canceled them after meeting with Faye, as I was very comfortable with her and excited to have her as a part of my birth team. She was very good at communicating and checking in with me throughout my pregnancy. In fact, she still checks in from time to time to see how we’re doing now that my little girl is here. She was always willing to answer any questions and do research if it was something she wasn’t 100% sure about.

I ended up needing to be induced and called Faye to come in early on as my water broke almost immediately, and my contractions were several minutes apart from the get go. Ultimately I decided to get an epidural. After an hour of pushing, the baby had made no progress in moving down the birth canal because of the position of her head. Faye suggested to my doctor that I could try pushing on my knees to help with this. At first my doctor wasn’t sure about this because I had the epidural. But, knowing how much I did not want a C-section, Faye was a great advocate and my doctor allowed me to try pushing on my knees. Unfortunately I ended up needing a C-section (my nearly 10-lb girl just had no room to move!), but Faye stayed to make sure all was well until the very end. She provided such great support my entire pregnancy!

Matthew Tossetti


I would just like to express my feelings about what terrific job Faye did for my wife and I. At first I was very sceptical about hiring a doula. But after meeting with Faye, and seeing her profelesion manner really opened my eyes to what a great asset she was to my wife Emily and I. Faye was there  us from the time that her water broke, thought the tough 15-hours of hard labor. Faye was able to keep me calm through the process of my wifes epidural. I was ver nervous because I am afraid of needles and was upset that my wife had to go away from her original birth plan. But Faye was also rock for Emily through the process of getting the epidural, since I could not be in the room for it. Next, Faye was great with making sure that I was okay, getting something to eat. Finally, Faye was great with taking awesome pictures of my wigetting, new baby, and myself. Was definitely not something I could have done on my own. I would strongly recommend Faye's oula services to anyone.

Vanessa Moeller


Faye was so helpful. She is very nice and caring. I have a difficulty pregnancy which lead to a C-section and then two weeks postpartum, i hemorrhaged. So i need extra help to take care of me and the baby. I hemorrhaged again and thank goodness for Faye. She helped my dad out with taking care of my son and taught him how to make bottles. I felt less worried while in the hospital knowing that Faye was there taking care of my son. I would highly recommend Faye again.

Michele Mohar


I gave birth to my first child on july 21, 2016 and I couldn't have done it without Faye!!! She is very easy to communicate with and does what you need the second you ask. She was readily available and got me through the toughest parts of my 16 hour labor. I thank Faye for keeping me focused and helping me achieve the birth I had hoped for. I HIGHLY recommend her if you're looking for a solid and reliable doula. 

Jennifer Benteu


i would recommend every woman that is going to have a baby get a doula. And I am highly recommending Faye. Faye is so wonderful to talk to and so pleasant. She is very helpful in her knowledge. It was so nice talking to her while I was in labor, having a professional that knew what was going on the whole time and help me make decisions like me deciding on getting an epidural and whether it was the best choice for me or not. My husband was in the room with us too of course, but because he's a guy and a first time dad, he didn't know how to help me through the pains like Faye did. She also helped with different positions, and even massaged me. My husband will tell everyone too that she was worth every penny :D GET A DOULA. GET FAYE.

Erin Bedford


Faye was a wonderful support before, during and immediately after the birth of my 4th child. She is very caring, attentive and enthusiastic about the whole process. She is very easy to talk to and was very supportive of my needs and preferences for birth. She was my rock when labor got tough and never left my side. She was fantastic and if I ever had another child she would be the first person I called. 

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