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Greg Elliott


Jen was exactly what we needed for our first pregnancy. Her dedication, knowledge, and accessibility made us very confident throughout the entire process. During labour, she provided a calm and positive presence that reassured us that we were taken care of. Anyone who is looking for a doula to help them with their birthing experience, look no further.

Laura Robertson


Jen always went above and beyond to help me get set up for birth, including sourcing lemon verbena oil for me when my midwives had run out and bringing birthing pool in advance of my due date. She was always accessible by email or text, and I felt like she was there with me throughout my late pregnancy, not just during labour. When my waters broke Jen came immediately even though contractions hadn’t fully started.
When she arrived, Jen immediately helped to set the calm environment, making gentle suggestions about lighting and music. The room was peaceful, with dim lights, and my favourite music playing. Looking back, it felt like a sacred space. Jen was gently supportive throughout birth, giving me physical help through contractions with massage and her TENS machine. Her presence was calm and unobtrusive. She was a quiet cheerleader and I appreciated that.
Theo was born at 3am. After he was born, and the midwives had left, Jen stayed and cleaned up, then quietly left. Her profound respect for childbirth was clear in her decision not to intrude on our bonding with our new baby. When I eventually got up, I found that she had brewed sitz bath tea and left a spray bottle of it in the bathroom as well as 2 jars of it in the fridge. It was so soothing, and I used it for days afterwards. On her final visit, Jen also brought tinctures and teas that she had made herself. She also gave me some lemon verbena body butter before the birth, to help with the at-home induction. It was these thoughtful acts that make me say that Jen goes above and beyond as a doula. She clearly sees her role as more than just support through labour; she supports the entire process of becoming a mother.
I cannot say enough about Jen’s work as a doula. She is informed and educated, and her presence is quiet and respectful. No matter where or how you choose to give birth, her presence and support will be invaluable, and she will help to create a sacred birthing space.

Sarah Stanford


Jen attended the home-birth of our second son on January 1st 2018. Jen joined our mid-wife birth team with the primary function of sibling support for our 3-year-old boy who was to be home during the birth. However, the service that Jen provided to us far exceeded these expectations.

Jen was a great support in the lead-up to the birth and was available to answer any questions or concerns we had about the upcoming delivery. Her advice was always informed and thoughtful. We had expected an earlier due date with a fast labour and delivery. In anticipation of this, Jen checked in with me regularly over the Christmas and gave me great confidence that she’d be ready to come by quickly when the time came. As it transpired, Jen got to our home within a half an hour of labour starting (arriving before the mid-wife team).

During the birth, Jen helped with our son as we had planned, but also provided me with a huge amount of practical and emotional support. Her experience and caring nature meant that she intuitively knew what I needed during the entire process – from a back rub, supportive words or suggestions, and even a dose of her gentle humor. Having Jen at our son’s birth felt like having a member of our family there who really cared for our comfort and wellbeing. We would highly recommend Jen as a Doula for anyone wanting calm energy and an experienced pair of hands at your birth.

Angie Ho


Jen was an excellent doula and provided great support before, during, and after the birth of my son, and I would highly recommend her!

Jen had a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy and birth. She helped my husband and I feel very comfortable and prepared. I thought she had gone above and beyond our expectations. We wouldn't have made the decision to go with a home birth without Jen's guidance; it was the best decision we could have made!

Kam Rai


It was great having Jen 's support throughout the last weeks of pregnancy, early labour, delivery and post partum. It was always nice knowing that yoi were only a text msg away if I had questions. Being a first time mom, I had a lot of questions after the baby arrived and it was great havin Jen to talk to. During labour and delivery I think it's great to have a doula to help you with pain management, as support for your partner and as a liaison between the medical staff and yourself. Thanks Jen for all your support and understanding!

Lori Guerrard


I found Jen by looking for Doulas with an online search. I found her and read her website then contacted her. We met up and both have the same ideas regarding natural birthing. Jen has much information and help before during and after the birth. I couldn't have had my labour go smoother without her. Jen is wonderful. She gave me the right advice at the right time inabling me to ride out some of the contractions in the shower and got me where I needed to be when I needed to be there! Jen worked well with the midwife and my birthing partner and film crew. ;) I am very glad I got Jen as my Doula and have passed her information onto my other pregnant friend.

Jessie Orrin


When people asked about my labour and birth, I said “it was okay.” I didn't talk about how physically challenging, mentally draining or how long it was. I needed time to recover emotionally from the birth. My labour lasted almost 5 days and when my daughter was born, instead of feeling instant gratification, all I wanted to do was sleep and eat. I didn't even want to hold my baby! That overwhelming feeling of joy and intense bonding didn't come until several hours after I gave birth because I was so drained.
Because I was so fixated on my birth not meeting my unrealistic expectations, it took me awhile before I truly appreciated how beautiful my birth actually was. I watched through a mirror, my daughter being born through my vagina and placed on my chest. Without medical interventions, I used the pure force and natural rhythm of my body. I had the birth I wanted and I'm not sure I could've done it without my doula, Jen.
Jen was there for me in many ways providing a tens machine, birthing ball, setting up a bath and provided me with many techniques to help me through the process. Jen encouraged me in times of suffering and kept me focussed on following through with the birth I wanted to have despite the curveballs thrown in my direction. I learned that my body is more capable than I thought possible. I believe the most important thing a doula can do is help bring out the strengths of the birthing mother. Thanks, Jen.

Lesa Dumsha


Jen was a wealth of information and support right from the get go. Upon our first introductory visit I felt a sense of comfort with Jen. She was patient and spent a great deal of time answering all the questions that my family and I had. Once she was "on-call" for my birth I felt a sense of relief knowing that she was just a phone call away and that I could check in with her for any issues. She gave me a great deal of critical advice and suggestions to prepare for my birth.
When I went into labour Jen knew just what to say and do. She created a wonderful atmosphere in my home full of peace & calm and it was clear that my comfort was her top priority. She encouraged me throughout my 16 hour labour. She was also a great support to my husband, gently guiding him to support me best while knowing when to give us space. She was right there when I needed her, holding my hand (& at one point my leg!) for hours. Jenn stayed after the delivery of my son for hours to help clean up and feed me. She also came later with a bunch of delicious homemade nutrient rich food specially made for new moms.
She continued to check in with me and provide support and resources following the birth. We were so happy that Jen was our Doula. She was a major contributor to my positive birth experience and I would highly recommend her as she is incredible at her job!

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