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Rapid City, SD Service range 60 miles Rapid City, Sturgis, Spearfish and Deadwood areas

(605) 877-1085

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 500 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Having worked as a doula in the Black Hills area for over a decade and I have developed a wonderful relationship with many of the providers and hospital staff in our area, which makes for a smooth transition when going from your home environment to the hospital. I do my best to help make my clients feel as comfortable, offering aromatherapy, massage, relaxation techniques as well as focussing on optimal fetal positioning during labor. I stay with my clients throughout their entire labor, birth and 1-2 hours postpartum. I can also help with initial breastfeeding, if desired.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Another great option for families in our area! I keep in close contact with the midwives, helping clients to labor at home until it's time to transfer to the birth center. I stay with you the entire time and 1-2 hours postpartum.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I've had the honor of supporting hundreds of home births in our area. For those families interested in home birth, we discuss at length how to prepare for it. During labor/birth I provide the same services mentioned above.

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Fee Details

Thank you for visiting! I believe that every woman or family who is interested in doula services should be able to have them. If money is an issue, I am open to discussing payment options that will work with each families situation. Check out my website or contact me at for more information!

Rapid City, SD Service range 60 miles Rapid City, Sturgis, Spearfish and Deadwood areas

Client Testimonials for Shannon Church

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Cori Greseth


I can’t express how grateful I am to have had Shannon as my doula!  She was amazing in every way. It was my first baby and I didn’t know what to expect from labor or a doula but  I remember thinking at some point during my labor that I don’t know what I would have done if Shannon handn’t been there! She was my rock during everything (we started as a homebirth and had to transfer to the hospital) and I honestly can’t recommend her enough. I’m so grateful that I decided to have a doula and even more grateful that I choose Shannon!  

Paige Westra


My husband and I were absolutely thrilled to find out we were having our first child, and knew right away we needed a doula on our birth team. Shannon was raved about by all of our friends and many acquaintances. We had our first meeting and clicked with her instantly and we knew as soon as we left she  was the perfect match for us. The prenatal visit was informative and reassuring, and we were even more excited for our little one to arrive. The day our sweet girl made her enterence into this world Shannon was there as soon as we needed her, and offered to come even earlier on. We had a 25 hour labor and Shannon was incredible through it all. My husband loved having her there to reassure him that he was indeed helping and not hindering me. She was reassuring for my husband, and I felt able to cope well when she was there. Shannon was at the hospital with us for almost 18 hours helping us navigate labor and delivery, and we will never have a baby without her help! Shannon is an unbelievable resource and coach! 

Angela VanPelt


When we were preparing for our first child, we thought we knew what to expect, how to prepare, etc. Turns out, we knew absolutely nothing! Enter: Shannon Church. She is a wealth of knowledge before, during, and after labor! She laid out the possibilities for us so we could make informed decisions. I'd say the best thing she did for us was to empower my husband to help in the delivery process. She did not overshadow him, step on toes, or otherwise push him out. She coached him to coach me. She spoke to both of us, like we were a team, instead of speaking to me like his opinion didn't hold weight. My husband loved Shannon, the help she gave both of us, and the support and wisdom she brought to the table. She was an invaluable asset to our delivery team and we will be forever grateful for her support, and friendship. 

Madi Hunter


Shannon is wonderful. She was so encouraging, uplifting, and caring during the toughest moments of my labor, and I am so thankful to have had her there! She also captured the first moments of my son's birth that I wouldn't have had if she hadn't been there. I would highly recommend her to anyone debating on whether or not to have a doula as part of their birth team! She is essential! 

Lindsey Hays


Shannon was an integral part of my birth team. We had an initial in-person interview and then submitted a deposit to secure a spot on her schedule. She came to our home a few weeks before delivery and spent 90 about minutes with us. She asked about our goals for labor and delivery, educated us about what to expect for our hospital birth, and provided much-appreciated tips and suggestions as we prepared for baby. I wanted as natural a labor process as possible, and Shannon's suggestions helped make that happen. My labor was 32 hours long, and I was able to stay home for all but the last 6 hours. This was possible because of the support I received from Shannon for 25 hours via text and for the hour that she was at our house. Throughout my early labor, she provided reassurance that what I was feeling was normal. She provided reminders that helped me keep calm, and generally made the experience bearable. When Shannon arrived at our home, we talked through what I was experiencing. She helped me feel more confident in my decision to head to the hospital. And she also helped me get through those contractions! She was waiting for us after we checked into the hospital and was there to guide us through the entire process. She already had a relationship with the nurses who cared for me, and they were clearly glad to have her as part of my team. I cannot imagine having been through this first birth experience without Shannon, and I'm incredibly grateful for her support. It was easily worth twice the amount of money I paid.

Aspen Held


My experience with Shannon as my doula was so much more than I had hoped for. Her experience and expertise put me at such ease throughout my labor. I was a first time mom so I wasn't sure what to expect. She supported all of my decisions throughout labor and really made me feel anything but afraid. When we met to discuss my birth plan she answered any and all questions I had. She kept me well informed of any risks I should have been aware of. I'm so thankful I had her there with me every step of the way. My childbirth experience was very empowering. Before meeting Shannon I had a fear instilled in me whenever I thought or talked about childbirth. I can tell you now that there was no fear in my whole experience. I think Shannon played a huge part in that. If I didn't have Shannon by my side I don't think things would have went as well as they did. I am very thankful to have had her as a part of my experience on that very special day.

Erin Victoria


I would absolutely recommend Shannon to anyone thinking about adding a doula to their birth team. She was absolutely amazing. She is calm, loving, caring, spiritual, encouraging...everything I needed. She also helped my husband know what to do to be "useful" and helped him to stay calm. Shannon helped me find my inner strength. I don't think I could have had a natural, drug free birth without her.

Summer Heath


I am thankful I get to honor this amazing Doula who accompanied me during both of my deliveries. I've said it many times and I'll say it forever. Every mama in the Black Hills area would be silly not to have her by their side like she was at mine. She was there before I even knew I needed her to be. I wish I had her at every difficulty in life ??. #seriouslythough I feel blessed to have had her. She treated me like I was the only priority she had even when there were countless of women before me and hundreds after me. Even when she had a husband and 4 kiddos at home. Even though she had to drive farther than usual. I felt so special and so taken care of. Shannon is everything. The confidence, strength and support she provides is just who she is but it is eVerything to me and my family. We love you so much Shannon. ??

Olya Pedersen


For my husband and I, Shannon was like a knowledgeable family member we could rely on during the months of my pregnancy and especially on my labor and delivery day. We felt supported and encouraged at all times. Shannon replied promptly to all questions we had. Shannon generously shared her knowledge. Shannon recommended a wonderful natural birth class where my husband and I made life long friends with another expecting couple. Shannon also helped me choose a pediatrician for my child. But the best thing for me was that Shannon knew all the OBGYN doctors in town and she recommended the best match for me. I actually switched doctors after I met Shannon and became aware of my choices. Shannon also knew the hospital staff and they respected her. The nurses spoke highly of Shannon when I came in for a tour of the hospital. On the Big Day it really helped as Shannon knew exactly where to go and what to do when the delivery was progressing rapidly.

As I was pushing my baby out, it felt so good to look into Shannon's calm eyes and to squeeze her hand. She was someone who has been through the birthing process personally and professionally. I knew I could trust her when she kept saying gently, "You can do it, you are doing so great". It felt so good to have someone there to support my husband and I. The nurses were very professional and helpful but they were strangers and Shannon was a familiar face. My doctor came about fifteen minutes before the baby was born.

My first birth experience with Shannon turned out great. Three weeks postpartum, I began thinking about the next baby. It was awesome, I felt like and athlete who won a gold medal with the help of an outstanding coach. I would highly recommend Shannon as a doula to any expecting woman.


Briana Hoffman


Having Shannon at our baby girl, Violet's home birth was so wonderful. Shannon was so supportive and such an great encouragement by my side through labor. I felt like she always knew exactly what to do, and knew exactly how to help me, even before I'd know what I needed or could get the words together to ask! 

My husband had just been through a terrible plane crash less than one month prior to Violet's birth. Previous to the accident I had been relying on him to be my doula (of sorts) to help me through labor like he had with the birth of our first child during her birth at a local birth center. But after the serious injuries of the accident, I knew that he was not going to be able to help in that way again this time. I was even worried about laboring without his support and even thinking about how I was going to get the birth tub set up myself during labor before our midwife arrived! Shannon made an exemption for us to go outside her normal travel radius, and help us anyway. She was so great to work with prior to the birth in organizing and planning, and was exceptionally generous with her time and services to help us out when we were in a pinch.

To top it all off, Shannon is a Christian, which means the world to my husband and me, and prayed with us throughout the labor and delivery. 

I couldn't say enough about Shannon, how much we appreciated her, how good at her job she is, and how much I loved having her at our birth. She's one of those people you feel like you've known your whole life, even though you've just met. 

Shannon helped make our birth experience so special, peaceful, and all together a truly wonderful experience. She was born to be a doula!

Sarah Kay King


Shannon helped us fulfill our dream of a natural birth experience. We weren't able to have the home birth we wanted because the CNM in our area was already booked, but from our initial meetings with Shannon she provided assurance that we would still have choices along the way of our birth experience, and that she would support us throughout. This was absolutely the way everything played out, and it meant everything to have Shannon as our support person. During my birth experience Shannon was my selfless warrior, and my husband's teammate. I remember well how much her caring touch helped ease me through labor. She was responsive and respectful of us as a family. The photos she took of our delivery were a beautiful gift and surprise. We hope that she will be available when its time for our next baby. I highly recommned Shannon Church as a doula.

Miranda Andrew


Shannon is an incredibly skilled doula. She provided my husband and I with attentive care that we easily felt very confident in. She is knowledgable in current topics regarding birth and interventions. She is easy to reach and answers questions and concerns promptly, and thoroughly with a kindness that is rare to encounter. She made me feel very comfortable reaching out to her throughout my pregnancy. Her support during labor and delivery was wonderful. My husband and I both value her knowledge, skills and suggestions tremendously. For the two deliveries I have had Shannon's support during I know she made a significant impact on our experience. She is a very capable advocate for parents and babies, she communicates effectively with hospital staff and works to ensure our wishes are being taken into consideration. Shannon has a rapport and reputation with the nursing staff at RC Regional that proceeds her, nurses commented on me being in good hands and felt comfortable giving me extra space knowing I had a doula with skill and experience at the level Shannon has. my husband and I are both very grateful to have Shannon on our team for our third delivery expected Feb 2015. 

Patience Fleck


Shannon was our Doula for the birth our firstborn. From the moment labor began Shannon was engaged with my husband and I through timely phone communication, laboring with us at home, working through triage at the hospital, and through the whole labor and delivery process. When she arrived at our home she was fully prepared with her birthing ball, essential oils, and joy about the birth of our baby. Shannon is very knowledgeable and wise. She understands the birth process completely. At Rapid City Regional Hospital she knows the nurses and doctors and she is a welcomed presence there. She helped us prayerfully make some hard decisions that altered our original birth plan but turned out to be the best since they resulted in a healthy baby, mom, and a very positive birth experience. Her knowledge, support and confidence in us were exactly what we needed to make those hard choices. Shannon also had so many helpful suggestions to ease labor pain and progress labor as needed. One of these suggestions, I believe, was pivotal to the successful vaginal delivery for our baby. She also gave my hubby much needed rest, reassurance, and support throughout the whole process, which gave him a positive ‘birth’ experience as well! She was fully present, prepared, knowledgeable, reassuring, supportive, and instilled confidence in us. She also offered helpful lactation advice once we were home, referred us when needed, and supported us through the ups and downs of a hard first week with a newborn. Shannon went above and beyond our expectations as our Doula. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Doula! She is such a blessing and we are so thankful for her.

Kirsten Sara


Shannon was the answer to a prayer. I had a traumatic first birth with our daughter and had a miscarriage not long thereafter. I had many fears and reservations about pregnancy and birth yet we still hope so much to have a large family. A good friend told me how much Shannon's presence and support helped her at her births, and it sounded like such a positive and beautiful experience--exactly what we hoped for.

Meeting her for the first time was wonderful. Her calm and joyful nature made me feel like we were meeting a friend we had known for years. Her approach to the birthing process really put me at ease. She is an incredibly genuine and passionate person who is as good-hearted as she is is knowledgable. After our first prenatal, I felt so much more at ease and ready to approach this second labor and the birth very differently.

Knowing that Shannon would be there gave me the confidence to stay calm when labor started and that really seemed to help everything progress much more quickly. When we got to the hospital she took control of the situation and made sure to get me back to L&D in time. She stood beside me and prayed with me through the most difficult contractions and gave me the final boost of confidence I needed in those last few moments before I saw my sweet little boy for the first time. I still cannot think of our son's birth without tears coming to my eyes.

I would so highly recommended Shannon that I would say having her as my doula completely changed my birth experience and helped me conquer my fear of labor as well. Thank you, Shannon!

Jasmine Esmay


I would highly recommend Shannon's services for any mom during labor and birth.  She is the perfect mix of  knowledge, compassionate support, and professionalism.  She has a beautiful way of blending alternative therapies with evidence based practice to achieve beautiful births.  I have used Shannon for two births, and would do so again without hesitiation.  I am a professional labor and delivery nurse and Shannon showed me a few tricks I will be stealing for my patients.  Thanks again Shannon for all you do!


Sharon Parrish


Having a doula was the best decision I made during my second pregnancy and labor/delivery. Shannon was so caring and comfortable to meet with and handled all my questions with ease. She helped us prepare for the labor so when the time came, I was able to labor at home instead of being scared and going right into the hospital. As my contractions were increasing, she came over and immediately knew what I needed and got me into a bathtub to keep me calm. She was just so present and in the moment. Even if I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing, I still wasnt scared because she knew what she was doing and I could trust her! I was able to have a natural birth without any intervention and I give so much credit to my doula. Compassionate means "to suffer with" and Shannon lives up to this characteristic so well. I would so highly recommend Shannon as a doula. 

Brandy Feaster


I never heard the word doula or what it was until I became pregnant. The local midwife suggested I research what they do. I searched "doula rapid city" with little hope of finding one in my area. Vintage*Doula popped up at the top of my search and I found Shannon's name. After reading about her and what she does, I just knew I had to meet this woman.

Shannon greeted me with a big hug and warm smile. After a couple minutes of intros, we were talking like best friends. I felt so comfortable in her presence and she really gave me peace of mind about all of the hospital lingo that my partner and I had no idea about. My goal was a natural birth with no intrusions and I knew with her guidance, I could accomplish that. I just had to have this woman on my birth team to not only help me but my partner as well.

I ended up having a very long and tough labor but Shannon was with me and my partner during every second. She encouraged us, guided us, motivated us and was a positive light when things were very difficult. She even threw in some tough love when I didn't think I could do it!

With Shannon on my left and my boyfriend on my right, I delivered my daughter into my arms. There are no other people that I would rather have by my side. 

Shannon is an inspiration. She is one of the most selfless people I know as she works hard for her family and clients. I look forward to the day when I will be in need of her service again! <3

Seth Malott



  1. Because I don't care how much you know, you forget everything as soon as your wife begins having contractions
  2. They don't judge you when you become a tired, rambling ball of emotions
  3. There is no way you can keep your wife hydrated, comforted, fed and calm all while trying to do the same for yourself. If you think you can, I assume you're either an olympian or a stubborn ignoramous.
  4. Do you know anything about essential oils? No you don't. Get a doula.
  5. We are talking about two of the most important people in your life, your child and your wife. A doctor or midwife isn't going to tell you it's okay to take a walk, get some rest or it's okay to cry. A doula will.
  6. If you need to google what a doula is or you need your wife to tell you that she wants one, then get a doula! You already are in over your head.
  7. I am willing to wager that you struggle through watching birth videos. If you don't, then kudos. If you do, then get a doula!
  8. Have you taken the Bradley class or at least read "Husband-Coached Child Birth"? If you have, then you shouldn't need a 10 reason list to know you need a doula.
  9. If you haven't taken the Bradley class, read the book and you're SERIOUSLY still debating about getting a doula, call me and we can meet at a convenient location for you. I will then politely slap you.
  10. Husbands, are you still not sure? I am not kidding when I say just call Shannon. It will be the best thing that you will ever do for your wife and child. Start out on the great journey of parenthood by making the wise choice of getting a doula!

Christa Eimers


To say Shannon is amazing would be an understatement. I honestly have no idea how she can do the job she does; it must be an incredible passion! And her passion really shows through. She is very enthusiastic and inspirational, always building mom up in the prenatal and again in labor when she really needs it. With Shannon's coaching and support, my labors truly improved from the moment she walked in. It is so reassuring to have another person in the room that has experienced many births and is knowledgeable of the staff, hospital procedures and general stages of labor. She is NEVER judgemental, just supportive.
She was with us with baby 2 and my husband actually insisted she come back for baby 3. :) Well worth the investment!

Becca Friend


At the end of my 48+ hours of natural labor and delivery, all I could or wanted to do was thank my birth team for the success they helped me achieve, and Shannon was an instrumental part of that. Even now, two months later, as I look at my little girl sleeping peacefully in my lap, I am overwhelmed with grattitude for Shannon. She is a kind, passionate, strong, and tender woman who lended a warmth to my labor experience that was absolutely necessary to my success. When someone like Shannon believes in you, it's hard to disagree. I know so many women who cringe when thinking back on their labor experience, or worse, are not even able to speak of it. Even though my labor was the most intensely difficult experience of my life, when I look at the pictures we took or catch a whiff of lavendar oil (something Shannon used to help relax me) only beautiful feelings flood my mind and heart. 

As a first time mom, I really appreciated how available Shannon was throughout my pregnancy, frequently checking in with me and always responding to my questions quickly. She is full of knowledge and experience and was very supportive in helping my husband and I make decisions that we were comfortable with. 

Shannon is an amazing doula and an incredible woman. The skill and passion with which she does her job is the kind that can only come from a person fulfilling the work God has called her to. 



Danae Kilber


Shannon was the best thing that could have happened to our birth experience. My husband and I had a bad experience with our first birth, and we wanted to change that for our second. Shannon gave us the inisght to do just that. She taught us that everyone has a voice and choices in their birth experience. We didn't know that. Instead of being scared, insecure, and misinformed, we were empowered and encouraged by Shannon's skill and knowledge. Throughout labor, Shannon was there, counteracting any discomfort with massage and oils, as well as prayer and note cards with encouragement. We wanted a natural birth experience, and she gave us the tools to do that. After birth, she followed up with a visit to our home to see how we were doing and cuddle our little one. Don't question if having a doula is the right thing. It is. It is a decision you will never regret. We will always think of Shannon as a skilled professional and dear friend.

Brittany Malott


One of the best decisions we made regarding our birth was having Shannon there.  The months leading up to the birth, Shannon was always there to answer my questions or concerns about my pregnancy or upcoming birth.  Being overdue, She was very encouraging and supportive through the last couple weeks, always making sure she was available if I needed her!  Giving birth was nothing I had expected it to be, having Shannon there was reassuring for me and my husband, knowing what was happening was normal.  As soon as she entered my home when I was in labor she was able to succesfully calm me down and help me work through my contractions -- something I was not able to do on my own. I know I could not have got through my natural birth without her support! She knew exactly what I needed before I knew I even needed it!  Her knowledge and expertise in birth is incredible.  All I needed to worry about was getting through each contraction and she took care of the rest.  Honestly, I feel like Shannon worked just as hard as I did!  She was with me for the duration of my labor - almost 24 hours!  Always comforting and always encouraging.  If you are on the fence about hiring Shannon -- get off!  It will be the best decision you make for you and your little one!

Gene Cuesta


For anyone thinking about doing a natural birth or even a hospital birth, you will not believe the relief and comfort you'll find in having a Doula there for you (both man and woman). As a first time Dad it was especially helpful. Shannon Church has a very warming and comforting presence to her. My wife and I discussed that after meeting with her for the first time. Shannon gave us a sense of ease as we started our preperation for parenthood. Her knowledge is equal to her comforting presence, and even after our daughter Zylah was born, she was more than eager to help answer any questions we had (Breastfeeding, Bonding, Use of essential oils etc.) My wife and I are so lucky to have had Shannon there with us to help us through the delivery of our Daughter. Women, you will LOVE her, she knows how to make you feel comfortable no matter how much physical and emotional duress you may be under in active labor. Men, she is a godsend to you as well, don't be afraid to ask questions, thats what shes there for and during those crucial moments when you may be feeling overwhelmed (Cause I ain't gonna lie, it's a lot to process) she'll be there to step in, reaffirm that what your doing is right and stand by your side til the last push. Shannon has got so much soul and genuine love. In our time together she has stamped her presence into our memory forever. We couldn't have done it without her and we are eternally grateful to have met her. 

Beth Baker


Shannon is amazing! From the moment we met Shannon I knew she would be the best doula to support us in our birth. She has a peaceful presence and warm smile that makes you feel so comfortable. She encouraged me with scripture and prayer when I didn't think I could push anymore. She supported my husband in so many ways, letting him know that what was happening was normal. Shannon goes above and beyond. We had a beautiful water birth at the birthing center but I ended up tearing and needing to go to the hospital for stitches and we ended up having a horrible experience with a doctor there and she stayed with us the whole time encouraging and praying with us. She sat with my family while I was in surgery and was there when I got out. Words cannot convey how much Shannon did for us or how much she means to us. She truly has found her calling in being a doula and will help you have a beautiful amazing birth experience! You will not regret having Shannon as your doula!

Tarin M


Shannon was a blessing! My husband was helping me through the contractions before she got there and I couldn't believe how hard it was. Then Shannon got there and knew exactly what to do. She helped me breathe correctly and do different movements, which really sped things up and reduced the pain to almost nonexistent. I can't imagine my birth without her there! She has such a calming, peaceful presence, which helped me have a beautiful birth!

Kristin Romine


I didn't have the privilege of having a doula for my first birth. The constant, calming, presence of Shannon during the labor and delivery of my second child (but first natural birth) was invaluable. Shannon felt more like a family member than a hired professional. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in supporting and empowering a pregnant/laboring woman and her baby. 

Alyson Strong


When I hired Shannon as my doula, I had no idea how valuable she would be in realizing the empowering natural birth experience that I always wanted. My husband and I became pregnant when we were least expecting it, on our honeymoon. We always knew we wanted kids, but our plan as a young married couple was to wait a little while and settle into life before adding the pressures and demands of parenthood. We were newly married and pregnant, knowing nothing about the journey ahead. All we knew was we needed to become informed somehow. In our panic to figure this whole pregnancy/birth thing out we were referred to Shannon.I knew when I met Shannon that I wanted and needed her on my side. Everything in my life was new and changing;the peace and assurance she brought me about my situation was undeniable as soon as I met her. She was absolutely informative, affirming, and supportive. It was exactly what we needed to get through the decision making process about everything from pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond. I knew labor and birth would be difficult, but I could have never imagined my story. I went into labor on a Tuesday ar 3 pm and my little guy was not born until Friday at 3 pm.Without Shannon with me on that journey, I would have been uncomfortable, distraught, and scared and I am not sure I would have achieved a satisfying natural birth. Shannon was by side in every way coaching me physically,emotionally, and spiritually. She KNEW I would deliver my baby naturally. In the midst of the struggle of each contaction, she helped me to trust and know for myself. Since my natural labor and birth experience, I cannot describe the empowerment I feel as a mother. It was a life-changing experience I believe God designed every mother to have. It has helped me immensely to feel confident and capable of caring for my baby needs. Shannon has a true gift for supporting families in pregnancy and birth; our lives have forever been touched by that gift. 

Mauri Sobotka


Shannon is amazing! She was such an amazing support during labor and afterwards! i recommend her to everyone looking to enhance their birth experiance!

Caiti Jackson


Shannon is such a hard worker with a heart of gold. She made my first experience with birth a great experience. She was with me for over 12 hours and she didn't leave me once. She made sure both my husband and I had everything we could ever want or need during labor. I can't say enough good things about Shannon. She set my mind at ease in a time when I was frightened and unsure of what to expect. I will only ever use her as my future doula!

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