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Omaha, NE Service range 60 miles


Birth Fee

$700 to $900

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Fee

$700 to $900

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Years in Operation: 4

Type of practice: Collective

Clients per month: 1 to 12

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

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Kindred Hearts is Partnership between doulas to provide more services and support to their clients while allowing the family to choose which doula they would like to attend their birth. We believe that having a community of support makes us all stronger. Discounts available for military families and repeat clients. Some special circumstances taken into consideration.

Omaha, NE Service range 60 miles

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Birth Fee: Not specified

Postpartum Rate: $25 to $30


Updated 10/3/2019

Certified Doula
Years in practice

Birth Fee: $600 to $800


Updated 4/22/2019

Years in practice

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Gini M


I had an excellent, enviable experience with Kindred Hearts. My doula was Danielle, whom I've had the fortune of knowing for several years. Once I became pregnant with my second baby, I knew I wanted to hire her. I enjoyed attending the Birth Circle meetings (laughed my buns off at more than one! Great cameraderie), and I was comforted in knowing Danielle had two closely-trusted partners in case she wasn't able to attend my birth for some reason. She came to my home to counsel my husband and myself on what to expect in labor and labor management techniques, and my (eternally) skeptical husband was left feeling very prepared and very confident in himself as well as with Danielle's future service. Danielle's labor-supportive service at my birth itself could not have been better. I called her only after I'd been given the surprising news I needed to be induced immediately for preeclampsia, and she rolled right with the punches. She was a calming, positive, directing force, taking my in-the-moment complaints and using them to propel me in labor, always asking for just a little more than I thought I could give and thereby helping me move my labor along. She put music on to keep everyone upbeat, and I was grateful for it. I was holding her hands and bellowing in her face when my son came into the world, and there is not a single person I'd have wanted to take her place. I can't convey how thankful I am to have been supported at my birth by this knowledgeable wise woman. If I am ever given the wonderful surprise of a third pregnancy, I know exactly who I will call. 

Samantha Willis


Birth is a scary process for the first time mom. How much pain will I be in? Will my body be able to handle it? Are the doctors going to support my decisions? Do I even have a choice? All of these fears went out the window when I felt the love and compassion radiate off of my doula, Danielle. My husband and I went through the birth class offered by Kindred Hearts doula, Jessie. Jessie has a natural peacefulness about her that made me feel calm, open, and right. Every week, I walked away feeling a renewed sense of "Oh I can so do this!" After the class was over, I was amazed at the amount of information I received. The knowledge that I walked away with led to the natural birth that I desired. My husband's confidence also grew. He feared for my safty and for my pain. When the time came, he drew on his knowledge and was able to step up and be needed. He was my rock!  

Through out my pregnancy, Danielle helped me with the hard questions and concerns. She helped through the decision of switching from my OB to a midwife; a change that I will be forever greatful for! When the big day arrived, she was there 100% with her fellow doulas waiting in the wings should they be needed! Through 66+ hours of labor, she continuously reminded me of my power and that it wouldn’t last forever. At no point did she let me give into fear even though I was exhausted. I truly believe that if it weren’t for Danielle and my midwife, I would have ended up having a c-section. In the end, when my beautiful daughter arrived with her eyes wide open, it was Danielle’s smiling face that told me she was finally here and that I could relax.

My husband and I are forever greatful to Danielle and the ladies of Kindred Hearts!

Diane Johnson


After working with the doula's from Kindred Hearts Birth as a registered nurse, I knew that my next baby I would have a doula and hopefully achieve an unmedicated vaginal birth. When I became pregnant with my 3rd child, I immediately contacted Kara. I knew I wanted her by my side at this birth. Kara was so supportive of my wishes and desires for this birth. When I went into labor, it went faster than even I expected. The two hours I had Kara by my side, she was able to help me breathe my baby down, relieve my back labor pains, and even calm me in my moment of "I can't do this." As a nurse I had a different understanding of birth itself but I have no idea how many pain management techniques I did not even know. I will forever be grateful for Kara and her amazing support.

Alanna Reeves


We chose to have our baby under the guiding care of a midwife and doula. Initially, we thought that since we were working with a midwife, we wouldn't need a doula, but now, if someone told me I could only choose to have a midwife *or* a doula at my birth, I would choose my doula, Danielle. She was a constant support through my pregnancy and my labor, and my husband was so grateful for Danielle's support and guidance, as well. I honestly can't even imagine my birth without her - she was completely hands-on during my labor helping me with the physical task of bringing baby into the world, but she also respected my ability to listen to my body's own cues. She let me lead my process and stepped in with suggestions and reminders when necessary.

I found myself in a challenging situation in the middle of my pregnancy - I thought I was going to lose access to my healthcare provider and my family was being less than encouraging about my decision to birth out of a hospital. Danielle was our first and best advocate. She contacted me immediately to talk through my other options for care, provided words of comfort, and assured me that I could still have the empowered birth experience I so desired, regardless of my changing circumstances. She also provided me with great books and resources to help keep me spiritually and emotionally grounded during this tough transitional time. It was so clear that she really "got" me as a whole person based on her specific book recommendations- they couldn't have been more perfectly suited for me.

I can't speak highly enough of Danielle and her peers at Kindred Hearts. I loved every aspect of their care - from their birth services to their educational classes to their lovely modern-day Red Tent gatherings (Birth Circle). I felt so supported on my journey and am grateful for such a positive and empowered birth experience.

Jessica Kneiss-Rivera


Kara and Jessie were my doulas for the birth of my second son, but their love and support started the day I first consulted with them. They were my ROCKS as I navigated the many decisions of pregnancy and helped me to create a birth plan that was individualized and true to my feelings about pregnancy & birth. Throughout those months, they cared deeply about developing a deep relationship with me so I would feel completely comfortable by the time my labor started. They went above and beyond, and they made themselves available to me at any hour of the day and night. The love they brought to my son's birth was a feeling I'll never forget (and I have the beautiful photos from Kara to remember it!) Danielle also encapsulated my placenta and was a dream to work with. She, too, went beyond what was asked of her to make sure my postpartum period got off to a peaceful start. Having a doula at your birth is wonderfully beneficial, but having a Kindred Hearts doula is nothing short of amazing.

Kristin Narveson


I have been blessed to have 3 beautiful gentle hospital births without
pain medication, all with doulas. Of those three birth experiences,
Kindred Hearts Birth Circle was by far my best doula experience. The
difference comes down to the amazing wealth of experience and
expertise these three incredible doulas share and the support and
companionship I gained each month from My Birth Circle was
exceptional. Each month at My Birth Circle I was able to learn a
little more about my options and prepare my self for my birth in very
practical ways including meal prep and labor techniques. When the day
came to have my baby I experienced a surprise, my first medically
necessary induction. Even though I had given birth twice before, this
was new and fearful for me. Thank goodness I had my incredible doula
from Kindred hearts Birth Circle by my side, Kara. Kara empowered me
to make informed and safe decisions for me and my baby. She helped me
to get labor started, read me scripture and poetry while she massaged
my back, held monitors in place so I could stand and labor dance with
my husband. The entire process was beautiful and positive. I have no
regrets because I know I made informed and safe decisions and was
still able to deliver my precious third baby very quickly and
practically painlessly without pain medication. I also went ahead and
had Danielle put together my placenta pills for me, even though my
hubby deployed and left me with three children under 4 when I was only
2 months post partum, I experienced no symptoms of PPD. So grateful
for my experience with Kindred Hearts Birth Circle. I would recommend
them to anyone looking to give birth of any style in the Omaha area

Raeann Williams


Kara Holden acted as our doula for the birth of our first child, and I can barely begin to put to words how wonderful she was, but I’m going to try anyway, so here we go. I was first told about doulas by a military buddy who had hired Kara for his pregnant wife who was due at almost the same time. At the beginning of the hike we were on, I didn’t know what a doula was, and by the end, I didn’t know if we could go without.
We were very near the end of our pregnancy when we contacted Kara, and she jumped into action like she’d been along for the ride since the beginning. She let us know, in detail, how she could and would assist us throughout the entire process, and she offered incredibly helpful advice even without a commitment to hire her, such as completing a birth plan and how to massage away some of the pain my wife was feeling. Clearly, we needed her. When that fateful morning came (two weeks early), my wife’s water broke early on in the morning at home, and Kara, in a polite yet firm way (mostly firm, and rightly so) ensured that my dumb self didn’t try to sneak away to work for a bit.
We got to the hospital and she was there in no time. From the moment Kara arrived, she was never away from my wife’s side. Kara spent hours helping my wife get comfortable, all while coaching her through what she was going through and what was coming up next. She wrangled nurses and doctors and ensured that what we had asked for in our birth plan was respected and followed throughout labor. As the labor got more intense, Kara and my wife were zeroed in on each other, with Kara guiding each breath and being the only person in the room, as far as my wife was concerned. When our daughter came, Kara translated doctor talk for us to ensure we knew exactly what was being asked or suggested, and always made sure we were in the loop for whatever was happening. If we have another child, she will be one of the first we call.-Logan

Tiffany Werner


Love Kindred Hearts doulas!

First, Kindred Hearts host a weekly group called “Birth Circle”. As a first-time mom, Birth Circle meetings were exactly the kind of group I needed and wanted. Birth Circle was a safe space, a place for support and advice and community. I drew strength from the women I met, the friendships I forged, and the many, many positive birth stories. The doulas of Kindred Hearts and the Birth Circle meetings are really what got me in the right headspace for the natural birth I dreamed of having.

The doulas also provide comfort baskets to every mama they serve. The comfort basket components were absolutely invaluable during labor and postpartum recovery. I used every single item and loved it all!

Getting to know all the doulas well prior to labor really helped establish a deep trust and a sense of camaraderie. When finally went into labor, I never doubted for a second that my doulas were there for me from start to finish. The trust I felt in my doulas, in my birth made me feel safe and free to turn my brain "off" and just be in the moment. I was able to focus completely on bringing my son into the world, and to focus on the joy of his birth day.

Lastly, Danielle did my placenta encapsulation. She made the whole process a total breeze, including her home delivery of the pills and tincture. My mental and emotional states were relatively calm during my postpartum period, and I attribute much of that to the stabilizing effect of encapsulated placenta. As long as I'm lucky enough to live in Nebraska and be able to use Danielle's services, I plan on reaping the benefits of placenta encapsulation every time. I can’t stress how much this group of women become like family. They are kind, generous, and their hearts are completely committed to the families they serve. 10 out of 10 in every respect!

Lisa Baber


Through the process of my first pregnancy, I have learned that a doula is someone that does everything they possibly can to make sure you get the birth you want. A doula makes certain that you are not forgotten in the birthing process and that your voice is heard.

While I worked specifically with Danielle there was a tremendous amount of support I received from the Kindred Hearts team through birth circle. Getting together once a month with ladies going through similar and very different pregnancies was extremely helpful to me. It made me realize that no I'm not crazy this stuff is hard and that women are incredibly strong in so many ways. On top of the emotional support I received from birth circle I also received knowledge. From meeting at MilkWorks to discuss breastfeeding to making freezer meals, I always learned something new and important that I would use in the days to come.

I won't discuss all the details of my birth story here because it's quite lengthy and I haven't quite come to full terms with the whole event just yet. My wish was for a natural unmedicated birth at the midwives place but ended in a c-section at the hospital. Danielle was with me and my husband every step of the way. She was able to explain what we would expect before it happened. While I did have a c-section and will never be able to explain fully what caused it. I never felt like I was out of control. Even after my birth Danielle came to visit and make sure I was ok. We discussed the outcome together and cried together- her support never seemed to end.

What I have learned from my birth story is that you can only prepare and you cannot predict the outcome as every birth is truly different and has its own story. One of the best ways to prepare is making sure you have a support group that will make sure you are included every step of the way. I found my support in Danielle and Kindred Hearts and highly recommend them to any expecting mother.

Jessica Holz


I would never birth without a Doula! Our first experience was OK, but in hindsight would have gone differently if we had had an experienced doula like Jessie, Kara or Danielle with us. Having a Doula empowered my spouse and I to make this our experience and trust that God was in control. She was a supportive, nurturing voice when you can't find yours. Completely worth it!

The Kindred Hearts community was fantastic! Not only do you get the support of 3 experienced doulas, but also this whole group of women who are in the same season of life as you who you can also share their perspectives and experiences about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

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