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Lindsay Wolff, CD, CBE, PhD

Birthing Matters Doula Services

Clarksville, MD Service range 30 miles


Birth Fee

$1300 to $1800

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1800

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Birth Doula Certifications

  • toLabor - Certified Professional Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 279 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 15 families served

Doula Training

  • The Organization of Labor Assistants for Birth Options & Resources (toLabor), April 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 to 5 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Birthing centers are a wonderful option for people looking for an out-of-hospital birthing experience with the comfort of having a hospital closeby.

Attends home births? Some Home Births
It was my own home births that inspired me to seek a career in birth work. I have attended multiple home births since then and have been inspired and awed by each experience. I will only attend home births that are also attended by certified midwives.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Miscarriage support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I provide volunteer doula services to those that would not be able to otherwise afford doula services, as my on call schedule permits. About 30-40% of my practice is LGBTQ families and I am very experienced in working with non-binary and gender-nonconforming individuals. I strive to make all of my materials, from website to intake to postpartum support respectful and embracing of all. I am aware of the role that my privilege plays in my life and continuously strive to remain not only an ally but a coconspirator in anti-racism work. Black birthing people have been mistreated by the medical system and it is past time to do something about it.

Fee Details

My birth fee operates on a sliding scale. I am happy to offer needs-based discounts and/or barter services. Daytime postpartum rates are $35/hr. Overnights are $40/hr.

Clarksville, MD Service range 30 miles

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Client Testimonials for Lindsay Wolff, CD, CBE, PhD

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Lindsay was wonderful to work with - kind, caring, practical, grounded in reality, and knowledgeable. This was our first birth experience and therefore our first doula experience and I would absolutely do it all over again with Lindsay. She was calm and patient, reassuring, and was able to be there with us throughout almost all of labor and delivery. She was at home with us while I labored, freeing up my partner to prepare everything for our trip to the hospital. He was able to pack up, clean up, and pull the car around knowing that I had someone by my side helping me through each contraction. At the hospital Lindsay was well-prepared and well-informed. She knew what to expect and could guide me through decision-making as I strayed from my planned experience. Labor was long and she stayed with us overnight, all the way through delivery and the first hour with our son. She even went out to get me a chocolate croissant and a latte! I highly recommend Lindsay and hope that in the future I might have the opportunity to work with her again :)

Sara Noonan


I knew I wanted the support of a doula for my labor and delivery and met with Lindsay to see if she would be a fit. From the first meeting, all the way through the birth of our first child, Lindsay was incredibly supportive, and I am so glad that we decided to work with her!

Lindsay is incredibly knowledgable and ensures that you have all of the information you need to make critical decisions throughout pregnancy, laobr, delivery, postpartum and more. With Lindsay's help, I was able to put together a birthing plan with my husband (and something that was daunting before we talked with Lindsay!). 

My water broke two weeks before my due date and I texted Lindsay at midnight. She responded right away and asked us to keep her updated. We stayed in touch, and Lindsay came to the hospital once I felt I needed her support. At this point, I was hooked up to multiple monitors and was struggling with pain management because of my inability to move much. When Lindsay walked into the room, I was immediately relieved and she hopped into gear to help make me as comfortable as possible. Our baby luckily didn't need to be monitored the entire time and she helped me achieve my goal of having a labor in which I was as mobile for as long as possible. 

One of the best things about Lindsay is how she felt like an old friend or a family member. Someone that I was glad was in the room with me during a time when I was my most vulnerable. I was unable to have my mom with me during labor and Lindsay truly filled that gap for me. 

Lindsay is amazing and I cannot imagine going through this journey without her! She is caring, knowledgeable, supportive and so much more. Hiring her was one of the best decisions and investments we made. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone who is pregnant and looking to work with a doula. 

Carly Beesley


Lindsay is AMAZING. I try not to give unsolicited advice to pregnant women out there, but the one exception to that rule of mine is I always recommend a doula! Specifically Lindsay if they live in the Boston area. My husband and I both say that Lindsay was the best decision we made surrounding the birth. It was SO nice having someone there who knew what all the random beeping in the hospital meant (so we didn’t get freaked out!), who could hang with me while my husband grabbed some quick food, who sat with us while we napped, who helped me get into lots of different positions, and who just felt like our best friend overall. She was great in the prenatal appointments and shared tons of helpful info, but it’s not like we were BFFs or anything. But then when she arrived at the hospital after I was induced, it was like my husband and I were reuniting with one of our oldest friends! With all the new faces in the hospital, it was so great to see a familiar one. Lindsay was amazing during the pushing stage. She worked so well with my husband. She didn’t take over or anything. She helped him help me. They were a team. I felt like I was in great hands. I seriously cannot stress enough how glad I am I worked with Lindsay. Best decision ever. We love her!!

Bria B.


Even before I went into labor, Lindsay was such an incredible guide for my husband and me. She listened to our fears and concerns and gave us studies and literature to read, she taught us comfort measures that we used in pregnancy and during the birth, and she gave us helpful advice about birth classes, lactation consultants, etc. 

Cut to the the delivery--as soon as Lindsay walked into the delivery room, I felt so calmed by her presence. She gave us the confidence and peace we needed to follow through with our birth plan. Lindsay had such great rapport with my husband and the hospital medical care team, everyone was just so grateful to have her there!  

Hands down, this was the best investment we made for our pregnancy and delivery. I cannot recommend Lindsay highly enough!!

Robyn Nohling, FNP-BC, RD


The moment I met Lindsay, I felt completely at ease. As a mother herself who has been through the birthing process, she just gets it. And after one interaction, you will know she was made to do this work. Tender hearted, caring, empathetic, so very knowledgable, reassuring and incredibly loving - she is a gift. By the end of our time with her, it felt like she was an extension of our family. She was a quick text or phone call away if I had any concerns or worries during my pregnancy. During labor, Lindsay was everything both my husband and I needed. She brings a humble confidence into the delivery room, continually encouraging and empowering you throughout the birthing process. I know for certain, I would not have had the unmedicated birth I hoped for without Lindsay. When I felt uncertain and questioned my own abilites, Linsday responded with deep confidence in my ability to birth my baby. I will always remember during one of our first meetings, she told me her goal with clients is that they feel empowered at the end of their birthing experience. Birth is unpredictable, and while there are many things we cannot control, we do still have the opportunity to make informed, empowered decisions as they arise. Linsday allows you to do that, especially in a hospital setting. My husband had no idea what a doula even was when I mentioned it in pregnancy and now he says she helped him just as much as she helped me. Having a calm, confident, knowledgable person by your side to advocate and care for you is invaluable. Linsday will always be so special to us!!

Veronica Barry


Lindsay was a godsend! I found her through my midwife and consider myself lucky I did. Lindsay was very quick to respond to my inquiry, promptly found a time to come out to meet me and my family to see if we were a good match and made the entire hiring process seamless and pain-free. We ended up hiring her for our planned home birth. 

As per the package we purchased, she came out once before the baby came, to review pain relief techniques and strategies as well as to discuss our plan of action and any questions/concerns my husband and I had.  

Once labor started, Lindsay arrived and stuck with us the whole time. I labored 13 hours and most of that time I spent holding her hand. She was a calming presence who just knew what to do to help me through some of the worst parts. She was also very good at guiding my husband in ways that would help me get through contractions. She was always right there when I needed her, even when we had to transfer to the hospital for a c-section. She stuck by my side until 2:30 am to make sure our family was settled.

Without Lindsay by my side, with her kindness, knowledge, and intuition, my birth experience wouldn't have as successful and beautiful as it was. Though it didn't end how I had expected, having Lindsay made everything go as smoothly as it could. I felt supported thru the entire process and she was a key member of my birth "village." If we do decide to have a third child, Lindsey will be the first person on my list to call and hire again. 

Elizabeth Merzigian


I can not imagine my pregnancy and birth without having Lindsay on our side. When my husband took a new job and moved across the country at 30 weeks pregnant I knew I needed extra support. One meeting with Lindsay and so much of my anxiety disappeared. She was there for us at the end of my pregnancy and offered me the reassurance that if my husband didn’t make it back in time I would have someone I knew and trusted at my side. I set out to have a natural birth and spent months visualizing and working towards that goal. My birth ended up being full of interventions and was nothing like how I envisioned due to our daughters small growth and other circumstances. Lindsay knew my preferences and offered reassurance and guidance as things went ”off course”. I look back on my birth and truly believe without her support my entire experience would have felt so different. Her encouragement, her physical presence, her reminders that even though I didn’t have the birth I wanted I still gave it hell allows me to look back and feel strong and thankful for the experience and our beauitful baby girl. 

Anya Manning


Lindsay is a phenomenal doula. She provided support (massages, mantras, and words of encouragement) and gave us our space as needed during labor. She also helped prepare us for questions and decisions we may need to make in a haste during the labor process. HIGHLY recommend Lindsay!

Arika Nabutovsky


Lindsay is THE BEST. I have no idea how anyone has a baby without a doula, and frankly, without Lindsay.

I was completely committed to having a natural childbirth, but I was also very nervous about it. What I really needed was for someone — someone in the know — to look me in the eye and say, “Yes, what you want is absolutely possible. Yes, you really can do it. And I’m going to help you do it.” That’s what happened when I met Lindsay.

I felt extremely calm during my entire labor, knowing that this kind, funny, childbirth expert, who totally understood what my husband and I wanted, was going to be supporting me the entire time. Her presence helped me actually ENJOY MY LABOR. Lindsay seemed to know what I needed before I even articulated it; she was adept at making me more physically comfortable. She also helped my husband be an active participant by showing him how he could help me and then stepped back to let him do it. She even brought adorable bendy drinking straws (it turns out that straws actually help a lot during labor).

But it was mental support Lindsay provided that made the real difference for my husband and for me. When unexpected things happened, she calmly explained what was going on. When the nurse began pushing for unnecessary interventions, Lindsay was by my side, talking me through the pros and cons of the nurse’s ultimatums and reminding me that I got the final say. I fully credit Lindsay with the completely successful natural birth of my son.

No matter what kind of birth you are going to have, Lindsay will make you feel strong, well-informed, and empowered to make your own choices. And then she’ll come to your house and show you how to wear your baby and do all this other stuff that you never knew you needed to know how to do! I am forever grateful.

Mallory Mahoney


When I met Lindsay at the beginning of my third trimester, all of my anxiety and fear about the birthing process completely melted away. I felt so confident knowing I would have an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate coach to guide me through the emotional and physiological challenges that lie ahead. When I went into labor, I had a lot of discomfort in my lower back, and I didn't think I'd be able to stick to my natural birth plan. But Lindsay coached me through a bunch of positions to ease the discomfort and progress my labor. At the birth center she provided just the right balance of space and support to keep me calm and comfortable, and she was great company for my husband for those several uneventful hours leading up to delivery. From pregnancy to post-partum, Lindsay was absolutely fantastic, and we are so appreciative for her encouragement and support along this wild journey!

Alaina Seymour


I am so grateful that Lindsday was part of my birth process, and I would recommend her to any mom looking for this type of support.  Lindsay is extremely knowledgable, and is able to patiently explain all of the pros and cons to each decision and medical situation that may arise.  This helped me to make evidence-based decisions, both before and during labor, and kept me calm and grounded when circumstances changed from how I originally envisioned them.  She approaches her work from a non-judgmental and supportive place, and was completely adaptive when I threw my birth preferences right out the window!  She kept me warm when I was cold, cool when I was hot, hydrated all night long, and breathing when I was anxious.  She anticipated my needs before I even knew I had them, and communicated seamlessly with the nurses and midwifes in the delivery room.  She was also there for my partner, coaching him to best support me, bringing him coffee and breakfast, and making sure his cot would fit in the room so he could be near me but resting while we were waiting for baby to arrive.  Whatever your vision for childbirth is, Lindsay is there for you before, during and after labor as a resource, mentor, coach and cheerleader.  Many friends asked me if I thought it was a waste that I had hired a doula and decided to get an epidural, despite my original intention to be unmedicated.  To that, I answer an emphatic NO - I can't imagine having given birth without Lindsay by my side.  Thank you, Lindsay!

Jessica Petrus


Lindsay's positive, empowering, calming, and gentle presence helped give my husband and I an incredibly rich and beautful birth experience.  Before the birth, she was a constant voice of support, lending invaluable books and guiding us through our thoughts and feelings about the upcoming big day and beyond. She always listened and provided us with unbiased facts, and ultimately supported whatever decisions we felt important to us. 

As for the birth experience itself, she could not have been more supportive.  She arrived at our home in the middle of the night and gently helped me as my labor progressed. When it was time to go to the birth center, she remained this constant radiant support of positivity and excitement; it really helped me stay in the moment!  The labor progressed beautifully, and we all felt certain our baby was sure to arrive in the morning. But things took longer than expected, which eventually faciliated a transfer to the hospital.  Again, Lindsay was the unwavering support I knew she would be; she helped me stay focused on the journey of childbirth and helped keep me in the moment.  

Once our baby was finally born that evening, Lindsay's energy, comfort, positivity, was still so present.  I was amazed how much energy she still had after such a long birth!  But clearly, witnessing and assisting with birth is such a great passion of hers, and the level of detail, quality, and gentleness she brings to her practice served us invaluably.  My husband and I both look back on the day with such peace as we knew we had such a strong advocate for us in our corner the whole time. 


Emily Kozarsky


I met Lindsay before my husband did, and I instantly felt a connection with her. She was calm, knowledgeable, organized, and so passionate. There was no question in my mind that she was the right fit for our little family. When my husband met Lindsay at our first prenatal visit, he could understand completely why I liked her so much, and he assured me that I made the right choice. During my pregnancy I must have emailed, called, and texted Lindsay a dozen times regarding different questions and concerns. She was always so quick to respond and never made me feel silly for reaching out. She was a great listener and always provided helpful feedback which made me feel calmer and more confident about my pregnancy and upcoming labor & delivery.  My goal was to have a natural childbirth, and because of Lindsay I was able to achieve that goal. My birth was a tough one, as my son was in the sunny-side up position, so I had very intense back labor. Lindsay encouraged me to change positions frequently and use hydrotherapy to alleviate some discomfort. She also kept applying acupressure to help ease some of the pain. There was a point where I remember distinctly saying, “I can’t do this anymore. I need an epidural.” Lindsay looked me in the eye, grabbed my hand and said, “You got this.” I remember thinking to myself- Yes, I got this. I can do this. And I did. As much as Lindsay was there for me during labor, she was just as much there for my husband. I was worried about him being my only support person, and Lindsay made an effort to take care of him throughout the process as well. When I think about my birthing experience, I can’t help but feel so proud of what I accomplished. I am so happy that I achieved my goal of a natural childbirth, and I truly don’t believe I could have done so without Lindsay’s help. I am so grateful to her, and I feel so fortunate to have had her support.

Ashley A


With my first pregnancy, I was very nervous about birth and all the unknowns that came with it. Lindsay was such a calm, confident, and knowledgeable source of support during my pregnancy and labor. After our first meeting, I felt so much more at ease about my upcoming labor. The same was true on my baby’s birth day. Having Lindsay by my side gave me the peace of mind I needed to have a positive, peaceful labor as I had always hoped. Lindsay is exceptionally kind and professional, and at one of the most vulnerable times in my life, I felt completely free to be natural and at ease around her. Thank you, Lindsay, for the compassion and generosity you showed me, my husband, and our baby girl. We are very grateful to have had you as part of our birth story.

Kate McGovern


We were so grateful and lucky to have Lindsay support the birth of our daughter. We didn't have the delivery we had hoped for or anticipated—an unplanned c-section after a very long labor. But in retrospect, I have only positive feelings about the experience—and I know much of that is due to Lindsay's presence there. Lindsay was able to support my husband over the phone as my labor intensified at home, and then joined us at home to help us through several more hours before heading to the hospital. Once it became clear over time that the unmedicated birth we'd hoped for wasn't going to be a reality, Lindsay helped us both feel clear-headed and informed about the decisions we needed to make. Again, for my husband in particular—who was more anxious and emotional about the prospect of a c-section than I was—she was a remarkable source of support and comfort, and also helped him to support me more effectively. 

One of my concerns with hiring a doula was a fear that I would feel like I was imposing if, for example, my labor went on too long and I asked "too much" of them. Lindsay never made me feel anything but supported. When we wanted to get some rest, Lindsay pulled out her camping mat and joined us—never suggesting she'd rather be anywhere else. 

I'd always assumed that I wouldn't "need" a doula for a second baby—but if we're lucky enough to have another kid down the road, I'll be calling Lindsay again.

Genna W. & Jonathan P.


From Genna: Partnering with Lindsay was the best decision we made in a pregnancy filled with lots of choices and expenses. She was down to earth, grounded in science, and factual without a hint of judgment. I emailed her almost weekly with updates and questions throughout my pregnancy; we shared articles and research as I prepared mentally for labor, and she recommended other practitioners (acupuncture, massage, chiropractor) and books that all made a big difference in helping me feel great in my third trimester. During labor, she was phenomenal -- despite all of my preparations and excitement, I was so glad to have a coach and mentor to support me and my husband when reality hit! I was able to be much more present because she walked us through what was happening and what to expect next, physically and emotionally. She's an incredible listener and coach, and I'm so grateful she was with us during this time.

From Jonathan: I can't begin to describe how important Lindsay was to me as the partner. She spent an uninterrupted 24 hours with us during an exhausting labor, coaching my wife as labor progressed (walks, massages, food and water, jokes, breathing and visioning, etc.), giving us the nod when it was time to go the hospital, and then staying up all night and guiding us through a challenging, but ultimately wonderful, labor and delivery. She kept me focused with reminders and tips of the best ways to support Genna, brought humor to the situation when needed, and no-nonsense advocacy with nurses and doctors when required. She was excellent.

Lisa Liang Philpotts


My husband and I were the type of people who were on the fence about hiring a doula. In my husband's words, he wasn't sure if a doula would "make a difference." After my birth, my husband remarked that he was so glad Lindsay was there to support us. Not only did she make a difference, but she was integral in ensuring that I had an empowering birth experience.

Lindsay provided me all the information I needed to make informed decisions and communicate my birth preferences to my midwife. As someone who works in healthcare myself, I appreciated how she balanced an evidence based approach with a non judgemental attitude, being upfront about what has been proven to work (or not) when I asked her, but never pushing one approach over another. I was planning on having birth with no pain medication in a birth center, and Lindsay helped my husband and I practice different comfort measures. I felt respected and listened to, and went into labor feeling prepared instead of fearful.

Throughout early labor, Lindsay supported my husband and I over the phone. It turned out I had preeclampsia and had to give birth at the hospital instead of a birth center like I planned, and Lindsay quickly made her way to the hospital when I needed her support in person. She massaged me, helped me into different positions, and did a fantastic job of helping my husband support me and stay calm. Most significantly, I was hooked up to an IV and monitors. Lindsay was an amazing advocate & asked the RN for wireless monitoring so I could move around and get in the birthing tub, which helped me sail through transition with medication, just like I wanted. I couldn't have been more pleased. After my daughter was born, Lindsay continued to check in and visited us to answer our infant care questions.

In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend Lindsay to others. She is an intelligent and compassionate doula committed to reproductive justice and uplifting all parents!

Elizabeth Hood


I really can't say enough about the incredible experience we had working with Lindsay as our doula. From the time we met her, she listened to what we wanted and helped us feel informed about our options during the labor and delivery process. Our prenatal meetings were extremely beneficial and provided us with a better sense of what our options were and what to expect. I also appreciated being in constant communication with Lindsay in the weeks leading up to our daughter's birth. Throughout the process of working with Lindsay, I always appreciated that rather than imposing an opinion on us, she would take the time to provide articles and resources to help us best weigh out some of our options. She helped us feel empowered by the decisions we made throughout this process.

Lindsay’s support was critical during the labor and delivery process. Lindsay was an extremely calming presence to have at the hospital, my labor and delivery lasted 36 hours, and she was there supporting my husband and me the entire time. She even stayed after my daughter was born to make sure we settled in. It was very reassuring to have her consistent presence in the midst of the rotating hospital staff. Because my labor lasted so long we went through several shift changes, Lindsay helped keep communication consistent and helped us weigh varying medical opinions. She helped make us feel empowered by our birth experience. Both my husband and mother were in the room with me and had remarked several times about how invaluable it was to have Lindsay’s support. She was such a critical part of our birth experience, and we are so lucky to have had her as our doula. She also continues to stay in touch and will always be an important part of our daughter’s birth story.

Emily DoBell


I can't say enough about Lindsay - I have literally recommended her to every pregnant mama that is considering a doula - and some that aren't! 

Her pre-birth support is extraordinary. She takes the time to learn your preferences and helps to surface decisions you may not have anticipated on your own. She doesn't push in any direction - just helps to inform on the choices you have. 

I chose to have a hospital birth with the goal of no interventions (not even an IV) and I succeeded with Lindsay! Before the birth, she provided tons of information and ideas for everything from what to do during early labor to how to position the carseat for an easier ride to the hospital.During the birth, she was invaluable but never intrusive. My husband is still very much the person I remember providing the "direct" support, but he had Lindsay by his side cueing up different techniques all the way through. He has already made it clear that he will do whatever he can to have Lindsay at all births from here on out.

During my birth, I remember three times that I was presented with mild push-back from my medical team. Twice for monitoring and once for my pushing position. All three times, with quiet support from Lindsay, I was able to stand my ground and follow my instinct. (The team kept requesting that I lie flat on my back, which I found excrucitating. I remained on my side or on all fours for most of my labor.) Lindsay knew that my number one priority was safety, and I trusted her completely to help me advocate for my preferences without sacrificing safety. 

After the birth, Lindsay helped me through my first few breastfeedings and helped to ease the stress around those first few latches. She made sure we were settled in to our postpartum room (and fed!) before leaving us that day. Afterwards, she gave us space but made sure we knew she was there for us. She came to visit about a week afterwards and we still keep in touch. 

Heather Grossklaus


Lindsay was the first and only doula we had interviewed for our 2nd pregnancy when I was around 20 weeks pregnant.   I was a high-risk pregnancy and we knew that we wanted a doula to help us through the VBAC experience.  When we met Lindsay for the first time, she had such a friendly and warm personality, with a flexible approach to our birthing needs. We wished to have a doula that was experienced with high-risk births, specifically VBAC's and would be supportive of a natural birth in a hospital setting.  We immediately decided Lindsay would be our doula! She was super supportive throughout the pregnancy, she would text me to check on how things were going and offer support in any way possible.  She even came to my baby shower which was awesome! We met with Lindsay two times before my delivery (not including when we met to interview her) in which we discussed my birthing plan, birthing positions, and we also met with her back-up doula just in case something happened and Lindsay couldn't be there. Unfortunately, poor Lindsay had a fever and awful respiratory illness the day I went into labor and obviously Lindsay couldn't attend my birth.  I was sad Lindsay couldn't attend our birth, but also knew we had an awesome back-up doula that we had met already and was super knowledgeable just like Lindsay.  Even though Lindsay couldn't physically be at the hospital with us, she was available to answer questions and support us over the phone. My doula, husband, and myself actually called Lindsay very late at night to discuss some birthing options, she spoke to us over speaker phone and offered her professional advice and listened to our concerns. Her support helped reaffirm my decision to continue my labor naturally without the need of an epidural when I was 6cm.  With the support of Lindsay and her back-up doula, we had a healthy baby girl naturally via VBAC.  Thank you Lindsay!

Jennifer Dawn


One of my friends had suggested that I contact Lindsay because she had just had an amazing experience with her during a long labor.  When I first spoke with Lindsay I felt like we clicked.  She seemed so supportive, present and filled with knowledge.  When my partner and I explained our vision she seemed to take our wishes to heart and helped us brainstorm other situations that could come up.  (I had a previous complicated birthing experience).  

During the labor my husband and I were blown away with her level of support, strength and wisdom.  My husand and her worked like a seamless team to help support, aid with pain and help keep me in "the zone."  There were 100 times when I wanted to stop or felt like I couldn't go on and Lindsay would suggest a new position that magically felt better or more productive, or she would distract the pain with an ice pack or show my husband how to massage a certain way.  Her dedication and tenacity rubbed off on me and I was able to go further then I imagined possible.  She supported us through 36 hours of active labor.  She would be such a gift for any expecting mom.

Regina O'Toole


I contacted Lindsay in the last few weeks of my pregnancy after recognizing I wanted additional support for the birth of my 2nd child. Knowing that my baby was expected to be big (she was over 10lbs) and that I wanted coaching to do a natural birth, I sought out a Doula. I choose Lindsay because I liked her warm, calm, straightforward and skilled approach. In the labor room, she led with confidence and certainty but never felt pushy, she brought great massage skills and tools, and she even helped my sister and husband to better assist me through contractions. All of this was exactly what I needed. Overall, my birth experience with Lindsay as my doula was everything I hoped it could be – challenging but possible to endure due to the exceptional support I had. Any woman who has Lindsay by her side will be feel lucky, as I do, that they chose her to be their doula.

Emily Ciccolo


Lindsay was my doula for my second baby and thanks to much of her work in planning with us, the birth went exactly as we had hoped for (we were aiming for a natural birth at the hospital). I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a similar experience. Lindsay is well educated and came prepared with plenty of both knowledge and doula tools. She was a supportive and positive presence throughout the whole birth. I was also really calmed by her willingness to take care of anything that came up during the experience - care of our older child, parking the car, etc. She has a magic touch of massage - I remarked that it was even better than my husbands. She knew when to step in and when to step back and that helped us with the birth we wanted!

Shania Love


Lindsay has a real passion for her job she is very dedicated to being a doula. She and I met before my birth to discuss how things should go, she and I spoke via text several times. She very much enjoyed the updates about my appointments and how I was feeling. She is very reliable and texts back quick. When going into labor she picked up the phone on the first ring and was there at the hospital super quick even though it was midnight. Lindsay was a great addition to my labor and I am so glad to have had her there.I was very happy to have her support and great energy. She has such a great personality and is super friendly you'd think you've known her your whole life. Lindsay was a great help, she encouraged me to breathe through the contractions, and said many comforting things to help me get through. She constantly offered her assistance any chance she could from holding my legs during the pushing, getting me water, to taking the most precious photos, and anything else you could think of. She was even helpful to my other support team which included my mom and boyfriend. 

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