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Dianne Hamre CD(DONA) & Birth Photographer

Doula Dianne 602-881-2729

Phoenix, AZ Service range 55 miles

(602) 881-2729


Birth Fee

$1500 to $2300

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2300

Birth Doula Experience

13 years and 820 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2009

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 4 to 6

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am centrally located and attend births at any hospital in the greater Phoenix area. I work well with health care providers and know how to navigate the hospital system. This helps my clients achieve the birth they desire, while still respecting the hospital staff and regulations. It is possible to have a great birth experience in a hospital...It just takes a little more work!

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Continuous labor support by a trained doula is important even in a birth center environment. I will meet you at your home or at the birth center (depending on the progress of your labor) and stay with you throughout the entire labor and birth. Unlike a clinical provider (nurse or midwife), my sole purpose is to meet your physical and emotional needs and help you have a positive birth experience. I am also able to capture those precious first moments of life through my professional photography.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I will attend any home birth with you and your midwife. There is rarely a need to focus on medical interventions at a home birth, therefore my attention is focused on keeping the birthing woman comfortable, calm, rested and relaxed. I can prepare food and drinks for you and your partner during and after labor, help with other children if necessary and assist with cleanup after the birth. This allows you to relax and enjoy your new little one once everyone has left.

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am often called upon when a hospital needs a photographer to capture memories for families who are expecting a stillbirth. I have assisted as a doula and photographer for the Embrace Foundation who offered palliative care (end of life or stillborn) of newborns.

Fee Details

Premium Doula Package ($2000) includes professional birth photography with 75-100 edited photos, registration to the original and unique Birth Journey workshop (a $250 value), a 36 week birth plan meeting, continuous labor support (including laboring with you at home if time warrants), initial breastfeeding assistance, details of your birth written in story form, and a home visit sometime in the first two weeks postpartum. Platinum Doula Package ($2300) includes everything in the Premium package plus a Lifestyle newborn photo session. A 50% retainer is due when you hire me and the balance is due at our 36 week birth plan meeting. If you wish to have doula support only and no photos taken at all, the fee is $1500 and includes the Birth Journey workshop. I also offer a Birth Photography only package and the fee is $1000.

Service Area

Phoenix, AZ Service range 55 miles

Client Testimonials for Dianne Hamre CD(DONA) & Birth Photographer

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Kristin S


Dianne was an absolute gem and I can't imagine not having her as part of our journey. We truly felt like we struck the "doula lotto" when we found that Dianne had availability. I knew immediately that I wanted her calm spirit, charismatic personality and vast expertise. My mom had a difficult labor so when my husband and I got pregnant, I carried some anxiety. Our first meeting with Dianne was completely reassuring and she was quick to encourage me that my body was designed for this. I also loved that she was open about her Christian beliefs. I spent the pregnancy reading about natural childbirth and pieced together our perfect birth plan. I still had some fears but her birth class truly helped to educate us and bring my husband and I closer together. It turns out our little guy was breech and we tried everything to try and get him to flip including a failed external cephalic version. It was devastating because I had waited years for this perfect birth and my fears of a c-section far surpassed my concerns with having an unmedicated vaginal birth. As I awaited our scheduled c-section date I needed that calm reassuring spirit more than ever. Even post-partum I continued to struggle with the idea that I had missed out on the birth experience that I had wanted so desperately. She photographed the birth and once I built up the nerve to look at them, I gained a new perspective. Finally, I started to accept it as "our story." In the midst of the delivery and all the emotions that accompanied it, I had missed out on many of the little details. These photos gave me a whole new perspective on the beauty of a c-section birth, the selfless care given by the birth team, the support from my loving husband and the worldly debut of our son. We will forever cherish this experience with Dianne and can relive the precious details through her amazing photography. If you are contemplating the photography package, it is worth its weight in gold! 

Raquel M.


Dianne is truly a spectacular woman! She was there for my first prenancy and I couldn't imagine not having here there for my second. She is always full of wonderful information. With my second pregnancy I test positive for Group B Strep and did not want to receive IV treatment. Dianne shared so much credible information that made me comfortable in my decision and she supported me 100% without ever passing judgement. When my labor began Dianne guided me to positions that helped to relieve my pain and guided my husband on how to rub my lower back. She cheered me on as I pushed and warmly congratulated me when our son was in my arms. Her pictures capture so much and I get to have those memories always! She means so much to my family and always will! Thank you so very much Dianne for being there in my 2 most important moments of life!



Dianne was great, and I would happily have her support us in future births as well.  Highly recommended.  Also, her one-day childbirth workshop is worth attending, even if you hire a different doula, or no doula at all.

Dianne helped my wife Laura and I through the birth of our first child in 2020.  She was kind, knowledgeable, organized, and responsive.  She treated me, the husband and father, as an equal to my wife at all times, and I really appreciated that.  She helped me be a supportive birth partner, and I felt that she enhanced my ability to help my wife, and did not interfere at all.

Dianne stayed with us at the hospital for most of our 62-hour time spent there before going in for a last-resort C-section, and that support was great to have.  She informed us on things the doctors would probably not have volunteered, and was a great emotional support presence for both of us.

Even though we had an unplanned C-section delivery, Dianne attended the surgery to continue in her support role, and then took great, tasteful pictures of our child's birth for no extra charge.  She delivered nice prints of those photos, along with our birth story, two weeks later at an in-home follow-up visit.

Dianne, if you're reading this--thanks again for everything.

-Alex, Laura, and Christopher


Mia Porras


Having Dianne as a part of our birthing team was truly a blessing. After we took her birthing class, it was very clear we wanted her to be our doula and creator willing, she had one spot open for the month of my due date. She is knowledgeable, kind, and brings the most beautiful calming energy to any room. Through my labor she made me feel empowered to listen to my body and roll with each contraction. She helped me maintain the confidence I needed for our natural VBAC homebirth. Dianne was able to unobtrusively photograph the sweetest moments while remaining in the background. My husband and I didn't even notice her taking pictures! We recommend all of her services to our friends and family when we get the chance to. Her years of experience as a doula and her cooperation with our midwife made her an easy choice. 



Simple put, having Dianne as our doula was the single best choice we have done for the birth of our baby daughter. We wanted a natural and unmedicated birth at a birth center, but God had other plans for us. After enduring almost 30 hours of labor, I had to be transferred to the hospital due to the presence of thick meconium in my amniotic fluid. Once we arrived at the hospital, I was told the baby was breech and a c-section would be the safest choice for her. I was devastated, and nobody knew what to tell me but Dianne. Her words at that moment helped me make sense of everything, and thanks to her I was able to process our birth story in a healthy way. My husband and I trusted Dianne and she helped us navigate our choices at the hospital, what made us feel much more comfortable about being there in the first place. We wouldn’t have felt safe without her presence there, as well as I’m sure we wouldn’t have gone through such a long labor without her and what we had learned during her amazing Evidence-Based childbirth class. Her class took the partnership between my husband and I to the next level, and we felt more connected than ever after the experience. It was also at her class that for the first time I felt confident that I could endure a natural birth. That’s all to say that we couldn’t have done without her, and we’ll be forever grateful for everything she has done for our family when we needed the most.

Jordyn R


Dianne was incredible, my husband and I cannot recommend her enough! We decided a few weeks before our due date that we wanted a birth photographer and Dianne came recommended by another photographer. Dianne was very responsive in all communications and we had a lovely meeting for coffee to discuss expectations. When I finally went into labor, Dianne met us at the hospital where she became such a calming presence in the room all while capturing all of our special moments. My husband really enjoyed having her there to talk him through my very intense labor and keep him calm. Our pictures are stunning and we will cherish them forever. Again, we can not recommend Dianne enough, she was amazing!!! 

Lindsey Chamberlain


Diane was my doula for my second child. Having a doula was so important to me because I was planning an I medicated VBAC at a birth center. She was always so responsive with texts even at 3 in the morning when I was having prodromal labor for three nights in a row! When I was frustrated or discouraged she always knew what to say to encourage me! Same thing when it came to my actual labor! I had really bad back labor and intense contractions, she was there through them all switching off with my husband to squeeze my back. Every time I said I couldn’t do it anymore she calmly reassured me that I could! I’m so glad I had her do photography as well! It was so nice to not have another person in the room and I honestly don’t remember half the pictures she took! She delivered them printed out and on a flash drive and also had my son’s birth story printed out for me. She read his birth story to us and remembered details I had forgotten! This was so special to me and I will cherish it forever! I am so glad I had her by my side during my first VBAC! I don’t know if I could have done it without her! 

Shawna B.


Dianne has been our doula for births of all three of our children!  Our first child ended up requiring a transfer to a hospital from a birth center for an emergency c-section - Dianne was able to travel with my husband and support and explain what was happening to him.  She also was instrumental in starting skin-to-skin soon after the birth, early breastfeeding, and saving my placenta so I could have it encapsulated - keeping as many desired aspects of our birth as possible.  After that experience we learned the importance of having trained labor support because you never know what birth is going to bring.  Confidence and feeling well supported are essential for a positive birth.  Our next 2 children were born by natural/unmedicated VBAC.  Dianne's support, suggestions, and experience were a huge part of allowing my last 2 births to go just as I hoped they would.  Also - her beautiful photography is an amazing perk - I feel so blessed to have these sacred moments captured:)



Dianne is an incredible lady and an amazing doula! She helped us bring our first baby into the world after 12 hours of labor. Her birth class was so thorough, both my husband and I learned so much and felt a lot more confident as the due date got closer. She responded to texts, calls and emails quickly and had great information and encouragement! During my labor, she never left and was the perfect coach to help me just breath the baby lower and lower. Her presence gave my husband great peace of mind and confidence in helping me! 

The photography: wow. I wasn't sure I wanted it. I am SO glad we did it! I never even noticed when she was taking pictures and when she brought us all the prints and flash drive I couldn't believe my eyes! Seeing the process through photos absolutely took my breath away... ?

I would definitely recommend this incredible lady and her talents!


Heidi Vance


We absolutely loved our experience with Dianne as our doula. We hired her for our third pregnancy because we wanted to have another successful VBAC but also wanted to feel empowered to make choices that felt right for our family during the labor and delivery process.  She helped us advocate for ourselves when faced with various options from nurses, docs and midwives during preterm labor and she gave us assurance in how we could have a voice in our experience at a hospital. Her class was incredible with a perfect mix of education about the labor and delivery process as well as opportunities to visualize and prepare for our upcoming labor. Her class created this beautiful intimate space for my husband and I to connect with our baby. Dianne’s presence during my labor was helpful and soothing and her photographs of the delivery were beautifully captured. Our only wish is that we had hired her for our first two pregnancies. 

Julie G.


Dianne was my doula and photographer for the birth of our fourth child, who is now nearing one year old. It was the plan from the beginning for this birth to be an unmedicated birth, my first birth without intervention following one c section, and two epidural vbacs.  I hired Dianne due to both her reputation as a doula and her portfolio as a photographer, as I am a photographer myself and the quality of photos was very important to me.  I am writing this now, one year removed from our experience with Dianne because it has taken me this long to be able to reflect on my last birth experience fully.  I had a very difficult third trimester and then went into spontaneous labor over five weeks early, and despite schedule conflicts, Dianne was there.  I am fully confident that without Dianne's calming presence, knowledge and guidance, I could not have done what I did that day; birthed my early baby without any drugs and giving her little preemie self the best chance at being a fighter and thriving without any special needs in the nicu.  Later on, when I was suffering from PPD and my baby was inconsolably colicky, Dianne was there.  Dianne not only is wonderfully skilled as a doula, but she deeply cares about her clients and their health, well being and their babies.  And she deeply cares about people.  I cannot sing her praises enough. 



Dianne is an amazing doula! She gave me a great support, not only during my labor and birth, but also during my pregnancy. I liked that she always wanted to hear from me after each appointment with my midwife. If I forgot to send her an e-mail, she would always reach out to check on me. Taking to her was like talking to a good friend. I could write to her about all my worries and she always had good advices and kind words for me.
I loved how Dianne worked together with my midwife and her assistant. I loved her soft voice with words of encouragement while I was pushing. She made my "labor team" complete and I had a successful VBAC at home. I could tell that she wanted me to succeed as much as I wanted it. She gave me a great support and I will be forever thankful for that. I recommend Dianne with all my heart!

Lucy Randall


The best decision we made during pregnancy and labor was to partner with Dianne.  She provided the education, encouragement and leadership we needed. Dianne has the most experience than anyone in Arizona.  The information she shares is a reflection of that.  Her birthing course is also phenomenal.  We learned so much about the different choices that we actually could make and felt more connected with eachother and our baby.  During pregnancy, she was always avaialble to answer questions and provide guidance.  She listened carefully to what our desire was for labor and ensured that our needs were met.  During labor, she never left our side.  We felt more confident and calm to have her with us.  We truly appreciate all of her support, guidance, knowledge and grace.  She went above and beyond our expectations for a doula and we are so thankful for her!

Amelia Davis


I am so glad I chose Dianne to help us on our birth journey.  Looking back, it was an amazing experience and everything went so well.  She was patient, kind, professional, knowledgeable, and helped me in so many ways.  From the first time I met her, I felt like she really listened to me as well as she seemed very experienced (she has been a doula for a long time and has helped many women) as well as is very passionate about what she does.  She referred me to some books that I read and felt really helped prepare me.  I was nervous as this was my first pregnancy, but felt better knowing I was in experienced hands.  She also gave me a handout on different birthing options that I found very useful.  I've found other lists, but her list was very good and comprehensive and helped guide me to create a birthing guide to provide the nurses and staff at the hospital to help explain my wishes.  She also does a birthing class with you and your partner, which I found was really helpful and I felt was meanful.  My husband even enjoyed it and said it was helpful!  Whenever anyone asks about my delivery, I can't speak enough about how great it was to be able to have an unmedicated birth and I feel Dianne helped me achieve it.  I seriously don't think I could've done it without her.  With her calm presence, her various birthing techniques, she helped guide me through each contraction and gave my husband time to rest at times.  My active labor lasted about 11 hours and she greeted us promptly at the hospital around 7 am and stayed after the delivery for about an hour taking photos etc. I recommend anyone considering having an unmedicated birth and a great birthing experience, to hire a doula and if you live in Phoenix, Dianne.  The pictures she took of the birth were amazing.  We created a book using her pictures that I think turned out really well and is a special keepsake.

Annika Ryan


Dianne is an angel and incredibly talented! She's full of such amazing knowledge and experience which helped give me peace of mind and helped me to make educated choices during my pregnancy and labor. She was the perfect support to both my husband and me and knew exactly what we needed to birth our baby. On top of all that, her photography is truly priceless and is the most beautiful family photos I have! I can't imagine having a baby without Dianne!

Ann Atkinson


I credit Dianne for gracefully and respectfully guiding my birth story. Leading up the due date, Dianne was a wealth of knowledge and always happy to share her wisdom. She made me feel supported, heard, and respected as my husband and I navigated a new process. When my water broker but labor had not yet started, she made me feel confident and calm. When contractions really started, she made everything better. She knew I really wanted a natural birth and when things became difficult, she knew how to keep me progressing. Even when I wanted to give up and asked for the epidural. She found strength in me that I didn't know I had at the moment. I am so grateful!! Dianne is incredibly patient, supportive, and happy to be there for her clients through the toughest moments. No matter what type of birth I wanted, I know Dianne would have respected my wishes and helped me to have the experience as close as possible to what I desired. I cannot imagine bringing a baby into the world without Dianne. I recommend Dianne to everyone and love learning about all the friends who feel the same way. There are many of us on Team Dianne!

Shelly Hodges


This is our second time using Dianne as our doula and we could not ask for a better experience! She is the first one to contact after finding out we were expecting as I cannot imagine giving birth without her. Birth never goes as planned and both of the births of our sons were completely different but both in a hospital. The first water broke suddently and he was early, the second it was an induction. In both cases I know there would have been more medical intervention without her presence there and instead in both cases we had natural births without an epidural. Dianne has the experience to know what to do in every situation so that it gives the best chance at having your birth plan experience desired. Her vast knowledge and births attended shows as she knows when to step in to comfort or offer advice in changing situations. It pays to have experience when you are going through one of the most joyful but also intense experiences of your life. You want someone there the whole time that knows what birth you want as other staff can change over, and Dianne is present the entire time there for you. The bonus is the beautiful pictures she takes at the birth that will be cherished forever. Our appreciation goes out to her for becoming a special part of our lives!

Pagona Xenos


When I think about either of the two birthing experiences I’ve had whick were completely different from one another, one in a hospital that resulted in a cesarean the other completely natural at a birthing center, I cannot imagine not having Dianne. As a matter of fact the remembrance of her there makes be feel soothes and confident all over again. I have recommended her to any pregnant woman that asks me of the importance of having a doula. I say it’s vital for your wellbeing. Dianne specifically has the ability to be a chameleon and help any mom at any situation.

What an incredible human and an amazing woman.

Marissa Fry


It doesn’t get any better than Dianne Hamre. She’s amazing and everyone should hire her!

We hired her for baby #4. I knew with 2 previous c-sections, an early miscarriage, and a loss at 19.5 weeks hiring just any doula wouldn't work for me.  I needed the best of the best. Dianne has the most experience of any local doula.

My doctor unexpectedly entered semi retirement when I was 33 weeks. With Dianne's wisdom and knowledge I was able to find any even more VBAC supportive provider.

Any anxieties I had about going through labor again washed away after our birth plan meeting with her. I felt happy and excited in the time leading up to going into labor. With the support of Dianne I was able to have a healing, amazing, and transformative VBA2C.

My husband has said multiple times since having our daughter that what we paid her he would pay a million times over. He said as soon as she was in the room he felt a wave of calm take over. He said no one should have a baby without hiring her because the second she is in the room the energy completely changes.

dianne hamre


I'm very saddened to have disappointed a client to the degree that they would feel the need to submit a "testimony" such as the one below. I have made several attempts at writing a rebuttal to give a bit of pertinent information, but it is difficult to do without revealing intimate details of a private matter. As far as my role as a doula at this birth, I was specifically instructed beforehand by my client to leave the physical and emotional support up to her partner. My role as a photographer was limited due to decisions made and circumstances surrounding the birth--some of the matters mentioned below could not be avoided. Sometimes birth plans change at the last minute...when this is the case, it is important to discuss how this can affect the doula/photographer role as well as how it might impact the client's expectations. I did the best I could under the circumstances and even offered to come back the next day to capture some postpartum moments (which they declined). It is unfortunate they felt the need to write such a negative review even after several attempts were made to make things right.

I am confident that my reputation in 9 years as a doula, having assisisted nearly 600 families speaks volumes in light of this one negative review.

Michael G


Sadly, this is not a positive review. It’s sad because my wife was so looking forward to the experience she planned out with Dianne for the birth of our first child that what actually transpired truly broke my wife's heart. This heartbreak was mostly due to the missed photo opportunity, but more on that in a moment. We paid $1,000 for Dianne's service plus $500 more for her photo service which was to provide 75-100 pictures. In all honesty, I don’t know what we got for $1,000 and we only received a paltry 30 photos, some of which were useless. Dianne also collected money from my in-laws for the photo service, basically overcharging us. When I told her about this, she said I was mistaken. After providing proof, Dianne agreed she overcharged us and refunded my in-law's payment. She also refunded our $500 due to, I suspect, the lack of quality and quantity of the photos she took. When it came time to perform her duties at the hospital, I can’t really describe what Dianne did to help my wife. What I can say is that Dianne spent an inordinate amount of time on her phone texting? emailing? - I can't say for sure what she was doing but it was constant and annoying to watch and it felt like she was very distracted from our situation (maybe that’s why we only got 30 photos?). I don’t know if the distraction was related to her phone usage or not, but regardless, I don’t feel like we got $1,000 worth of support.

There may be a bunch of positive reviews for Dianne, but just keep this one in mind. Due to limited space, I can’t give more details here re: our disappointment, but I felt like we wasted our money and moreover, missed one of the most important photographic moments of our child’s new life! 30 pictures? Really?! We would not hire Dianne again and would definitely not use a doula to take pictures. Not sure how a doula could do both tasks – especially when being on the phone.

Carrie Davis


My husband and I recently went through our first adoption experience and hired Dianne to accompany our birth mom, who I will call Melissa, to protect her privacy. Melissa had never given birth before and wasn't sure she wanted a doula, so Dianne was very understanding when our inital appointment to meet was cancelled with little notice. I asked Dianne if we could schedule a private birthing class with her, and if Melissa decided after the class that she wanted her to be more involved, could we put the cost of the class toward the doula package. Dianne was open to this. She also offered a discount for couples who are adopting! Melissa left saying, "Wow, I don't feel nearly as anxious about the birth anymore, now that I know what to expect." Dianne helped Melissa to see all the things that were in her control regarding the birth, and the comfort measures available. She also walked us through a birth plan that took into considerations the questions we would face in an adoption situation, like whether Melissa would like me in the birthing room with her, whether she wanted a private room to recover in, and whether the baby would be in her hospital room or ours.

Once Melissa's water broke, Dianne met us at the hospital promptly. She told us what to expect at OB triage and helped us interpret medical updates we received along the way. She prepared us well for post partum recovery, so that we could prepare a recovery bag of goodies for Melissa to take with her when discharged.

We also purchased Dianne's photography package, to have memories to share with our baby of her birth mom and us all being at the hospital to welcome her. Dianne's pictures were excellent, and we are so grateful for her! After the birth, she learned that we were looking for breastmilk donors for our baby, and she was able to connect us with several moms that had an over-supply of milk. So, now our baby is drinking 80% breastmilk. What a blessing! We highly recommend her!

Jennifer Brown


Dianne was a priceless asset in the birth of my second son. She took the time to understand what types of support I would like best before I was in labor, and during labor she delivered exactly what I needed to stay calm, focused, and positive. She is a loving, guiding presence and I would hire her again. Beyond the moral support, she takes stunning photos and is very discrete in taking them. I am thankful for her beyond words.

Cristina Gallardo-Sanidad


We were so blessed to have Dianne as our doula! My first impression of her being a kind person and gentle spirit was right on and just what I needed during labor. She was very helpful to my husband and me as we prepared for the birth, discussing our birth plan with us, helping us think through some of the big decisions we had to make (such as Vaccinations), offering advice based on her personal experience with her own kids and granddaughter, and explaining what to expect on the big day. Our meetings beforehand gave her a sense of what my needs might be and how I would like to be supported and she certainly had been listening! We also very much enjoyed the informative and interactive class she offered. During labor, she was a great source of support; she both helped me manage my pain and gave us space when my husband wanted to step in. As a first time mom, I appreciated how she reassured me that things I was experiencing were normal. Perhaps more than anything, we appreciated her support when I got rushed to the hospital with a post-partum hemorrhage; she went above and beyond to make sure that we had a smooth transition into the hospital and she helped my husband care for our newborn while I was having a procedure. I'm so glad that we decided to have her photograph the birth too! Her work is fantastic and she was not intrusive at all. The memories she captured have helped me deal with the trauma from the emergency. So grateful to her! I recommend her to all my friends.

Rachel Varner


I feel blessed to have the opportunity to recently have birthed a 2nd time with Dianne Hamre as my Doula. She is a source of strength and peace at a time when we as women need it the most. Her constant presence is both calming and empowering. She is helpful with positioning as well, which is good becuase I had a mal positioned 11 lb baby and she was able ot run me through the Circuit to get him in a better position and pick up the contracts. Her Photos are absolutly amazing works of Art, I plan to frame some of my favorites! I can't say enough wonderful things about Dianne and wlook forward, god willing, to another healthy home birth with Dianne! God Bless!

Kelly Spears


I couldn't imagine getting through the birth of my son, Hudson, without the help of Dianne. Not only was she amazing in bringing comfort to me both emotionally and physically during the actual labor, but most importantlay she educated my partner and I on so many levels. Her birth class is an absolute must!!!!! You can tell Dianne really values her career and puts her heart into each in every birth from the photos she captures to the never ending followup. She really becomes family and having her as my doula was one of the best decisions I ever made....besides having children:)

Lauren Cox


Diane is just an exceptional person but truly gifted at helping mothers and partners through the labor and delivery process. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and an instinct to do what needs to be done whether it's something as small as holding your hand when you need it or helping you make a major choice that can impact the outcome of your labor and delivery, she knows what to do. My experience with her was unbelievable and I so admire the contribution she makes to the world.

Amy Packard Berry


Diane is AMAZING. Her wealth of knowledge is unsurpassed and the  love for her clients completely unique. I knew from the momnet I met Diane I would be blessed to have her as my doula. Diane is committed to you and your baby. She respects what you wish for but also knows when to protect the baby. We spent crazy quality time together since Kasic took 36 hours to meet his Mommy. Diane does whatever it takes, whether that be lying in your bed during the wee hours or the night rubbing your back during contractions or holding your hand when you are so scared and feel helpless.  There is no other human I would have chosen to be by my side during this magical time. To call Diane my doula and a friend is a true honor.

Shawna Boyle


Dianne has been our doula for both of my birth experiences. Unfortunately, my first child was found to have a prolapsed cord and I had to be transferred from a birthing center to the hospital for an emergency c-section. My midwife and I were taken by ambulance and Dianne became the support that my husband needed. Dianne rode with my husband to the hospital, helped to explain to him what was happening, and provided emotional support that he needed. I had never considered that, perhaps, a doula would be the needed support for my husband. She and my midwife did all that they could to preserve the natural, intimate childbirth. They saved my placenta for encapsulation. They had my husband do skin-to-skin contact with our son, since I was still in the operating room. They helped hold our son so he could breastfeed as I was waking from anesthesia. My memory of waking up is of meeting my son for the first time while he was already latched and breastfeeding and being surrounded by an amazing support group of my husband, mother-in-law, midwife and Doula Dianne.

For my second birth, my husband and I knew that we would want Dianne to be our Doula again. It meant a lot to us to be able to have someone there that knew what we had been through with the birth of our first child. With my second pregnancy, I had prodromal labor (early contractions) for weeks leading up to my daughter’s birth. I texted Dianne throughout these weeks, seeking a sound voice to maintain sanity. By the time my actual labor started, she helped me navigate through. Helped me know when I had labored long enough at home and that I was not going to the hospital too soon. My husband had never seen a natural childbirth, we felt that it was important to have a doula there for him, letting him know that the intensity of my contractions was normal, that I could deliver this baby naturally and he need not worry. I was able to have a natural childbirth that time.  Thank you Dianne!

Melissa Espenshade


Dianne was highly recommend from a friend for Doula and photography services during labor.  She recommended we book fast because her schedule fills fast! Well we thought why and found out why because she is the best! She was there for me through every hard contraction. She has such a heart and passion at what she does! She always believed in me when I wanted to give up. And to top it off her class is a must go. It's unbelievable good and useful for both you and spouse. Thanks,Dianne-

Elizabeth Schnobrich


Dianne is an amazing doula! We hired her towards the end of my pregnancy due to unforeseen circumstances and from the moment I met her she was an unbelievable source of information, support, and resources. It was very reassuring to be able to text or call her while dealing with difficult issues that arose during my pregnancy. Although I wasn't able to have the birth I had hoped for due to mother nature, having Dianne there throughout as a calming pillar of strength was exactly what I needed to help me through. I want to offer the highest recommendation for Dianne to anyone looking for a doula. My only regret is that I didn't know her for my first two pregnancies.

Monica DeWitt


Dianne was amazing!! Being that this was my first baby, I was so nervous about my natural birth plan. My husband and I had taken hypnobirthing classes and although I felt prepared, I really wasn't! As soon as Dianne arrived, she helped guide my breathing and allowed me to focus. She suggested laboring in the tub at home and helped me through each contraction. She knew exactly when it was time to leave for the birth center and helped me re-focus as soon as we arrived. I don't know what I(or my husband) would have done without her help! I would highly recommend her to any mama out there! Bonus: she takes amazing photos as well!

Erin Mettille


Dianne is amazing. As a first time mom, she was more than my doula - she offered advice, referred me to the right specialists (lactation consultant, etc), was my biggest advocate during labor and very helpful after. I couldn't have imagined having a natural, unmedicated birth at the hospital (where they push meds, epidurals, etc) without her by my side. On top of that, she was a coach for my husband and made sure our birth experience was exactly what we wanted. My husband is a big fan and wants her at all future births. Her birth photos are also the best we've seen! I'm happy to speak to anyone who would like more information on how she helped us.

Adrienne Welborn


Dianne is simply the best. I have no doubt in my mind that my birth would have been much more challenging without her. Dianne was very interested in finding out exactly what I wanted in my birth experience, and then helped me stay on track when labor got hard. She was very gifted at meeting me in my pain and frustration during my long labor, and leading me out of a place where I wanted to give up and encouraged me to keep going. She is the perfect balance of compassionate and challenging. She made me believe in my abliity to birth my baby naturally. I planned a homebirth and ended up needing to transfer to the hospital; Dianne never left my side. At home she pushed on my back for probabably at least 10 hours because I had painful back labor. Even though she was exhausted, she stayed till I had my baby in my arms. She took the most amazing pictures of the experience, and even wrote out a birth story for me, filled with facts I didn't even know took place. Dianne is living out her calling to serve women and families and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Andrea Turnbow


My husband and I were expecting our first child and we knew we wanted to deliver in a hospital. Since it was our first time having a child, we wanted to hire a doula to help us through labor and delivery, to be our advocate, and to answer all the questions I knew we'd have. Dianne was perfect for the job! When it was go time, we met her at the hospital on Christmas evening and she stayed until our son was born 17 hours later. It was a long night with many ups and downs and she came through for us in such a great way. Most notably - helped me to have a vaginal birth when the doctors started suggesting a c-section. She helped us through it and I couldn't be happier with our decision to have Dianne by our side. We also took her birth class and I would highly recommend it!

Allison Nagle


This was our second time working with Dianne as a doula.  We had such anamazing experience with her during our first son's birth that we did not have a doubt that we wanted to have her assist us with the birth of our second child!  We reserved a spot on her calendar right away!  Dianne is such a calming presence and helped both my husband and I feel so confident as we went into a wonderful labor.  We had an awesome time laboring at home as long as possible and a quick and positive hospital birth experience.  We LOVE doula Dianne and she always holds a special place in our hearts!  Plus she takes amazing birth photos that we will cherish forever!

Christine Russo


It's hard to know where to start.. Long story short, my first child, Gianna, passed away in my womb around 30 weeks. The original plan was to birth at a birthing center, but since plans changed, they sent over Dianne to the hospital. The moment she walked in and gave us both a hug it was as if we'd known her for years. She brought a sense of calm to the room that wasn't there before, truly! She stayed for 5 grueling day/nights before I birthed my little girl. She showed my husband how to help me with my contractions to ease the pain and helped us make the best decisions when we weren't sure what exactly the doctors were talking about. She was our rock. She was not only our emotional and physical support system, but she also took pictures of us with our little girl that I cherish every day. The compassion that she showed for us and our daughter was astounding.

About 5 months after losing Gianna, we were blessed to be pregnant with our son. We knew immediately that we needed Dianne. Her calming demeanor and complete honesty are wonderful, but it's her truly beautiful heart that makes her so essential to any mothers birth!

Her birthing class is must! It prepared us for things I didn't think about. It provided my husband with knowledge and 'tools' to help me through labor. She walked with us through all of our emotions, fears, excitement, everything.

When we arrived at the hospital 2 days before my due date I was 7cm. Dianne came immediately at 1am even though she had already been up from previous births for 48 hours straight! She didn't skip a beat. She is that quiet presence in the room until she feels she is needed, then steps in. I had Dianne, my husband, and my midwife; each one played a vital role in our son Romeo's birth. I was able to achieve the natural birth I wanted so badly. She's a wonderful advocate, I got almost everything I wanted even at the hospital! She is like family to us and I wouldn't give birth without her.

Rischelle Trayner


From the moment my husband and I met Dianne, I knew she was going to be an integral part of our first childs bith. She instilled complete confidence in us to trust my body and my baby through the process of a natural birth and was always available to answer any questions throughout the whole pregnancy (no matter how silly the questions may have been). Dianne is so knowledgeable but yet so kind and understanding, she never was judgemental or pushy when it came to making iportant decisions about our birth plan. The one day birth class she puts on was incredible and we felt as prepared as possible for our birth. Then the time came and I went into labor. She was a calm presence during the whole thing and it gave me complete confidence that she was there to advocate for me (we had a medication-free hospital birth) and help husband help me through the labor process. To top it all off we got incredible birth photos from her! I can't say enough great things about Dianne and our experience with her!

Amber Kim


Dianne is loving, kind, and gentle.  She goes above and beyond and truly documents the birth story.  I remember her giving me a copy of my son's birth story when she came for my postpartum visit.  That touched my heart.  even after the birth, she continued to reach out and care for me.  It was my first home birth experience and she was so willing to work with me.  I am so glad she was my doula.

Brea DeAugustine Lee


Dianne is the most amazing Doula! We used her as our doula for the birth of our third child and she far exceeded out expectations. From the moment I met her I knew she would be a good fit. Her warm smile, confidence and genuineness helped me know right away she was MY doula! Throughout my pregnancy and through post partum she was always avaliable for support, education and reassurance. I was a week overdue and she offered the perfect words of support when I needed them most.  Through my labor she gave amazing support to not only me but also empowered my husband to support me. I truly dont think I would have made it through a natural childbirth without her. Having her there through labor I was confident she would get me through, one contraction at a time. She offered subtle suggestions at just the right times. Her experience and education is evident. I would recommend her, hands down. Dianne's birth class and amazing birth photography are the icing on the cake!! Her Birth Journey class was the most powerful and amazing day of my pregnancy for my husband and I. It is unique and powerful even though it was our third baby. And...captured the most precious moments of our baby's birth. I will cherish these special photos forever. Thank you Doula Dianne!

Bonnie Shearer


I heard about Dianne through a previous client of hers whose son was in my class. I hadnt really considered a doula before that and was very uninformed about what they do. I thought it was something only rich people could afford. After looking into it, I knew she was the right choice for me. I desperately wanted a natural, peaceful childbirth experience but I was 40 and therefore deemed AMA, which yo most providers means interventions galore. My husband is more familiar with allopathic medicine, so I knew he wouldn't know how or when to go to bat for me when birthing in a hospital. I consider Dianne the perfect mix of natural and conventional. She is well educated on birth and very well regarded by all the midwives and L&D nurses I've met. She will learn what's important to you and help you stick to it when you're wanting to tap out, and conversely, gently tell you that you've done all you can and that intervention is necessary if that's the case. In my birth story, I needed both eventually. Dianne has a wonderful spirit and her calm is a steady force in a time of intensity. For me, she was the advocate whose advice I could trust.  She also got some great photos of our labor and birth--her position as a doula allowed her into the OR when after 33 hours of natural labor after my water had broken, I had to have a C section. A regular ol birth photographer wouldn't have been allowed in. Bonus! I got to see the moment my son was born only because she was on the other side of the drape capturing it! She has a great eye and knows how to get a good shot unobtrusively. I can't recommend her highly enough. Hire her!

Mikaela Sarver


Dianne was our doula for both my boys births. The first was 38 hrs and the second only 4 hrs. Throughout my pregnancies and deliveries she was such a source of knowledge, compassion and support. I will be forever grateful for the beautiful moments that she captured for us, I cherish those pictures. She will always have a special place in our hearts and I would recommend her to any pregnant woman I know looking for a doula.

Jelena Kaurin


My husband and I just had our first baby and we could not have done it without Dianne. When I got pregnant with our baby girl I knew I wanted to have a natural birth, but I did not know where to start and what I needed to do.
I started researching doulas and found Dianne's profile. It was so impressive that I had to meet her and when I did I knew right away that I would love for her to be my doula and support me and my husband through our birthing experience.
When I met Dianne she had a calm and confident presence with lots of knowledge. She directed me to all the right places and informed me of all the things I did not know. Without her we would not have had the most amazing first birthing experience. I am so greatful for all that she has done for us.
She is an amazing doula and I will definately recomend her services to anyone, and of course have her as our doula with our next pregnancy.
So, Dianne thank you for all the hard work and for making such a difference helping women during one of the most important parts of their lives. We have nothing but love for you.

Jill Herreid


Both my husband and I look back at the birth of our daughter as one of the best weekends ever. Then, we look at each other and say, "Thanks to Dianne." We agree that working with Dianne was the best money we spent during my pregnancy. If you are considering hiring a Doula, I wholeheartedly recommend Dianne. Dianne's knowledge base and experience are so vast that you can't help but feel that all your bases are covered & all the 'what-ifs' of childbirth can be addressed as they arise. We knew that anything could happen, so it brought us great comfort in knowing that Dianne was by our side. Dianne's personality and nature is exactly what you need while you're in active labor. Dianne is compassionate, strong, and supportive beyond belief. If a natural birth is your goal, she will help you achieve it- even when you think you've reached your limit and you want to give up. I still can't believe how she spent 7+ hours rubbing my back. She has empathy for the dads, too! Dianne doesn't take the dad's role in the process, rather keeps everyone functioning as a team. My husband felt as though he had an alliance in Dianne. It also brought us great comfort in knowing that she is well respected at the hospital & in the medical community. My doctor smiled a big smile when she saw Dianne and told me that "I was in good hands." If that's not enough, there are the special touches Dianne offers. We have gorgeous photos capturing the moments right after our baby girl entered our lives & a beautifully written birth story that captures details that we would have missed. Plus, Dianne's Birthing Journey Class is loved by both mom and dads (even dads that go reluctantly) alike. We walked away from the whole experience feeling even more connected as a couple. We owe our positive experience to Dianne and are so thankful to have met her.

Loren Allison


I moved to the Phoenix area when I was 35 weeks pregnant. I did not have a midwife or know where to deliver my baby. I found Dianne on the Narural Moms of Phoenix Facebook site. She was a wealth of knowledge and steered me towards all the right people. When I went into labor several days past my due date Dianne was there at the hospital and helped me stay calm. She wad an excellent doula and I would recommend her to anyone looking for birthing support.



Delivering my 2nd daughter was our 2nd experience with Dianne.  Even though we had been through Labor & Delivery before, there was NO WAY I'd go through it again without Dianne as she was such a huge positive impact during our 1st delivery.  And once again, I couldn't imagine having delivered without her.  This 2nd delivery lasted a total of 80 minutes.  Dianne educated us in the benefits of inducing labor naturally (as I would have been induced with pitocin the following day) and her instructions worked exactly as she stated they would.  My baby would not have come on her own without her guidance!  Dianne was at the house lightening fast and made all the difference in getting the care I needed at the hospital ASAP.  I was at the hospital for a total of 15 minutes before our baby made her appearance and Dianne impacted every one of those minutes - making me comfortable, getting care quickly and stating my wishes/needs/preferences when I was in too much pain/emotional/occupied to do so myself.  Dianne has incredible compassion for mothers, babies and fathers too.  Dianne finds the perfect balance in allowing mothers the time and space to have the exact birthing experience desired (even when I didn't really know what that was the 1st time around) while providing guidance, strength and support.  I completely credit her with both my daughter's births being 100% natural.  She is amazing in every sense!

Courtney Cronin


Hy husband and I were on the fence about having a doula at our second birth.  We had one for our first birth, but felt like we knew what we were doing and maybe wouldn't need one.  In the end, it made me feel more comfortable to have a doula so we chose Dianne - boy, did we hit the doula jackpot!

Dianne was so wonderful - calm, knowledgable, warm, caring.  She helped us through everything (including the many parts of labor/dellivery that we forgot about!).  We had post-partum visits as well to make sure everything was going well.  The best part (the thing that makes Diannne so unique) is that she took the most beautiful pictures of the labor and delivery.  We have a picture of the doctor catching the baby, and a picture of that first precious moment that my husband and I met our son.  I am forever grateful to Dianne for capturing these incredible moments.  In addition, she wrote up our birth story (something I hadn't done inn the postpartum fog with our first) and now we have all the details and memories recorded.  I can't thank her enough for these beautiful gifts.

Annika Ryan


Dianne Hamre is a wonderful doula and I would absolutely recommend her!  I knew from the moment I met her that I would like her to be with me during my labor because she has a calm and confident presence.  Her experience is impressive and her knowledge was critical to me as a first time mom (and to my husband).  Dianne puts on a very thorough and meaningful birth course that both my husband and I found very valuable.  When my labor started, I had bad back pain and she gave me direction on how to move baby into a more optimal position...tips like this make all the difference!  Even when I couldn't express what I needed during labor, she knew what to do to support me.  Her photography captured some of the sweetest, most intimate moments of our family.  Her pictures brought me to tears, she's a true talent!  I'm so glad she was there to capture those moments.  Dianne is one of a kind and I will definitely be using her services again and recommending her to everyone I know.



Without Dianne our birth would have not been what it was.  Her calmness and behind the scene communication with the staff was the perfect match.  Even though we were not first-time parents our birth was our first labor and delivery experience.  Knowing that we had to support, comfort and resassurance from Dianne was invaluable~!

We thank her from the bottom of our hearts and souls for her support.  She knew just what we needed, when we needed it!

Her little gentle phrases and reminders continue to pop into my head months after our baby's arrival.

Whitney Thill


Dianne was an absolute gem to work with.  From the get go her personality was very comforting, then from our first meeting her knowledge was very reassuring.  We attended her birthing class and being our 3rd baby we still learned so much that we didn't know. Up to delivery day, she talked me through contractions at home and made me feel informed enough of when to leave for the hospital.  Upon arrival she was right behind us and I felt comfort as soon as she arrived.

Shortly after checking in and being hooked up to monitoring my labor took a turn for the worst.  Quickly it turned into an emergency and I was whisked away without her or my husband,  she didn't leave my husbands side, she reassured him through the time of unknown and when the fear crept in from over heard talk from dr. And nurses she grabbed hands with my husband and prayed with him.  At a time of fear and being unsure she did what she could to keep him confident.  Truly means the world to me that she was with him at a time he would have been alone. (No family in the state)

On top of that she was going to photograph our delivery and due to the nature of my delivery we would have typically list out on a lot of precious moment photo's but she managed to in the midst of chaos grab a nurse and arrange for photos to be taken once she knew baby was ok!!  I was put under so not only was I not aware during delivery but also a couple hours after, she helped me and my baby have our first skin to skin moments, our first nursing session, and first photo's together all while I was still under with permission from my husband.

She was a true blessing in many ways!!  Can't go wrong with Dianne!



My husband and I met Dianne when we were pregnant with our first baby and planning a birth center birth back in 2013. We loved her so much that we hired her for our second baby who was born at home in Feb 2015. Right away we could sense the confidence and serenity that she exuded with her line of work. You can tell she loves all things pregnancy and birth. She always had a smile and was willing to answer any questions we had. After taking her Birth Journey class my husband and I felt so much more comfortable and confident we could have a natural labor and birth. She has immersed herself in the birth community here in Arizona and we felt very confident that if we needed to transfer to a hospital she was who we wanted by our sides to be our voice of reason and our mediator. Taking the class a with our second pregnancy was also wonderful and a great refresher.

My birth center birth was over 20 hours long and Dianne was by our sides the whole time and took beautiful pictures of the entire day.For our second baby we had a home birth. Dianne checked in with me the whole morning and called to listen to me labor on the phone a few times. Once i was ready for her to come over she was at the house within 30min. She immediately made me feel so calm and safe. Just like the first birth she made sure both my husband and i were eating and drinking and again took the best pictures of the entire day. Its so nice to have her birth stories and pictures to look back on. Dianne was even helpful when i reached out to her on behalf of my sister in law who had a still birth at 28 weeks. She was so personable and once my sister in law got pregnant again she gave us great recommendations on Dr.'s around the valley. My sister in law was so impressed that she also hired Dianne as her doula.

I know that any more pregnancies I have I will expect to have her by my side:). If you are considering hiring a doula please give her a call and meet her you wont be disappointed!

Kathleen Dahlgran


I’m so glad I chose Dianne Hamre for my doula. This was my last baby and Dianne’s name was the first one out of my midwife’s mouth when I asked for recommendations. After reading over her website, I was sold and contacted her, hoping she was still available for my due date. I loved her from the first meeting. She very carefully listened to the birth stories of my other three children and the hopes I had for this fourth birth. She picked up on the things that I wanted to be different this time, and helped my husband and I create a plan to work towards my dream birth. When I went past my due date and we started talking about induction, Dianne helped me learn about my options so I could make an informed decision, if needed (luckily, I didn’t). The morning of the birth, she beat us to the hospital, and alerted them to my coming and my history of fast labors. She helped me through contractions with quiet, encouraging words when I thought I couldn’t go on any more, and gently reminded me of our plan for a smoother delivery than my previous babies. She even found time to take some amazing pictures that I will forever treasure. After the birth, she made sure I ate breakfast, even feeding me when I had my hands full with my new baby, and didn’t leave us until she knew we were settled in our room. During my postpartum weeks, she was just an email away when I encountered some difficulties. Dianne helped make my last birth the birth I have always wanted. She is a kind, compassionate doula who met all my expectations. She is highly sought after, so if you like what you see on her website, don’t hesitate to contact her.

Krista Daily


Our little one is almost 4 months old now and I am still recounting what a wonderful natural birth experience we had with Doula Dianne Hamre!  She brought us so much comfort and stability to our birth that my husband actually describes our daughter's birth as peaceful!  I wouldn't quite go that far but my experience was without fear or anxiety because of Doula Dianne's support.  She knew just when to touch me and when I needed reassurance that progress was being made.  My husband really got to just be by by my side and love me while Doula Dianne did all of the hard work.  I can't thank her enough and I would recommend her to anyone!

Ashley Bartley


When searching for a doula for the birth of our first son, we knew we needed someone special that could walk with us through one of the most intense and emotional experiences of our lives. Dianne's calm demeanor put us both at ease from the very start. We knew she was the doula for us. We participated in her birth journey class which we both found to be very meaningful. When the time for our son's birth came (at 36 weeks!) Dianne was with us every step of the way. I knew I wanted an unmedicated hospital birth and having Dianne as our Doula was a key factor in this. I know without her it would not have happened that way, but we are so glad it did. Dianne was a resource for us on how to be advocates for ourselves and our son. An additional bonus was the wonderful birth photos that she took during labor and delivery that are so special. We could not be more happy with the outcome and couldn't imagine going through this without her!

Tara Lewis


Hiring Dianne was, as my husband puts it, "the greatest thing that ever happened to us." For the birth of my son, I choose to have an intervention free home birth. I was in labor for about 4 days of which Dianne never left my side. Her continuous support pain relieving techniques were invaluable. She not only supported me but also my husband who was a total wreck the day of labor. After day 4, I ended up getting transferred to the hospital where again, Dianne stood by my side offering support the whole time. I remember being so scared and just grabbing her hand and asking her "please don’t leave me" to which she replied "I’m not going anywhere." Hearing her say that just instantly made me feel better. I remember all of my labor and I remember Dianne soothing me with her words. I remember her bringing me snacks and reenergizing me with healthy food and water. I remember her encouragement and support when the hospital tried to scare me into certain things. I remember when my son was finally placed on my chest and Dianne captured the moment with some of the most beautiful photography. I remember never feeling empty or defeated, but instead feeling so full of life and happiness. There isn’t a shred of doubt in my mind that I would have ended up having a C-section if she had not been there. She gave my husband and I the greatest gift ever. Dianne - you will always have a special place in our hearts and in our family. You are the stuff that legends are made of. You my friend are the birth warrior. Thank you for all that you do.

Katie Calahan


We met Dianne when my wife 7 months pregnant and we both knew immediately and intuitively that she completed our birthing team. Dianne possessess a calmness and strength of spirit that are ideal attributes for guiding us happily and healthily on our birth journey.  Specifically on the evening of our birth, she provided the confidence we needed to trust in ourselves and the natural wonder of birth. Dianne seemed so familiar with how our journey was unfolding that it provided the reassurance and quiet confidence necessary for such a powerful, transformative experience to occur. It was as if she just knew exactly what was needed, whether encouragement, silence, patience or readiness.  The birth of our son Pelé was one of the most powerful events of our lives, and Dianne's presence was a vital part of such an amazing occurence.  We have immense gratitude and love for Dianne and what she gave to our family.

Sarah Chelton


This is the second time we had Dianne as our doula.  She is a very calming force at any stage of labor or pregnancy.  I would call her with questions about anything that I thought was not normal or wanted a quick answer to something that I know would take an hour to get from the doctor.  She was very helpful in givng suggestions during the labor process as well and she was amzing during the last stage of labor.  She was very encouraging and knew what my body could do and really assisted both my husband and myself when it came time to push.  You will be really happy if you have Dianne at your birth!

Alyssa Tibbett


My fiancé and I found out we were pregnant and this being our first, we felt a wave of anxiety. I started to research all things pregnancy and birth, where I came up with the concept of a doula and then eventually was able to meet Dianne. We feel beyond blessed to have crossed paths with such an inspiring, knowledgable, and genuine woman who made this process exactly what we were looking for.

She was always available to hear my concerns and worties and then provide me with the information I needed to make a decision best for my family. She was a great resource. We attended her workshop, which, if you don't get the opportunity to work with Dianne you still MUST attend this workshop, it was powerful. When labor came she was of course, full of the calm energy I needed. I cannot say enough good things about having Dianne as our doula!

Jennifer Warbasse


We just had our third birth, our second birth with Dianne as our doula, and I would never have a birth experience any other way. Dianne offers a constant support throughout the birthing experience as well as post partum support. We had planned for another natural birth but after about 5 hours of active labor, we realized our baby had different plans. When our doctor suggested a cesarean birth to ensure a safe delivery of our son, Dianne assisted us in the decision making process and stayed by our side as a resource and support as we came to our decision to deliver our son by cesarean. She coached us to ask for more time as our son was doing well and we didn't need to rush into surgery. This also gave us time to see if he would turn and descend on his own. She also respected our time when we needed to be together as a couple to talk about this difficult decision. Dianne offered a tremendous amount of emotional support before, during and after the cesarean. She helped us to understand that babies set the birth plan and that as a mother, I chose what was the safest way to deliver our son. With Dianne's support, we felt enducated and informed regarding the need for a cesarean and the process. She was even with us in the OR to offer support and ensure skin-to-skin contact with our son as soon as possible after birth. She was also able to capture amazing newborn photos. Thank you, Dianne ~ once again, we couldn't have done it without you!

Sarena Neal


Dianne was absolutely amazing! Things didn't go quite as planned because in pregnancy you can't plan anything out 100% so we only had two meetings with Dianne but after the very first one we were so comfortable with her we didn't need to look any further for a doula. She was the first one we talked to and decided to use her :) I ended up with an all natural VBAC! EXACTLY what I wanted. She was very encouraging and made my husband comfortable with me having a VBAC. Dianne is there from all your questions and completely let's you run the show she is just there to enforce it and make sure you get what you want the bestand safest way possible!! Thank you so much for all your help! We really love you for what you do!!!

Shay Espitia


hiring Dianne for the birth of our second son Levi was one of the best decisions we made with this pregnancy.we had a terrible experience with the birth of our first son, Dominic, which ended in a c-section. We knew we needed support and knowledge going into this again, so we hired Dianne. For her knowledge alone she was worth it, even tho we ended up with another c-section it was way better then our first experience. I really appreciated her honesty during labor, when I got to 7 centimeters I asked Dianne how long did I have left to go and she said "just take one contraction at a time." It really helped me to not focus on how much longer I would be in pain, but to focus on getting through each contraction as they came. I highly recommend Dianne to anyone considering hiring a doula, she is definitely one of the best out there.

Shelly Hodges


I cannot say enough great things about having Dianne as my doula. It was the best decision I made! I know that I had the birth I wanted thanks to her extensive knowledge and comforting presence. When looking for a doula, there is no one with more experience than Dianne. She helped from the beginning with referrals to a great support team. I changed to a midwife at 28 weeks along when I knew I was not comfortable with my OB thanks to her guidance. When the day came and my water broke three weeks early unexpectedly it was so great to have her to call for what next steps to take. My husband had someone he could always turn to for questions, which made him a better support to me. It was also apparent that the hospital staff trusted her and she knew how to navigate the system. She was the silent support helping behind the scenes to let the midwife know I was in labor and to make sure there was food after the delivery. She had just come off another 30 hour birth and I could not even tell as she was so attentive! I cannot believe I had an unmedicated, natural birth and know it was due to having here right there to support the whole time. She reated unforgettable memories with the great photos she captured which I will treasure. I would absolutely recommend Dianne to be your doula!

Megan Giammarco


My little Olivia is almost 7 months old now, but not a day goes by that I don't think of how beautiful my birth experience was because of Doula Dianne. Throughout my pregnancy, I prepared for an un-medicated hospital birth. No one in my circle of friends or family thought I'd be able to do it. I knew I needed the support of a doula and Dianne was a perfect match. First of all, Livy was a footling breech at 37 weeks. Dianne was extremely helpful with a list of things to try to get her to turn. After exhausting the list, we decided to do an ECV. It was successful! Dianne was available every step of the way. After she flipped, I went two weeks past my due date. As a first time mom, I was freaking out daily- no, hourly. Dianne was always available via phone and text with an uplifting word. When it was finally time, Dianne was there not a moment too late. She brought her reassuring smile and a coffee for my husband. During labor, I never felt pressured to try a new position. She intuitively assessed exactly what I needed and when. I felt safe, supported, soothed, encouraged and motivated. She helped me to trust my body and myself. She gave my husband instruction on how to best support me. It could have been a very stressful time for him, but she gave him a job and a place. She worked extremely well with the hospital staff and my midwife. It was a calm and surreal experience. She captured the entire event beautifully, through photos. I had no idea that giving birth in a hospital could be so incredible, free of fear and anxiety. (Especially for someone like me!) While it may not be any time soon, we will definitely request that Dianne be our doula for the next child we welcome into our lives. Thank you, Dianne!

Nicole Patterson


Hiring Doula Dianne as our birth photographer was one of the best decisions I made for my labor and delivery.  She was such a huge part of my positive birth experience and I cannot recommend her enough.  I hired Doula Dianne as a birth photographer, but she was really so much more than that.  From our first conversation on the phone, to our first meeting in person, I felt like she was an old friend- even though in reality she was a total stranger! She is so warm and loving, and after our first hug, I knew she was the right person to be by side during such an intimate and important experience in my life.  I was so glad Doula Dianne was there with us at the hospital-- she was so in tune with what was going on with me and my labor, and was such a huge part of helping me feel comfortable.  She went above and beyond what I expected of her and I really feel like she was the only person (besides my husband!), who was solely focused on me and helping me during tough contractions and making sure I had what I needed.  The way she cares for a laboring woman is just intuitive, and she was always in the right place and saying the right thing, and one step ahead of me and what I needed.  Even though she was there just as a photographer, she was so loving to me, and really helped me during my labor.  She was exactly what I needed.  Then, on top of everything, she took the most beautiful photos of my labor and delivery.  They are absolutely beautiful and she did an amazing job capturing the birth of my daughter.  She captured everything, and was so professional, and knew her way around the delivery room so much that the labor and delivery nurse thought she was a nurse as well! She went above and beyond what I thought she would do, and then got the photos to me very quickly afterwards.  I will absolutely hire Doula Dianne again.

Glen Walker


Dianne Hamre provided outstanding support and responsiveness during our recent labor and delivery experience. She provided a great preparatory class with other expecting couples and was always REALLY prompt in responding to texts and calls. Her assistance during the labor and birthing process was valuable and yet unobtrusive, even as she was photographing the experience for us. We felt like we had a solid teammate and guide and would highly recommend her!

Elizabeth Walker


Dianne Hamre was intrumental in helping us have exactly the labor and delivery experience that we wanted and had worked hard for.  She had wonderful, practical tips for making labor easier, and worked incredibly well with the hospital staff to ensure that we received supportive treatment, rather than a bureaucratic touch.  My husband and I were initially somewhat concerned that having a doula might serve as a wedge between the two of us during labor; the reality of having Dianne there was precisely the opposite.  She ably served to assist my husband in assisting me, providing suggestions to him to help me deal with the labor.  Whatever kind of birth you are looking for (home birth, birthing center, hospital, etc.), I am confident that Dianne would be a valuable addition to your labor team.  I can't recommend her highly enough.

Murphy Gumaer


Dianne is such a ray of light, and a true comfort! She gave both my husband and me peace of mind to have her present as our doula. Dianne was always available to answer questions and was easy to stay in contact with during my pregnancy. She is incredibly knowledgable and is a great teacher. During labor and delivery She was very present and was a great help to keep me grounded and focused. We feel blessed to have had such an amazing doula!

Roxy Cahill


I highly recommend Diane who was my doula for the birth of my son. Not only did she provide me with many alternatives to what the doctors were recommending, she acted as a sounding board that helped me make the best decisions during a stressful time. Her excellent photography was an added bonus that I will treasure!

Serene Rock


Dianne is a wonderful doula, and I am so happy that she was a part of my birth experience.  My husband and I attended Dianne's Birth Journey class which was such an incredible day.  The class actually made me feel excited for delivery.  When I went into labor, Dianne came to our home.  She knew how to keep me comfortable and how to help my labor progress naturally.  At the hospital she was a wonderful coach and support.  Dianne is just fabulous!  She is always caring and supportive and truly loves her work.

Corey Gallagher


Dianne is amazing - she completely helped prepare me for the birth I hoped for and ended up having. She was my doula for my second child - I decided to use a doula because there were a number of things that happened with my first childbirth experience that I wanted to avoid for the second. My best friend had spokeN wonders about Dianne so I met with her and knew she would be perfect.  She was exactly the type of support I hoped for and her delivery of information and facts was wonderful. I was not passionate about a medicated vs non-medicated birth - I just knew I wanted to try to birth without drugs because of the recovery process. Overtime she gave me confidence and motivation to go for it. And we did - my husband and I were so blessed to have her there with us during labor. She gave us recommendations of pain relieving techniques, positions for those hard contractions, encouragement, silence, music, assisted us with a couple big decisions....you name it...she was exactly what we needed at exactly the right time. I know I would not have had it in me to go through an unmedicated birth without her. Dianne's birth class around 30 weeks was almost life changing - a memory I will have with my husband forever. Dianne is kind, genuine, loving, supportive, realistic, practical and a beautiful human being. She will be In our family's heart forever.

Lindsey Blissett


Dianne was my doula at a local birth center and I do not have enough great things to say. Dianne came to my home once intense labor started, to keep me calm and comfortable. My husband felt very productive and needed because of Dianne at this time as well. She made sure that i didn't have to focus on anything other than having my baby. She timed things and told me when it was time to head to the birth center. Once we got there, I almost felt like it was just me and my husband because she took care of everything. She set the tone for the room, helped my husband with anything he needed, even if it was only some words of encouragement as well. She seemed to know exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Once my daughter was born, she waited until I felt comfortable to leave. She was checking in on me periodically as well after she was gone to make sure all was well. I can't wait to have another baby so I can have her on my birth team again! This time in my home! This is only the short version of how amazing Dianne is....imagine what she can do for you!

Ilsa Manning


I was recommended Dianne by a friend that used her services and I am so glad she connected me with her! I had wanted an all natural birth, to labor at home as long as possible and to have a knowledgable representative there to support my husband and I when/if faced with daunting medical decisions should the labor and delivery get complicated.

Dianne was a valuable resource we could depend on before I went into labor. Her class was amazing and she adeptly answered all questions we and the other couples had that attended. She also showed that she has an astounding knowledge of the hospitals around the valley as well as the medical cultures as each one.

Dianne was a solid rock once I went into labor. I called her when the contractions were steady and caught her up to speed on where things were at. She was a great advisor as to what my husband and I should do at that time.

After about 7 hours we called Dianne to come over, she arrived shortly thereafter and helped guide my husband and I through the ever worsening contractions. She helped with positions, she helped massage, she advised on possible ways to make things more comfortable and to help us both get through the event - like advising us to go to sleep for a bit while she kept track of contractions.

At the hospital Dianne continued to be the rock we needed as we manoeuvered our way through triage and then into the delivery room. There were some hiccups with the hospital staff and she was great at advising us on what was absolutely necessary and what wasn't.

Once we got to the pushing stage Dianne was fantastic with guiding me into several different positions which eventually got the job done! I didn't even notice her move from helping to hold my leg to taking pictures - she was that great!

My husband and I couldn't recommend Dianne more highly!

Jessica Seck Marquis


My husband & I have been privileged to know Dianne as doula, birth photographer, and teacher of our Birth Journey class. She is incredibly knowledgeable, both through research & life experience, yet she remains humble in her work, always living her belief of supporting the woman's decisions. Dianne is gentle in her approach to birth support but a strong advocate when she needs to be. We consistently felt secure & cared about while clients of Dianne. And that is what a woman in labor needs!

Martha Knight


Dianne is AMAZING! She has been there for both of our births and I wouldn't have anyone else be there as our Doula. The photographs and birth story alone are worth more than we could ever ask for. Dianne is calm, compassionate and very knowledgable. She was always there to answer our questions and would check on us to see how we were doing. We we were truly blessed to have her as part of these important events in our life.

Maralyn Farrelly


After an unplanned c-section with my first delivery, I really wanted to have an all-natural VBAC this time around. I absolutely don't think I would have made it without an epidural--and possibly would not even have had a successful VBAC--without Dianne's help and support.

Even my husband said Dianne was worth every penny and that having a doula was the best decision we made. He felt like labor was so much smoother and that he was able to be more helpful and involved in the process this time around. I think there was a comfort level for both of us in trusting her to come up with suggestions to keep labor moving and keep my courage up. In fact, afterward my husband said that *even if we had had an epidurla,* he would still have wanted to have Dianne there because her help and presence was that invaluable.

Dianne was perfect at reading my needs and keeping me strong. When I felt like I had lost control in labor and couldn't take another contraction, she supported me in getting an IV dose of medication. She helped me avoid an epidural and reach my goal of a natural birth.

Her Birth Journey class was wonderful. More even than the information, the most important aspects for us were that it was a bonding experience for my husband and me and that it helped us realize what was important to us in our to-be labor and delivery experience. It gave us a feeling of security and trust--with each other and with Dianne.

Our labor this time was night and day from our first birth. There is no doubt that we could not have done it without Dianne.

Wendy Willis


Dianne has been such a tremendous blessing to our family. She is the epitome of what the word doula means, equipping women to do what their bodies are able to do. She has such a gentle and kind way about making you feel so empowered. Childbirth really feels like running a marathon and having a doula like Dianne is like having one of the top coaches cheering you on! She gives you the proper training to run with confidence and the zeal to finish strong. Because of her, I was able to have two successful vbac deliveries.

She offers so many wonderful services. The birth classes are so educational and emotional. Her birth photography skills are amazing. She captures the moments you will forget down the road without even realizing she's taking pictures (she'd be great as a paparazzi)! As in high demand as she is, she even takes the time to write a memorable and touching birth story as well. If you have the fear of not being able to take the nurses home with you after your baby is born, fear not, she is available for post-partum support as well. She is skilled in so many areas! I can't think of a better person to offer the support and care she does for her clients.

I would recommend Dianne to anyone who is looking for a genuine and knowledgeable person to support you in the beautiful journey pregnancy and childbirth can be.

Natalie DeVore


I posted a comment about Dianne in 2012 after having an emergency c-section with my 3rd baby. When we got pregnant in Sept. 2013 she was the first person we told. The pregnancy started out with provider challenges and we never felt comfortable until we interviewed a homebirth midwife. Dianne talked us through our choices and let us know after we made our decision for HBA2C that she could tell the peace in our voices through the phone. Once again she was there throughout the pregnancy, through many "false starts" and encouraging through to 42 weeks! She was with us for 45 hours of our 50 hour labor, including taking pictures that were so important to our healing journey. She didn't even act tired! We could not have made the decision to homebirth for baby #4 without the confidence she had helped us gain with baby #3. The healing after our 2nd CS went so much better because of her emotional support and advice. My husband and I were completely calm through the entire labor with #4, except for the short time Dianne was not in the room with us. Our baby ended up being 11 lbs 3 oz and had a 15cm head! We cannot express how essential she was to our journey to homebirth and healing. Again, we have no doubt we will be calling her when baby #5 happens. She has become a part of our family. Through our c-section and homebirth, she was so essential. We love Dianne!

Abby Schweitzer


As a doula myself, i was very picky in choosing a doula for my third labor, second VBAC. I was beyond pleased with Dianne's professionalism, personal care and amazing experience. I always felt important and cared for by her! It's truly amazing when you have a doula that attends a ton of births, and yet makes you feel like your the most important mama ever! We truly loved the birth journey class as well as the photo Dianne took. My husbabe is a photographer so we also had picky standards for photos and Dianne did a wonderful job! She allowed my husband to take on a very active role and encouraged him when needed! It was truly amazing to have Dianne as our doula and plan to use her again!

miranda miranda


I knew I always wanted to have a birth that was natural. So when I found out I was pregnant I started researching natural childbirth, doulas, and reading birth stories. Talking my husband into it was another thing. He said he was the only doula I needed. After searching and searching for a doula, I received a text from Dianne about doing one of her classes. She was so flexible with me, as I'm a nurse with a crazy schedule and was unable to attend her class. She made special arrangements and did a private class at home. After meeting her and learning about what her services provided my husband was hooked. Dianne was there for us both every step of the way. Any questions we had, she was only 1 text away. When I went into labor again she was there responding to my text, helping us to stay calm. My labor was 44 hours long and she was there every minute. Even with a long complicated labor, she had a way of keeping my husband and I calm. She made it all about us and catered to what we wanted the experience to be about. She helped me through every contraction, gave my husband time to take breaks, naps, and to keep my family updated. It was one of the best experiences and we know it wouldn't have been the same without her. My husband now recommends her to everyone.

Roxanna Catlett


Dianne was wonderful! We hired Dianne as our birth photographer and it is the best money we have spent! To be able to look back at the photos of our amazing experience is priceless. Dianne helped us throughout each minute of our 30+ hour labor and we are so thankful that we had her with us. Thank you Dianne for making the journey so wonderful and for being a part of a special day(s).

BreannMarie Grissom


When my boyfriend and I found out that we were pregnant, it was important to us that we had a 100% natural birth. We met Dianne at a birthing class that she was teaching, and immediately fell in love with her. And I knew that I needed her at the birth. With my daughter being my first baby, I had no idea I was in labor till we called my midwife at 5:15 a.m. At 7:30 my midwife said that it was time to go to the birthing center. When we got there around 8:45 a.m the nurse told me I was at 7 cm. I became a nervous wreck, I was scared at the thought that my baby was so close to entering the world and Dianne wasn't there. Even though my loving boyfrined was by my side, I stated to cry. I needed Dianne. And when Dianne walked into the room just a few minutes later, all my fears, and worries were gone. I honestly don't know what I would have done without Dianne, she brought my boyfriend and I so much comfort during the birth of our daughter. And if we decide to have another baby, Dianne can be sure that she will be needed once again!

Erica Gonzales


My daughters birth story would not have been the same without Dianne! Relaxed, comforting, confidence & trust.

Just two weeks before our due date my husband and I met Dianne. We attended her birth journey class. The moment class started, she had captivated our attention and made us think about our looming "labor-day" in a completely different way...in a much more beautiful and less scary way. When we broke for lunch my husband asked me if I had ever considered having a doula for our childs birth. Previously, the thought of another person in the delivery room, let alone a stranger, did not excite me at all. I wanted it to be "our" special memory. However, after attending the first part of Dianne's class, my husband and I both quickly realized that we had no idea what we were doing no could we rely on the hospital to support our "birth planamend support us during an un-inteveined labor.

We asked Dianne to be our doula the very next day! And that was the best decision, and investment, that we had made in all of our baby-planning. Dianine was no stranger at all and still remains a very special person to our family, we consider her family.

My OBGyN was even thrilled when I told her that we had hired Diane! She said "you will LOVE her". And she was right. My husband and I both agree that we could not have gotten through an unmedicaTed & uniterveined birth without Dianne. I think of Dianne all the time and think about how grateful I am to her for our birth journey and story a beautiful one. It truly would have been such a teratifying experience for my husband and I without her.

One thing that really stands out about Dianne is her reputationwith OB's and medical staff. Because they know her and trust her experience, they allowed us to manage through our birth plan with Dianne's guidance. I am so grateful to Dianne for giving us such a beautiful memory to cherish forever. I'll never give birth without her!

Shannon Galasso


Dianne was an incredible resource for my husband and I throughout the entire pregnancy. We relocated back to Arizona from Berkeley and were in desperate need of putting together our birthing team for our set of twins on the way. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health care providers as well as developing a labor/delivery team that will support the way you want to birth. She was our touchstone for making our transition that much simpler. She became a dear friend in the process & I could call on her about anything. She helped put my mind at ease and reassured my decisions when it came to our birth plan.

The night my water broke she walked us through all of the steps and met us at the hospital.  I knew she was well versed in labor/delivery and with her own experience birthing her twins she knew the road I had ahead of me. She supported us in every aspect - advising us on certain items in the hospital to labor pain support during the trying contractions. God love my husband for being my rock and an incredible support system during labor - however there is NO way we could have done this without Dianne. She guided us through a time that I could have doubted myself and given in to an epidural. She gave me confidence to push through it and find the strength within to follow my birth wishes to the end. Knowing she was allowed back in the OR during delivery was also very comforting and reassuring. She was able to be by my side as well as capture beautiful moments of the birth on film. She truly was an extension of our family and we will always cherish having her be apart of our journey.

Her birth journey workshop was an eye opening experience for my husband and I to become more in tune with labor and how we could work as a team to push through it. Also focusing on us as a couple reinforced the strength we have together which lead to a closer bond leading up to the delivery.

Sarah Millet


When I met Dianne she was working at a birth center where I was client. I remember not knowing her at all and hearing about her wonderful job that she is doing assisting women in their most intense phase of life : labor.
The more I was going in for my prenatal check ups, the more I wanted Her to assist me.

When I was 36 weeks pregnant, I found out that she was no longer working in this birth center... What a bummer! But I did not think it twice, I decided to change my plan and hire her privately ! What a good decision I took that day !

Indeed, when the moment came, she was just Perfect. There is not a lot of words (if any) to describe Dianne's vocation. As she says: every woman deserve a doula and I would event say: Every woman should have a Dianne in their lives.

Stephanie Lewis


I highly recommend hiring Dianne as a doula for your birth experience.

My husband and I questioned hiring a doula for our 1st birth experience and regret doing so.

Lesson learned for birth # 2 and what a difference it made.  Night and day!

I had such an enjoyable birth experience because of Dianne who has the knowledge and tools to get you through every step of the birth process.

If we had experienced the birth we had with # 2 for #1, we would have elected to not go the hospital route for # 2 and do an in home water birth with Dianne and her midwife.  I truly understand now the beauty of the birth process. It doesn't need to be so clincal like they make it in the hospital setting.

I can't say enough about Dianne.  She is so supportive; checks in on your regularly.  She does an amazing birth seminar for you and your partner.  The bonding experience she creates for you and your partner is so valuable.

She writes a beautiful birth story and takes personal birth pictures that you will treasure forever.

If we were to have more children, Dianne would be the 1st person to call because I wouldn't have it any other way.

When you hire Dianne she will inform you about placenta encapsulation.  I had no baby blues, awesome milk production and energy because of taking the placenta capsules.  With a busy husband and 3.5 year old boy, I wanted the best post partum experience possible and I got it. :)   Thank you,  Dianne!!!

Krya Perry


I am not sure if I could describe in words what an amazing doula Dianne is. She has done so much for me and my family that I could not describe in 2000 words all that she has done for us! We did not have our ideal birth experience with our first child due to medical circumstances out of our control. When my care was transferred over from a birth center to a hospital, Dianne helped us navigate through a hospital delivery while acting as my advocate to ensure that my birth plan and wishes were adhered to as much as was medically possible. And when things didn't go as planned, she provided us with the information and support we needed to make the tough decisions that had to be made. I can't imagine what we would have done without her! So when we decided to have our second child, and my medical history negated a labor and delivery at a birth center I told my husband that I didn't care where we delievered but that I wanted Dianne there. She recommended an OB and a hospital that allowed me to labor in a tub and have the beautiful delivery I had hoped for, despite my PIH. I even had the amazing opportunity to pull out my baby up onto my chest! An absolutely beautiful moment that again words can't describe. Thankfully it is captured in one of the birth photos Dianne took for us. We have since taken our little man in to see a Chiropractor for some shoulder issues and she was fairly certain he had a should stuck in labor. I told her a few of the labor positions Dianne had us try and she was pretty confident that Dianne's labor positions were the reason he was finally able to free his shoulder.  There is so much more to both stories and I would be happy to share them with anyone who is interested in Dianne.  Her labor experience and support are well worth every single penny.  To be honest, I don't think she charges enough!  Oh - and her birth workshop is AMAZING!  Please feel free to ask Dianne for my number if you would like to hear more.

Amy Gowdy


We have been blessed to have Dianne be a part of both our birth experiences. Our 1st birth was a 51 hour marathon. After 48 hours of natural labor and very little physical progression, we ended up with medical intervention. During the decision making process I began to feel like a failure but Dianne helped us accept that sometimes medical intervention is needed and helped me define new delivery goals. Having her support really helped me come to peace with this decision. My husband and I agree that had Dianne not been there we would have ended up with medical intervention much sooner, and perhaps with more intervention than we received.

Our second labor was more of a sprint at 15 hours. Less than 2 hours after arriving at the hospital we were pushing. I had some self-doubt about whether or not I could birth a baby naturally given my first birth experience, but Dianne was the most amazing coach, encouraging me that I was strong, and could achieve the natural birth I really wanted. 20 minutes into pushing our beautiful daughter arrived.

Reflecting back on both births what I find most amazing is that Dianne was able to provide the perfect care and support despite the fact that I had very different needs. My 1st labor I needed more of a gentle guiding hand and the 2nd I needed an athletic coach. Dianne filled both of these roles without me ever verbalizing these specific needs. Intuitively, Dianne was able to read my body language, gauge my reactions during contractions, and understand my verbal expressions to adjust her responses. Having her by both of our sides was incredibly helpful. I was never alone, and my hubby got the breaks he needed. Dianne was also able to help guide us in other labor positions that we had not learned or remembered in our Bradley classes.

If and when we have baby 3, Dianne is the first person we will call. I cannot imagine going through labor without her. In short, Dianne is AMAZING!!

Jaelene Smith


Hiring Dianne as a doula was definitely one the wisest things I did during my recent pregnancy!  We met with Dianne early in my pregnancy and I immediately felt comfortable with her and knew that she would be a calm and steady presence in the delivery room.

Dianne helped us create a birth plan, was always available for me to call or text with questions and kept in touch with us in the weeks prior to my delivery.  When I did go into labor Dianne was exactly what I was hoping for when we decided to use a doula.  She was there for us at my home and helped keep us calm and focused.  With her help I was able to labor at home much longer than I would have without her, it really limited the time I was at the hospital which is what I was hoping for.  After we moved to the hospital my labor progressed pretty quickly, Dianne's help and coaching was invaluable for those two hours.  She was empathetic, compassionate, calm and focused.  I felt like she knew my limits and boundaries and had confidence that I could do what she was telling me to do, even when I wasn't so sure.

This was my fourth child, my first experience with non-medicated birth.  This experience was by far more emotionally rewarding than any of my other deliveries.  I felt in control of what was happening, I felt like I was making educated decisions and very connected to the experience.  We can't possibly thank Dianne enough for her help and support! Not only did she help us achieve the birth we were hoping for, she is also a great photographer and documented this experience in an amazing way. 

My boyfriend and I would both highly recommend Dianne to anyone looking for a doula - she's got a gift and we are grateful to her for sharing her talents with us!

J H.


I interviewed other doulas and had given up because I had not found the right combination of personality and knowledge. I half-heartedly agreed to one more interview with Dianne. I am so glad I did!!! She had the firmness and authority to get things done but the warmness and familiarity of an old friend you have known for years.

I didn’t know anything about the hospital birth experience and thought a doula would be a good liaison between the hospital staff and myself. I was over 40 and afraid of having an induction that could lead to a C-section. I wasn’t shy about telling Dianne an epidural was mandatory. However, Dianne was able to help me deliver my baby girl completely naturally! I never thought that was something I could ever do in a million years! Dianne is truly the best in everyway and will be there 110% to assist you in the birthing process from beginning to end and then some.

Alexis Butler


Dianne is wonderful! My birth experience, while very short, could have been very different if it were not for Dianne. Having her to text every few days when I was convinced "this was it" and hear her words of encouragement or assurance that it probably wasn't but she was ready, was priceless. My husband and I knew nothing and really needed the step by step help in knowing what each new feeling was toward the end. It was her wisdom and guidence of just knowing by the sound of my contractions when we called at 6am that it was time to go and meet her at the hospital! A hour after we arrived our baby was born! My husband will be forever grateful he was not catching a baby that morning! Dianne we look forward to having you by our side for the rest of our baby experiences!

Kelly B.


We were delighted to have Dianne as our birth doula. ?She was an important part of a very positive, natural childbirth experience. Dianne came to our home after I went into labor at 2am. She provided a calming influence and offered gentle coaching and suggestions. We were able to stay at home as long as possible with Dianne’s help. For the hour that we were at the hospital, Dianne continued to offer invaluable support, in addition to helping navigate the hospital environment. After recently relocating to Arizona, we consider ourselves lucky to have found Dianne for the birth of our second son. We strongly recommend her.



Dianne made my birthing experience better than I could have ever imagined!  I thought a natural birth would be beautiful but didn't think I could really do it.  Dianne coached me through it and my baby was able to enter the world drug-free and compeltely natural.  It would not have been possible without her.  She knew exactly the right questions to ask the nurses and she was my advocate when I couldn't be my own (having contractions!).  Without her, my husband and I wouldn't have known to ask for a wireless monitor...or that it can go in the bath continuously....or what to even ask for on our birthing plan.  I will be using Dianne in the future and highly recommend her to others looking for a compassionate, respectful, smart doula.

Christofer Bang


Dianne is the perfect doula! My hubby and I are from Norway, and had never heard about doulas before becoming pregnant. I “discovered” doulas while reading about research on labour and birth: Having a doula reduces the amount of time in labour, cuts down on use of pain meds, and decreases the probability of having a C-section. Sounded great! After first reading about pain meds, I was already motivated to attempt a drug free, natural labour, and my hubby and I initially thought the hospital staff would help. But we became hesitant when visiting the hospital for a walk-through: The staff told us they were trained in medicated labour, and if we went natural we would spend most of the time on our own. As academics, my hubby and I are suckers for experience and training, and we wanted someone that truly knew natural labour to support us. Dianne was the answer! We interviewed a couple of doulas before choosing Dianne. Important for us was her massive experience, and that she connected superbly well with me as well as the hubby. Hubby was afraid of being useless during labour, but after talking with Dianne he felt empowered and eager :) We both felt that giving birth in the safe setting of a hospital with Dianne on our side was the best of two worlds, and I think this good feeling helped in the first stage of labour, which I hardly noticed. We called Dianne when the water broke, and we realized we were in labour. She met us 30 minutes later at the hospital, and did just an outstanding job of helping me through contractions, supporting hubby, informing hospital staff (let’s get going, this one will come quickly!!), and taking great photos! What a terrific multitasker! Our first born, perfect baby boy was snuggling on my chest less than an hour later, completely drug free :) I warmly recommend Dianne to all of you!

Stephanie Garippa


I had been told that Dianne is the best doula in the Valley, and I will tell others the same. When we were visiting recently Dianne told me she was going to speak to a group of parents at a doctor’s office about the benefits of having a doula for birth. I told her jokingly she should just tell them, “If you want your baby to come out, you should get a doula.” That sounds funny, but Dianne was such an amazing and integral part of our baby’s birth. I’m actually not sure that we would have been able to have our baby naturally and at home without the powerful, encircling support team that Dianne and our midwives were for us. Dianne arrived just when we needed her as I was entering active labor and didn’t leave until we and our baby were comfortable and ready to rest the next morning…she even stopped by later in the day to check on us and help me with nursing after the sleepless night. Her presence with us told us gently that we could do this, and her wise coaching helped guide us through the contractions and the 2.5 hours of pushing it took to get our little one out. If it weren’t already enough, the birth story she wrote for us and photos she took are a beautiful way for us to remember our baby's birth and share it with our family and friends. I am thankful beyond words for Dianne’s part in our birth story, which would not have been the same without her, and cannot sing her praises enough!

Heather Marek


Dianne Hamre's passion for her profession is evidenced by her clients love for her. She is an amazing person. Her counsel and support was invaluable to me during my pregnancy and delivery. My goal was to deliver naturally after previously having an emergency C-section. When I first began my pregnancy I was full of anxiety and fear that I would end up with another C-section. After meeting with Dianne and attending her class I felt a great sense of peace and confidence that I could have the birth I wanted, and even if I had to have a C-section, it would be a different experience, and it could be a positive one.

When I had to change care providers late in my pregnancy Dianne provided me with the support I needed to find someone that was a better match. Through Dianne's guidance I was able to have my "dream" birth. Just knowing she was in the room helped me to relax. Her presence is incredibly calming. Once labor began and she arrived I knew everything was going to be fine because she was there with us. I had intense back labor and she knew where to apply pressure to relieve the pain. When I would begin to feel tired she knew exactly what to say to me to lift my spirits.

Dianne came to visit us a few days after the birth with a beautiful birth story and photos. When you are going through your pregnancy and labor you think you will remember it all, but you don't, and the birth story captures the important details you don't want to forget. Her photography is exceptional. When I go through the pictures I cannot help but tear up. The birth of my daughter is one of the most memorable and important nights of my life. I was able to deliver her the way I wanted to deliver her, and I was able to do this because I had Dianne as my doula. Every pregnant woman deserves a doula like Dianne. She is your friend, historian, support person, and most importantly, your advocate.

Rita Prusiewicz


Dianne Hamre is amazing!

My goal was to deliver naturally, but I was open to medical intervention, if needed.  Thanks to Dianne, I was able to successfully deliver my 7.5 pound baby girl completely naturally.  She helped me conquer 7 hours of painful and exhausting back labor and didn't leave my side once.  In addition, the emotional support that Dianne provided to my husband was priceless.

During the post-delivery visit, Dianne came to our home and shared pictures that she had taken throughout the labor and delivery (with our permission).  These were moments that I did not have the luxury of viewing at the time.  She captured the incredibly amazing experience perfectly.  My husband and I shed tears of happiness when we saw them.

I have recommended Dianne to many friends and will continue to do so.  Her experience and support is worth every penny!

Allison Nagle


We were told that Diane is the "Yoda" of doulas in the Valley and we definitely agree!  We planned a hospital birth with a midwife at St. Joseph's and hoped that in addition to using a midwife having a doula would help us to achieve our goal of having a natural vaginal birth.  The day I went into labor we learned that our son was head down, but face up, or posterior, which causes back labor and makes pushing more difficult.  I wondered if we would still be able to have a natural vaginal birth.  Diane was confident we could "turn this baby" and used several natural techniques to help turn him.  She was a gentle, calming presence every step of the way from the moment my contractions began until we held our son 17 hours later with the natural vaginal birth we had hoped for.  My husband felt more confident in his role because he knew that Diane was not only there to support me, but also to support and coach him.  It helped him to relax and not stress about remembering everything word for word from our childbirth education class.  He did amazing! Diane is professional, wise, confident, fun, extremely skilled, well-liked and respected by hospital staff, and helps you have the birth experience you desire.  Hiring a doula is the best decision we made during our first pregnancy and we will certainly do it again in the future!  I cannot stop telling people how much we loved working with Diane and all the people she connected us with in this growing natural childbirth community across the Valley. Thank you Diane!

Katie Stephens


Dianne was very supportive of my goals before, during, and after my labor.  I am not a person who ever thought I would use a Doula.  But after experiencing a C-Section with my first pregnancy (twins) I knew I wanted to do it differently the second time around.  My  Doctor is very pro VBAC, but she encouraged me to work with Dianne as a way to give me an even greater chance of delivering my baby vaginally.  After many hours of stressful back labor, I chose to get an epidural so that my body could relax allowing me to progress.  I never felt judged by Dianne for making that choice.  And 6 hours later I pushed out my beautiful baby boy.  She truly helped me attain my goal of no C-section.  We couldn't have done it without her!

Robin Quail


Dianne was an amazing addition to our birth experience, before, during, and after our birth day! As a first time mother I was anxious about a hospital birth experience and Dianne made me feel so much better. With her, we had a support person who knew the system, and could help us navigate it with confidence and care. Dianne is a loving, caring, super smart, amazing woman who was there every step of the way. And the pictures she took of our experience are such a gift! I highly recommend Dianne, she is truly a wonderful doula and we are so glad we chose to include her in the birth of our son.

Jennifer Warbasse


Let me begin my saying that they services provided by Dianne are invaluable and we are so happy to have had her with us to assist in the birth of our son on March 8. We had initially not  thought about using a doula as this is our second child and we did not use a doula the first time. However, in my ninth month of pregnancy, I was having lunch with a friend who had used Dianne about a year ago to successfully have a VBAC. Listening to her story, I contacted Dianne to learn more and how she could assist us in the birth of our son. The main reason we chose a doula was be felt we needed an advocate to assist with interacting with the hospital staff and helping us to achieve the birth we were looking for.  Dianne was able to help us with a birth plan and help us to what was medically necessary and coached us in how to communicate this to our Dr. As our due date went past, Dianne assisted in sharing "natural" ways to help induce labor and within hours of receiving acupuncture, labor began on its own. Dianne was with us while we labored at home and helped offer support thru each contraction. She continued her support to help manage the pain throughout the labor process at the hospital and helped us to remember what we wanted for the birth when the pain became intense. Dianne stayed by our side throughout the enitre process and was able to interact with the hospital staff to ensure our birth plan was respected and while continually offering encouragement to achieve a natural birth.The services provided by Dianne are invaluable and made for a  pleasant birth experience for both my us. Achieving a natural birth was something I never thought I could do and I wouldn't have been able to without Dianne. It is amazing the difference in how I felt and recovered following this birth verse a pitocin induced birth. Our bodies are truly made to have babies naturally and Dianne will assist you to achieve this and you will be so glad you did!

Ashley Vaccaro


 Where to begin...my twin birth experience with Dianne as my doula was amazing. When I first met her, it was touring the birth center, and I instantly felt support from her. When we found out we were having twins, we were not hesitant to hire a doula, since we no longer could use the birth center. She had literally been in my shoes- she had a natural twin birth! Instant connection. She was able to provide knowledge as we made decisions for the labor. Example: OB recommended having an epidural placed, just not dispensing anything, even though I was striving for an unmediated birth. Dianne knew how bad I wanted to labor in the bath tub, and encouraged me to ask if it could be placed later on (to be used if baby #2 was in distress) since it would prohibit me from laboring in water.  I did not anticipate how much I would reach out to her before and after the birth though.  She was a huge help in helping me avoid induction, always available for questions via text or phone as we made decisions.  I made it 38 weeks, 4 days with twins when my water broke! We actually had a c-section scheduled a few days later, as they were breech- didn't need that! She helped me post-birth with breast feeding, and offered suggestions on things to try to increase my milk supply.  Her expertise and support was invaluable. She worked along side my OB beautifully, and I truly believe I could not have succeeded with an unmediated vaginal twin birth in a hospital without her.

Jessie Wilson


We met and hired Dianne towards the end of my pregnancy to help us through the traditional birth I'd always wanted and to give my husband peace of mind through my labor. Dianne was all these things and more - she was amazingly calm through my labor and that really helped give me the strength to know that I can do this - stay calm and let the body do what it is going to do. I had a complication after birth and Dianne was there every step of the way and even helped me to get our son to latch on for the first time because I was restricted by two IV's. She is a wealth of knowledge on positions to get labor moving, techniques to help with relaxation, she even includes a birth class, pictures of the birth and a story of your birth and I know our son's birth would not have gone as well without her patient and calm guidance. If you have decided a traditional birth is something you want to pursue, I highly recommend Dianne she is AMAZING!

Megan M.


We would not have been able to have a successful birth experience had it not been for Dianne.  My husband and I wanted a natural hospital birth, and Dianne was the first doula recommended by our OB/GYN.  Part of her package included participation in The Birth Journey, an all-day birthing class at Babymoon Inn.  We had heard that birth classes at the hospital could be boring and monotonous, but our experience with Dianne's class was quite different.  Enthralled from minute one, we learned valuable information about the entire birthing process and felt ready and empowered for labor and delivery.  We also began to understand the true role of a doula - an advocate and coach who would help us have the birth experience we really wanted while emphasizing the crucial role of the partner.

Dianne was a critical part of our 24 hour labor process.  From helping us labor at home and knowing when to go to the hospital to reminding the hospital staff of our birth plan and working with them in a respectful and tactful way, Dianne was our champion the whole way through.  The birth of our daughter went exactly as we had hoped, thanks to Dianne.  My husband described her services as "the best money we have ever spent."  Coming from a very cost conscious and somewhat skeptical guy, that is saying a lot!

We couldn't be any more grateful to have worked with Dianne.  She helped us have the birth experience we really wanted at a hospital where over 90% of moms choose the medicated route, and her advocacy of our wishes made for really positive interactions with the hospital staff.  We will wait a few years for baby #2, but Dianne will be one of the first calls we make when that time comes! 

Kelly Marino


I can’t imagine how helpless I would have been, and how much different my delivery experience would have played out had I not been introduced to Dianne during my pregnancy. I thank God that I followed my heart and took the time to learn about doulas and meet with Dianne. She helped educate me and prepare me for the experience - lessening the fear and empowering me for the big day. She also helped prepare me for the fact that no matter how much I planned, that I needed to be flexible, because things don’t always go as planned. That was a good thing, because when my son decided to come early and my doctor was on vacation, my plan pretty much went out the window. There were a few things about my plan that Dianne did help me execute. 1) I wanted to be in the Jacuzzi as long as I could, 2) I didn’t want any epidural, other drugs, episiotomy, etc. and 3) I wanted the least painful experience possible. Dianne made all of that possible. She kept the nurses at bay while I relaxed in the tub, and she stayed by my coaching me through each contraction. She eased my pain with pressure points and gave me relief with each contraction. She helped me believe in myself and convinced me that I could do it – drug free. And she was right! I did it! Following my delivery, she stayed with us, fed me breakfast, helped me get to my room and get comfortable, and even after spending all night with me, was back the next morning to check on me and the baby! A few days after I returned home, she came to visit and brought the beautiful birth pictures. I don’t know when she found the time to snap pictures, because I swear she was by my side every second of my labor. The pictures are so beautiful and I’m thankful that she captured the experience so I will always be able to remember that that wonderful day that our son came into this world. Dianne is an angel!!!

Sarah Chelton


Dianne was a great match for us because she was so helpful before, during, and after the birth of our second child. At 37 weeks, I found out our baby was breech and I called Dianne that night and she was able to give us some helpful techniques that helped the baby flip so that I could have the natural birth I wanted. She was also so helpful when we got to the hospital because she was calm yet assertive with the hospital staff in voicing our wants and needs. She was so affirming throughout the whole birth process and she made me feel that I really could have a natural birth. Her follow up help, pictures, and birth story were just icing on the cake for what was an unbelievable experience for our family.

Natalie D


I became aware of Dianne when I first moved to Phoenix area at 28 weeks. My 2nd birth was a VBAC and I owed a great deal of that success to my doula. I took Dianne’s class at the birth center, though I resisted, she encouraged me to take it anyway and I am so grateful I did. It was an incredible experience and gave us the reassurance that Dianne was the right fit. Throughout the last trimester Dianne was there answering questions and just checking in on how I was. My last trimester went smoothly until my 40 week appointment when my baby had turned double footling breech. Despite not even being able to call Dianne to tell her the news she met me at the hospital the next morning for a cephalic version. She was with me through the paperwork, she waited outside the OR until it was completed despite the chance of it not being successful. She helped ask questions she knew I wanted asked. After my version she stayed to help with my labor even when it was early (2cm!). She was there through the entire night of laboring. Her presence during my labor gave me the strength to know I could do it and the peace to stay calm. I felt absolutely no pain. At 8 cm my baby had a prolapsed cord and Dianne was at my side comforting me and being the support none of us knew I would need in the split seconds when everything changed so quickly. She talked with the anesthesiologist so that she could be in the OR with me after my husband left with the baby. We had no idea that so many rare things would happen in those two days and Dianne never once hesitated in her support for me, for my baby, for my husband, and for our birth process. I am incredibly grateful and know that my thoughts about my birth experience would be a whole lot different if she wasn't there. Whether you plan for a vaginal birth, a cesarean section, a VBAC, a homebirth, or a birth center birth Dianne will be there to help you in ways you can't even begin to anticipate right now.

Wendy Willis


Well, I must say my experience with Dianne as our doula was an AWESOME blessing!  She was supportive from day 1 when I told her that I wanted to try for a VBAC.  It was difficult finding a cooperative doctor who would be willing to do one so I was pretty discouraged in the beginning of the pregnancy.  Fortunately I was able to get connected with Dianne through Babymoon Inn and she reassured me that she knew of a doctor that would be willing and supportive to do it.  It was a double bonus when I found out that she had actually worked with this doctor before and had successful VBACs.  They  were an excellent team and both of them were quite encouraging throughout the whole pregnancy.  I was so blessed to have had an all natural VBAC! I can't thank Dianne enough for helping make that happen.  I hope that if I am able to have another baby, she would be able to assist me once again. 

Olivia Smith


Dianne is a wonderful doula. She had an incredible amount of knowledge and experience and made my VBAC possible!!

She made me feel that I could deliver my baby without medicine, and I did it! No interventions! Hooray! Her massage techniques throughout the labor process considerably reduced the pain. She gave me advice at the right times, and really empowered me to sometimes challenge conventional medical ideas.  She raised my level of awareness, so that I could make choices that I wasn't even aware I had!

Since I had a natural birth, I was able to leave the hospital within 24 hours, and nurse my son without latching problems.  I had a very speedy recovery, and could fully take care of my son from the moment he was born.

The strength that she helped me find within myself will be with me forever.  I am so grateful to Dianne for helping me with my vaginal birth after caesarean.

Jennifer Archuleta


I had a great experience with Dianne. She has a very calm and sweet demeanor. Dianne was very thorough and always available. My husband and i attended her Babymoon class; it was a great experience. Although Dianne was unable to attend my second sons birth (because he came so quickly!) she was available at 4 am and did go to the hospital to meet me. The baby and i arrived in the ambulance and Dianne was there waiting. She stayed with us and also did a followup visit at my home to help with breastfeeding and postpartum. I did the placenta encapsulation I highly recommend it. She wrote a very nice birth story and took unforgettable photos. I would recommend Dianne and I will use her for my next baby.

Cody and Krystal Staggs


I am VERY late at writing my testimonial BUT that has no bearing on Dianne as a doula. :) I (krystal) met Dianne in passing when I was about 6 months pregnant. I had absolutely ZERO intentions of having my baby naturally/med free. It was not even really up for discussion. However, when I met Dianne I was overwhelmed with her overall presence and warmth. I finally asked her what she did for a living and her passion for natural birth was unleashed. Before I knew it, I was watching a video, texting her questions and very soon after setting up our first meeting with her to discuss the process further. I was SCARED TO DEATH! Didn't want to do it at all! But her passion became my passion. She educated me, empowered me, encouraged me and believed in me and my baby. She not only coached me through my pregnancy and delivery, she coached my husband so that he was as much a part of the delivery as he possibly could be. To have someone be so intimately involved in such a intimately special moment, I couldn't think of a better woman to have by my side. I will NOT have any more children without her. She is a "must have". An absolute blessing to my family!

Brian and Valissa


After going through her Birthing Journey workshop I knew that I wanted Dianne with me during my birthing experience. This was my 3rd birth but my first pain med free out of hospital birth and I wanted as much support as I could get.  Dianne was waiting for us at birthcenter as we arrived just short of 12:30 am even though she had a workshop early in the morning! Before I even got out of the car she was at my door supporting me through contractions.  For the first time my husband was actually able to be an active participant in my labor because of Dianne's help, and for that I am so grateful.  As a team they helped me through each contraction until my baby girl arrived.  She is an amazing woman and wonderful support person to have present for one of the most beautiful moments you'll ever experience. I feel extremely blessed to have had Dianne and all her services and would not hestitate to use her again in the future!

Amy & Tom Bloomer


After working with Dianne, my husband and I believe every woman who plans to give birth should hire a doula. This fact is contingent on finding one as amazing as Dianne. We hired Dianne for the birth of our second child, a baby girl named Zoë. With Dianne's guidance, I had a natural/medication free VBAC birth. I honestly could not have done it without her. Our first pregnancy, done without a doula, ended up with a terrifying emergency cesarian. Even though I had had a healthy first pregnancy, had done a great amount of research and preparation into the birth process, and had a loving husband at my side, we felt truly alone during labor. We were at the mercy of whatever nurse was there at the moment, without any true advocate. My biggest wish is that I had the opportunity to hire Dianne the first time. We believe everyone has a purpose in life. Dianne has found her true purpose guiding mothers through the birth process. She is professional, patient, loving and steadfast. We wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Craig and LeighAnn


We can't say enough good things about Dianne Hamre and her excellent Doula services. She recently helped us with the birth of our daughter Julianna at the Babymoon Inn Birth Center, and having her there to assist turned out to be an essential element to our laboring and birthing process. Before the delivery, we had pondered whether or not we would need a Doula, and looking back we absolutely made the right decision to use one and work with Dianne. She was the calm reassuring voice that we needed. She wasn't too quiet and not too overbearing with direction. She just was there to give the confidence that my body knew what it was doing and encourage me to surrender to the process. Both Dianne and the staff at the Babymoon Inn are professional, committed and caring. We highly recommend Dianne and would work with her again.

Torrey Briegel


10 months ago I had no idea what a Doula was..... Well, I thank God that I was introduced to the profession. I did not have a full understanding of the amazing benefits of having a doula next to your bedside. In our situation it was even more important. We were transferred from our birthing center to the hospital. My wife was intent on having a natural drug free birth and I do not think that would have happened without Dianne by our side. The doctors started talking about inducing my wife and Diane held them at bay.....my wife started thinking about painkillers and Dianne coached her through each contraction. The birth was natural and beautiful. What an asset to have. I know we will be calling on Diane again when we bring another child into the world. God Bless you Dianne : )
Torrey & Kelly

Emily H.


Dianne was and is an answer to my prayers and my husbands prayers. I had begun to think about natural birth at 7 months and after talking to a friend who also had Dianne as her doula, I was convinced that it was the way to go. Dianne met with my husband and I after we attended her birth class that was so informative and preparatory for what we were about to experience. We knew she was perfect for us! Even after making the decision to do natural birth 7 months into pregnancy, I felt so empowered by Dianne and taken care of by her. She is an amazing woman who will be your advocate and who has the best in mind for you and your family!

Annette LaTondress Keaton


From the moment I met with Dianne I knew I wanted her to be the one to help see me through my wish for a natural, unmedicated birth. I got my wish and so much more with Dianne! I texted her often with questions and concerns and always received a prompt response. When my water broke at 3:30 AM on a Saturday, I text Dianne and let her know and she responded immediately, nevermind that it was the middle of the night on a weekend! Dianne encouraged me to have some breakfast and walk the halls to get things started - and boy did things start! In an hour my contractions were 3 minutes apart. Dianne helped me focus on getting through each contraction and I no longer was thinking "how much longer?" instead listening to my body during each contraction and resting during what little reprieve I had between them. When I started to feel nauseous, Dianne had peppermint oil that helped alleviate the nausea. When I went into a panic scrambling to get out of the tub, Dianne was right there, calm as could be helping me out of the tub and making sure I was comfortable (well, as comfortable as one can possibly be while dilated to 10 cm) Dianne not only helped hold one of my legs back as I pushed, she somehow was able to snap some amazing photographs. My entire and labor and delivery ended up being less than 3 hours. I credit Dianne for the speediness of this. Yes, it was my body that did it, but Dianne helped me stay focused on listening to my body and just getting through each contraction. There were a few times when I started to cry and thought I couldn't do it anymore, but Dianne reminded me that this was what my body was made to do. I am really proud to say that I did it, and yes I do feel that I have bragging rights since I gave birth in a hospital with a 99 percent epidural rate! Dianne is an amazing doula who will be there for you before, during and after the birth of your baby and I highly recommend her!


Rae, Rob, Dean and baby Reagan


People come into your life for several reasons and Dianne was there to help our family love, laugh and grow together as a family. She was able to center us during each contraction and provided the support and care that our family needed. When we first met Dianne we knew that the decision to have a doula present during our labor was a necessity! We didn’t quite know how to get through an unmedicated, natural childbirth and we new we needed her. During the last few weeks of our pregnancy Dianne was there to check in and provided us with tips to get through the last few uncomfortable weeks and offered advice as to how we could position our daughter for better delivery while still in the womb. She is a wealth of knowledge and a lifelong part of our family. With Dianne’s encouraging words and direction through labor we were able to have the unmedicated, natural childbirth that we so desired – we were also lucky enough to labor and deliver in a birthing tub! All we can say is THANK YOU, you have forever affected our lives and we are so grateful!

Grace Shipley Ford


I found Dianne Hamre through doulamatch.net. From the moment we met, I knew that she was the doula for me. There is something very special about Diane! I think part of it is that she really loves what she does and she truly has the gift of bonding with pregnant women. I was also able to connect more with Diane through the wonderful birthing class that she teaches, which in my opinion is much more valuable than any hospital birthing class could ever offer.
When the big day arrived I was totally confident I had someone that I could count on for support and assistance in getting me through one of the greatest, yet most challenging events in my life. Because of her help, my husband and I were able to draw closer during labor, since my husband didn’t have to focus on certain parts of my labor that Dianne assisted me with. And even though I ended up an emergency c-section, Dianne was there every step of the way! She was always by my side, showing me support while giving me the encouragement I needed to get me through the birth of our beautiful son.
As my husband puts it “Dianne is like a veteran quarterback who remains focus and calm even in the midst of severe pressure”.
After we came home with our baby, Dianne came to visit me and helped me with breastfeeding. She gave me all the instruction and support I needed to be able to get my baby to successfully “latch on”. Initially, I felt that I didn’t have what it took to be successful with breastfeeding, but I remember her saying “Grace, just give it one day…you can do one day”. All I needed was that encouragement and knowledge to get going and Diane provided that and much, much more. If you choose to hire Dianne you will not be disappointed! She brings all the love, care, knowledge, dedication and passion that a woman is looking for in a doula.

Heather Dziczek


 My husband and I first met Dianne through her birth class, The Birth Journey, and really enjoyed it. We decided soon after to take advantage of her doula services. It was great for both of us to have her there - for me for help through my natural childbirth, and for my husband, to take off the pressure of figuring out how to help. She also took some excellent photos. She checked in with us a few days later and helped out with getting the little one to latch properly and was always available if I had questions or concerns. We were very pleased with her services and would definitely recommend!

jessica halas


 We knew we wanted an advocate on our side when it came to the stress of labor and delivery in the hospital setting.  We met with three Doula's and our first impression of Dianne was that she was knowledgeable and professional with a calm strength.  As we got to know her she has a kind, warm personality and sincerely cares about us and the experience we were hoping for.  In discussing our birth plan she asked us if we had considered a birthing center and we had told her were intrigued but not quite comfortable.  She shared some information about her experiences and encouraged us to look in to it.  We ended up using a birthing center (Babymoon Inn) and couldn't have been happier.   Dianne's approach is calm and confident.  During my short labor she was right there with encouraging words, doing hip squeezes, explaining our options, all the while discretely capturing the event with photo's and later writing a beautiful birth story.  After a few days at home, when my frustration with breastfeeding was peaking, she showed me some techniques and assured me that my son was doing okay.  She also provided me with information on local resources, a lactation consultant, mother support groups, and internet links to help me with breastfeeding.  I would highly recommend that you at least meet Dianne. You won't be disappointed!  



If you are considering using a Doula for your upcoming Birth, you won't go wrong talking and considering Dianne Hamre. I went into my birth planning to handle everything myself, and sure that I would be fine with family and my OB. As the day approached and the more I needed to visit the Doctor for this test and that test, I began to question my natural birth plan, and if my doctor was on my page, or just focused on the idea that I was labelled "High Risk" due to age and Fertility. So I bagan to explore Doula's based on a recommendation by my Sister. After speaking with a few doula's, Dianne Name was given to me by my sister, and I gave her a call. What a knowlegable person. If you want to have a person in your corner, with experience and knowledge invaluable to your success with your birth, Dianne is your girl! She will support your birth plan, she will remain calm in the stress and experience of labor pains. She will provide a number of options for you to eleviate your pain, even when you don't think you have any options. She will understand that everyone handles pain differently, and you are free to work through your pain with her to support you. I was grateful to have her as an advocate and friend. Up through the birth and after she was available with answers to questions I know she has been asked a million times, but answered as if she was offering experienced advice to help get through the tough first week. Dianne took great pictures you would never have thought you wanted, and printed out your birth experience for you to share with your family and friends. You cannot go wrong have as much support during your birth, and considering a Doula is one option you should take seriously, and be sure to take a moment to meet with Dianne as possibly your next Doula!!

Joy Metcalfe


We were incredibly pleased and truly impressed with Dianne Hamre as our doula.  My husband and I were expecting our first child when we decided on hiring a doula. I was new to the area and wasn't sure how I felt about my doctor as she seemed to get defensive and a bit sarcastic  with me whenever I asked questions or expressed concerns.   Once we met with Dianne at the Starbucks, we were confident she was what we needed to help guide us through the pregnancy and childbirth.   She is so knowledgeable and wise in all areas of pregnancy, labor and childbirth.   She is also incredibly professional, warm and compassionate. 

Things with my pregnancy went in a very different direction than we expected.  I had a leak of amnniotic fluid that sent me to the hospital way earlier than I had hoped or expected to go. I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible but because I was GBS positive and had the leak I was at high risk for infection and so I was stuck at the hospital. I was scared and overwhelmed.   We called Dianne and she showed up right away and talked us through our options.  It was so comforting to have her there!  She spent hours and hours with us at the hospital. She kept us focused, explained to us all the options, and was our rock.  She let us know her thoughts and recommendations but it was always up to us what we wanted to do.   She is the kind of person you want on your team.  It seemed we got  more respect from the doctors and nurses when Dianne was there.  Also, we felt more comfortable in our decision making process with her presence.  Dianne does extremely well under pressure, she knows her stuff and is worth every single penny.   You will absolutely love her, we did! 

Sokun Wenzel


My husband and I met Dianne the night I went into labor and we felt a connection to her from the start. She has a very warm and friendly disposition. Our original doula had a conflict of schedule as she had another client getting induced that same night and needed to be there for her. Having Dianne be there as our backup doula was an amazing experience for us and we could not have gone through the entire experience without having her support and guidance. My son's birth did not go the way I planned at all and unfortunately was full of unforseeable interventions and led to a c-section. Dianne was there supporting us 100% and providing encouragement every step of the way. I am very grateful Dianne was there to provide physical support for me as well while I labored without medication for 16+ hours starting in my home, all the way to her pouring water over me while I labored in the tub at the hospital. She worked alongside my husband and having them both there for me meant everything. Dianne also provided me with much needed support after the birth of my son with her knowledge and encouragement on helping me establish breastfeeding. We highly recommend Dianne without reservation to anyone looking for a doula who is kind, loving and knowledgeable. She will always be a part of our son's birth story. Thank you Dianne! 

-Sokun, Tim & Silas

Sam Greene


 Diane helped us throught the birth, she was crucial when it got really tough.  She helped comfort and distract my wife during the most painful periods of labor.  She was very supportive and we would recommend her if you would like a confident person in the room during your birth.

Nicole McCabe


We were so impressed with Diane’s experience, knowledge & sweet demeanor from the moment we met her. We immediately could tell that she has a true passion for birth & her work as a Doula. Dianne provided a wealth of information & was always available when I had questions outside of our scheduled appointments. She taught us about interventions during the birth process & this was very helpful to us as there were a lot of interventions that we had never heard of and it prepared us for what to expect during the delivery. My husband was very involved  & Dianne was as much a support to him as she was to me. When I went into labor Dianne was only a phone call away & arrived at our home very quickly & then we went to the hospital when we felt it was time. Being our first child & not knowing what to expect we would have been terrified without Dianne there rubbing my back and telling me that the symptoms I was having were normal signs of labor. Consistent with our birth plan, I did not receive any pain medication and I never had the desire to ask for it. I can't say enough how much her support meant to me as I moved through labor. Dianne was right by my side reminding me to breathe, to bring oxygen to the baby & helped me move positions to be as comfortable as possible. All of her words and actions were exactly what I needed to keep me calm, relaxed and birth our beautiful baby boy. Her support didn't end with birth. She helped me with breastfeeding immediately after birth, came by the hospital the day after he was born and then visited our home when he was 5 days old. She helped adjust the way I was breastfeeding which made feeding much less painful. What Dianne does as a Doula is so vital that I can't imagine having another birth without her. She is genuinely dedicated to the wellbeing of her mothers and babies; I can't recommend her highly enough.

Rachelle Willie


My husband and I were unsure if we needed a doula or not, but after attending a Lamaze retreat we were convinced. We searched doulamatch.com, called Dianne and hired her at our first meeting. We knew that she was going to be perfect for us. We connected immediately. Dianne got to know us on a personal level in a short amount of time which was so important to us since we were about to embark on one of life’s greatest and most challenging experiences. Our due date was only two weeks away from our meeting. Dianne stayed in touch with us via phone and email as we attended our final doctors appointments, made our final preparations around our home, and created our birthing plan all with the help, support and advise from Dianne. We planned to have a natural birth. On our big day Dianne coached both my husband and I on focusing on each new challenge at it came along. We worked together as a team. She made us feel like the most important people in the world and she gave us her all. We went from having a natural birth to a c-section over 26 hours. With each disappointment I faced Dianne would look me in the eye and encouraged me with her calming spirit. She gave me a moment to be in the moment then we moved on positively with our most important end goal in sight; having a healthy and happy baby. Dianne even stayed and waited to be with us during our first moments as parents after our c-section. There isn’t enough time and space to tell you all of the little things she did for to make our day amazing as well as the weeks after during phone calls and a home visit. In fact we continue to stay in touch with Dianne as our daughter grows. If you are considering a doula stop looking and call the best. You have already found her.

Anna Anderson


I had the gift of working with Dianne as my birth doula!  She was an amazing support person from the moment I first contacted her.   We interviewed 3 other birth doulas, but I knew from the beginning she was my top choice.  From the moment I met Dianne, I felt so comfortable with her.  I knew immediately I could tell Dianne all my hopes, fears, etc. about the birth experience.

Additionally, Dianne always got back to me promptly when I had questions about the birth experience, pregnancy, postpartum, etc.  She was very warm, yet also professional.  Honestly, I can't imagine not having had Dianne at my birth.  She helped me believe in myself.  With her help, I was able to have a 5 hour labor with no drugs.  I am so thankful I was able to have a natural birth.  I know that without Dianne that would have been a bigger challenge.  If we have more children, I would hire Dianne again in a heartbeat.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a birth doula.  You can't go wrong with Dianne!

Noelle Legrain


Thank goodness for doulas like Dianne. I had a home birth and my experience was far from text book. My labor began with non-progressing contractions to my water breaking to basically being in transition for the next 10 hours until our little Vivienne arrived. Also, when my midwife arrived and checked to see how far dilated I was, we found out that the baby was breech – butt first! This was very upsetting news but Dianne helped keep me calm. Throughout the labor she made sure I ate, drank and does a fabulous hip squeeze! I think Dianne did a hip squeeze on me for basically every contraction – I’m not sure how she kept up the strength but it really helped ease the pain (my husband just didn’t seem to do a hip squeeze as well as her!).

I’ve heard some women say, “Oh, I don’t need a doula, my best friend will be there” or “No, we’re not having a doula – why would I need a doula when I have my husband ?” If I could give any advice, it would be – get a doula like Dianne. Husbands and friends don’t have the slightest clue how to ease a woman’s mind or pain in labor. Not to mention, can they really think clearly when all they can think about is, “Is this normal? Is she going to be OK? Is the baby OK? How long is this going to last?!” Yes, they may be the rock you need or a source of great comfort but having a third party there who knows what to expect is a huge weight off of your husband or your friend’s shoulders. After the labor, my husband told me that almost every time he asked me to drink or eat I would refuse but every time Dianne put food or drink in front of me, I took it. I really felt like my husband calmed down once Dianne arrived at our home. My husband is so thankful we had Dianne as our doula and yours will be too. If you need a doula, go with Dianne!

Emily Banning


Dianne was absolutly amazing to say the least. I am soo thankful we had her as our doula. We had a crazy, scary birth experience and she was the much need calm cool headed person. Dianne was instantly personable. We felt like family the first time we talked to her. We had a couple of different "difficult" situations in which Dianne turned out to be our savior. First of all my husband got very sick and was in the bathroom for most of my laboring. She was an awesome help and replacement. She managed to really take care of both of us and I am so thankful for her being there. Second of all, in my earlier labor she had a hunch our son was postier (face up making for horrible back labor and usually a more long and less productive labor). She knew just what to do. She had me in different positions on the floor and sure enough got him to flip the right way making my labor progress. We later found out at the hospital that Dianne was right he was indeed postier.Now the scariest part of our labor was that our son tried to be born on the freeway in the car. We had originally planned to have him in the hospital but things didn't go as planned. Dianne was the calm level headed rock in this situation. I remember her, as I was crowning in the car, calmly saying "its ok, if I have to catch this baby I will and everything will be fine." SO relieving! We had to take an ambulance to the hospital. She stayed with us the whole time. She was always there to answer any questions we and just seemed to genuinely care. I would recommend Dianne to anyone I talked to. If she could handle my crazy birth I have no doubt she can handle yours. You won't regret having her there for such a special event.

Michelle Olson


 She's awesome!  Dianne is so good at what she does!  We had a great home birth experience thanks to her expertise, skills, and patient, loving heart.  We were able to meet a few times prior to the birth, and her warmth just shines through.  She was amazing all throughout labor (quite a lengthy one, too, I might add).  She knew when to step in and help with things like pain relief for back labor (I swore she had magic hands!) and showed my husband these techniques as well.  My son has not yet forgotten the yummy cookies she brought ;)  She was there every step of the way, always helping.  When it came time to deliver, she gave me the most amazing gift by gently persuading my husband to switch places with her, so he could watch his son being born.  I will forever treasure those moments, and I only have her to thank.  She wrote a beautiful birth story and gave us all the pictures as well.  Dianne is priceless!

John Floyd


We were fortunate to have Dianne Hamre as our Doula. She was calm, friendly and reassuring throughout labor. She help set up our birthing tub and got things organized. She was the first one to arrive and instantly got things going in the right direction. As a husband, I was pleased to have her there so I could focus on my wife and not worry if I am forgetting anything. She worked very well with our midwife as well. Our birthing experience was as wonderful as we could ever imagine. Dianne was simply wonderful and played a major role with the success of the birth of our daughter. We highly recommend her for any family wanting a Doula.

Laurie Saint


My husband and I recently adopted a baby boy.  We were excited to learn the birthmother wanted to have a natural birth in water and chose a birthing center to bring our little one into the world.   We were even more excited when we met the doula she selected - Dianne Hamre.  From the first phone conversation to this day we have had a wonderful experience with Dianne.  She is a thoughtful, thorough professional with compassion and understanding.  Adoptions are very emotional, but Dianne understood the delicate balance between what the birthparents (and grandparents) were experiencing and what we as adoptive parents were going through.  She was a calm "middle person" between what was happening in the birthing room and the waiting room.  She took great pictures and put a birthing story together for both sides.  Dianne has kept in touch with our birthmother and made sure she was recovering well, physically and emotionally.  She also has checked in and met with us to see how we are coping with our first baby - so sweet!  Dianne has gone above and beyond what I ever would have expected from a doula.  I would highly recommend Dianne, and I have as a matter of fact!  Our entire adoption experience would not have been nearly as smooth and special if not for Dianne. 

Karen Owen


The first time that I met Dianne could tell that she was a very passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. Her calm nature and experience made me feel very comfortable and I knew that I was making a smart choice by having her as my doula. My husband was a little unsure about having a doula but now after our great experience both him and I will recommend Dianne in a heartbeat. Just because God created us women to go through the experience of childbirth it does not mean that we have to go through it alone and Dianne is a great support person. She knew just what to do in all of the situations that were thrown at us, which way to move, where to push and what to do next. With Dianne’s help emotionally and physically I was able to have the labor and birth that I always wanted. Her help and support did not just stop after the baby was born. Her help and knowledge go way beyond just labor and delivery. It is nice to know that she is there for help when I needed her. With the birth of my second baby there was also a birth of a friendship that I see lasting longer then the memories of the pain of childbirth. Thank you Dianne I know that I could not have done it without you.

Kelly Moody


     Can't say enough great things about Dianne.  Having had a previous c-section, I was on the clock to go into labor or face a repeat c-section at 41 weeks, 3 days.  She told me how to stimulate labor naturally...and it worked!  Even after being up for 24 hours at another birth, she was absolutely on top of things throughout my VBAC labor, not only by making me comfortable and coaching my husband, but by helping me make informed decisions about my care, and mediating between me and hospital staff to make my labor a positive experience.  I never had to worry about fighting for my wishes/rights.

     On two occasions, I though I might lose my chance to VBAC (first for failure to progress, and then because my cervix was starting to swell and close) and Dianne was able to help me focus on my goal and position me so that my body could stop swelling and dilate, and my baby could move down with the least amount of intervention.  She knew just how to coach me to get me through the hardest part of my labor: keeping my body from pushing too soon.  I was able to give birth to my baby girl just the way I had dreamed, without surgery or epidural, and it was worth every moment of difficult labor!  We were able to leave the hospital 24 hours after my daughter's birth, and I'm feeling great! I honestly don't think I could have done it without Dianne in my corner.  

Amber Kim


my experience with dianne was amazing.  she is just a great person, so sweet and kind.  she always called to check up on me and made sure i was doing ok.  she offered advice and told me about her experiences, which really helped.  she also researched birthing supplies for me so that i can save money...very thoughtful!  she's just so gentle and that's exactly what i needed because i was scared of having a home birth for the first time.  she's someone i would definitely recommend to my friends and family.  she made my experience a great one and even after birth, she offered a lot of advice on breastfeeding and even baby acne :)  she's awesome.  lastly, she really wanted to meet my needs and was so flexible in working out everything to make sure those needs were met.  she's someone i'd like to keep as a friend as well.  great doula, great person!

Alicia Savage


I can’t say enough good things about Dianne. She played such an essential role in helping me through 30 hours of labor naturally at my home after two c-sections. I really could not have made it without her kind words and physical support. She is very knowledgeable about the birthing processes and is very gently with the guidance she provides. She is behind you all the way supporting whatever path is best for you. She is a very empathetic and caring person and truly loves and treasures the work she does.

Amber Kim


Dianne was a wonderful doula.  The thing I appreciated most about her was her gentle and kind spirit.  She was just so nice and understanding throughout my pregnancy and most of all, always made me feel at ease, even during labor!  She's so helpful in so many ways.  DIanne even helped me to save some money by looking for birthing supplies for me.  She called regualry to check up on me and made me feel cared for.  SHe's just a sweet person to have around for support and encouragement during pregnancy and birth.  I cannot imagine my experience without her, especially duing the most intense stage of my labor and delivery.  She was able to help not only me, but my husband and my midwife during the whole process.  Last, but not least, she inspired me because of her own story as a mother of 4.  She makes me feel like I can do it!  I will definitely stay in touch with her and also ask for her help for my next child....if my husband and I are brave enough to do so :)  

Whitney and Nathan Gregory


Dianne was absolutely essential during the epic adventure of our 48 hour labor.  Nothing seemed to be going according to our birth plan due to our little girl being in a very difficult position for natural delivery to progress.  Dianne helped us through all of the difficult decisions that we needed to make as the painful back labor went on and on throughout the weekend.  Dianne was a wealth of knowledge when it came to position changes, massage techniques, and later in the process, medications and interventions that became necessary for a safe delivery.  She was a wonderful support to my husband, showing him how to help me physically and emotionally, and keeping us focused on the goal of a safe delivery, however that may end up happening.  We were so impressed with her calm in the face of so much stress and her willingness to stay with us throughout the entire process.  Dianne advocated for us and helped us to advocate for ourselves as the labor process drifted farther from what we had hoped for, due to the baby's position.  Her presence and participation in the birth of our daughter helped us to feel confident about the decisions we needed to make and were greatly appreciated.  We would recommend her to everyone!

Mike Wasem


We met Dianne by happenstance as she stepped in for our doula, who was called away for a family emergency. Dianne met us at the hospital entrance and quickly got up-to-speed on my wife Heidi’s pregnancy and birth plan. We wanted a natural birth without epidural or the haze of pain medications. A 13-hour labor put this ambition to the test, as Heidi had severe back labor throughout (Dianne, Heidi’s mother and I rotated on back massage duty). Dianne remained a remarkable and confident advocate for us through labor. Her interpersonal skills kept us all clear and focused; her empathetic nature helped bring Heidi through delivery. She worked wonderfully with the midwife. Thirteen hours after meeting Dianne, she became a big part of bringing Micaela Rose into the world … and she’ll forever have a place in our hearts.


Bryn Porter


Dianne was all I could ask for in a doula and more! My labor required a lot of coaching and a lot of techniques to keep it progressing and she did a wonderful job of motivating me when I was discouraged. I was determined to have a natural birth and she was an essential part having that outcome. I am truly thankful that she was a part of my birth experience. I really feel that I couldn't have done it without her.

Joanna Clifton


Working with Dianne was wonderful. She fallowed our birth plan to the T. She help me cope with the pain of natural child birth and help my husband to coach me, making him feel involved. It was a beautiful experience I'm glad to have had Dianne there with us at the birth of our forth child, Naomi.

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