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Jennifer Crigger RN, CCCE, CLC

Beit Birth LLC

Theodore, AL Service range 60 miles The charge may be higher for a client outside of the 60 mile radius.


Birth Fee

$900 to $1000

Birth Fee

$900 to $1000

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 117 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I prefer a written birth plan and one prenatal visit with your physician or midwife.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Provided I have met your licensed midwife at a prenatal appointment.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Provided I have met with your licensed midwife during a prenatal visit

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My birth assisting package includes two private prenatal visits to discuss your plans for the birth, to practice comfort measures and to assist in writing or revising the birth plan. It also includes a visit with your physician or midwife. I will be on call from 38 weeks until the birth and will provide continuous labor support once labor has begun. I remain immediately postpartum until the baby has successfully breastfed and you are settled. The fee also includes one in-home postpartum visit to assist you and baby in home adjustment. I also offer childbirth classes, which are discounted for doula clients.

Theodore, AL Service range 60 miles The charge may be higher for a client outside of the 60 mile radius.

Client Testimonials for Jennifer Crigger RN, CCCE, CLC

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Jennifer is an excellent doula and my
husband and I would recommend her to anyone!  Her faith and experience as a nurse gave us peace of mind. We felt like we had known her forever from our first visit.  She has such a calming presence and was great during our home birth for pain management with repositioning, massage, essential oils and encouraging words. She was very intuitive and knew exactly what I needed.  She also took photos of the whole experience from the beginning of labor to after delivery which was such a wonderful and thoughtful gift to be able to cherish these memories for years to come.  Thank you Jennifer for making our experience so special.  

Cecilly Scott


Jennifer has been our doula for both of my VBACs, one with a epidural and one natural. She is absolutely essential to any laboring/postpartum mom. My births would not have been as great as they were without her. And the level of support even after the contract ends is very special. Jennifer is more than labor support, she’s family ??



If I had to choose one word to describe my experience with Jennifer, I think it would be *necessary*. I truly had no idea how helpful and encouraging her presence would be during my daughter's birth, or how valuable her expertise and support would be as my husband and I made important decisions for myself and our baby. Jennifer offered unparalleled support throughout my pregnancy and post-partum journey. She is reliable, professional, highly personable, kind and generous. Without Jennifer's insight my husband and I gained through her classes and our one-on-one meetings, I would not have had the confidence needed to make the best decisions for myself and our child. Needless to say, we will be seeking her services for future children! If you're in the surrounding area, send her a message to chat today! 


Rebecca Estes


When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child the first thing we did was begin building our birth team. We knew that we wanted to be as educated and prepared as we could be. We also knew we wanted to attempt a natural labor and delivery and that a doula was key to feeling supported and being successful. Jennifer with Beit Birth was an answer to our prayers. Her childbirth education classes provided us with the resources and information we needed to make informed decisions about our labor, our delivery, and our baby. It also provided us with the hands on training we needed to be prepared for our natural labor. Thanks to Jennifer's classes we were able to feel confident in our birth plan and discuss it with our doctor prior to delivery. We felt prepared when it was "Go Time."
Jennifer also provided impeccable doula services during our labor and delivery. She was the most wonderful coach and support person. We couldn't have done it without her! She was so responsive when contractions started and began to intensify around 3am. She came to my home, realized my baby was not in the optimal position for delivery, and suggested we do the Three Sisters maneuver to try and reposition our baby. That's when things really sped up and we decided it was time to go to the hospital. She called the hospital to let them know we were on our way and accompanied us. We had a baby an hour after our arrival. There are no adequate words to explain what Jennifer means to our family. Our experience with her could not have been more wonderful. We are now parents to the most beautiful baby girl and have Jennifer to thank for such a positive birth experience. 

Merileigh Moen


I can't imagine my birth experience without the gentle (yet strong) support of Jennifer Crigger. She came highly recommended to me by a dear friend who had an unmedicated home birth. Jennifer is the perfect blend of professional and friendly. As first time parents, my husband and I had a lot of questions, and she had an answer for all of them. Her prenatal visits to my house actually got me excited for labor. She made me aware of some fantastic podcasts that, truly, helped prepare me for mamahood (from labor techniques to nutrition). When the time came--when my body and baby were ready for the SHIFT--Jennifer was there 100%. And this was no 4 hour labor, either...This was a 20 HOUR unmedicated labor. Jennifer coached me into different positions (that I never would've thought of) that helped prepare the way. She brought a crockpot with warm compresses and applied them to my birth space without hesitation. She explained things in a way that cut through the medical terminology--always reminding me that "it's up to you." Words truly can't express how grateful I am to this marvel of a woman. She's strong, funny, incredibly knowledgeable about the birth experience and when she came to my house for a follow-up appointment a week after delivery, it was like seeing a dear longtime friend. We hugged and laughed, and seeing her with Willow was a joy (of course, she is also a baby whisperer!) She also showed me the notes she took from the birth (which I was also unaware that she was doing during labor). I really appreciated her attention to detail, her discretion, and her understanding of how important and empowering the birth experience can BE. Do not hesitate to invite this light-walker to your side. Having a strong woman, and mother of four, as my support during this intense transformation was one of the greatest gifts of my birth experience. Boundless awe and gratitude for you, dear Jennifer!



From the start, at our birthing classes, Jennifer was very personable and helpful. She answered every question we had, and questions we didn't know we would have. The material was in depth, but not overwhelming.

She was with me every step of the way during my 27 hours of labor from home to the hospital and there to help me start my breastfeeding journey.

Her expertise in pain management and relaxation techniques were crucial in allowing me to have a natural, unmedicated birth. The medical staff all respected her and worked with her to help me have the most positive birth experience. I don’t think I could have had the natural unmedicated birth that we wanted without her love and support! She helped to calm me and guide my husband on how best to encourage and support me during the hardest task in my life. In the end she became more like family than anything and I wouldn’t change a moment of our labor and delivery! She has continued to check in on us and ensure that we are doing well and thriving as we are learning our new roles and mommy and daddy. Thank you Jennifer for empowering us to have such a peaceful, loving, natural birth story! We could not have done it without you by our side!



I used Jennifer as a doula to assist with a hostial VBAC and I am so happy that I chose her to assist with my birth. I was able to have a successful natural VBAC and I don't think I would have been able to do it without her help.  She is a kind and caring person who is also very knowledgeable on the intriciasies of childbirth. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a doula.


Olivia Scott


Jennifer was amazing during my pregnancy as well as labor, delivery, and post partum. She is kind and helpful through the whole process. She gave us so much information and helped us educate ourselves and to make the best choices for our delivery. We are so thankful for Jennifer and all she has done for us! 



She is amazing & so sweet. She knows exactly what to do to help get through labor without even asking her or having to say anything to her. It’s like she read my mind with contractions for what I wanted when I didn’t want to talk because of pain or I felt like I was about to throw up. She helped me write my birth plan & reminded me during labor each thing I said I wanted. The hip squeezes were magic & I needed them every contraction and even though she showed my husband how he just couldn’t get them right. My husband said he would recommend her a million times & if any husband has any questions about a doula he wouldn’t mind answering them. I contacted a few doulas recommended or seen on doulamatch & only one other had availability & seemed compatible with my personality but after meeting her I felt a more personal connection with Jennifer than the other doula. She was available to answer my crazy questions & just someone to talk to before & after. I had my first without a doula & required pitocin because my water broke, wouldn’t dilate & I was afraid of a c/s but the nurses told me I had to lay flat even though my doctor said I could walk. Laying flat was painful sitting up was manageable but they would not let me or try to help keep him on monitor so I got epidural at 3 cm 12 hours into labor. I wanted a doula to help advocate for myself against the nurses & I felt $600 replaced the $700 epidural cost. The nurse I got this time was actually very helpful & accommodated my birth plan & I didn’t need anyone to help me argue with her in any way but I don’t know if I could have gotten through it all without Jennifer there for me so I still would have wanted her. We did attend her refresher class & enjoyed it & learned a few things. I’m a nurse with a little labor & delivery experience but still felt I needed a doula so she’s really for anyone.

Amanda Arnold


I had a doula with my first pregnancy/delivery and I knew I wanted to have one at the delivery of my second child too.  I contacted Jennifer Crigger to speak with her about her services.  I was pleased with our initial conversation so I arranged a face-to-face meeting so my husband could also meet her.  We both felt comfortable with our decision to choose her to assist us in bringing our child into the world.  I was excited when my OB-GYN doctor was complimentary of her professionalism as she had worked with her previously.  I have no regrets about my decision to hire Jennifer Crigger.  She was supportive during my pregnancy, even attending a doctor's appointment with us.  She made a home visit before delivery and after I got home.  When my water broke one month earlier than my due date, she was calm as I contacted her in a panic.  When we got to the hospital, her support got me through the tough contractions and my baby was born without pain medication just as I wanted.

Tricia Gantt


Wow Jennifer was the exact doula I needed for the birth of my second daughter. I wanted to do an unmedicated birth and she was fully onboard the whole way. I struggled with anxiety before and during labor and Jennifer calmed me down so easily with her calming tone and confident words. During labor I began second guessing my decision to go unmedicated and when I started to convey my concern with letting myself down she quickly made me realize however the process went it was going to be amazing and something to be proud of. I indeed went unmedicated by the way haha. Also, my labor was incredibly fast and Jennifer then stayed extra long after the birth to make me feel comfortable and even gave me a foot massage. Then one of the best things was when she came back to my house a few days after delivery. She made me a sitz bath, talked to me while I cried and did my laundry! What a treat that was! She was simply amazing and I am so blessed that I found her.

Amanda Jean Tulowitzki


Jennifer was wonderful to work with both before and after the birth! My labor lasted for 2 days; Jennifer was there the entire time and worked well with my doctor and my husband. She was supportive of my birth plan and advocated for me. This was especially appreciated as I did a natural birth. It was helpful to have her knowledge as an experienced RN for both pregnancy and postpartum concerns. She was very accessible by phone and text. I will definitely use her again for subsequent childbirths!

Kara Bowling


We are so thankful for Jennifer and the experience we had with our natural birth. This was our second birth and we wanted to try for a natural delivery. I was going to attempt to do it alone but under the guidance of a few friends decided to find a doula to help. I came across Jennifer on her website from a Google search and identified with her story and her authenticity. After meeting her we were convinced that she was the right person to help us with our birth journey. Jennifer was always available for any questions I had and went above and beyond our normal scheduled meetings to check in and make sure things were progressing well. I felt that she truly cared for us and our family and was extremely supportive in all things. I valued her advice and opinion and I am so thankful she was the one we chose to help us. She has an extremely calm personality and presence and  we are so thankful for her helping us achieve a birth of that we wanted. We could not have done it without her!

Veronica Graham


Jennifer was caring, informative, and very supportive throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Due to placental abruption, my anticipated natural delivery turned into an emergency c section. Jennifer made me feel empowered and supported through one of the most frightening experiencing of my life. She checked on me and my newborn often through texts, calls and visits. We encountered unexpected difficulties with nursing brought on by a medication prescribed for me after delivery. Jennifer provided lactation support and always seemed to be there whenever I needed help. I am so grateful we found Jennifer! If God blesses our family with more children I certainly plan to have Jennifer by my side!


Sarah Ross


For my second child, I knew that I wanted a better, less traumatizing, birth experience. I signed my husband and myself up for birth classes with Jennifer. The classes were wonderful and I highly recommend them to anyone who desires a better birth experience. After the first few classes, we decided to see if Jennifer was available to assist us with her doula services. We loved her personality and felt we would be more comfortable with her assistance during labor and delivery.

I contacted Jennifer after about three hours of consistent contractions. She stayed in contact with me and headed to my home shortly after receiving my text. She was able to time contractions and was able to help us decide when it was time to head to the hospital. Almost immediately after arriving at the hospital I started to feel the urge to push. Jennifer was able to communicate with the nursing staff about my wishes for a natural birth. She worked seamlessly with hospital staff and had a very professional and calming presence during delivery. I strongly suggest birthing with a doula and I plan on asking Jennifer to assist with any future pregnancies.

Taylor Lester


Jennifer was such a blessing to my unique birthing experience. Her extensive knowledge of pregnancy and giving birth prepared me for what was to come. The one thing she helped me most with was preparing me for breastfeeding. She was able to answer all questions I had and provided resources to back what she said. Because of Jennifer breastfeeding was not as intimidating or stressful as I think it could have been had I not had her help. I love her spirituality she shared with me. I can’t thank her enough for the peace she helped me find during my pregnancy! I will use her again.

Ashley Dykstra


Jennifer was a reassuring presence throughout my pregnancy and labor. With her help to educate us in the birth process and pain management I felt confident and prepared for the labor experience. She was also helpful as we weighed the choices we might have to make and decided what we wanted in our birth plan. It was great to have someone to call or text with questions throughout my pregnancy.

Although my labor was over 24 hrs long because of a posterior baby, Jennifer was calm and continously helpful. She was there during every contraction to help me manage pain. I wanted to avoid an epidural, and I don't think this would have been possible without her knowledge and assistance.

It was great to have her help with establishing breastfeeding, and her follow up a few days after birth to make sure baby and I were doing well.

Jennifer was very respectful of my wishes and also helped me to communicate those things to the hospital staff so that they were on the same page. Although labor and birth was hard, I look back on it as a positive and empowering experience, and Jennifer was a big part of that. I highly reccommend her services as a doula.

Jill Clair Gentry


Pregnancy / Birth Classes

We contacted Jennifer early in our pregnancy with our first baby. I was interested in an unmedicated birth, but knew almost no one who had done it or was supportive of the idea! Jennifer and I met for lunch, and I immediately felt at ease and safe with her. We enrolled in her birth classes and I joked to friends after they were over that I felt like we had earned an associate's degree in birth! The information is straightforward and covers ALL birth scenarios, not just natural birth. We loved that Jennifer has experience as a L&D nurse and has had several different birth expereinces herself—she is very down-to-earth, realistic and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She was generous with her time and answered any questions we had throughout pregnancy. She helped me put our birth plan together and came with me to a doctor's appointment to make sure my doctor had the opportunity to meet her.

Labor and Delivery

Jennifer came to our home while I labored and helped us decide when it was time to go to the hospital. She worked beautifully with my OBGYN and the nursing staff, and we had a beautiful natural birth. I cannot put into words how much I loved giving birth and how confident I was throughout the entire 14 hours of labor! *A lot of people have asked me how my husband felt about a doula. Jennifer empowered him with knowledge about the labor process as well as strategies to help me through contractions. He was super involved and knew exactly what to say and do throughout labor because of the education we received.*

Postpartum Care

The two followup visits after our baby was born were amazing. The herb bath really helped in my healing process and was just a sweet experience. Jennifer checked on me as well as our baby and instilled a lot of confidence that we were on the right track and were doing just fine!

Treya Tindal


My husband and I attended Jennifer’s birthing class and after the first class we decided that we wanted to have a doula for our first birth. Jennifer had a very competent and calming presence, so we asked her to be our doula. It made me feel comfortable to know  I had her to text or call for any questions I had leading up to the birth. I went into labor around 10:30 at night and had Jennifer come over around 1am when we were sure it was the real thing. We stayed at home until I was 5cm dilated (Jennifer was able to check me at home which was great). My labor slowed down a lot once we got to the hospital but Jennifer stayed with me the whole time and tried a lot of different positions to get the baby in the right position. After the birth of my baby girl I had two visits from Jennifer to make sure me and baby were doing good and to do sitz baths. I highly recommend Jennifer especially for first time moms who have a lot of questions and need a calming presence.

Kaelie and Andre Holder


"The best money I EVER spent" that is how my husband describes securing Jennifer as our doula for the birth of our first child in October 2017. We were moving back to the USA from overseas to the Gulfcoast where we had no friends or family and I wanted to have an unmedicated birth so I knew I needed a doula. My husband found her profile online and we really liked that Jennifer had a medical background.  She was so accommodating with the crazy time difference between the US and Indonesia so we first "met" by conference call. By the time I arrived in the USA and we met at 33 weeks it felt like we were old friends. We did our childbirth classes with Jennifer and I could not have asked for better preparation. She is knowledgeable and provided so much evidence based information that we were fully informed of our options not only for childbirth but also regarding medical decisions for our son in those early weeks. This was significant in helping me to feel more empowered and less fearful of the birthing process. She never pushed us in one direction or the other but was 100% supportive of our choices. Without a doubt I can say that I would never have been able to have a natural birth like I did without Jennifer's support. Others have described her calm, gentle, passionate demeanor and I can add no more but to call her our "Birth Angel." During a labor & delivery that lasted well over 20 hours and started during Hurricane Nate her constant reassurances, humor and prayers helped us get through it. I cannot speak highly enough about her prenatal visits which include Mom wellness checks and finding the best techniques that will work during birth for Mom e.g. essential oils, massage, sifting and postpartum visits which included Mom & baby wellness checks, breastfeeding support, herbal sitz baths and just overall emotional support. If you are reading this then do not doubt that you have found the perfect and most amazing doula!

April Broughton


Jennifer was amazing to work with. This was my daughter's second time being assisted by Jennifer and both times were amazing. Kristi and I were both grateful for her knowledge and experience. Jennifer knew exactly what to do to ease the pain from the contractions. Later Kristi told me that without the technique Jennifer used, she did not know if she would have made it without anesthesia. She came as soon as Kristi called her when she knew for sure she was in labor and Jennifer knew when it was time to head to the hospital. It also meant a lot to us that she stayed at least a couple hours after the babies were born, helped us get great photos and made sure the baby latched on correctly. If you are considering having a Doula assist you through labor, we would strongly recommend Jennifer as your choice.

Elisabeth Hanes


I will forever be grateful for Jennifer! She was critical in helping me achieve a natural, VBAC. Jennifer's calm, caring nature combined with her knowledge of natural birth made her exactly what I'd hoped for in a doula. I really struggled with fear during this labor... fear that I would have to have another c section. Jennifer helped keep me encouraged and focused on my goal of a natural, VBAC. Without this help, I think I would've given into my own fears. She was also a huge help after the birth with her lactation knowledge and postpartum visits. It's so wonderful to have someone come check on you after you've come off the emotional high of birth and you are recovering. I'm so grateful for a doula who not only walked with me through my pregnancy (with her prenatal visits, which were so great because they allow you to establish relationship before the birth), labor, delivery, and finally the transition back to life at home with a new baby. Having a natural birth has been a dream of mine for a long time and thanks to Jennifer - and a supportive hospital team and husband - I was able to see that dream become a reality!

Stephanie Dean Manley


I had an awesome labor/birth experience with Jennifer! She is so knowledgeable and researched and I was always learning something new from her about birth and babies. She has such a calming yet confident presence that she brings to the delivery room. I felt comfortable with her from the moment we first spoke and looked forward to her wonderful support throughout labor. I greatly appreciate her nursing background and expereince knowing that it gives her a much more broad sense of what goes on during labor within the hospital setting. She was absolutely the support I needed during labor and I can't express my appreciation enough. It's obvious she gives this her all and she was always there to answer questions and put my wondering, mama mind at ease :)

Timothy Carroll


Jennifer Crigger, RN, was more than we could have asked for in a doula. On our first meeting and interview, her passion for this work was apparent. With a spirit of gentleness and humility, she was able to carefully and intentionally meld together an incredible depth of knowledge and command of evidence-based practice with other holistic and non-western practices. This, in turn, empowered and encouraged us to be confident, assertive, and humble in response to the unpredictability of the birthing experience. Throughout our pregnancy, labor, and delivery, Jennifer remained responsive, attentive, engaged, patient, nurturing, prepared, and thorough. Given her breath of experiences that include her training as a doula, a registered nurse, a lactation consultant, and a mother, she was uniquely equipped to support our natural childbirth in a hospital setting. However, her service went well beyond our labor at home and delivery in the hospital as her postpartum support has been just a comforting and indispensable. Jennifer has been a reliable companion and steadfast guide through this exciting (and challenging!) season in our lives. In sum, we have been truly blessed to call Jennifer our doula, and it is with sincere gratitude that we offer our highest recommendation for Jennifer’s doula services as well as her invaluable child-birthing classes.

Brooke Lopez


From the moment my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child, we knew we wanted a natural birth and we received a lot of advice from friends to find a doula to work with us. We understood that a doula would be helpful, but we didn't realize a doula would be vital to our birthing process. Jennifer went above and beyond our understanding of what we thought a doula was. We knew that she would be couching and guiding us through everything, but we didn't expect the love and level of commitment we received from her! She was there for us every step of the way. I knew that she was only a phone call away if I had any questions at all and I was comforted in the knowledge that I could trust her advice based on her educational background and experience. I would recommend a doula to anyone I know, regardless of whether they intend on having a natural birth. But more importantly, I would recommend Jennifer every time. She helped us to have an experience we will never forget while bringing our beautiful baby girl into the world!

Emily Hofius


My husband and I hired Jennifer for the birth of our second child and had a wonderful experience! I interviewed other doulas and was drawn to Jennifer because she is very personable and calm, passionate about childbirth, and is very comfortable in a hospital setting due to her RN background. My husband was an excellent coach for the birth of our first child but I wanted the support of a doula the second time around because I anticipated a fast labor and thought my husband might be tied up getting our first child situated with a babysitter while I labored at home. Jennifer answered all my calls or text messages immediately and also sent me wonderful resources throughout my pregnancy. I enjoyed getting to know Jennifer during the prenatal visits and by the time I was full term I felt very familiar with her and was excited to have her with me for the upcoming birth. I had a wonderful birth and my husband and I were so glad we had Jennifer's support. Jennifer helped my husband help me and created a peaceful atmosphere in the hospital room with essential oils. She asked for the lights to be dimmed at times when bright lights were unnecessary and uncomfortable and kept the interruptions to a minimum. She also advocated for me to push in any position that felt comfortable and to only push when I felt the urge. That was one of my preferences we discussed in our prenatal visits and it made a world of difference minimizing my postpartum recovery time. After my daughter was born Jennifer stayed by my side for several hours until we were situated in a recovery room, and took so many more pictures than my husband and I would have been able to take on our own. My husband enjoyed the company and support he received while I labored and we both agree that we made an excellent decision to hire Jennifer!

Cecilly Compton


I hired Jennifer to give me the best chance of being successful with going for my VBAC. From the beginning, she possessed a calm demeanor and a wealth of information that I knew I needed. She always went above and beyond, including extra visits to my OB and to my home in a last attempt to turn my stubborn posterior baby. Labor was very challenging as any comfort method didn't last long for me but Jennifer never gave up. She also helped me to remain focus on my birth plan and to help me rationally decide on each intervention from the Dr. Because of her, I was successful with my VBAC and I will forever be grateful to her for being with me for every step. I was extremely sad at our last postpartum appt but in the event that we have another child, Jennifer is the #1 must have for our family!

Amanda Claybrook


I went into labor 3 weeks early and ended up having a c-section. Since I wasn't fully prepared to welcome baby home this early, my mom hired Jennifer to come help me out for a few weeks after coming home from the hospita while I recoveredl. Jennifer was a blessing to have and she helped teach me several ways to make breastfeeding easier and ways to bond with my baby. She was also a huge help around the house and helped me lookout for my baby while I got some much needed rest. I felt very comfortable with Jennifer around and was happy to have someone with such great experience to ask questions. She helped put this new mom to ease and helped me rest while I recovered.

kristi pineda


in my last pregnancy I really wanted to have a natural birth and do it without any pain medicines, and instead use other methods of pain control. I new I needed the help of a doula. I found Jennifer and my experience with her was amazing!  From her knowledge of everything pregnancy and birth related to foot and back massages during labor to helping me stay on course with my birthplan, she was amazing! I highly recommend her To anyone in need of that invaluable assistance during pregnancy and birth!

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