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Jocelyn Skinner CD(DONA) LCCE

Beautiful Beginnings Doula Services

Poulsbo, WA Service range 13 miles No ferries, no King Co., travel over the hood canal bridge is ok if you agree to a possible longer time


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Availability Remarks: Postpartum client scheduling is on an individual basis and needs to be flexible if I have another client go into labor. I generally work from 9 am to no later than 10 pm, Monday thru Friday.

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 116 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 7 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2016
  • PALS Doulas, February 2017
  • International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA), November 2019
  • ProDoula, November 2022

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No night shifts, only light housekeeping, no smokers, 4 to 6 hour shifts, day and evening shifts, no later than 10 pm. I will reschedule if I'm sick or if you are.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am happy to support your birth at hospitals in my area. Advocating for my clients in the hospital setting is something I enjoy and feel is a vital part of my role as your Doula.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I believe that a birth center can be the perfect compromise between hospital and home birth, providing a satisfying birth experience. I especially love the large tubs and calm private atmosphere which provides space for my clients to labor at their own pace.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I love the laid back, private atmosphere of a midwife attended home birth and love attending them. Home births are so special and intimate. It is super nice not to have to transport while in active labor.

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My birth fee is a flat fee and my postpartum fee is hourly. A 10% discount is given to veterans, law enforcement families and repeat clients. On call service for my birth doula clients from about 37 weeks until delivery, 2 prenatal visits, continuous presence during your labor and birth, 2 postpartum visits. Referrals to other birth professionals as needed and access to my video and book library. Please see my website for more detailed fee information and to view my client agreement.

Service Area

Poulsbo, WA Service range 13 miles No ferries, no King Co., travel over the hood canal bridge is ok if you agree to a possible longer time

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If you are scrolling through these testimonials wondering if you should hire a doula, this is your sign that you should do it!!

If you're wondering if you should hire, Jocelyn consider this another sign! ;)

I am a first time mom who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Nov, 2023. I had an easy pregnancy, work in Healthcare, and did a TON of prep/research prior to giving birth so I expected to have a smooth delivery.  Unfortunately, after 16 or 17hrs of laboring at home, my midwife team and I decided to transfer to the hospital due to malpositioning of my cervix & baby's head that was causing swelling and unmanageable pain. 

I am SO thankful we had Jocelyn as a doula for this unexpected change in our birth plan! She stayed with us for 24hrs through early labor at home, the decision on whether to go to the birth center or stay home, & eventually the decision to transfer to the hospital for pain relief/repositioning and eventually (after 5hrs of Spinning Babies)a successful vaginal delivery. Even though my birth didn't go as planned, it still felt beautiful and positive because I felt empowered, in control of the decisions, and supported by my team (husband, Jocelyn, midwives, nurses) the whole way through. 

Jocelyn advocated for me and my birth plan wishes both with the midwives and in the hospital. She helped give physical comfort and emotional support during a very intense time! I have clear memories of her coaching me to push when the time came and it helped me so much knowing she thought I could do it at a time when I was so tired and wasn't sure if I could make it!

On top of being an amazing support, she took some Incredible photos of the birth! I will treasure these photos forever! 

Thank you, Jocelyn!

Doulas are really amazing and worth the investment! Believe me! ;)

Haley Z


I absolutely recommend Jocelyn as a doula, 10 times over! She was an amazing support for me, but also for my husband. We didn’t have a doula for our first baby, and absolutely regret it. Having Jocelyn’s support with our 2nd baby, I was able to achieve my VBAC! She stayed through all 25 hours of labor, and was a real trooper! Because of her experience, she was able to recommend birthing positions for each phase of labor, and specific positions and comfort measures for the kind of contractions I was having. She was fully prepared with snacks and drinks, and helpful tools like the tens unit. She knew all of our preferences in advance and was able to help advocate for those preferences when needed. Even though it was a very long labor, it was an amazing experience, and I truly don’t think it would have been as amazing if it weren’t for Jocelyn.

Kristie Haines


Jocelyn supported me and my husband with both of our pregnancies. Both of our deliveries went smoothly and we greatly appreciated Jocelyn's knowledge, her experience and her reassurance during and after labor. We felt supported throughout the whole process and it was extremely helpful to my husband, taking anxiety out of our experince. We absolutely recommend Jocelyn!

Phil H


My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Jocelyn as our postpartum doula! She was super easy to work with, very friendly, got along great with our daughter,  and was able to share lots of insight with us. Highly recommend!

Kaitlyn Kaczka


Working with Jocelyn was absolutely wonderful! She has a great attitude and uplifting spirit that was crucial for labor and delivery. She kept us going every step of the way with advice, guidance, and humor, even when our plan for birth took a turn that was out of our control. She was such a rock for us when there were complications with our birth and I don't think that we would have come out of that experience feeling as good as we do if it weren't for Jocelyn. She always made sure that our needs and requests were being met and she advocated for us when it was needed. For first time parents, it was exactly what we needed. I would highly recommend to anyone considering a doula to work with Jocelyn!



Jocelyn was amazing. I'm so glad I listened to my gut and hired a Doula. Before Jocelyn, I felt like I was going into the birthing process blind. I had no idea what I was doing. To be honest, I was a little scared. Doing her birth classes really helped with that and it was so nice to have her support throughout the day of my birth. It was a god send to my husband. When my husband needed to step out for a minute she was there to takeover and he knew I was in good hands. I gave birth naturally at a birthing center and my labor was long... 20 hours. At hour 14 I was over it, exhausted. I wanted to give up, go to the hospital, and get an epidural. Jocelyn was there to help me cope and remind me why I'm doing this and it this way. She also got some beautiful pictures of my birth and I'm so grateful. I would hire her all over again! 

Katherine J


Can't recommend Jocelyn to enough  of my friends!! As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted someone on my side when I delivered in a hospital setting- to advocate for me, explain the labor process to me, and help me during such wild process. I didn't have the best experience with my ob clinic but I knew having Jocelyn help me during labor would make all the difference and it did! My labor was crazy fast and we powered through it together! Knowing I had Jocelyn by my side gave a lot of peace to me and my husband. 



I’m so glad we found Jocelyn! I’m a first time mom and I was interested in a natural, physiological birth because I believe birth is a natural event before it is a medical one. I had learned how important doulas are when it comes to: supporting a physiological birth, the mother’s mental and emotional health, and advocating for the mother’s interests in a hospital setting which juggles many interests in addition to that of the mother’s. Jocelyn not only went above and beyond everything we had hoped for in a doula, but she made us feel extremely cared for through the end of my pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum. We had so much peace of mind because we felt like we could fully trust her birthing wisdom, intuition, and guidance. I was able to have a very successful labor because of her. There were several moments throughout labor where I would have been confused, unsure, stalled out, and possibly would have agreed to the “cascade of interventions” if it were not for Jocelyn continually guiding us, reassuring us, and making sure I stayed calm and relaxed. My labor progressed beautifully with her helping me to try a variety of positions to get my baby progressing properly. Unfortunately, I tore significantly during pushing, but, even then, she stayed later than she normally does in order to make sure I received the support I needed during a long repair. My husband and I feel that she made all the difference in us getting so many positives out of our birth story.



As my husband and I were preparing to welcome our first baby into the world, we knew right off the bat that we needed and desired to have a strong birth team. After praying over our interview with Jocelyn, we knew she was going to be part of it. During our two prenatal visits leading up to our birth, Jocelyn provided so much helpful, need-to-know information - especially as I was about to become a mom for the first time. We were preparing for a home birth... something that is a foreign concept in both mine and my husband's family. When Jocelyn arrived in our home the day I went into labor, she had such a calm demeanor. She knew what she was doing. Her presence provided another rock for me to lean on. She was so encouraging. She and my husband went back and forth between providing physical relief, as well as emotional support and affirmation. I truly believe our birth experience was more successful and more aligned with what our vision was for our home birth because of Jocelyn. She's fun to be around, she's very laid back and easy going, and is a strong advocate for her clients. 


Jocelyn, thank you so much for everything! We are so thankful we found you and that you were part of our birth team and part of our story. 



I had the pleasure of having Jocelyn as my doula for my second child's birth. I had an epidural with my first daughter, and I was really hoping to have a natural birth the second time around. Jocelyn did an exceptional job helping me accomplish this. She was extremely knowledgeable in answering our questions during our prenatal visits and made us feel comfortable putting such a precious moment in her hands. Throughout my 18+ hour labor process she encouraged me, helped coach with techniques like spinning babies, used resources like her TENS unit/the birthing ball, and even encouraged me to pump in order to speed up the contractions. She also sat next to me as I labored for lengthy periods of time in the tub. She put cool wash cloths on my head, encouraged me to drink water/eat, and made sure I was being advocated for. I felt like she knew exactly what I needed at the perfect time. If something wasn't working, she was quick to find a way for it to work or think of something new. My husband really enjoyed having someone there who could coach him throughout the process as well. Jocelyn truly went above and beyond. She even managed to take pictures for us. I know for certain I would not have been able to accomplish a natural birth without her. She is such an inviting, caring, and sweet individual. I would highly recommend her to any pregnant momma. 

Allison A.


My husband and I decided to hire a doula since it was our first pregnancy and we weren't sure what to expect. After searching many doulas, we found Jocelyn and instantly knew she would be a great fit! She's calm, knowledgeable, resourceful, and is psssionate about what she does. She also was available any time I had questions. I felt that she really helped educate/prep me for delivery. Our goal was completely natural- Which we 1/2 way achieved. I was doing good until my labor started moving super fast, I couldn't keep up with it. I ended up getting an epidural and as soon as it was starting to kick it, I was already pushing-.. haha that's why I say we 1/2 way achieved a natural delivery. I think my favorite part of the whole experience were a few things.. 1. Jocelyn was so supportive and did such a good job at explaining everything. I felt like I was able to make informed decisions without feeling persuaded. 2. She took some amazing pictures for us during labor and delivery which I will be forever grateful for. 3. She sends an email after birth that sums up the process.  Words can't describe how incredible it was to reread/review the birthing process while holding my baby. Such a cool experience and I was happy to relive it during the email. Thank you for everything Jocelyn! You truly are such a blessing.



I highly recommend Jocelyn for anyone looking for a doula! Jocelyn was of great support for my second birth. I wanted to give birth naturally without any medical interventions and Jocelyn helped me to achieve my goal. She is well experienced and compassionate and her positive and calm demeanor made my labor experience a very positive and a memorable one. She taught me moves and exercises which tremendously helped my labor to move forward at a great speed. I would definitely work with her again and am recommending her to everyone I know. 



Jocelyn was amazing to have with us during the birth of our daughter. We hired Jocelyn to be an extra support as it was our first child and we didn't know what to expect. She came to our home and prepared us for what we should expect and was there to answer all of our questions. She was always available via phone or text prior to the baby arriving and when it was time for baby to come she came to the hospital and stayed with me for the entire labor and delivery. We had some complications getting the baby to move down the birth canal and Jocelyn had so many position ideas that even the nurses didn't know about. She held me while I cried, coached me while I pushed, and helped me to not give up. Even when I decided I needed an epidural she still supported me through the decision and continued to be there. We loved that she was an advocate for my husband and I if we were too exhausted or confused to remember our birth plan. I was so grateful to have Jocelyn there with me and would higher her again in a heart beat. A great Doula!



Jocelyn was an amazing doula for my first birth!  I had a very long and complicated birth that resulted in 26 hours of labor and an emergency csection.  Jocelyn stayed with me for an entire day knowing that I was nervous and having a difficult labor.  She kept me calm throughout and was so supportive to me and my husband!  She has such a passion for the birth process and for her clients in general.  I will definitely be connecting with her in the future if we have another child!





Jocelyn was such a great support system for my first birth. I really wanted to give birth naturally, and I felt the type of support Jocelyn provided really helped me to acheive my goal. It's just so comforting knowing someone who is experienced and compassionate is in your corner and there to encourage you when things get challenging. 

We gave Jocelyn a call at about 2am when we arrived at the hospital and she arrived shortly after and was with me throughout the whole experience. She was just the right amount of vocal and worked beautifully with the nurses and hospital staff. She has really perfected the art of knowing how to comfort someone in labor! I realized once I was in labor that I really did not like people talking to me, and I never felt annoyed by her, because she intuitively knew what I needed! That is a gift! 

I'm so thankful that Jocelyn was able to help us welcome our baby boy, Holden, into the world. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking out an additional support person to help them through the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Thank you Jocelyn!



I highly recommend Jocelyn for anyone looking for a doula! We came to her last minute when it looked like we were switching from a midwife to an OB with the hope that having a doula could make sure our wishes were heard. We’re so thankful she took us on! She stayed in contact with us frequently leading up to my due date to check in on how I was doing. The morning I went into labor (at 3 am) she arrived quickly and got right to work gathering all the information about the beginning of my labor and getting a TENS unit on my back. We quickly realized I was progressing too quickly to make it to the hospital and while we were all frozen with that reality, she calmly gave everyone a task to prepare for an unplanned home birth. She coached me with such a calm demeanor as I brought our boy into the world. I’m immensely thankful Jocelyn was there. Her calm presence made what could have been a traumatic experience a beautiful and empowering birth

Kate M.


Jocelyn has a presence about her that makes her feel like your friend's cool mom who always has cookies in the oven and gives really good hugs. Like she's not your mom, but a really close second. That was exactly what I was looking for in a doula, and Jocelyn totally fulfilled all my needs. When my little one was rushed to the NICU right after birth, having her there to hold my hand while my husband went with the baby was truly helpful. I don't know what I would have done without her. Plus she has a good sense of humor and I find that important in a doula! Thanks for everything Jocelyn, you are a star!!


Amelia King


We had such a lovely experience with Jocelyn! This was our second birth (and a VBAC) and what a difference Jocelyn made the second time around. She had so many resources for getting ready for the birth including birth plans, birthing techniques, and exercises. Once labor started it was so nice to have an extra set of hands helping me cope. She also did a wonderful job talking with me through and after contractions, especially when they were getting really difficult. This also took a lot of pressure off my husband, who wants to help, but isn't always sure how. At the hospital, Jocelyn worked amazingly with the hospital staff: she often spoke with the nurses about how to best help me labor and positions to try after I'd chosen an epidural and for pushing. Having Jocelyn to help advocate for me and getting the nurses more involved was invaluable to my birth experience.



I cannot recommend Jocelyn enough!  We had a great birthing experience and I credit much of that to Jocelyn's presence, support, and suggestions.  She had a ton of information and recommendations both during prenatal visits and throughout labor and delivery.  She kept our preferences and aspects of our birth plan in mind the entire time and helped us get the information we needed to make decisions.  We really appreciate all of her help!

Kristen Phillips


Jocelyn was fantastic! My biggest concern about selecting a doula was finding someone that would make me feel comfortable,  someone I could be myself with and trust in a very vulnerable situation. Jocelyn was all of those things. She felt like a family friend which allowed me to relax and concentrate on getting through a very long labor and delivery. Jocelyn was amazing to have at my home prior to heading to the hospital and in the hospital room. She was a calming presence that gently requested I try different positions, walking, getting in the tub and reassured me that I was doing great throughout. She was an advocate for me and my husband when dealing with hospital staff and always kept my birth plan in mind. I would highly recommend Jocelyn!

' Nonye '


Initially my husband and I weren't really sold on the concept of a Doula but last-minute nerves got the best of me and I found myself searching for a Doula @ my 36week mark...needless to say I came in last minute with the need for a Doula. I looked around doulamatch and narrowed my options to 3 potentials. I met all three. Jocelyn was the last one I met and after our initial sit down, I knew she would be the one I would go with. There was something really easy about our conversation. I found her energy to be quite calming but I knew she would take her work very seriously based on how she answered my questions. I also want to point out that she was the only Doula that I spoke with that I felt educated me in a few areas. This picked my interest more because I love interacting with knowledgeable people. I had my baby at 38 weeks and 1 day so I didn’t get to have the 2 pre-meetings before labor day. We did have 1 pre-meeting and she gave us lots of tips for the main day. She also gave us exercises to work on! On the main day Jocelyn was fantastic. She really worked with my husband and I in a way that we felt like we were in good hands. She labored with us at our home mostly in the bath (this helps a lot!). By the time we got to the hospital, I was already 8 cm dilated. (WHOA!!!). In the hospital, she was equally great. She switched up laboring techniques a few times to figure out the best one for me. My husband felt that we couldn’t have gone through the day without Jocelyn. She was just superb. I think every first time mom needs one and it really helps if you get the right one. Go with Jocelyn, you wouldn’t regret it. Main pros of going with Jocelyn:affordable (I know this is relative), passionate, she doesn’t take a lot of clients in a given month, wealth of knowledge (maybe I just don't know much in this area but compared to the others I interviewd, I would say she knows her stuff), Calming spirit and easy to talk to

Shelley Engstrom


I couldn’t more highly recommend Jocelyn; she was a Godsend to us. I am so grateful for her calming presence and encouragement throughout my pregnancy and birth experience. She was supportive of us and our decisions and affirming to me when I struggled in my anxiety. My husband and I agree that our son’s birth would not have gone as well as it did without Jocelyn’s presence and expertise as a doula. (Plus, she’s a wonderful person, and we enjoyed her company!) I would certainly work with her again and am recommending her to everyone I know.

Maura Hameroff


I would not have been able to give birth with no intervention without Jocelyn. I was skeptical of how much a doula can help when you get an epidural, but the exercises, the psychological support, pushing techniques, and help handling all the options that the medical staff offer that she provided, were key for me to safely give birth and have a great recovery.

Keeley Kent


Jocelyn helped with the birth of our first child a couple of weeks ago. Before the birth, she helped us put together our vision for the birth and work on some positioning and other exercises to help with labor. Unfortunately nothing about the birth happened like we had envisioned. Jocelyn was instrumental in helping me physically, mentally, and emotionally get through 3 days of labor induction and an eventual c-section. She was also a huge help mentally and emotionally for my husband. She had an amazing optimism and enthusiasm despite little to no sleep for 2 days. She was so supportive and encouraging when I just wanted to give up! She was also great at helping my husband support me and make sure he was a full participant in the process. I am so glad she was on our team for the long journey to welcoming our son into the world. My husband and I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Kelsie Herdlevar


As someone who spent a lot of time researching and planning to have the optimal birth experience, I can confidently say that hiring jocelyn was by far the investment during the entire process. Jocelyn met with my husband and I twice before the birth. She demonstrated daily exercises to help prepare my body and move baby into the best position. She was with us through my entire labor (which came 2 weeks early) and was absolutely essential in helping me cope and deliver baby naturally. When I look back at the birth experience, I am empowered and overwhelmingly grateful to have had Jocelyn by my side.

Deanna 'Deaton' Barley


Jocelyn was very kind and encouraging. Although my birth plan did not work out as hoped, due to complications, she was there to support me and coach me through my 11 hour labor. I especially appreciate the pictures she took of my baby's birth to help capture those precious memories that I may have otherwise forgotten. I also really appreciate her help in getting my husband involved in an uncomfortable situation for him; and Let's face it, most men don't know what to do in that situation. Lol But Jocelyn helped him feel as comfortable as possible and to get in there and support and encourage me and to be part of the whole process. Thank you!!

Christy Appell


Jocelyn was an absolute essential part of our birth team, hiring her was one of the best decisions my husband and I made regarding the birth of our daughter.  She was not only professional and knowledgable, but she was also caring, supportive, and very reassuring.  She was respectful of my wishes and at no time did I feel anything but support from her.

Jocelyn met with us a couple of times before the birth to discuss my birth preferences, answer questions, and help navigate through the planning process.  Due to some health issues, the birth went nothing like I had planned.  Jocelyn helped me through each step of the birth and was tremendously calming in my worst moments.  She helped normalize the process for me and helped me make informed decisions for myself.

If we have another child I will definitely want Jocelyn by my side for that birth!

Rebecca Ryan


One word: AMAZING. Jocelyn was actually my backup doula and I had never met her. My baby girl was sunny side up so I was having horrible back labor. My hubby called Jocelyn to come over because I was beside myself with pain and was not coping well at all. The minute she walked in, everything changed. She helped me to calm down and regain control. She instantly felt like part of the family; like I'd known her forever. Her voice and manner were so calming. She had all kinds of ways to help ease the pain and get me through my contractions. My husband and her made an amazing team. They got to the point where they didn't even have to talk to know what they needed to do. It was seamless. I was planning on giving birth at a birth center, but due to unforseen events, I had to transfer to the hospital. Knowing that Jocelyn was in charge of keeping the hospital staff to stick to my birth plan was a load off my mind. She very politely but firmly made sure the hospital staff knew what I wanted and why. Since my midwife was unable to stay with me at the hospital due to regulations, having the continuity of care through Jocelyn helped so much. To know someone other than my husband who was helping me made all the difference. Without her, I honestly don't think I could have relaxed enough to have a regular birth. Jocelyn sat next to me all night, encouraging me thorugh the pain, helping me make the difficult choice about whether to get an epidural (it had been 20 hours of difficult laboring and I wasn't progressing and couldn't relax), allowing my husband to sleep for a while, and continuing to remind me how to stay calm. Jocelyn is an amazing doula and a wonderful woman. If you think you don't need a doula, please reconsider. I couldn't have gone through such a difficult birth without her. I thought that a doula would be redundant since my husband is extreamly supportive. It wasn't. Both my husband and I were incredibly thankful that she was there. She is fantastic!

Alex Matera Hausman


Jocelyn was so great! Prior to labor she met with us to find out the kind of labor we wanted. Her questions were detailed and thorough. When I went into labor she was easy to get in contact with, and had some good ideas to help my labor along. Even when we called in the middle of the night, she was ready to come over and provide assistance. Throughout the whole labor she knew when to jump in and when to step back. She worked well with my husband, helping him to help me. I also liked that after our baby was born she came to visit twice to make sure we were doing well and offer help with finding resources. Overall, our experience with Jocelyn was very positive, and I will be reccomending her to my pregnant friends!

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