Heather Sudduth CED-L, CED-PIC, Doula Trainer Photo

Heather Sudduth CED-L, CED-PIC, Doula Trainer

Flora & Finn Birth Services

Medina, OH Service range 50 miles Willing to travel up to an hour and a half for births and 45 minutes for postpartum care



Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 150 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 50 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2014
  • ProDoula, June 2015

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 2 to 4 births and 2 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Home births with a midwife present only

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Fee Details

$33.00 per hour up to 100 hours. Contracts of 100 hours or more will receive savings on hourly rates. The larger the contract, the larger the savings.

Medina, OH Service range 50 miles Willing to travel up to an hour and a half for births and 45 minutes for postpartum care

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Client Testimonials for Heather Sudduth CED-L, CED-PIC, Doula Trainer

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My husband and I participated in their virtual birth classes and I couldn't imagine doing it any other way! Super simple, personalized, and in the comfort of our own home! Taylor made it feel just like we were talking to an friend and gave us so much great information. I was having a bit of anxiety about labor but she put my mind at ease and I now feel confident and ready to bring this nugget into the world! We would definitely recommend Flora and Finn for all of your birth education classes! We look forward to having them help us through the birth! 

Sally and Jeff


Heather was absolutely amazing to work with during pregnancy and postpartum. Heather's compassion for others and nonjudgmental presence combined with her professionalism and expertise are a few of the reasons why we loved having her support. We originally decided to hire Heather as a postpartum doula, however after meeting her in person, we knew she would be a great source of support throughout the labor and birthing process. And oh my, we were so right and extremely thankful to have Heather with us during labor and birth! Heather continued to help us once our daughter arrived and her help was invaluable. As first-time parents we were unsure of so many things (even though we took baby basics courses, etc.) and having Heather there to support us was phenomenal. She taught us tricks and tips for bathing, sleeping, feeding, and even organizing baby clothes, which is not easy to do! Heather helped us get through sleepless nights (which were not sleepless when she was there!) and taught us different hunger, sleepy, and even gassy cues/signs our baby was making. In addition to all of this, Heather always checked in to see how I was doing postpartum and really helped me through my physical recovery postpartum and as I experienced hormonal changes. I had difficulty with breastfeeding initially, and she was a huge source of positive support. She made sure I was also caring for myself in addition to the baby and even helped me prepare easy snacks and meals that I could eat. I would highly recommend Heather for birth and postpartum support. Whether you are a first-time parent, experienced parent, expecting one baby or more, Heather would be an invaluable source of support. We hope to have more children one day and we are certain that Heather will be a part of our birth and postpartum care!



I highly recommend Flora & Finn birth services. Heather and Shannon are extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy, the birth process, and newborns. I had a very difficult delivery and Shannon was a saving grace. If you are at all nervous about having a baby, you should hire these doulas.



Heather was my postpartum doula for my son and most recently my daughter. She was an amazing guide in helping with newborn care and providing me with postpartum support. She did overnight care so I could catch up on much needed rest postpartum and helped me during the day as well. Seeing how sweet she is with my babies I never questioned Heather's capability. Heather never judged my decisions and always offered sound advice (following AAP guidelines) when I had questions. She has become a great friend of me and my family. I can't recommend Heather enough! 

Brianna Graber


Heather provided postpartum services for us when my husband when back to work, so we could lengthen the period of giving my body time to heal and our family time to adjust. She was wonderful! My kiddos loved her, and we were all a little sad at the end of our last day. I felt keenly aware of how much she brought a sense of calm and peace when she was around.....and it prolonged the time till I felt like I had to face a more regular pace of life. It was nice to know on a difficult day "Heather's coming later this week....she'll unbury us!"

Zia Sirabella


Heather was phenomal for both birthing & postpartum services! She kept in steady contact during my pregnancy by checking in and answering quesitons that came up. She connected us with resources such as a lactation consultant, different preparation classes, and nanny services. We had a wonderful back-up doula who was also fantastic and made us feel just as comfortable if it came down to her helping us during labor.

During labor, Heather was available and met us at the hospital very quickly, prepared with all of her tips and tricks. The pressure was taken off of my husband during labor which made our relationship stronger, the process smoother, and overall more special for us. She didn't miss a beat during my 34 hour labor.

Postpartum Heather was flexible and helpful with helping watch over and soothe the baby while I was able to get out of the house, or even take a nap and shower! She also prepared delicious food for us so we didn't have to cook- which was so wonderful and took the work off of our plate so we could focus are time on tending to our sweet newborn. Heather was so great with our newborn baby girl, her knowledge and experience are top notch and allowed us to feel safe and have peace of mind.

I couldn't recommend Heather highly enough!

Christina Less


Meeting with Heather and Beth twice before the birth was really encouraging. They helped us think through things we otherwise wouldn't have thought of. We felt more prepared to bring our daughter into the world. I went into labor at home and started getting overwhelmed. But when the doula showed up she helped re-center me through the pain and we headed to the hospital. I can't imagine Labor and delivery without Beth there to support us. It was the best decision and money spent to hire Heather and Beth. 
My husband Matt- I am so pleased with our decision to hire a doula, Heather and Beth were so supportive before, during and after our pregnancy. With Beth’s support during the birth I felt I could relax and focus fully on what Christina needed. To say Beth was a lifesaver during the birth would be an understatement, she was so helpful! If you’re considering a doula in the Cleveland area, I would strongly encourage you to contact Beth or Heather – I’m so glad we did!

Cali Ledger


My husband and I were so grateful for Flora & Finn Birth Services.  We had the privilege of working with Heather and Beth.  They were so amazing and I can't imagine our birth story without them in it.  Thank you so much!

Lindsay Kodramaz


Heather (and Stacie) were absolutely wonderful! I can honestly say that I did not feel 'ready' for labor/delivery until meeting with them. They were able to answer my questions, alleviate my fears, and provide support in a way that felt like I was talking with a friend rather than someone I had just met. My husband and I are both truly grateful for the doula experience because she provided coaching and support for BOTH of us. I loved how she worked WITH my husband (even if I prefered her masssage over his!) and made me feel at ease with the entire experience. I will also say I think having a doula helped the communication between my husband and myself and made for a positive experience overall. We feel so blessed from pregnancy to delivery to post-partum! Thank you again to these beautiful ladies who helped bring our baby girl into this world! xoxo

Asa Dahl


Being a first time mom, I really did not know what to expect going into labor and that scared me. Due to this I decided that hiring a doula would be the best thing for me, my partner and our baby. I reached out to Flora & Finn Services and their service and response time was great. Heather put me in contact with Leanne, who ended up being my birthing doula. Leanne has a lot of experience and was able to work with my partner and me prior to labor. She helped us determine a birth plan as well as answering any questions we about what to expect. My labor went a lot smoother due to her help. A few days after I got back from the hospital, Leanne came over for a post-partum visit. She was able to answer all questions I had as a new mother, she also walked me through my labor as I had a hard time remembering exactly what happened. I would highly recommend Flora & Finn Services as they helped me prepare for my labor as well as assist during labor.

Rachael Abrams


Heather has been a godsend since bringing my baby home. When hiring for postpartum doula, she checked in with me during my pregnancy to see how I was doing. Once we began working together, Heather made me feel comfortable in embarking on this new journey into motherhood. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and offer support and advice where she can. Even though I have a supportive family, I truly believe I would not have adjusted to being a new mom as well as I have without her support. I highly recommend Heather to anyone looking for a doula or postpartum doula.

Cate Cesnan


Heather was an amazing postpartum doula! My husband traveled overseas when our newborn was only a few weeks old. I had a 17 month old and newborn by myself and was freaking out! Heather prepared meals for my oldest and even whipped up some amazing and healthy meals for me. She watched my newborn while I took my oldest to the park or watched my girls while I had some me time. Heather is so easy to get along with. She is so supportive and was such a blessing to us! I am so grateful for her and what she did after my second was born.  


Rouzbeh Amini


My Wife and I met Heather through The Womb Wellness Center (Solon, OH). We had an extensive interview with her (as well as an interview with another candidate) before deciding to use her assistance in my wife’s delivery. Our overall experience with her was exceptional and I can personally testify that her services did exceed my expectations. Here are a few important aspects of her role as our Doula:

  1. Heather is knowledgeable and experienced. She talks in a language that I appreciate, i.e. “evidence-based medicine”.
  2. Heather always provides help in a supporting manner. She never tries to impose her opinion. Rather, she provides all of the options and their pros and cons.
  3. She is organized and punctual. The visual birth plan that she made for us addressed “all” of our concerns in a single page. I, along with the medical team, found her approach extremely creative.
  4. Heather was a magician during the labor and delivery process. My wife and I felt really happy with the way she coached her throughout the process. She used so many tricks to ease the pain of labor and reduced not only my wife’s pain but also my stress and worry. She used a number of strategies including music, aroma, massage, etc., to minimize my wife’s pain. She continuously gave her verbal pieces of advice regarding the contractions, motions, etc. Heather was phenomenal.
  5. Prior to the delivery, Heather made herself available to us through phone calls, text messages, and pre-labor meetings. She also visited us a few days after we brought our little guy home.


Clare Gravens


Hiring Heather as our Doula for my son's birth was one of the best decisions my husband and I made during my pregnancy! I really wanted to achieve a natural, unmedicated birth and although I know each woman is capable of doing this on her own it really helped to have Heather as part of our labor team. As a first time mom, she provided my husband and I great guidance about when to go to the hospital and also provided great suggestions to help to make me feel more comfortable during labor. When my little guy was sideways she used a rebozo around my belly to gently rock him into the proper position. Her massage techniques helped me through the tougher moments of labor and her encouragement during pusing was so helpful. I could truly go on and on about all that Heather did for us at each turn in my labor and she followed up with us at our house when he was a week old to make sure we were settling in ok. Heather truly has a passion for what she does - her knowledge and personality make her fit in well with all types of people. She empowered my husband to be the best he could be during what is usually a very scary time for a new dad. Our veteran L&D nurse said that Heather was the best doula she had seen in action. If you are on the fence just go ahead and hire her - my son's delivery was so beautiful and we really have Heather to thank for helping us navigate such a huge moment so smoothly and naturally!

Holly Meyer


when I was planning for the arrival of our daughter i knew that I wanted to have a natural birth with very little intervention. I researched and talked to a couple of doulas and after talking with Heather I knew she was the one. it was obvious that she was very passionate about helping women through the awesome but difficult journey of Childbirth. i was also impressed that she was a massage therapist (a really good one). my labor began with my water breaking and very few contractions which led to multiple interventions like Pitocin. Heather Was with me every step of the way (a 20 hour labeor).  i know now that I could not have done it without her. I had back labor for 13 hours and Heather massaged my lower back most of that time. She was continuously encouraging me and had so many great ideas to help labor progress. I remember at the most intense point of my labor (during transition) she could tell that I was about to cry and she began to massage my forehead  and gave me some encouraging words. it meant so much to me that she realized I was at my breaking point and knew exactly how to calm me down. Even after having 13 hours of back labor and needing pitocin heather was able to help me attain my goal of having a natural birth with no pain medication. I could not have asked for a more attentive, kind, creative, or hardworking Doula. i would highly recommend heather to anyone I know. 

Jessica Lee


Heather is amazing and we don't know what we would have done without her.  She took such loving and skillful care of our daughter, and helped us learn how to take care of her by showing us how to do basic baby care, answering questions, coaching me in breastfeeding, providing information and helpful advice when needed, etc.  She also took amazing care of me, allowing me to get in some much-needed naps, doing whatever was needed around the house, helping maintain some sanity and order here during the whirlwind that happens post-baby, and just being a wonderful and pleasant person to have around.  Heather is prompt, thoughtful, skilled, helpful, and a real gem of a person with a beautiful heart- we recommend her highly!  We will miss her!!

valerie mayen


Heather was one of the smartest decisions we made in our birth plan process. from the very beginning she was kind, warm, informative and extremely helpful. We had such peace of mind as we approached our due date with Heather supporting our birth plan and continually sending us helpful information and encouragement along the way. The most invaluable part of Heathers services was of course during the labor and delivery portion of our journey. She kept my husband and I calm, collected and educated while we worked together as a team through each contraction. She was a calming voice and soothing hand in such an arduous painful process. We honestly don't know how we could have gotten through the birth of our first child without her support. Every step of the way she was there to help in any capacity necessary, large or small. Having Heather there to guide us as we learned how to navigate the new world of parenthood was an invaluable investment and one we would recommend a thousand times over to anyone seeking the same. We are grateful to have met her and hope to work with her again with our future children:)

Beth Westermann


Heather was a great source of comfort for my husband and I. We had just moved to Ohio when I was 34 weeks pregnant, we had no family nearby, and we knew nobody. Pregnant with my first child, I was wanting to have a knowledgeable resource available during the labor process to help coach me through a natural and unmedicated labor, if possible. After meeting with Heather numerous times before my due date, I knew she would provide exactly that. She exudes patience, compassion, and a deep knowledge of the birthing process and the options a laboring mother has. She spent lots of time with us learning what our preferences were, making sure we knew our options, and just getting to know us in general. She met us both at her office, and in the comfort of our own home, which was greatly appreciated.

Our experience changed when we learned our baby was breech, but Heather's involvement and support stayed the same. She was there with us in the preop room, our OB was kind enough to let her join us in the OR, and she stayed with us postpartum until we were settled in and comfortable. From a relaxing hand massage, to taking wonderful pictures for us, to consistently checking in on my comfort and emotional well-being, it was a blessing having Heather be a part of our birth story. We would recommend her to anybody looking for a compassionate, professional, knowledgeable presence during the birth of their child.

Audra Degesys Lykos


I truly can't recommend Heather Sudduth, licensed doula, enough! She was wonderful and i don't think we could have had the birth experience we envisioned without her. I started thinking about hiring a doula very late in the pregnancy - at about 8 months. I had reservations about working with one since I had very little exposure to their services. My midwife gave me a few business cards of reputable doulas in NE Ohio and I ended up going to womb wellness center to interview. Heather was a perfect match and understood exactly what I needed. My husband was overseas at the time so she was my support network when I went to my hypnobirthing classes (she even attended them with me!). Once my husband arrived a couple of weeks before the birth, she made sure to transfer the info we gained to him. A doula does not replace your husband/partner/birth partner. In fact, she is there to be an aid to them. Heather was able to relieve my husband and vice versa during our day at the hospital. As a licensed massage therapist, Heather also provided some much needed massage during the day. When my birth plan changed, Heather was prepared to support... She also came to the hospital with items that made the birth relaxing, gentle and calm. We were the only room in the hospital with LED lights, lavendar, and relaxing music which actually really helped with the pressure and discomfort . I felt more like I was at a spa than in a delivery room. Then came time to push and my husband and heather were right there with me. We had a quick transition/delivery and I was able to hold my son skin to skin immediately - which is ultimately what I wanted and hoped for. It was a beautiful moment and I will cherish it forever. After my son's birth, Heather provided post partum care including night time care. We trusted her to come after the birth and provide support to us (new parents). Heather is wonderful and we highly recommend her!!!

Jenita McGowan Warner


My husband and I were beyond pleased with our doula, Heather Sudduth. She was organized, professional, knowledgable, kind and compassionate. We had two prenatal visits during which she answered all of our questions and helped us to create a birth preference chart.

During pre-labor and labor she was there for us and helped us talk through when we were ready to head to the hospital. After 12 hours of labor at home and 41 hours of labor in the hospital, Heather helped us to navigate an unexpectedly complicated labor and delivery. Even though, all of our birth preferences were not an option in the end, Heather helped us weigh the many decisions we were faced with about interventions and she was very knowledgable about laboring positions to make things as comfortable as possible. 

Heather even attended the cesarean delivery that was medically necessary and was there to support my husband when I was sedated during the surgery. 

I cannot imagine the birth of our daughter without the support of Heather and she really helped make a situation that could have been traumatic and stressful, calm and beautiful. We are forever grateful for her doula expertise!

-Jenita and Mike Warner

Sarah Saefkow


Heather was a wonderful addition to our birth team! My husband and I just had our first baby, and we wanted some support since neither of us fully knew what to expect. Heather not only provided expertise on ways to cope with labor, she also provided reassurance and comfort for both my husband and I throughout the process. I had a beautiful natural birthing experience, and I owe part of that to Heather! I highly recommend her to everyone, not only those who want a non medicated birth but any kind of birth you choose! She is excellent.

Esther Faust


The decision to hire Heather as a post-partum doula was hands down one of the smartest decisions that we have ever made - not only for our beautiful baby girl, but also for the rest of the family. At first I wasn't sure we needed a post-partum doula, since this was our second baby and "I already know what to do". I thank my lucky stars that I came around, since Heather made my maternity leave and post-partum adjustment period one of the most wonderful and memorable times in my life that I will cherish for years to come. Heather is not only a knowledgable professional (who we also referred to as "the baby whisperer"), she is also an extremely sensitive and caring individual who tuned into our family's needs, and went above and beyond to nurture us. Heather's love and care enabled me to truly focus on bonding with the little one, while healing and staying relaxed through what can often times be a stressful adjustment for the family. As breastfeeding, childcare and my own healing took its dramatic twists and turns as things often do at first - she was always there to support me in a non-judgemental way, and referred me to top notch resources within her network. I trust Heather 100% with my baby, and know that she loves her as if she were family. The only drawback to hiring Heather is that you will love her so much, it will be hard to see her go as the post-partum era comes to an end! :-) In all seriousness, call Heather NOW before someone else snaps her up. 

Brooke Clellen Melrose


I'm so glad I had Heather as my postpartum doula! While my husband was working, she came in and became the support I needed while he was gone. She let me rest and bond with my baby without interruptions of daily chores. The stress was a lot less than it would've been if she wasn't there to help. Especially helping with my oldest son who is almost three, he is very busy and she kept him occupied while I nursed. And most importantly she is an awesome cook! She made yummy, healthy foods, I wish she was still here!

Mandy F.


I would highly recommend Heather as a doula! She was so knowledgeable and kept me very at ease during my labor! The When my pain was at my worse she was right there couching me and helping me work through it!  She was absolutely amazing! I could not have had such an amazing birth without her and if I was going to have more kids I would not hesitate to have her there!

Meghan Mason


Heather helped make my birthing experience so relaxed and calm. I loved having the extra person there to help keep the mood light. It also allowed my husband to focus more attention on just being there for me instead of trying to figure out how to help keep things calm. I loved having Heather be apart of our birth story and would welcome her back for future births!

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