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Fran Charkowick, CBD (LIDA)

Bella Vita Doula Care

Merrick, NY Service range 50 miles Queens, Nassau & Suffolk Counties

516 510-5619


Birth Fee

$1200 to $1300

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1300

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 35 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 6 families served

Doula Training

  • Long Island Doula Association, Inc., (LIDA), November 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 2 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Smoke free house.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I will remain in hospital with you from the time you arrive until approximately 1-2 hours after the birth of your baby. My goal is to make your room a peaceful & serene environment for you to birth your baby. I accomplish this replacing the bright lights of the hospital room with tea lights, aromatherapy, music and positive affirmations placed around the room. I use position changes, slow dancing, walking, massage, cold and warm compresses to keep you as comfortable as possible. And I assist your partner in helping you.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Have not yet attended a home birth but I look forward to the opportunity to assist women in their home for a peaceful, serene birth experience.

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I volunteer at the Regina Residence which provides housing and services for pregnant and/or parenting young women and their children. I am also a volunteer Doula with the LIDA/Winthrop Hospital Doula Project. Member of LIDA

Fee Details

My fee includes one or two prenatal visits, unlimited contact by text, phone, email. I will be on call 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date. Since birth is so unpredictable I will do everything in my power to be there for you if you go into pre-term labor. If I am not available I always work with a partner who will be there for you. Depending on your preference I will labor with you at home or meet you at the hospital. As a postpartum Doula I provide both day time & overnight services. Overnight newborn care a speciality

Merrick, NY Service range 50 miles Queens, Nassau & Suffolk Counties

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We are currently using Fran as a postpartum doula for me and the baby. We started with Fran when he was 8 weeks old (December 29, 2019). We intended for it to only be six weeks but we loved her so much and I couldn't bear to lose her, so we added two more weeks until December 22nd. When Fran told us that she would be around in January (we had previously thought she would be away), I was overjoyed. More Fran time! 

Fran is funny, comforting, sweet, and wise. She is there for advice and checks in via text even when she technically does not have to. There is an app I use to help me track sleeping, eating, any meds, and diaper changes (Babyconnect) and you can have any number of people connected to an account. So I added Fran as a provider so she can add his stats. The extra bonus part of this is she actually checks in on my son even on her days off. There was one Saturday where he slept terribly and she offered to come over that night (in addition to her scheduled nights) and she must be psychic because my husband and I were talking about asking her if she'd mind coming that day too. She just KNOWS how to be the most comforting person you never knew you needed.

I love Fran and I never want to give her up but it'll be time when the boy starts sleeping through the night. We are 100% comfortable leaving Fran with our son overnight. She's like another mom to my husband and I. The days that Fran comes I'm so excited and I get THE BEST nights' sleep when she is over. 

I would recommend Fran in less than a heartbeat. She is absolutely invaluable to us and has become a member of our family. We love her!

Shari Payne


Fran is an amazing birth doula-  She is honest, compassionate and very knowledgeable. When we first met we connected with her spirit and her motherly love and we were excited to have her on this journey with us.  Fran was always available and responsive.  She kept her lines of communication open and she offered information based on best evidence care.  She is well connected and sought out resources and experts along  the way.   What we appreciated most was when it was time to go to the hospital-  Fran was ready.  She was there from the beginning to end of my very long labor (29hrs!) although she certainly didn’t have to be (could’ve called the alternate doula and split it up).   She was committed, attentive, honest and kind.  She dimmed the lights, used aroma therapy, played music, massaged me and supported me and my husband as the labor kicked in.  She allowed me to voice my concerns and make my decisions without interference-  she respected me as a mother to be and supported me endlessly.   She gave my husband tips on how to comfort me during labor and engaged him in the process-  as it was a new experience for him as well.  She made my mother feel welcomed and engaged her in the process as well.  She also introduced me to an amazing lactation consultant who saved me from my breastfeeding woes. 

This was my first birth, my first hospitalization and my first encounter with a doula during a birth-  Fran was a perfect fit!  I am forever grateful for her service to us.

Thank you Fran!

Anthony Giovanelli


My wife was struggling with preeclampsia and we just moved into our new home. Three days later, and a month early, my wife was induced and we became parents to a beautiful little 5lb girl. Just as I'm holding our daughter my wife was rushed out of the room and into surgery. Luckily we pulled through and stayed in the hospital for a week plus. Upon going home our family was great and pitched in as best as they could, but I was exhausted and my wife was bed ridden. We needed more help. Fran came highly reccomened by a close friend and I'm so happy I listened to her advice in calling Fran. From our first meeting our fears were put at ease. Fran had so much knowledge about preemies and she presented it in a calming way that made us feel like everything was going to be alright. Fran helped us in so many different ways but I owe her so much when she would do an overnight visit. I couldn't stay awake any longer and I was scared of missing the baby's cry for a feeding. My wife was still in a lot of pain and wasn't producing milk due to so much blood loss. Fran stayed over multiple nights to help us in a way that we can never repay her. Two of the best parts of my life needed me and just when I thought I was going to break Fran came into our lives. She is truly a God sent and my daughter gained another Nonna.  

Gina Farrelly


I had a traumatic experience with my first baby who was born premature. i had thought I would be able to delay cord clamping, do skin to skin immediately and nurse right away. None of that happened. He was whisked away to the NICU and I was left to recover with no baby by my side and terrified as to what the heck had just happened.

Now fast forward three years and I found myself pregnant again and terrified as to what my labor and delivery would be like and also petrified I would have another preterm baby. This time I decided I wanted an unmedicated birth. My husband and I both decided also that emotional support was key after the trauma I had expedited with our first. i interviewed a few doulas and when I met Fran I felt like she was the doula version of my Mom. She was loving, kind, nurturing and truly had my best interest at heart. 

Knowing my history, Fran made herself available to us for an extended period of time since our second son could be born any time starting at 35 weeks. She was there for us through a few false alarms and never waivered. 

When the time did come and I was in active labor, Fran was so attentive. She applied hip presses through contractions and was so encouraging. at one point I wanted ice and Fran said, "I'll go get it".  I said "NO! Send the nurse to get them. Don't leave me". When it came time to push I hit a wall  I said I can't do it  Fran then said, but you already are! They were the magic words I needed to hear.  

I had my second son unmedicated, we delayed cord clamping, skin to skin immediately and nursed soon thereafter.  It was beyond what I could have hoped for And I truly belive I couldn't have done it without Fran by our side. She empowered both my husband and I and we are eternally greatful. 

Tiffany Moore


Fran is the absolute best! I recommend her 1,000 times over to any who's expecting! She truly is a blessing- someone who truly is helpful, loving and calm. Laboring at home at first and really utilizing different techniques and comfort measures was so helpful. Especially the birthing ball. She transformed the hospital room into my home and my own space with smells of  lavender vanilla, battery tea light candles flickering to set the tone it was magically & serene; lights dimmed down and classical music playing. Hot compress and massage helped me accomplish a non medicated all natural child birth. She believed in me the whole time and that support was so helpful. Her calm voice and motivational words truly helped. My birth was everything I had hoped it would be not just thanks to believing in myself but thanks to Fran- you will forever be special in my life & that of my daughters I'm so glad you were able to share and be a art of the beginning of life for my girl once she came earth side! Fran gave me such help with motivational affirmations which helped me through the contractions. If you want anyone you want her as your Doula! We love you! 

Denise McKenzie


I was scared and concern about having my baby myself, then a friend of mind inform me about applying for a doula. I wasn't sure what was a doula or there role so i research then apply because i didn’t wanted to go through labour all by myself. My fiancée who is in another country and I were looking for a doula to help us with the process of our first child’s birth, with hope of having a more informed, guided experience that could be as natural as possible. When I met Fran I immediately I knew she was a good match for me. She was polite and professional yet friendly and laid-back. Fran didn’t push anything instead she listen to what I wanted and make suggestions to support my decisions. She visited me for a prenatal visit; we talked about how I envisioned my birth, watched videos on youtube about different labor positions and made a birth plan. When my due date was getting closer, we were constantly in touch. At 39 weeks 4 days I was induce at 6:30 pm the Thursday evening my labour started early Friday morning at 4:40 am. Fran came to the hospital and worked great alongside the nurses and doctor. She provided emotional and physical support, motivating me when I felt like giving up and offering massage and pressure to help me through a painful contraction. Even though her focus remained on me the entire time, she was a great multi-tasker. She was helping me labor, assisting nurses. After 6 hours still in labour I became frustrated and was asking Fran if it was too late to get a c-section. She began to encourage me I can do it and have been doing good so far and within the next hour or less my son was born. I was in labour for 7 hours. She is incredibly educated on all aspects of birth, but most importantly she is truly passionate about what she does. That birth was the most empowering and rewarding experience of my life and am grateful it was an easy labour, I would do it all again, as long as Fran could be there of course! D. McKenzie

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