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Jennifer Koenig, Doula, Lactation Counselor, Car Seat Tech

Sacred Space Birth Services

Saint Paul, MN Service range 60 miles


Birth Fee

$975 to $1450

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Fee

$975 to $1450

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Doula Experience

4 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, April 2015
  • Stillbirthday, October 2017
  • Hypnobabies, March 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 0 to 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Sacred Space Birth Services does not provide services to families who smoke inside the home.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Sacred Space Birth Services welcomes clients with all birth preferences including but not limited to: Home birth, Hospital birth, Birth centers, natural birth, cesarean, medicated births, inductions.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Sacred Space Birth Services proudly serves families who choose to birth their babies at home. We work along side many of Minnesotas most amazing home birth Midwives. For info on homebirth information, please e-mail

Special Services Offered

  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Childbirth Collective Active Member & Volunteer, The Queer Birth Project LGTBQAI Ally

Fee Details

Birth Doula services start at $975. Payment plans are welcomed as needed. Discounted Lactation Education and Placenta Services for all birth clients! For more information please e-mail

Saint Paul, MN Service range 60 miles

Client Testimonials for Jennifer Koenig, Doula, Lactation Counselor, Car Seat Tech

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Amanda Tschakert


Jen is a true professional and met all our expectations for placenta encapsulation. After the birth of our daughter, she picked up my placenta from the hospital and processed it into digestible capsules within a week. We also appreciated her service more than anything. She was so open to answer any questions I had. ?

Katie Norheim


I was leery about placenta encapsulation, until I talked with Jennifer and she educated me on the benefits. I ended up having this done for both of my placentas. Jennifer was very timely in both the picking up of the placenta and delivery of the capsules. Her attention to detail does not go unnoticed. I was also given a salve and tincture. The benefits I felt were increased energy and fast healing. I was shocked at how good I felt so quickly. I would definitely read this service with Jennifer!



Hey Jen :)

Just wanted to let you know that my baby Sasha is now 16 months and we are STILL nursing and going strong:) she also eats regular foods, too but given how extremely hard it was in the beginning, I never thought I'd make it. Thanks so much for coming out and sitting with me in bed lol to help me in that difficult time! 


Christina H.


My husband and I first met with Jennifer when I was twelve weeks pregnant. I had appointments scheduled to meet with other doulas, but cancelled them all.
From our first meeting all the way to the birth of our daughter she took the time to hear what we wanted for labor and delivery and was also there for breastfeeding support.
Birthing my daughter didn't go as planned, I had to have a c-section. Jennifer was very supportive through this choice and even came into the room during the surgery. She stayed at the hospital with us until we were settled in our room and made sure our daughter was latching properly.
I highly recommend Jennifer as a doula. She takes time to get to know you, she's friendly, and down to earth. She will prepare you for the expected and unexpected.

Alyssa Devine


I will forever be grateful we hired Jen as our doula (and Lactation Counselor) for the birth of our first baby.  I had a LONG (32 hour) labor and I truly believe Jen is the reason I was able to persevere and have the birth I wanted despite "hitting a wall" at one point.  She offered so much support to both my husband and me, and was there for almost my entire labor (sorry Jen's family!).  After being sent home from the birth center, Jen was able to empower me to continue laboring at home and her knowledge of Spinning Babies helped my labor progress naturally.  Because she took the time and heart to understand our birth plan and our wishes, she was able to help me make decisions and advocate for myself during a time when I felt extremely vulnerable.  After our little guy was born, he struggled with breastfeeding (latching and being too sleepy to nurse).  She worked with us to create a clinical plan and within 3 days he was exclusively breastfeeding!  I honestly feel she saved our breastfeeding journey.  If it weren't for her, we likely would have ended up at the hospital due to jaundice and him not eating, and we likely would have ended up having to supplement as I wasn't producing enough to meet his needs.  We have a beautiful and healthy baby boy now, and I am SO thankful we had Jen to help us bring him into this world.  She is absolutely amazing and was the perfect addition to our birth team!

Andrew S.


My wife and I had Jen as our doula through our birthing process. Having her on our team was amazing. She helped prepare us for something we had never done before and made us feel very confident. When it came time for birth, she came over when my lab outing wife asked. We had a long birth, and she was so important for the positive outcome we ended up having. Between making sure my wife was taken care of, making sure I was still doing ok, and the most comfortable transition period for my wife she was a rock star! After our little boy arrived she supported us with lactation consulting and man was she a godsend! After making a clinical plan for us, we saw our little boy change and it was amazing! We are so glad we met Jen and so excited to have her a friend forever :)

Sarah Petersen


When my husband and I were searching for a doula for the birth of our second child, we were looking for someone who was experienced, kind, reliable and relatable. We found all of those things and more with Jennifer! 

I was able to attend her Breastfeeding 101 class, and even as a 2nd time mom, I still left feeling as though I learned so much more.

Jennifer was accessible to answer the questions that came I mind during my last few weeks of pregnancy. It was nice knowing that I had someone I could text rather than calling the doctors office or resorting to Google.

I went into labor in the middle of the night during a snow and ice storm. Jennifer was still able to make it and was there for us when we needed her. Her presence kept me calm during what would have otherwise been scary moments. I have a tendency to over think things and over analyze and she was able to remind me that it was all normal and that I was doing great. 

Her care didn’t stop after childbirth. We struggled breastfeeding and experienced thrush, mastitis, my son was slow to gain weight as well as other roadblocks. Jennifer was keeping tabs on how we were doing and brought up the fact that he could have posterior tongue tie. We took him to see a pediatric dentist and not only did he have a very restricted posterior tongue tie, but he also had a lip tie that they were able to release. Without Jennifer, we wouldn’t have ever known that was the issue since it had been missed by all of his providers. 

I’m so proud of how the birth of our baby went and I know she  is a huge reason things went as smoothly as they did. I feel like we began the search simply for a doula during childbirth and are on the other side of the experience having gained a friend. You would not be making a mistake to hire her!

Jen Klein


I am so very grateful for the referral to Jen from our birth doula for postpartum support. After the birth of our third child, the first couple of weeks postpartum were much more difficult than I thought they would be in terms of managing a household with two other small children. I felt like I was absolutely drowning, and our Doula encouraged us to seek some additional postpartum support. I reached out to several agencies and Jen and her team were perfect fit. After spending one morning with her, I felt so at ease with having her care for my newborn. She was so compassionate and caring, and regularly checked in with us to make sure everything was going well. The afternoon of my daughter's tongue tie surgery, I was in a panic because she wouldn't latch and was screaming much of the day. Jen went out of her way to stop at my house and bring some arnica tablets for her and to work with her on latching back onto me. I was in such a panic that day, and it was such a relief knowing that she was coming to help me out. Jen is such a great resource for so many things, from nursing, to car seat safety, to baby wearing, and to top it off, she has the most wonderful personality. I can't say enough great things about her, and highly recommend working with her!

Ann Anderson McArdle


When I was reading reviews on doula’s,. I wanted a knowledgeable support person on my side... 4 doula interviews later - my perfect doula match... Jen. She’s laid back, down to earth, knowledgeable, wonderful to our 3 year old, and ready to support my husband and me on this VBAC journey. Our meetings were incredible. I learned so much about my feelings I had never truly processed from my first child. Jen talked through so much of this with my husband and I. Jen was so much more than the birth coach I thought I was looking for. She gave me confidence, growth, and healing through conversation, active listening, and support. We had our second meeting scheduled with Jen right after my 36 week OB appt. We found out our baby now flipped breech. I was devastated. Jen was exactly what I needed that night. She let me be what no one else would... angry, sad, disappointed. She let me be in that space and joined me in it in support so I didn’t feel alone with my thoughts and feelings. Jen came to my version, rubbed my legs and feet through the intense pain and rubbed my hand and gave me kleenex’s as I lay there sobbing after 3 long and painful tries at flipping him. He was not flipping. The day I went into labor, Jen came that night to the hospital when we were ready for her. She helped me through my labor pains by rubbing my back, timing my contractions, giving me essential oils, and making sure my husband, Alex, was ready to head in to surgery. In surgery, Jen kept me calm, took beautiful pictures, and stayed with me so Alex could go be with our beautiful baby. After the c-section, Jen stayed and helped get Keagan latched for my first non-painful feeding time and just to make sure we were transitioning well with our new little guy. She left us in a blissful state :) Jen has been and continues to be an important piece and part of Keagan’s birth story. We are forever grateful!!

Claire Porter


I feel extremely lucky to have had Jen on my team for the birth of our son. She brought a genourous and caring presence and gave us wonderful guidance and support. Even the nurses were raving about her helpful and collaborative attitude. Our two prenatal visits and breastfeeding class were really informative and, honestly, really fun. It was clear that Jen listened closely to our preferences and cared deeply about helping us have the best experience possible. I always knew that having a doula was a good idea, but I never thought she would be the most important part of our care team! Both my partner and I would recommend her wholeheartedly. I can't imagine not having her by our side.

Hannah Meeker


Originally we were hesitant to hire a doula but so glad we did and even happier we chose to work with Jen! Jen really took it upon herself to understand what was important to us and make our wishes come to life the day of our baby girls birth. She was encouraging and very informative throughout the birth process - it really helped to calm our nerves and take in every moment. I couldn't imagine going through the process without Jen as part of our birth team. 

Raven Dibble


As a birth photographer, I get the unique privilege to attend births along side many doulas, where my very purpose is to document their clients and the interactions and care given by the doula. I documented my first birth with Jen recently and I was amazed at her ability to move easily between giving comfort to the birthing mama and comforting a toddler (who I know personally to be quite shy around new people). This so very much speaks to the ease of her demeanor, the love she brings to a birth space, and the effectiveness of the comfort methods she offers. She is so certainly worth every penny of the investment to have her at your side during one of the most important days of your life.

Jill Blanchard


We loved everything abput working with Jen- she is a truly amazing doula! We worked with her for the birth of our secomd baby. Jen was really thorough at our prenatal appointments, and we were really grateful to find a doula we could connect with. We knew we were in good hands! Our baby arrived much more quickly thank we were expecting, and it was a relief to have Jen there. She made us both feel safe and cared for and helped me manage the intensity of contractions. I was able to give in to the flow of labor knowing Jen was there to support me and help monitor my progress. She also knew when we needed to bring in our midwives and birth photographer!  An added bonus with Jen is that she's great with older siblings. She connected with our daughter right away, and she felt comfortable sitting with Jen for part of our baby's birth. She doesn't warm up to everyone like that, so it was wonderful to see! Jen was a perfect fit for our family, and if we ever have another baby, she will be an essential part of our birth team! 

Erica Nokelby


I choose to work with jen before I even met her. I could sense she had a warm personality just from her website and after talking with her on the phone for 10 minutes i knew she was the doula for me. I felt we had a lot in common concerning birth practices and this helped me to feel very comfortable with her. Jen is a very passionate and dedicated doula. im so pleased I was able to work with her during the birth of my son. I was so lucky to have her and my midwives supporting me in my home. I will recommend her to anyone that I know that's pregnant! :)

Samantha Schellhaas


We had the awesome pleasure of working with Jen for our September 2017 birth of our baby boy, Arnold Thor. He is our second child.

We met with Jen prior to the birth and she gave us very thoughtful insight, asked great questions and listened to us. 

Jen arrived promptly at our birth, which went FAST, and helped each of us every step of the way! Having her there gave me such a sense of calm as this quick birth was so different from our previous birth experience! I remember being in a state of disbelief so much this time but a reassuring word from Jen really calmed me! While it hurt, it was a lot of fun, too!

Jen brings a ton of knowledge, lots of love and sooooo much passion for the work she does! It was a blessing to have her be with us as we met Arnold and became a family of four!

Bailey Stachour


Having Jen as someone to work with and have the support of throughout pregnancy and during birth was great! It was lovely having someone I trusted to ask questions to during pregnancy. I knew I could bounce ideas off of her and she would give me an honest opinion. She came to our house twice before the birth and being able to go over what things might look like gave me more piece of mind. I also took her breastfeeding class which was great to help prepare me. Having her at the hospital during labor and delivery was calming having that extra support and guidance. My birthing experience was beautiful and Jen definitely contributed to the experience. I'm so glad we got to work with her during this magical time in our lives!

Katelyn Mann


Thanks to Jen, I was able to have my dream labor and delivery! When I first told my husband I wanted to look into doulas, he was skeptical because he did not understand what they did. After we interviewed Jen, we both knew she was the perfect match for us. She was so professional, friendly, and explained not only what she would do for me, but how she would be there to support my husband. From then on Jen stayed in contact with us. When it came time for our pre-labor meetings, Jen was wonderful in answering questions, explaining more about what she will do for us, and put together a beautiful birth preferences sheet for us. These meetings also gave us a chance to get to know one another better. When the big day arrived, Jen was there for us over the phone until we decided we needed her to join us at home around 2:00 am. Jen came and we both instantly felt more relaxed. Once we got to the hospital, after laboring at home a little longer, Jen went to work filling up the tub and hanging up my birth affirmations all over the room for me to look at. She was there supporting me and my husband the whole time. Jen worked so well with the nurses and doctor, it was beautiful to see such a supportive team around me. Once baby arrived, she helped me achieve our first latch and made sure my husband and I were comfortable before she left. We also used Jen for placenta encapsulation. They turned out beautifully and were delivered to us promptly. My husband is now a believer in doulas and suggests them to everyone. Jen helped me achieve my dream natural delivery in such a supportive, judgement free way. She was not only there for us during labor, but before and after. I honestly cannot say enough good things about her. We will never birth without Jen!

Lindsay Becker


Jennifer was such an amazing presence during the birth of our son! We were not able to have the birth we originally had hoped for but Jen was extremely supportive helping guide both my husband and I through the emotional day. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a down to earth, kind, calm and caring doula. She was wonderful!

Anna Kingman


'Everything changed when Jen got there.' After waiting through a long and unproductive induction process, when Jen arrived on the scene she was able to change the whole tide of our labor in such a positive, effective way. I was able to transition from waiting around for things to happen to Jen making things happen and then guiding my husband and I through them. Through spinning babies and rebozo techniques, I immediately (finally!) went in to active labor and Jen was able to hold space for us in a way that let me focus on laboring and my husband fully focus on me and helping me make decisions. She's great at holding up epidural legs to push or to take pictures and video as baby comes out or calmly usher a newborn for a first feeding. From the first conversation about our preferences to the postpartum debrief - Jen was INVALUABLE. Its incredibly comforting to have someone who is so knowledgeable, supportive, fun, and skilled as a resource and a friend through this process of new parenthood.

Bethany Simonson


I had my placenta encapsulated by Sacred Space Birth! Jen is amazing! She is so passionate about her mama's which is so crucial in the process of being pregnant but most importantly postpartum. Placenta encapsulation should be a huge part of your postpartum regiment. Sacred Space is by far surpassed my expectations with their timely manner and amazing presentation of my P vitamins. I would highly recommend Sacred Space Birth to anyone. You won't regret choosing them!

Chelsey Henney


Our experience with Jen as our Labor Doula was great! We both felt as prepared as we could and, mom, empowered going into labor and delivery with our first child. Jen had answered all of our questions thoroughly during both of the one-on-one meetings plus was reachable every time we needed more guidance. She was prompt and brought calmness into our labor and delivery spaces. She felt like part of our family. It was wonderful to be able to rely on her experience as a doula (and mom herself) through labor/pushing stages, first latch, recovering, breast-feeding, etc. We highly recommend Jen as a labor doula and placenta specialist! Thank you Jen!

Amber Benbow


Jenny was great to work with. Very personable and had lots of common interests with us. I experienced nearly three weeks of prodromal labor and Jenny was a great emotional support during that time (prodromal labor is one of those things that makes you question your sanity). The placenta encapsulation was absolutely priceless! I was strongly recommend it for anyone who is on the fence about it. Jenny showed up with my pills about 3 days postpartum which was when the weepy tears and rollercoaster emotions were setting in. After taking just one, I noticed a difference. Overall they keep me even keel and ready to handle everyday.

Erin Thorman


Jennifer was part of a team of doulas I had for my pregnancy and labor, and she was absolutely essential to my birth experience. My first experience with labor was not ideal, so I wanted to approach my second pregnancy differently, and Jennifer helped me do that. Her support, coaching, and guidance were wonderful during my pregnancy and helped me feel calmer and more prepared for my labor. And her presence was so welcome when I went into labor, as things progressed faster than I andticipated and she helped me focus and direct my energy. I am so grateful to have had her guidance!

Allecia Elvers


I loved having Jennifer as my doula! She is very knowledgeable and personable. I felt like we related well. She was very encouraging during the short time it took me to birth my daughter. She brought a great amount of positive energy to the birth as well. It was very comforting knowing she was there beside me. 

Alyssa Carlson


I had a lactation consultation visit with Jennifer when my son was only a couple days and old. i felt very open and comfortable around her. my son had a bad latch which led to him refusing to eat.  I was getting extremely frustrated. She was able to help him correctly latch within minutes, and we have had an amazing breastfeeding journey ever since. Jennifer is very friendly and easy to talk to. it was overall an a very great experience and I will definitely seek her help again if I need it! I would definitely recommend her to anybody looking for a doula in the twin cities area!

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