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Sarah Evans, CD(DONA)

Sarah Evans Birth Services LLC

Houston, TX Service range 20 miles


Birth Fee

$1000 to $1200

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1200

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 32 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, December 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Fee Details

$1000 includes 2 prenatal meetings, unlimited labor and birth support, up to 2 hours after the birth to assist with breastfeeding, 1 postpartum meeting. Payment plans available. Reduced rates available for teens, women considering adoption, single mothers, families with financial hardships. For an additional $200 I will provide as-time-allows birth photography. Please see my website or email me for details.

Houston, TX Service range 20 miles

Client Testimonials for Sarah Evans, CD(DONA)

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Abigail McCaskey


Sarah was the doula for our 2nd baby - a very successful VBAC! We knew we needed a doula to achieve the birth that we wanted.  Sarah supported our decisions along the way and responded quickly to all of our questions.  Sarah showed us several different exercises, positions, and techniques for a more comfortable pregnancy.  When the time came, she was prepared for our natural hospital birth and helped make sure all staff was aware of our birth plan.  Sarah stayed with us for additional support for postpartum issues.  Her presence throughout pregnancy and birth enhanced the overall experience.  Additionally, she was our birth photographer and captured so many amazing moments.  Sarah ensured that the entire birth experience is empowering.  We wish we had her for our 1st birth but will definitely reach out to her for future births!

Madison and John Collins


Sarah was a phenomenal addition to our birth team. When we look back on our pregnancy, most of the decisions that helped contribute to a overwhelmingly positive experience for us can be tied back to hiring her (the class she recommended, prenatal chriopractic sessions, finding a new OBGYN last minute, and so on).

Our meetings with her leading up to the birth were equally educational and encouraging. Her presence during labor and delivery was nothing but supportive and nurturing not just for me, but for my husband as well. Even our nurses and OBGYN enjoyed having her there as she dances the line between patient preference and medical professional beautifully. She helped us advocate for what we wanted while maintaining the utmost respect for the medical knowledge of our doctors and nurses. 

Post partum, she continues to be a wealth of knowledge and helpful resources.

If we're still in Houston when we have our second child, we will plan our pregnancy around her ability to be there! 

Elizabeth Cortez


Sarah and I knew each other briefly from college but she left me with a lasting impression of compassion, warmth, and love. When my husband and I got pregnant, I knew what kind of birth I wanted so I could give my child the best start in this world. I read everything I could about birth and learned about doulas. I knew I wanted to hire one and remembered Sarah had received her doula license. I got in touch with her and she took me as a client. I knew I was lucky to get her. She was always an email/text/call away during the pregnancy. During my labor, I had my husband as my emotional support and rock; I also had Sarah as my coach that helped throughout labor to progress at the rate the doctor was expecting so I could refuse Pitocin. Sarah knew exactly what to do so my body and baby could work together to give birth naturally. I know she will say that my body did all the work but I could not have done it as efficiently without her by my side. My husband and I are beyond thankful and grateful we had Sarah throughout our pregnancy because she’s full of knowledge but we are even more grateful and lucky we had her during labor. She was such a blessing and helped me have the birth I had envisioned. Thank you so much Sarah!!!! 

Tamara Juden


In short, Sarah is incredible and a great doula. I would recommend her to anyone!

Sarah is knowledgeable and available whenever you need her during your pregnancy. She is gentle and kind, someone you definitely will benefit from having around leading up to, during, and even after having your baby.

After doing quite a bit of online research and reaching out to multiple doulas we decided to meet with Sarah. After meeting her we knew she was the best match for us. She’s local, kind, engaged, knowledgeable, and incredibly available. I didn’t fully understand how important all of these things would be until about half way through my pregnancy when I realized that my OB simply wasn’t a good match for me. Sarah helped me confidently make the decision to switch providers and using her network found an incredible OB/Midwife duo to take over my care. This change was instrumental in me having the birth experience I was aiming for, a natural hospital birth.

Sarah was there for a hard and long labor providing emotional and physical support throughout. She was calm and reassuring, offering input and advice as well as directing us during contractions so that things continued smoothly. Sarah looked out for me and hubby, even making sure that he was taking breaks. She also took the most incredible pictures during my labor that we will cherish for a lifetime.

Sarah’s postpartum visit was invaluable as well. As I was feeling overwhelmed, she coached me on breastfeeding and gave me the confidence I needed to start my baby off on the best track. Despite her “doula services” officially being completed I know I can still reach out to her if needed. I feel like she wasn’t just my doula but also a friend and a mom coach and for that I am forever grateful.

Sarah Elizabeth Anzola


Working with Sarah was phenomenial from the very beginning interview all the way up to the delivery of our sweet baby girl. Her calm and sweet personality helped reassure us throughout our meetings that we were more than capable of birthing our sweet baby. She empowered us and encouraged us to ask questions and know what our options were. I really appreciate her determination in making sure that we stood up for our beliefs and spoke out about our thoughts to our birthing team as we had a little bit of a rocky patch nearing my induction. She helped my husband feel comfortable in supporting me and was a great teacher for him to learn from in how to guide me through labor. We seriously couldn't have done this without her and our experience never would have been the same if it wasn't for her support. We decided to include the photography add on and we are so thankful that we did. She took such beautiful keepsake photos that we will cherish forever. We were blessed to have Sarah as our doula! I would recommend her to anyone!!

Jenny Philip


Sarah was fantastic! She's so knowledgable and helped my husband and I create a birth plan and answered our hundreds of questions. She was very patient and supportive and would always follow up our meetings with helpful studies or additional information that could help us better understand what to expect during labor and delivery. During the actual labor and delivery, she helped manage my pain with different poses, massages and breathing exercises. I could actually "relax" (as much as one can when delivering a baby) knowing that she was there. She kept my husband and I calm and focused. I had a wonderful L&D experience and we can thank Sarah for that!

KN Hoover


Sarah was the best decision we made regarding our first pregnancy. We don't have family in town so knew we wanted additional support. We did our research, had some referrals and narrowed it down to 3 doulas (this was after phone/e-mail interviews with 6-7). Sarah was the first doula we met and it was "doula at first sight".

She was knowledgeable, warm, and felt like family. We hired her right then and there! Her pricing was fair, affordable, and now that I think about it, she should be charging more because she is worth way more!  Her support throughout the pregnancy and during labor made all the difference. We also opted for the photography option and thank goodness we did because the last thing on our mind during delivery was capturing the moment.  She assisted us when we found out our baby was breeched and was present for the external cephalic version. She was there the entire time for our delivery which was over 24 hours and it was intense. We ran into issue after issue and basically our birth plan went out the window. Sarah provided her support and opinion and really gave us the peace of mind and assurance we were looking for. It was nice to have someone who was on our side, who knew us and what we wanted for our birth experience. My husband and I have a healthy baby girl and didn't lose our sanity during the process and Sarah was one of the main reasons.  My husband is eternally grateful for Sarah as she was able to address my fears and concerns. 

Sarah was always available via phone/text/e-mail. She answered our questions and concerns in a very timely manner.  We couldn't be more satisfied with her services. Sarah played an integral part throughout this pregnancy and will continue to be a part of our family. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be our doula for our next pregnancy.  

Melissa Gastineau


 Even though we wound up with a scheduled c section, Sarah's knowledge and compassion were invaluable to us. We feel that we were prepared and in good hands had we been able to have a natural birth. Given the c section, Sarah provided us with questions to ask, and was there for us mentally, emotionally and physically. She met us at the hospital the morning of the c section and stayed with us until after the birth. She provided us with excellent postpartum support. If you are looking for a doula, look no further. She is a true gift. 

Lauren Windham


Using Sarah as our Doula was one of the best decisions we've ever made! She has been such a gift throughout pregnancy, labor, and even now as a new mama. She helped us to feel prepared prior to labor, and has been available for questions and encouragement whenever we needed it. I am so thankful for how our birth turned out, and I am positive that it would have gone differently had she not been there. In the future, I do not ever want to give birth without her there! 

Kari Dixon


Our experience with Sarah has been exceptional!  From the first visit, I knew that she was the doula for us!  She is thoughtful, well-researched, and encouraging.  I love that she continually finds ways to learn more and do things that make her a better doula! 

Prenatally, Sarah was a great resource.  I was able to ask her questions and get information regarding health, exercise, positioning, and breastfeeding.  She was always easy to get in touch with and never seemed tired of my endless questions.  

I was unexpectedly induced at 39 weeks for possible preeclampsia.  Being put on magnesium and pitocin freaked me out! I didn't think I would be able to manage, but Sarah assured me we would work through whatever restrictions the hospital put on me. During labor, Sarah was invaluable. The relationship we built allowed me to let my inhibitions down and labor in a way that may have been embarrassing or seen as improper.  I was only in active labor for 2 hours, but she gave me confidence and comfort.  I loved how she encouraged and praised my husband during labor.  He needed her support and encouragement as much as I did.  Without her, it would have been difficult for us to have an unmedicated vaginal delivery.  

After the birth, Sarah helped with the first latch and continued to take precious photos of our beautiful boy.  We also enjoyed having Sarah come out to our house for a postpartum visit.  The visit was a nice time to talk about how things were going emotionally and physically.  The care and attention Sarah gives is SO worth the money of hiring a doula! 

In addition to being our doula, Sarah was also our birth photographer. The photos of my labor, my son's birth, and the moments after his birth are a keepsake that I will treasure forever! 


Katherine French


My husband and I consider Sarah to be one of our biggest blessings surrounding the birth of our son. We ended up having to move to Houston when I was 38 weeks pregnant. Because of this, I never had the pleasure of meeting Sarah before the birth. Even with that being the case, I immediately felt comfortable with her. She made my birth experience calm, comfortable, and even more beautiful.

During active labor she was very encouraging in helping me try different positions. I had a lot of trouble moving from the bed during active labor, and it was her persistent, kind, encouragement that led me to try laboring on the ball, on the toilet, and in the bath. I believe that her helping me try different positions really sped up my labor. When I decided to get an epidural at 10cm, 100% effaced (I know that sounds silly), she was not judgmental at all. She truly finds the beauty in all different types of births. She also set up battery candles in the room and it made the pushing phase feel so peaceful. Also, during a complication after birth, she stayed by my side for hours, bringing so much comfort.

I can’t even explain how much light and encouragement she added to the birth of our son. My OB told me she was the best doula he had ever had the pleasure of working with. He even talked about her at our later appointments. If you hire her, you will not regret it! ?

Also – make sure you ask her to take pictures! I didn’t even think I wanted them, but I will treasure those labor and birth photos forever.

Andy Evans


Our experience with Sarah can hardly be described with words. Although only coming to our wits and hiring her a week and a half before the due date, she helped put all of our thoughts and feelings surrounding the birth into words in a well thought out birth plan. Little did we know at the time that after 43 hours of labor, our plans would merely be a guidepost to the final outcome of our little baby boy's birth. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our birth ended in a C-section, which we would have told you going into it was not even on our radar. However, what Sarah did throughout the birth process was undeniably amazing. With no sleep, and hours of labor, it was Sarah who brought out the strength in Mom when it seemed that there was no more. It was Sarah who brought hope to the situation with options we would have never known without her. It was Sarah who called upon the perseverance of Mom when she was crying out for "No More". While each of those characteristics were innate in Mom through God, it was Sarah who coached them to their full potential. And while the birth outcome didn't end as planned, Sarah helped give us peace knowing we had exploited all of our options and done everything within our human ability to get to the decision we came to. And for that, her services are priceless. Not to mention, we came out of the whole process with a new friend and advocate. We can't thank you enough, Sarah!

With Love,

Dad & Mom

Written By Dad

And Coincidentally Not Related, Even w/ The Same Last Name :)

Kate Magee


There are many things I could say about Sarah and how much she added to my birth experience, but the way she brought a strong sense of calm and reason to my husband and I was invaluable and we will be forever grateful! 

She listened to my desires and made sure every detail of what I had envisioned for us was met. She was the voice of reason when I was ready to give up and she calmed me down when I was too scared to keep going. My husband was grateful for the break physically and mentally and knowing Sarah was able to comfort me when he could not made for the perfect balance in the room. 

With Sarah by our sides we had the most amazing experience! 


Tina Abraham


We had the pleasure of having Sarah assist us in the hospital birth of our baby girl last month. We started the doula search and engagement process fairly late but Sarah was very flexible and worked with us to help us feel better prepared as first time parents and also when we had to do an unplanned induction. We had a difficult birth, lasting over two days and Sarah was there with us every step of the way offering physical support through the use of various birthing positions as well as emotional support. Without her support, I doubt we would have been able to avoid a C-section and we are so thankful we had her with us. Sarah also worked great with our family members as well as the hospital staff and helped ensure that my needs were always taken care of. Following our hospital discharge, we had to re-admit our daughter and Sarah not only stayed in touch and offered emotional support but visited us in the hospital and checked in on us afterwards at home as well. Having a doula was one of the best decisions we made during the pregnancy and Sarah was better than we could have hoped for.

Alice Newman


Having Sarah attend my birth was probably the best decision I made surrounding my birth. I had an all natural birth and Sarah came to my home to assist me before I even went to the birth center. My labor was fairly long and painful and I dont think I would have made it through without her.  She was very encouraging the entire time even though I know she was very tired because we all were.  She knew all of the answers to ask the midwives when I didnt have the energy to do so.  I know that there were times when I was grouchy and not pleasant to be around but her spirit was never broken.  My husband was unable to attend one of my prenatal appointments and Sarah came with me and asked some very good questions to help prepare for the birthing experience.  She always checked up on me after an appointment to see how things were going.  She came to my home a few days after the birth to check on my son and see if I needed help with breastfeeding. I felt very comforatble calling or texting her with questions that I had. If i decide to have another child I would absolutely ask Sarah to be my doula again!

Annamarie Rangel


Sarah was my doula for my first baby.  I am so thankful that she was alongside me for this!  I was birthing at a hospital and because natural deliveries were less common with my doctor, she helped me along the way with questions that might be helpful discussing with my doctor.  Sarah was really good about following up with me when she knew I had appointments.  When the time came, she was incredibly flexible with our desires for laboring part of the way with just my husband and I.  However, I am SO glad she came when she did.  Labor progressed pretty quickly and became very challenging.  I'm not sure what I would have done without her calm and caring presence in the delivery room.  She came prepared with items that she knew could help with some of the back pain and immediately I felt so much better through the contractions.  She was so supportive and helpful, yet still allowed my husband to feel very involved.  I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone else who is delivering in the Houston area! 

Catherine Vannatta


Sarah was great! From the beginning of us asking her to be our doula she met with my husband and I, walked us through difervent laboring positions and coping strategies, and really put our minds at ease (especially my husbands). She was a great person to have on our team when labor got going and she was there with tons of words of encouragement and different laboring positions to try the whole time! We love her so much we even let her cut the cord :) After Oliver was born she walked us through the first stages of nursing after skin to skin and she helped us get a good latch. Sarah also took the time to check up on us postpartum as well To make sure I was doing well and Oliver was healthy and nursing. Overall Sarah was a great asset and we are really glad she was there with her smile and wisdom to make Oliver's birth all we could have hoped it would be! 

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