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Jacquie Procopio, PCD, CLC

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East Greenwich, RI Service range 28 miles



Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 89 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 6

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smoking within the home.

Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Doulas of Rhode Island RI Birth Network

Service Area

East Greenwich, RI Service range 28 miles

Client Testimonials for Jacquie Procopio, PCD, CLC

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Nora Dennegan


Jacquie was an absolutely wonderful support system throughout my postpartum experience and beyond. Having previously experienced full-term loss of my first son, my next pregnancy was stressful and filled with grief and anxiety from the beginning. Unfortunately, much of that carried over into my postpartum experience, as I was grieving my first child while I cared for a newborn.

From the very beginning, she was someone I could trust and depend on. She supported me through my grief and my experience as a new mom in ways I couldn’t have imagined. My vulnerability and ever changing emotions were always met with warmth and compassion. Her presence allowed me to enjoy the first few precious weeks of motherhood with my newborn. She handled it all, from folding the never ending laundry to making me nutritious snacks and meals, as I relaxed and bonded with my baby. I especially appreciate her extensive knowledge of breastfeeding and lactation support. She helped us to have a successful breastfeeding journey which would have ended early had it not been for her reassurance.

I highly recommend Jacquie to any new mom who is looking for some extra time to relax, bond with their newborn, and learn more about their postpartum experience! We can’t thank her enough for enriching such a special time in our life!

Meggie Cook


My husband and I were lucky enough to have Jacquie as our postpartum doula with both our first son and with our second son born this past year. Both experiences with her were incredible and we are so grateful to have had her support and wisdom during such a vulnerable and important time. Jacquie provided comprehensive lactation support with both of our boys and I attribute my successful breastfeeding journey to her wonderful guidance and unwavering comittment to our family. She provided invaluable support around nutrition for me as well during my recovery, making protein-filled snacks and beautiful salads to nourish my body so I could focus on providing nutrition for my baby. She visited with us prior to our son's arrival and helped us create a vision for postpartum that met everyone's needs. She wore our son around the house while tidying up, which allowed me to get much needed chunks of sleep. Postpartum can be a very challenging time for families, but with Jacquie's help I can honestly say that I look back at those tender months with such nostalgia and joy. Thank you Jacquie!



After a really difficult postpartum experience with our first baby, who had a slew of challenges including latching issues and colic, we knew we wanted a different postpartum experience with our second child. We felt like we wouldn't be able to get the kind of support we needed from our family, and started looking for other options.

We asked around and got Jacquie's name pretty quickly! We were especially interested in working with her because of her experience helping families with postpartum mood concerns. Hiring Jacquie to help us in the early weeks was easily the best decision we made for our family postpartum.

Jacquie was so attentive to our needs as a family. She helped in so many different ways, from sitting with our older kiddo when she didn't have school, caring for our newborn so we could sneak in a nap, making sure we had food and clean laundry, and helping me (birthing parent) get some self care and healing time.

For me, knowing that Jacquie was coming a few days a week and that I could nap while she was here was truly priceless. It helped me to hang on during the hardest days, knowing I had amazing help coming. I'm so grateful to Jacquie and everything she did for my family! It really helped us focus on bonding with our new little one and having enough energy to care for our older kiddo during the transition to a family of four.



Jacquie was a true life saver for our family. The early days of motherhood are challenging beyond belief. As a first time mom I was so unsure of everything I was doing and desperatley needed support. Jacquie provided not only support, but she cared for me emotionally and physically, she provided me with food when I was hungry, endless hugs when I needed them, helped me tune in to my instincts as a mother, and when I doubted myself, she was there to pick me up and bring me back to the moment.

It is hard as a new mom to trust a stranger with your baby while you get some rest. However Jacquie immediatley became part of our family and I knew my baby was in the most trustworthy and capable hands. She taught us so much, from swaddling to different soothing techniques (all while keeping diliegnt notes for tired parents to reflect on) and really helped us understand our baby better. 

When it was time for Jacquie to leave we really felt like we were saying goodbye to a member of our family. She played such a pivitol role in the early days of parenthood and I truly don't know what we would have done without her. She is deeply caring and knowlegable and always seems to know what mama and baby need!



I am not exaggerating when I say that Jacquie saved me during my first few months as a first time mother. She was beyond caring and senstive and had such a sense of humble confidence, I felt safe and comfortable when she was in our home and had a sense of relief knowing she would be on her way. Jacquie supported me as I figured out how to take care of my baby as well as how to take care of myself. I feel so incredibly lucky to have met Jacquie and words can not describe how much I would recommend her to a new family.

Vicki Patterson


The knowledge, care, kindness, support, and attentiveness that Jacquie has given me and my family over the past 3 plus years has been nothing short of phenomenal. She has helped me grow as a mother from day one, giving me confidence, a plethora of information, and wonderful resources to make my own informative decisions along the way. Jacquie is patient, always there to answer even the smallest of questions. Three years and 2 babies later, I still call on Jacquie for occasional guidance, and she will always return my call or message. We are truly grateful for her presence in our lives, and we recommend her to any parent who is on this wonderful journey! 

Kimberly Test


Jacquie's time spent with our family was truly invaluable. I first met Jacquie when I was 37 weeks pregnant, expecting my first baby and new to Rhode Island, having moved here for my husband's job without any friends or family nearby. After first meeting with her and having an introductory conversation she quickly set my anxiousness at ease and I knew she was the perfect postpartum doula for our new family. She has a very calming and trustworthy demeanor and really helped boost my confidence as I embarked on this new journey of welcoming my baby boy. When we returned home from the hospital Jacquie was a tremendous support system for me during those first few fragile weeks as I navigated becoming a new mom, breastfeeding and my own C section recovery. She was wonderful with our son and a source of amazing advice. I don't know how we would have managed without her, she was like my fairy godmother!

Lindsey Baillargeron


I contacted Jacquie when I was pregnant for the first time because honestly, I was terrified of what it would be like to become a mother. I have never done well with uncertainty and well, getting pregnant and becoming a first-time parent is one of the most uncertain and unnerving times in our lives. I wanted (needed) to feel like I was not alone in my transition, but most of all, I needed someone who had experience who could walk alongside me with whatever happened. Jacquie was like a second mother to me. She took care of my baby, helped me to learn about nutrition, latching, bonding, and all the supplies I didn't know I needed for pumping. What helped me most of all, however, was how she listened to me. Having a new baby puts stress on individuals, but partners, too, which can in turn, put stress on the relationship. Jacquie was never, ever judgmental; she was there for both of us as we struggled to navigate our new roles and support each other as we dealt with less sleep, raging hormones, and many unexpected challenges that came up during and after my birthing experience. I will never forget the moment when she held my face in her hands and looked me in the eyes and told me that everything would be okay. I felt like I was her daughter, and her reassurance helped me more than words can say. She supported us, cared for us, but most of all, empowered us. I can't imagine what it would have been like to go through this experience without her. Having Jacquie as my postpartum doula was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. 



Jacquie started supporting my husband and I shortly after our daughter was born and I can't imagine anyone better. She listened withouth judgement and centered all of her support around the wellbeing of my daughter and I. Her support was transformative in how she continually affirmed me in my evolution into motherhood, and gave me confidence in this new existence. Most of all though, I trusted her. Not only with my daughter, but I also trusted that she would meet my vulnerability with kindness and compassion. And she did. From the first moment I met Jacquie I felt that she was not only practical and unflappable, but also deeply caring and protective. She continued to support us for several months and I was so grateful every day that she was with us. I can't imagine those early months without her and credit her with making me a more confident and competent mother now. Thank you Jacquie!



We worked with Jacquie as a post-partum doula after the birth of our first child, and I could not be more grateful for her kindness and patience. Though we didn't spend a ton of time with her, her easy presence was immediately comfortable, and it never felt strange to have her in our home. Jacquie was able to help us problem-solve through our most difficult first few weeks challenges, particularly around breastfeeding. She never judged our decisions, and tailored her advice to what she senesed we were comfortable with, without pushing. Every time I have a friend in another state get pregnant, I feel sad that I cannot recommend Jacquie to them--she is truly a gem. 

Melanie Sereny Brasher


After taking a Bradley method class we learned about a the role of a postpartum doula. We thought it sounded great and we got Jacqui's info but we assumed we wouldn't end up needing her help. Lo and behold, I ended up with a c-section and having a newborn was more overwhelming than we thought! It was extremely easy to get in touch with her and she was available to help us within a couple of days of our initial conversation.

It was great to have her help for multiple reasons. First it was just great to have someone who understood the struggles of being a new parent and she encouraged me to take care of myself and be patient while recovering from a c-section. This was different from family members who were encouraging me to walk around, get up and do stuff already! She also just helped train us as new parents and helped us set up a system for washing bottles that has served us well to this day. There is lots of stuff we learned in class or read about, but it's incredibly helpful to have someone come to your home, someone who is kind and understanding and gentle, and show you how best to care for your child in your own home. And it's great to have the encouragement of a professional. It is worth the cost to get this kind of professional help, to build confidence and get that immediate help and support as a new parent.

In case it wasn't already clear, I highly recommend Jacqui as a postpartum doula!

Cheryl Baker


I've had trouble sitting down to write this because what Jacquie did for our family is way more than what I can put into words and I get emotional with gratitude everytime I think about it.

We worked with Jacquie for 4 months. My husband and I had gone through a two day birth that ended in an emergency c-section and two weeks after that I was diagnosed with post partum depression. We were essentially beside ourselves.

The first night Jacquie came I remember us sitting on my couch as I cried because I didn't feel like I was breastfeeding 'correctly'. It wasn't easy, and certainly didn't look like it does in commercials or magazines. That's when Jacquie showed me there are tons of different ways to breastfeed and whatever is comfortable for the mom and baby is what is right for them. It was such a relief, it was like a load of bricks was lifted off my shoulders. Throughout our time working together those first few months, Jacquie gave me and my husband the tools we needed to deal with the challenges new parents face. She also helped me gain the confidence I needed to know I was giving our daughter everything she needed.

Jacquie helped us grow into the family we are today and we would still be working with her if she didn't have other families she needed to help as our daughter was four months when our time concluded. As my husband says, 'working with Jacquie was one the best decisions we made as new parents.'



Jacquie has been my post partum doula. She helped me keep my sanity in the early months after my second birth. I had a long recovery time due to my csection, and my toddler was driving me nuts. Jacquie was a huge help. She came reccomended by my birth doula. I didnt need a regular post partum doula, but I did need some help from time to time whem it all became too much. Jacquie was the most responsive and dilligent helper I had at the time.

Jacquie was always on time, always responded very quickly to my calls and text, and even put in lots of effort in helping me find another helper if she was not available herself. My toddler loved her and so did the baby. She knows what to do with kids and is very nice. Finaly, her rates were reasonable. I highly reccomend her to any new mom.




We were so, so lucky to have had Jacquie become part of our lives as we welcomed our daughter. In those early, bleary postpartum days, Jacquie cared for our whole family, not just our baby. She was an educator and a cheerleader to two overwhelmed mommas, in ways that we didn't even know we would need. She answered all of our questions, gave non-judgmental advice, and supported our decisions. She was a true professional, but also very warm... and she brought joy to a tired house, singing and dancing with our daughter while we took a moment to rest!



We found Jacquie online when our son was a newborn, when we realized we had a lot of questions about caring for a newborn, but no one in our families to ask/help (we were new to the area and our families are not close by). Jacquie has a warm, compassionate, and easy-going manner that was incredibly reassuring to two stressed out and sleep-deprived first-time parents. We immediately felt comfortable with her in our home and with our son. Jacquie always somehow knew exactly what we needed and although she asked us what we needed, she also made suggestions on what she could do, and it was an incredible gift to not have to think through exactly what to ask but to simply say "yes" to her suggestions! So, Jacquie took our baby for walks, held him, helped get him to sleep. This allowed me to continue working from home and my wife to sleep, and Jacquie would bring our son to my wife to feed when needed. She also helped my wife get the hang of breastfeeding, and gave us some soothing tips.

Our only regret is not having Jacquie come sooner, more regularly, and not having her do an overnight or two! We will certainly be in contact with Jacquie if we have more children so we can have her postpartum support again - it was invaluable the first time around.

E Kupfers


Jacquie was recommended to me by my birth doula who was not available for overnights at the time. I booked her that same night and then extended it 2 nights and then another night a few weeks later. I still see her and keep in touch. She has become a part of my family. She is so friendly, caring, loving, understanding, knowledgable and confident. When your life is turned upsidedown by the birth of your child and you can't think straight, call Jacquie. She will come to your house and give you a hug, lovingly take the baby into her arms, tell you to go sleep and then make you food and clean for you while you sleep. She also listened when I cried and helped me with nursing, and just showed so much compassion and care towards me and my family. Jacquie understands what it's like and she truly truly cares for each family she meets. If you are even thinking about hiring an overnight doula, just pick up the phone or email her today. It will be the best decision you ever make. And her French Toast is the best I've ever had!!

Marguerite Carniaux


My husband and I were blessed to have Jacquie as our doula during and after the birth of our son. I have known Jacquie for many years, and when I was pregnant, knew very little about what a doula relationship was (or could be.) I am truly not exaggerating when I say, thank GOD for Jacquie! We were lucky enough to be with her through part of her journey of birth doula training, and have her with us during labor. She was absolutely essential to me reaching my natural labor “goal,” and I can honestly say that her calm and present coaching gave me the peace of mind and courage to give birth naturally. More than 9 months later, I still remember what she told me during those final 2 pushes! Her prenatal meetings and breast-feeding lessons eased many of my fears and prepared us for what was to come. Her patience and attention to our potential postpartum needs factored in our individual personalities, and those of our (sometimes nosey) family members. This proved extremely important for us. As a Lactation Counselor, her constant attention and availability to me while I was having trouble with my son’s latch was not only comforting - as she sat at my bedside close to midnight helping him latch - but imperative to my breastfeeding success. Breastfeeding was the biggest challenge for me, and she is a big reason I’m still nursing now (trust me, it was BLEAK at times!) We love Jacquie, and feel endlessly lucky and grateful to have this forever relationship with her, and our new family.

Kelly Lee


We had heard of a Postpartum Doula before, but had no idea what to expect

besides a good night’s rest and a person to care for our newborn son, Austin. We

hired Jacquie on a referral from another Doula for 2 weeks of Doula overnight

service, which later turned into almost three months! We consider her part of our


Getting sleep is essential to any mom’s physical and mental recovery but what Jacquie

offered us as a family was more than a good night’s rest and a happy baby. Jacquie often

offered my husband and I research on questions about our baby to raise our awareness and

make choices on our baby’s care based on facts. Some of the research was from The World

Health Organization on sterilized formula feeding, other examples are the research she

presented on colic, second hand smoke and newborns, TV time and safe sleeping from The

American Academy of Pediatrics.

Jacquie also presented me evidence-based information on my physical and mental

recovery. She researched and presented options to aid in my recovery that ultimately lead

me to get help for my postpartum mood disorder and physical therapy for my birth

complications in hopes of avoiding another surgery. With information based research, she

helped my husband understated my postpartum anxiety. I don’t think I would be

overstating when I say that Jacquie helped keep my marriage intact and stronger than ever.

Jacquie is an amazing Doula, she not only cared for my newborn, she supported everyone in

the family, including me, my husband and my other son. Jacquie is kind, warm, and

energetic. She is knowledgeable, listens and communicates very well. She provides support,

researched based facts on newborns and postpartum mood disorders and judgement free

help with my recovery from birth.

????????? ?????????


Becoming a mother is a true miracle but also it is a big stress. Labor doesn't always go smothly and can be very traumatic for a mother and for a child. That's why it's very important to get right care and support in postpartum period. I am a mother of a preemie. And it was very hard for me not to loose my milk supply when my baby was at the NICU. When Jacquie started working with us, my breastfeeding routine was very unorganized. I wasn't producing enough milk, so I had to substitute with formula. And I was certain that it will always be like that. But Jacquie helped to believe that It is possible to stop using formula and get a good milk supply. She encouraged me to breasfeed more and use a bottle less, and not to give up when my daughter was getting fussy and didn't want to latch. She was so used to a bottle already and also she was not strong enough to latch long enough. With Jacquie'a help I was able to achieve my goal is to breasfeed exclusively.

Also Jacquie was very helpful with finding right specialist for my daughter and for me. I wish I started using her help while I was pregnant. I could avoid many problems that way.

Jackie is very professional and also caring person. She loves what she is doing And I think she really enjoys helping new moms. She provided me help and support that I really needed. Thanj you very much for everything!!!

Eddie Lee


When we met Jacquie for the first time we were looking for some sleep and help with our one week newborn son. We never could have imagined the incredible woman she is and how much she’s helped us in many areas. My wife had experienced post-partum emotional complications with our first child and we thought we would be more prepared the second time. When that time came she had a difficult child birth and it took a toll on my wife both physically and mentally.

Jacquie was a breath of fresh air who would show up nightly prepared with information to help guide us and educate us regarding what we were going through. She would listen to our daily concerns and engage us in great conversation. She wouldn’t tell us what to do as most people would. She would let us talk freely and we would talk about our daily struggles and successes’ which would make us feel much better.

Jacquie also gave my wife an amazing amount of emotional support. Jacquie being a mother could empathize, where I could not. Jacquie works with a great doula network that helped train her and educated her on the resources out there for new mothers. Not only did Jacquie support my wife but also me as well. As a father of a newborn I had a lot of new responsibilities added to go along with helping more with our 2 year old, job, and emotional support for my wife. Jacquie would ask how I was doing with everything, which was unexpected. She provided me with a website for dad’s with wives who were experiencing post-partum emotional complications.

She would also leave encouraging notes for my wife and also research any questions my wife had. It wasn’t Wikipedia info either ?. She would find the sources of her research and give us great information so we could make an educated decision. Jacquie was a blessing to our whole family and we’re sure she will be to yours as well!

Austin’s Father

stephanie gallo


Jacquie's postpartum help was INVALUABLE to me. I can honestly say that I don't know how I would have done it without her during the first few weeks. I had a lot of pain and a general lack of confidence, especially when it came to breastfeeding and jacquie talked me through it, gave me lots of great advice, gave me articles to read and checked up on me every day. Anytime I had a question, no matter how silly I thought I might be, she was there to answer it. One night my baby was crying for hours and I had no idea what to do. She suggested a few things to try and it worked within 5 minutes!!! Her knowledge and passion regarding all things baby is incredible.
She also has an amazing sense of positivity and reminded me that I was doing a great job (even when I didn't think I was) which kept me going and not giving up. She was also a great help to my husband and was the only person who took the time to ask how HE was doing through all of this.
Knowing that jacquie was a phone call or text away when I needed her help and advice was priceless to me. I never realized how important post partum care was until now and I strongly suggest it to every new mom. Thank you jacquie!!!

Margot Conley


When I first met Jacquie, I knew It was a good fit. She understood what I was looking for, and more importantly, what I needed in a doula. In the months leading up to the birth of my twin sons she offered support and guidance to me and my wife as we prepared our home and our hearts for two more boys (we already have one!) . After the birth of my twins, She seamlessly worked with my family, giving direction and support when needed, while avoiding stepping on anyone's toes. She made sure I was eating healthy foods and routinely chased me with a water bottle. Jacquie offered suggestions and support (that were always backed by experience or research) around my breastfeeding goals, baby wearing and basic twin life hacks and made sure I laughed everyday as we powered through. I have no doubt that we would have somehow survived the first weeks with twins without a doula, but Jacquie made it a wonderful experience that I wish everyone could have.

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