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Janice Miles Birthkeeper/ Birth and Postpartum Support

Heart Doula Services

Victoria, BC Service range 50 miles No Ferries, I won't drive over the Malahat.

250 882-3329


Birth Fee

$2200 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Availability Remarks: I am a Certified Gentle Birth Instructor (including Hypnosis) teaching Childbirth Education Classes and an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor teaching the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class.

Birth Fee

$2200 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 87 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years and 87 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • The Matrona - Certified Holistic Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2015
  • The Matrona, November 2020

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 2 to 3 births and 2 to 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I do not discriminate, I serve all! I am a Matrona Foundation Certified Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula, DONA Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor and ChildBirth Educator, both my classes are fully comprehensive, covering all aspects of birth and postpartum, check out my classes listed below, on my website, also you can signup for my classes on my website! Any questions please message me I would be so happy to assist you! I specialize in home birth, it is safe and many women can relax better at home, letting their baby and body do what they know how to do! I have an amazing back up doula, just in case! I got you covered!

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Round House Birthing Cottage

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Home births are safe and amazing!

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am an Aboriginal Grant Approved Doula, 11 years as a LLL Leader, was on The Board Of Directors for the Doula Services Association Of B.C., was a Volunteer Doula for the Best Babies program in Fernwood.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I always offer payment plans! Please let me know if you are struggling, we can always work something out! Thank you all who can pay full price, this gives me the flexibility to help those families who are struggling! I appreciate all the families who invite me along on their sacred journey, thank you so much!

Service Area

Victoria, BC Service range 50 miles No Ferries, I won't drive over the Malahat.

Certifications for Janice Miles Birthkeeper/ Birth and Postpartum Support

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Client Testimonials for Janice Miles Birthkeeper/ Birth and Postpartum Support

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Steph De Almeida


I hired Janice as a postpartum Doula. I was mainly looking for help with my newborn with severe acid reflux and I also have a busy toddler. She helped with my children but also did so much more, cleaning up, washed bottles, took the kids to the park so I could shower and relax. At first I was hesitant to hire a doula, having someone I did not know in my home with me and my children at such a vulnerable time. But Janice is so warm, kind and is someone who is so easy to instantly connect with. She always went above and beyond, checking in on me with text messages, being a supportive person to talk to and incredibly good with my two young children. My toddler loves her, that to me is very telling. She is incredibly knowledgeable and supported me through my anxious times. She offered suggestions but was never pushy. She made me feel validated in my parenting decisions. I trust Janice completely with my newborn and toddler. My toddler even said she loves Janice and was missing her. Hiring her was the best decision I made, worth every penny. Thank you Jancie for all you did for me and my family! 



Janice has a wonderfully warm energy and presence, which made me feel so at ease with her right from the start. She was non-judgemental, super encouraging, and emphasized how available she was for questions, which for me as a first time mom, was so important and helpful. Janice rocked my world with foot massages at the start of each of our sessions together, really providing such comfort and relief as we chatted. Best of all, Janice is so darn knowledgeable, offering many options for how we could work through some of our struggles with a newborn. The most important one for us was becoming comfortable with cosleeping -- this one truly saved us from the exhaustion of shift-work, which was not working for us. Janice talked me through my questions and worries about cosleeping, suggested we setup our crib as a sidecar, and since then we have been sleeping peacefully and well! I'm so incredibly grateful for my postpartum experience with Janice, and would highly recommend her to any momma needing some support!

Madison S


We are so glad that we had Janice to guide us through our first pregnancy and natural, home birth! Janice is one of the kindest and most caring people, which made her the exact resource that I needed to guide me to my dream birth.

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to have a home birth but that I would need to find the right supports to get me there. We took Janice's Gentle Birth class, which prepared me for not only a calm and positive birth experience but also helped me keep a healthy mind through what was sometimes an anxious pregnancy and postpartum experience. I did not previously have experience with affirmations, breathing exercise or hypnosis and at first we weren't sure if it was for us. Janice encouraged us to stick with it and that we'd get whatever out of it that we put in. She was right! I used the gentle birth app during the entire 18 hours I was in labour and believe that it was what kept me calm and focused and on track. Janice was available for me (and still is!) whenever I had a question or concern, which is invaluable during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Janice, thank you for your unwavering support and understanding throughout this incredibly personal experience. We could not have done it without your guidance and flexibility along the way.



Janice was an important member of my birth team. She demonstrated care and kindness throughout my pregnancy and after. Her support contributed to a positive birth experience as well as helped me navigate the first weeks of being a new mother. I appreciate the information and knowledge she brought to the table as well as the space she gave my husband and I to make the decisions we felt were the right ones for our child. Foot massages and breastfeeding treats were a bonus!



Janice was an excellent child birth educator. One of the silver linings of the pandemic and the move to remote learning was that we were able to join Janice (who lives in Victoria) even though we are from Ontario. 

Janice did a good job of setting us up with the Gentle Birth App and to give us an introduction to related resources. I found this program incredibly helpful to foster a positive, calm outlook for our upcoming birth.

Janice was very responsive and always willing to answer questions - both in class and through email. She was very supportive.

I also liked the emphasis in the class that every birth can be a gentle birth. This was especially helpful as towards the end of our pregnancy we learned that a cesarean would be necessary. We had specifically discussed cesareans in class, and Janice had always emphasized how any of the gentle birth tools could be used no matter what the birth outcome. 

Thank you Janice for all of your help!




My husband and I decided to go with Janice as our doula because she is also a Gentle Birth educator. She guided us though the Gentle Birth program 1:1 over Zoom calls. This gave us great flexibility to arrange classes when it worked in our schedule. Janice has great familiarity with the program and app and was able to supplement the information with her own vast knowledge and resources. Perhaps most importantly, she truly embodies the positivity and affirmations so central to hypnobirthing and the Gentle Birth approach. I was so happy and felt so empowered going through the course with Janice, and to have her help carry the practice into our birth and post partum was so well worth it. I believe my parenting, pre natal period, birth, and post partum recovery were all greatly, positively impacted by working with Janice and the Gentle Birth program!

Jasmine Rayburn


My family hired Janice to offer postpartum support after I had my first baby in February. She was calm, kind and knowledgeable, often going above and beyond to check in, offer resources, and provide some much needed relief in those early days of parenthood. She was great with my daughter and even stayed with her so my husband and I could go on a much needed date! I would recommend Janice to anyone looking for postpartum support. Having her help set us up for success and gave me the support I needed to truly enjoy my baby!



We did the Evidence-Based Birth (EBB) course with Janice and I couldn't be more pleased that we did. Having no first-hand experience with modern birth, I had so many questions and fears and didn't know where to start. The EBB course took us through everything, from what to expect from my body, to potential interventions that I might be offered, how to advocate for myself within the medical system, and what to expect once we went home with a baby. It was truly evidence-based (objective, scientific), but delivered in a way even my partner (creative brain) enjoyed. Janice walked us through all the information and made it fun and understandable. I honestly don't think I would have felt as confident and prepared for birth without Janice and the course. 



Janice supported us through the toughest months with our twins with such a positive and nurturing approach. We called her our nap doula as she would sing them to sleep for naps and keep them napping with no tears and lots of cuddles.  Our boys loved her and smiled everytime they heard her come in the door. We are so grateful to have had her support.



Janice is thoughtful, empathetic, knowledgable, and exceptionally positive. We felt very fortunate to have her as a key part of our birthing and post-partum team! She ensured we felt informed at key decision points throughout pregnancy, and supported us with tremendous care during the birth of our second child. Her practical (and nutritiously tasty!) post-partum encouragement was a huge boost to moral and played a significant role in healthy recovery for both Mum and baby. Janice, thank you for your generous spirit and genuine desire to see us thrive as a family - this means so much to us!




Janice was the rock of our birthing team. As first-time parents, we had a million questions and Janice had a huge toolbox to help us find the information we needed. You could not ask for a more supportive doula - even after my birth (which I don't think my husband would have made it through without her!) Janice continued to support me through a difficult postpartum period. She helped us make informed choices on the birth plan that we wanted, and worked productively with hospital staff to ensure our wishes were respected. She is genuine, caring, and curious - I am so grateful to have had her on our team.



Janice is a wonderful doula.  She consistently provided emotional support and encouragement throughout my pregnancy and was always available when I had questions and concerns.  She has a genuine and gentle nature about her and a very calming presence.  Janice holds a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy, labour and postpartum issues, and introduces a variety of alternative therapies into her practice which I really appreciated.  And a special bonus she makes excellent cookies and gives amazing foot rubs!


Mel Mackay


My husband and I took the EBB class online with Janice and we really enjoyed it.

Janice has such a kind and caring presence she made us feel so comfortable. She is extremely knowledgeable, a great teacher and I would definitely have had her as our doula if we were in the same town.



A few words that describe Janice....positive, kind, knowledgable, respecful. All things that make a great doula!! My partner and I are so very grateful that we had Janice to guide and support us through the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period of our second child and we would highly recommend her services. We opted to go through the Gentle Birth program which Janice supplemented with other resources and information that helped me feel prepared and confident in my pregnancy and for any birth scenario we may face. She was respectful of our birth preferences and made it clear she was available to support both myself and my husband every step of the way. Janice was calm and clear-headed when I had a quick labor and unplanned home delivery, and it was so comforting to have her accompany me to the hospital afterwards. Her postpartum visits have been wonderful and have definitely helped eased the transition for our family. Her lactation cookies and foot rubs are just icing on the cake of everything she has to offer!


Breanne Cozzolino


Our family initially hired Janice for post-partum support following a scheduled c-section of our 2nd child.  We had a 2 year old at home and knew those first few months following a c-section recovery and bringing a 2nd child into our family required additional support.  And wow did Janice support us! She is truly one of the most kind, thoughtful, generous and loving person I have had the pleasure of knowing.  She is an expert in newborn care but more importantly in caring for the mom.  She jumps in anywhere she sees the opportunity to and makes life so much easier for new moms.  Hiring Janice was hands down the best decision we made and best money we spent on our family.  We actually loved having her so much we kept her on for 1.5 years!! We interviewed quite a few doulas and are so glad we chose Janice, she became part of our family and helped us through some challenging times with love and support.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Janice, you will be so missed. But we are forever grateful to have had your expertise and support these past years. 





Having Janice as our doula was such a positive experience. Prior to hiring Janice, I was frightened of giving birth and uncertain how to manage this. Janice, who is incredibly kind and supportive, directed me to a number of different resources, including Gentle Birth techniques, which helped me overcome my fear. By the time our daughter was born, I was feeling confident and excited about giving birth, rather than anxious and frightened. As a result, our time at the hospital was so much more positive than I ever could have anticipated. After the birth, Janice provided lots of support and was always available if we had questions about our baby. I can wholeheartedly recommend Janice to anyone looking to hire a doula.



Janice was a great support throughout my entire pregnancy, labour and postpartum. She has a wealth of personal experience and has a lot of resources to offer on many pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding and baby related subjects. She is very encouraging, kind and compassionate and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a doula. 




Greer and Rich


We knew we wanted to work with Janice right from her first email response to us :) She was knowledgeable, passionate, supportive and kind during our whole experience with her.  Because of covid, we had to prepare for labour through zoom meetings but Janice was flexible and able to help us feel confident and ready for labour and postpartum, even through video chats. She also provided numerous very helpful resources and equipment that  helped us to be ready physically, emotionally and mentally for childbirth.  Although she wasn't able to come to the hospital with us, she supported us at home during the first stages of labour and was there for all my texts as my contractions started slowly over a few days.  She was available to us at all times by phone when we went in to give birth.    She also supported us endlessly after birth and went above and beyond in so many ways- she made lactation cookies, took pictures of us to remember our experiences, and genuinely cared about our labour experience, about us, about our baby and even about our puppy.  Most importantly, she helped us approach labour without fear and helped us to feel ready and excited for the experience.  My labour was positive and truly manageable, thanks in large part to her and her suggestion that I use the gentlebirth  techniques.  She also helped me debrief after my labour unexpectedly ended in a c-section and helped us to manage at home as I recovered.  We deeply appreciated her support and would encourage anyone looking for a devoted doula to work with Janice!!  She loves what she does and it is so obvious- she will be your greatest cheerleader and resource! 

Laurel Dietz


Janice worked very closely with us in the months leading up to our daughter's birth. She introduced us to the Gentle Birth method, which was a really great way to mentally prepare for child birth and parenting. She is a wealth of information about anything child birth related. She works really hard to keep up to date on all the latest studies and information about child birth and her clients benefit.

We really appreciated having Janice with us through my labour. Her knowledge of different pain management techniques made a huge difference. We felt very prepared for anything that could happen and Janice supported us through the entire process. I am glad I had her there with me and if I were going to do it again, I would make sure she could be there.  Even though it was a very long labour Janice didn't rush out the minute the baby was born, but stuck around to make sure we got settled in our new hospital room. 

Mary C.


I can't say enough wonderful things about Janice.  Janice was brought to me by what I feel was a greater power.  I saw her car in a parking lot with her name and services on it and when I went into the event I saw this woman walk past me and I knew she was the doula as she just exuded that spirit. I wrote her name down as I hoped to need her services in the future and a little over a year later I did! Janice is an instant safe space.  She embodies the energy and spirit I envisioned the birth of my third child being welcomed into.  Janice is warm, open, nonjudgemental, and pure.  She is there with you on YOUR journey helping to guide you where you need and hope to go.  After my 20 week ultrasound I sadly found out I had full placenta previa with a low chance of changing which drastically altered the course of how I hoped to birth my child.  I now was faced with a high risk pregnancy and little chance of having a natural birth where I would have to have a c section at 37 weeks.  Throughout this Janice helped me stay positive but also mourn the loss of the hope to have a natural, vaginal birth. I ended up having some complications from PP and had to unexpectedly rush to the hospital at 34 weeks pregnant. Janice met me at the hospital and didn't leave my side till we knew what was going on and I was settled into what turned into my home for the next three weeks in antepartum.  Janice continued to visit me almost daily to support me in those final weeks. And she was there with my husband and I on the day we gave birth to our third child in a gentle, peaceful planned cesarian birth. I was able through her guidance, meditation, and mantras to experience a joyful, peaceful, beautiful birth with a rapid and very low pain recovery.  I am so thankful she accompanied me in my journey, a journey very different than I had originally begun with her but one just a beautful in the end.



Janice has been supporting my family as a postpartum doula. She has a wonderful calming personality and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each job. My family has greatly benefited from Janice's support and I highly recommend her.

Jennifer Hawthorne


Janice is an amazing Doula! She is very personable and extremly knowledgable. She taught me all the Gentle Birth techniques and it really helped me put together my birth plan and I used those techniques during labor and still use them today (3 mobths post partum). She is wonderfully supportive and always there for me. Although the birth of my baby wasn't even close to my birth plan of staying at home as long as possible while in labor ( I was induced at the hospital and was required to stay until my baby arrived), Janice was by my side from the very beginning to after my beautiful baby was born, doing everything she could to give me comfort and support! She also provides amazing post partum support (and yummy lactation cookies). I am so thankful that she was and still is part of my pregnancy, birth and baby journey. I highly recommend her! 

Charlotte Burns-O'Brien


I cannot say enough good things about Janice. She supported us as post partum doula through our second twin pregnancy and has worked with our family up until 6 months post partum. Janice is supportive both emotionally and physically, she is so very calm, kind and gentle. She comes to our house and can see what needs doing straight away whether it be picking up a baby, doing some laundry or helping with our older twins. We don’t have any family support around but Janice has helped fill that gap. 

Nan Zheng


We are so lucky to have Janice as our doula, we are first time parents, and we don't speak english very well (sorry for my pool english), it was the best choice we have made for our birth plan, she guides us through the pregnancy, labor and postpartum and always been extremly responsive, gentle, passionate! I was affraid of the birth but she made me more and more confidente, and make sure everything were maximum prepared for the birth! I was aiming for a natural birth at hospital, even if I had a very long labor (2 days) and ended up with an epidul, I'm always greatful for her helps and accompaniments, she was been here with us at the very begining of my labor, and she was so encourage and reassuring! Can't imagine if she was not here with us. As I said, even if the labor was long, but I really appreciate this birth experience. I think if she wasn't there, I would totally ended up with a much less happy memory.

Just want to thank Janice from bottom of our hearts. Hope she can help more and more familly to have very positive and happy birth experience!

Amy Kleckner


I met Janice at a doula speed dating event in Victoria and knew she was the one to hire after getting a sense of her supportive and positive personality and also very clear passion for working as a birth and postpartum doula. This was my second pregnancy and I really wanted to focus on having less birth injuries and a better sense of how I could better prepare myself for birth the second time around. Janice gave me all the tools and confidence to have the birth and labour I was looking for and I really credit my fast and drug free labour and delivery to her and the guidance and tools she provided. I really believe that everyone should have the benefit of having a doula at your side, and Janice is a wonderful choice - I definitely would recommend her!

Kimberly Maine


We chose Janice based on a friends recommendation and positive experience with her, and we were happy that she was along side us for our journey through pregnancy, giving birth and post partdum.  She was always very positive, a wealth of information, (especially about breastfeeding) and support through this challenging time of unknowns with our first child. We found it very helpful that we could call or text her whenever we needed her. We wanted a doula because we don't have any family in town and wanted the extra support especially after the birth, and Janice was perfect for the job. She was very helpful in encouraging when I was learning to breastfeed and when we needed a break from sleep deprivation. She was that person that we all need sometimes to say "you are doing great and everything is going to be ok". We would recommend Janice to anyone who is seeking a motherly, supportive, well informed and passiontate doula to guide them through this life changing experience!

Glenda Garcia


Janice has provided incredible support and has been an amazing source of information for me as a first-time mom. Not only does my daughter absolutely love her, but she has provided genuine care for me during challenging times, and has been available 24 hours a day for anything that I may need. She is so knowledgeable on everything to do with baby and motherhood. From breast-feeding to lullabies, she knows it all!  Janice is very intuitive and seems to always know just what is needed. She enjoys helping in anyway she can. I have enjoyed having her work with us and highly recommend her.

John Iarussi


We have been most fortunate to enjoy Janice’s help and wisdom these past several weeks.  We would continue indefinitely if we weren’t moving back to the US in a week.

Janice has arrived promptly and amazed us with her ability to multi-task, notice and tackle whatever needs to be done, and does so with cheer and warmth.

A precious first for us was hearing her soothe and sing to our baby Griffin.  Her role-modeling has helped my partner and I get our bearings and orient to this awesome responsibility and opportunity.

Janice has been much more than a post-partum doula for us.  She’s brought the gentleness and care of a counselor and exhibited the unconditional love and support of a parent or close friend.

She deserves the highest recommendation.

Hazel Stewart


Janice is a dedicated, generous and knowledgeable doula and I am grateful to have received her support and care leading up to and during my baby’s birth. From the first time I spoke to Janice on the phone I felt encouraged and supported. During her visits, prior to our baby’s birth, Janice generously shared her time and knowledge to help prepare my husband and I for a positive birth experience. I really appreciated her warmth and light-hearted spirit, which dissolved any fears I had about labour and delivery. Janice provided me with the use of a TENS machine, which I found very helpful during the initial stage of labour. I also really enjoyed learning about using a rebozo to assist with the birthing process. She shared links to very helpful articles and was always available to respond to calls and texts. Janice also gifted us with a collection of beautiful photographs that she took during the birth of our baby. I wholeheartedly recommend Janice as a doula. Her commitment to this work is obvious and I’m grateful for her presence and support before and during our baby’s birth day!

Oliver Revilo


A special birth and a special birthday.  This was all we hoped for and it arrived beautifully. We are in gratitude for this lovely day.

Yuki Endoh


Janice was such a caring loving postpartum doula. I loved her personality the day I met her, and she was amazing with my newborn son. Not only she cared of my son, but she also made me tea, snacks, dinner plates, did dishes, laundry etc.. and she was a great person to chat with as well, especially I felt like I was all alone with my newborn son all day. I also appreciated how flexible she was as there were some times when I really needed her in the last minutes. I don't think I could have gone through the first two months without her!  My husband and I would love to have her again for sure.  Thank you so much Janice:)

Heizel Barker


From the second we met Janice I knew I wanted her with us during our wonderful journey. She is kind, passionate, knowledgable and professional. The support we received with the prenatal and postnatal visits were phenomenal.
She was available to us via phone or text at all times and made the extra effort to take some great photos of the big day, which she provided at no added charge.
Having a baby can be scary but she was there for us to answer all of our questions.

Jennifer Hutter


Janice was absolutely wonderful through the prenatal home visits, my entire birth and postpartum visits as well as offering support by phone and text. Very warm, caring, supportive and non-judgmental. She was just so extremely calm and encouraging, she made me feel like I could do anything. And that whatever choice I made was the absolute best decision for me.

She was a really important part of our birth plan, helping to keep both of us calm and giving a really confident and experienced kind of assistance to us. She was always ready to help in absolutely any way way we needed, often before we even asked. Using a variety of methods for comfort was greatly appreciated and helpful. Her professionalism is outstanding, she came equipped with numerous resources to prepare us for both the emotional and physical aspects. She is honestly invaluable. I could not ask for anyone more nurturing and genuine.

I can't recommend her enough.

Thanks again.

patricia kelly


My experience with janice was absolutely wonderful she helped me conquer the most beautiful thing life could give us and made me feel comfortable in a place where most of us feel overwhelmed. I highly recommend janice as a doula she absolutely wonderful and so sweet! She won't let you down. ??

Andrea Westfall


Janice provided the emotional and spiritual support my husband and I needed both leading up to our son's birth and his final delivery. Her encouraging heart and mentoring nature helped relieve a lot of the fears I had surrounding pregnancy. Even in the delivery room, her presence and guidance allowed me to handle my long and traumatic birth with freedom and rest in being myself. She was always mindful of my needs and made sure my husband was nurtured during the whole process.

I highly recommend Janice. My mother had passed away nine years ago and having Janice's experience and care provided safety and guidance that I needed in my mothers absence.

Lindsay McAasen


We chose Janices doula services for her compassion and experience with birthing. From the first meeting she was able to answer all of our questions in depth and provides great pre and post natal follow up. Although she was unable to attend our birth due to being at another birth, she was quick to provide us with a great backup doula. I felt fully prepared at our home birth from the time we spent with Janice and also benefited from the Robozo wrap she gifted to us. We were fortunate to use her birthing tub as well which I highly recommend for labour and birth, Janice provided all the supplies and did a great job explaining how to use it. If your looking for a doula that has the experience as a mother and doula and positive caring attitude, Janice is your choice!

Erin Webb


Janice is responsive, flexible, and knowledgeable. She presented many options to us as new parents and encouraged an open mind and was open herself to our choices. She suggested techniques that we thought we may not have used, but ended up being very grateful we had the tools when labour came. Above all, Janice is kind hearted, supportive, and so excited to be apart of everyone's journey.

I would recommend her to knew families who are looking for an upbeat and passionate support person for their journey.

Dave Nelson


Janice was our postpartum doula for the birth of our second child. My wife gave birth via cesarian section and I had to look after our toddler so wasn't able to help as much as I would have liked during the nights while mom and baby recovered in the hospital.

Janice was wonderful; she took recovery room newborn photos for us (she brought her own camera and gave us the pictures later on a USB stick!), staying overnight each night with my wife to help with soothing, breastfeeding, and letting mom get as much sleep as possible! Once mom and baby left the hospital and I had to return to work Janice was invaluable helping out at home in the mornings. She helped get the toddler ready for preschool and helped with breakfast during thosse stressful first weeks of settling into the new morning family routine.

We have continued to rely on Janice throughout this past year when we've needed help as neither of us have family in town who could.

Janice has a calming energy and an incredibly positive outlook which bnoth of us really appreciated. We would highly recommend her to anyone!

jessica Belle


There is no way to properly sum up how grateful we are to have Janice in our lives, but I will try.

I contacted Janice post-partum when I was struggling getting out of bed in the morning. I had a very medicalized pregnancy, a high risk delivery, and a baby in the NICU for weeks. To say I was struggling with anxiety is an understatement.

Janice somehow sensed the need in my initial email searching for post-partum support, and came to meet my family in our home that day. Immediately I had a sense of calm. Janice was able to not only provide physical support for my baby and I, but also the emotional support I needed to start recovering. I never felt judged, and I was able to share more with Janice than I had with anyone else.

She organized a team to help my family, including scheduling overnight and daytime help. She was always available by telephone or text to provide a constant pillar of support.

My little one LOVED Janice right away, and I knew she was in good hands. The very first time she helped us, I was able to sleep knowing Janice had my tiny baby girl.

We are now nearing the end of needing Janice so often (a happy and very sad time), but I know that she will always be in our lives. I will go out of my way to ensure that we never let her forget how much she is loved, and how we felt like she saved our family.

Sarah Bourdon


Janice supported our family for the first two months after our second child was born. I am so glad that we had Janice's help and kindness during this time! She is truly a lovely human being and a knowledgable and capable doula. Janice would step in to help with whatever we needed. She would play with my older son, tidy our house, do dishes and laundry, hold the baby or take him for a walk while I napped, and help with breastfeeding. She was compassionate and encouraging when we were tired and unsure about what to do. Her experience as a parent and as a doula makes her the perfect person to support families with new babies. I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with Janice, and I know we will stay in touch. I would highly recommend her as a birth and postpartum doula.

Helen Lamla


We feel very fortunate to have retained Janice's birth - and post-natal doula services for the birth of our second child. Janice is everything we could have asked for in a doula - kind, positive, nurturing, professional and an experienced mother herself. She provided excellent support leading up to our son's planned home birth, making herself available any time for meetings, phone calls and text messages. Her willingness to learn new birthing methods (HypnoBirthing) and avail herself to phone calls with our HypnoBirthing coach in Vancouver, was beyond what we could have hoped for. As it turns out, Janice can now add baby-catching to her resume, as she helped successfully delivery our son without the help of midwives (who were on their way,) and still managed to take some lovely photos! Her post-natal night-time support was immensely helpful - she is an absolute angel! Her flexibility in adjusting her schedule to our needs, as it's impossible to predict how much post-natal support you'll really need, was also very much appreciated. Overall, Janice is someone we trust completely, and would be more than happy to recommend!

Chris Kinnear



From the moment we met Janice Mills we connected on so many levels.   The fact that Janice has 6 kids of her own was all i personally needed to feel very comfortable with our choice (her extensive studies also helped) She has always been so generous with her time & knowledge, never making us feel like we were just clients but instead part of her extended family (which i would say we now are)   

Her visits before the birth were very helpful to my wife and helped us mentally prepare for what was ahead and allowed us to ask all of the questions we had both big & small.   Her extensive studies in breastfeeding have proven to be of great help and i know for some new moms this is the largest hurdle to overcome.  Luckily the birth itself went very easy fur us but we knew already, everything would be OK because we had discussed several alternate plans ahead of time just to be prepared.  I do feel her biggest value to us has be the post birth visits.  She made the transition into our new life very comfortable and my baby just adores her time with Janice.

Janice is full of life experience and to me that is most importantant (some dhoulas we interviewed didn't even have children of their own which concerned me a little)   She's been so kind & patient with my wife thru this entire process.  English is not my wifes 1st language either but Janice has went above & beyond to make this easy for her

I can't say enough good things about Janice Mills.  She has made this entire birth experience a very positive one and i don't know what we would have done without her.   Thanks Auntie Janice we all love you very much 

Health & Happiness Always,    CHRIS & KIYOKO & BABY MIDORI    Victoria, BC

Tam MacNeil


I didn't expect to hire Janice, because I wasn't pregnant and I wasn't thinking of myself as postpartum anymore. My son was ten months old, and I was returning to work (I'm a freelance writer). I thought what I needed was a nanny, and I asked a friend to help me find one. She suggested a postpartum doula, and since I was out of options, I decided to give it a try.

One of the first things Janice said to me was how she loved to come into an environment where there was a new member of the family, and support the parents. I could have cried. My kitchen was heaped high with dishes, the laundry overflowed its bin. After spinning up the flywheel of my business, landing a big contract, hiring and then letting go someone whose childcare skills didn't match our needs, and coping with an early-walking baby who seemed to hate sleep, my husband and I were run ragged. I had thought all we needed childcare, but we also really needed some support.

Janice was marvellous. Calm, centred, organized, warm, and wise, she took care of my son, answered my questions about developmental stages, sleep, and breastfeeding, and did household chores too. I left her a list of things from the practical ("please do the dishes") to the fantastic ("please bake a cake"). She did it all.

While Janice was a huge help to me, maybe the best thing was how well she and my son got along. Our previous caregiver had probably been in over her head, and things had gone rather badly sideways. But Janice let my son come to her on his own terms. She talked to him and played with him, and from the very first my son absolutely loved her.

A few weeks after her first day with us, I found myself referring to her as "Aunty Janice". That's what we call her now. It feels like she's family. I'd recommend her to anyone.

Dana JM


Janice is a very sweet and genuine person. I feel very comfortable welcoming her into my home, and would recommend her advice and services to any new mom. I've been having issues with breast feeding, and getting my little guy to latch properly. She has been very helpful in researching and informing me on various topics. She also loves to check up on me to see how I'm progressing, to ensure that her information has truly helped. I am new to Victoria, and don't have any family here, so Janice has been a godsend in lifting my spirits and ensuring that I don't give up on breast feeding.

Seyi Shinaba


The decision to have Janice with us during the birth of our son was one of the best and most worthwhile decisions my husband and I made. Having Janice gave us the confidence, knowledge, and support we needed to fully embrace and enjoy the experience. She listened to our concerns and provided clear and concise information. She helped support my husband in becoming an active partner by providing him with the tools and resources to assist me while I was labouring. She brought a wealth of experience in a variety of areas which were tailored specifically to my needs. She provided ongoing support which were essential in the transition after child birth. I believe that every woman can benefit greatly from the support that Janice brings to the table.  She is a patient and postive person with all of the right attributes to support families or individuals going through pregnancy. I recommend her services to anyone going through pregnancy.

Melissa Michele Phillips


Janice Miles was an awesome Doula. We were grateful for her support before, during and after the birth of our third child. We felt comfortable with her right away at our first initial visit but then she suggested we might want to visit a couple more times to really get to know her and that was lovely.  I didn't realize that part of the package was support afterwards, which was wonderful. She gave a great suggestion on how to help nurse in a position that will allow the milk to flow slower when it was coming out too fast. Janice has been learning many great new ways to make labour easier and shared a few. Most of all she was willing to follow my lead on how I wanted the labour to go. With all of her own personal experiece as well as training she has been going thru makes her the best doula for anyone needing a nurturing supportive person during this amazing exerience.

Kassandra Stafford


Janice is a very passionate, gentle, authentic woman who is always striving to learn more and be the best doula and person she can be. She goes above and beyond the call of duty as both a birth and postpartum doula. I first met her at an LLL meeting where she freely shares all of her breastfeeding knowledge she has gained from a lot of life experience.

She answers any questions promptly, and puts you at ease with her knowledge and gentle nature. Janice has an amazing bag of tools to work with, and helped us to successfully have a VBAC. The pictures she gave us have provided some wonderful keepsakes, and are very authentic.

My husband and I would both highly recommend Janice to anyone looking for birth or postpartum support.

Mike Goluboff


Janice went above and beyond of what we expected. We recommend Janice to anyone considering using a doula. She was there for us every step of the way and with her vast knowledge and experience is was like having a second mother. There was never a time we couldn’t contact her and never a question she couldn’t answer. Janice is not just our doula now but a close friend. Thank you so much for everything Janice.
Mike & Joanna, parents of Mia

Rosanna McKean


Janice is an amazing doula and I would highly recommend her!  I wasn't planning to use a doula. However, I got a few names and called her toward the end of my pregnancy. We talked for about half an hour and I felt extremely comfortable with her and knew I wanted her at my birth. I was struggling with a lot of issues including extreme anxiety about labour and delivery. She helped me immensely. I had essentially given up on finding a solution to my anxiety and it was a big, forbidding wall that I couldn't seem to get past. Her compassionate nature and enthusiasm to help and her specific strategies made a huge, qualitative difference for me and I am very grateful for that.  She is also a skilled birth photographer and took some awesome pictures for us!  She is overall just a really wonderful person with exactly the right fit for this job. She really wants to help people and I think many new moms (people in general) have a hard time asking for help. But Janice makes it clear that she is always available to be a listening ear and support and made me feel comfortable seeking help and support from her.

Claire Heaslip


From the first phone conversation I had with Janice I knew she was going to be an  amazing help. I was very nervous about everything and she managed to help me stay calm through every single hurdle.  I ended up needing a c section and even though she couldn't be in the operating room with me, she helped keep my husband calm, and was there for me as soon as I was wheeled into recovery.

I don't think I could recommend anyone better for help getting through pregnancy and birth. Janice really went above and beyond to help my whole family get through it all and I really can't imagine how we would have done it without her.

Alexandra Lee (Ali Lee)


Janice helped me through my post-partum care when my baby was about 2.5 months old. We were having difficulties with our fussy, refluxy, colicky and very high needs little one and Janice was able to come in and help relieve me during the day while my husband was at work. Baby didn't like the swing or car seat and was unable to fall asleep on his own making it a long and tiring day of holding, walking, bouncing and rocking. Janice spent a few hours per visit helping by burping, holding or changing baby so I could eat, shower or go to the bathroom - things taken for granted! Janice was knowledgeable about many aspects of mothering including breastfeeding, sleep training, comforting high needs babies and support for partners and mothers. It was great to have her support during a very challenging part of being a new parent.

Charity Alcaide Nainggolan


Janice Miles is a Godsend! My family and I are grateful for the time she spent with us from preparing our birth plan, coaching us through comfort measures to the big delivery. Our son had a rough start and had to stay in the NICU for 5 days. Janice was proactive and reassuring throughout the laboring process, stayed a while after our son was born, and made multiple visits to make sure we were taken care of! Janice is a passionate, nurturing and a dedicated doula. We appreciate Janice for going above and beyond for us!

We recently moved to Victoria in 2013 to support my husband in continuing his Education. After finding out we were expecting in 2015, not having our family close by was our biggest worry as new parents! Having Janice as a Post-partum doula has been a breath of fresh air! Janice has been wonderful in helping me transition from the hospital. She has been a great help in supporting me during my initial adjustment to make sure that I can provide the best care for my newborn. She helped me in breastfeeding, accompanied me when I go out for walks, and she even went the extra mile by helping me maintain the order of my home. Thank you Janice for everything and for making me feel at home!

Vivienne Damatan


Janice absolutely loves being a doula, and it shows in every single thing that she does. She is an incredibly caring woman with a huge heart! My labor was 15 hours long and a bit traumatic, Janice stayed with me and my husband from start to finish and continued to check on us all through the following weeks while we were experiencing the steep learning curve of being first time parents to a newborn.

Neither my husband or I have family in Victoria so it was incredibly comforting to have Janice around to support us and help us transition in to new parenthood, especially during those first few weeks while my body was recovering and we didn’t have enough hands between the two of us! Janice washed dishes, helped with grocery shopping, did laundry, cooked dinner, cleaned up, comforted me as my hormones made me extra emotional, and held the baby so my husband and I could get some sleep. Having her help was a miracle!

I’d recommend Janice Miles as both a birthing doula and a postpartum doula to anyone who is looking for someone trustworthy, reassuring, kind and gentle to help during one of the most magical times in life - the birth of a child!

Birth Availability for Janice Miles Birthkeeper/ Birth and Postpartum Support

= Available. Calendar last updated: 01-22-2024

Postpartum Availability for Janice Miles Birthkeeper/ Birth and Postpartum Support

= Available. Calendar last updated: 01-22-2024

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