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Tabitha Kaza CD(DONA)


Manassas, VA Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 201 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, October 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
As a mother of twelve, and a military wife, I gave birth in five different hospitals for my first six children, and then had my last six children at home. I have served as a doula for many circumstances, including VBACs, VBA2Cs, stillbirthdays, preemies, surgical birth, and an adoptive mother, and have enjoyed working with the staff as an integral member of the birth team. I bring my rebozo, my "bag of tricks," and my Spinning Babies training in optimal positioning to help mothers in all birth circumstances, from unmedicated to epidurals to highly interventionist. My role is to help families consider their BRAIN (Benefits/Risks/Alternatives/Intuition/doing Nothing) as they make informed decisions about their care, working with their trusted care providers. I have the most experience at Inova Fair Oaks, Novant Prince William, Inova Loudoun (especially the birth center), George Washington, Fairfax, Alexandria, and Virginia Hospital Center, though I have experience at most of the hospitals in my service area. When a mother walks into the room where her child will come into the world, she is entering a sacred space.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
One of my greatest delights is the opportunity to serve a mother in a birth center, where the birth team can go "to the woman" in her needs, and the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. I have served as a doula in my service area's birth centers, including VBACs and waterbirths, and always appreciate the honor of assisting in these special births.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
After having my first six children in hospitals, my six homebirths hold a very dear place in my heart, and serving other women as they bring their babies into the light in the familiar comfort of their own homes is a privilege. I have attended HBACs, rainbow births (child born after loss), first time parents, and mothers of many, and have experience with smooth transfers to the hospital as circumstances required. Birthing at home allows families to experience the intimacy of welcoming a new member into the home, and my respect for that intimacy is profound.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I love birth. I love everything about birth. I personally experienced doula services for the first time during my sixth birth, after a traumatic experience in a military hospital for my fifth baby. Since I only wanted my husband--his touch and his voice--when I was in labor, I thought a doula would be unnecessary, even intrusive--but due to the anxiety I carried forward, I conceded at the last moment. Then I experienced the wonderful support a good doula can bring, and my eyes were opened! Professional doula support allows greater intimacy and enhanced joy, no matter the birth setting or circumstances, as I have learned through my six hospital births and six homebirths. Now, I want to devote the rest of my life to serving women as they do the work of bringing new life into the world, one birth at a time. My passion is for every woman to be treated with respect, tenderness, and skill during her labor and birth, and for all couples to draw closer together as they celebrate their new families. I firmly believe peace on earth begins with peace in the womb, and when I am granted the honor of walking with a woman and her family through pregnancy and birth, I give all of myself to offer support and loving care, every step of the journey. After serving mothers through perinatal hospice, a mother through placing her child with an adoptive family, several families through miscarriage and stillbirth, and after experiencing the loss of my son, Sebastian, to sudden cardiac arrest when he was 19 months old, I have a special devotion to mothers enduring love and loss, and perinatal hospice is my particular ministry. Life is beautiful, and it is my privilege to serve all mothers as they embrace the gift of new life.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Service includes an initial consultation, "Doula Date Nights," on call services, labor/birth and immediate postpartum support, and ongoing postpartum support. Presence during labor is most often considered the act of doula-ing, but my immense experience with all things birth, and an eagerness to reassure and assist as your baby's life story unfolds in his or her unique way, are yours from the start of our relationship, as we focus extensively on preparation and education, through sharing thoughtfully selected and organized resources. I strongly believe every mother who seeks a doula should have one, so please do not hesitate to reach out if finances are a concern, as I am committed to serving women in all situations, and offer great flexibility in serving your needs, as well as special rates for certain circumstances, including a military discount.

Manassas, VA Service range 25 miles

Client Testimonials for Tabitha Kaza CD(DONA)

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Anna Rose


Tabitha is AMAZING-- you will NOT regret hiring her as your doula! Tabitha has such utter joy and compassion for the whole birth experience, and her competence in the delivery room was a real anchor for me and my husband. Tabitha helped us through every stage of a challenging birth: she supported us over the phone as I labored at home, she helped us at the hospital as I labored and made decisions about interventions, and she had ENDLESS suggestions and encouragement during the hours-long pushing stage. And then she did it all again two years later when I had my second baby! Tabitha's support made both births joyful and grace-filled experiences. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Shannon Arena


Tabitha accompanied me for one hospital birth and one home birth. Tabitha seamlessly supported my husband and I in each setting. Tabitha provided emotional/physical support before the birth, during and after. My first birth experience was in a hospital. Unfortunately, I had rude and pushy providers. This was my first birth and I didn't know how to respond. Tabitha was our level-headed advocate. With her, I had the unmedicated birth I wanted. Her guidance led me there: advocating laboring at home, visiting me, and encouraging me. Tabitha was available and provided loving support a mama needs journeying into motherhood.
Tabitha was so excited when I shared I wanted a home birth; I needed my expert again. Tabitha has just as much experience navigating home birth! Again, she was our North Star as we prepared for uncharted waters. Tabitha answered many questions leading up. She worked well with my birth team. She provided emotional support, physical relief and even photography! This birth in particular was different than all the others. It being my fourth, I expected an easy birth. But this labor started and stalled. I thank God Tabitha was there. She was a faithful advocate. I felt like a first time mom again because the labor was so different from my others. Instead of being fearful and confused I was confident and ready! Finally, I successfully welcomed my daughter into this world in my home. It was one of the best experiences of my life and it was because I had Tabitha by my side. My husband only had to worry about focusing on me. Tabitha took care of preparing everything else. Afterwards, she was there to continue with post-birth support in the most unobtrusive, loving way. Overall, Tabitha exceeds all expectations. She is well-trained, knowledgeable in all birth environments, compassionate beyond measure, non-judgmental, endlessly supportive and an absolute joy to work with! 



Friends, don't be like me and wait until your 5th baby to hire a doula! Use one from the start! Tabitha made all the difference this time, especially because of the induction and fully medicated birth. It was not our ideal, or our plan, or what we wanted, but her calm demeanor, gentle experience, and honest love for our baby helped us navigate. My husband was empowered by her wisdom and guidance and I was reassured and loved over all 39 glorious hours. I laughed out loud when the baby was born and believe me I had not done that the 4 previous times! I'm so grateful for her (and all of their support over text prior to birth!). Hiring a doula was the best money we spent and worth every penny. Do it!



As first-time parents to be, my husband and I were so thankful to have Tabitha’s support not only throughout our son’s birth, but before and after as well.  From our initial meeting with Tabitha I was drawn to her, she is genuine and so warm hearted.  She makes you feel comfortable in the most uncomfortable situation.  With her help on comfort measures I was able to successfully have the natural birth we hoped for.  When labor was intense, it was wonderful to have a calm and steady presence who was there for us.  The birth knowledge that Tabitha poured out to us in the months leading to our son’s birth was extremely helpful.  The continuous learning made me feel confident in my abilities to birth the way I wanted. 

Thank you, Tabitha for being such a supportive, warm, & giving presence for me and my husband.  We are looking forward to having you be a part of our second birth in just a few short weeks.  



Tabitha comforted me in my anxious sixth pregnancy and birth following a still birth.  I had fluxuating emotions and high anxiety which increased the further along in my pregnancy I became.  Tabitha heard and supported me, letting me know that my feelings were okay, and that I could do this.  Because she knows Child Loss herself, her words were so comforting to me.  She always seemed to know exactly what I needed to hear.  I am so thankful for her exerpeince, wisdom, and love during my pregnany and birth.



Tabitha was referred by my friend could not say enough good things about her and they all turned out to be true!  I started working with Tabitha when I was six months along, and her advice and wisdom in planning for birth and parenthood was invaluable.    

On my OB's recommendation, I was induced four days prior to my EDD.  Tabitha arrived shortly after my husband texted her, as I neared transition.  At that point we were both freaked out by how fast my labor was progressing and the effect the Pitocin was having on my lucidity.  Tabitha was an immediate calming and confident force in the room.  She helped us relax and she came up with a loose plan for our current situation.  My husband really needed a break (no comment), so she supported me for 30 minutes while he zoned out and had some food.  She calmed me to the point where I could catnap; this was paramount for getting through delivery.  During delivery and the first hour after, Tabitha was right there helping the three of us.  And she took a handful of photos and a (modest) video -- I'm so grateful to have these!

In the months after, Tabitha was a pillar of support and advice as I struggled with breastfeeding.  When she visited my home a couple of weeks after our son was born, again she gave me confidence and advice.  I unequivocally and without a doubt recommend Tabitha.  My labor and delivery was not at all what I expected and had some "plot twists" that could have left me with a very poor memory and impression of his birth.  I know so many women that have sorrow and regret about the way the child's birth story.  But because Tabitha coached me every step of the way, throughout the third trimester, labor, delivery, and then fourth trimester, I can say I had a very positive experience in circumstances that were anything but.  We are so happy that Tabitha was with us on our big day! 

Beth L


Tabitha is amazing and I want to adopt her as my older sister. We found her through a friend, though I already had her page marked on DoulaMatch. From our first meeting, I knew we wanted her on board for this birth.  We spent over an hour getting to know her; her presence is calming, familiar, and wise. After that, Tabitha was supportive of my preparation for birth. She peppered me with photos, videos, and memes that somehow always spoke to exactly what I needed to hear. In her prenatal visit, she taught us  comfort measures, but just her presence again was the comfort. This was my second baby, and with her guidance, I was able to create a list of birth wishes to help this birth be truly a sacred experience.

Near my due date, I was again grateful to have her as part of the journey. I had 19 hours of prodromal labor that landed us in the hospital and then sent us home with no baby. Tabitha was in touch consistently over the week, giving me words of peace and patience that I needed. 

When the baby finally decided to come, Tabitha arrived with us at the hospital. I was LOUD and she helped me use this to work with my body and baby, easing my fears that I was scaring the whole maternity ward. She did so much in the background--kept  lights off, kept pressure and heat on my hips, helped me find new positions. I barely processed because I was so deep in labor land. This freed my husband to deal with checkin. The baby got stuck at crowning and Tabitha helped me find and use the inner strength to push his head out before my OB cut an episiotomy. Then, once he was out (and I was stitched up), she facilitated a "golden hour"--delaying tests and records while the three of us hung out in quiet delight. She also managed to get a video of our first meeting, a picture of the placenta (which I dearly wanted), and pictures of the rainbow outside.  

I can't recommend Tabitha highly enough. Bring her to your birth!



Tabitha takes great care and attention with her clients! She made me feel like I was her only patient, with prompt responses to my emails and texts. My second pregnancy was very stressful, especially as I approached (and passed!) my due date. She stayed in my corner the whole time and offered such kind words to empower me. It was such a blessing to have her support!



One of the absolute best! Tabitha was there for me every single step of the way. I had many fears and major concerns leading up to my fourth labor and delivery. Tabitha helped change my perspective about the birth process, from fearing it to embracing the joy — even in pain. In the hospital, she provided calming and breathing techniques, a peaceful environment, and even rubbed my feet and back with oils. She helped us ask the right questions of the medical staff, and ask them to use unconventional techniques to encourage a VBAC. When  my labor stalled after a very long labor and Tabitha had already been on-duty for more than 24hrs, she had asked her partner to to step in and help me, so that I could have a rested doula. And I was never left without my support system. Even while she was “off-duty,” Tabitha continued to text with me , encourage me, and provide the best advice to avoiding another c-section. Thanks to Tabitha and her team, I had a very successful VBAC and no traumatic memories— only beautiful memories! I was able to embrace the  miracle of birth and truly have a beautiful birthing experience. I couldn’t have been so successful without her— she and her partner were my angels. So thankful for her and her wisdom, faith, and experience. She is a miracle doula. 

Jamie W.


I loved my experience having Tabitha as my doula.  I attended two of her monthly meetings prior to my birth and learned so much, between the classes themselves and the numerous handout materials provided.  Now with my birth 7 weeks behind me, perhaps the most valuable thing was hearing Tabitha's talk on epidurals, and how they are just one more tool in your toolbox.  I went into labor with a pretty set birth plan, but once in the hospital I did have to reevalutate a lot of what I had in mind.  I was in labor for 29 hours, and when I plateaued at 4 cm without progressing for several hours, I ended up opting for the epidural.  On one hand I was disappointed in myself for not being able to push through, however her talk came right back to me and we discussed it further in the delivery room before I made my decision.  Having the epidural actually allowed me to seriously ENJOY the rest of my birth.  I was able to focus on everything that was going on rather than just being so deep within my own head during the immensely painful contractions.  I definitely have a newfound respect for all women who are able to birth without an epidural or Pitocin, but all women should remember that there is no "failing" for being flexible and making decisions as your labor plays out.

Before the epidural, Tabitha was working my pressure points to help with the contractions, and even after receiving the epidural she stayed on and helped the nurses adjust my position, etc.  She was a huge help when it came time to push, and even documented the entire birth with tons of photos and videos which I SO APPRECIATE - it is great to have both me and my husband in the shots.

Tabitha visited me a week after the birth to check on me and bring various recovery remedies.  I felt greatly cared for under her, and recommend her to everyone!

Rosie B.


Tabitha has been a constant source of strength and support for two very different births. She helped me deliver my first vbac baby with a last minute epidural, and most recently my first unmedicated hospital birth which ended with a healthy baby on the bathroom floor :) You will not find a more dedicated doula, so devoted to helping mothers bring their children into the world.



We recently welcomed baby number 9 and during the pregnancy, we really hoped that we could have Tabitha with us again at this delivery.  She was with us for our last baby and her presence then was so comforting and reassuring, so I was extremely grateful to have her with us again this time.  Despite her busy schedule, she truly makes you feel like you are her top priority.  She not only is incredibly knowledgable in what she does, but she is so compassionate in the care that she gives.  Even though we've had many babies, each time I still start to feel anxious as the delivery date approaches.  Tabitha has the gift of sharing just the right words of encouragement and easing any fears.  At the birth, she is a quiet and gentle presence in the room, moving silently about, providing a comforting touch or whispering words to help focus.  As everyone else has said here, she is awesome!  Tabitha truly makes a pregnant/laboring mother feel loved.  I did not experience that with my first 7 deliveries - I didn't even know it existed!  Now, I cannot imagine laboring any other way!  Thank you, Tabitha! You are such a blessing!



Tabitha is an amazing doula!  She is full of faith, and her prayerfulness and thoughtfulness shine through before, during, and after labor.  She helped to make the birth of our 4th daughter as much like a home birth as possible, though we were in the hospital with a scheduled induction. 

Tabitha kindly checked in with us for the month leading up to our daughter's birth, answering our questions, and praying for us.  Once our daughter's due date passed, and an induction was scheduled, I was very concerned.  I did not like the idea of an induction at all.  I emailed Tabitha about my concerns, and she was able to share stories with me about how birth can go well...  with having an induction or with waiting for birth to happen naturally (these beautiful stories were the stories of some of her own births - she is the mother of many children).  These stories helped to calm my fears.

On the induction day, Tabitha arrived at the hospital before the midwife broke the water, and as I waited for things to begin, she hung a garland of beautiful positive birth messages on the wall.  She filled the tub and made the bathroom look calm with a string of lights and candles.  Calming essential oils filled the air.  I got in the tub, and my husband sat near me and prayed the rosary as we waited calmly for the birth of our little one.  Tabitha gave us space for labor to happen, checking in on us peacefully to make sure all was well.  Less than 5 hours later, and with only the last few minutes being difficult, our little Catherine was born.  What a great joy!  In those last few minutes when things were difficult, Tabitha's words were so encouraging:  "All it takes is one movement."  Moments later, our daughter was born, and she was looking up to me with bright eyes.  Tabitha's wisdom about birth and prayerful presence truly helped us to have a beautiful birth!



I am elated to have the honor of writing my testimonial as the very first Heaven & Birth client.  Before I even met these two amazing women, Tabitha was educating and sharing with me via email amazing birth videos, informative articles, and her encouraging words and thoughts on my desires for the type of natural birth I wanted.  And I hadn't even hired her yet!  Her encouragement, open mindedness, and support of me and my situation was so profoundly amazing to me I couldn't wait to meet her in person.  She told me that the month I was due she would be starting a  partnership with Marilyn Alger and I will never forget the day we all met as from that instant I felt so comfortable and attended to by both of them.  I was very at ease with their demeanors, attentiveness and care for me and my baby already which was very refreshing.  They communicated with me regularly before I went into labor and educated and prepared me and my husband very well for the birth of our baby.  I love that they responded quickly to questions when I had them and were full of resources and referrals when I needed them.  When I went into labor both of my darling doulas communicated, loved, prayed, held and supported me and my husband so well and we felt totally cared for, supported and encouraged the entire time. Our birth experience was very long (66 hours) and challenging but Tabitha and Marilyn were fabulous teamates and took good care of despite the marathon that it was.  Their tenderness, thoughtfulness, service, and kind-hearted support even after our baby had entered the world was fabulous.  They spoiled us in every way and we missed them so very much when their service to us was completed, that's when we knew we had made forever family members in out darling doulas.  We love you always and are so grateful that you are both such a big part of our life changing story. ??

Jessica Cluff


It’s been hard for me to put into writing how much Tabitha means to me and my little family. When I first found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted the support of a doula but my husband was unsure. We first met with Tabitha at a local coffee shop and as soon as she walked in I knew she was the person we needed to help bring our baby into the world. After that meeting my husband was 100% on board with having her as our doula. Throughout the pregnancy Tabitha was always available for my questions and concerns and always made me feel at ease. The birth classes she recommended were absolutely wonderful and I truly felt prepared going into labor. The day I went into labor, we texted her as soon as I felt things were progressing and she offered so much emotional support even through the phone. She met us at the hospital and walked us up to the labor and delivery wing, which was so comforting. I could not have asked for better support during labor! She anticipated my needs and made it so my husband could be with me 100%. She made the room as comfortable as a hospital room could be. Best of all she took pictures throughout the delivery (which I cherish!) and was there with a chocolate protein shake at the end! 

Tabitha is truly a gift and we are so thankful to her. I will never be able to adequately express how much I needed her and her support. I can not recommend her services highly enough! 

Pranam Bai Smith


When we first began our pregnancy journey, a doula wasn't part of our birth plan. We wanted a natural birth, and had successfully found a birth center and midwife that we both loved. One of the most important things for us and our birth was to have very few people, and those that were there needed to be the right fit for us. Our midwife suggessted we speak with a few doulas before making our final decision, and gave us Tabitha's name. From the very first conversation with Tabitha, I knew she was not only the doula for us, but a vital person in our birth journey. 

Tabitha and Marilyn gave the support, engouragement and wisdom we both needed to feel secure and confident in our birth plan. Their guidence and supprt during labor/birth was exactly what both myself and my husband needed to give us strength during the long overnight hours until our son was born the following morning.

We are very thankful to have had them in our lives during this time. To anyone who's considering having a doula...Tabitha is the one to have.

Jaime Holscher


I had the blessing of having Marilyn support and attend the birth of our 3rd child.  I recall thinking during labor that I couldnt imagine what things would be like without her encouragement and comfort measures throughout labor.  It was a blessing and a great relief to have her expertise and kindness during my pregnancy.  It was an added benefit that I could reach out to her with questions near the end and she was so responsive and helpful.  After my experience I truly believe every woman deserves the support of a doula during their birth and you have hit the jackpot if you hire Marilyn and Tabitha!

Jaime Holscher


I can't recommend Tabitha more as your doula! You won't find anyone else that sincerely enjoys the adventure of birth more than her.  Her encouragement, joy, and support during my pregnancy were truly a blessing and she is more than giving of her time and knowledge no matter how big or small the concern.  After hiring a doula for my 3rd pregnancy I really believe every woman should receive this type of support during this special time in their life.  Our family is truly grateful. 

Bess Sussman


Tabitha has been my doula for the birth of my two sons.  The birth of my second son was an extremely fast labor and delivery, while the birth of my first son was a long, long trial.  Tabitha’s calm voice speaking words of encouragement and wisdom at both of their births was my comfort.  She has an amazing ability to speak just the right words at the perfect time.  And I am forever thankful for how she framed both of my birth stories to help me appreciate the significance in both of those events.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Mercedes Taylor


I had the benefit of having both Tabitha AND her backup Amy Bookwalter help me through my 38 hour attempted VBAC. Their pressure point techniques were an absolute Godsend. By the time I left for the hospital my contractions had gotten so close and regular that I felt sure that I would give birth shortly upon my arrival. However, once I arrived at the hospital things took a turn for the worse. My contractions were no longer regular, my epidural wasn’t working properly and I had a stabbing pain in my left side.It was agreed that rest may be the best thing at that point, so I was given a sleep aid and Tabitha spent the entire night at my side placing me in different positions to try to get the baby in proper position as it had become clear at that the baby was not only posterior but her head was slightly tilted. Each time I would awaken Tabitha was immediately by my side helping me through the pain. By late morning, it was becoming clear that my baby would not be coming out on her own and there was concern about her well-being. As I cried, Tabitha was there to console me. While I was beyond disappointed, I knew in my heart that my midwife and both doulas had done absolutely everything they could possibly do to try to honor my wish to have a VBAC. Though I didn’t end up with a vaginal birth, I found the entire process to be incredibly beautiful and empowering. What I want people to understand is that it’s not always about the final destination, but about the journey. Given Tabitha and Amy’s skill level and their track record for successful VBAC’s, if my baby could have been “willed” or “skilled” into a vaginal birth, it most definitely would have happened. Regardless it was a blessing to have Tabitha at my side when things didn't go as planned to manage both my physical and emotional pain. If you are on the fence about whether or not to hire Tabitha as your Doula, do it!

Alison Thomas Rizzuto


Dearest Tabitha was my doula for over a year and a half- far longer than either of us expected. I was looking for a doula that understood my Catholic faith- I didn’t know why this was important at the time, I later learned that she had been placed in my life for such an important purpose. Shortly after we began chatting with Tabitha, our dear baby passed away. Tabitha supported us through the difficult miscarriage and remained in touch as we grieved the loss so deeply. I texted her immediately after realizing we had conceived again and we celebrated the joy of new life together. And, again, she brought me so much comfort when this baby passed away as well.

Almost year (and three pregnancies) later, I rejoiced when Tabitha was finally able to attend the home birth of healthy baby boy. She brought us so much peace and comfort. Our home was filled with laughter and prayer. I joke that the care I received during labor was better than a Sandals resort! Tabitha fed me drinks, made sure I stayed cool and comfortable as I snuggled with my husband, and encouraged me to move and rest throughout the day.

Tabitha understands the beauty of love and loss so deeply and she helped me to find peace during such a difficult time.

The wisdom, care, and support Tabitha provides is so special and such a blessing to women.

I am beyond grateful to have her shining smile in my life 

Robin Curran


There are hardly words to explain how important Tabitha was to the birth of our daughter. She has a trust and understanding of the body (and mind) which gave me confidence and put me at ease. She was extremely generous with her time and resources leading up to the birth, and helped us to have a successful home birth in a situation that, if it weren’for her knowledge and encouragement, would have ended in medical intervention if not a c-section. My husband and I not only found an excellent doula in Tabitha, but a lifelong friend! 

Ryan Tompkins


As a father who has been lucky enough to have Tabitha serve as our doula for the last three births, I whole-heartedly recommend Tabitha as a doula. If not for the sake of the mother, then hire her for the sake of the father. When my wife goes into labor, my first thought after calling the midwife is, "Tabitha will be here soon." My blood pressure instantly drops when she walks through the door. She is very peaceful, knowledgeable, loving, and calm. She has taken extretemely good care of my wife and has proven on many occassions to have a helpful tip or suggestion at the appropriate moment. She is keenly aware of the desired atmosphere, my wife, and the birth processs and this allows me to focus my attention on supporting my wife. She is a treasure trove of knowledge and techniques for aiding the mother and father. Obviously, as a doula she is a present and attentive to my wife before and after the birth, but during the birth, I benefit having Tabitha there as much as she does. Thanks Tabitha!

Nazia Hakimi


After interviewing a few doulas, and finally meeting Tabitha, I knew she was the one! She made me feel so comfortable, like a friend I’ve known for years. I didn’t feel like I was working with a doula, it was like having one of my best friends by my side. I cannot say enough good things about Tabitha, what is there not to love about her being your support system through out your pregnancy, birth and post partum?! Anytime I reached out to Tabitha, I got an instant response. She made me feel at ease and peace ALL the TIME. She was pregnant at the time I was pregnant, actually she was 38 weeks pregnant at my delivery and still went above and beyond. I wanted her to be at my whole delivery so bad, but I know that she had a Shift we agreed to and had to leave. To my surprise she actually stayed way past than she was supossed to. She stayed all night. On her feet, helping me Push, giving me words of encouragement, and giving me the strength I needed to deliver My baby. I wanted a natural delivery with no epidural, but when I couldn’t handle the pain anymore I wanted to speak to Tabitha about what I should do. She supported my decision and said to me: you have done so well and worked so hard. I knew then I did my best and getting an epidural was absolutley okay. I’m sharing this because she would never pressure you. I had a rough delivery and recovery, and my husband and Tabitha were my rock through it all. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a doula. I’ll never regret my decision in having one!

Katy Spicer


Tabitha Kaza is THE reason I was able have a vaginal birth when all odds were stacked against me.

There is a saying that "no plan survives first contact with the enemy." This was certainly true about my birth plan. In my mind, I planned for a one day, natural birth where I transitioned from woman to mother surrounded by my midwife and significant other. Instead, I was faced with an unplanned induction. "Induction?  What is that?" was my reaction to the midwife on a Thursday afternoon.  By Monday, the midwives started what would be the first of five induction methods for a baby that would not come until Sunday. What could have easily ended in a c-section by Wednesday, ended in the mindblowing vaginal birth experience of my son because Tabitha remained by my side every step of the way with information, support, and even advocacy when I wanted to give up and let the OB take over. When I gave up on myself, Tabitha was there to pick me up and keep me in the "fight."

Because I had not planned on having a doula, Tabitha was not with me physically. Instead, she made herself available 24/7 through text, email, and the phone as soon as I learned about the induction. She did not miss a beat and it was as if she was in the room with me the entire week. As a first time mom, there are so many unexpected realities that come with giving birth. It was calming to know that any question, concern, fear, joy, and wild emotion that I experienced was met with Tabitha's love, caring and genuine demeanor, and her never-ending personal knowledge about all things birth from her own studies and her own double-digit birthing experiences.  Tabitha fought hard to ensure the everything ended as planned:  a vaginal birth with minimal medical intervention.  And the best gift of it all is our raw and emotional text exchanges that have now become my documented birth story. 


Stacy Ni


Tabitha served as doula for the birth of my second baby, and I could not have asked for anyone better to help me through an intense labor and delivery.  I found Tabitha through Doula Match and from our first email exchange I knew she was *the one* for me - even though for my first baby's birth (out of state) I interviewed multiple doulas, having gone through the whole experience once already I felt like I could trust my gut instinct about Tabitha.  She has an incredibly warm and comforting energy that makes her feel like a close friend and confidante, and her extensive wealth of birth knowledge and experience eased any anxiety I had about birth.  Tabitha was quick to answer any text I had leading up to my due date and sent many helpful resources like birth videos that helped me visualize the kind of birth I hoped to have.  I think because we had talked so extensively about my first labor and birth in our prenatal session, she was really able to help me navigate what phase of labor I was experiencing this time around - I tend to have extremely fast labors and her intuition was spot on in terms of when she should come over and when we should make our way to the hospital.  From the moment Tabitha joined my husband and me in our home to the moment my son was born, she was my rock physically and mentally.  My husband had to deal with all the annoyances of a hospital birth check in, so it was Tabitha who I literally clung to through each contraction when he wasn't available.  And the warm compress she used for my back during the car ride was AMAZING - it was like she knew what I wanted without me even realizing.  I'm grateful my son's birth went so smoothly despite how quickly everything happened, and I owe a huge part of how I handled it to Tabitha!  

Subin Newton


My journey with Tabitha began from my 2nd trimester to my postpartum period. My labor was 37 hours long and it was very tough one since I had a back labor (babies back to my back) the entire time. Tabitha is the type of Doula who supported me not only physically but also mentally throughout my labor. When my husband and I were going through labor, she encouraged us and assured us that we could do this. Tabitha has wonderful toolbox of things that soothed and relieved me from the labor pain. In the 24 hours she was with us, she took few breaks and only allowed herself to rest when I was able to sleep. She provided abundant emotional support for both my husband and I.

I know many doctors tend to want the patient to be in and out as soon as possible, but Tabitha was there to be a shield from the faster delivery trend, which often results in an unnecessary c-section. During pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, she explained to us about the physical changes that I was going through. She is not only an experienced mom who can gave me abundant advice on pregnancy and labor, but also a wonderful cheerleader who gave me warm loving hands throughout the tough labor. It was also awesome to have Tabitha as a source of wisdom during the postpartum period since we were new to everything as a first time parents.

My husband and I highly recommend her and we would love to have her as our Doula when I have another baby.

Megan P. Prah


Right from the get-go, Tabitha blew us away with her wealth of knowledge about all things birth. She is was so helpful when navigating such a new experience! She made me feel informed and ready take on our first birth. Tabitha is also the calming presence a mama needs when she is preparing and then taking on the ups and downs of labor. My labor did not go as I had hoped and was induced with pitocin and an epidural. Tabitha and her assistant were with me for nearly 24 hours of waiting, all the time making sure I was 100% comfortable, massaging my legs, and helping me stay pisotope - all of which I know helped my recovery. 

Felice Gabrielle


Tabitha is an angel on earth.  I was searching for a doula but found so much more with Tabitha.  She was definitely a gift from God to my husband and I, and I am forever grateful for the time we had with her and for her committment to us, to our family, and to the birth of our new baby.  She is passionate about all things birth and her knowledge runs deep within every fiber of her being. She is compassionate, solid, fluid, full of deeply rooted love and sincerity.  She is humble and so giving.  She is gentle like a whisper.  She communicates well and is open and honest about anything and everything.  She has the kind of embrace that you just want to collapse into when you feel like nothing but her loving words put you back on solid ground.  Without getting into much detail I did not have the kind of birth that I was planning on due to complications with the position my baby was in, but Tabitha was by my side the entire time passionately and prayerfully reassuring me every step of the way.  By all means the birth of my baby was a joyful, rich experience because of my precious baby, but without a doubt Tabitha was also a rich part of my treasure from God.  

Katie Toste


Tabitha is wonderful! Throughout the pregnancy she was accessible and helpful, always uplifting and cheerful. She really made me feel like we were best friends. She has a loving, peaceful, caring demeanor, with a servant's heart, and is thoughtful and intelligent, with vast knowledge and experience. Tabitha assisted with my third birth (all natural, unmedicated, hospital). I have had three different doulas due to moves, and Tabitha was the best at helping alleviate pain during labor. She kept me grounded during labor. I could not have done it without her, and I intend to hire her for all my future births. I hope I never have to go through labor without her. My midwife wanted her name after the birth because she was so impressed by Tabitha.

Carrie Manetto


Tabitha was such a blessing at our son's birth! She was calm, kind, thoughtful and really made it the experience we wanted. She gently dealt with the nurses and doctors when needed and was respected by them. She really listened when I said that I wanted my husband to be involved and my main support. But she guided him.  We met beforehand and it was clear how much she loves being there for moms before, during and after labor.  She knew exactly what to do. Anyone would be blessed to have her for a doula. 

Marianne Chavez


Tabitha is the most amazing person. She has helped us birth 2 of our 3 children and we couldnt have asked for more. Speaking on a mans behalf we are fairly helpless when it comes to child birth but Tabitha has the ability to make you feel as if you know what your doing and to how to handle everything thats going on around you.

The talents of Tabithas is something I had never encounterd before and her abilities were absolutely indespensble. Anytime someone mentions having a baby I stress the importance of a doula as well as Tabithas abilities. No matter how much someone can read about birthing nothing trumps experience.

Tabitha gave me tips and showed me techniques to make my wife more comfertable when she was having contactions and in transition. She has a bag of tricks that are amazing, from candles (battery oparated), essential oils, birthing balls to wraps. She knows countless pressure points for the pain my wife was feeling. She made sure she had food/ ice/ drinks. helped with changing poistions, and taking her to the bathroom. Tabitha also reminded me to take a minite or two to get food for myself and to rest when I could so I could be at my best to help my wife and our newist boundle of joy.

Doctors and nursing staffs are very important, and while the doctor is looking after the health of the baby and the nursing staff is assisting the doctor and helping with anything my wife and i could need a doula is thinking ouside the box, like what is the emotional state of the mother, how can the father be involved and over all how to make the process of having a baby somthing that is memorable beyond compare.

Even after the delivery there are a whirlwind of things going on ,she even thought of a evening meal for us once we got home (which our kids loved). I cant thank tabitha enough for everything she has done, and I mean that for the bottom of my heart.

Emily Macedonia


Tabitha has been my doula for all three of my children and I could not recommend her more highly. Each of my births has been so different and she has adapted to each with grace, compassion, and professionalism.

My first birth was unmedicated in the hospital. It was a whirlwind of a birth - my daughter decided to arrive at 37 weeks, and was born in only 8 hours. Thank God I had Tabitha - she was a calm, soothing presence in the midst of a chaotic and challenging hospital experience. She helped me to manage the pain and give me confidence when I was frightened and unsure. 

My second daughter was, sadly, a perinatal hospice situation, and Tabitha was one of the first people I called after we got her diagnosis. I was hoping for an unmedicated birth again and I couldn't imagine going through it without Tabitha. She supported our family from that point forward, and was extensively involved in helping us to plan her birth. Tabitha understood how sacred her birth would be and how these memories were to be our only memories of our daughter.  She helped us create a gentle, calm, loving atmosphere - even within the hospital - to welcome our daughter. She helped me express and process my grief as I worked through a very difficult labor. I have emerged from my daughter's birth with healing and peace, and Tabitha's support was critical to that outcome.

My son was born at home in the water. Tabitha was there to support me and was unceasingly patient, empathetic, and encouraging in the huge range of emotions I felt after having had a loss. She helped me prepare for my first home birth - which I loved. It was also physically my most difficult delivery, and I am thankful I had her there to help me manage.

She has been part of some of the most intimate experiences of my life, and there is now a connection between us that goes far deeper than most. I trust her implicitly. Having Tabitha has your doula will truly be a blessing.

Deepti C


Hmm..Where should I start from.. I really feel that Tabitha is an angel which god sends to me. She is an amazing lady who loves birth than anyone else I know. She is very patient,lovable,kind person. I am very scared of the whole birthing process who initially wanted to go for C-section :) until I meet Tabitha. I was thrilled with the vast info she provided, she is very knowledge &very quick & prompt in answering all my doubts in any time of the day.We had our first face to face meeting at our house. Me and my husband asked so many questions (some may be silly :) as this my 1st baby,we have lot of doubts and concerns). She replied each and every doubt we asked for

As I was diagnosed with GD Doctor planned to induce me before my actual DD. Went to the hospital in the evening to get my induction process started, she was there on that evening at the hospital, gave me some nice massage & gave me lot of emotional support and boosted my confidence level.Finally the big day arrived, before the procedure started I see Tabitha in my room with a bright smile. Doctors gave me Pitocin the pains were started she was comforting me through her magical hands and also guiding my husband, pain level was reduced and I am able to control my pain for long time with her support. After getting epidural I was not allowed to move around so she was continuously comforting with some massages and suggested different positions that can be done lying on bed. Here comes the hardest part of my birthing experience, it took 3hrs. It was so exhausting and tired, I felt so many times going for a C-Section during the 3hrs, but she was just side by me comforting me, constantly encouraging and motivating me that I can do. I am 100% sure if she is not there I definitely opted for a C-section. I would highly recommend her for anyone. If you hire her as your doula, I promise that would be best decision that you made for experiencing a beautiful childbirth:)


Lucy Nolan


Having Tabitha as our doula was the BEST decision we made for childbirth. My husband and I were expecting our first child and very nervous. Tabitha was amazingly kind and supportive. She was there for us as soon as we hired her throughout the remainder of the pregnancy to field any questions and offer advice and support.

When labor started, she met us at the hospital, made the delivery room as comfortable as possible and was constantly working to make my labor easier and help my husband support me. She was loving, encouraging, and uplifting throughout, with plenty of "tricks" to help me through contractions. She helped talk to the nurses and break down difficult questions into pros and cons for me, without ever being even remotely judgmental or pushy. I had been planning an unmedicated birth, and labored all day and well into the night, when my labor stalled and I needed pain management. Tabitha remained SO sweet and supportive, telling me my different options and helping me make a decision without pushing me in any one direction. I was afraid that if I ended up needing an epidural, I would feel like a failure, but Tabitha was so reassuring and helped me see that was not the case. As it turned out, once I had the epidural, labor started up again and the baby was born very soon!

Tabitha was wonderful in the aftermath, massaging me, taking pictures, and giving really helpful advice on breastfeeding and what to expect in the next few days. And then, when it was bonding-time for our little family, she left discreetly after making sure we were all set. She came to our home a few days afterward to check up and offer whatever advice or support we needed. Since then, she's been available to answer any and all questions we've had about childcare with encouraging wisdom.

I cannot recommend Tabitha highly enough. There are no words to express how wonderful she was and how grateful we are for her assistance. Thank you, Tabitha!



Tabitha was a wealth of knowledge and a great asset to have during my pregnancy journey. She was always available to answer my questions and did so in such a way that both comforted me and armed me with facts. My labor was fast, but Tabitha made it to the hospital before my baby was born and I'm glad she was there. I felt like my hospital room was a circus (there were at least 6 nurses in the room, plus the doctor), but she and my husband helped to filter out all the distractions. Tabitha truly loves helping women and it shows through her kindness and enthusiasm. She was the right choice for me.

Sofia Saiyed


Tabitha is a warm and wonderful person, and I am so grateful to have had her supporting me during my labor. As first time parents, my husband and I were very nervous as my due date approached. I contact Tabitha when I was 37 weeks pregnant and she was graciously willing to take me on as a client even at such a late stage of my pregnancy. She came to my home to provide us with prenatal education which made both my husband and I much more confident and much less scared. As my labor approached, Tabitha regularly checked in to see how I was doing and give me moral support as I went nearly a week past my due date. When I went into labor, Tabitha joined me in my home relatively early in the process because my husband and I were nervous. She was with us from just past midnight until after 2 pm the next day when my baby was finally born. As I labored at home, she offered me much needed emotional support and using her little tricks and tricks to help me manage my contractions. She accompanied me to the hospital, where I did end up getting an epidural. I had always thought that a doula wouldn't have much to do during a medicated birth, but I was wrong. She continued to suggest things that I could do to help my labor along successfully, such as suggesting position changes, using a peanut ball, and massaging my legs. I honestly believe that if it were not for Tabitha (and my midwife), I would have had to have a C-section. Tabitha was also a wonderful support for my husband, giving him information and tips to help him to be a confident support person for me. She didn't seem to take any breaks during the over 12 hours she was supporting me. She also visited us a couple of weeks after the birth and offered invaluable assistance with breastfeeding. Tabitha has a beautiful and warm presence that is just what I needed when going through the process of child birth. 

Julia Whitaker


Tabitha is amazing! Actually, amazing is an understatment. She is a life saving and life giving being. My VBAC would not have been successful without her. We found her thanks to our son's chiropractor. They gave us a list of Doulas to interview and she was the first I actually spoke to. After our first conversation I had no need to speak with anyone else. I knew she was perfect for our family. I am a firm believer in natural medicine of all kinds and my husband is not. He supported me having a Doula because he loves me and that is it. However, by time we were discharged after our daughter's birth he was telling anyone who would listen that they need a Doula and how his biggest regret was talking me out of getting one with our first child. In fact, he is still telling people that and insisting that they call Tabitha if they are giving birth in Virginia.

When Tabitha first became our Doula we lived out of state and were preparing to move to Virginia. I was determined to do everything possible to have a VBAC. She helped me find an amazing doctor and hospital, childbirth class, accupuncture and massage therapist. Each refferal requested was met with a perfect practitioner for what I wanted and needed but she never pushed anything on me. She is a wealth of knowledge and resources but will meet you where you are. She helped me and my husband get through every surprise and fear we had during the preganacy. She helped make the journey beautiful for me and my husband. She empowered him with ideas and tools to help me before, during and after labor. She gave us parenting insights that were invaulable. I not only had a sucessful VBAC because of the awesome service she provides but I am also a better mother to my children because I know her. If you are in Virginia, you could not make a better choice than to have Tabitha as your Doula.

Kasey Thompson


Tabitha is God's gift to women. She is nothing shy of amazing. The love and support she has shown my husband and I was unreal from the very beginning. If you are a first time Mom and are considering a natural birth you MUST have Tabitha as your doula. Don't let fiances be the reason why you don't hire her or any doula for that matter. My husband and I were in the mitz of purschasing a new home during my pregnancy which made our fiances very tight. Tabitha was flexible and allowed us to pay at our own convenience. But that's besides the point. The labor and delivery of our baby girl had so many twists and turns and we were incredibly thankful to have her navigate us through our journey. Tabitha has sooooo many tricks up her sleeve and I couldn't imagine delivery without every single one of them. There was something so soothing about her touch that seemed to empower and comfort me all at the same time. Tabitha put all of her energy into our delivery and never left my side. And this is HUGE considering my labor in the hospital was over 15 hours long and my Midwife may have been present in the room altogether for a grand total of an hour. We were kind of left to just "figure out" how to progress my labor or to get the baby's head in the right position. And luckily, we were left in the room with a beautiful soul who has a pure gift for supporting laboring women. Also, IF you are lucky enough to be offered a student doula as well DO IT! What's better than one amazing doula?! TWO And for price of one! Working with us Tabitha had her challenges; first time Mom, no Lamaze classes, baby in the OP position and the most intense back labor EVER but she was always optimistic and encouraging. We couldn't of had more of a perfect birth experience and for that we are forever thankful for her. We truly developed a special love in our hearts for her and will cherish our memories with Tabitha forever.??

Aura Tanase


My husband and I have had a wonderful experience with Tabitha and we highly and warmly recommend her to all expectant parents out there. Tabitha has not only a vast knowledge on all aspects of childbirth, but she's also a very warm, kind and supportive person, who accompanies you throughout pregnancy, as well as during labor and childbirth. She's always available, be it in person, via phone or email, for questions, encouragements and any information a parent to be might need/want. Due to her warm and symphatetic character, she has become a friend to us in a very short time; and it's been a blessing to have her by our side, especially during the tough labor and the birth of our baby girl. After our release from the hospital - so at a time when we needed it most - she was kind enough to bring us cooked food and snacks - and assisted us with questions regarding lactation. Especially as first-time parents it's been amazing to have Tabitha as a doula - and we most warmly recommend her!

Bess Sussman


Tabitha is an amazing and loving doula!  Her goal is to help you in any way she can and she really will, just ask her.  She is a wealth of information and is able to answer questions with ease.  And she pointed me to helpful resources and other amazing women in the birth community when I needed it.  

Our birth, with her assitance, this summer was a beautiful event.  She truly loves birth, moms, dads, and babies. We did an unmedicated birth and having Tabitha as our doula, coach, advocate, and loving friend made it a beautiful day.  Tabitha assisted us in the perfect way - guiding us, and helping my husband and I to work together to bring our son into the world.  She was such a helpful support when I went past my due date and a ton of people were asking me when the baby was coming.  Tabitha aided me in refocusing to enjoy the special days at the end of my pregnancy.  In early labor, she provided just enough assistance to keep things moving and me comfortable.  When I was in active labor and through delivery she was a workhorse - keeping cool clothes on my neck and forehead, heat on my back, head and hip squeezes, assistance with showers, getting me to labor in different positions to continue progress, and so many other things of which I'm sure I wasn't aware.  Tabitha treated us with so much love and care.  We feel so blessed she was our doula!

I can't recommend Tabitha highly enough.  She is a wonderful mother and will inspire you to do the same.

Kathryn Watkins


I truly believe that divine intervention lead us to Tabitha. I wanted very much to have a doula at the birth of my first child. My husband and I live away from immediate family, and it was important to me to know that someone else, who I could trust and rely on for additional support, would be there. As a first time mom, Tabitha helped calm a lot of my fears going into labor, and having her there throughout everything brought a lot of reassurance. She truly helped make the birth of my son such a beautiful experience for me and my husband! My husband has shared that he was expecting to feel somewhat helpless during labor, unsure what to do and how to contribute, but Tabitha helped him to feel like a part of our son's birth by showing him how to provide emotional and physical support to me through various comfort techniques.
After a long series of events, I ended up delivering via c-section. My hope and plan was to have a natural delivery, and I feel that to the extent I was able to go natural, Tabitha encouraged and helped me to do so. For example, I wanted and planned to labor out of bed as much as possible, but was hooked up to an IV cart and had continuous fetal monitoring. Tabitha worked her magic and got one of the nurses to find and bring me a portable monitor to allow me to walk about the halls. I was the first person they had done that for, and moving about helped me to progress much faster. She also suggested various comfort techniques and positions while in bed that made a huge difference when I was no longer able to move about. Having Tabitha there brought a tremendous amount of peace to me. She is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares; I felt that I could ask any question and really share with her what my birth plan/goals were. Tabitha is a great blessing to our family & we will forever be grateful for her presence at our son's birth.

Frances Sutherland


I believe God sent Tabitha to me and my family. The birth assistant that we were planning to use for our home birth became ill, so our midwife arranged Tabitha as a back-up for the birth of our second daughter. Therefore, I had never met Tabitha in person before going into labor. However, as soon as she arrived, she had an uncanny ability to look into my soul and express encouragement that counteracted the exact fears and doubts I was feeling. She also does AMAZING hip squeeze. I seriously cannot overstate how effective they were. During many contractions, Tabitha squeezing my hips alleviated 80% of the pain. And they were very physically taxing for her, but she kept at it!

After stalling at 9cm for several hours, my birth team and I decided it was time to change our plan and go to the hospital. Even now, 6 months later, typing that sentence still brings back all the emotions of going to the hospital after planning a home birth – the fear, doubt, and shame all come flooding back. But Tabitha was there with me during all that, helping me with the arduous tax of getting to the hospital while in (very) active labor. After a flurry of activity including annoyed nurses with a litany of unimportant questions, a botched IV, a rude doctor, and threats of a C-section, the doctor broke my water and my daughter was born a short time later.

During my labor at the hospital, Tabitha’s helpful knowledge about the hospital birth process calmed my husband so that he was able to be there for me. Tabitha also met with me a few days after we returned home (and brought us dinner!). She helped me process my emotions about my birth story. Tabitha understood. Her wisdom, stories, and deep understanding of a new mother were exactly what I needed to begin to recover emotionally.
All that to say, I believe that God gave her the desire to be a doula so that she could help women like me.

Rosemary Boersma


Having Tabitha as my doula was one of the best decisions I could have made for my delivery! My husband and I decided to hire a doula because I was pregnant with my second baby and was preparing for a hospital VBAC. We ultimately chose Tabitha because she is a mother to 11 children, a woman of faith, and experienced in all types of births. Having never worked with a doula, I had no idea what an asset she would be to me throughout the pregnancy and at the birth! She made herself available to me at ALL hours of the day and offered her support and advice on everything from indigestion to anxiety. During labor, she was awesome with helping me and my husband manage the contractions and get into positions that helped the baby move along, all the while encouraging me in times of confusion or doubt. Thanks to Tabitha, I had a successful VBAC and feel accomplished and joyful about the whole experience!

Vivianne Mondarez


After having several hospital births, this was our first experience with having a doula assisted birth at a birth center and Tabitha was amazing!  If I had known back then what I know now, I would have had her at each one of our deliveries. Not only is her knowledge of birth impressive, her LOVE of birth is even more incredible! Both of these things about her helped me to feel secure with my decisions about delivering in a birth center.

Tabitha thoroughly explained everything that would take place at the birth center to my husband and I when we met ahead of time and she patiently answered all questions and concerns we had. My main focus for this birth was to stay as calm and relaxed as possible through a natural, unmedicated birth. Tabitha just exudes the calmness that I was hoping for.   

It was such a comfort to have her there with this delivery.  I felt so relieved the moment I saw her walk in the door.  From the time she arrived, she was always close by.  She would wait quietly and then just know the exact times to step in and help through tough contractions.  Whether it was one of her simple but super effective doula "tricks" or her words of encouragement, she always seemed to know just what was needed.  She was so respectful of my husband and his role in assisting me during labor (something neither he nor I had experienced in the hospital).  

Words just can't express how grateful and how blessed I feel to have had Tabitha at this birth.  I wish it had not taken me so long to figure out about how fantastic doulas are, but I'm so glad that I know now.  I will absolutely be telling every mom that I can about Tabitha and should I ever be blessed again to need a doula myself, I know who I will be calling!  Thank you, Tabitha!!

Sarah Baker


Tabitha is an angel sent from the birthing gods!! Hands down!! All praise Tabitha ????????????

I had done a lot of research looking to find the best way of going about a VBAC with my second child. I found that unmediated I would have the best outcome. I also heard that having a doula present would enhance my outcome. So that is when I come here to this site. I found a couple doulas that I was interested in. Tabitha was the only one that was always there responding to my emails and hearing me out. She always knew just what to say and if she didn't she would find out from other resources of hers and respond back ASAP. She is super sweet loving and all about BIRTH! I m the decision to have her by my side. Boy am I glad I chose her!! 

During labor she got to the hospital right when my husband and I did. Didn't leave until we had our beautiful baby.  She had amazing tricks up her sleeves that comforted me in the time I needed her the most. My husband was skeptical of hiring a doula. But after he saw everything said and done, he couldn't agree more that it was the best decision we could have made. Tabitha gave every ounce of herself to me. From using pressure points to getting all wet keeping the hot water on me in the shower. When I felt I couldn't go on she told me I can and I will and I am strong and doing an amazing job. after every contraction she would say ok now breathe that one away. It will never come back. I had a successful unmediated birth!!! If it wasn't for her, there is no way I could have done it! If I have another I will definitely be calling her to my rescue!! I can not thank her enough! My hero!

Mary Tompkins


I have been lucky to have Tabitha attend my last 3 births. With each birth, she was available for any and all labor-related questions that I had. She is full of knowledge about all things birth- her wisdom and understanding alone is priceless. Leading up to each birth, she calmed whatever fears and anxieties I had and helped me to stay in a state of calm expectation. During labor she would do a myriad of comforting techniques, whether through touch or calming words of reassurance. She is gifted in her ability to "read" a laboring mother, and she always knew precisely what I needed to hear at each moment. I have come to rely on her for the words of encouragement with each moment of doubt, and I cannot imagine giving birth without her!

Tabitha's presence during each birth has also been a great benefit to my husband, who is able to focus on me in a way he would not be able to without Tabitha's presence. He agrees that having such a skilled doula helps him to relax and to be fully present to me, and to the entire process of birth. He feels like he can help me better when Tabitha is there. We are both very private people and want each birth to be personal and intimate, and Tabitha allows that to happen by creating an environment that allows a mother and father to calmly, lovingly, and intimately welcome their little one into the world.

I would highly recommend Tabitha as a doula to any expectant mother looking to have a positive birth experience, whether in a hospital, birth center, or home. Tabitha exudes a happiness and joy towards birth that is very unique and contagious- with her guidance and care, you can't help but feel excited about labor and delivery. Whether you are an anxious first time mom, or an experienced mother of many, she will be able to meet your needs during labor and help you to have a positive and empowering experience. Once you have Tabitha as your doula, you will learn to LOVE birth and cherish each moment of the process.

Katie Rinker


Tabitha was a wonderful doula!  She met with me prior to the birth and reaassured me constantly through the end months with lots of really helpful tips and ideas for supplements to take/apply, exercises to try, foods to eat, and she even offered to stop by and give me a prenatal massage!  

At the actual birth, she was very confident and very, very calming.  I remember her saying "Work with the contractions, not against them" which really seemed to help me and to make me realize I could do it.  She also applied pressure to pressure points on my hands during the hardest contractions.  She encouraged me to get into the tub and once I was there, she poured warm water on my belly for 20 minutes and held my hand as I pushed the baby out.  She was encouraging the WHOLE time and stayed literally at my side the whole time. I don't know that she even took a bathroom break!  

Also something that was not in her "job description" was that she took photos and videos of the first moments of the baby's life. This means the world to me and the video, especially, will be treasured by me.  I'm so grateful she did that.  

And finally, after the birth, she went out and bought some breakfast burritos! She also stayed with me, putting a heating pad on my cramping belly and encouraging me after the birth with the nursing and recovery.  In fact, she remained with us until we went home.  Then, two days after the birth, she came over to check on us all.  

I would highly recommend Tabitha - she has a real love of the birth process, a heart for women and a love for helping and encouraging.  I couldn't have done it without her and I wouldn't do it again without her!   

Shannon A


Tabitha is an amazing person and an incredibly knowledgable, compassionate doula. She was understanding to all my concerns during both of my pregnancies and never casted any judgements on how I wanted my birth to happen. I ended up having a natural hospital birth and a natural birth center birth. I found her unbelievably responsive to talk to about anything related to my pregnancy/birthing concerns. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was full of uncertainty: Would I actually be able to have a natural birth? How would I manage doing this in a hospital? Are some hospitals better than others? How will breastfeeding go? And on and on and on... Tabitha listen to all my new mom fears, doubts, anxieties and excitements. She gave me advice, direction and consultation when needed. Tabitha was also very helpful on the birthing days. Well before going into labor we discussed how I wanted my birth to happen and how she was going to help in every way to achieve that goal. Tabitha definitely met those expectations and helped me to have the birth I envisioned. My husband and I were grateful to have her support on the day of delivery (pain management, moral support, clarification and advice when medical staff was unclear, impatient and pushy). We were able to focus on each other and our new, precious baby knowing we had an advocate right there beside us. Overall, I would highly recommend hiring Tabitha!

Emily R


I fully recommend Tabitha Kaza to be your doula. She served me wonderfully when I gave birth in April 2014; here are a few of the "whys."

  • Tabitha knows how to serve mamas in labor.  Tabitha maintains a deliberately soothing presence, yet she remains focused on taking care of the mother’s practical needs during labor and delivery. She suggested several techniques to help relax me through my pain and did as much of the work of them as she could. For example, my favorite technique was being rolled back and forth to help position the baby and keep my body in motion, moving labor along even though I did not feel capable of walking. Tabitha kept my spirits up and motivated me during the tougher moments. She made the whole process feel special no matter what less than lovely physical realities occurred (as they always do!).
  • Tabitha is flexible.  I asked her to be my doula at the very last minute, and she was able to accommodate me. While she may not be able to do this for every mother coming to her just before their due dates, it is evident to me that her love for the birth experience propels her to be available as much as possible. She wants to be there for you and part of your experience; she doesn’t want to miss it!
  • Tabitha didn’t forget about me afterwards.  After I had my baby, Tabitha came back to see me to check that everything was still going well and to find out if I needed any other kind of support from her. She kept in touch and maintained her warm outlook. She has inspired my own confidence in myself as a home-birthing mother and provided an ongoing source of comfort and advice. I recently found out that I am expecting another baby, and I can’t wait to have her back as my doula!

Tabitha is a blessing and an essential person on my birth team. I highly recommend her services and hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

Peter Redpath


Tabitha served as doula for both of our births and was fantastic both times. It's wonderful to have someone as trustworthy and capable advising us before, during, and after the births. Tabitha was completely available, totally reliable, and in constant communication with my wife and with me. I remember the first time my wife explained the whole concept of a doula to me, and to be honest, I was more than a little skeptical. After our first birth, I knew Tabitha would be our go-to "secret weapon" for any future pregnancies we're blessed with and we're so thankful that she was able to doula for us again. Thank you, Tabitha Kaza! You're the best!

Julie Byrne


Tabitha is a wonderful knowledgeable doula.  Her empathy for me during the birth process was so calming.  She was ready to do what was needed to keep the birth moving along, and offered wonderful suggestions to keep me and my husband engaged and moving in the process.  I would most emphatically recommend Tabitha as a strong, positive, and helpful doula who wants everyone to have the best birth experience possible.  She worked so very well with my Midwife and Midwife's assistant.  I had some fear to overcome in my birth, even though it was my fifth birth without medical intervention, and second at home, Tabitha kept my husband and I together and working through the fear, and our dear baby boy was born at home.  

Kimmy McGraner


Enduring, encouraging, confident, knowledgeable, sounding board, devoted, peaceful, loving birth doula. These are only a few, on a long list of wonderful attributes I can use to describe Tabitha Kaza.

My birth story in a nutshell:

  • We sacrificed much of what was on our Birth Plan
  • One week plus one day past due date
  • Cervidil
  • Pitocin drip
  • IV fluid drip
  • Heart monitor
  • Back labor (I never thought back labor would happen to me)
  • Sterile water injections
  • Vomiting
  • Zofran (to help with nausea, but didn't work for me)
  • Natural pain management
  • Membrane was ruptured by Midwife

After 9 plus hours of good, and vigorous, (back) labor I was too weak to sit up on my own to push, so DH had to lift me forward as I pushed, (pushing actually took my back labor away).  Throughout these 9+ hours, we counted on Tabitha and she delivered each time (pun intended). Thank you Tabitha for the continuous supply of lovely heated rice socks!  The rice socks were my "constant companion", as Tabitha put it. Hahaha! She helped us navigate all the challenges and surprises, with such reverence, into a way that worked for us, our unique situation. She also worked extremely well with our Midwife and hospital staff, which gave us much comfort.

During all of this, Tabitha was able to take photos, log the birth experience and in turn gave us the gift of a wonderfully penned account of our birth story. As I reread this birth story time and time again I reaffirm, “If I had it all to do over, I wouldn’t change a thing".

Choosing your birth doula is a deeply personal choice. Please consider Tabita Kaza to support the birth of your child, and you too can have the honor of knowing this fantastic birth doula.

Megan Gray


I can pretty much guarantee you that you will never meet anyone who loves birth more than Tabitha, which is why she is the very best doula you can find! I have yet to meet even a midwife with as much passion for everything birth-related as Tabitha. Her love and enthusiasm for the birthing process are exactly what every laboring mother needs because it translates into an incredibly supportive and encouraging environment for your birth. Tabitha attended my fourth birth and it was my best birthing experience by far. She provides so much information and constant support through e-mails, calls, and visits. I was truly impressed with how available Tabitha is to her clients at any point in the pregnancy, not just for the birth. She is always there for you--even coming to your house to help comfort you with massage, relazation techniques, etc (after the initial meeting and before the labor/birth). Tabitha is simply a wealth of support, no matter what happens at your birth, or what choices you make. Tabitha has a gift for relating to people: listening to them, understanding them, and making them comfortable by knowing just the right thing to say or do. Having her with you throughout your pregnancy and birth will put your mind at ease, make the entire process easier, and give you the most satisfying birth experience. I truly cannot imagine a better doula!

Debbie Pienta


Tabitha is exceptional. Her experience as mother to eleven children has formed her into a knowledgable and empathetic doula.

I had the gift of her presence as my doula for the births of my third and fourth babies. Her emotional support is beyond compare. It carries you through, not just the birth with all its unexpected turns, but also the postpartum phase with all of its own unique challenges. She even fostered a stronger union between me and my spouse by offering him tips on how to help me through the laboring process. I felt so loved and supporeted by him, but I know Tabitha had a hand in that.

Tabitha also takes her job very serioulsy. She is continually attending workshops and seminars to fine tune her doula skills and to stay on top of current birthing trends. If you are looking for a doula who will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and encourage you as you transition into a new mother, than Tabitha is the doula for you.

Erin Craine


The depth of gratitude and respect I have for Tabitha cannot be understated. She is a true light of joy. She exudes a gentle grace that brought me so much peace amidst my overwhelming doubts and fears surrounding my third birth, a VBA2C. Tabitha is so specially gifted with being able to reach you, wherever you are on a certain day in your journey to birth, through spoken and written word. Each call, email and text was a sparkling gem of tender encouragement and comforting hope.

Tabitha truly loves the miracle of birth. After my first two birth experiences, it is not an exaggeration to say I'm awed when I think of how she helped me overcome my fears.  Tabitha's class with my husband was pivotal in helping me believe I could VBA2C successfully. After multiple days of labor false starting, I believe her kind encouragement was crucial in helping me relax and allowing active labor to start.

The doctor on call was not pleased I was being allowed a trial of labor. There is not a doubt in my mind if I didn't have Tabitha's calm presence with me that night I would not have been successful. The labor was long and difficult, but Tabitha was a steadfast rock of encouragement in every moment. She was also so helpful for my husband, reassuring his fears as he saw me waiver. When finally I was able to push and realized it was truly happening, it was as if the encouragement lifted me up beyond the temporal pain. The utter elation of having my little writhing babe thrown on my chest was unparalleled!

Since then, I have had a fourth sweet baby and a second successful VBAC. Tabitha's positioning and pain management advice was instrumental in my emotional ability to handle my labor, and the difference of pain from my other labor experiences was night and day. Birth is so joyful, so intimate, so gorgeously overwhelming by its nature and I am so incredibly thankful to Tabitha for being such a beautiful rock to anchor onto for this journey.

j gruber


My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Tabitha. Maybe the best evidence of how much we loved her is that we are using her again for our second child in a few weeks! For our first baby, Tabitha brought peace to my tumultuous heart. She offered support physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Physically: She was a wealth of knowledge leading up to birth and during the delivery that brought comfort to my aches and prepared me for what was to come. From ways to sleep to exercises to try, Tabitha always seemed to have an answer!

Emotionally: She complimented my personality perfectly, and gave us the exact strength and encouragement. Tabitha checked in with me or sent me encouragement throughout the 9 months exactly when I needed it.

Spiritually: Lastly, and most importantly for us, Tabitha was a font of prayer and love. For me, knowing that Tabitha understood the power of prayer put my heart at ease.

One final thought, Tabitha understands the sacred relationship between spouses, and encouraged my husband to be the lead coach. There is nothing I remember more fondly, then the words of encouragement and finally the look of joy in my husband’s face as he held our little girl for the first time. Tabitha helped to orchestrate the whole process in a seamless manner that has left us only with fond memories of that glorious day!

Jessica Sadeq


In 2013, I met Tabitha through another doula's birth class when I was pregnant with my first child. After exchanging a couple of emails, we invited Tabitha to attend the class with us as a way to meet and catch up. She was perfect - an experienced mother is who I wanted to attend my birth. I needed someone who knew what I was going to experience and how to help me get through it. She was the perfect addition to our birth team. When the time came for my daughter's birth, Tabitha joined my husband and me at the hospital ready to quietly coach us through labor together. She let my husband lead and stepped in when she could tell he needed some guidance when it came to comforting me. She had all of the right doula tools to get us through the hours of a pitocin-induced labor. With Tabitha's help, we successfully welcomed our beautiful daughter via an unmedicated natural delivery as we wished. I can honestly say Tabitha's warm, comforting presence provided us the strength and power to work together as a team. 

Joy Bolognesi


My experience with Tabitha was a real blessing.  I was not sure I would get along with her at first.  I was emotional because of my unexpected pregnancy and she was unusually happy and cheerful.  However, we began to text and exchange confidences and I learned how good of a listener she really is.  I started to text her frequently with a mixture of motherly and spiritual questions.  She was happy to listen to all of them and help the best she could.


She was amazing when it came to my labor and delivery experience.  She was supportive and calm, allowing me to relax and choose my music for the birthing room and get comfortable and situated.  She did not think of herself even though she was feeling sick and had to excuse herself througout!  I did not even know she was feeling ill, because she did not complain at all.  I could not have gotten through the birthing process without her, from start to finish.

Julia Atwood


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tabitha. She was my doula for the birth of my second child, and it was such a peaceful and joyful experience. Tabitha exudes peace and calm and reassurance, which is exactly what I need during labor. She is very attentive and responsive, and she communicates so very well.  The excellent communication was not only with me, but also with my husband. Tabitha was respectful of the medical staff in the hospital, and whenever she made a suggestion to me, she fully accepted my decision and trusted that I was listening to my body. Tabitha came prepared with many different comfort measures, and she was attentive and responsive to whether these were helpful to me. Although I had a relatively short labor, by the time that I was in transition, Tabitha and my husband had settled into a routine of pressing on pressure points during each contraction. This allowed me to stay focused and relaxed and work with my body during each contraction. This was not an easy job for Tabitha, because I believe that she was compressing my hips during each contraction! But she was focused on alleviating my discomfort and never spoke of her own. I am grateful to Tabitha for making it possible for me to have a second unmedicated birth, and I cannot recommend her enough! 

Felicia Walden


In October of 2013 my husband and I were blessed to have had Tabitha be our  doula for the birth of our second child.  For us it was so important to have the birth that we wanted because our first child was cesarean related to being breech.  I still remember how determined I was to have a vaginal delivery and Tabitha supported me 100% and wanted to ensure I would finally get the chance to truly "birth" my baby. She taught us pressure techniques to use during different stages of labor that helped me to have a natural child birth.  She was amazing and I truly do not think I could have had a better experience!

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