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Elizabeth was my doula during the labor of my firstborn daughter. She is absolutely amazing. Her passion for empowering women in birth is evident in every single interaction and conversation. She cares about all the details, scents, lighting, touch, words, sounds that can affect the laboring mothering. At no point does she try take charge of the situation but is only fully committed to being a constant pillar of support as well as advocate for my desires for birth and my birth plan. Particularly her familiarity with massage techniques and pressure points as well her timely affirmations were a tremendous help in my labor. Although it was certainly the hardest thing I’d ever done, came out of my labor feeling empowered and strong and proud of myself for accomplishing birthing my baby without meds or interventions and I know that Elizabeth’s genuine care and applied knowledge played an essential role in my amazing birth experience. 

Posted 3/13/2019

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