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Courtney Yorks

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles no ferries


Birth Fee

$500 to $1000

Birth Fee

$500 to $1000

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 60 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)

Fee Details

I was a full time doula for two years from 2015 - 2017. I miss the birth world dearly and would love to doula for a few families between beginning of July and end of August. My business facebook and website no longer exist, but I would love to chat and tell you more about me and learn more about you.

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles no ferries

Client Testimonials for Courtney Yorks

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Stephanie Wall


Courtney's support was invaluable during the entire process of pregnancy and birth. She began as our doula while we were trying to get pregnant. Having her as a resource and support person throughout gave us peace of mind. Our questions were answered whether she had the answer on hand or consulted her trusted resources. During birth, she was a constant presence that acted as a rock, an anchor during contractions. She also followed up at the appropriate times during the postpartum period. We recommend her to anyone who wants an advocate, a support, and an invaluable asset to your pregnanacy and birth experience. 

Jessica Angel


Courtney was so fantastic! I cannot imagine having gone through the experience of pregnancy,birth, and postpartum without her. She is so positive and encouraging and I think that's one of the reasons my husband and I were so drawn to her at our initial meeting. She has all of the practical skills and knowledge you would want in a doula but Courtney's personality and genuine love of what she does is so wonderful to experience. We felt her full support while working with her and I knew I could reach out at any time for anything that was on my mind. 

I love the way she would ask how we were doing without any judgement or expectation. It allowed me to be really vulnerable and honest with her which I think is so important between someone you are letting in on such a special day. Courtney is an amazing listener and many times through our journey that's exactly what we needed.

We had a few unexpected things happen during our birth process and every time I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure of my next steps I would reach out to Courtney. After we talked everything would seem clear and much more manageable.

We loved working with Courtney so, so much! She made us feel at ease, she was always available to us, she is an amazing listener and she is so wonderful at what she does!


Ashley Worobec


My husband and I were so thrilled to have found Courtney. The moment she left our interview with her, we looked at each other and said how excited we were about her. We decided pretty late to have a doula, and had interviewed one other. We chose Courtney because she sounded passionate about the job and genuine about her desires to help us work towards our birth goals. I really appreciated that she didn't want to be a stranger in the birth room, and wanted to meet more than once before (and after!) the birth for us to all feel comfortable together.

About a week after our first meeting, I texted Courtney to let her know I went in for a blood pressure check, and that they were sending me to the birth center for monitoring. She came to meet me there, and was so helpful in reading my husband and I in response to all of the information I was getting. I was being switched from the midwives over the the OB team due to severe pre-eclampsia. I was 37.5 weeks, and would need to deliver before going home. Courtney asked questions for us and basically acted as a translator to help us understand our options and what needed to happen, but also helped us feel like we still had some control, and that this was OUR birth.

As soon as we got a break, she helped us soak up what was going to happen - that we were going to have a baby sooner than expected! We still hadn't gotten to writing a birth plan, so we pulled out some scrap paper and wrote it out with her help.

Courtney embodied everything I was looking for in a doula. She helped my husband be as supportive as possible, in his way, and she talked me through every stage of the labor. We knew her goal was helping us have the birth WE wanted, and if that wasn't possible, making the birth that we got beautiful. And I trust she would do the same for anyone else!

I had an amazing labor and delivery. It was quick, and I felt so empowered discovering what my body could do!
Thanks, Courtney!

Sara Hickey


We had a planned home birth that unforutnatley turned into an ambulance ride for an emergency C-section. 

Before going into the labor we met with Courney a few times and she was prompt, professional, and educated us on what to expect and how to prepare. We appreciated how easy she was to talk with. She listened and provided feedback and guidance that helpful-- it was reassuring to know that we were in good hands. 

While laboring at home she was exteremely helpful, supportive and encouraging. Courtney applied counter pressure for HOURS! No joke -- HOURS! With every contraction she was there... and I am not sure what I would have done if she wasn't there by my side. My husband and mother we also present during our labor at home and Courtney did an awesome job making them feel part of the labor, informing them on what as going on and also giving them direction on any way that could help. 

Although things didn't always go as we had planned, we were very thankful to have Courtney there with us! Despite how quickly things turned on us at home, she kept her cool and continued to provide the necessary support that me and my family needed. Courtney is an amazing Doula. You won't be disappointed, I promise! 

Corinne Stroum


I found Courtney here on DoulaMatch just a few weeks away from my due date, and I'm so glad that I did. She was a responsive and warm emotional support system, and a steadying presence during a fast/intense birth.

A short chat over the phone with Courtney confirmed that she was the right fit.  She explained that she would represent the emotional/spiritual side of our delivery.  In our first visit, she provided a more detailed overview of her services, answered all of our questions, supplied us with stretches to get comfortable, and we played the 'Down the Canal' board game.

I didn't think I'd wanted maternity photos because I wasn't feeling my best.  However, I took advantage of this service because Coutney offered it.  She took such tasteful and Pacific NW-themed photos that I'm glad I'll remember this time of my life!

I went into active labor a week ahead of my due date. Courtney met us at the Labor & Delivery ER and guided us through key decisions vs. the philosophy we'd decided for our birth.  She became the lighthouse aside my choppy, thunderstorming ocean. She kept me sane through contractions, and ensured I stayed hydrated/fed. She calmed me during my most inconsolable moments.  She was excellent in communicating with the hospital staff.

Courtney’s calmness and strength during my labor were inspirational, even if I was a mess! She was quick to get us skin-to-skin and breastfeeding. I believe that her encouragement that night has led to my success in continued breastfeeding with my daughter.

Our post-natal appointments have been stabilizing. She’s helped me to process what I had considered to be a traumatic birth and I now feel like an Amazon warrior woman! I can’t imagine having gone through that birth without her there.  Thank you so much to Courtney the Doula for guiding us through this experience.

Bree Bang-Jensen


Courtney was fantastic through our birth process.  She is easy to connect with and has a deep and apparent passion for the work she does.  I was particularly impressed by all the things Courtney did to stay informed and grow as a doula and I was impressed by her depth of knowledge and ability to explain things in a clear but positive way.

The birth of our daughter was not without challenges, and Courtney did a wonderful job asking our medical professionals for time to process what was going on and make decisions-- we wouldn't have been able to have this important time without her.  She was very supportive of my decisions throughout the birth process and affirmed my decisions, which gave me confidence as a first time mother. 

My daughter was a sunny side up baby who was nine and a half pounds, which was a surprise to everyone! I wound up pushing for 4.5 hours and very narrowly avoided a c section. Since my daughter's birth, a number of doctors have told me that it was an usual and unlikely vaginal delivery.  Throughout this process, Courtney cheered me on and supported me physically and emotionally. People say that doulas reduce the likelihood of c section, and I'm sure that in our case, we would have had a c section without Courtney's support.  Earlier in the night, I wound up struggling to cope with pitocin-induced contractions and opting for an epidural, and Courtney worked with my medical team to identify many positions where I could still safely move and push effectively during the second stage of labor. She also helped motivate me when I was hitting the wall by helping me connect with my emerging daughter.

When Courtney visited after our daughter's birth, it was clearly she really cared about us and our daughter, and she helped me feel more confident and affirmed in my first few days of motherhood, which was critical for me and my family's well-being. I hope to work with her again!


Christina Jones


Working with Courtney was a great experience. We came to her fairly late in my pregnancy and she made time to meet with me twice before my son arrived, even though he was 2 weeks early. She was amazing during the birth and really advocated for my wishes during the labor. She was supportive of what I wanted. Her calm voice and presence were so helpful. Postpartum visits from Courtney helped us figure out how to be parents and reassured us that we were doing a good job.

Tiffany Hamre


Words cant describe how thankful I am for Courtney. She is not only our doula but now a friend. The support, love and understanding she gave me during the process of pregnancy and labor was endless. When I was in labor I never felt so supported and understood. She always had mine and the babies best interest at heart and spoke to what I needed. The nurses did their job but Courtney would explain in detail what they were doing and what was potenitally coming. When I got scared of things they mentioned, she reassured me and suggested alternatives or comforted me that it was best. I think everyone needs and deserves a Courtney in their pregnancy and labor experience!!!!!

Jessica Kalif


Here I am weeks later reflecting on my time with Courtney and I am realizing just how amazing she was in the birth of our sweet son.

I had a dream of a natural delivery and when I found out our son was breeched at 35 weeks my heart sunk. Courtney was an active participant in helping with everything! She had a referal for everything you could think of - acupuncture, chiropractors, different positions I should try, and at 36.5 weeks HE TURNED! 

I was over the moon! She helped me to know how to help him to engage with my body, I was able to really comprehend what my body was doing, and it made the whole process incredibly intimate. Every question I had I went to Courtney. She self admitted when she didn't know the answer, but she helped me to find every answer. The prenatal time with her was wonderful!

We had a beautiful birth! She really helped me to feel connected to my spouse, which was incredible! My spouse was able to apply counterpressure, use massage techniques, and help with several things. Courtney was the greatest coach through the process! We had a wonderful natural delivery and I give many thanks to Courtney!

In the postpartum time she has been AMAZING. When we interviewed with her she very openly shared with us that she focuses a lot on this time because she is very aware of any kind of PMAD and wants to help make the transition into parenthood smooth. She has done that exactly. In our three visits thus far she has helped make a plan for us on when and how we will eat, sleep, take care of our hygiene (the things you totally forget when you're taking care  of a newborn).

She has been amazing! And I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone on the search for a doula!

Ann Sturtz


My husband and I feel so lucky to have had Courtney's support before, during, and after the birth of our baby girl! I am especially greatfull for her guidance during labor as it was my first and it was incredibly quick and intense. Courtney was able to provide information to me, and give me choices, throughout in a way that I could understand which helped me have a intervention free birth. My husband and mom were able to be great coaches too because she did such a great job as the coordinator. Also, the baby bump and labor pictures she took are amazing and we are so glad she captured those moments for us! 

Alison Tisza


I didn't know it at the time, but selecting a doula ended up being as important as - or perhaps even more important than - selecting my OB/GYN. What drew me to Courtney was her enthusiasm and compassion. I was not disappointed. She came to our house several times pre partum not only to answer questions and help us prepare but also to get to know us as a couple. I appreciated that she took the time to establish a relationship with us before the birth, which helped my husband and I have the incredible and intimate experience that we wanted. 

When the time came for the baby to arrive, nothing went as planned. My water broke on Christmas day and Courtney was there within the hour. Throughout the labor, she offered suggestions for position changes, pain management, and was an advocate for me. Just as importantly, she helped my husband be a useful and integral part of the experience. When the doctors started talking c-section, Courtney helped me navigate the array of emotions I was feeling.

After the delivery, Courtney still provided an incredible level of support. She visited us in the hospital and at home to make sure that we were doing ok. Even now, almost two months later I know that I can reach out to Courtney at any time if I have a question or a problem. As an added bonus, Courtney provided beautiful pictures of the baby, my husband, and I after the delivery. 

While I know that a doula is a very personal choice, I highly recommend Courtney and cannot say enough wonderful things about her and the level of service she provided. 

sangeeta iyer


Hiring Courtney as my doula was one of the highlights of my pregnancy. I was initially going back and forth whether I truly needed a doula or not. Once I met Courtney, my husband and I felt at ease with her, and decided she could only help the process. The prenatal visits were very informative, we discussed my birth plan and wishes in detail. There was no judgement from her side on anything. Any questions or concerns I had, she was just a phone call away. I had a long labor, lasting 4 days. And she was very encouraging and always available, even on New years eve. During delivery, she was an immense help, coaching me on breathing, relaxing during contractions. When I decided I need an epidural, she was very supportive of the process. And most important, she was a big help during pushing. I was pushing for almost 3 hours, and on the verge of giving up, If it were not for my husband and Courtney, I would not have delivered vaginally as was my wish. 

She also captured some great photographs after birth, so I always have them to look back and cherish the moments.

 She has been great at following up post partum and addressing all my concerns too.I would recommend Courtney to anyone looking to hire a doula, she is simply the best.

Allison Peters


My husband and I couldn't have been happier with Courtney. She is so kind and thoughtful. She spent time with us discussing our plans and helping with providing information and resources. She took great maternity photos. And because she was great about checking in regularly, we got in the habit of letting her know updates. We ended up delivering early at 37 weeks 3 days. I thought I had been in false labor since I had that a few days earlier and texted her what was going on. It was already late and she asked to come over to help with dealjng with the pain. She came and definitely helped us with some techniques and then things got real. After asking if we wanted to go to the hospital we said yes, and she met us there. I arrived already dilated 8 cm and 90% effaced. She was a great support as we changed our plan and asked for an epidural. She stayed with us all night. After 4 hours of pushing, I ended up having a csection. Our son had to go to NICU and my husband stayed with him and Courtney stayed with me through my recover so I was never alone and helped me communicate with my husband to hear how our son was doing. She came to visit us the  next day and captured some very special moments with our new family. We highly recommend Courtney. We were lucky to have someone like her throughout our entire experience as she helped make sure we had an empowering birth.

Allison Peters


My husband and I couldn't have been happier with Courtney. She is so kind and thoughtful. She spent time with us discussing our plans and helping with providing information and resources. She took great maternity photos. And because she was great about checking in regularly, we got in the habit of letting her know updates. We ended up delivering early at 37 weeks 3 days. I thought I had been in false labor since I had that a few days earlier and texted her what was going on. It was already late and she asked to come over to help with dealjng with the pain. She came and definitely helped us with some techniques and then things got real. After asking if we wanted to go to the hospital we said yes, and she met us there. I arrived already dilated 8 cm and 90% effaced. She was a great support as we changed our plan and asked for an epidural. She stayed with us all night. After 4 hours of pushing, I ended up having a csection. Our son had to go to NICU and my husband stayed with him and Courtney stayed with me through my recover so I was never alone and helped me communicate with my husband to hear how our son was doing. She came to visit us the  next day and captured some very special moments with our new family. We highly recommend Courtney. We were lucky to have someone like her throughout our entire experience as she helped make sure we had an empowering birth.

Lisa Lawland


Courtney is amazing! I had my baby way back in March and I really want to speak to how consistently involved she's been in our experience. She is STILL supporting me in my journey. She is supporting me so much in breastfeeding, sleeping, and has really stood by the phrase "doula  for life"!

I LOVE HER and my family is forever grateful for her! You will be very blessed by her precense in your experience. 

Jennifer Tyler


I really loved Courtney and she was perfect for our family! I will be forever grateful to her for making our birth experience a wonderful one.

Lillian Sells


My birth experience was the very opposite of what I had originally intended. The plan was for a hospital birth, with an epidural, and my husband, mom, and doula with me helping me to maintain my cool. Well we got a suprise to say the least. Contractions came on VERY strong and VERY fast and I assumed that there was no way this could be actual labor and so I didn't even bother to call Courtney until 2 or 3 hours into these unfathomable contractions going through my body. I am a first time mom and I KNEW people aren't supposed to go into labor THAT fast! It takes awhile.... WRONG!

When I called Courtney I couldn't form a complete sentence, my husband was on his way home from work, and I thought I was truly going to die. Courtney seemed to realize that I was in VERY active labor and came right away (we are so glad she only lives 10 minutes from us). Shortly after she came and all of a sudden I felt this immense amount of pressure growing. When I told this to Courtney we all decided it would be best to get some form of medical attention at our house and so we called the hospital and they sent an ambulance. I ended up not having a homebirth, birthing center, or hospital birth BUT an ambulance birth! 

The reason I share all these details is because I am incredibly grateful for Courtney in this experience and I think it is important to know what she went through. In this whole time she was incredibly calm, never did she panic, become anxious or scared, she spoke in a reassuring voice that allowed me to stay in the moment even though the moment was crazy! Courtney has such an incredibly calm spirit and is knowledgeable about when things are happening and what should be done. We talked through every decision being made and it still felt very special.

The only thing I would change about my experience is the location of my birth BUT it was good. We have a beautiful baby, a complete family, and a great bond with Courtney, a friend for life.

Jodi Lawrence


Loved Courtney! She was amazing in helping to support my birth experience. 

Melissa Grant


I am so glad that we had the experience of working with Courtney. As first time parents I will admit that we didn't know much about anything; Courtney was so patient in the whole process. She never judged or criticized  our lack of education when it came to pregnancy, childbirth, etc. She just enjoyed the ride with us! She taught us a lot before our baby came and continuous to teach us a lot as our baby has now been here over a month. 

Courtney was a joy to work with and we are lucky to have found her! Her passion for birth was clear through the whole process and her love for our birth was undoubtable. 

We feel like we have made a forever friend and resource in Courtney and that is something we really do appreciate.

Josie Wells


I am so glad I get to write Courtney a testimonial. She was the ideal doula for me and my family. She was and continues to be incredible supportive. She helped in every decision making process in making sure I was informed and educated along the way. She explained the whole process which was really important to me. I felt at ease knowing that Courtney had an idea of what was going on and could explain it in a way that my partner and I could understand.

Things happened so quickly in my birth experience but she helped to slow the whole process down and make it as enjoyable as possible. My labor from start to finish was 11 hours and she was there every step of the way ensuring that I could do this and explaining every step. I was pretty tense the whole time but felt a little more at ease as she used her techniques and explained the whole process. 

All in all she was fantastic and I am glad we had her as our doula.

emily nyegaard


Courtney helped me welcome my little bundle of joy, Mason Steel, into the world on February 10, 2016 at 2:31am. Courtney I have to say has been a huge support for me and my new family! She took time out of her day to come and help me progress labor a few days before I had him, gave me awesome advice and awesome support. While in active labor at the hospital she knew I wanted to try and go all natural, she worked with me through each contractions, teaching me the importance of breathing and the importance of how to breath. Labor progressed very quickly for me and she was constantly there to help guide me through. She made sure any requests I had were there for me. She was always making sure the communication between me, Alan and the doctor were important. I DID NOT go all natural like I wanted to, but she was there to support me with my decision to have an epidural as well as told me how proud she was that I made the decision I did. If it wasn't for Courtney and her love for her job I don't think my labor would have gone the way it did. She made me feel like I was important and everything about my experience was amazing! Courtney I have to say I am truly blessed to have had you there for every step of the way through my labor and delivery. You were an amazing support for my and my family and I thank you for all that you did for me, Mason, and my Fiancé Alan! She still till this day is checking up on me and seeing how things are going (5 days later). To me she was a blessing to my family and I hope anyone that chooses Courtney has the same blessing I did! Again Courtney thank you for all you have done for me!

Jacob Wesley


My wife just gave birth to the most perfect human being last week. And I have to give a shout out to Courtney Yorks! She was a great support for everyone involved. 

Catherine Davis


I LOVED COURTNEY! We were skeptical on whether or not to hire a doula but we are so glad that we did! Courtney helped during the start of my second trimester. Before our birth she helped to create a solid birth plan covering everything from pain meds to meals in the postpartum period, we practiced positioning, and made a plans for some of my on going PTSD. She was fantastic in the prenatal time!

During our birth she was such a great support for me and my partner. I think "calm" is the one word I would use to describe Courtney in our birth experience. She seemed to say and do just enough, in just the right tone, and in just the right time. My partner felt very empowered by Courtney and we all worked really well together!

In the postpartum time she was so helpful in finding recources I desperatley needed. She answered every phone call and email. 3 months postpartum and we are doing amazing and I can confidently say Courtney plays a huge role into that.


Elizabeth Munk


I came to the decision to have a doula present at my birth near the end of my pregnancy and feel tremendously lucky to have stumbeled upon Courtney.  She and I initially spoke on the phone and I immediately knew we would be a good match.  From the beginning, Courtney was interested in my pregnancy story and the story I wanted to create about my birth experience.  I always felt acceptance, openness and understanding from Courtney about my path to become a single mother.  Courtney was ever present to check in before delivery, available right when I needed her when my water broke early and to check in on us after my son was born.  She was an absolute key member of my support team to join me in laughing, contemplating, crying, pushing, etc. just when I needed during labor.  She was confident in my ability to carry on with my initial plan of a natural childbirth and supportive of my decision to get some relief from pain medication.  Courtney exhibited a reassuring blend of profesionalism to be my advocate with the medical team and a comforting support to my family members.  My entire family felt that she cared about them and she definetly went above and beyond to support us all when my family became sick during my delivery.  I feel I am unable to express in words how truly grateful I am to have had Courtney as my doula and would absolutely recommend.  

Derek Hamilton


After our first labor and delivery class at UW, my wife and I knew we were going to need some additional support when the time came. We checked our neighborhood Facebook group and saw a post from Courtney, offering her services as a doula. When we first met, she was incredibly friendly and open to all of the questions and thoughts we had. From there, we spoke about our "ideal" birth and what role we wanted a doula to play. Courtney was receptive and open to all of our labor goals—she made it clear that her goal was to help us achieve ours, whatever they may be. My wife and I were more than impressed, so we hired her.

During our first two meetings, it became apparent that Courtney was incredibly knowledgable and prepared for any situation. From a husband's perspective, I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders knowing I wouldn't have to remember everything from the classes in the midst of trying not to freak out during labor.

Our due date came and went, so we finally went in for an induction. Courtney was at the hospital any time we needed her and helped my wife and I in any way she could, be it mitigating labor pains for my wife or stopping by our house to feed our cat. After a few days of trying to get things rolling, it became apparent that our little one was going to have to be born via c-section. Even then, Courtney was a fantastic resource. She helped my wife and I talk through the process and make sure we were emotionally okay with what was about to happen.
Despite not having the opportunity to work in the traditional doul

a setting, Courtney was invaluable to our birth story. Honestly, I can't imagine what it would have been like without her help. She is definitely highly recommended.

Sarah Berkshire


Courtney was an amazing doula and I don't think I would have been able to have a natural birth without the support and encouragement that she provided. She was there with us from the beginning of my contractions at the house and then once they became stronger met us at the hospital. She came back the next day to check on us and even gave my mom and ride to the home from the hospital and back in the morning. She had great suggestions for trying different positions to help with contractions and was truly amazing during active labor and pushing to focus me and help me keep breathing and stay calm. She was very respectful of our decisions surrounding labor and delivery and also was very good at helping my husband be involved. You can tell that she loves what she is doing! I couldn't have asked for a better doula and experience and am so happy that we found Courtney. 

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