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Kelsey Henry

Cocoa Butter Doula Services


Phone: (323) 445-1992

Birth Fee: $900 to $1200

Postpartum Rate: $25 to $30

Fee Details: I believe that every pregnant person deserves compassionate and culturally competent care that is free of judgment and driven by respect. I am committed to providing care that will make you feel seen, heard, and strong. No matter the size or structure of your family-in-the making, my services are not one size fits all and I am eager to work with you and your loved ones to provide the type of doula care that best fits you. I am a PALS Certified Birth Doula with further training in placenta encapsulation, Spinning Babies techniques for optimal fetal positioning, and rebozo and TENS unit techniques for labor support. My services include: 2 prenatal visits, unlimited phone/text/email throughout pregnancy (24 hour turnaround), on-call availability 24/7 from 38 weeks until delivery, continuous care during labor, and 2 postpartum visits. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an interview. I look forward to getting to know you!

Birth Doula Experience: 2 years and 41 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 1 years and 5 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 births and 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am happy to support you and your partner at any Seattle area hospital to ensure that your birth is safe and comfortable. While I am comfortable supporting births at all Seattle hospitals, if you are delivering at any of the Swedish locations (First Hill, Ballard, Edmonds, or Issaquah), I will serve you through the Swedish Doula Program as a Swedish doula. This does not change any of the services that I provide, only the contract that you sign!
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I am happy to support you and your partner at any Seattle area birth center to ensure that your birth is safe and comfortable.
Attends home births? Some Home Births
I am happy to support you and your partner in making your home birth safe and comfortable. I will attend births with a Licensed Midwife present. I do not attend unassisted home births.

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion Support
  • Acupressure
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

In college, I worked for two years as an abortion doula and served primarily low-income women of color at Planned Parenthood in New Haven, Connecticut. For the past two years, I volunteered with Open Arms Perinatal Services, a non-profit that provides doula services to low-income pregnant people, free of cost. As a strong proponent of doula care that honors a range of pregnancy related experiences, decisions, and outcomes, I served as a core organizer with Full Spectrum Doulas in Seattle and provide abortion and perinatal bereavement (miscarriage, stillbirth, etc.) support as a full spectrum doula. I also interned at MAIA Midwifery, a midwifery practice that centers and honors the unique needs of LGBTQ people while they build their families. In New Haven, I hope to primarily work with teens who are considering abortion, adoption, or birth and plan to offer these services free of cost. I would also like to focus on providing perinatal bereavement support to any pregnant person who is experiencing miscarriage, abortion, or stillbirth, also free of cost.

Service Area Map

Area of practice: New Haven, CT
Travel Range: 10 Miles

Client Testimonials for Kelsey Henry

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Amanda Drake

I had an amazing experience with Kelsey. When we met prior to my baby's due date she made me feel much more confident in my own instincts in what I wanted for the birth and helped me to think about things that hadn't occured to me. She also made sure to make my husband feel included. My labor ended up being very long and difficult, it spanned over 52 hours w/ 4.5 hours of pushing that eventually led to an unplanned csection. Every decision we made as labor progressed was so hard but Kelsey made sure that we knew all of our options and that the doctors and nurses knew what was important to us, things like laboring in water and getting skin to skin time as soon as possible after the baby's birth. She also really supported my husband so he could get breaks and feel confident in the care he was giving me. I feel that as hard as the labor and delivery was it would have been 10 times harder without Kelsey's help!

In the visits after my daughter was born she helped me process the birth and begin to navigate things like breastfeeding pain and mood swings. She was great at giving tips but also just listened and let me feel what I was feeling w/ no judgement.

I would definitely recommend her to others, her calm demeanor, level headedness, sense of humor and genuine kindness are really all one could ask for in someone who's going to be with you during one of the most intense experiences of your life.

Posted 9/23/2017

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Jessica Maietta Wesley

We knew right after our interview that Kelsey was the right doula to support my husband and I during the birth of our child. We are only children, living far away from most of our family and friends, and wanted someone knowledgable with some emotional distance in the room with us during labor.

I'd had an uncomplicated pregnancy, but I wound up needing an emergency C-Section under general anesthesia because of a late manifesting condition that endangered my life. It was a terrifying situation, but Kelsey's empathy and calm demeanor helped us to reign in our anxiety and let the doctors do what they needed to do. I'm incredibly grateful that she was there to support my husband while I was in surgery, keep my mother up to date on my condition, and take the first pictures of our son. She was also very responsive, patient, and supportive when I called her panicking in the middle of the night the day after the birth, and during our post-partum meetings. (We're all happy and healthy now).

I recommend doula support (and particularly Kelsey) to everyone I know who is expecting a baby. Her support was truly invaluable to our family, helping us to get through a difficult birth, to heal, and to enjoy our son's first moments. I cannot thank her enough.

Posted 6/28/2017

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Linda Waterman

Kelsey is a wonderful doula.  I was impressed with her from our first meeting, she is an intelligent and confident woman.  She is kind, supportive and understanding.  She is also incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful; she truly takes this journey with you and follows through with every request you have for information no matter how small.  I had a complicated pregnancy, and gave birth earlier than expected; Kelsey was flexible with her schedule and provided backup doulas in the event she wouldn't be able to make the birth since my due date changed significantly.  My husband and I are older first time parents and feel that she was the perfect fit for us during the last stages of pregnancy and at the birth. I could not have asked for a more perfect support person for this journey. 

Posted 5/28/2017

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alyssa ashley

My husband and I became pregnant with our first child in a city with no family. Naturally that is scary seeing as we had no clue what we were doing. we decided to hire a doula so we could get the proper support and advice during the pregancy.We decided to hire Kelsey Henry. we are so happy for that decision! she just felt like family. her continued support is phenomenal! My labor did not go as planned but she was right there for me and my husband the whole time. she has a way of looking into your eyes and calming you without realizing she is doing that. That is when I knew I made the right choice. I was rushed into emergency C section knowing everything would be fine and that she would not only support my needs but the needs of my husband. she is very helpful in all aspects and I would recommend anyone to use her for doula services.

Posted 5/22/2017

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Tom Barry

From the first time we met her, we knew that Kelsey would be the perfect person to help guide us through to the delivery of our little guy. It was our first baby, and the sense of calm that she brough to our prenatal interactions set us at ease, knowing that we were in kind, experienced hands.

When labor started, we called Kelsey at 3:00am. She gave us helpful breathing tips (which I had forgotten from our labor classes) and was at our house within the hour to help in person. And when the labor moved faster than expected and it became clear that we had to get to the hospital immediately, she also delivered the line of the day that I still share with everyone in recounting our birth story.

"Should I be feeling frantic, Kelsey?" I asked, as I haphazardly threw toothbrushes and diapers and God knows what else into our hospital bags.

"Be sure to remain present," she responded. "But I would recommend moving quite swiftly."

90 minutes later, our son was born safely and in good hands in the hospital. I don't have any idea what that experience would have been like without Kelsey's gentle but instructive guidance throughout the process. And we will be forever grateful that she was there to help usher our little fella into the world. Thank you, Kelsey, for all that you do!

Posted 4/11/2017

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Leah Beckett

My husband and I leaned heavily on Kelsey during the birth of our first child. We highly recommend working with her as your doula! We had several pre-birth meetings during which Kelsey spent a number of hours with us listening--really listening--to our hopes for the birth, our concerns and fears, as well as getting to know our preferences and existing coping mechanisms. She recommended helpful and appropriate resources in the forms of websites and books, and also had versatile knowledge from her experience and research that she shared with us. During the birth, Kelsey was tireless. I labored for many hours (all day and overnight), and she was present for the duration. She was patient and articulated my needs and desires clearly to the staff in our birthing suite. She worked to get the information from medical staff present that would help me make hard decisions during the process and gave me the space to feel empowered in my decisions. In the days after the birth, she made postpartum house calls during which she continued to connect us with great resources and provide information and guidance while discussing our postpartum experiences. She also provided us with information that she kept track of during our birth, which was great to have while "debriefing" teh birth experience. Overall, she is an excellent, informed, and caring doula! 

Posted 3/5/2017

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Christopher Paul

Kelsey was our doula for the birth of our second child.

She's phenomenal. She really added a calming, expert presence to the room and helped us through any rough moments. She also provided exceptional post-natal care.

We're really glad we had Kelsey as our doula. She is wonderful and caring. If you're looking for a doula, you can't go wrong with Kelsey.

Posted 2/6/2017

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Calsee Hendrickson

My husband and I worked with Kelsey for Labor & Delivery of our first child. She spent time with us before and after birth and supported all of our needs as we entered into unfamiliar territory. Before birth she was basically the only resource we consulted and she provided a wealth of information beyond what we discussed in our few meetings to address our questions about pain management, the labor and delivery process, and encouraged us to discuss topics that, as a couple, we never would have known to discuss before going into labor. We ended up having an unplanned c-section and Kelsey stayed with us for every step of the terrifying process. She was the only one that was with us consistently through doctor and nurse shift changes and she provided the necessary continuity when our heads were spinning. Our meetings after delivery were also great - more like therapy sessions us than anything else but it turns out that is exactly what we needed even though we never would have admited that to each other or anyone else. 

Posted 11/27/2016

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Amanda Gudmunson

Our birth experience was all that we'd hoped for and largely in part due to the excellent support and guidance of Kelsey. For someone so young, Kelsey has a wide breadth of knowledge and resources to share. She was very easy to get in touch with, either through text, email or on the phone and always responded quickly and fully answering all of our questions or concerns. When go-time came, Kelsey was available to give the support in the early part of labor that we needed, despite it being 4:00am! We ended up with a prodromal labor that spanned over 50 hours, and Kelsey was there every step of the way. She helped us try to get active labor going with a variety of different exercises, but when it became clear that we were going to have to deviate from our "unmedicated" birth plan and start Pitocin (and ultimately ending up with an epidural), she was nothing but kind and supportive through our decision making process. After arriving home with our son, having her available to provide guidance through the tough transition and learning process that comes with a first child was invaluable. Hiring Kelsey to be our doula was the best decision we made and we would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone considering making her a part of their birth team.

- Amanda & Peter 

Posted 11/15/2016

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Anna Bennett

Hiring a doula and finding Kelsey were the best decisions I made during my pregnancy.  I was specifically looking to work with someone who would understand that I was coming to my pregnancy and birth with unique circumstances that affected how I viewed my labor.  Kelsey was compassionate, understanding and comforting from our first meeting.  Throughout our time together I discovered how deeply Kelsey understands what it means to care for another person.

We chose to have Kelsey join us as I was admitted to labor and delivery.  From the moment I was admitted, Kelsey facilitated question-asking and my own self-advocacy.  During my labor, she suggested comfort measures tailored to my personal prefernces both big (suggested labor positions) and small (bringing me tea and a wet washcloth).  During times of high anxiety she facilitated my question-asking with the doctors and nurses and reassured me that I was coping well.  She worked as an invaluable interface between myself and my healthcare team by asking questions and making suggestions.  She also helped make sure my spouse was rested, had eaten, and was involved in my labor in the ways we had envisioned, through skin-to-skin contact with our baby soon after birth.

Our postnatal visits were also very valuable.  She helped reassure me when I was having problems breastfeeding and listened to my anxieties related to new parenthood and returning to work.  After each postnatal visit I received a follow-up email with tons of resources.  

Posted 11/9/2016

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Kate Pisano

My husband and i were so happy that we selected Kelsey Henry as our doula. As first-time parents we really didn't know what to expect during labor and delivery. Nor did we really know what went into a birth plan or what we really wanted in ours.  Kelsey guided us through the preparation. She asked us insightful questions to guide us in creating a birth plan and creating a basic framework for what we wanted out of the expereince. She has an easy manner and was never judgemental of the choices we made along the way.  

During the birth, she was invaluable in helping both my husband and i through. She was an advocate for both of us. And gave us incredible support from start to finish. From everything to suggesting new and different labor postions to distracting conversations about pop culture (when appropriate of course). She was a calming and grounding force through the many ups and downs of our labor story.    

Her follow up visits were also increible valuable in providing us resources to stay connected as we transitioned into the role of parents. Her encouragement and insights were much needed in the first few days at home.  

I would strongly recommend Kelsey to anyone looking for a birth doula. 

Posted 9/26/2016

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MacKenzie Dodson Kristiniak

This testimonial is so over due! How do you put into words the gratitudeyou have for someone who helped you bring your baby into this world?  Well...I'll try my best. Kelsey was my Doula for my first baby born this past June.  I wanted a natural unmedicated birth and would have been in over my head, had she not been present at my birth. She worked with my husband and I before birth, during birth and after.  We discussed our birthing plan, emotions, expectations and Kelsey provided great information as well as awesome resources.  I went into my labor feeling as prepared as I could be and I really credit Kelsey for that because I felt more confident knowing I would have her company.  She's professional, has a calming presence and over all is just a really nice person.  I was able to have the birth I wanted and I now know just how important that experience is in a woman's life.  I reflect on that day often and wish I could live it again (crazy right?!).  Every women deserves care and attention during her birthing experience because yes, a baby is being born, but so is a mother.  With Kelsey as my doula I never felt alone, and when things got a little tough towards the end of my labor she was there to help.  I will be forever greatful for her company, skills and knowlegde that she brought to my labor.  Overall, hiring a doula was the best decision my husband and I could have made. If you are looking to enhance your birthing experience hire a doula...but more specifically, hire Kelsey!  

Posted 8/18/2016

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Suzanne McMurry

Kelsey was a wonderful resource and presence during the birth of our second baby.  She provided my husband and I with emotional support prenatally, with a multitude of resources to encourage a VBAC birth.  As well as resources postnatally for a c-section recovery.  When we realized I was meant to have a c-section, she transitioned into a stable and solid emotional and physical support for my husband and I on our sons birthday.  I would highly recommend Kelsey to any individual who is looking for a solid, emotional support before, during and after their birthing experience.  Her energy is very soothing and comforting (which I totally needed!), during which I found to be a very emotionally overwhelming and physically demanding time.  It's a journey to say the least, and I'm thankful Kelsey was there for the ride! 

Posted 7/28/2016

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Gerene Fox

I have tried to write this testimonial for Kelsey about 100 times now, but I never seem to be able to find the words. I am lucky to know Kelsey both as my sister’s Doula and also as a co-facilitator for an LGBT conception support group that my spouse and I belong to. In both situations Kelsey proves herself to be keenly aware of everyone in the room and deeply empathetic with their needs. Her support always feels genuine and natural; she can guide and support in a way that never feels intrusive or aggressive, yet she is still going to get the job done!

Kelsey will always have a special place in my heart for the roll that she played in my sister and sweet little niece’s birth story, which was longer than expected ended in a caesarean. By the end of my sister’s labor Kelsey felt like she was the entire families doula, not just my sister’s. Seriously, I am not sure I could have stayed up that long and still had a good time if it weren't for Kelsey! But not matter how much support Kelsey gave the rest of us, it was clear that she never forgot who she was really there for — my sister. When we were all rushing around to transfer from the birth center to the hospital it was easy to forget that my sister was in labor. But Kelsey never forgot, she was right there by her side the entire time. XOXO

Posted 7/13/2016

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Alissa Wehrman

I am a very experienced birth doula in the Seattle area, and I do a lot of mentoring of newer doulas.  Kelsey and I worked closely together as she was getting started as a birth doula over the last year.  We worked with one family together as a team, and were a part of the Swedish Doula Program together.  I have also mentored her through many of her first client relationships and births.  We've quickly become colleagues and I am thrilled to have Kelsey in our community.  She is truly a 'natural' in this role, and approaches the work with curiousity and an open heart.  She is able to listen deeply and is very committed to the rigor of the on-call lifestyle.  On top of the innate traits she possesses for this role, Kelsey has also gained an incredible amount of experience and labor skills training in the last few months.  She is becoming an amazing birth doula, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  

Posted 6/28/2016

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