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Mica Lewis

Malama Doula Care

Seattle, WA Service range 25 miles

(808) 557-0440


Birth Fee

$750 to $1200

Birth Fee

$750 to $1200

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 50 births attended

Doula Training

  • PALS Doulas, February 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am happy to attend births wherever you choose to give birth! I am a part of the new Swedish Doula Program, so if you are planning to give birth at one of the Swedish Medical Centers, please get in touch with me and I'll explain how to request my services through the Swedish Doula Program.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I would love to support you alongside the midwives at any of the various wonderful birth centers here in Seattle.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
My Prenatal & Birth Doula certification course at the Barefoot Doctors' Academy in Hawi, Hawaii, had an emphasis on natural childbirth and home birth. I was trained by a very experienced home birth midwife. I would be excited and supportive of your plans for a cozy & relaxed home birth experience!

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Miscarriage support
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I volunteer through Open Arms Perinatal Services to provide prenatal, birth, and postpartum support for free to low-income families. I am also passionate about reproductive justice, bringing a respectful and loving perspective to the full range of pregnancy experiences, including pregnancy termination, miscarriage, adoption, and parenting. I provide support as a volunteer doula through Seattle Full Spectrum Doulas.

Fee Details

I use a sliding scale because I believe passionately that every parent should have the right to an empowered, safe, and supportive birth. Doula services have primarily been available only for wealthier families, and I want to be a part of the movement to grow doula access to every family. I'm happy to discuss payment options with you when we meet up! I bring a confident and gentle calm to your labor, wherever you are planning to labor and birth. Here's what my birth services include: - 2 prenatal visits (1-2 hrs each) - Unlimited phone, text, and email responses during pregnancy - On-call availability 24/7 from 38 weeks until delivery - Continuous, loving presence & expertise to support you and your partner during the full length of your labor - 2 postpartum visits, and continued availability through phone, text, and email. Let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to meeting you and sharing my aloha! With love, Mica

Seattle, WA Service range 25 miles

Client Testimonials for Mica Lewis

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Caroline DeVane


Mica is a gem! She comes to the work of being a doula with great flexibility and sensitivity, as well as excellent training. In that way, I imagine she'd be a great fit for a great number of people seeking the help of a doula. Our personal experience with Mica was wonderful. She was kind, compassionate, and sensitive to our needs as a couple. She was warm and caring and yet professional. She worked hard to make our experience giving birth comfortable and supported at all phases of the process from our first prenatal meeting to our last postpartum visit. During the birth itself, her support was indispensable - her words offered me the most useful coping mechanism, she helped me find my power to get through the pushing phase, and she was instrumental in helping me turn the corner from exhaustion to having my baby in my arms. After the birth, Mica was also essential in helping us process and make meaning from the raw experiences of birth. We loved working with Mica and cannot thank her enough for her support!

Sarah Foss


Going into my first pregnancy there were many unknowns. I knew that I wanted and needed extra help in order to achieve my goals of a natural L & D. We felt an instant connection with Mica. Since I work in the medical field I liked that Mica had the background in understanding the science and physiology behind pregnancy, L & D. And her personality was calm and positive.

Working with Mica was the best decision. When it got close to my due date it was comforting knowing that she was there for questions. I started pre-labor in the night and texted Mica. She quickly responded with ideas & this allowed me to sleep between contractions. This support was invaluable; I let my husband sleep through the night in order to be rested for when “real labor” started. Pre-labor continued for 24 hours. When my contractions progressed we decided we wanted Mica there. She came within 30 minutes. Her support through my long prodermal labor for both my husband and I was so helpful. Looking back I feel that I could not have labored at home for as long as I did without her. We tried every tool including position changes, pillows, a TENS unit, walking, lunging, massage, tea, hotpacks. Once we decided to go to the hospital because I was losing too many fluids and wanted an IV, she supported our decision. I wasn't admitted immediately and was given options for non-epidural pain medication. Mica was in triage with us and helped me discuss my options through the contractions in triage. Finally my water broke and I was admitted. When my contractions became more intense and I didn’t feel like I was successfully coping Mica encouraged me. This helped me believe that I was coping fine. Mica, my husband, mom, nurse, and OBGYN all played different roles at different times, but each was necessary. I don’t feel that I could have made it through such a long labor of nearly 48 hours un-medicated if it wasn’t for every person’s role.

Malissa Webber


Mica was amazing! From our first interaction to the frenzy of my natural labor, my husband and I were impressed with her calm, confident demeanor. She listened carefully to what was most important to us in our labor, and we felt completely supported every step of the way.

She was a huge help in writing our birth plan, and because she's had so much experience at Swedish not only was she able to dispel some of the rumors we'd heard about it being completely pro-medication, but she also worked incredibly well with all the staff. She was calm and gentle through the whole 23-hour labor, managing to both be completely present in the moment with us and document everything that was going on, including the first words we said to our daughter after she was born, which is a record we'll treasure forever! 

She really made an effort to get to know us in our visits and email exchanges before the birth, so she was completely tuned in to what my husband and I both needed during it. My husband felt especially supported by her calmness and her "bag of tricks" to help ease my labor pain--she seemed to know all the possible combinations of birth ball/squat bar/hospital bed/etc.! I can't imagine what my birth experience would have been like without Mica, and I've recommended her to pregnant friends!

Rachel Aubyrn


Mica's style was immediately apparent from our first communication, and it was exactly what we were looking for. My husband and I requested interviews from three doulas and Mica was not only the first to respond to our request but also the most detailed in her response to us. She demonstrates her desire to meet you where you are in every way; she constantly listens and reflects your needs back to you throughout your interactions with her. After completing our interviews, my husband and I both felt drawn to Mica's energy and enthusiasm for the work of a doula. I was specifically looking for a doula who exuded peace and confidence without saying anything, but who also knew when to speak plainly if the situation merited it (i.e. "If you want to avoid pitocin and labor is stalling, nipple stimulation or romantic kissing can help" or "Try a different laboring position and see if you are more comfortable.") As it turned out I went into labor a week early and progressed from no contractions to pushing so quickly that, without Mica, the unexpected chaos could have negatively impacted our birth experience. Instead, Mica's presence on the phone, in our home, and at the hospital kept us calm and centered. I was able to deliver 100% naturally at Swedish and Mica worked seamlessly with the L&D team and my husband to provide outstanding support. Her visit about a week after our delivery was a beautiful way to complete our doula experience. I highly recommend Mica!

Lindsay Ryan


Mica was our doula for the birth of our son back in October, and the experience would have been much dimished without her there. She was kind, helpful, resourceful and nurturing. My husband had thrown out his back (conveniently) the day before we went into the hospital, so Mica's attendence was even more essential. She had many tricks and techniques to help during labor and the delivery of our son. I can't recommend her more!

Warren Andersen


Greetings Doulas!

My partner and I welcomed our son into the world May 27 2016. This is also Andre 3000's birthday, he is a Monkey born in a Fire year according to the Chinese Zodiac, and also a Gemini. These things are important to me, they will last a lifetime. In this high echelon of adrmirable and amazing attributes of Luigi Kai Andersen, I add... the photos taken by Mica on his DOB.

Seriously, I cannot overstate how spectacular she was during the delivery and (intense) labor processes. From the inital meetings we loved her. And, from the first frantic call on May 26 in the late evening to the relieving and healthy ceserean delivery of our son she was incredible. She was calm under pressure, she added great energy, she supported Mom and Dad, and she imparted love and blessings to our son. Her spirit shines and we were very grateful to have someone like her assisting at his birth. We had planned for a birth center delivery, and after many hours of intensely painful labor decided to transfer to hospital. Throughout the labor pains Mica created a safe space and encouraged healthy modalities for dealing with pain and eleveated anxiety levels. During the hospital transfer she was supportive and provided excellent feedback to positively reinforce our desires for a healthy delivery. During delivery she performed two essential tasks, she made sure music was playing and took excellent pictures. The mementos are priceless, and the environment was one that fostered a very real connection between my partner and I as we welcomed Luigi into our family. It was a holy moment, and I am glad to have met Mica and entrusted her to helping to preserve (and probably amplify) that experience.

Seriously, we loved her. She is young, enthusiastic, and brings exceptional support. 

Amy Smith


I had the most wonderful experience working with Mica for the birth of my second child; my daughter. I did not work with a doula for the birth of my first child, and really wish that I would have! I knew Mica would be amazing from the moment I met her - she has the most beautiful energy and my husband and I both immediately liked her. She really took the time to get to know me during our prenatal meetings and was a pleasure to work with on putting together a birth plan, practicing comfort measures, and talking about what-if scenarios. She had a very warm, calming energy and was incredibly knowledgeable about the entire birth process. During labor she really made me feel taken care of and confident in my body. She was wonderful about keeping my husband calm and involved. I was able to have a natural birth, which was a goal of mine, but more importantly she helped me feel empowered during the entire process. She was with me from early labor all the way through the birth and a few hours afterward. I was so grateful to have her with me and would work with her again in a heartbeat if I decide to have another baby. 

Angela Newell


Mica has a wonderful, sunny personality, and is extremely kind, caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated to her role of assisting mothers usher their little ones into this world. She was always available to answer my questions, and she even checked on me if she hadn’t heard from me for a little while.

Not only was this my first birth, but I had never attended anyone else’s birth before, nor even handled an infant. Nevertheless, I had a deep trust in my own body and instincts to get through my pregnancy and birth experience. Mica respected and shared my faith in my body to get things done, while still being open to whatever path I needed to take to have a healthy and safe birth. It seemed that her mottos are ‘Your body knows what its doing,’ and ‘Whatever needs to happen will happen.’

My labor progressed quickly and I was surprised to find that my greatest desire during the hardest contractions was for quiet and privacy. I felt lucky that Mica really prioritized my own needs during pregnancy and labor, even when that meant her role was shifting. Knowing she was available to my partner and me was always reassuring, and in the moments after our son was born when we were together talking and celebrating, it really felt like we had family with us. <3

Jonathan Hudak


Our experience with Mica was amazing. Now that its all over, I can't imagine having gone through the process without her support and presence. She is exceptionally non-judgemental and open in her approach. She doesn't push any particular agenda but instead shares her knowledge and helps you to arrive naturally at what makes sense for you. She was always available when on call for my wife to give birth and was a great support during the challenging process.

From my perspective as a husband, having Mica involved to support the process could not have a been a better choice.

Ruth Oekerman


Mica was so much above and beyond what I was expecting in a doula. From our first meeting I knew that she cared deeply for me and my baby and that my comfort was of utmost importance to her. She consistently checked on me throughout my pregnancy to make sure I was okay, and answered all of my questions and addressed every concern as it came up.

When I went into labor in the middle of the night, she was instantly in my home, comforting and encouraging me. My labor lasted for 3 days before it was time to push, and she was there with me through it all, tirelessly supporting me and helping me rest the best I could.

During labor, she was by my side from start to finish. She made sure that my birth plan was communicated accurately to the staff at Swedish, and helped me to understand what was happening all along the way so that I never felt afraid or uninformed. She never pressured me to have any specific type of birth, and when things changed as labor progressed, she helped me feel that I was still a success every step of the way.

After birth, she continued in the relationship we had built. She came to my home and helped me in the transition into motherhood. I always felt secure that my baby was precious to her and that my health and healing were a priority.

Mica has the disposition I was seeking in a doula; she was calm, peaceful, and a quiet yet constant encouragement. She remained positive through my hardest moments and made me feel that I was in safe hands with her as my doula. I highly recommend her if your goal is a peaceful and safe birth experience. I'm so glad she was a part of my daughter coming into this world.

Golda Goodheart


Mica was a wonderful addition to our birth team. I’m grateful to say mine was her 1st birth as a doula in training but I would’ve never guessed it. She was so intuitive, clam, helpful and present. I would highly recommend Mica as a doula.
I met Mica via my doula Erin Gilmer. Erin let me know she was mentoring Mica and asked if Mica could attend my birth. Being that I’m interested in sharing life experiences I chose to include Mica after receiving a lovely and lengthy email describing her desire to be an excellent doula. It was very clear she had done her homework and was ready to facilitate a happy and healthy birth experience.
As is goes my birth experience did not go as I had planned. I had planned an out of hospital birth but at a week overdue with high blood pressor I was admitted to Evergreen’s maternity ward to be induced. After 24 hours of labor my baby’s heart beat was off, my temperature was high and I was still experiencing high blood pressure. At that point the doctors highly suggested I have a C-section. My birth team and I took a moment to conger up the positives and talk logistics.
Mica truly helped me in one of the most trying, stressful, awkward and fragile moments in my life. Through it all she brought her amazing thoughtfulness and absolute caring. Mica brought home made miso soup and it was just what I needed after having worked so hard. She rubbed my feet, gave me ice, played the music I like, told stories and generally lightened the mood with her calm sense of self. I feel truly blessed to have had such a down to earth, accommodating, knowledgeable team of confident women to show up for me. Mica asserted herself in just the right moments in just the right ways and I was very happy to have her on my team.

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