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Rebekah Preston

Joyful Embrace Doula

Coeur D Alene, ID Service range 50 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 50 births attended

Doula Training

  • Stillbirthday, May 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Henna belly designs
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Alabama Birth Coalition 2012-2015 River Region Association of Doulas (RRaD) 2015-December 2016, The Advanced Doula Workshop national coordinator 2019-present

Fee Details

My services include at least two prenatal meetings (no limit), attendance of birth (no time limit), at least two postpartum meetings, and communication through email, text, or Facebook messenger when needed. I also offer Mother's Blessing ceremonies with henna. I offer packages for both pregnancy, birth, and post partum services as well as Mother's Blessing. I believe all women should have access to a doula, I am willing to discuss payment plans and sliding scale options, in the event of financial hardship.

Coeur D Alene, ID Service range 50 miles

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My experience with Bekah was very positive.  

During my first pregnancy my husband and I debated on getting a doula.  We did not get one and realize afterwards we needed one.  We found Bekah and she was exactly what I needed for my second pregnancy and birth.  We met several time during my pregnancy and she even came with me to an OBGYN visit to go over my birth preferences.  

During my induction and delivery she was there from start to finish.  She was the key to getting me my desired birth plan.  She help me get through labor and had many different idea to keeping me as comfortable as possible.  

She is very friendly,  kind, and caring.   If you are thinking about a doula I recommend Bekah! 



Bekah is a wonderful doula! We really enjoyed working with her throughout my pregnancy and the birth of our son, Theo. She was very helpful for my husband in educating him about how to best support me during labor and the birth process. I had a planned home birth, and initially we wanted a doula to mostly guide us in knowing when to call the midwife during labor. But Bekah helped us understand all that a doula can really do, and she did so much more than that! She came over a few times before the birth to teach us some good relaxation and positioning strategies leading up to labor, and she also talked through our desires for the birth and typed up a very professional birth preferences sheet. This was a big help and took a lot of pressure off me to do this myself. During the birthing time, Bekah was so valuable. She held me as I worked through the contractions, let me really lean into her. Back and neck rubs helped ease the nausea, and she reminded me to breathe deep in low tones, which really helped throughout the whole labor. It was such a relief to have a knowledgeable professional there with me throughout. Our son was born peacefully and beautifully, and I feel like she's a friend now! Thanks Bekah!

Mark McCormick


Rebekah was an indispensible part of the process in our having our first child. She was an anchoring presence, and a fierce advocate. We had complications in the third trimester. The baby was fine but mom was not so little Jason came early. Bekah was there when we needed her and stayed with us the whole 55 hours. Bekah is in it for the long haul, and not just in terms of labor. She made herself available throughout the pregnancy and entertained all of our nervous questions. Her kind energy and wisdom born of experience made her an incredible asset throughout. I would happily and emphatically recommend a doula based on our experience with Rebekah.

Jamie Klanderud


My full name is Jamie Lynn Greene. Rebekah Hawkins was my Doula, and my husband David and I consider her a life saver. She was a constant support during my first birth. Having her remain by my side during the most challenging parts of the birth gave my husband and I stable, emotional support. I found her birth coaching and techniques to make the birthing process effective. And after the baby was born, my blood pressure dropped and I passed out. Becca, my Doula was the only one in the hospital room who was paying attention to my symptoms, heard my concerns and voiced them to the staff. I believe that it was because of her attentive support that I was carefully attended to, and ultimately my life was saved. We will always be appreciative of her help and support and highly recommend her expertise to anyone seeking help in the birthing process.

Noree Dolphay


Bekah was so amazing. Primarily, she was a calming presence and a great source of knowledge and resources for us throughout our pregnancy, delivery, and post-pardum period. We felt knowledgeable and prepared going into labor, at peace and armed with our birth preferences and pain management strategies that had all been discussed beforehand. Throughout labor and delivery Bekah helped explain our options, and knew what we needed when we didn't, or before we asked. We loved that she included my husband equally in all of the discussions, and helped him know what to do for me during labor and delivery. She was absolutely as essential to us for the birth of our daughter as our OB or nursing staff. During the first few weeks post-pardum I loved knowing I could call or text Bekah any time with my questions, sadness, and frustrations. She made it okay for me to feel everything I was feeling, and had exactly the right helpful words of encouragement that my mom-friends couldn't quite match. We love Bekah and would recommend her to anyone!

Cynthia Flanders


Rebekah Hawkins was an absolutely wonderful birth support. For weeks leading up to labor I would text her and ask her questions about a great many things. My first birth was an induction and I was nervous about going into labor naturally. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner with much patience and love. She's a very caring individual and both my husband and I felt very confident that she would prove to be a great blessing in labor. On the big day she came over while labor was still kicking into gear and chatted with us for a few hours. After that we went to the hospital where things began to slow. They decided to break my water. I was very nervous about this but Bekah held my hand and was only ever encouraging. As labor picked up, she helped both my husband and I cope with the different things that popped up. We had some unexpected complications and I ended up having as far from the natural birth I had desired as possible. It was a grueling 38 hours from first contraction to the cesarean I required. But throughout this a time of pain and uncertainty, Rebekah remained calm, informative and incredibly helpful. She helped me to cope through the many different procedures while simultaneously taking a lot of the burden off of my concerned husband. She helped me to feel safe and as though I was an active participant in the birthing process. I feel that the whole thing would 've been a much different and more stressful ordeal had we been absent such a great and supportive doula. She told me that she desires to serve her clients. I believe that that is indicative of her strong character. I definitely benefited from her selfless service in a vulnerable time of need. We will be forever grateful to her ??

Haley McDaniel


As first time parents, my husband and I were looking for someone knowledgeable, professional, and personable when we began the hunt for a doula.It was quickly apparent that her years of knowledge, hands-on experience, and evidence-based approach (all coupled with her sweet demeanor) made her the perfect birth partner for us. Bekah showed us time and time again that she would always be there to promptly and kindly answer all questions either of us had throughout this process.

We intentionally went into labor and delivery without a particularly specific birth plan, but knowing that we did want an experienced professional to act as a patient advocate while we were welcoming our son into the world. In particular, knowing that there was no guarantee that the doctor I had been seeing throughout my pregnancy would be in the room to deliver my baby I knew I wanted the guarantee of a professional I trusted through labor and delivery. Bekah’s involvement leading up to and during labor and delivery helped not only me in retaining a sense of calm, but also immensely helped my husband, as we both navigated this transformative life experience. Knowing that I could trust Bekah, and having had many previous conversations with her about different choices I could take during birth, legitimately helped me when I did have to make some of those choices.Having a calm and supportive husband, a trusted and experienced doula, and the great team of professionals ultimately helped me have a beautiful and positive birth experience that I will forever cherish. I truly believe that our positive experience welcoming our son into the world is due in large part to having Bekah in the room; I knew I could trust her, my husband knew he could trust her, and I genuinely believe that these feelings of trust ultimately allowed me to remain in a psychological and physiological state of well being that led to a birth experience that was positive beyond anything I could have imagined.

Brianna Cline


The most important thing I want you to take away from my review of Bekah's doula services is that her inclusion of my husband in an otherwise female-focused domain was important to me and validating for him as a new father. Her approach made us feel united and whole as a family.

Bekah came to our home to talk to us about all sorts of things we hadn't considered. She helped us talk through a pretty tense conflict when we disagreed about how to handle our families in the hospital. I'm sure she feels like a couple's counselor at times. Birth is an emotional topic and there often isn't much of a middle ground. Of course, she taught us some calming and comforting techniques for labor, and had us practice some pain management strategies so that we felt confident and prepared.

She was there with us from check-in until delivery - 48 hours! She slept in the room with us, made sure we were fed and hydrated, and helped us interact with the doctors and nurses - acting as everything from a medical jargon translator to a birth encyclopedia and trusted adviser.

The most important thing Bekah did was "coach" my husband during the really challenging moments. When I was really struggling, she encouraged him to get into the bathtub with me and ask some poignant questions so he could better support and advocate for me. This bubble bath heart-to-heart is one of my favorite memories of our relationship. When they took me to the OR, Bekah comforted my very upset husband and gave him suggestions for how to talk to me during the procedure so that we both remained calm and focused.

Despite a challenging birth, I left the hospital feeling more in love with my husband than ever before. Though he was hesitant about hiring a doula at first, he now tells everyone to not just consider one, but to consider Bekah specifically. She has remained a friend and supporter postpartum and I am so thankful that she is in our lives!



When I think of what a Doula is I picture someone supportive loving, knowledgeable, kind and Rebekah meets all these and so so so much more. Rebekah attended my prenatal appointments and met me with to plan my birth I felt so much love and support. During my birth she was there from start to finish with her there I felt like In could do anything including follow through with my water birth. I couldn't of asked for a more supportive and knowledgeable birth partner she is so much more then a Doula she is filled with so much wisdom and kindness I highly recommend her to any mother !! Having Rebekah truly was what shaped my amazing birth experience and I will forever be greatful for that. 

Tasha Bingham


Hello I just wanted to share my experience with having Rebekah as my Doula during and even after my pregnancy. She is always there when you need her to be no matter what it is that you need her for. She went to all of my birth classes with me and even stayed in the hospital with me for a night after my little one was born to help me out cause I didnt have anyone who could stay the night one night. She truly helped me out a lot during my whole pregnancy! Thank you Rebekah for being an amazing person and for being a truly amazing Doula!!! 

Jenna Parisi


It's difficult to express how grateful I am to have had Bekah as my doula. She was a pleasure to work with leading up to the birth, always encouraging us to communicate our vision and for me to trust the process. And I cannot imagine what the day of would have been like without her. I had a particularly challenging birth, that moved from home to hospital, and Bekah provided so much genuine support. Even though there were others there Bekah was such a critical piece of the puzzle. She was there with a sip of water, a touch, or just a comforting, knowing glance whenever she sensed that I needed it. I was so happy to share the experience with her, to meet with her and spend time with my new baby afterwards, and to know that we'll always share this connection. I would highly recommend Bekah to any other families looking for that special person to provide the mothering that will help foster the best birth experience possible.

Cara Switzer


I serendipitously found Bekah for the birth of my second baby and I am so glad I did! She was wonderful! She helped me work through my anxiety after a difficult first birth, and she was a calm, reassuring presence throughout my pregnancy and through labor and delivery. She is really knowledgeable and helped me practice many different positions and techniques for labor, which helped me feel more prepared; and she is also encouraging, positive, and focused on empowering her mamas. She is clearly passionate about what she does, and works hard to take good care of each client. I loved being able to text her anytime I had a question or needed an opinion or recommendation. I was so grateful to have her support during labor, and I was able to have a beautifully positive, unmedicated birth in the hospital, which was exactly what I was hoping for! Bekah is perfectly able to work cooperatively with other professionals in a hospital setting-- she gave me the support and coaching I wanted, and absorbed what was happening in case my husband and I needed information repeated or needed help making a decision, without being at odds with the OB or nurses. In fact both the labor and delivery nurse and my OB told me afterwards how awesome she was! Thank you Bekah... It was a joy to have you participate in our special day!

Allison Klemen


We were fortunate to have Bekah with us for the birth of our 5th baby.  Coming from Canada, where my maternity care options were very different, we were intimidated and on the defensive about how a hospital birth would play out in Alabama.  There was uncertainty over whether my care providers would be on-call when I went into labor, and Bekah provided that continuity I desperately needed.  Her knowledge of the local hospital procedures and staff gave me hope that my wishes would be respected, and her positivity significantly reduced my anxiety.  The birth went fast enough that I did not require much hands-on attention, but I knew her rebozo skills and her caring hands would have been a great help had I ended up with a long labor.  Bekah was available throughout the pregnancy, and became my friend in such a short time.  We are blessed to have had her!

Megan Volnoff


There are not enough words to describe how selfless Bekah is. She became such a close friend and a rock to me and my family. She answered questions for me and encouraged me to think about how I felt on certain birth related issues. She encouraged me to research and formulate my own informed opinion. 


When it came time for our birth, Beulah was refuge for me. She was so intuitive and discerning. She knew exactly what was need in each situation. Together, Bekah, my husband and I endured 32 hours of pitocin labor with no epidural. She encouraged my husband in a way that words cannot express. Instead of replacing him, she showed him when and how to step in. She helped us nurture our relationship and grow together. 


She was steady and strong when we had to make decisions during labor. She helped me think through options and outcomes without any judgement. 


With her help and support we were able to achieve a VBA2C hospital birth. 


Bekah was born to be a doula. 

Cameron Allen


we are so grateful to Bekah and all of her support, guidance and assistance during our pregnancy and for the birth of our child. Bekah was a constant source of strength for us during a very vulnerable and difficult time! She was helpful in numerous ways and I do not know how we could've done it without her! I highly encourage everyone to have a doula present at your birth and specifically hire Bekah!

Amy Bolda


Rebekah was fantastic!  She was a huge support to me before and after the birth.  I was hesitant to hire a doula, because what can be so hard about birth? 

This was my second baby and I really wanted to go natural because my first birth was a bit of a disaster.  I also wanted my husband to be my coach,  and he wasn't overly excited about that idea. We talked about our options and made the decision to hire Bekah.  She was on my team from the beginning. If I had concerns or questions, she always answered my texts or calls. We met several times though out the pregnancy and definitely became a support and confidont.  She has a great personality and truly loves the mamas and families she works with.  

Once my labor started, she got to my house as soon as I was ready for her.  She helped me labor at home as long as possible and my husband had a very necessary nap, because once Bekah said it was time to go to the hospital he was up and running. She was absolutely right about when to leave and at the hospital she helped explain the birth plan to the nurses and get me settled. At this point my husband stepped in and ended up coaching me through the hardest 2 hours,  Bekah became the support person to both of us as we supported each other.  She just knew want to do.  I know every birth is different,  but her knowledge, love, and support made our birth experience even more special.  I don't know that I can put words to describe it, but I highly recommend Rebekah and if we have another I would want her there. My husband was very happy with her support as well. 

Thank you Bekah! 

Tiana McWhite


I had never heard of a blessingway before Bekah started doing them. I was extremely skeptical at first because I didn't know what to expect. So skeptical that I declined when she first asked to do one for me. After some reassurance, I ended up accepting and I am so glad that I did. It was centered around empowering and pampering me, the mom to be! I was donned with a floral crown, poems were read to me, and my guests brought beads that reminded them of me for a necklace. We all got to make a empowering banners that I was able to put in my hospital room. Lastly was the decoration of my belly with henna. While Bekah's wasn't very confident in her henna skills, it turned out beautifully. I did not use a doula for my birth but if I had, Bekah would have been my number one choice. She is very caring and focused on empowering births and supporting the mother's decisions.

MacKenzie Kimbrow


Bekah blessed me with a beautiful blessingway. Bekah along with some of my closest friends showered me with love and support. I feel that what I recieved that day helped me prepare mentally and emotionally for birthing my third baby.

Ashley Lucier


Bekah was born to be a doula. I knew when I found out that I pregnant that I knew I wanted her in the delivery room. Her calming personality, patience, and sweet temperament all lend to her ability to help provide a safe and stress-free environment. Throughout the pregnancy, she was always there to answer my questions, listen to my concerns, and calm my fears. I suffered from anxiety during and after pregnancy, and much of it stemmed from a difficult labor and delivery with my first child. Bekah helped me through my toughest days. During delivery she was by my side and with her help, I felt empowered and was able to deliver medicaition and intervention free. What comfort I needed, she provided. What questions I had, she answered. She does not push one certain way of birth on a mother, but rather encourages the mother to decide what is best for her. I cannot articulate enough how relaxing her presence is-- furthermore, she made me feel powerful and helped me find my inner strength. She was exactly what I needed to get through my delivery. I highly recommend Bekah as a doula; I truly believe that without her, I would not have had the birth I envisioned.  

Brittany Holden


As a first time mom, I had visions of what I expected labor to be like. I had done my research and I, and my husband, both planned for a natural, unmedicated birth. I had heard of the benefits of having a doula, however we both believed that hiring one would be out of our budget. When I was about 35 weeks, a friend introduced me to Bekah. As we went over my birth plan, I realized that Bekah's serene attitude would be an asset to both myself and my husband. I quickly found the funds to hire Bekah. I was drawn to her calmness, but she also had a spark about her that made me feel like I had known her forever. When I believed that I was in early labor, I called Bekah and notified her. She was sweet even at 1:30 am! She came over soon after and helped me through the waves. My husband and I relied on her knowledge of birth to know when it was time to head to the hospital, and once we were there she was a calm voice of reason in a world I had never visited. Through the contractions she guided me to relax, to focus, and helped me try different positions to labor in, in order to keep labor moving. She reminded the nurses of my birth plan, along with reminding me to drink water and eat as necessary. She held my hand as I pushed, and rejoiced with us as we learned that we had a daughter! My daughter was 9 pounds and 7 ounces, and my labor was completely unmedicated. I truly believe that I would not have been able to have an unmedicated labor without Bekah by my side. Her knowledge of labor, birth, and the hospital's practices set us at ease. She worked flawlessly with us, the nurses, and my OB. She was available before and after my birth when I had questions about labor and breastfeeding. She believed in me when I didn't believe that I could continue, and she supported me in all of my decisions. I felt empowered because of my birth, which was everyone on my team's goal. If we are able to have another child while in Alabama, I will not hesitate to call Bekah.

Ashley Martin


As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my third child, I knew I wanted to hire Bekah as my doula. I've known Bekah for three years, and she just has this wonderful peace about her. She can bring a sense of calm to any situation. With two traumatic cesarean births in my past, I knew I wanted her beside me as I attempted yet another vaginal birth. She did not disappoint! She was available to me, not only during active labor, but also as I experienced almost nonstop contractions in the days leading up to my delivery date. Her encouragement throughout the process was so invaluable. During active labor, she was a rock for me. She believed in my ability to give birth when I couldn't even believe in myself. She held me up in so many ways. She cried with me when my dreams finally came true - her joy was almost tangible! I can say without a doubt, that without the support I received from her and my husband, I couldn't have done it. She was, and continues to be, such a gift to me!

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