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Lisa De Sousa

Compass Birth Doula and Massage Therapy LLC

Bristol, CT Service range 40 miles



Birth Fee

$1000 to $1200

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1200

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 78 births attended

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, November 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
No unassisted, midwife must be present

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Certified Prenatal/Postpartum Massage Therapist CT Chapter co-director

Fee Details

New clients $1200, repeat clients $1000

Bristol, CT Service range 40 miles

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Amanda Morris


My husband and I were unsure if a doula was really necessary for us- we had to google what a doula was several times to start to understand what they do, they are an extra expense, and many of our friends have already had babies without a doula. After much discussion we felt a doula would be beneficial for our birth if we could find the right person who would be helpful for both of us. Lisa really listened to what our preferences and concerns were and made us feel like we were actually going to survive the birth experience. Thinking about birth was both exciting and daunting! We wanted to be as prepared as possible while appreciating that you can never really have a solid plan for birth. We met with Lisa several times before our due date and took her spinning babies class (which was amazing, ask Lisa to "sifting!") I also took advantage of Lisa's massage (also super amazing). I went into labor at home a few days before my due date- Lisa came to our house and helped get me in a "comfortable' position to ride to the hospital. Once we were there it was a relief for both me and my husband to have someone with us who knew exactly what was going on- it just took that mental stress off of us. I was fortunate to labor fairly quickly but needed help during pushing-if I didn't have Lisa I honestly would have most likely ended up having a c-section. However with Lisa's help I had an unmedicated hospital birth, my husband did not pass out and was very much a part of my labor, and Lisa communicated with our overly excited family for us! My husband and I both attribute our positive birth experience to having Lisa on our birth team. When I listen to my husband talk about our birth experience and tell his friends how helpful it was to have Lisa by our side I am grateful we made the decision to choose her as our doula! We have recommended her to all of our friends who are expecting because we will never forget our birth experience and how amazing Lisa was to work with!

Kate Feiner


Upon finding out my partner and I were expecting I didn’t know right away we needed or would want a doula.  In two words, Lisa is and was a game changer for our experience while be pregnant, the day of induction/delivery at a brith center and after our son was born. Lisa feels like family to us, far from a contractor we hired who also happens to be extremely knowledgeable and equipt.  Lisa knows her stuff and was incredibly supportive and thought provoking for this first time mom during our consultations leading up to the big day.  Her skills working with families and staff at our birth center shined bright and my partner and I truly believe and told each other countless times during our 43 hour labor “thank god for Lisa”.... I can’t praise her energy, her intuition and her caring soul enough. She’s truly one of a kind.

Samantha Cyr


I loved having Lisa as my doula. She was calm, confident, and knowledgable. She knew just what I needed during my home birth labor., which turned out to be a more hands-off and encouraging approach. She knew just what to say and when. She stayed at my house after the birth and was a huge help, even with my 3 yo. I also got a massage from her while pregnant and it was amazing!

Delissa Pugh


Lisa is such an amazing person!! I had my baby 11/15/2017 my 3rd baby the 1st one I had a doula with best  Experience ever!!!  Here's why while I was pregnant with my other two kids I didn't know anything about a doula or a midwife I was a lot younger I knew I wanted to have natural births with them but it really didn't work like I wanted it to I didn't have the support or  Education I needed about child birth to prepare me for what was about to happen not only that I was in labor for 2 days with one and 18hrs with the other so I also didn't have   Proper pain management skills So I ended up getting an epidural But my 3rd pregnancy I wanted something different  I knew I needed to do some type of research there had to be a better way to birth a baby a better experience  There had to be some type of help out there Someone who understood what I wanted someone who is going to help me some one who understood me And genuinely cared about me and my baby so after doing  Some research I found and I found lisa I told my wife so I made my next move I called lisa and we made an apt to meet after that I pretty much feel in love with her I knew I wanted her to be our doula now I just had to get my wife to understand and agree lisa helped so much with that she  Educated my wife about doulas and what role they play in pregnancy and in childbirth So my wife agreed and we had a doula yayyyy lisa was there for everything she always had the best advice She also gives the best massages ever!!!!!!!  Well fast forward to Labor Day  Or in my case night  I went into the hospital to be induced but my water broke before that could happen  I called her and she came immediately  She was calm and prepared And I was scared She reassured me  that my body knew what it was doing and that I was going to be OK 3 1/2 hrs later my baby was here lisa is the best!!!!

Lauren Watanabe


I wish I could say that I had a wonderful and joyous birth experience, but I can’t. My birth experience was rather traumatic. What I can say is that without Lisa’s support, guidance, and empathy, I would have felt very lost and guilty. From the beginning, my husband and I were very drawn to Lisa’s calm energy and knowledge about the birthing process. She made us feel immediately at ease and we were sure about choosing her as our doula after the first meeting. Throughout the pregnancy, Lisa was responsive to our text messages and emails, and provided us with a lot of exercises to prepare for birth and informational videos to normalize the idea of birth, which was extremely helpful. My plan from the beginning was simply to do what I could to have a natural birth and avoid a C-section. However, because of some health concerns, I had to be induced about one month early. Despite the change in schedule, Lisa was by our side in the hospital on multiple occasions helping us through. i ended up being bedridden for two days during the inductions, and Lisa was my saving grace. She provided massage therapy to my legs and hips that were in extreme pain from lack of movement. And once I’d hit the two day mark of a clear liquid diet and no movement, my husband and I made the decision to have a C section. I was heartbroken and defeated, but again, Lisa supported my decision and helped me make peace with it. She attended the C section with me and my husband and just added a layer of comfort in a very cold and intimidating OR. I can only hope my review accurately reflects how wonderful she was throughout this process. I would recommend her to anyone!

chelsea Bo belsea


I have struggled with writing this review for months. I have written it many times, rewritten, and then erased. I could never find the right words. Words that are powerful enough to express the feeling I have when I think about my birth team.
Birth was the most empowering experience of my life, and I would not have been able to have that if it was not for Lisa as my doula. She was my doula for the birth of my first child. Being pregnant can be an overwhelming time, the emotions, concerns, unwanted comments, excitement, planning, and sea of products! Lisa helps you navigate it all. She is a walking encyclopedia about all things pregnancy and birth and is familiar with the community in Connecticut for yoga class, stores, health care practices, and more. She helps you sift through all the bullshit and gives you the tools you need to make informed decisions on what is best for you in your journey towards becoming a mom. Lisa is smart, dependable, and honest. I felt heard.
When it came time for labor she was the first person to get to me, and the last person to leave. I had complete trust in her which she built over my pregnancy, and this allowed me to go into labor with confidence because my birth team was there to support me in all ways. Lisa is one of the most incredible people, and I am so fortunate to have met her. Her price is fair, and I believe she would be as important on my birth team for the second round.

Jennifer McCool


It's impossible for me to explain how amazing our experience was with Lisa! It was my first time giving birth and I knew I wanted a doula to help me achieve an unmedicated birth and I firmly believe that would not have happened without Lisa. From our first meeting, she was really warm and knowledgeable and very clear that she was not going to tell me what to do but was there to make sure I knew all my options. (She's also a great masseuse!).

I was in labor for over 2 days and Lisa was with my husband and I for almost 24 full hours. She came out to us in the middle of the night and was such a rock for both of us. I definitely think we would have gone to the hospital too early without her input. She has a fantastic aresenal of doula tricks and was always ready with a suggestion to try something new. She and my husband really worked as a team and she was so helpful in guiding him throughout the entire experience and making him feel supported and vital to the process.

I feel very fortunate that I was able to have the birth and labor experience I wanted and I absolutely attribute that to Lisa! If we ever decide to have another baby, I will be calling Lisa right away.

Amanda Glickenhaus


Lisa is an incredibly helpful, dependable, and knowledgeable doula. After having attended my second daughter's birth in 2015, Lisa was one of the first people I contacted after finding out I was due with my third daughter in September 2017.

The moment I realized I most needed a doula - needed Lisa - was when I was in the hospital lobby bathroom on the day I delivered. Labor had come on fast and I ran into the bathroom when we arrived at the hospital. While in there, I had two incredibly strong contractions piggy-backed on each other, my water broke all over the floor, and I started pushing involuntarily (all at once). It was a terrifying moment and I didn't know how I was going to exit that bathroom still pregnant. Should I call for my husband or for Lisa? I thought for a second and yelled out for Lisa. I love my husband and he is my biggest support person, but at that point I needed someone with experience, confidence, and a level head (I'm pretty sure my husband would have run around in circle and then called 911!). Lisa calmly helped me out of the bathroom and upstairs to safely (albeit quickly!) deliver my baby girl.

I feel like that is the epitome of why a woman needs a doula. When that moment of panic paralyzes you - whether it is during pregnancy, labor, or pushing - you need a doula there for support, guidance, and sometimes even advocacy. I just felt safer, physically and emotionally, with Lisa there. And she was a valuable sounding board throughout my pregnancy - always just a text away.

Lisa also took some great candid photos during and after birth that I will treasure forever! Thank you, Lisa!

Kristina Laboy


Lisa Falkner was the true reason I and everyone around me survived the labor and delivery of our sweet baby girl Lorelai. Lisa was the calm, and collective force that helped me through 2 days of labor while guiding my family to help assist me at home. She was so wonderful at reassuring them that everything would be ok when things seemed to not be going as smoothly as we had hoped. Super Doula Lisa Falkner. I highly recommend her services for anyone expecting. She is very professional and thourough with her knowledge especially if you are a first time mom. I realized ultimately she becomes a part of the family from initial consultation, in home care during labor, to postpartum check ins. I will definitely be looking to her for her services for our next bundle of joy down the road. She has truly found her purpose in life to provide the loving support every expectant mother deserves.

-Kristina Lapointe

Jana Wu


We could not have found a better doula for our family! We relocated from California to Connecticut when we were 6 months pregnant with our second child. My husband started a new job in New York and I was desperately looking for a new home in CT and taking care of our 1.5 year old daughter, basically we were very busy and a bit stressed. We were planning a birth at the Danbury birth center and wanted to find a doula that was most of all reliable as I was staying with my parents about an hour from Danbury and my husband would likely be in New York when I went into labor- we needed someone we could count on to be with my ASAP. We wanted a doula that was experienced, calm, smart, and could take charge. This was not our first birth and while we had a great experience with the birth of our daughter in Denver, it had been a very long labor and first doula had stayed with us for 32 hours!! We knew to expect the unexpected... Lisa was everything and more we could have wished for- prompt, easy to get a hold of, takes her craft seriously and most importantly we felt, safe and cared for with her. She is smart and I knew in the heat of a labor (when my mind might be a bit fogged) I would be able to trust her judgement and that she would guide us back to our birth plan should I wander. An added bonus is she is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever had!! It was wonderful for me to connect with her despite not meeting her until my 7th or 8th month pregnant through prenatal massage, it allowed me to feel very comfortable with her as birth is a highly intimate experience. Had it not been for working with Lisa (and her directs to get to the birth center ASAP) we might not have made it to the birth center and had our baby there! My second labor was extremely fast and we had my son 12 minutes after we walked through the birth center door.

Julie Burbank


From our first meeting with Lisa, my husband and I knew that we had met the perfect doula. Lisa is kind, knowledgeable, loving, and the most wonderful birthing support that we could have asked for.

We had a 3 day birthing adventure, and Lisa remained calm, patient, and helped us to make decisions that kept me feeling confident throughout the entire process. Labor is something that you can't ever fully prepare for, but Lisa helped me to understand exactly what was happening. One of the main reasons I was able to stay calm and positive was that she was by my side the entire time cheering me on. 

We are forever grateful for this beautiful experience. Thank you, Lisa. We adore you! 


Natasha Roggi


Where do I begin?  Lisa is as professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy as she is compassionate, sincere and committed to each and every one of her clients.  We met Lisa in 2015 and were lucky enough to have her there for our 1st son's (very long) birth - at home.  She played a major role in getting him safely into our arms that night, as she used Spinning Babies techniques to help him through and get him into a better position.  She is calm and steady at all times, and she (also a Licensed Massage Therapist!) can easily transform an environment / "situation" with tranquility and peace.  When we found out we were pregnant with our second baby in late 2016, naturally Lisa was one of my first calls.   I absolutely wanted to work with her again after our first experience.  As it turned out, our second baby boy was presenting in a breech position, so, after doing everything we could to encourage him to turn,  a c-section was scheduled. Lisa attended our c-section, was in the O.R. with us, stayed with us through recovery, and came to visit us a few days later to offer postpartum support.  She is un-obtrusive and truly gives each family everything she can to help them have the birth they've envisioned - from massage to aromatherapy and coping techniques...She's simply incredible and intuitively talented at what she does. We love working with her.  And my husband and I recommend her to everyone we know in search of a doula/birth support!

Natalie Telyatnikov


Lisa has an intellegent and passionate charisma about her that made her stand out to me, when I met her in a room full of doulas! I just had to have her. And iI'm so glad I did. Lisa was my rock during a 12-hour home-birth labor in a blizzard! She showed up for me at a time that many others would not have, and she dedicated herself fully to granting my every comfort. She was truly incredible. And beyond that, she is so informed, so empowering, and so caring! She was 100% there for me in every way leading up to the birth and beyond! I would reccommend her SO highly. Can't say enough about her!



Simply the best. Before, during and after giving birth to our daughter, Lisa was our friend, our partner, our rock and our pillar of stability, as we charted into the unfamiliar territory of childbirth. Lisa and her team at Compass are the full service crew that you want in your corner. We chose a somewhat traditional OBGYN practice (who we love) and Lisa complimented that practice so nicely. We were able to obtain the best of both worlds, though it was Lisa who was there during the entire days long marathon labor. From providing her phenomenal massages to sharing the space on the pull out chair in the hospital room, Lisa did it all. While it's almost 3 months later now since the birth of our daughter we consider Lisa a member of our extended family, and are forever grateful. Our daughter, Maeve, will always know Lisa as the one who helped bring her into this world. 



Simply the best. Before, during and after giving birth to our daughter, Lisa was our friend, our partner, our rock and our pillar of stability, as we charted into the unfamiliar territory of childbirth. Lisa and her team at Compass are the full service crew that you want in your corner. We chose a somewhat traditional OBGYN practice (who we love) and Lisa complimented that practice so nicely. We were able to obtain the best of both worlds, though it was Lisa who was there during the entire days long marathon labor. From providing her phenomenal massages to sharing the space on the pull out chair in the hospital room, Lisa did it all. While it's almost 3 months later now since the birth of our daughter we consider Lisa a member of our extended family, and are forever grateful. Our daughter, Maeve, will always know Lisa as the one who helped bring her into this world. 



My wife Maria and I could not be more pleased with our experience with Lisa. I'll start by saying that at the beginning I did not fully understand Maria's decision to employ a doula for the birth of our first child. I had every intention of being 100% present throughout the entire labor process and therefore couldn't see why we'd want another person in the room as well. I am so glad we hired Lisa. From the very beginning she made us feel completel at ease and comfortable. The pre-labor visits with my wife and I were extremely thoughtful and thought provoking, and gave me a better perspective about how doulas support women during childbirth. Even still, I did not fully appreciate how amazing having a doula in the delivery room was until Maria was actually in labor. For the 26 hours we labored at the hospital, Lisa was a strong, calming presence. She always seemed a half-step ahead of us: she anticipated and suggested changes in labor positions, knew exactly what kind of massage Maria needed during different phases of labor (during several of my back rubs Maria asked me to step back and let Lisa take over!), and was right there helping me lift Maria's shoulders when she was pushing when Maria was past the point of exhaustion. 

I have not other doula experiences against which to compare ours with Lisa, but what I can say is Lisa is an exceptional human being and played a significant role in making our labor and delivery experience as positive as it was. 

Melissa Becce


Lisa is warm, caring, professional, and skilled. She was a great support for both me and my husband, especially during early labor, where her knowledge, skills, and advice came in very handy. We particularly appreciated her commitment to both prenatal visits and prompt postpartum visits. We had a fantastic birth and are very grateful to have had her as a key part of it.

Katrina Mill


 Lisa was one of the best choices my Husband and I ever made during the pregnancy of our first child. We met Lisa when I was 13 weeks pregnant and she really put our mind at ease during the whole process. She was always immediate at texting me back and truly made us feel like we were important to her.

Lisa was like Mary Poppins at the birth with her bag of tricks and honestly it was a huge relief to know that I did not have to pack anything to help me cope, because she had that covered. She used essential oils, massage, cool towels, counter pressure and talking me through each contraction. She would remind me that I was supposed to work with my body and to relax and how to breathe. I kept my eyes closed during most of the labor and I would listen for her direction. It was nice being able to put all my energy towards coping knowing that my birth team would handle everything else. It also put my mind at ease that if I had to have a c-section I had a doula that has been through that experience and would help me through.

I was a week late and Lisa's prenatal massage helped throw my body into labor. I was in denial that I was in labor and it helped to have someone there to confirm to us that it was really happening. During contractions I was hesitant to involve my husband to help me cope, but Lisa was able to coax me into leaning on him and letting him help me. The fact that she was able to help us go through this experience together was invaluable. I hear lots of people say that a doula may get in the way and replace a husband. But Lisa was able to get us to work as a team and help us bond over the experience. My husband was raving about her weeks after the birth. He suggests her to everyone we meet and we will definitely hire her again with out second.

If you are searching for a doula that is down to earth and has all the tools to help you have a natural birth, look no further.. Lisa was perfect!


Darcy O'Shea



From the first day my husband and I met Lisa, she was calming. Her spirit is calm and peaceful. It radiates through her. After our first meeting, my husband and I knew, we had some "connection" with her. She had the same idea of birth and life choices that we did. Lisa was a natural fit in our plan to have a minimal to no intervention birth. During my pregnanct I developed a medical condition, which I had to advocate for myself throughout my 3rd trimester, Lisa not only advised, supoort, researched for me, she came to doctors appointments to better understand the care plan the doctors were suggesting. When Inwas "done" being pregnant, Lisa gave me the most relaxing prenatal massage. On our son's birthday, Lisa was so calm my husband was able to remain clear headed and focused on me. Lisa, came into our lives as a doula, but is now a major part of the story of the birth of our second child. She kept us focused and calm during child birth. She is amazing. The birth of my second child was fast and Lisa keep me safe, calm, and reassured during the quick few hours she was with me during birth. However, she was present for so much more, and still is. Lisa is an amazing women, birth advocate, doula, massage therapist, you will be blessed to have her during the birth of your child. As blessed as we are. 

Erin Jensen


Lisa is a phenomenal doula! She is reliable, kind, caring, and compassionate. I hired her to be the doula for the birth of my second child. I was going to be attempting a VBAC and needed all of the help, support and education that I could get. From the moment we met, I knew that she was the right person for this role. She was always available by phone call, text, etc and was very prompt in replies to questions/ concerns. Our pre natal visits were informative and convenient. She was great at getting my husband involved and answering his questions as well. When I was in labor, we were in contact throughout the day via text. She came to our home, when we felt ready, and then she followed us in her car to the hospital. During the birth, she was extremely supportive of any decisions that we made. Whatever we needed, she was there. Always a gentle and kind presence during some intense moments. One awesome thing about Lisa is that she is also a massage therapist, so having her use some massage therapy during labor was great! Bottom line, I would hire Lisa again in a heartbeat. She is knowledgeable and knows what she is doing. Because of her support and that of my husband, I was able to have a successful VBAC. Lisa is amazing and I am so glad she was a part of our son's birthday.

Anthony Rinaldi


From a father’s perspective, I cannot state more emphatically how essential Lisa was to helping my wife have the best birthing experience possible. From meeting with her before the birth to her unwavering dedication through my wife’s 3 day labor, Lisa was supportive, passionate, empathic, well-prepared, and provided a calming energy.

We went into the experience hoping for a medication free, birth center experience, but ended up with an extremely long induction process that later required medication and nearly a cesarean section. Lisa was understanding and supportive of our choices throughout the process and advocated for us throughout. Lisa knew our birth plan and helped guide us through the labor as needs and circumstances required changes to that plan. She was a voice of reason and helped us understand our options throughout, never judging our choices or forcing her personal opinions onto us.

Lisa remained by our side for the majority of the 3 day labor, even in the early stages where progress was minimal and kept us both in positive spirits. Lisa never once appeared burdened by the long labor or changes to our plan. Her emotional support was crucial to maintaining a positive atmosphere and helping us cope.

I wanted to be fully involved in the labor process for my wife and Lisa did an excellent job working with me, substituting when tired or complementing my efforts of support with methods of her own. Her flexibility and preparedness made the experience more enjoyable for everyone as we worked in harmony to give my wife the birth experience closest to our original plan.

Lisa has remained in close contact after the birth and it is always a joy to speak and meet with her. This is an obvious labor of love and she is the only person I would want as our doula.

Amanda Glickenhaus


Lisa is an amazingly supportive, calm, and competent doula. She helped me with the birth of my second daughter in July 2015 (I did not have a doula for my first birth). Lisa was always available via phone or text and the meetings with her were comfortable and informative. 

My birth went perfectly, with much thanks to Lisa. She walked all around my neighborhood with my husband and I while I was in active labor. She helped through my contactions with massage, pressure, and calm words. I liked just talking because it distracted me from the pain. Lisa helped us decide when to go the hospital - which was really good because I didn't want to go (I was scared I wasn't that far along and that I would get the epidural) but we made it there just in time for pushing. I wore the rebozo in the car and it helped me feel more secure. Lisa even helped me labor out on the sidewalk when my husband parked in the wrong area at the hospital. :-)

I also loved meeting with Lisa again after my daughter's birth. I liked hearing how things went from her perspective. It's an intense and personal time to share with someone, and I think it's valuable to review the experience.

I felt safe with Lisa the entire time. I had complete trust in her and that allowed me to be fully present and focused on my baby's birth. I knew I was in good hands. We're planning on eventually having a third, and we definitely want Lisa to be there with us again. 

From my husband: I really liked having Lisa there as part of the birth. She had great energy and helped guide us through everything. She helped me better support my wife, especially when it was so hard to see her in pain. Everyone should have a doula!

Kristen Miner


Lisa was amazing!!!  She was always available via phone, text and email; and she always responded promptly.  She answered so many of my questions while i was pregnant.  It was really exciting when she came over when i was 37 weeks and we worked on positioning during labor, massage techniques, aromatherapy abf wrapping techniques!  At 38 weeks I started prodromal labor and had contractions every night for several hours.  Lisa was completely available to me and we talked, texted, and she had me keep her updated.  Finally when the time came my water broke first and shortly thereafter contractions started.  They quickly picked up intensity (at 4:30am!) and Lisa arrived at the house within 40 minutes.  Although my labor went very quickly Lisa did positioning with me, massage, breathing, and aromatherapy with me. Very quickly we made the decision to go to the hospital - Lisa drove her own car, and called the hospital for us.  We arrived at the hospital and it was at this point that I can't even begin to describe how grateful i am for Lisa.  We didn't make it inside the hospital.  i gave birth to my son in the car, in the parking lot, and Lisa caught him- literally.  There isn't a day that goes by that I ever forget that!  Lisa is amazing, caring, knowledgable, helpful, and was completely invaluable to us!!!  We love her!! 

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