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North Brunswick, NJ Service range 27 miles I travel to all parts of Central NJ (I do not go into New York)

(732) 331-3880

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

16 years and 238 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2004

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
We do NOT currently attend births at JFK Medical Center and we do not go into NYC

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
We are approved to attend births at Our Birthing Center in Morristown and also attend births at the St Peter's birth center

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
All home births in the Central NJ area that are attended by a midwife.We have TENS units and a birthing pool available for our doula clients.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Birth pool rental
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Co-founder and co-owner of Your Best Birth Childbirth Services, Member of International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), Published in International Doula Magazine

Fee Details

A discount is given to previous clients

North Brunswick, NJ Service range 27 miles I travel to all parts of Central NJ (I do not go into New York)

Client Testimonials for Dorothy Haines, CD(DONA)

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Molly Sharlach


It's taken me more than a year and a half to write a review, but I feel compelled to share that our experience with Dorothy and Jessica was incredibly positive. This was our first child (and only so far), so despite all our preparations we really didn't know what to expect from the birthing experience. Dorothy and Jessica met with us a few weeks before my due date, and then Dorothy (they alternate who's on call) met us at the hospital and was by our side from start to finish. I wasn't dead-set on not using pain relievers, but having Dorothy there to put us at ease and help with pain management techniques definitely helped me achieve this. It was great having the extra support during my 2.5 hours of pushing out our baby boy! Two postpartum visits were absolutely worth it, too--Dorothy and Jessica had valuable tips on breastfeeding, pumping, and just generally preserving sanity during the first few weeks! I cannot recommend them highlight enough.

Kati Dunn


Dorothy goes above and beyond as your doula. I used her with my first child five years ago and when I had my second a year ago I did not hesitate to have her with us. She has the perfect balance of being involved while also giving privacy and space to the family. She was encouraging at the right moments to myself but also to my husband. She gave us confidence and assurance that the nursing staff and midwife or OBGYN are not able to give. It was reassuring to know that she was there, every step of the way, before, during and after. She went above and beyond. If you have Dorothy as a doula you are a lucky person! 

Kim Bernstein


Dorothy was a wonderful doula.  She was not pushy and had no agenda - her only goal was to help give me the birth experience I hoped for.  Like so many births, mine did not go as I expected, and I had a hard time dealing with that.  She was so reassuring and supportive, even months after.  I especially liked how comfortable she was in a hospital setting - she worked very well with the nurses and doctors and it made me feel at ease.  I'm so glad Dorothy was there for the birth of my first child and am so grateful her gentleness and support!    

Lynn Horng


As a first time mom, I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect.  My husband and I had signed up for the birthing classes with Dorothy and Jessica and we were really enjoying them.  As we were going through the class, we were supposed to be the last couple to give birth.  On the 2nd to last class, we decided to sign up for YBB doula services,  and that was the day that really changed the course of our pregnancy.  At 28 weeks my water broke & I ended up being the first in class to give birth!  I ended up at the hospital for 6 extra days before giving birth on my 29th week of pregnancy.  My time at the hospital was  tough & in fear of worrying our parents my husband & I decided to keep mum and we decided to ride it through on our own with the help of Dorothy & Jessica. YBB would take time calling me and coming by to check on me and for that I was so thankful considering that we didn't know too many people in the area.    On 10/15/16 my contractions came on closer and closer in time and thankfully because of YBB classes my husband & I had more of a sense of what to expect.   My nurse on call had brushed me off simply because the machines were not picking up my contractions.  With the help of another nurse, I was suddenly moved from Antiparden to a birthing room.  My husband quickly contacted Dorothy and she came just in time to comfort me and helped me through my birthing process.  She not only made sure I was as comfortable as I could be, she was also able to acess the situation and reassure us that all was going well.   She was the calm before the birthing storm. Through the chaos of giving birth to a preemie, I was never able to hold my son right after he was born.  Despite this, Dorothy captured the very first moments of my son's entrance into the world and gave me photos I will forever treasure!  

Sherri Young


Dorothy & Jessica were our doulas for the birth of my second child. Through obstacle after obstacle during my pregnancy they were there to advocate for my hopes of a natural, non-induced childbirth and helped me to ask the right questions to my midiwfe and MFM team. I was deamed high-risk and we really wanted a doula who could help navigate my medical situation with a natural child birth- Dorothy and Jessica did this and then some! Dorothy knew what we should say when we arrived at the hospital and set us off on the right foot. She was there the entire labor and helped me birth my son without any medication, and keep with our plan. While there were painful moments, the entire experience of labor and birth was so empowering and amazing and Dorothy helped us to make that possible. If we do go on to have a third child it will be entirely Dorothy and Jessica's fault because they made this childbirth so beautiful :)

Haemin Rhee Lalumia


This was my second birth but my first with Dorothy. I wanted to try for a VBAC and Dorothy was a great resource for my questions and concerns about it. She provided a lot of helpful information the first time we met, and was very responsive as I had questions in the weeks leading up to my due date. When I finally did go into labor, we were in regular communication so she was prepared when I finally asked her to come to the house to help me and my husband. She worked with my husband to guide me through my contractions and never focused on anything else but me. I didn't feel distracted with her, and knew I had the space and freedom to just labor and cope with each contraction. It was the perfect balance between quietly supporting me and knowing when to make suggestions or ask questions. I didn't feel rushed or pressured ever. And when we finally got to the hospital I was 8cm dilated! I labored for another 12 hours at the hospital but did not progress much further. This had nothing to do with Dorothy though. Throughout it all, she was incredibly patient, gentle, kind and understanding. I feel like I was at my worst for those 24 hours but she was a rock. And her presence comforted my husband too because he didn't feel like all the pressure was on him to get me through labor. In the end, my baby would not descend and I ended up with another Cesarean. But Dorothy stayed through my surgery and didn't leave until she knew the baby and I were ok. She visited me a few weeks after I got home from the hospital and then again a few weeks later once I was more fully recovered. And she stayed in touch via text in between those visits. Even though the birth didn't end up the way I wanted, I'm still so grateful that Dorothy was there to support me and my husband. She played an integral role in guiding me, especially when my husband had to take care of our first child. We're so grateful for her service and friendship! 

Vanessa Mironov


Dorothy is amazing. I did not have a doula with my first child, had a rough experience and had a C-section birth. A beautiful baby, but I didnt get skin to skin time after birth. I was adamant that this wouldnt happen with my second baby. I wanted an experienced voice to advocate for me and also wanted support (in additon to hubby) during labor. We hired Dorothy and WOW - there are no words. She helped me have a NATURAL, unmedicated, VBAC - a dream birth experience!

Dorothy is the most patient person I've ever met. She stayed by my side for hours and brought a calming feeling even during the tough moments! She used physical touch, a birth ball, tens unit, got me in the shower - and other techniques to bring me through the labor. Dorothy's had many of her own births and what attracted me to her, is she had each baby differently. (she's had a c-section, a medicated birth, a VBAC, an unmedicated birth and i think a couple others too!) I knew she was a seasoned MOTHER and DOULA....having had babies of her own - and having helped so many mothers through various birth situations.

The fee for the service at first seems, "WHOA"-I remember thinking, 'I need money for the baby stuff, etc". However, if I have another baby or knew then what I know now about Dorothy, I would pay DOUBLE, in a heartbeat!  I spent more on my wedding dress, which I wore ONE day. A dress. Yes its in pictures and all....but  I'm paying this AMAZING woman to help me with the most important day of my life, the BIRTH of my BABY. The memories I have, will be forever.

If you have the opportunity and means to work with Dorothy and let her be present for the birth of your baby - you are blessed! Its hard to totally describe all the warm feelings she brings to you during this time....but she is an incredibly caring and smart woman that leaves you with a secure and satisfying feeling. She's also funny- and brings an infectious giggle when the time calls for it!

Tammy Malinowski Mouradian


Dorothy was my doula not once, not twice, but three times.  I don't think I need to say anything more.  LOL.  With my first child, my husband and I interviewed several doulas and instantly felt comfortable with Dorothy.  It was important to me to have an unmedicated birth.  When the going got tough during my first birth, Dorothy was completely there rooting for me and massaging my lower back.  I can honestly say, I don't think I could have gone through it with out her by my side.  We were so thrilled with our choice of doula that a year and half later, we were back at the hospital for baby #2.  Once again, Dorothy was great getting me through the lower back contractions that I had.  Repeat two years later for baby number 3.  Just having her by my side was reassuring and calming.  Thank you Dorothy!  You have a special place in our hearts.

Bethany Shondark Mandel


Dorothy was at the birth of my second child. Our first birth experience was great but our doula left much to be desired. With our second we were willing to pay in exchange for someone special. We got that with Dorothy. 

Two weeks before my birth we had a false alarm. Dorothy rushed to the hospital and made me feel so much better. I was so embarrassed and she really eased that feeling for me a great deal. 

When the real deal happened two weeks later she was there quickly. After getting a read of the room (my labor advanced quickly) she took charge, put the TENS unit on and did hip squeezes and helped me relax during contractions. She walked away briefly (with my permission) and when another contraction came on suddenly I begged for her to come back. I NEEDED her. My first birth my husband became my default doula but this time he was as overwhelmed as I was - it went FAST and was VERY intense. At one point during the birth I made her SWEAR she wouldn't retire until all my babies were born. My birth ended up being 90 minutes but I am certain I couldn't have made it without Dorothy. 

She also took pictures for us (at my request) and they are professional quality. Crisp and clear, no blurry action shots. She really has a future as a photographer - she captured amazing moments and expressions. 

I'm in no rush to have another quite yet, but when I do, Dorothy better be there. The only bad part about her is she didn't come to my first birth. (Okay granted I never asked, but still, I wish she had been there)

Fay Zhao


Dorothy was there for the delivery of my first child, I had a very difficult labor and delivery situation, but Dorothy assisted me every step of the way. She massaged my pressure points through the most difficult contractions, was there to encourage me when I hit a wall during the final pushes. I wouldn't be able to have the vaginal delivery that I always wanted if not for Dorothy, if I have a second baby I'll be sure to give her a call. 

Megan Orlacchio Gray


Dorothy was at the birth for each of our three children. She is so knowledgable, and taught us so much everytime she was with us. Any question or concern we had was always answered without judgment. I always felt more confident in the birth process having her there to advocate for me and for the baby. She helped to keep my husband and I both confortable, relaxed, and informed throughout the process of each birth. Without her support and guidance I don't know how we would have handle everything, especially the first time around. I would highly recommend Dorothy (and have to many) and her Doula services. She is always a great support, wealth of knowledge, kind, and a dose of extra strength when you need it. 

Meghan Critelli


Our experience with Dorothy was nothing short of amazing. The birth of our daughter would not have gone as smoothly as it did without her support. Not only did she work very hard at assisting me with dealing with my pain, but she created a calm environment and provided constant positive reinforcement. My husband was extremely grateful for her presence. I would highly recommend her services and I would use her time and time again.

April Dynarski


Having Dorothy as my doula was SOOOOO AMAZING!!! Dorothy took away the stress and confusion that being in labor brings. I had a LONG labor and she was there EVERY step of the way! I seriously could not have handled the birth without her! Dorothy met me at my home and comforted, soothed, and calmed me during my contractions. She has such a relaxed presence about her! She massaged my back, my feet, and my shoulders. If there was anything she could do to comfort and help me she DID it! Dorothy also encouraged my husband to be front and center in my care giving. She did not come in and take over. She was a helper and very much respected my husband's role in our birthing process. When we arrived at the hospital, Dorothy was continually supportive by arranging the room, lights, drinks, ect, to be certain that I was the most comfortable and relaxed. As the contractions got stronger and I thought I couldn't do it any longer she was right there reminding me to trust my body, to breathe properly, and to relax. She also handled EVERYTHING with the nurses! I know my husband could have, but I liked that he didn't have to leave me at all or worry about figuring things out. Dorothy knew exactly what to do and when to do it and that took all the confusion away!! ...AND she took pictures!! I have beautiful birth photos and my husband it right there by my side in them! Tears and all! Precious memories that I will treasure forever!! When it's time for our family to expand once again, Dorothy will be one of the first to know!!

Amber Stiles


Your Best Birth came highly recommeded by my midwife team. Dorothy was the best Doula I could've wished for. She was with me every step of the way. From the birthing classes to the home visits, I felt her love of caring for pregnant women and their unborn children. I am lucky to have been under Dorothy's charge and felt completely comfortable having her with me during labor. I feel that she advocated for me and kept me calm when tensions ran high. Dorothy also helped me with pospartum care contacts that I feel helped me recovered much faster with my second child. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula for their child's birth. She will become a mamber of your family!

Jenn J. Fernández


I used Dorothy's services in 2011 for my second pregnancy. She is truly one of a kind. She made her self available to me as soon as I contacted her for services. I felt comfortable as can be from the beginning. I was very overdue with my son. I finally went into labor naturally after deciding against being induced. Dorothy gently reminded me of why I wanted her services. I had a terrible induction experience with my first child And didn't want a repeat of that if possible. I went into labor in the early morning hours. I called Dorothy and I swear she made it there in record time! She was so supportive and made sure that my husband didn't feel excluded. She helped him to help me and just made the whole experience so gentle and as relaxing as possible. She knew what I needed at every point in my labor And pregnancy.  I delivered a healthy 10.5lb baby boy naturally. She helped me to feel confident in my ability to deliver a large baby naturally and peacefully. Many thanks to her. If and when we decide to have another child, she will be the first person we call! 

Heather Sia


I had Dorothy as my Doula for all 3 of my children. My first pregnancy I experienced pre-term labor and was confined to bed for 6 weeks. Dorothy visited, brought books and reassurance. She was a comforting presence through my long and intense labor. My second and 3rd pregnancies and labors presented their own special challenges and she was always exactly what was needed. She is calm, caring and able to go with the flow. She was there to help me focus without ever being pushy. I would have her as my doula a million times more but I'm pretty sure 3 children is enough for me!

Jaymie Lomangino Vincelli


I had the most amazing VBAC with the support of Dorothy. She helped me believe in and trust my body. She helped me breathe through my contractions, assisted me with water therapy and reminded me that whatever  I was feeling was normal. She also guided my husband to be a wonderful support during a very intense time! We both trusted her and are so grateful she was at the birth if our daughter!

Rebecca Haines-Durren


Dorothy is such a wonderful support to both mom and dad during labor. We've been so blessed to have her present at the births of all 3 of our children. I cannot and would never want to imagine giving birth without her there. She is so great at what she does. We love her!

Lindy Walker Imranyi


Dorothy is an amazing doula! She was my doula for both my hospital and home births and was wonderfully supportive in both settings.  Throughout my three pregnancies Dorothy was always there ready to answer questions or listen to my concerns. She has such an amazing knowledge of all things pregancy, birth and breastfeeding. Dorothy has a wonderful ability to respond informatively and without judgement, especially on topics such as pain management and breastfeeding. During labor her encouraging words and comforting techniques eased me through the transition phase. Also, Dorothy worked really effectively with both my OB and my midwives - providing comfort to me while also giving the OB/midwife their space. When my husband and I find out we're expecting, Dorothy is the first person we tell!

Rachel Haines


My name is Rachel and 9 and a half years ago I had the honor of being Dorothy's first client in her doula career. As a single mother with a difficult first birth I was scared and anxious to say the least about facing the birthing experience again. I prayed for a miracle and my prayers were answered when Dorothy agreed to be my doula. She was incredible! My birth was a totally different experience than the first time. She was there with me supporting me and advocating for me the whole time. Words can't express how grateful I was and am that Dorothy was part of my pregnancy and birth. It's 9 years later and I still am absolutely convinced that having Dorothy as a doula was one of the best choices that I made during my pregnancy!

Wendy Miller


It was wonderful having Dorothy attend the birth of our daughter, Maya, in Sept 2010. I had a child from a previous marriage nearly 13 yrs earlier, which did not go the way I had wanted (unnecessary interventions.) With this little one my husband and I wanted to have someone there to support us during birth but as well as be on our side when it came to practices/policies at the hospital (I wanted as intervention free "natural" as possible.) We couldn't be happier!

The classes held by Dorothy and her partner Jessica were very helpful. Afterwards, Dorothy kept in contact as the due came and then went. She was there to offer advice and answer questions we had as we became concerned about possible interventions as we waited for baby to arrive. She provided us with a TENS unit, showing us how to use it which we did - often! Two weeks past the due date I was scheduled to arrive at the hospital to have my water broken to encourage contractions to start, but baby decided to get things going the night before. The next morning Dorothy met us at the hospital not too long after we arrived. Her presence allowed my husband to focus on soothing me, helping me breathe, hold my hand while Dorothy used pressure and massage techniques to ease areas of discomfort I had. She encouraged us to try different positions and techniques. I walked the hallways, rocked on the birth ball, used the TENS unit, took a warm shower (I didn't feel comfortable enough to use the jacuzzi which was available), and used vocalization.

I think having a supportive team (husband, Dorothy, mid-wife, and hospital staff) made the process so much easier to bear that I was able to have the natural birth that I wanted. 

Heather & Richard Sia and Alison, Lisa and Hunter


My name is Heather Sia and Dorothy was my doula for all 3 of my children. My first pregnancy presented with some difficulties as I experienced pre-term labor and was put on bed rest. Dorothy was there with books for me to read. She came to the house for childbirth classes which was so comforting. My labor turned into a 36 hour marathon at the hospital and Dorothy was there supporting me every moment. With her calm presence and quiet strength I was able to avoid giving up. I accomplished a vaginal birth despite many nurses thinking I'd certainly need surgery. Dorothy was equally great with my much faster and easier 2nd and 3rd births. She was critical when I was induced with pitocin for my 3rd and I decided I would not have an epidural. The nurse was not a comforting or kind person and had Dorothy not been there I think my husband and I would have had a hard time dealing with her. Dorothy kept us calm and we were able to laugh about the nurse's gruff demeanor. Dorothy was also incredible with breastfeeding education and support. I credit her with my breastfeeding success. My family all formula fed and without Dorothy's experience and advice, I'm certain I would've given up with my first. Instead I nursed her for a full year and have gone on to nurse each of my children longer than the first (I'm still nursing my 3rd who is 19 months). I recommend a doula to all expecting parents and I hope they are lucky enough to find someone as caring and knowledgable as Dorothy. She is the best!



With Dorothy as my doula, the birth of my third child was an amazing experience. Dorothy helped me feel relaxed and comfortable. Her gentle suggestions throughout labor worked amazingly. I felt deeply supported even during the strongest contractions. I was flooded with joy when the baby was born and I immediately felt incredibly connected to him. I couldn't have done it without Dorothy. I'm so glad to now be able to say that I have had a great birth experience!



I really feel like I couldn't have done it without Dorothy. I am a single mom, and I had no one to support me in the delivery room (no friends or family) except for Dorothy. She was so strong for me, and so supportive. I had a very difficult birth, so Dorothy was really there to do a lot of hand-holding and comforting. She also advocated for me when I wanted/needed pain relief. She came to my home when I first went into labor, and then to the hospital. She even brought goodies for the nurses, and then stayed awake, helpful, warm, and positive for 16 hours of very painful labor. I really think I didn't pay her enough for all she went through on my behalf! :-)) Finally, after my healthy and beautiful girl was born, Dorothy visited us at home and brought me a CD and photo album of pictures she took, and a gift for ME! She is deserving of so much, and I know that if you choose Dorothy to assist you, you will be so glad for her support, kindness, and sense of humor. Oh, and she is VERY knowledgeable, a quality that you will find invaluable during your pregnancy, labor, and recovery.

Paula Beisser


 Dorothy made the third time a charm.  I had 2 babies without the help of a doula and my third with Dorothy and WHAT A BLESSING!  I cannot say enough about what a difference it made and how helpful she was. I was able to 90% of my labor at home and felt a sense of control and peace in what had formerly been a scary and tense time. Dorothy brings with her a calmness but directness, she is able to work with the doctors and nurses and even acts as an advocate when you need it. She has an arsenal of goodies to ease your stress and makes even a hospital room more homelike. Thank you Dorothy.  Nora's birth was a joyful time and I will always remember the part you played in it. 

Anneliese Scherfen


Dorothy was my doula for my second birth, a (successful!) VBAC.  She was very confident and helpful without being intrusive.  She jumped right in and helped me how I needed help.  She was an indispensable part of our birth experience.

Michele Pfannenstiel


Dorthy is a wonderful doula.  She could not have been more caring, attentive and helpful during my VBAC.  She came when we needed her, she was unflappable during the birth, and was everything we needed in a doula.  We are practically planning the next pregnancy around her availability!

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