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Inge-Lise Williams CD(DONA)

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Camas, WA Service range 30 miles


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Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 55 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2015

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Previous volunteer Doula with PDX Doulas at OHSU

Languages Spoken

  • English

Camas, WA Service range 30 miles

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From the moment I met Inge-Lise I knew she the doula for us. She is warm, kind, knowledgable, and very experienced. We sat down multiple times during my pregnancy to discuss my goals, my ideal birth, how she could help me and my husband, and exactly how I felt about medical interventions. As we got closer and closer to our due date she would check in to just see how I was doing, offered advice, and a lot of reassurance that everything I was feeling was normal.

Finally the big day came and I was laboring at the hospital post induction and I hit back labor. It was excruciating. We immeadiately called Inge-Lise and she came right in with ideas to relieve the back labor. I tried all of them and had a little relief but after so many hours I was exhausted. I opted for an epidural and she was kind enough to remind me about my birth plan and I really appreciated the reality check. However I just couldn't handle the pain. One epidural later I was laying comfortably on my back and Inge-Lise was heping me change positions every two hours. The next morning I was fully dialated and it was time for pushing. I pushed for FOUR HOURS. Everyone including the midwife and my L&D RN ran out of ideas but Inge-Lise. She ran the room. She had idea after idea and helped me change positions, offered me water, encouragement, and some sanity for my husband. She was wonderful. Ultimately I ended up in a c-section. While I was in the OR she took the time to explain what was happening to my husband and how he could support me. She was incredible. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. She came to visit multiple times afterwards and helped me debrief after the birth. She is kind, loving, and strong soul. I couldn't reccomend her more.

Ilan Petrusich


I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Inge-Lise through my pregnancy this past Spring. As new parents, my husband and I were very nervous about going through this journey and sought out a doula to be our “pregnancy-expert”. She helped inform us about our labor and delivery options, provided hospital recommendations, and ensured we had a birth plan that fit our needs. When the big day came, she was by our side at our house through labor and in the delivery room at the hospital. She always made sure I knew my options and never judged me for my choices. I can’t recommed her enough, especially for new parents. 

Taryn Kayser


I had the privilege of having Inge-Lise as my Doula for my first pregnancy with my son. She was amazing from the start in helping me figure out my birth plan and goals. She helped me with the little details as well as looking at the big picture of what I wanted to get out of this birth. And we accomplished it! My entire birth experience was as beautiful as I imagined it would be and more. Inge-Lise was exceptional in keeping her calm and cool stature while helping me make informed decisions through my labor. Her techniques to help me breath better really helped as well. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for that calm and connected birth experience. With Inge-Lise help, we were able to have a no-intervention natural birth at a hospital. And it was wonderful! 

Mallory Burke


Inge-Lise was an amazing Doula! She was my second one and I can honestly say she couldn’t have done anything different. I trusted that she would be there for me when I needed. She constantly checked on me the weeks before labor. She has a great attitude and personality and her presence/energy was so positive and calming. 

Inge-Lise was also very educational. Made sure I understood exercises and why, as well as educational information on things like shots, labor positions, techniques, and many other things. 

Inge-Lise has been very helpful since having my baby as well. She didn’t cut all contact. She came by to see the baby and check on me. She still responds to my questions and has kept in touch.

I would recommend her and babynest to anyone and I do all the time! 


Jody Adams


I am so happy that we decided to get a doula! It was wonderful having an extra set of hands, and Inge-Lise was great with stress relief items like wet towels and a fan. She also took photos during the birth, which we still love going back to revisit. She was also a great help for my husband, especially when parts of the birth didn't go as planned. Thank you, Inge-Lise! I wouldn't have chosen a different birth team. 

Vicki Peterson


She was a wonderful addition to my [attempted] natural birth plan. We loved learning about different positions for spinning babies and to help relieve some labor pain. She was a great support and I was able to make it to 8 cm before asking for chemical pain control which is pretty good for me! We are grateful to her for her kindness and knowledge during one of the most special times in our family’s life. Thank you Inge-Lise!

Thanissara Poomlaochaeng


I’m a successful VBAC without using any medications! Thank you Inge-Lise ????!I’ve never been regret once having Inge-Lise as my doula.

She provided me execelent supports physicallay and emotionally. She helped me achieved my birth plan, labour at home and nature birth without any interventions what so ever! She helped me normalize my fear of labour and delivery. She also knew how to do spinning baby to help my baby rotate into an optimal position for delivery. She was with me the whole process from labour at home until delivery at the hospital. I felt safe and supported. Having Inge-Lise in the delivery room helped my husband and I felt confident. If we expect the third baby I definitely want her to be my doula again. 

carolyn sourek


Inge-Lise was a valuable member of our birth team.  She provided services above and beyond what we expected from our doula.  She worked with us through a long labor without ever letting on if she was tired or ready to be done herself.  She remained professional and supportive.  Her experience and knowledge proved extremely valuable when communicating with hospital staff.  It also helped us make position adjustments which made the delivery easier and quicker.  Post delivery Inge-Lise kept a close eye on us as we transitioned from no baby to one.  She is extremely personable and warm, but also smart, strong, knowledgeable, and passionate about her trade.  We will use her again for number 2 and also highly recommend her to friends and family. 

Arielle Puuri


My husband and I absolutely LOVED our experience with Inge-Lise. She is such a kind, fun person, with so much wisdom and knowledge. I was anxious about what to expect in labor, but just one conversation with her made it so exciting. She was so great about answering all of my questions, in person and over text. She gave me so much confidence in the process and during labor I 100% believe that it went so smoothly because she helped keep me relaxed and also was a great support and encouragement to my husband! We highly recommend her!

Christine D


Our second birth ended up going a completely unexpected route. It was amazing to have Inge-Lise by my side during the delivery as a calming presence that kept me centered. After our first delivery several years ago turned into a negative experience, we decided that I needed the additional support of who had a lot of experience with birth to help guide me through this second delivery. I was matched with Inge-Lise who completely broke apart my first birth and understood where I needed extra support, and was able to formulate a birth plan that included those areas of support. 

When it came time for my delivery it became a lightning fast situation that went from casual conversation to pushing practically in a matter of seconds; Inge-Lise guided me through a very overwhelming delivery, especially since the delivery started without a single clinician in the room. Even following the delivery Inge-Lise was calm and centering during several procedures, walking me through breathing and focus exercises. Without her help and guidance I feel I would have truly struggled with processing this delivery as it was nothing like we planned for. 

If we have a third child (We're still in the newborn fog, so it's up in the air!) we definitely will be calling Inge-Lise to help us have another positive experience as we know she can make a chaotic situation beautiful.

Miranda Wakeman


Inge-Lise was worth her weight in gold at our second birth. Even though we knew about the birth process from taking a Bradley class and our first birth experience (without a doula), things never happen the same way twice, and when you’re in pain you don’t stop to look at your notes, so having her there for in the moment guidance was invaluable. While my husband was able to support me and massage me, Inge-Lise’s experience enabled her to give us specific suggestions about exactly what to relax or change. She is a generous listener and never seems to be in a rush. She also has a quiet presence and doesn’t ever feel intrusive—she’s there when you need her and then she fades naturally into background. Always positive and respectful, I’d highly recommend Inge-Lise to support you in your baby’s birth.

Alizabeth Roth


We loved having Inge-Lise as our doula. She was very helpful leading up to delivery by answering all of our questions and walking us through exercises to prepare for delivery. During labor she helped by suggesting different positions and was by our side offering support during a 36 hour labor. It was reassuring to know that we had an expert in the room with us to help us make decisions. After delivery, she had been so thoughtful checking in on us to make sure we are doing alright. I would absolutely have Inge-Lise with us again! 

Emely Magana


I don’t think I could have had a better support system 

if wasn’t for Inge-Lise being a part of it. She’s so sweet and knows her job very well!

She was so helpful and in the zone with us and I couldn’t thank her enough!

I would Definitely work with her again, She’s great. 

Johan Henriksbo


We wanted a familiar face in the room, a motherly type figure, someone who knew our birth plan and knew exactly what we were going through, who could coach my wife and get me through watching it. Inge was all those things and more. 

Inge's experience and familiarity with the birthing process gave us confidence we were in good hands. It was reassuring knowing she herself had also "been there and done that" and knew exactly what we were going through and feeling. Inge was a guiding light for me, someone I trusted and could turn to when I found myself freaking out. She was very cool, calm, and collected, breathing and making noise with my wife (something I was worried about and not comfortable doing). She rooted her on when I wanted her to cave in for pain medicine. I feel I could not have done it without her encouragement, support, and guidance.

Inge is very down to earth, up front, fun, compassionate, understanding and has a very soothing voice. No question is too big or too small for her. Inge is also very familiar with most of the hospitals in the area and knows her way around a hospital setting. She even decorated our labor area to feel more like home.

Inge took photos of the birth of our son, however she was like a fly on the wall and not intrusive or invasive by any means. This was something I didn't think I wanted initially however I am so grateful to have now after the fact (I couldn't imagine myself being able to do this as I was too busy holding my wife's hand at the time). She also took notes of all the milestones throughout the labor. She packaged it all together in a beautiful gift for us later.

My wife and I are truly grateful and wouldn't have wanted the birth of our son any other way. We had an all natural, unmedicated birth as hoped. We are so glad we chose Inge and do not regret a single thing, she was everything we hoped for and worth every penny! I cannot imagine doing this without her!

Stephanie Amato


Hiring Inge-Lise as my doula was the best decision I made before birth. I was planning for an unmedicated labor and ended up with a variety of interventions and an unplanned  Cesarean. Having her support through it all made a tremendous difference and gave my partner and I peace while making the tough decisions in labor.  My mother has commented how she had peace while I was in labor because she knew I had an experienced doula supporting me. The nurses commented that they were impressed with Inge-Lise‘s skill and they asked me how I had found such a great supportive doula. Her support postpartum was also essential as I was navigating a tough recovery . She was a calm and encouraging presence through it all. I will definitely be recommending her to friends.

Emily De La Torre


Having Inge-Lise as our doula was a worthwhile investment! She provided so much knowledge and support throughout the pregnancy and delivery. I had intentions of a natural childbirth and fully prepared for this. Though due to medical concerns I was induced abruptly two weeks early. Luckily, with my body’s cooperation throughout the induction, my wonderful husband’s support and Inge-Lise as our doula...things went quick and as well as they possibly could! I was very happy with my labor and birth. It was a great experience and I truly believe Inge-Lise played a major role in the success of my induction.

No matter what circumstances you end up with for delivery, having a doula is totally worth it! 

Sierra Lohner


Absolutely wonderful. Inge-lise had met with us multiple times before the birth to give us helpfully tips for comfort and healthy living for the pregnancy, and also so she could get exactly how we wanted the birthing experience to go, we went through best case scenario to worst and had a plan for it all. When it came time for us to deliver , she was there day and night. I was in labor for a lot longer than expected and Inge-Lise ended up spending about 4 days with us. And then after I had time to heal for a couple days she came back to visit my new little family. She had helpful tips for nursing and ways for me to heal. She also had a two week follow up at my house to make sure I was doing good and was there to offer any support I needed. I am so thankful I had her there to help me through. She kept my spirits up and had ways of breathing and keeping my body moving through each contraction. I can't imagine going through it with out her constant support. 

Amanda Doyle


We had such a wonderful experience with Inge-Lise! She is very knowledgeable, answering all of my (many) questions without making me feel silly for asking, even though this was my second child. We initially planned a home birth only to be thwarted by pre-eclampsia, but she helped us to take it in stride and embrace an unmedicated birth at the hospital. She has a very calming presence and was a huge help when my contractions grew stronger and I needed reminders to breathe, relax and let my body move the way it needed to. I know her tips and tricks helped immensely in preparing my body for an easier labor. We could not have had a better birth partner throughout our pregnancy - I recommend her over and over to anyone expanding their family! 

Kristin Asai


My husband and I are so grateful for Inge-Lise and the support she gave us throughout the birth process.  As first time parents, we felt clueless about what to expect, and Inge-Lise was able to answer all of our questions without judgment or any personal agenda.  She guided us through decisions by providing multiple resources and perspectives on each option.  She was also a calming presence when the labor/birth process did not go the way we planned.  We ultimately had a great birth and a wonderful baby girl, and were grateful to have her knowledge, support, and guidance through the experience.  We also really appreciated her postpartum visit during those first few weeks when everything was new and difficult.  She gave us helpful tips and reassured us that we were doing everything right, which was exactly what we needed.  Overall, I would highly recommend Inge-Lise.

Hannah Chen


Inge-Lise was amazing right from the start.  She is very calm, collected, and knowledgeable, and we knew right away that she would be great support for both my husband and me.  I had an induction at 37 weeks due to a late diagnosis of preeclampsia.  Inge-Lise immediately made sure we felt like our questions were being answered and options discussed with our midwife (they were) and suggested some other topics to read up on in preparation.  We called Inge-Lise when my contractions started getting difficult to breathe through and she came right away, somehow got me positioned in bed to take a short rest (must have been doula magic, I couldn't lay down or even sit without back-to-back contractions before she go there!).  The rest of labor went smoothly and we had a beautiful baby boy.  We also had a very positive and empowering birth story and I think a lot of this was because we had Inge-Lise there to support us.  10 out of 10 would do again! :-)

Tiffany Tram


8 months ago, I gave birth to a beautiful precious baby girl named Adelyn. The experience changed my life forever. Inge-lise was by my side every step of the way - from learning about birth to birthing baby Adelyn. It was important that I wanted a doula to ensure my birth wishes and to give me every best chance of giving natural birth. Inge-lise was very organized and reliable from the get-go - her organized manner and punctuality were tell-tale signs of her professionalism and reliability. If you're looking for someone that will be there when you need support, Inge-lise is your doula! She was punctual everytime we met, she always came prepared and she had all the resources and tools I needed. 

I had an extremely long labor of 27 hours and Inge-lise had the energy to be my cheerleader and support during the whole time. Inge-lise constantly checked in with me during early labor. She helped me stay on course through each contraction and reminded me to feel empowered by my body. It was easy to have doubts and be muddled in the mix during labor, but Inge-lise was the voice I needed.

Labor was one of my most vulnerable yet powerful times in my life. There were definitely times of less modesty and language filter, if you know what I mean. Inge-lise remained calm, collected and was very patient with me. This is very key to anyone's success in having your birth wishes carried out. Not only was she patient, Inge-lise was the voice of reason even for my husband. There were times my husband felt exhausted and scared, Inge-lise took over and reminded him to rest and reassured everything is happening as it should. Inge-lise was the support we needed for my husband!

Inge-lise even went above and beyond. During the final pushing, both my husband and I were preoccupied so Inge-lise did the one thing that I'll always be grateful for - she grabbed the camera and captured my birth in action. I can't thank Inge-lise enough for being my doula!

Karina Schuelke


We selected Inge-Lise right away after meeting with her - she was so easy to talk to and we really felt like we could rely on her. This was our first child, so (despite the classes we took and everything we read) there were just so many unknowns - there is nothing like going through the experience. We wanted the support of someone who would just be a very calming and comforting presence and that's what we felt with her right away. 

Everything about her entire approach - the provided information sheets, the pre-natal visits and post-natal check-ins, all of it - was very thorough and thought-through. We appreciated her preparedness a lot - everything from the tea she gave me to drink to prepare my uterus to the birthing ball she left with us to the essential oils she had for the labor process (which made a BIG difference for me) showed great care and attention to detail. 

She was extremely open to our desires for the birth and very supportive of our thinking and our plans. When my labor moved much more quickly than anticipated, she was able to go with the flow and just support me and my husband in the situation where we found ourselves. I very much appreciated her ability to plan ahead, to support us, and to go with the circumstances of labor as they presented themselves. 

I highly recommend Inge-Lise. 


Katie Kanagawa


Inge-Lise was an incredible source of support, information and advocacy during my pregnancy and delivery. Her caring and helpful approach made my husband and I feel well supported at all times, and she helped us to stay calm, positive and focused through the entire process. When our initial birth plan fell-through because our our son arrived several weeks early, she helped us to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and keep a positive attitude, and she worked with the hospital staff to accommodate as many of our requests as possible. Inge-Lise earned our complete trust during the delivery, as she was actively engaged and wholly present the entire time; her role in the birth of our baby boy was absolutely essential to our experience. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a more personal, mom-friendly and baby-friendly pregnancy and childbirth experience.

Tammy Woodring


We hired Inge-Lise to help us with the birth of our first child. Upon meeting Inge-Lise we were very happy with the information she provided. She is very knowledgeable with the latest pain relief and facts about labor. I found her tips for maintain my focus especially helpful. My husband and I were relived that on the big day I didn’t need to worry if I would forget things from my birth class or if my husband would need to come from work and I would be alone. I knew Inge-Lise would be there to remind me to stay focused or to breathe. She provided heat packs when they were desperately needed and many other pain relief techniques. She was great with being available for me to contact, especially since this was my first baby. I had questions and felt better knowing I had someone to talk with. My birth plan was for a drug free vaginal birth. I really believe that Inge-Lise was instrumental in helping me achieve that goal. We are grateful to have found such a great doula to help welcome our son into the world. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a caring and professional doula.

Ashley Donahoe


I was so thankful to have Inge-Lisa there to support us through the birth of our son!

She was so helpful and encouraging through every step.

I would highly recommend interviewing her to see if she would be a good fit for your family Too. 

Amanda Glavin


Inge-Lose was my doula for my first child, born this past January. From the first time we met her, as we prepared ourselves for birth she was calm, understanding and so supportive. She gave me great recommendations for books and articles to read to better understand the body and birth. Her unwavering and strong support during a very long labor was remarkable. She helped me better understand what was happening and what to expect. I made it through over 30 or so hours of labor without drugs only because she knew how to support myself and my husband so amazingly well. I finally did get an epidural towards the end and she still supported me and then took photos for us as our son was born. I could not imagine having gone through labor without her, she knew so many ways to help cope with the pain and also was so calm and caring the entire time, never judging any decision we made. I would highly recommend her and hope to use her again for any future births.

Jessica McDonald


My husband and I were both nervous about the entire birthing process and decided it would be best to meet with a doula to see if it would be a good fit. We meet with Inge-Lise and many of our concerns and worries were put to rest. Both my husband and I agreed that Inge-Lise would be a great additional to our labor and delivery journey. She is such a warm and caring person and truly became part of our family. I felt so comfortable with her during my labor and she helped calm my husbands worries. I was able to focus on myself and the baby and she took care of the rest. When asked if we would recommend a doula, we always say, "YES!". Without a doubt, Inge-Lise helped to enhance the experience and I am so thankful she was able to be by my side throughout my journey. 

Lana Atchley


Inge-Lise has a calming, nurturing and caring presence. Inge-Lise communicates and is always professional. I never had to worry if Inge-Lise would text, call or email back; Inge-Lise was there for me before our birthing journey began. Throughout my long labor Inge-Lise stayed collected and nurturing to me and supportive to my boyfriend. It was a team effort. Inge-Lise slept and rested on a single chair and never once made a peep. In all the uncertainty, pain and changing birth plans Inge-Lise stayed on course and helped us do the same. We are grateful and thankful for Inge-Lise and the experience of a doula with our first child.

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