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Alyssa Howells

Minneapolis, MN Service range 20 miles

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Birth Fee


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0 years and 10 births attended

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Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I perform all my doula services the same in any birthing capacity: hospitals, home, birth centers.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

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  • Abortion support

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Doula graduate from Health Foundations Birth Center doula internship in Saint Paul

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My name is Alyssa Howells and I believe every woman deserves to give birth in a caring, supportive, and empowering environment. As a recently trained doula my goal while attending births is to make sure the mother is heard by supporting her in her wishes and being present. I believe every birth is amazing, beautiful and an empowering experience for every person involved. One of my favorite parts of being a doula is watching a woman discover her own strength during birth and the beautiful family that is the result of that hard work and love. I am currently working on returning to school to become a Certified Nurse-Midwife and when not studying I enjoy spending time outside, adventuring in and around the Twin Cities, and being with my friends. I look forward to meeting you and your family and hopefully joining you in your own birth journey.

Minneapolis, MN Service range 20 miles

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Garden Apprentice


Alyssa is a wonderful companion for labor and birthing! She was with us for the long labor of our second child and was a steady joyful presence. She brought lots of energy when I needed it, provided music for a dance party to keep those contractions coming, did (nearly) endless squats and flights of stairs with me, and just generally was a happy presence. She brought ideas, reminded me to drink fluids and eat, and prompted me to either relax or get moving again as needed. She was always helpful, never obstrusive. From our first meeting with her to discuss our hopes and needs to a home visit after baby was born, she was encouraging. She clearly loved her role as doula and shared in all of our joy in bringing this new life into the world!

Madelynn Hass


Our experience with Alyssa was fabulous. I got in contact with her when I was 33 weeks pregnant. Over the next few weeks, Alyssa was in contact with me by e-mail and text, always excited when I gave her updates.
When I went into labor, she was so flexiable to my preferences. She was in close phone contact with my husband and I, checking in on us every couple of hours. Alyssa was willing to come to our home to assist with my labor. I was most comfortable with just being with my husband at the time. We had her join us at the birth center when the time came.
Alyssa met us at there at the same time we arrived. Having her there was a huge help to us, as my husband was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed. She immediatly set to work at rubbing my back, stroking my hair, and giving me lots of encouraging words. When my husband went to get some food, I hardly even noticed he was gone because Alyssa did such a great job taking care of me.
While I was in labor, Alyssa was great. She was always ready with a snack, or a drink to sip, or say something affirming to get me through a contraction. I'm sure birth teams tell people they're doing great while you're in labor, but Alyssa really made me feel like I was rocking labor! Alyssa's energy didn't change when it came time to push, she was still just as enthusiastic as she was at the beginning. When baby was born, she grabbed our camera and video recorded our first moments together as a family of 3, which is the MOST precious thing to watch now! She also took photographs, which are so sweet to look back on. After the birth, Alyssa helped me with initiating breastfeeding, and had some great tips.
Our postpartum visit with Alyssa was a celebration of a good labor and healthy baby. She asked how feeding was going and if I needed any help, and if there was anything she could help us with. We had such a positive experience with Alyssa, and would absolutely hire her in the future with any more babies!

Katie Vigesaa


We ended up hiring Alyssa sort of last minute with the birth of our daughter and I am beyond grateful that we did. This was my first birth and I wasn't entirely sure if I needed a doula; I figured there would be midwives around and I also had my husband for support, so I didn't truly know if having someone else in the room for support would be necessary. Even so, my heart was stirring that I was going to need more. So we asked if Alyssa would join us. She was beyond incredible! From the moment she met up with us, she immediately got to work coaching me through contractions, helping me keep my head in the right place, and gave just the right kind of squeezes to help me through. Looking back, I truly do not think I would have been able to manage the natural and un-mediacated birth I had without her. She was my anchor through it all. A large part of the birthing process is mental and having a great doula works you through that component. Alyssa is that great doula! I'd hire her again in a heartbeat for our next babe. Alyssa, we are forever grateful!!

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