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Andria Webb

Barefoot Doula

Saint Charles, MO Service range 60 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 115 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: On-call doula service

Clients per month: 0 to 3 births and 0 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Birth pool rental
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Fee Details

I offer a free consultation for you to decide if we are a good match. My fee includes two prenatal appointments in which we will discuss and plan for your ideal birth. Constant support via text, email, or phone throughout your pregnancy, and on call status for you as your guess date approaches. A postpartum visit will include, but is not limited to, breastfeeding and newborn information, self-care and discussing your birth. I am willing to work with families in need on alternative financial options.

Saint Charles, MO Service range 60 miles

Client Testimonials for Andria Webb

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I found Andi at the "last minute." We went back and forth on whether we needed one this second time because we were planning on birthing at the birth center. At 36 weeks I decided that yes, I wanted a doula. Thankfully Andi was available! Because my first son's birth was so long and rather traumatic I had many fears and it felt very much like a "first time" because I was hoping for an unmedicated birth this time. Andi did a wonderful job answering my husband's questions and making him feel at ease... for the first time he began to hope that birthing at the birth center was a possibility and to not "plan" on a hospital transfer. She also was very careful to ask for our preferences and helped us think through preparing for a life with two kids. She also kept in touch via text leading up to labor and helped keep me sane when labor didn't start till 41 + 3. Andi was willing to come to our house to help me in early labor but as it turned out she didn't need to and she met us at the birth center. She has a gift for knowing exactly what is the most comforting. She was invaluable through labor. At one point baby turned and I had back labor (back labor was all I had with my first son and Andi knew how TERRIFYING that was for me because my first labor was 72 hours!!). But she and the midwife worked together calmly and seamlessly to get baby turned and moving downward again. I was so tired but she knew just what positions to suggest to keep baby moving down. Some of them I didn't like but she knows her stuff and it worked-- he was born at the birth center after being there 6 hours. I felt completely confident in her abilities and this birth would not have been nearly as peaceful without her steady, knowledgable hands and cool head. She helped us get settled with our new son and came for a postpartum visit. She's kept in touch with me too. I'm not sure if we'll have any more babies but if we do I want to get on Andi's schedule! 

Kristina Klee


I wanted to have a natural, unmedicated birth experience with my 4th child and Andi helped me achieve that. She kept me calm and talked me through labor and was supportive from the first time we met. She made sure that my desires for my birth were achieved even in a hospital setting. Even though it was my 4th child Andi made sure I was educated on my options for the birth and after. She was an amazing emotional support when I was getting impatient. All my children had been born at least 2 weeks before my guess date and I was going stir crazy waiting for this birth. Then when I was having contractions off and on and false labor for the week leading up to the baby’s birth she kept me calm and was very encouraging.
The morning of my delivery I woke up already pretty advanced in the labor process and Andi talked me through and kept me calm on the ride to the hospital, even over the phone I could feel her comforting presence. When we got to the hospital she was my voice. When I was having contractions she was a strong point I could focus on and in between she would answer the staffs questions so I could relax and rest. She encouraged them to check me as soon as we got there because she knew I would be very advanced. She encouraged me through the delivery and was a very calm and reassuring coach. She made sure my desire of having my husband hand me the baby was met and she made sure no one rushed me through my skin to skin time with the baby afterwards. With emotions and adrenaline running high she made sure to ask questions I didn’t know or think of to ask as my son was having temperature and blood sugar problems. Andi continues to follow up with me about the baby and the rest of the family and is a wonderful emotional support.

Andi is amazing and I would absolutely recommend her. I would use her again for future births.

Hannah Norris


Andi is a dear friend and I was honored to have her by my side for my second birth. Her expertise and knowledge coupled with her calm and supportive presence was so vital in my experience of an unmedicated birth. With her guidance during labor, I was able to feel secure in my body and trust that this was something I could accomplish. She did an amazing job observing my needs in the moment; backing off when she knew I wanted space and then offering immediate reassurance and support when I needed it. I would recommend Andi to absolutely anyone. Not only because she is amazing at what she does but because her heart is in her work. She is genuinely caring and dedicated to providing a positive birth experience for mother and baby. 

Marie L


Andi is amazing at what she does! She made me feel comfortable from the start and helped ease so many concerns as a soon-to-be mom. We had three meetings before in my last three months of pregnancy and then she was over within the first week of my son's birth to help with everything from breastfeeding to the emotional roller coaster that follows labor. I cannot recommend her enough! 

Shelby Hirschman


My husband Sam and I are so grateful for the role Andi played in our pregnancy and birth of our first baby. My high-risk pregnancy meant delivery in a clinical setting; yet, even still, we desired a birth experience that was as natural as possible…..a daunting goal when you recognize the tendency for (often unnecessary) intervention the hospital holds! Andi was intentional about understanding our desires for the birth of our baby girl, offered education on a variety of topics (from what to expect through pregnancy, how to prepare a birth plan that would be respected, breastfeeding, baby-carrying and EVERYTHING in-between), was there for emotional support, and was an amazing advocate for us every step of the way. She is a goldmine of helpful knowledge and resources.

Ultimately, due to baby being breech, I unfortunately ended up with a planned c-section; while this was of course not my husband and I’s hope for our birth, we found peace and comfort in the physical and emotional preparation Andi directed. Andi is patient, relatable, thorough and incredibly thoughtful—I recommend her services to every expecting family. Thanks Andi!

Shelby, Sam & Emelia Hirschman

Rey Reina


Andi is an amazing doula. She was very supportive prior to, during, and after delivery. With her great help, we were able to achieve our goal of a completely natural and unmedicated birth. Would definitely recommend her!

Carolyn Smith


I was referred to Andi by a friend of a friend. I had a previous difficult/traumatic birth and I was hoping for fewer interventions and a vaginal birth despite being over 40 and birthing a significantly bigger baby this time.  Andi showed up to the hospital before my husband even did after my water broke at my doctor's appointment. She supported us through labor and several hours of pushing, and helped in achieving our goal of a vaginal birth.  She has continued to follow up and check in during the fourth trimester and offered helpful suggestions for my recovery.

Maria Bremerkamp


In May of this year (2016), my water broke when I was 33 weeks pregnant. I had been hoping to have a natural birth with as little interventions as possible. Under the new circumstances I felt scared, nervous and unprepared and I knew I needed someone to be there for me during the many new decisions I had to make and to help coach me throughout my birth. At 10pm the day before they took me off magnesium we thankfully found Andi. She was a lifesaver! While I was in the antepartum unit, Andi was so awesome. She checked in on me often and gave me great advice when I needed it. She also took time to get to know my husband and I and our needs and expectations for the birth. When I went into labor, she coached us on a bunch of helpful ways to help progress my labor and cope with the pain. After 25 hours of labor, and 11 days in the antepartum unit, my 34 and a half week son was born. I would not have been able to have the beautiful, natural, vaginal birth that I had wanted without Andi's help. Andi has continued to be so supportive during the postpartum transition and is full of great insight! I highly highly recommend her!

Erin Fox


Andi was my doula for the birth of my son, Jesse in December 2015. I was excited to work with her from day one, as she's very easy going and relatable. After enduring 40+ hours of labor, I can say with certainty, I could not have done it without her. Andi used every trick in her arsenal to progress my labor and ensure my comfort as much as possible. She was reassuring and supportive every step of the way, especially when I thought I couldn't keep going. She gave me and my birth partner the strength and encouragement to stick to my natural birth plan, and when intervention became necessary, gave me the comfort and reassurance I needed.  I can't recommend her enough!!! 

Rachel Anderson


I had the absolute pleasure of having Andi be my doula in June of 2015! I couldn't have made a better choice when it came to who I wanted to aid me in my birthing process. Not only is she extremely knowledgableand experienced, but she is very down to earth and does not try and persuade you into doing anything based on her opinions or beliefs. She whole heartedly wants you to have the birthing experience that YOU want! She was remarkable every step of the way. I've never felt as comfortable with someone as I was with her! She made it a point to make sure that I was comfortable with everything and was my voice when I did not have one. She knew exactly what to say and exactly what to do. I cannot imagine ever having another child without her support and care! I would highly recommend Andi Webb to anyone considering having a doula. 

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