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Ires Wilbanks CD(DONA)

Shakti Yoga & Living Arts

South Orange, NJ Service range 14 miles

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 125 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, December 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly binding
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Parenting consulting
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French
  • Hebrew

Fee Details

My fee includes childbirth education, 4 prenatal visits including Body, Ready, Method® assessment, childbirth education, and self-hypnosis for labor and/or prenatal yoga as well as a postpartum visit.

Service Area

South Orange, NJ Service range 14 miles

Client Testimonials for Ires Wilbanks CD(DONA)

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Mabel Haro


Ires was a valuable and calming presence throughout the second half of my pregnancy as well as during labor and delivery. We had an amiable and easy relationship from the onset. Ires met with us four times prior to L&D and was always available to answer questions through email or text, which really helped forge a trusting relationship with her.  I felt very at ease with her as did my husband. When the day came, she was beyond incredible because my labor lasted three days and she was by our side throughout! She was encouraging and supportive, with a calming touch that helped me through those three days of contractions. When we finally got to the birth center and were told my baby was still too high and in a posterior position, Ires knew exactly how to guide me through movements that would move my labor along and help turn my baby! In the end I had the natural birth I had hoped for and I’m so grateful to have had Ires by my side using all her tools to ensure that I did!

Zuirrae McKinney


Ires is such a beautiful spirit and me and my husband were so blessed to have her be with us for the journey towards birthing my baby girl. I always wanted someone who was just passionate and knowledgeable about the process and Ires was that and more!

I am someone who grew up being scared of birth and not only was Ires my doula but she has also become a friend, mentor and most importantly motivator. She made me feel comfortable this whole journey and we thank God for her. If you are looking for someone who is there for you and it's more than just a job choose Ires. Thanks again Ires we love you!

Nicole McNeill


Ires Wilbanks came into our life at exactly the right moment.  Our intention was to have as natural a birth process as possible. After meeting and speaking with her, we knew she was in alignment with our values around birth and life. My husband is a chiropractor and we are both holistically minded and believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. We believe birth is a spiritual journey and not a medical event. Throughout my pregnancy (which was not easy as I had very intense nausea throughout), Ires helped me build confidence in my inner power through her open and honest sharing of her birth experiences, and in her nurturing prenatal yoga and birth prep classes.  We worked together to prepare and she encouraged us to listen to our hearts and tap into the vision of the birth we wanted. When it came time to labor, she supported our process with different laboring positions, breathing and other coping measures. Although we had planned to be at the birth center, we had discussed with Ires that if for some reason the birth center did not work out, we were open to an unassisted birth at home. This was our first birth experience, but we had many friends who had made the choice to “freebirth" so the concept was not unfamiliar to us. Ires came through in a big way. Long story short, we were turned away from the birth center in the middle of the night for not being "dilated enough”. I was pretty discouraged, but we returned home and labored on. By sunrise, I roared my baby out into this world and MJ was born calmly and safely in our small steamy bathroom. No one disturbed our process. We know MJ was born exactly as he was meant to make his entry into this world. Thank you, Ires for holding the space and grounding us throughout a very intense and powerful process!  



I worked with Ires throughout my whole pregnancy and it was a wonderful experience. In addition to doula services, Ires leads a weekly prenatal yoga class and a periodic labor & delivery class. I attended the yoga class starting early in my first trimester and the L&D class in my second trimester. I started working 1:1 with Ires as a doula in my second trimester.

Ires came to my home for multiple labor prep visits and a postpartum visit. She spent time getting to know me and my partner to understand our backgrounds and attitudes about birth. We had long discussions and she helped us put together a birth plan that I felt good about. When it was time for labor, I felt prepared and calm. Ires coached me through me the process and came to my home during early labor and the hospital during late labor. The birth went so well and it’s absolutely due to Ires’ help!

Amira Garcia


Ires was the best doula anyone could ever ask for. She guided me through all the essential exercises I needed to prep my mind and body to give birth. Although my labor did not go quite as planned, she advocated for me every step of the way. I was able to labor for 10 hrs straight without any pain medication thanks to the wonderful breathing exercises she thought me,  and her serene demeanor keeping me grounded and level headed. When things took a turn, she was still supportive and right by my side. She helped me through all the twists and turns that kept coming my way and continued to make me feel at ease and without judgment. I couldn't have asked for better support throughout my pregnancy,  labor, delivery, and post partum. Both my husband and I are eternally grateful for her unwavering support through all the difficulties and we definitely could not have done it without her. She is definitely the goat. ??



Ires is magic.   

I met her through her weekly prenatal yoga class, which is an amazing resource to pair with her doula services.  We took her birth class as well with our first, where she shared her expertise in physiological birth.

She prepared me for birth with her extensive knowledge, eased my fears when I'd text or call in a panic, and then eventually helped me actualize the unmedicated birth of which I dreamed.  Ires is a calming presence who creates the perfect atmosphere during labor.  Her calling is to help moms and babies, and I am beyond grateful that she was there for me and both of my boys.

Gianna Wozney


Ires was a godsend.

I was 29 weeks when I switched my birth plan over to the birthing center. One of the midwives recommended me some Doulas to help me through birthing my baby and once I spoke to Ires I knew I found mine. 

Before labor, Ires gave me and my partner valuable, hands on information that served us as I prepared for the big day. 

When labor did come, Ires was a huge part of my success. She was so supportive with her words and her touch. She knew exactly what to do/say/what I needed without me even having to ask or tell her.  The support was unmatched and so incredibly valuable to the birth of my daughter.

I most definitely could not imagine my labor/birth without Ires. I am so grateful for her presence and her commitment to this selfless duty. She was fully present, encouraging, light hearted and most importantly she was confident in me when I wasn't so much in myself. 

Thanks you Ires for your hard work and commitment to this gigantic role you serve so gracefully. I don't want to know where I'd be without you! 



Ires was wonderful to work with and provided so much support to me throughout my third trimester - giving me advice, answering questions, and helping me feel empowered to advocate for what I wanted during the birth process as I looked to have a VBAC. She was a great help during my labor and delivery, cheering me on and providing encouragement and helped my nurse by holding up my other leg as I pushed. She also followed up with me after my birth for breastfeeding support and was nice enough to bring me homemade soup! I highly recommend Ires for anyone looking for support during the pregnancy and birth process.

Crystal S.


With our first baby on the way, my husband and I were eager to take a birthing class. We wanted to know what to expect--not only in terms of highlights, but also in terms of obstacles that could arise. We took Ires' labor & delivery class, as well as a prenatal yoga class, and a self-hypnosis for class for birthing. Her presence was calming and we loved how honestly she shared about her experiences with the birthing process. We also read some of the labor & delivery books she recommended, which were really helpful in preparing ourselves.

As we learned more about the birthing process and the different delivery options available, we started looking into a home birth. A home birth felt comfortable to us, and when I reached out to Ires for recommendations on midwives, she was incredibly helpful and always quick to reply to emails (which is exactly what I needed, as a 7 mo. pregnant woman trying to make a plan!). But our fetal cardiologist made the recommendation against a home birth, so it was a no-brainer that we wanted to have Ires on our team for the hospital birth. We hired her to be our doula and my only regret is that we should have done it sooner!

I was expecting to have a textbook scenario (water breaks, contractions start, go to hospital, etc), but instead, I had PROM (premature rupture of membrane): my water broke, but there were minimal contractions. My husband was away and Ires was my first phone call! I was panicked and she was supportive and reassuring. When we arrived at the hospital to be induced, we were prepared with our "birthing plan" (thanks to Ires). She coached me through breathing, did a hypnosis reading that--amazingly--eased the contractions for a bit, and most importantly she advocated for me when the on-call doc kept insisting on a cervical check (which I didn't want b/c it increases the risk of infection once your water has broken). She was at our side the whole night, and we couldn't have done it without her!

Stephanie B


Becoming pregnant for the first time, I knew, like most things in my life, I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about the process of labor, delivery and birth. I found Ires through Alignable and it was a match made in heaven. My husband and I both instantly felt very comfortable with Ires (even virtually) and very confident in her skill, training and compassion towards our wants and goals. Ires understood us immediately and gave us the direction and education we were looking for. She was our guiding light through a very unknown journey. Our relationship grew through multiple sessions of getting to know each other, understanding our backgrounds, learning our hopes, fears and desires and through the education process on the labor and delivery. She provided us with books, podcasts, meditations, articles and many other resources to further supplement our learning journey. Additionally Ires supported me nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually! I attended her weekly pre-natal yoga classes as well which was an amazing pairing to my birth preparation!

My goal for birth was to be as educated as possible, to understand my options and to go in with no expectations for myself. Ires whole heartedly supported me in this and helped bring out the confidence and courage in my husband and I. She supported me through transitioning from my OB to a midwifery practice which was exactly what I was needing to complete my birth preparation goals.

Our labor, delivery and birth were perfect. We all moved with the ups and downs as they came and explored options together as a team. Ires and my husband (thanks to Ires’s training and support) were the best doulas I could have ever imagined. Following birth, Ires has continued to be supportive. I have felt absolutely spoiled in her care. When looking for a doula full of a deeply rooted PASSION in prenatal preparation, labor, delivery, being your birthing companion and all things birth - Ires is your woman!



I met Ires at prenatal yoga and after doing a private birthing class with her, decided to hire her as our doula. Navigating a first pregnancy during covid was difficult and Ires was such a great support to us. Ires is a warm and knowledgeable presence and was always available when we had any questions or concerns- before, during and after the birth of our son. She helped us to resist feeling pressured by the hospital to induce and was so supportive and calm during a very long labor. Without her helping us to advocate for ourselves, we could have easily been pushed into having a cesarean. When thinking about having a doula, I was unsure of whether I would want someone at my labor besides my partner, but I'm so grateful she was there. Her presence was never intrusive and she put both my wife and I at ease. Her labor-aid drink and essential oils helped me to feel taken care of and comforted.


I also recommend taking advantage of her postnatal services. She was able to help with my breastfeeding questions and was able to keep our baby calm while teaching a yoga class to us in our home. If you're looking to hire a doula, do not hesitate in contacting Ires. She will always be a special part of our journey and someone who we now also consider a genuine friend.



Samantha Lamptey


Today marks one week since I experienced the most magical day of my life- my 1st home birth with my 3rd child. Ires,  my doula and angel played a significant role and my family and I are forever thankful for her. I was first introduced to Ires by my dear friend Aliya. Aliya had the privilege to have Ires as a doula and present for her two births and she shared her amazing experience with Ires. I'm so happy she shared and Ires was available to accept me as a new client in the height of the pandemic. My only regret was not meeting Ires sooner and having her present for my other two births. 

As I reflect on the pass 9 months, choosing Ires as my doula was the absolute best decision. Ires is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about her role as a doula. Ires genuinely cares about her mamas and provides profound wisdom and unconditional support and love. Although this was my third birth I learned the most through Ires. It is an honor to have Ires as a doula.

During my home birth,  lavender was the scent  to relax and calm me. It’s so fascinating how a natural flower can have soo many healing properties and soothe you. Ires was so attentive, encouraging and thoughtful throughout my pregnancy but during labor Ires was my lavender. Her presence exudes peace and she is very gifted. During an intense time in labor when I experienced peak of contraction,  I remember Ires calming, simple but powerful words, "Breathe down your baby".  Hearing those words from Ires  was therapeutic and really helped me to endure that wave of contraction. It was a gentle reminder  to stay focused and that each contraction is a friend to usher sweet baby out. 

Ires is the absolute best and highly highly recommend. Oh an she makes the best labor aide every- so yummy.   I love Ires

Michelle Jones


My husband and I hired Ires for our first birth. Ires quickly felt like a member of our family. She was a source of calm when I was worried, a resource for exercises to prepare my body for birth, and a teacher of advocating for myself when I could no longer have her present for my birth due to COVID. Ires helped me tap into my primordial instincts as a mother and embrace childbirth as an experience of enlightenment and joy, instead of something to be feared. I wanted a natural childbirth; Ires gave me the confidence, techniques, and guidance to pull it off. By the time labor came on, I felt ready and was able to execute it better than I could have imagined. I successfully went through an induction and gave birth to a beautiful daughter without any pain medication. After birth, Ires checked in often and helped my family and I whenever possible. If you’re considering a doula, Ires is someone who you definitely want in your corner.

Jessica Muro


If you're looking for a doula who is compassionate, kind, warm, understanding, encouraging and flexible - Ires is your woman! My husband and I both agree that, besides the arrival of our beautiful son, Ires was the best part of our birth story. Before, during and after the birth she was proactive in making sure we had the tools and support we needed to have a successful birth - one that was true to our values and beliefs. She truly went above and beyond to make us comfortable with her, confident in our choices, and empowered during our delivery and as we transitioned into parenthood. As first time parents, her support has been invaluable and more than what we could have ever expected. Thank you, Ires, for being an integral part of the most special time of our lives!

Anisha Thaker


I began taking prenatal yoga classes with Ires at 18 weeks pregnant (first pregnancy) and immediately began feeling better in my mind and body! The stretches and exercises Ires led us through were very unique and helped relieve a lot of pregnancy-related aches and pains. My husband and I then decided to have Ires be our doula and we are so happy we did! We were able to learn a lot from her labor and delivery workshop and found her sleep hypnosis visit very relaxing. The sleep hypnosis actually really helped me rest during early labor in between contractions.

I began early labor at night and was in touch with Ires- we decided to have her come in the morning because I felt comfortable laboring alone at night and I figured the baby probably wouldn't arrive until late the following day. After arriving in the morning, Ires helped me with techniques like body sifting, stretching, and massaging. We were able to comfortably labor at home with Ires's guidance; I was able to eat and rest throughout the day. In the afternoon, once contractions ramped up, we went to the hospital. Ires stayed and helped all evening. My doctor did not arrive until I was ready to push. Unfortunately, I had a less than ideal experience with my OB/GYN. She was harsh, rude, unaccommodating and seemed like she was trying to rush through everything so she could leave. During this time, I was immensely grateful to have Ires by our side- she helped me get comfortable during labor with the nurse (my doctor left after my first push and did not return until baby was crowning). Ires also maintained communication with me when my docor cut the cord early (without telling me, even though we had discussed delayed cord clamping). Ires continued to provide doula support the following days and a home visit to offer lactation and postpartum support. I also love her mommy & baby yoga class- really helped me regain strength and find a new sense of calm. This was a great activity to do with my baby!

Sara Massler


The first time my husband and I met with Ires we knew we wanted her at the birth of our first baby. She listened to all of our hopes and desires, asked us questions, and told us about her experiences. She was honest and not judgmental at all. We knew she would be someone we could lean on for support through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. When we hired her we felt a sense of relief, one more amazing woman to have hold space and support us through the experience of becoming parents. K

Her knowledge of yoga was so helpful at easing pregnancy discomforts (I definitely recommend her prenatal yoga classes), and her labor and delivery workshops were great information in preparation, as were the hypnobirthing sessions. She has so many wonderful tools to share. 

We had a beautiful, powerful and intense home birth. Ires’ physical and emotional support during my labor was calm and strong. Her presence was so in tune with what we needed, closeness, distance, touch, words, it was all exactly what we needed, when we needed it. She was there to care for us in whatever way we needed  

Her energy,was also very welcomed by my husband, who needed a little more encouragement when it came to birth. Knowing she was there for him also put me at ease. Her trust in me, my baby, and our birth was amazing. 

I hope that what i have written makes sense, it is hard to put into words such a powerful experience such as birth. I always recommend that people meet with Ires to see if they would make a good team, and i hope we are close when we have another baby! 

Lyndsey Tyler


From the moment I met Ires in her pre-natal yoga class and I learned that she was a doula, I knew we needed her to be a part of the birth of our son. Though I was initially hesitant around spending the money on a doula as this was our second baby, we ultimately decided that it was the right move, as I still wanted someone to support me in preparing for labor and I also wanted someone who could support my husband. Choosing Ires as our doula was hands down the best decision we made throughout my pregnancy. She was the perfect addition to our birth team – calming, confident, peaceful, and intuitive. She knew how much having a natural birth meant to me and never wavered in her support and encouragement. Her presence was constant but never invasive, and it enabled my husband and I to connect and share in one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives. During her postpartum visit, she was again so helpful and nurturing with my recovery (both mentally and physically) and I felt so much love flowing from her to me and our newly expanded family. I have made a friend whom I admire deeply and I cannot recommend her more heartily. 

Yoko McIvor


Ires is incredible. Beyond support, she became the leader of our birth team. She coached our minds and bodies, gave us the confidence we needed, and provided natural pain management techniques - to the point where I actually slept between contractions! She brought both of us - mom and dad - calm confidence and strength, Thanks to Ires’ guidance we had the natural delivery I didn’t know I was capable of and transformed the experience of bringing our sweet girl into this world.

Ires is truly gifted and wonderful. We cannot recommend her enough!

Maren Epstein


Hiring Ires to be my Doula when I was pregnant with my first child Ava was, in retrospect, a very wise decision for my husband and I. Being a young mother who is avidly health conscious who also had little to no baby experience, I wanted to set myself up for success. For me success was doing everything I could to have a vaginal birth in a world where cesareans are prescribed like antibiotics. Despite having a few of the odds stacked against me. Such as going into labor when the hospital was understaffed and having a posterior baby... I had a natural birth. When the going got tough Ires was responsive, helpful, sensitive and empathetic. I am positive that without her guidance my birth processes would have been much more stressful.

Birth is one of the hardest things you will do in your life. If you have any fear or anxiety what so ever do not hesitate to hire Ires to help you! My husband and I are glad we did!

Stacey Futterman Tauriello


I found Ires online and did a 1 on 1 yoga session with her during the early stages of my pregnancy and really loved her energy. As a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor and women's health I knew I wanted to hire a doula to help me with my labor and delivery. At 45 years old and having gone through fertility treatments I knew I really wanted to try to have a vaginal delivery. My husband and I met with her later in my pregnancy to discuss expectations and come up with a plan. ( I also got to really know her through yoga). She was supportive of my views and never judged me for my decisions. .

Ohhhhhhh plans! Nothing ever goes as planned. My labor was FAST and furious and there was nothing calm about it. I couldn't labor at home so she met us at the hospital. IRES WAS AMAZING! She kept me calm and my husband too. Nothing like essential oils diffusing during the chaos! Due to a very fast labor I needed the epidural and again Ires was very supportive! When my daughter was positioned sunny side up she used her doula technique to rock my pelvis and flip her! After 3+ hours of pushing and almost giving up I delivered a healthy 7# 9oz baby girl. She stayed with us during skin in skin time and explained everything.

1 week post-partum Ires cake for our post-partum check and helped relive my daughter's delivery which was so helpful. She checked in to make sure I was doing well!

There is nothing better than having amazing support during one of the hardest things you will ever do. My husband and I are so grateful and now she is more like a friend.

Allison Posner


Every woman should have a doula like Ires to support her through pregnancy and labor. Ires is compassionate, knowledgeable, and intuitive, always able to tune into your needs before you even know them yourself. It is a truly special relationship that Ires forges with each client and nurtures through her fantastic prenatal yoga classes, guided meditation sessions, and of course, the work of labor and delivery. I always knew Ires could answer any question I had, whether it be about the best methods to encourage labor to start when my baby was past his due date (acupuncture worked wonders!) or which positions helped alleviate back labor. I felt so well taken care of throughout my whole experience working with Ires and I am so thankful to her!

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