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Komorebi Doulas, CD (DTI/DONA) CLC

Kiyoe Ito and Susannah Hurley

Bronx, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 100 families served

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula
  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • Doula Trainings International , December 2015
  • The Matrona, October 2016

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Currently doing in-person birth and postpartum support

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Photography - Birth
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Virtual and remote doula support

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Bronx, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

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Client Testimonials for Komorebi Doulas, CD (DTI/DONA) CLC

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I didn’t always know that I wanted to work with a doula. During my 34-week prenatal visit, certain suggestions from my prenatal OB did not sit well with me as they reflect an intervention-oriented mindset (or as another reviewer below stated that sometimes doctors “communicate from a place of fear”). Not wanting to operate under a sense of fear alone, I decided to search for a doula for more support. 

I looked for experience and knowledge in a doula, and I am very happy that I made the decision to work with Susie - she is seasoned, warm, kind and a calming presence. Due to the time crunch and COVID, we had our prenatal meetings online and they were very informative and productive. Talking through what to expect and reviewing birth preferences helped to mentally prepare in a positive way. I also liked how these sessions made my husband feel more involved - he had many good questions and the discussion about his role and preferences during delivery helped him greatly. 

I had an unmedicated birth which was what I had hoped for, and it was an intense, powerful and overall very positive experience. Having Susie by my side to cheer me on gave me much confidence that I could do it (those hands-on counter pressure massages during contractions were awesome!). It was also great that she was already familiar with the hospital’s COVID protocol (and adjusted access for doulas, for example), so she could navigate well. She had some very practical suggestions for hospital bag items to pack and I truly appreciated that.

I’m very glad that I made the decision to work with Susie and I would highly recommend her as a birth doula.

Leslie Gold


I had a really rough pregnancy and was so paranoid that I wouldn’t have a healthy baby or delivery.

When my husband and I first FaceTimed with Susie, I just knew she was the doula for me. She’s calm, reassuring, and hilarious, all of which I really needed. Plus, we may be the world’s two biggest Georgie Michael fans, and what else is there, really?

Our prenatal meetings went off without a hitch, we kept in touch throughout my pregnancy. Before and after birth, Susie has been a font of resources. She seems to know everything and everyone and is full of helpful ideas. By the time I gave birth, I felt like I had a knowledgeable, trustworthy friend by my side. Susie helped me get through my labor with confidence, some laughs, and a minimum of pain and fear and has been a wonderful friend ever since.

Of all the fantastic  things my healthy, happy baby boy has brought into my life, Susie is definitely one of the best!  My husband loves Susie as much as I do, and that’s really saying something.



My sister asked me to be in the delivery room with her during the birth of her son. I was excited and honored and terribly nervous having never experienced birth first had. Doula Susie brought a wealth of knowledge and kindness into every interaction throughout this process. She was understanding about my lack of knowledge and reassured me that I was there for emotional support not experience or expertise. When my sister went into labor she arrived and set both of us at ease, allowing my sister to decide when she was ready to go to the hospital, massaging her back for comfort and checking in on her needs constantly. I truly am so grateful that Doula Susie was with my sister, her kindness, calm, and knowledge helped to create one of the most incredible events I've ever seen. 



I had a fantastic birth- better than anything I had imagined. It was empowering and exciting and due in large measure to Susie being such a patient teacher and support. Susie is calm and gentle.  She met with me multiple times before my due date to talk through my concerns and to ensure I knew what to expect from the process. She sent me articles to read to educate myself and she had no judgments about my choices- just information. As soon as I went into labor, she was totally available and attentive and spent hours calming and consoling me at my apartment before we went to the hospital.  While I was in labor she helped me communicate my thoughts to the doctors and after my son was born she helped him crawl up my chest and begin to nurse within seconds. She did all this with grace and humor and energy and kindess. 
Susie is a gentle funny delight and has deep knowledge of the birth process. Plus she has a delicious pea soup recipe that she brought to our post partum appointment that is beyond delicious! I am so grateful to have had the benefit of her knowledge and kindness by myside during my first child's birth.

Jesse & Cat


In a Doula, we were looking for someone who was respectful of our choices, someone with experience, and someone who we connected with on a personal level. Right away, we knew Susie was these things and more. From the time we spent together before the birth, to labor, to our post-partem visit, Susie helped us feel prepared, heard and comforted. Susie was a crucial piece of our top notch labor team, and is now a friend going forward. We can't thank you enough, Susie!! Highly recommended!! 

Devon & Greg


Susie could not have been more valuable part of our birth experience.  She is a remarkable human who found her calling as a doula.  She created calmness in the chaos of birth-  guiding me towards trusting my body and surrendering to the process of childbirth.  My partner and I started out feeling ambivalent about working with a doula in general-  we weren't sold on the idea that we needed extra support... we could not have been more wrong.   Having Susie as a part of our birth was the best decision we made!  I had wanted a birth without pain medications but I went into labor with many doubts about my ability to do that-  Susie believed in me and helped me achieve this goal, but she also helped me realize there is no way to fail at childbirth and that labor can take many forms.  During labor, she modeled to my husband a way of being that provided me with a sense of sturdiness and security.  This was incredible because the birth of our son ended up being a powerful, connecting experience for us as a couple.    

Susie was also so helpful during moments when my doctor doubted my strength or the hospital staff communicated from a place of fear.  She helped us stay steady through my labor, she gave me a sense of  courage, and I can honestly say I had an incredibly powerful, positive, and empowering birth experience because of her guidance and support.    

Loren O'Neil


Contacting Susie was my first step towards regaining a sense of control over the birth process and upon meeting her I felt immediate relief from my anxiety. Susie has a warm disposition, and possesses unique knowlege and perspective. I felt seen by her, without having to show her anything, and this initial sense of presence and safety I felt when we met held throughout the process. Susie understood my fears, educated me and connected me with her network so I could explore different options for delivery. She was nonjudgmental and supportive of my decisions, helping me to feel confident and secure in them. Susie stayed by my side during an emotionally taxing labor and was attuned to my needs without me having to articulate them. Her use of touch, cues to breathe, and her on-point sense of humor, were all key to my ability to cope. Her assertiveness and alliance with the nurses allowed me to focus on my own internal experience without worry about what was happening around me. Ultimately, she helped us work through difficult decisions about delivery. The assurance and support she provided to my partner was equally important. We actually felt like she was our hero, and that we could not have handled it without her. Susie visited us in the hospital to process the experience and this helped me make peace with it, and I believe contributed to a smoother transition into the postpartum period. I also believe she knew this would be the case, which speaks to her instincts and sense of duty in this important role. Susie came to our home a week later with delicious food and she massaged my achy back, helped with the many chores, talked through my experiences as a new mom, answered my questions about -everything-, and held our daughter so I could rest. Susie is a gifted doula; she is a strong ally and birth companion. She was the thread that held us together during the incomprehensible and magical time that is the third and fourth trimesters and we are forever grateful!

Daniel Harris


This was our first birth. Susie arrived at our apartment late at night, soon after my wife's labor turned serious. Susie's calm, warm demeanor and wealth of knowledge immediately made us feel more relaxed and confident than we could reasonably have felt on our own, and this mindset stayed with us until our baby arrived, sixteen hours later. Through the whole process, Susie gave us invaluable advice and emotional support. Susie and I sometimes took turns helping my wife with pain management, but more often we worked together as a team, with Susie massaging my wife's hips and back from behind, while I kneeled in front, looked into my wife's eyes, helped guide her moaning toward a low pitch, and rubbed her legs. This combination was very helpful for my wife. At one point, following a contraction, she began to cry tears of joy, telling us that she felt "SO supported". I felt the same way, and we both continued to feel that way through the whole process.

We are incredibly lucky to have had a birth that went smoothly and mostly according to plan. We treasure the experience. But I feel confident that it would have been much more stressful and much more difficult to enjoy if Susie hadn't been there. Every time I was tempted to worry that something was going badly, I felt totally reassured by Susie's response. It is just impossible to quantify the value of that. And of course, I can only assume that her support would have been even more valuable if things hadn't gone as smoothly.

In short: I loved having Susie as our Doula. I unreservedly recommend her. In fact, I have already raved about her to my friends so enthusiastically that they immediately met with her and decided to work with her as well. This makes me very happy for them!

Margot 0TTEN


Having Susie with us for the birth of our first child felt like having a secret weapon. Her wisdom, advocacy, and sense of humor allowed my husband and I to be anxiety-free and focus on each other and the task at hand during active labor and birth. Susie is reliable, calm, proactive, positive, and sincere. The support she provided was invaluable. It’s moving to engage with someone who is so adept at and so dedicated to what she does. Susie was the best decision that we made in terms of planning for the birth. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Courtney Ryan Cooper


I contacted Susie based on her bio online and we liked her immediately during our initial Skype chat. Susie came to our home twice before birth and gave us a ton of information and answered all of our questions. Susie really respected our lifestyle and birth plan and gave us a lot of advice based on that. We felt extremely comfortable with her as our doula.

I went into labor on my due date and I texted Susie letting her know and also thinking that this could take a while. Our plans of laboring at home with massages and wine did not happen as my labor progressed very quickly! We called Susie and she got to our doctors office very quickly. Susie was so great about calming me down and letting me know it would be OK if I gave birth in my doctor's office rather than the hospital because we had to wait for a room! Luckily we were able to get over there and Susie was with us every step of the way. She was so great with me and my partner throughout the birth and regardless of all the pain (very fast and natural intervention and drug free birth!) she knew exactly what to do and say to get me through everything.

Susie came over a few weeks after we had our daughter to check in on us and see if we had any questions. I highly recommend Susie and hopefully she can be a part of our next one!

Lori Kinney


We were so incredibly lucky to have Susie as our doula. She brought so much to our birthing experience. As first time parents, we were not sure what to expect from the process. She answered all of our questions before and after the birth with an amazingly friendly and positive attitude. During the birth itself, she made sure both myself and my husband were comfortable, brought us snacks, and hung out with us as my labor progressed. Even though my labor didn't go as planned, Susie was there exactly when I needed her with tools to help me get through the process. When it came time to push, she was right there by my side supporting me and giving me the positive energy my husband and I needed to keep going after my 30 hour labor. Susie also had a postpartum visit with us where she made us the most amazing food ever. Her friendly and positive attitude throughout the experience coupled with her knowledge made her invaluable to our birth. By the end, she felt more like a friend than just a doula. I'm so so glad we chose Susie, and if we decide to have a second child, I would call her again in a heartbeat.

Olga Abinader


Susie is an incredibly special person and my husband and I were so fortunate that she was available during our pregnancy and the birth of our first child. A consummate professional, Susie made us feel very comfortable as new parents to be with her profound knowledge of pregnancy, birth and post partum topics that were of interest to us. We knew all along that we would opt for a hospital birth and that we wanted to educate ourselves about the different birthing options available to us within the otherwise impersonal and overwhelming hospital setting. Susie met with us at our home twice before the birth of our child; we talked about our concerns, preferences, questions and so forth. She asked us questions that helped us think about and pull together a plan for our child’s birth, and gave us information that we wouldn’t have otherwise known to ask about. She also taught us pain management and comfort strategies, which we found incredibly helpful. She kept in constant contact with me and answered my (many!) frantic questions. It was so great to be able to check in with her and to know she was there to help me.

With her help and under her care, I went into labor with the right team by my side (Susie included). It was a challenging experience, and Susie was there with us the entire time. With her presence, I felt supported, calm, informed, mentally strong and empowered while giving birth. Our baby arrived healthy and strong and I am satisfied with my birth experience.

And Susie has a very warm personality and great sense of humor to boot! She really is like family to us and we are so grateful. Her constant support, thoughtfulness and intelligence make her an excellent doula and source of support during the pregnancy and birthing experience. Do not hesitate to work with her - she’s amazing and as a first time parent, I do not know what we would have done without her help and expertise. Thank you Susie!

Katie Fabel


Susannah is so amazing!!! We got so lucky to find her. As soon as we met her we felt instantly at ease - calm, comfortable, safe & cared for. We pretty much decided on the spot that she was our Doula. Grounded, gentle, kind, caring, generous, smart, centred, level, insightful, genuine, killed & wonderful, she was an invaluable part of our entire birthing process. I am pretty self-concious  but Susannah instantly felt like a sibling or old friend whom i could be completely vulnerable & honest with & whom I could expect absolute honesty from, and that she genuinely cared for us - love her! She was an incredible support to my partner and as first time parents we felt much more confident having her there Which on it's own made a huge difference, and having her in the room was a true blessing. My labor was long & unpredictable because I had to be induced early due to a medical condition & Susannah was as flexible, stable & reassuring and present as anyone could hope for - espcially at the moments we were struggling - she made it feel natural, she rubbed my feet & shoulders (v skilled massager!) talked gently, helped us get settled, made herself available to me via phone/text/email in all the weeks from booking her to beyond birth. She cleared up my queries & helped us work out our best options & how to make it all as special as possible & include as many of our wishes as we were able with our special circumstances. By the time we had our darling healthy baby girl we can all say it happened just as it had to and it was perfect & Susannah was absolutely vital - we can't imagine doing it without her & we thank our lucky stars to have had her presence - all this whilst being a mom of two herself. She made it a happier birth! Susannah is 100% dream-doula & we highly highly recommend having her as part of your team! I can't imagine anyone better. Thank you Susie!!! Love Katie & John & Baby Adelaide xxx

Melody DeAndrea


Susie was so wonderful and exactly what I was hoping for in a doula. From our first meeting I was sure that she was the one! She has a quiet confidence that immediately put me at ease and I knew would serve me well during labor. We had 2 prenatal visits that were informal, relaxed, and educational. She answered all of my questions and showed me and my husband some counter pressure and massage techniques for labor.

Fast forward a few weeks and I found myself facing a very scary situation. I had developed preeclampsia and was going to have to be induced. While this was far from my original plan or ideal situation, I felt at ease knowing my husband and Susie would be by my side. Susie arrived at the hospital with her bag of tricks shortly after they had placed the balloon to start dilation, and the pitocin started around the same time. Susie was such a strong calming presence and I was so happy to have her there. She watched me closely and knew when to suggest a change in position, acupressure point, massage, or offer a cool wash cloth. She even had a peanut ball to help with labor positioning.

Susie kept me centered in a way that I didn't know possible during labor. She could see when in was slipping away from that and quickly and calmly brought me back, which is not an easy task! She also trusted that I knew my body, and was quick to run and find my midwife when I felt the baby was ready and no one was in the room. My last few contractions were incredibly intense and Susie helped coach me through them as my son made a very quick entrance into the world. She stayed for an hour or so after the birth to help initiate breastfeeding and take a few photos for (and with!) us.

I would highly recommend choosing Susie as your doula, I only wish I had found her before I had my daughter as well!

Helen Hoepfner


We decided to work with a doula when my third friend mentioned that her husband fell asleep on her while timing contractions. We did not want to be one of those couples who were angry or stressed during the happiest (and most tiresome) moment in our life. We met with Susie and knew right away that she would be the perfect doula for us. We planned on a non-medicated birth at the Birthing Center at Mt. Sinai West and Susie was supportive from the start. She came to our house and worked with us on massage and breathing as well as going over our expectations during the the birth. She was warm, funny, caring and perfect.

As most birth plans go, everything flew out the window when we arrived at the hospital and I was diagonsed with severe preeclampsia. I was immediatly given medication and an epidural. Susie joined us during my active labor and got me through the intense moments. (Magnesium sulfate is no joke!) While I pushed, her voice and my husbands were what I heard and focused on. She continued to care for me after the birth and checked in on us weeks later. I hope Susie continues to stay in our life to watch our little one grow.

The choices for doulas seems endless but if you are looking for a down to earth person who is really there for you, then I can't recommend her enough. We love her so!

Helen and Chris

River Wildflower


There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for the care that Susie gave me during my labor and also during those first few post partum weeks. She is a wonderful birth doula, calm and compassionate, I felt free to be me! She has an amazing, grounding touch which lends to some pretty epic back massages during labor. Susie also respects whatever your birth plan or wishes are with no judgment whatsoever. I will recommend her to the moon and back to any mother looking for someone to help her through labor and birth. And now, I must rave about her post-partum support... Firstly, she will make you the most amazing soups and treats. You will eat them and be nourished. Then she will wash all your dishes. You will want to marry her. She cleaned my entire apartment while I napped with my baby. Including my bathroom. Yes, it's true. She also bounced my baby for a little bit so I could go out for a walk in the sunshine and contemplate my new place in life. I'll remember that walk forever. I'll remember her loving support for even longer. Thank you Susie! We love you!

Susan Elizabeth Streit


Susie came to us through recommendation by my labor and delivery doula. At the time I was three weeks postpartum and my husband was working 16-18 hour days. I was beyond sleep deprived and overwhelmed with a newborn. Susie brought me back to life. She came four days a week, sometimes only two hours at a time, which allowed for me to take a nap while she did minor work around our apartment, including organizing our changing table drawers and a hutch for baby! That would have taken me weeks. I looked forward to her every visit. She brought me homemade soup on her first visit and always offered to stop at the drug store before coming to our apartment. Not only did I gain sleep but also confidence through conversation with Susie. Her breast feeding knowledge helped me to deal with thrush as well as some very painfully blocked ducts. As the weeks went on and my baby began to sleep I continued to ask her to come over to watch my daughter as I, instead, did the household chores and organized closets. But I didn't want to let her go! She's an incredible multitasker and was amazing when it came to soothing the baby. My sister and mother couldn't soothe my daughter in those early weeks and were jealous to hear that Susie could! I look forward to calling Susie when I have baby number 2!

Susan and Leia (born August 2016)

Arielle Pink


Susannah was a total lifesaver with our newborn twin girls. It was so difficult settling into life with 3 kids under 2 at home, but Susannah's presence was comforting and helpful. She checked in with me about my breastfeeding plans and helped me stick to my desired schedule and get some sleep at the same time. Our space is super tiny, but Susannah's presence did not feel overwhelming in the slightest. She tidied up our apartment, and even made us breakfast for the morning, ready for my toddler when he woke up! She is gentle, encouraging and empathetic with a great sense of humor to boot - exactly what a new mom needs in those first days at home She even continues to check in with our family and it's clear that she cares in the most genuine way. I wholeheartedly recommend Susannah to anyone searching for a doula!

Young Won Kim


After interviewing many doulas, I immediately felt comfortable speaking with Susie and knew she was the one for me. She was easy going, calm and relaxed but confident so I knew I could trust her. Her experience with previous clients as well as her having had different types of deliveries herself as a mom was helpful. From the moment I asked her to be my birth doula to my postpartum visit, she was always a text or a phone call away when I had questions or needed advice.

During the pregnancy, she raised important questions that I may have missed or not thought about, to ensure that I could have the birthing experience I wanted. Susie did a superb job teaching my husband on effective massage and acupressure points that came in super handy in 30+ hours of labor. Thanks to Susie my husband was an excellent birthing coach during those last 12 hours of laboring at home! And she was always checking in on me during the late and early hours when I was laboring at home.

During labor and delivery, Susie's calmness and excitement were in sync with my family's. When I sent my husband and mom out to dinner, I'm sure talking with Susie helped me to dilate quickly from 5cm to 9.5cm! She comforted me to stay calm during labor and be excited to meet my little one. She made sure I was getting the birthing experience I wanted by raising issues I should think about and discuss with my doctor, and cheered me on the whole time alongside my husband and mom. She basked in joy with us admiring our new addition till the late hours until they finally moved me to my postpartum room.

At the postpartum visit, she guided me to evaluate the birthing experience and helped me with tips on caring for my newborn. Although my birth was not exactly how I imagined it, I have no doubt I got everything I wanted out of it thanks to Susie. I'd strongly recommend Susie as a birth doula! You'll be lucky to have her as your doula!

Linsay Davis


Susie is a very good friend of mine and accompanied me during labor and at my birth.  It was so amazing to have her with me as I welcomed my daughter into the world.  Susie is a natural doula.  My labor was very long and ultimately ended in a c-section.  I'm so thankful that Susie was with me through my journey.  I felt at ease througout my expereince, even though the birth I had was very different from the birth I had planned.  Susie was extremely present, helpful, and compassionate throughout.  She made sure that my needs were met and also offered support as I had to make difficult decisions while in labor.  I think mothers and birth partners would be so lucky to have Susie work with them during birth.  She's a wonderful doula and friend!

Suzanne Lynch


Susie has an kind, gentle and healing presence which she applies to her postparum doula work. Any new monther would be incredibly lucky to have her. First of all, she is calm and steady which helps both baby and mother to be calm ansd steady as well. (I consider this to be VERY IMPORTANT in the crazy new baby days ans I think it's much harder than she makes it seem), Secondly, Susie is pro-active and very smart so she can quickly size up what needs to be done, and will just do it. What a relief! And even more --she has studied so many things about babies and birth and can provide you with great information. My daughter loves her and so do I. I highly recommend her :)

Maggie Connolly


Susie is the rare person who, even if you just met her, you feel like you've known forever. Her sense of humor, warmth and humility are invaluable qualities for a doula to possess. Any expecting or new parent would benefit from her support.

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