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Tampa, FL Service range 20 miles Serving Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties.

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Birth Fee

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Years in Operation: 5

Type of practice: Group practice

Clients per month: 1 to 15 births and 1 to 10 postpartum families

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We cannot attend intentionally unassisted births.

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We are a doula agency providing professional labor and postpartum support across Tampa Bay. We look forward to having the opportunity to support you and your growing family!

Tampa, FL Service range 20 miles Serving Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties.

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The doulas at Buddha Belly were an absolute joy to work with. once we found them, we ended up using every one of their services, from prenatal and postpartum doula support (day/evening/overnight shifts), to belly casting, a newborn parenting class given in the comfort of our own home (to accommodate our crazy schedules), to placenta encapsulation/tincture (which was a lifesaver balancing out postpartum hormones)! Not only did they perfectly fit my style, they enhanced the experience for our family on every level! They made me realize that no matter what my personality or ever changing pregnancy mood, they were there to support our family. When the time came to deliver our little one, Amy was there every step of the way helping me breathe thru every contraction. Amy also helped my husband understand how to support me as well during delivery, which was invaluable. When the time came to make some very serious decisions, Amy somehow simultaneously gave us the space to make that decision w/o leaving us feeling unsupported in the next steps we took to make sure I could stay as true to my birth plan as possible. Sharing the moment our child came into the world with Amy is a memory that we will never forget; & she even managed to snap several pictures of our first moments with our baby. Many new parents talk about how their households are chaotic after having a child. We didn't experience that at all. Our house was serene and clean! Our postpartum doulas Lori, Amy (owner) and Rebecca came daily. They did our laundry, cleaned floors, washed dishes, cleaned/sanitized baby bottles & straightened the house up. We wouldn't have been able to survive w/a lack of sleep & all the endless chores that come with a new baby. The doulas blended in seamlessly w/our household after our child was born. I would highly recommend Buddha Belly & I can't wait to hire Buddha Belly for our next child.

Leah Glover


I would highly recommend Buddha Belly Birth Services and specifically Amy Lewis as a birth doula. I’m a second time mom with an almost 8 year gap between babies. I liked the fact that Buddha Belly set you up with a doula team. The conversation with Amy and Christie went great. They got to know me and what I was looking for. I learned more about Buddha Belly and was thrilled when I found out that they were a doula team that would be available when my baby was due. We had an in-person meeting that weekend and it was doula love. Amy and Christie are both fantastic and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. During the next several months, they would check in with me. My hi-risk OB decided that she was looking like a “big baby.” It really upset me and Amy and Christie sent articles on how the measurements could be inaccurate and helped me stay confident that I could birth my baby naturally (dr said 10lbs she ended up 8lbs). I felt like I could vent to them when I was upset and they would be so great in responding.  We also got a lot out of the pre-natal visit with Amy and Christie. We felt so empowered and ready for the baby after that.  I ended up going in to be induced and Amy was the doula on call. I was given cytotec at the hospital and it put me in labor. I didn’t think I was progressing very far overnight. Around 5:30am I was at a 7 and labor was progressing quickly. I called my husband and Amy and she actually got there before he did! She came right when I was starting a contraction and literally dropped her bag and stated counter pressure on my back. Amy and my husband got me into the shower and different labor positions and by 9:02 my daughter arrived and I had the natural birth I was hoping for. I can’t say enough about Amy. She is warm, positive, encouraging, and just the person you would want at your side during birth!

Jessica Brumley


Evidence has demonstrated that women who have a doula are less likely to use pain medication in labor, less risk of cesarean section and a higher satisfaction with their birth experience. We love working with a supportive doula but not all doula's are the same. The doula's of Buddha Belly Birth Services are not only skilled in techniques to support women during labor but do so in a way that is supportive of the relationship between the woman, her family and her midwife or doctor. This philosophy creates a birth space that is trusting and not divisive. As a midwife attending births in a hospital setting, I know some women are scared that they will be pushed to have interventions that are not indicated and feel the need to fight for a natural birth. The doulas of Buddha Belly Birth Services can help women feel less scared and more trusting by sharing their knowledge of our birth services, preparing women for childbirth and advocating for women prenatally and during labor. It is not uncommon for me to receive a message from Christie or other members of her group in regards to a patients concern or question. Knowing their doula also knows and trusts their midwife can make for a smoother experience. The USF Midwives are thrilled to have Buddha Belly Birth Services as such a great partner in supporting normal childbirth in Tampa Bay.

Elise Szafranski


Hiring Buddha Belly was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy and I would absolutely recommend them! Being my first pregnancy I had no idea what to expect from labor but I felt more at ease already just from meeting with Amy and Christie. They were so sweet and supportive and offered great knowledge and experience. Christie was my doula for labor and she was so incredibly helpful! I wanted my birth to be as natural as possible so when I had to be induced I was so worried I'd have to get an epidural. Because of Christie's support throughout labor I was able to do it without one! She helped my husband help me and we are so thankful for that. And she was a great support system for us when one of my doctors was less than supportive of my decision for no drugs. She even managed to capture some amazing pictures for us that we will treasure forever! Thank you!

Jessica Isaac


I was originally looking to hire a birth photographer and doula, but Buddha Belly made my decision easy because they have doulas who are also birth photographers! During my pregnancy, I was supported by a pair of doula/photographers (Jillian and Bailey). I texted them with questions and concerns regularly. They were super responsive, sharing advice and articles as well as the occasional pep-talk. Their knowledge and caring energy always came through.

Jillian was on-call when I went into labor. After a few hours, I asked her to meet up with me. I had a lot of low back pain (I had a natural birth at a birth center). Jillian rubbed my back for HOURS. She also coached my hubby on helping me through labor. During all this, she had a wonderfully calming, positive energy that really helped me keep my head straight. She also reminded me to eat which was so important.

After my baby was born, she even went to Wawa (at like 3am!!) to get me a sandwich (BEST SANDWICH EVER)!

I barely noticed her taking photos while I was in labor, but she took so many amazing shots! I am thrilled with how the photos turned out and am so happy I decided to use Buddha Belly for my doula/photography needs. I would recommend Jillian and Bailey to anyone who is looking for a doula/birth photographer, and will absolutely hire them again when I have another baby!

Check out Jillian's beautiful photography! Search Secondhand Exposure on Facebook :)

Sara Blue Star


I had a great experience with Buddha Bellies! I had an extremely difficult twin pregnancy and anytime it was getting too hard, or overwhelming I would reach out to them through text messaging. They always had kind and well-educated responses to my questions and made me feel heard and loved for months before my delivery. I unexpectedly delivered 32 week preemies and over the course of a week in the hospital my entire birth plan fell apart due to health risks related to the babies. I had unwavering support through phone calls and text messages during this whole time. When I got woken up at 2am by a room full of people saying it was time for a cesarean and the first words out of my mouth were "call the doula!" My only regret is not calling them sooner so we could have had her calming presence during my failed induction and epidural which were pretty upsetting for me. I will always admire these women for taking such good care of me for the months during my pregnancy. 

Tanya Grazione


Pregnant with my third baby, and never experiencing the birth I have envisioned, I decided to hire a Doula this time around.

I received superior service from the moment I contacted Buddha Bellies.
Christie promptly contacted me and advised me of her services and what exactly a Doula provides, as this was all new to me.
She provided bios of every Doula on her team and who she felt would be a good fit for me. I also advised Christie I wanted someone with experience in Hypnobirthing as I found this method intriguing and wanted to learn more.

This is where I was put in contact with Candice since she was a hypnobirthing educator! I had an interview scheduled with her and a few others that week.
Needless to say, I knew she was the one, and canceled my other interviews and hired her that day.
My husband and I felt a strong connection with her and she was beyond knowledgable and caring.

I also hired Candice for one on one Hypnobirthing classes at my home. I truly feel she didn't just prepare me for the birth I envisioned, she brought out a side of me I never knew was in there and gave me strength for life not just the birth of my child.
I'm a strong person physically however the mental part has always been the hard part.
Hypnobirthing taught me to relax and believe in the process, trusting your body. She prepared my mind and soul and I was more than ready come my sons birthday.

Thanks to Candice I had the birth experience that I have always dreamed of and also made a friend for life. My husband and children fell in love with her from day one.
I'm actually sad that we are stopping at three, since I would love to experience it all again with her!

I also decided to do a belly cast in which Christie did herself and it came out amazing! Truly a piece of art that I can display for many years. Thank you again Buddha Belly!!


Lauren Richards


From the second I found out I was pregnant I knew a home birth was exactly what I wanted. There was no way I was going to be in a hospital to give birth, those places freaked me out! As I researched long and hard to find the perfect midwife for my new and growing family, a new term was introduced to my vocabulary. That unfamiliar term was “Doula”. My husband, nor I knew anything about what a doula was, what they did or any of the benefits they provided to families before, during, and after birth. We went back and forth about whether or not to hire one. A doula would be an added expense that we would pay for out of pocket. This was going to be our first experience with birth so we decided, what the heck, a doula could provide support to the both of us during the birthing process. Christie Collbran was the second doula we interviewed and after leaving that night, we knew she was the ONE! Fast forward 6 months or so and my due date had come and gone. I went in for my post-date testing and it turned out I wasn’t going to get my home birth after all. At least the option of having an unmediated, vaginal delivery was still on the table. I was devastated and freaking out as the nurse told me they were going to induce me that night. Luckily, Christie was close by and was able to come provide encouragement for a brief time. A day, what seemed like weeks later, it was time to start a low dose of Pitocin and before I knew it I was having the most painful back cramps imaginable. Christie was there every step of the way offering calm and loving suggestions. She helped me advocate for myself and my chosen birthing experience. She provided knowledge and encouragement to my husband, who didn’t know what to do at times during the contractions. Christie is truly the most talented and loving doula. My experience of giving birth in a hospital was a positive one because of her patience, knowledge, and caring heart!

Samantha Suffich


I can't say enough about how Christie impacted my birth as my doula. She was a calming presence for my husband. He knew that as long as Christie was calm everything was going to be okay. My favorite memory was when Christie reminded my to follow my instincts and to own my birth. This made a profound impact on my birth experience and outcome, as well as my ongoing experience as a parent. She even offered extensive follow up help when I needed additional lactation support. Everyone NEEDS a doula!

Kevin Fairchild


Our doula from Buddha Belly, Samantha Suffich, was absolutely wonderful for the birth of our first child.

She assisted us not only at the birthing center, but also was with us for the many hours at the hospital.

Not only did she help my wife work through the pains of the contractions, but she also helped with all sorts of little things, to ensure my wife was well taken care of.

Though I didn't get a whole lot of rest during labor, the little bit I did get was because I knew Sam was there to keep an eye on my wife and would let me know if anything major was happening.

I'd recommend her to others, without hesitation.

Paige Clarke


I cannot begin to state how thrilled we were with our Placenta Services delivered by the lovely Amy Lewis.  My daughter needed a scheduled C - Section due to unresolved full Placenta Previa.  Our short notice call was returned quickly- and our emotions calmed as well -as only a well trained Doula like Amy could do.  Big Sigh.  From the moment she entered our home we knew this would be a valuable and memorable experience that would help both Mom and baby. Amy and I filmed the whole process which I hope we can edit and share as an informational video on the company website.  Amy shared many pearls of wisdom about the Placenta's history and how many cultures have reverence for the baby's live sustaining "twin".  Every woman should give herself the gift of Placenta Services for healing and renewal after childbirth.  I highly recommend Amy and Budda Belly Birth Services!

Paige Clarke

Happy Grandmother

Pinellas County FL




Chi-Chi Schickel


We hired Candice as our birth doula for the birth of my second son who we planned to have at home. We hired her because she was recommended by our midwife and we wanted to have a hypnobirth experience. Candice exceeded our expectations as a birth doula. She was extremely knowledgeable, caring and conscious of how amazing, sacred but also scary and confusing pregnancy and birth can be. Candice’s insightful and natural ability to assist me while pregnant and through the birth helped us to have the most magical birth experience. Candice is an AMAZING doula. I wish every women could have doula like Candice to assist them through their birth experience. All our lives are enriched by her being at my son’s birth - we are extremely grateful she was able to be with us that day.

Daniella Font


Bailey was a very calm presence during my labor and delivery. I felt more at ease knowing I had an advocate in the room whom was aware of my preferences and the emotions sourrounding the birth of our daughter due to us having had our last baby pass away. So glad my husband and I agreed we needed the extra support. It helped us both focus our energy on bringing this baby safely into the world.

Adam Serafin


Potential Buddha Belly Clients,

March-April 2016: Christie and Amy @ Buddha Belly have our strongest recommendation for their doula services! We were looking for a doula to assist us with our planned VBA2C and we knew we needed someone who was supportive and experienced with this situation. Amy was so encouraging right from our initial phone conversation and after meeting with her and Christie we knew they were a perfect match for us. We loved being able to meet with both of them together during our prenatal visits. They work so well together and between them have so much knowledge to share. We were completely comfortable with and confident in whoever was available for our birth. Besides the prenatal visits they were always quick to respond with questions via phone, email or text, putting our minds at ease often. Amy was our doula as the labor process began. She was constantly in contact during early labor and promptly arrived at our home when the right time was determined. This is where Amy does her best work-working with us, determining what we and the baby need for labor to naturally progress. She is prepared for everything! As we transitioned to the hospital, her knowledge of TGH and their practices were apparent and helpful. Amy continued to be supportive and encouraging throughout a long labor process. She was so good at guiding us to work together which meant so much to both of us. With her help we were able to have the VBAC we had hoped for. We cannot say enough about Amy and Christie at Buddha Belly and we are so thankful that they were a part of our birth.

Natalia Giraldo


I had a great experience with Buddha Belly Birth Services. Amy, one of the Buddha Belly Specialist came to my sisters house and serviced us with making the placenta pills. Amy does he work very organzied, and very very clean. She santitized everything before and after use.


Ask Amy any questions & she is more than happy to answer them for you & make sure you understand. Amy is a very kind women with lots of knowledge!

She comes to your home to secure you of the process if the placenta pills. My boyfriend and I decided to pay for my sister placenta to be encaspulated as a gift for becoming a mommy! She was very very happy and emotional, but thats no surprise! 

I totally recommend for anyone who is curious!

Thank you Buddha Belly for your awesome, genuen services. :) 

Courtney Lawrance


Candice is incredible and I am so grateful for her doula services! She gave excellent guidance, support and prenatal advice. She was always available and responded to questions immediately. When I went into labor, she made me and my husband feel confident with her support and positive encouragement. Her experience and passion is obvious and she makes the most helpful suggestions. I am grateful to have her as our doula and would highly highly recommend her to others! Buddha Belly Birth Services was great to work with. They are very quick to respond to inquiries and sent helpful information by email for each stage of pregnancy. I am so pleased with our doula and Buddha Belly for being wonderful and professional. 5 stars!!

Danielle Williams


I could not have had a better experiece. i would highly recommend Buddha Belly Birth Services. The support and guidance i received was priceless. Thank you Christie for everything! 

Christy Lee


We could not be more pleased with our experience with Buddha Belly Birth Services and our Doula, Mandy Casey. They were very responsive in our initial contact with them and made hiring a Doula an effortless experience. Before we decided to hire Mandy as our Doula, we had an opportunity to meet with her at a local coffee shop and I was immediately sold. She was professional, knowledgable, enthusiastic and very likable. Mandy continued to follow through with communication during my pregnancy and I appreciated her helping me through my birth plan.

When it came time to give birth to my daughter, Mandy helped me every step of the way. When my labor became particularly painful, I realized I truly NEEDED my Doula. I had a long labor without an epidural and I'm convinced I would not have been able to manage through my labour as well without her. She helped me manage the pain and birth both physically and mentally. She was my rock and always there when I needed her. She would even let me know when she had to step out for a moment (restroom etc) so I would not wonder where she was. Mandy was able to help in ways my mother and husband could not or did not know how to. I especially liked the fact she was able to assist them in how they could help me through my labour as well. They appreciated her guidance and saw the value of having a Doula there to assist in my birthing process. Mandy also was able to work well with the nurses on staff at the hospital, which helped enforce my birth plan.

Labour has been the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life and I am so glad that I hired a Doula, and specifically Mandy, to help me through it. If we have another child in the future, I know who I am calling to help with my labour.

Chelsea Bartkus Chaney


Amy was an amazing part of my birth experience.

When I was 30 weeks pregnant i finally met all the doctors in my practice. At this time I realized I did not have a good connection with all of them, and tried to find a different practice with little success. Due to my schedule I found it hard in the time frame left to find a new practice many had rotating doctors and the same problem could occur at a new practice. At this point I had started prenatal yoga which was the best thing I had done for myself in pregnancy. I met amazing people and learned about doulas. From here I went to a doula event and met Amy.

After our consult all my anxiety about what Doctor I had melted away. My husband and mother were amazed at how calm I had become since our meeting and how different I felt about my birth plan. She helped us prepare and I knew I was going to have two people in the room who had my best interest and comfort in mind. A doula is there for you whenever you need them through your pregnancy and after, you just don't develop that relationship with your doctor.

So all in all, Amy is the sweetest, very emphatic and compassionate. I could truly tell she loved what she does. She made our birth experience very positive, even though it was a roller coaster at times. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to any pregnant or post pardon mom.


Loriel Adams


Christie at Buddha Belly was AMAZING. It was "doula-love" at first meet. No seriously, the moment I met Christie I knew that I wanted her as my doula. I felt like I could get through anything with her by my side, and it proved true with my intense labor. She is calm, collected, peaceful, informative, and a strong woman -- the perfect addition to your birth team. Not only was she great during labor, but she was a shoulder to cry on those first few postpartum days when I was dealing with mastitis and bleeding/blistered nipples due to a tongue tie. She has a wealth of knowledge, is well connected in the natural living community (this comes in handy when you need reference to a lactation consultant or a birth videographer), and is simply a joy to be around. I haven't met any of the other women at Buddha Belly Birth Services but I'm sure Christie has put together an amazing team. I owe the birth of my dreams to Christie and I am so very thankful to have had her on my team. I couldn't recommend her and Buddha Belly Birth Services enough.

Jessica Carlson


Amazing! Amy was a last minute decision, and she was able to come to our birth mid-labor on a Sunday afternoon.

As soon as she arrived, she jumped right in and tried to help me through my contractions. I had already been in labor for about 10-12 hours. Amy was super respectful to my wishes during labor and was very good at using just the right amount of pressure. Our midwife was attending another birth next door, so Amy would relay her messages about my progress as things changed. This is something that my husband or I would not have known to do, or been able to accomplish. She was not squeamish at all when things got a little gross. Amy made me feel very comfortable and respected. When we finally pushed the baby out, I was actually laying back on Amy!

Amy certainly exceeded our expectations! She is a very warm and caring person, who takes her job very seriously. Amy is very knowledgeable about the birth process and I feel that she was the reason we had a successful all-natural birth. She was worth every penny!

We will no doubt request her services again if we have baby #2!!

Brandi Tonkin


We interviewed several doulas before (and had several scheduled after) when we met with Christie, she was so knowledgable and compassionate and after the first meeting I knew she was meant to be with us through the birthing process. She has endless resources and knowledge and was always available to help or answer questions. I honestly don't think I could have accomplished my goal of a natural childbirth without her. She will always hold a special place in our hearts! 

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