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Bobbie Humphrey CD(DONA)

Special Moments Doula Services

Phone: 443.375.6829

Birth Fee: Not specified

Postpartum Rate: Not specified

Fee Details: I provide 1-2 prenatal visits. I am with you throughout your whole labor when you feel that you are ready for me to join you and delivery and up to 1-2 hours postpartum to make sure you have been cleaned up and that if breastfeeding you have gotten off to a good start. I do a postpartum followup. I also offer unliminted breastfeeding support through out your experience. I can labor with you at your home till 2nd stage (pushing) then I go with you to where you are delivering at. ( hospital or birth center). I can provide monitrice services upon request of client.

Birth Doula Experience: 12 years and 725 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 7 years and 10 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 0 to 4 births and 0 to 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: no
Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births at the following hospitals: Howard County York Hospital PA GBMC Carroll Hospital St. Joseph Hanover Hospital PA University of Maryland Medical Center Harrisburg Hospital PA Anne Arundel Medical Center Gettysburg Hospital Special Beginnings Birth Center Frederick County General Franklin Square Hospital John Hopkins Mercy Bethesda Naval Hospital Sinai St.Agnes Shady Grove Hospital Rockville MD
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have attended births at Special Beginnings in Arnold Maryland.
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have attended many home birth. I have worked with 2 CNM's as their assistant. I have delivered 25 babies due to fast labors. I do carry emergency equipment with me at all times. ( Oxygen, delivery instructments, BP cuff, doppler and etc). I do carry a birth ball and birth stool with me for more options for the laboring mom. I am trained as a RN and midwife assistant to perform cervical exams when needed.

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Certified Lactation Counselor (The Center for Breastfeeding)
  • Certified Lactation Educator (CAPPA)
  • I have personal breastfeeding experience. I have breastfed my children. I have experience in pumping and storage or breastmilk.

Other Relevant Certifications

  • American Academy of CPR and First Aid, Inc Certified
  • American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification
  • CPR Certified - Red Cross
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • I am a also a volunteer firefighter/emt. I hold certifications in (ACLS) Advance Cardiac Life Support, (PALS) Pedatric Cardiac Life Support, CPR, (NRP) Neonatal Resuscitation Program, IV Technician, Lactation Counselor.

College Education

  • AA/AS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Domestic Violence
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Monitrice services
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I worked for DONA on the birth doula certification committee. I put on continuing eduation opportunities for doulas. I am involved in the community promoting and educating about doulas. I am active on many internet groups regarding birth. Most of all I truly believe that what I do is my calling in life. I have never felt more positvie and strong minded than what I do now and that is supporting families not just women in the labor and delivery of their new bundle of life. I am the leader for ICAN of Baltimore. Advocating and supporting child bearing women.

Languages spoken: english

Client Testimonials for Bobbie Humphrey CD(DONA)

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Charlie cc

Bobbie was wonderfull!! I was 45 years old when I gave birth to my first child and was concerned about complications; Bobbie was very supportve and understanding from the begining. I had a pretty long labor and she was there with me all the way. She gided me and my husband to make the right decisons during labor. She was great! 

Posted 1/4/2017

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Jennifer Bornemeier

After a series of events led to a necessary C section with my first birth, I was determined to have a VBAC whenever we would have our second child. After finding out i was pregnant, I started to research doulas. I came across Bobbie's profile and was immediately drawn to her personal and professional experience with VBACs. I spoke with her on the phone and met in person several weeks later. Bobbie was on board with our VBAC plans and answered all questions I had. As we got closer to my due date and eventually "overdue", I was fighting the clock against a "mandatory" scheduled repeat C section. Bobbie gave me the confidence I needed to advocate for myself in a flawed system of hospital politics. With encouragement from Bobbie, the mandatory c section didn't happen. Our beautiful daughter was born vaginally 2 days later (13 days past EDD) and it was great. Bobbie was wonderful to have and set our minds at ease during labor and delivery. It was a wonderful birth and I'm so happy we chose to have Bobbie by our sides. 

Posted 8/8/2016

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Jessie Fitzell

One word: Awesome.

But in more than one word- Bobbie helped me feel at ease and when my pregnancy plan didn't go as I had hoped. She stepped right in and did everything she could to help me have a delivery that was as natural and as close to what I had hoped as possible. She fought for me when I couldn't fight for myself. She provided me with confidence and my husband with ways to positively help me and be supportive. Not to mention- she has patience... 26.5 hours later, Bobbie was still there right by our side. 

if we were to ever have a second- she'd have to be there. 

Russ and Jessie Fitzell

Posted 6/22/2016

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Sarah Lauer

Get a doula for every birth!!!  And more specifically, have that doula be Bobbie!!!  

We had Bobbie for the birth of our first daughter (I have an earlier testamonial from that experience on this site) and again this time for the birth of our second daughter and could not be happier with both birth experiences. 

For our second baby, Bobbie was especially helpful to me in the 2 weeks leading up to the birth as I became increasingly uncomfortable and increasingly anxious as our daughter's due date came and went.  It was like I had my own personal coach on speed dial 24/7.  Each time I thought I might be in labor we chatted on the phone or via text to determine if the contractions were "the real deal" or just false alarms.  After reluctangly scheduling an induction, I spoke with Bobbie and she reassured me that I could wait for baby girl to arrive on her own which would be better in order to achieve the natural birth I wanted.  Baby girl decided to come on her own on the day the induction had been originally scheduled, no drugs or interventions needed.

As for the labor and delivery itself, Bobbie was so wonderful, meeting us at the hospital and coaching both me and perhaps just as importantly, my husband throughout the process. We were able to achieve the natural birth we had hoped for with Bobbie's help.  She helped me relieve the discomfort of the contractions with the use of a birthing ball, the shower, different positions in the bed, and pressure points and massage.  And once our little one arrived, she stayed to make sure that we were able to have a successful start with breastfeeding.

After our little girl arrived and we were adjusting to life at home, Bobbie visited to make sure everything was going well (it was and is) and it truly felt like a friend had come to visit, someone we could talk with and trust completely. We can't recommend Bobbie hughly enough.

Posted 5/2/2016

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heather g

I'm writing this review on the way things were handled while I was in labor and not during my delivery. I had met Bobbie about 4 weeks prior to my due date. At this time with the symptoms of possibly having preeclampsia. I really felt it was best to have a doula For support. Meeting Bobbie I felt she was incredibly professional, educated and confident. We went ahead and paid her the 800$ immediately. she had assured me she would be available to help me around the time of my due date. The day I went into labor around 4am on a Saturday morning. I had called and texted her multiple times on her cell phone when I got no response.I tried reaching her on her home phone. Still no response. She eventually did call me back approximately 30 minutes later (by this time it was around 8am). I went over my symptoms with her and explained my contractions were about 3 mins apart. She told me it was probably false labor and to eat something.I then attempted to call her again and got no response. At around 10am I finally gave in and called my OBGYN he suggested I needed to go to the hospital. We called Bobbie again to find out she was not going to be able to make my birth and she was sending her "back up". The back up doula didn't get there until about 12:30pm.By this point I was 8cm dilated. I had no support to help coach me during the pain of the contractions. When the back up doula finally showed up I had already gotten my epidural.The reason I'm writing this is because it's something that's been weighing very heavy on me for the past 10 months.This was my first pregnancy and all I could think of was that I spent all this money for nothing. I get things "happen" but the communication was just not there.I almost felt as if I was bothering her when I was even trying to get a hold of her. It breaks my heart to hear and read all these wonderful stories about the amazing experiences and support everyone else received. I just wish I had the same treatment.

Posted 3/26/2016

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Courtney Frazier

I have always wanted the birth experience of my dreams and I knew that going with a midwife and doula with baby #4 was the way to go.  Bobbie kept contact with me through out my entire pregnancy and made me feel as if I was her only client. If I had a concern and she wasn't available to answer the phone right then, she would return my call promptly with answerers to my questions and a reassurance that everything was okay.  She never once made me feel as though my questions or concerns were silly or invalid. Once the big day came I was unsure if it was really time for the baby to make his way into the world but Bobbie knew! She was at my home within 30 minutes. She knew that I wanted to have an unmedicated V-BAC which is exactly what I got! I had always wanted to experience childbirth the way God intended me to and with baby #4 I got it! I barely tore and was up walking around and with minimal pain the same day! I followed Bobbie's lead and listened to my what my body and baby needed. Even though my husband is a great support, having Bobbie there was something I needed for me and my husband understood that. After the baby was born she also provided me with the breastfeeding support I needed at the time as well. My baby is now 4 1/2 months new and an amazing latcher! I could have never had the birth experience of my dreams without her knowledge and support. To say she is amazing is an understatement! If you are looking for that empowering and fullfilling birth experience of your dreams I highly recommend contacting Bobbie today. You won't be sorry!

Posted 2/17/2016

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Abby QB

Bobbie was great in helping me deliver my son! It was a very, very fast labor, but she was there right in time and was essential through the worst of it, helping me focus during the pushing and distracting me during the subsequent repair. Pretty sure I would have had the baby alone on the floor of the hospital room if she hadn't of been there to notice that I was already pushing and sounded the alarm, as everyone else was chilling outside in the hallway, evidently unconvinced that I was serious about giving birth right then. She was a good advocate with the midwives as well, adding a human and emotional element when it appeared they became engrossed in the medical nature of things and forgot I was a person who just went through something pretty momentous, emotional, and painful. It was nice to have someone with authority and awareness of what was happening on my side in the delivery room, so if the nurses were understandably less than eager to share the step-by-step in the moment (which they were) or be accommodating, she was there to back me up, explain my options, and generally be my voice when I was rendered incoherent from the pain, and bewildered by the experience. She was essential the day of the birth, helping me figure out when to go to the hospital and talking me through what was happening to my body. It was a much more comfortable experience with her there, and I felt much more supported than I would have been alone. It may have been just because I had such an easy pregnancy, but this is probably the best analogy -- think of her more of a "day of coordinator" than a "hold your hand through the planning stages" kind of doula. She was available but distant for the first 10 months, checking in now and then but generally leaving me alone to bake the kid, but I couldn't have done it without her during those last 45 minutes of being pregnant. Definitely recommend!

Posted 2/10/2016

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Faye Menis

As any birth will prove you may have a plan but life or doctors have another idea of how you baby will come. Bobbie was there for me with support when we had to test a doctor's will. In the end we followed the doctors plans for induction due to high blood pressure. We are all happy and healthy and I really value Bobbie's input and expertise in birthing and GBMC. She was able to prepare me for each experience and was there for Fracesca's birth. She has continued to offer support with breast feeding and has helped me recover with confidence and helped my baby thrive. She is a blessing and gave me the confidence to have a natural birth.

Posted 2/10/2016

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Sarah Clarke

I am so thankful that Bobbie was with us during the birth of my son! I had planned a drug-free, natural birth and while I knew this would be a lot of work, I did not expect to have any complications. Bobbie labored with me at home for hours before going to the hospital, where she labored with me many more. She was able to suggest many different positions and was there to hold me up when I needed it. Because she was there, my husband was able to take breaks when he needed. After pushing for 2 hours with no progress, the midwife on duty suggested a c-section as my next option and called in the on-call doctor. Bobbie asked if instead of a c-section, I could get an epidural, rest, and try pushing again. The doctor agreed that I could try and we went with this plan. After an epidural, rest, and a little more pushing, my son was born vaginally! I am SO thankful that Bobbie was there to make that suggestion, because my husband and I did not have the knowledge to request this, and the midwife and doctor did not offer it as an option for us. I believe 100% that if Bobbie were not there I would have had a c-section. While my birth plan didn’t go as planned, I was very happy that it was done vaginally. And I am so thankful that Bobbie was with me through the entire 36 hour labor and even a few hours following delivery! She also followed up with me in the days following, and when I decided that breastfeeding was not for me, was supportive and offered suggestions to help dry up my milk with less pain. I would highly recommend Bobbie to anyone looking for a calm, kind, funny, attentive, knowledgeable doula.

Posted 1/28/2016

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Kelly Roth

Bobbie was absolutely fantastic! This was our 5th home birth and we have had the pleasure of having Bobbie at 3 of the deliveries.  She helped to make this an incredible experience.  She handles every situation wonderfully, and gave us the labor and delivery that we had envisioned.  She is very professional, extremely personable and we felt completely comfortable the entire time.  We love Bobbie and would highly recommend her!

Posted 1/15/2016

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Stephanie Feldner

Bobbie Humphrey is an excellent Doula.  She was available as soon as we called and we stayed in touch throughout the day while I labored at home.  When I was ready, she arrived at my home and offered suggestions for how I could get my labor moving, without being pushy.  After observing my labor, she was able to help me find a position that got me going VERY quicky!  She remained calm and accompanied us to the hospital.  I don't think that my birth experience woudl have been the same without her.  I wanted a natural birth, but became scared when the time came.  She helped me to keep going and it led to a beautiful natural birth experience.  She also assisted with breastfeeding @ birth and helped to get me settled in after the birth.  I would definitely recommend Bobbie to anyone.  She is very educated in labor and birth and I can't imagine the experience without her support. She also helped my husband to remain calm in such an emotional event! 


Thank you, Bobbie!!   :) :)

Posted 8/14/2015

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Dorothy Johnson

I choose Bobbie because of her VBAC experience. My eldest was a C-section and I really wanted to avoid that the second go around. My youngest was sunnyside up and so Bobbie was able to make suggestions on how to turn her before I went into labor. I labored for a few days, during which Bobbie was good about checking on me via text or phone calls. When the time came, Bobbie drove to my house in bad weather and worse traffic and promptly started to help me jumpstart my labor so I wouldn’t have a second sleepless night of laboring. While I was actively laboring, she was able to use techniques to keep the pain at a minimum. My husband, mom, and I would have never thought of the things she suggested. As we were preparing to leave for the hospital, I had the urge to push. When Bobbie realized that we couldn't make it to the local hospital, let alone the one I had planned laboring at, Bobbie took charge. She had me get into a better laboring position and got my husband to call 911. Once the EMTs came, she kept them from taking me to the hospital (which would have led to a baby born on the way or a stalled labor). EMTs rarely attend births, so having someone there who had helped with home births was extremely comforting. Once the baby was born and we were on the way to the hospital, Bobbie and my mom took the time to clean up. This was a really pleasant surprise when my husband came home. Unfortunately, the hospital was a stickler about visiting hours and wouldn’t let her (or my mom for that matter) up to my recovery room after the doctor had stitched me up.

At my postpartum visit, about 2-3 weeks after the birth, came over and give me a timeline on the birth since I was way too out of it to pay attention to the clock. She also validated me on my feelings about the treatment I received at the hospital. All said, should we have another one, I will ask Bobbie to be a doula for us again.

Posted 8/14/2015

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Laura Kulick

I don't know what I would have done without Bobbie! She turned out to be so much more supportive and helpful than my husband and I could have imagined. We decided to hire Bobbie because we felt toally comfortable with her, she has a medical background, and we could tell that she would be supportive of us and any decisions we made about the birth. With Bobbie as my doula I was able to have the totally natural birth that I wanted, and I honestly don't think I would have been able to do it without her. Bobbie came over to our house while I was in active labor and helped time my contractions, made suggestions for different positions to try, made sure I ate and drank enough even when I didn't want to, and explained everything that was happening in my body along the way. She was supportive and reassuring, followed my lead, but was also firm, which is exactly what I needed. She helped my husband feel at ease and gave him suggestions for ways he could help me. At the hospital Bobbie was an advocate for my wishes, and worked wonderfully with the nurses and midwife. She reminded me of all the things I had said that I wanted when I started to doubt myself or lose motivation. Bobbie was an incredible coach when it came time to push and had a way of explaining everything along the way that made total sense - which was important when everything seemed so foreign. Long before I went into labor Bobbie was there over the phone, through text message, etc to answer all my questions and offer guidance during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. My husband and I were so happy with our experience with Bobbie and would absolutely ask her to be our doula again!

Posted 4/20/2015

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Anne Weingart

Bobby is such a wonderful doula. She assisted us with our first son and most recently with our second. The birth of our second son was exactly how I envisioned it and she helped make that possible. We labored at home until I was 8 cm dilated, then made our way to the hospital and successfully had a water birth.

While at home during labor, there was a point where I wasn’t progressing, she was able to conclude that the baby’s head wasn’t positioned correctly in order to drop, so she had me try a few poses to reposition the baby and we were able to successfully do that. Her intuition is pristine, she has the ability to tell how one is progressing and what stage of labor you’re in by just observing body language and breathing. She’s one of a kind.

Posted 12/31/2014

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Kim Brenninkmeyer

Bobbie came highly recommended from several Mom's in my neighborhood. I had a doula with the birth of my son and while my labor and delivery experience was disasterous, the support of my doula was positive. I ended up getting induced and everything went downhill from there, ending in a necessary but unwanted c-section. So I was very worried about having this experience again and was determined to have a VBAC. Bobbie was so understanding about my wishes and backed me 100%. She gave me guidance about how to advocate for myself with my doctors and was able to give me the scoop about her experience with the different doctors in the practice. She also understood that what was most important to me was having a VBAC-however that needed to happen and I didn't feel any pressure about having my daughter naturally or otherwise. During my labor, she stepped in and was more hands on when I needed it but also gave me space when I needed it. She was very intuitive about when and how to support me. She also took care of a lot of the interaction with the nursing staff which allowed me to just focus on getting through each contraction. One of the things that helped me the most was the knowledge that Bobbie had about the labor process itself and getting this feedback along the way. I think it was this aspect of her support and presence that allowed me to have my daughter naturally despite being induced again. And she really helped me understand and process my prior experience, in a way that I hadn't experienced before. I can't recommend her highly enough-especially if you're in the position of wanting a VBAC. With all of her knowledge, support, and encouragement I was able to have the labor and delivery experience I wanted!

Posted 12/4/2014

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Trish Ruther

I found Bobbie on and she saved my sanity.  REALLY  I am single and had a very traumatic C-Section birth of my twins.  I lost a lot of blood and needed four transfusions.  The day before being released from the hospital I was very sore and very weak, I realized I needed help.  I wasnt really sure where to find a night nurse or mothers helper so I googled postpartum nurse and found  I had no idea there was such a thing as a postpartum doula and the help they could provide.  Bobbie got back to me very quickly through email and met me at my house the day after I was released.  I was immediately comfortable with her.  She helped me attempt to pump, answered questions on things like recovery, bleeding,  offered reassurance and stayed over night to take care of the twins while I got a few hours of uninterrupted sleep which I desperately needed to recover from surgery.  I ended up formula feeding and there was no judgement just support in what was best for me and my family.   My daughter is colicky, being a first time mom, single and having twins is especially challanging.  I am now seven weeks post partum and Bobbie still comes twice a week for 6-7 hours overnight.  She is awesome.  She is a mom herself and I totally trust her with my babies.  She texts me to check in to see how Im doing on the days she doesnt come, asks about the babies follow up appts etc.  I would highly reccommend Bobbie to anyone needing Doula services.

Posted 12/1/2014

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Yuliya Gosnell

I am very glad Bobbie was my doula! She helped me to have a successful all natural VBAC. She has lots of experience and she is just so nice. We met a couple of times during a VBAC birth circle and she came to visit twice. She took her time to learn my story, answered all of my questions and made herself available to answer more whenever I had them. She never tried to convince me to do anything. It was all about what I wanted. I decided to leave my OB practice when I was 26 weeks pregnant. So, she helped me to find a practice I was more comfortable with. I was able to go 12 days past my due date while planning a VBAC and carrying a big baby and they were OK with it.

I went into labor early in the morning. I called Bobbie and she quickly got on the way. My husband left to take our daughter to day care. I was home alone, but Bobbie called to check on me while she was driving. The labor progressed so quickly and it was getting so painful that all I could think about was the epidural. As soon as Bobbie came, I asked her to take me to the hospital before my husband came back home. When we got there, she was with me every step of the way, encouraging and supporting, explaining what was happening, and advising on options. It was too late for me to get the epidural, and thankfully, the anesthesiologist was in the OR. We got through one contraction at a time. Bobbie’s calm, but confident presence was very reassuring. An hour after we had arrived to the hospital, my 10 pound baby was born. I don’t think I would have done it without Bobbie!

Posted 9/14/2014

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Amanda Spada

I found Bobbie through Doula Match, and her services were invaluable.  She met with me twice before the birth, keept in contact with me via email and text as my due date approached, and answered questions that I had and supported my decisions.  She came to my home in the middle of the night when my labor began, helped me labor at home until I felt it was time to go to the hospital later that morning with my husband, and we were all surprised to discover when we arrived that I was already fully dialated.  She was calm, knowledgable, reassuring, and helped me have a natural delivery.  The doctor and all the nurses said that she was the best doula they had worked with.  I cannot recommend her too highly.

Posted 9/10/2014

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JoAnna Eshelman

I feel very fortunate to have had Bobbie on my birth team!  I had a VBAC and I know that it was successful because of her direction.  She empowered me through her knowledge and guidence, making me a stronger and more confident laboring mother.  Bobbie connected very well with my midwife and nurse making it a great environment to labor and have the birth experience that I wanted. :)

I would highly recomment Bobbie and I hope to have her again at all deliveries!

Posted 8/4/2014

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Chelsea Shudtz

Bobbie helped me when I had my son in August 2013, and I'm finally getting around to this!

Bobbie is fantastic. She came to my house to help me labor at home because I wanted to wait as long as possible before going to the hospital. She was very calm and I felt totally at ease trusting that she would know when it was time to go. When it was almost time, she called my midwife to let her know that she needed to get to the hospital. It took a lot of pressure off of me and my husband to try to figure out how far along my labor was.

When we got to the hospital, I was fully dilated and we had a beautiful water birth. I could not have asked for a better birth experience, and it couldn't have happened the way it did without Bobbie.

Posted 7/14/2014

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Xochitl Mota-Back

Bobbie came to us through a recommendation by a midwife at a practice we eventually left for one more compatible with me and my husband's approach to pregnancy and prenatal care. Though I gave birth to my son over 5 months ago it's taken this long to write this because it's difficult to put into words how very grateful I/we are for all her support. We had planned for a waterbirth, but ended up with a c-section after a very long labor. Bobbie was just so very incredible in her patience and support through all the ups and downs of my labor and a wonderful support for my husband. We don't have family anywhere nearby, so Bobbie was the main person we relied on for encouragement and we felt 100% confident going into the birth process with her by our side. Without a doubt we will definitely be calling her again for baby #2!

Posted 6/23/2014

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Laura Thacker

Bobbie is a fantastic doula! She has a wonderful calming energy and loads of experience which made us feel so safe and secure during the births of both of our children (Eliana - 2 years, Oliver - 5 weeks). We love that Bobbie is as committed to natural birth as we are.  We went to the Special Beginnings Birth Center for both births. During the birth of our daughter, the baby's head was tilted and I had a cervical lip that was not dialating. The labor was taking a long time and the midwife wanted to send me to the hospital for a C-section. Bobbie pushed for us to be able to stay at the birthing center, and I was able to have the baby in water as I had wanted. I truly feel that without Bobbie we might not have had the confidence to stand up to the midwife and would have ended up with a medicalized birth.  My son's birth was very different.  He came REALLY FAST. We ended up having him in the car on the way to the birth center! While Bobbie was not there for the car birth, she was so helpful and supportive once was arrived at the birth center. While we rested, she CLEANED OUR CAR! Now that is one nice doula! Our son had broken his arm during the crazy delivery, and Bobbie was the first to notice. She also was very helpful in finding a specialist for us when we suspected our son had a tounge tie.  All in all...Bobbie is simply awesome.  I know you will love her as much as we do!

Posted 5/22/2014

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Kim Kennedy

I don't think there are words to describe how thankful I am for Bobbie! After first seeing how calm, supportive and wonderful she was at my nephews birth and how much she helped my sister, who was hoping (and successful) with a VBAC, I decided that I wanted her to be my doula for my second child. Through the entire pregnancy she was available to talk to when I needed her or had questions. At a week past my due date, as my midwives began to back me into a corner for induction, Bobbie helped to educate me on my choices, continued to remind me that it was all ultimately my decisions and helped clarify various numbers and test results through the monitoring process (fluid level checks and stress tests). Finally 17 days after my due date, she was so supportive and comforting when I was told by a doctor “my placenta was dying and the doctors didn’t want my baby to die”, despite my test results showing a healthy baby. I wound up being induced and despite this and largely thanks to Bobbie, I was able to achieve my goal of a natural childbirth. She helped keep me focused, prepared me for how intense things would soon get, stayed positive and encouraging. She also helped me labor in a variety of positions to ensure that baby was in a great position to be birthed. She stayed with us post-partum to make sure baby and I were doing well and checked in with me on various occasions after the birth of our daughter. We are so unbelievable thankful for Bobbie and all she did to welcome our baby into the world!

Posted 5/14/2014

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Linn Thorburn

Bobbie was my doula for the birth of my first child (Lucy -- now 7 weeks old!), and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Bobbie is everything a doula should be: kind (yet firm), knowledgeable, experienced, level-headed, compassionate, etc... Most importantly, Bobbie really listens to her clients and does everything she can to meet each woman's individual needs.

Before I went into labor, I was quite sure that I wanted to have a natural childbirth. Novice that I was, I didn't know how HARD that would be! There were several points during labor when I decided to give up, but Bobbie always helped me persevere. I never felt coerced -- if I had truly wanted to have an epidural, I know she would have supported me 100%. Rather, Bobbie just reminded me of the reasons why I had decided to give birth naturally, and she made me believe that I could do it.

Bobbie also helped me during labor by suggesting positions that could help my labor along and by encouraging me (okay, maybe forcing a little bit :)) to eat and drink to keep my energy up. Additionally, she was a tremendous help to my husband, both by giving him breaks and by modeling ways that he could help me during labor. I firmly believe I would have ended up with pitocin and an epidural if Bobbie hadn't been there to support and encourage me.  

Bobbie visited us at home a few days after Lucy was born, and I feel like I could call her at any time with questions. My husband and I consider Bobbie a friend now, and I hope she will be by our side the next time we get to experience this amazing thing called childbirth.

Posted 5/13/2014

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Rebecca Yenawine

Bobbie was the best thing about our birth experience (next to the fact that we got a great baby at the end)! She has tremendous experience and knowledge, a sense of humor and great clarity about what needs to happen when. Though she worked well with our birth team, our midwife didn't have to do much becauses Bobbie was so competent. Her background in nursing and her knowledge of the many ways to labor was super helpful in keeping us out of the hospital until we absolutely had to go. We highly recommend her.


Posted 5/12/2014

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shannon considine

When I first met Bobbie I loved her -she felt caring, relaxed (calming), sure and confident which is what I felt was the support I needed in having a baby. I really liked that she took the time in answering any questions I had (prior to and during my pregnancy), while addressing fears and worries.- plus any thoughts questions my husband had. She also asked how she could be a support for me/us which was great to be able to tell her especially because everyone is different in their needs. On the day I had my baby, those things I had 'felt' came true, (in how I had described her) in that she is such a strong caring person and is confident in what she does which was great and important in how she coached me through the birth process. She was always right by my side, making sure I was ok, helping me to move the process along. She is very encouraging and was not scared of my pain which is important. I fully trusted her and it was a great experience. My husband and I tell lots of people about her and how thankful we were that we had picked Bobbie as our Doula. Not only was she a help to me but him as well. Birth can bring up unexpected emotions in both people and she was able to be there for both of us. She is definitely who I would choose again if we have another baby.
Shannon Considine

Posted 5/12/2014

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Jillian Bar-av

My experience wih Bobbie was incredible. She got to know me and my husband prior to our due date and was available for all my questions leading up to the birth. Our birth plan changed substantially when I had to be induced and Bobbie was there at every step of the way for guidance and support. Even before my labor began, she arrived at the hospital as soon as I felt that I needed support navigating the choices and recommendations being made to me by my midwife. 

During my labor, Bobbie was invaluable in helping me to get into different positions that made me more comfortable. She also put her hands on me to help ease the pain with each contraction as well as guided my husband in what he could do. She was encouraging every step of the way, helping me to know that what I was experiencing was normal and that I was doing great. 

With Bobbie's help I was able to have the natural childbirth I wanted even though my labor was induced. My husband and I are extremely grateful for Bobbie's support before, during, and after the birth.

After the birth, Bobbie stayed in close contact and helped keep me calm when I was doubting myself. She came over for a long post-birth visit which I really appreciated as well. Not only did she give me some excellent tips and answer all my questions, but we got to discuss the birth itself which was a wonderful closure to my experience.

Posted 3/10/2014

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We cannot imagine our birthing experience without Bobbie. We highly recommend her! My husband and I were expecting our first child and were excited but nervous parents-to-be. Bobbie was our advocate in the hospital and helped explain the procedures to us in ways that were easy to understand during such a stressful time. She was excellent support for myself and for my husband. Bobbie helped support him in getting something to eat or supporting me through a difficult spot. We're so glad that we decided to ask Bobbie to be our doula.

Posted 1/6/2014

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Jen Chang Di Mattina

Bobbie was 100% THE BEST and most memorable aspect of my birth experience. My goal was to have a water birth, and no drugs. I labored through a weekend and the entire time, Bobbie kept me calm when I called and let me know that it wasn't time yet even though my husband and I (being our first birth) would get nervous and question whether we should zip to the hospital! When active labor started, Bobbie knew, and came right to our house where she labored with me in my bedroom for almost 4 hours. It was like hanging out with a close girlfriend; she had me move around into different positions which made labor manageable. She also knew exactly how to push my hips or massage my back to make things comfortable.  She also helped me labor in my bathtub when things got more intense and it was again, manageable, and I was so relaxed. This time with her also allowed my husband to relax (though that was hard for him!) and get food/water.  The entire environment was perfect and calm and just what I imagined. I was a person who was TERRIFIED of labor and when my water broke (at home), I had already passed "transition" which was my most feared nightmare! It was hard but Bobbie was the reason I was able to get through it! Pushing was a relief once able to do so! Unfortunately, I had to have an emergency C section in the end, but even then, it was so great to have Bobbie there to keep us all calm and especially for my husband to have her to keep him calm through the whole process.  Truly though I look back on my birth experience, and while tough to get through the outcome, I will always treasure the laboring process (I never thought I would EVER say that) and just the calm and empowering experience it was thanks to Bobbie.  If you want to have a natural, drug free birth, and even are fearful (as I was) do yourself a favor and hire Bobbie.  I can't say enough about what an empowering and wonderful experience labor was for me because of her.  

Posted 10/8/2013

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Trista Morgan

When I was searching for a doula, I found Bobbie through this website and read all the wonderful things that other mommies had to say about her. All it took was one phone call and I knew she would be a great fit for us. I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy back in June and it was a wonderful experience. As it turned out, I had to be incuded at 39 weeks due to mild preeclampsia, and Bobbie had another client scheduled to be induced the same day! So while she was with her other client, she sent her back-up doula Bridgette to be with me, and she was absolutely wonderful! When Bobbie was finished with her other client, she came to take over for Bridgette and her help from there on out was invaluable to me. I was scared that having to be incuded would mean that I wouldn't be able to have a labor free of pain medication as I had hoped, but she assured me that it was still 100% possible. Her demeanor is very calm and I (reluctantly!) trusted her advice when she recommended that I do certain things I didn't want to do, like changing positions to help speed up labor, or eating a popsicle even though I felt nauseous. She helped me with breastfeeding as soon as my son was born and she even made a visit to my home to do the same. She's respectful of whatever kind of labor you choose to have (i.e. natural vs. pain medication), and I highly recommend her to any Mommy looking for a good support system.

Posted 9/28/2013

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Jackie Otwell

Our birth experience with Bobbie Humphrey was outstanding. Her approach is professional, but yet she personalizes the experience to ensure that your needs are met. Bobbie is well versed in all aspects of the birthing process. Her medical knowledge helped us also make educated decisions about a medical issue our son had that caused him to go back into the hospital for a 24 hour period a week after his birth.  Bobbie manages the process from beginning to end. The consultation visits at the beginning helps her get to know you, your family and what you want your birth experience to be. She also has a well thought out organized plan for the labor process. Bobbie understands the nuances of the birthing process and for example,  was able to make suttle adjustments to the birthing bed to move the process along in a safe and comfortable fashion. Throughout the entire process she is calm and this demeanor helps all involved in the birth process stay calm as well. We would without a doubt use Bobbie again if/wjhen we decide to have another child.We have and will continue to recommend Bobbie to any of our friends that are expecting. She was meant to be a doula! 

Posted 9/8/2013

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Kira Caban

Bobbie was terffic! She was our doula for our first child and we didn't think twice before asking her to be there for our second. Her calm demeanor was such a blessing when I hit transition, she was able to keep me calm and focused through each contraction. She was also a great resourse to have through out pregnancy, if I had any concerns or general questions; she was always quick to answer and could assure me that I was progressing normally or if I should talk to my OB.  I have recommended her to several friends thinking about having their children naturally.  

Posted 8/29/2013

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Kimberly Krebs

Bobbie was an invaluable resource during my pregnancy and delivery! When I called her at 2am when my water broke, she was available, giving me advice for my first few hours of labor. Once I started feeling like I couldn't handle it on my own, she came to my house and helped me labor there for as long as possible. Had it not been for Bobbie, I definitely would have been in the hospital hours earlier, a lot less comfortable and a lot less happy. Bobbie was by my side for the entire time I was at the hospital, and I very much needed her pep talk while I was pushing.

My goal wasn't a drug-free delivery, but I very much wanted to avoid having a C-Section. This was a total success and I give Bobbie credit for helping me get through my vaginal delivery without any other interventions besides an epidural. 

Bobbie has tons of experience, both as a doula and as an L&D nurse, this is why we chose her and this is why she is so great! There are a lot of doulas out there, make sure you choose one that knows what she's doing! Bobbie is one of the best out there!!

Posted 7/24/2013

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Judith Mitrani-Reiser

I feel very fortunate to have found Bobbie to help me during my second pregnancy and delivery. Bobbie is very professional, sweet, calm, and most importantly, knowledgeable.

I realized very late in my pregnancy that several practitioners at my OB practice would not support my birth plan. This unfortunate experience put me in a small state of panic, but Bobbie was very soothing and listened to all my concerns. She called me often and we had long conversations to help me find a way to achieve the type of birthing experience I wanted. This was the most difficult part of my pregnancy and I honestly believe I got past it smoothly thanks to Bobbie's encouraging words and support.

During my labor, Bobbie was amazing! Although she has a very sweet personality, she is a force to me reckoned with in the delivery room. She took care of me emotionally and physically. I had a lot of hurdles (policywise) to overcome at the hospital where I delivered. However, Bobbie really helped me navigate all the hospital policies, and explained to me what my options were at every step. She helped keep me keep calm at the face of adversity and offered me lots of options for laboring positions. She applied pressure on my accupreassure points when I was feeling more significant pain and it felt amazing!! She kept me and my husband informed on my stages of labor, which really helped me (emotionally) manage my pain and keep a clear head during the laboring process. Bobbie added to my magical experience of natural childbirth in a way that I could never fully describe in words.

After my delivery, Bobbie came to visit me at home. She remembered I had issues with breastfeeding with my older child, and so she focused on this during her visit. She showed me new (to me) nursing positions, which I have been using ever since. We also relived my labor and delivery, and pieced together my birth story. We chatted a long while like old friends would. She is wonderful!!

Posted 7/17/2013

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Sarah Lauer

Being first time parents and wanting a natural birth, we were wary of going it alone with just the doctors and nurses at the hospital.  We really wanted someone who could not only support us during labor and delivery, but advocate on our behalf should we need it. Bobbie's presence, demeanor and experience assured us that she could be that person for us.

Bobbie was calm, reassuring, supportive and even firm when needed during labor for both me and my husband.  With her skills and support, we were able to acheive our goal of a natural labor and delivery, something I don't think would have happened if left to our own devices (that epidural was so tempting at times).  And because Bobbie was familiar with our birthing technique of hypnobirthing, she ensured that we stayed calm, relaxed and employed the techniques that we had practiced for weeks beforehand.  As a result, our labor was relatively quick and uncomplicated and exactly what we had hoped for.  Immediately after our daughter arrived, she was immensely helpful in assisting me with breastfeeding, something I was nearly as nervous about as the delivery itself.

Postpartum, Bobbie has visited and continued to share her invaluble knowledge and support which has given us confidence as first time parents.

My husband and I feel that Bobbie is worth her weight in gold.  We will recommend her in an instant to anyone considering a doula and will certainly use her again should we decide to grow our family further.

Posted 7/15/2013

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Elizabeth Johnson

My husband and I would highly recommend Bobbie to anyone looking for a birth doula- she was wonderful! I was able to have a successful and drug-free VBAC and I don't think I could have done it without her. Not only was she a wonderful advocate throughout my pregnancy, she did an amazing job of coaching me and my husband throughout the labor and reminding me that I could get through it. And afterwards she came out and was able to help me when I was highly emotional and having trouble breastfeeding. She has a calm, soothing demeanor and is extremely knowledgable about pregnancy and delivery, but is able to convey that knowledge without being pushy or judgmental. My husband was initially nervous that a doula would come in and "take over" his role as a birth coach, but she was extremely respectful of the fact that he was part of the team and seemed to have a sixth sense about when to step in and when to step back. He told me afterwards that he was really glad she was there and that it helped calm him down too! My second birth/postpartum recovery was a completely different experience than the first, and she deserves much of the credit. Thank you Bobbie!

Posted 6/5/2013

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Elizabeth Boland

Bobbie is a phenomenal doula. Let's just start there. With the birth of my first child, I wanted someone who could help me articulate what I needed during birth, help to guide my not-so-intuitive husband in assisting me, and to be an advocate for me in a medical setting. Bobbie's nursing background and no nonsense attitude appealed to me right from the start.

On the actual day of the birth, she truly was a rock and comforting presence. My intention was to have a drug free delivery, and while I did resort to stadol at one point, I fully credit my (mostly) natural delivery to her support. She was up front about my options, and was encouraging about my ability to do it.

With the birth of my second child on Christmas eve, she was even more an integral part of my birth experience. She helped to communicate to my husband (via skype in Afghanistan) what was going on, guided my sisters in helping me, was a focal point for contractions, helped me to move around and get through those really tough contractions, and was once again my advocate in the hospital. I went completely drug free the second time, once again I fully credit her support for being able to do that. When I was at my limit for ability to deal with labor, she was the one who made me get through it. I trusted her, and her steadfastness guided me through when I felt utterly spent.

She came to help postpartum as well, and was an emotional source of strength for me as well as practical support. 

I really don't have enough wonderful things to say about Bobbie. I am so grateful she was present at and a part of the birth of my two children.

Posted 3/2/2013

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John White

 I was skeptical about hiring a Doula until my wife and I interviewed Bobbie. My main hesitation stemmed from a fear of conflict between our Doula and the hospital staff. But there was something about Bobbie's calming presence that assured me she was someone we would want around during this ordeal. Her extensive knowledge and experience as a labor and delivery nurse were also very appealing. We both agreed immediately after the interview that she was the right one.

My wife ended up with a very long and complicated labor. Bobbie provided input and comfort without ever being pushy or judgmental. The labor lasted days and she never once left us for more than a few minutes or even hinted that she was getting impatient. She kept my wife as comfortable as possible and kept me from losing my mind. My fear of a Doula fostering conflict with the hospital staff was completely unfounded. She knew most of the staff and you could tell they actually appreciated her being there. I can hardly imagine having gone through all this without her.

Bobbie has also been invaluable postpartum. She has visited my wife twice and helped alleviate any concerns we had about baby fussiness, breast feeding, and my wife's emotional ups and downs. She also put me at ease when I made a late night distressed phone call to her very early on. Around 3 weeks we hit a particularly rough spot and she came over during the day while I was at work and just hung out with my wife for several hours. I spoke with my wife and she told me how much better she felt afterwards.

Bobbie exceeded both of our expectations in every way. If we have another child, we would absolutely hire Bobbie again.

Posted 2/21/2013

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After looking into a few different doulas, we chose Bobbie because of her experience as a L&D nurse. Our plan was to stay at home as long as possible and then deliver naturally at the hospital and Bobbie was definitely the reason we were able to stick to our birth plan. Bobbie came to our house and helped coach me through my painful contractions. At one point I was having terrible back labor and Bobbie was able to turn the baby using a scarf (called Rebozo) to relieve the pain. When it was time to go to the hospital, my husband was too nervous to drive so she drove us both to the hospital. By the time I arrived I was fully dilated and ready to push. After about 15 minutes of pushing my daughter was out. Being able to deliver natural was the most amazing experience of my life. Bobbie also came to our house to check on how my breastfeeding was going and helped coach me with that as well. As a first time mom, it was very nice to be able to depend on Bobbie to be there for me and my husband every step of the way.

Posted 2/11/2013

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Elise Gillespie

 Bobbie is amazing. She was the first and last doula we met and we knew instantly that she was the right person to help us through the birth of our daughter. Bobbie talked me through every contraction, every moment of doubt and undoubtedly helped shorten the length of my labor. She was with us at our home for about 5 hours and by the time we arrived at the hospital it was time for me to push. She was a great coach during pushing and stayed with us after the birth to ensure we started breastfeeding ASAP. It was my goal it have a natural childbirth and to labor at home as long as possible - and I did just that thanks to her support and presence. She has continued to be supportive post birth during my struggles with breastfeeding. Bobbie's personality, demeanor and experience are so perfect for this job and I cannot say enough about her and what she did for us! 

Posted 2/9/2013

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Amanda L.

We were incredibly happy with the servies provided by Bobbie. We had some potential medical issues so we were being seen by a high risk OB practice through Johns Hopkins Medicine. The fact that Bobbie had worked as an L&D nurse was reassuring to us, and the fact that she's been a suport to so many birthing moms was also important to us. I had previously had 2 other children, both by induction with Pitocin so I was wanting to have a natural birth this time and my husband and I thought the additional support Bobbie would provide would be well worth the cost, and we were right. She was there before the delivery to answer any questions we had. She came out to met with us before we signed a contract so that we could make sure she would be a good fit, and then she met with us another time before the baby was born to go over any more questions. Once labor started, we called her in the middle of the night and she was immediately available. The initial plan was to have her come to our house so we could labor at home for a while but the baby came a little faster than we planned so she wound up meeting us at the hospital instead, and she was great during the delivery. We were only at the hospital for about 35 minutes before Isaac was born, but her presence was incredibly helpful and reassuring. She came out again one more time after we got home and helped with breastfeeding and swaddling. I highly recommend her!

Posted 2/2/2013

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Karen Burd

We used Bobbie for the second time when my second daughter was born in november. Bobbie was again very attentive during my pregnancy and available for any questions. During my labor, Bobbie was so supportive, even when I was difficult and wanting to abandon the plan I had discussed. She was firm and encouraging, reminding me of all of the reasons why I wanted an unmedicated birth. She was part cheerleader and part therapist. I highly recommend her as a doula.

Posted 1/29/2013

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Bobbie was great before, during, and after the delivery of my baby boy.  It was very reassuring to talk to someone so knowledgeable about labor and delivery and what happens at the hospital.  I had a VBAC and she was convinced that I would be successful and I was.  My labor was very short; by the time I got to the hospital I was already 10cm and Bobbie was still on her way!  But as soon as she got there she started making adjustments to the methods we were using (such as requesting a squat bar) and it was very comforting to have her by my side.  I had no epidural and pushed for almost 3 hours, and she was there encouraging me every step of the way.  Afterwards she stayed with us and answered many questions we had and shared in our joy.  I would highly recommend Bobbie! 

Posted 1/15/2013

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Michelle Mcculley

 I hired Bobby because I wanted to vbac and she was so wonderful. She was super sweet and answered any question I had and reall put my mind at ease before the birth. Bobby meet with my husband and I several times before and she was so easy to talk to. The morning I went into labor she meet us at the hospital and really helped with the labor process. She gave me several tips to help ease the pain. I had a really long slow labor and it was so nice to have someone there to help me and give my husband a break. I was in labor for 24 hours and she was there for the whole process. She really helped reasure me that I could do it when things slowed down. I think she was just as happy as I was when I finally had my son. She stayed with us several hours after the birth to make sure we were doing good. I am so happy that we had Bobby with us through the whole process. 

Posted 12/12/2012

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Bobbie is an absolutely amazing doula and I simply cannot recommend her highly enough. From the beginning, my husband and I were impressed with her knowledge, expertise, and experience. She was available throughout my pregnancy to answer questions about pretty much anything, and we appreciated her unbiased responses and supportive nature. When I went into labor (on Thanksgiving Day, no less), Bobbie helped my husband and I every step of the way. In addition to guiding us and carefully watching my progress while I labored at home, she was a calming influence the entire time and reminded me to stay in control of my body. At the hospital, she provided the exact encouragement I needed at each time, whether it was quietly assuring me or encouraging me to give more, and made sure that the practitioners followed our birth plan. It was such a relief to know that Bobbie was looking out for our interests with the hospital staff, so that we could focus on bringing our baby into the world. After I delivered, Bobbie immediately helped with breastfeeding, and she was constantly available for questions and support during those challenging first few days of post-partum. With Bobbie as our doula, we were prepared for and able to accomplish the beautiful natural birth we had hoped for.

Posted 12/5/2012

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Jan Davis

Bobbie was the most amazing doula we could have asked for! She guided us through our first birth experience at Mercy Hospital. We could not imagine going through it without her and will be forever grateful to her. Bobbie was helpful from the beginning, advising us during the pregnancy of our delivery options. When the baby was past due and we got contradictory advice from the OB and midwives, Bobbie gave us detailed information about each option. When the baby was overdue and we got induced, Bobbie prepared us for the likely outcomes and interventions that would be administered at the hospital. This was particularly important to me because I wanted a natural birth. Once in the hospital, we had several frustrating interactions where the nurse and midwife told us contradictory information. Bobbie requested various options for us, including that pitocin be turned off after contractions were regular (we didn't even know that was an option). When labor stalled, Bobbie suggested I get in the shower where I went from 6 cm to 9 cm in 90 minutes! Once in active labor, Bobbie was right there with us, massaging me (she is wonderful at this and knows just how and where to massage), suggesting various labor positions, and encouraging me every step of the way.  During labor, the OB recommend a C-section and then suggested I deliver on the OR table, citing risk from a large baby. Both of these intrusions were incredibly stressful and anxiety-producing.  Bobbie helped us respond to the OB, and even spoke to her directly about our wish to continue trying for natural delivery, causing the OB to back off. Bobbie was always right there by my side and advocated for us every step of the way. She was wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone!

Posted 12/4/2012

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Thais Hudson

Bobbie was my doula for the birth of my daughter two months ago. My first child was born at home while I was living in Europe, and I was really hoping to have a home birth again. This was proving to be very difficult in the state of Maryland, but Bobbie gave me lots of information and recommendations. In the end I got the birth I wanted, and her presence was calming and encouraging. She took care of every detail during my birth - a little worker bee just buzzing around setting things up, cleaning and taking care of me and my husband before I could even ask for these things to be done. From the moment we met her my husband and I were completely confident in her ability and her knowledge. My daughter's birth was a wonderful experience, and Bobbie was a large part of that. 

Posted 10/17/2012

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Ellen Min Hartman

Bobbie was a great choice for both me and my husband. He was quite nervous about having a doula that would push her birthing beliefs onto us and talk his ear off about birthing details he didn't want to know; however, Bobbie was quite the opposite. During our first meeting, she was informative and listened to the type of birth we wanted. My husband loved her because she was down-to-earth, funny, and easy to talk to. Bobbie met our needs as a couple. We didn't want to attend formal birthing classes offered in our area, and we were NOT the type of couple who wanted to practice breathing exercises like you see couples doing in movies/television. We didn't even have to tell Bobbie. She was so in tune with what we wanted and catered pre-birth preparations around our personalities. She gave us a lot of great resources, and most of all, she answered every one of our questions thoroughly. She coached me through the toughest part of the delivery and stayed with me until I was comfortable with her leaving. I needed Bobbie the MOST after the birth. It's true what they say about leaving the hospital and wondering how they could just discharge you with a baby in hand! Being first time parents, we were a wreck. I think I called Bobbie every day and sometimes even more than once a day. She was always there to answer my questions, calm my fears, and provide comfort. She even came over to my house to teach me how to use my baby slings and my pump. I don't know how I would have survived my first few weeks without her. I recommend Bobbie Humphrey 100%...200% to anyone having a baby. I had a successful natural birth and the birthing experience I was looking for through her. She was so helpful pre and post delivery, and I am so grateful to have had her as a part of my support network.

Posted 10/12/2012

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We started looking for doulas when I was eight months pregnant and, immediately after interviewing Bobbie, knew she was the doula for us.  While much of my pregnancy was fairly low-key, Bobbie made it clear that if we had any questions about anything, we could be in touch at any time.  She met with us prior to the birth in order to discuss our preferences and goals for the birth and, because she had worked with our midwives and the hosptial, was able to give us a great overview of what to expect for our situation.  

The day of labor, Bobbie was available by phone to give advice on relaxation strategies before coming to our house and supporting us there as we prepared to go to the hospital.  Bobbie was a fantastic advocate when we got to the hospital, getting us to the right place quickly, and helped coach me through the birth.  Afterward, she took pictures (as we had discussed beforehand), made sure I was hydrated (giving me the drink she had brought for herself when nothing was immediately available), and answered questions and helped us process all that had happened. A few days after the birth, she visited us in our home and answered additional questions while also giving advice for the coming weeks.

We chose to hire a doula because we weren't sure what to expect from labor and delivery and wanted the most support - for both of us-  that we could get.  And that's exactly what we got from Bobbie, who took a huge weight off our shoulders, helped decrease our anxiety and help us see what actually mattered.  We would absolutely hire her again for future pregnancies and recommend her to others!

Posted 10/8/2012

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 Bobbie was absolutely wonderful! We decided to hire a doula late in our pregnancy and Bobbie was very responsive and easy to work with. She helped keep me motivated during labor and I felt like I had known her for far longer than the few weeks I had. Unfortunately, my labor went into her family vacation (I was late!) but she stayed as long as she could. She transitioned with her colleague perfectly and she was still texting to check in as she drove with her family on almost no sleep! I also was so happy to have her after baby as well- I ended up having a Csection and having someone to talk to about it afterwards who could help me process my feelings was really helpful. I would highly recommend Bobbie!

Posted 9/25/2012

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Tsipora Schor

 Our experience with Bobbie was great. At the birth we felt comfortable and safe with her. We had many discussions prior to the birth, and we felt like she "got us". She understood our concerns. The previous birth was very messy and this really bothered my husband. We had discussed this with Bobbie and let her know this was something that's important to us. She understood us and reassured us. At the birth she paid attention to the mess and we (dh) really appreciated that. She stayed by my side every step of the way, explaining things to me when i didnt understand, when i was "dazy and hazy " after the birth, she took care to make sure i knew what was going on, and who was doing what with my baby, as i was concerned about this and we had talked about it prior. At the last birth there was a lot going on and i was confused, not understanding what was happening, and this made me feel unsafe. We really felt like she listened to us, followed up with ou concerns that were discussed prior to, was there for us, respected us. Bobbie took time to get to know us, to understand us. She was extremely respectful of our religious customs/differences and our personal decisions for our birth plan. Bobbie didnt impose her beliefs on us, everything was about us, what we wanted, what was important to us, meanwhile she was supportive and encouraging. Overall, we were very happy with our doula and would use her again! Thank you for allowing us to publicly acknowledge and share our appreciation for Bobbie. 

Posted 9/21/2012

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Kirstie Schraffenberger

 I had a wonderful experience with Bobbie. She helped me have a totally different birth experience for my third child than I had had for my first two (both induced). I was able to give birth naturally with her tremendous support and encouragement. She really saw me through. She had so many ideas for how to help labor progress. My husband was able to be a great support for me with her direction. It really made a difference to have someone there for me, totally focused on me the whole time. I am so blessed to have had her as my doula!

Posted 9/13/2012

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Julia Willette

Bobbie was originally recommended to me by several ladies on an AP email group I joined after moving to Baltimore. After interviewing with her, my husband and I felt we'd definitely found the doula for us. During my prenatal period, Bobbie would regularly email or call me to make sure things were going well; she was a source of much advice when we had a pre-term labor scare at 30 weeks, and checked up on me frequently afterwards to make sure I was following my doctor's orders for rest!

At 35 weeks, during a standard BPP checkup, we discovered that my son had flipped breech, I was 7 cm dilated, and the cord was showing. Suddenly I was being wheeled into an operating room for an emergency c-section. I called Bobbie as they prepped me for surgery to tell her what was going on. She across town during lunch rush, but she still managed to get there immediately after they wheeled me into recovery (since doulas aren't allowed into surgery). She stayed with me for the next 8 hours, helping me navigate all the confusion of post-surgery, the inevitable moving of our son into the NICU, as a constant source of comfort and sanity in a truly insane situation. She helped me get started pumping colostrum immediately, and only left when she was sure I was feeling steadier and would be okay for the night. 
It's been 7 weeks, and she has continued to stay in contact, available by phone or email for advice, reassurance, and sometimes emergency drop-in visits when our son has been doing something we don't understand! *laughs* She loaned me a breast pump so I could continue to pump milk while my son slowly learned how to breastfeed, and even helped us get our first successful latch and nurse at home! Throughout my time as a new mom, she's been there to help me maintain equilibrium, going (in my opinion) far and beyond her job description to be there for us as a new family. I can't recommend her strongly enough. 

Posted 9/7/2012

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Julie Kloetzli

My doula experience has been crazy. The first doula I had chosen ended up having to move across country unexpectedly and 1 month before my due date told me she would not be able to be present for my birth. She found Bobbie for me. It was hard to find a doula that was insync with my needs. I wanted a hospital birth and I knew I would probably get an epidural. A lot of the doulas I looked into were not excited about my "birth plan" When I met with Bobbie she was so supportive and wonderful. She had no problem supporting my birthplan! She also has the hospital experience that was very reassuring. So we get to my birth. I had to be induced. Bobbie was already with another birthmom so she sent a back up to me who was awesome! pretty soon Bobbie was able to show up and just in time. The doctor was trying to bully me to do a csection because of a heartrate problem after the epidural. Bobbie was a wealth of invaluable information, She didn't pressure one way or another but she told me exactly what my rights were, what her opinion of my situation was, All the different things we could try and do. I did end up getting a csection. But only after knowing all my options thanks to Bobbie. I felt that even though the doctor and nurse were bullying me, I did have options and I could make this choice. Without Bobbie being there I would have felt completely out of control and lost. After the birth she hung around for hours making sure I was ok, helped me with breastfeeding, helped making sure my baby was ok (she had low blood sugar) etc. As much as my birth was not what I was expecting, Bobbie was fantastic! without her reasurring words and vast knowledge I would have felt lost.

Posted 8/31/2012

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Stacy Braun

Bobbie was truly extraordinary. I can’t imagine a better mix of medical knowledge, physical and emotional support, and calming demeanor. When I was told I needed to be induced for low amniotic fluids, I thought my desire to have a delivery free of an epidural was out of the question. Yet, I knew I could trust Bobbie’s judgment, so that even when I doubted myself, she helped me continue. And while I otherwise consider myself to be reasonably rational and well-read on issues that can come up in labor and delivery, she continually impressed me with still one more way to look at the situation. She reassured me when I needed it most and enabled me to have an incredible birth experience. Thank you, Bobbie!

Posted 8/24/2012

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Brenda Meier Kimaro

Bobbie was just great! She provided the support and encouragement I needed as I faced giving birth to our wonderful twins without my husband being able to be present (due to immigration issues). I only had a chance to meet with her once before Max and Elly's birth, but I felt completely at ease with her and appreciated her calm support at a time that was both joyful and scary for me. I am eternally grateful to Bobbie for working with my OB/GYN to prevent a c-section, which would have made taking care of newborn twins by myself nearly impossible. Bobbie was a great advocate for me prior to and throughout labor and delivery.

Hiring a doula was the absolutely best decision I made regarding the birth of our twins, and I am so grateful to Bobbie for her service and care. I highly recommend her!

Posted 8/17/2012

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Jennifer Lenfant Wright

 I just had my first baby on June 10, 2012 with Bobbie as my doula. It was an amazing birthing experience and everything I wanted it to be. Bobbie has been supportive of all of my wishes throughout my pregnancy and labor. She took time meeting my husband and I before we hired her and answered tons of questions from both myself and my husband. It was great having a constant resource and support person I could go to anytime. She helped us develop a birth plan and walked me through talking with my OBGYNs about it. She attended our hospital tour prior to labor with us and spoke up on our behalf to the nurses ensuring our needs would be met. I had a preterm labor scare and was put on bed rest - Bobbie was there when I needed her and helped us through that. We chose to do hypno birthing classes and Bobbie was extremely supportive and helpful with those too! When the day came, my water broke in the morning and Bobbie was in constant contact with me meeting all of my needs. We went to the hospital in the afternoon and Bobbie was right there with us until our beautiful baby girl was born. Bobbie helped me change positions, told me positive affirmations and helped my husband meet my needs throughout my labor. She worked hand in hand with my OBGYN midwife, my husband and the nurses at the hospital. She spoke up for me while I was in labor so I could focus on my labor which was amazing. Afterwards, she helped me learn how to breastfeed my baby and visited us at home a few days later. I will definitely be hiring Bobbie again for my future pregnancies and I highly recommend her. She's wonderful! :-)

Posted 8/10/2012

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Erin Weitzel

I used Bobbie as my doula for my home VBAC in May 2012. She was fabulous - extremely attentive during my pregnancy and full of knowledge and support for the birth itself. I bothered her quite a bit during my pregnancy with lots of questions about traditional and homeopathic medicines and asked for lots of advice in choosing a care provider after I was no longer able to use the first one I'd chosen. She fully supported my decision to have a VBAC in my own home and worked hard to make sure that I was able to fulfill my dream. All the hard work paid off! I had a wonderful birth, and that was largely due to Bobbie's expertise. She gave me some homeopathic meds during early labor to help keep my contractions going, and she was instrumental in getting my baby into a better position so that my labor would speed up. She used a rebozo scarf to get my baby to move, which was actually a relaxing experience in spite of the contractions. I highly recommend Bobbie to any expectant mom.

Posted 5/19/2012

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Sara Groves

our experience with bobbie was wonderful. i wasnt exactly sure how much a doula could help during the whole labor process until i experienced her at my third birth. bobbie was attentive to everything i felt and needed. she guided me to more comforable postions during labor. bobbie is so kind and caring. she truly has a desire for what she does and it shows. another plus was she was previously a rn that worked as a labor and delivery nurse. bobbie literally spent all day with my husband and i walking to progress labor which was comforting. during the pushing stage i heard bobbies voice say push slowly so i didnt tear. her voice was always there even if i was in the moment her voice really helped...especially during the pushing stage. bobbie was such a wonderful doula and friend.

Posted 5/12/2012

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Annie Weingart

      Bobbie was the first doula we had met with and she impressed my husband and I so much with the vast knowledge and experience she had, we felt we didn’t need to look any further. She had worked with every one of the midwives in the practice we were going to and was very familiar with the hospital we had planned to deliver with. All three of us clicked right away, which was an extremely important factor as well.
      Our initial birth plan was to labor at home naturally until I was far enough along, upon which time we would then deliver at the hospital. That scenario didn’t work out quite as we had planned, there were potential complications and the hospital was convinced we needed to be induced. We were given a few days before our scheduled induction and during those few days I was corresponding with Bobbie daily. She was continuously giving us advice and support as to how to naturally start labor on our own to avoid the induction, as well as emotional support for me, because I was having a hard time with this decision.   I ended up laboring for 24 hours of an intense pitocin-induced labor. During labor we were lunging, squatting, swaying through contractions; utilizing the ball, a rocking chair and warm showers to help alleviate the intensity of the contractions. Given the hospital’s restrictions, Bobbie ever so effortlessly kept us on track in having a natural birth. Miraculously I made it without an epidural, which I know I couldn’t have done without her. She was by our side through it all giving both myself and my husband the emotional support and guidance we needed. Deciding upon Bobbie as our doula was the wisest decision my husband and I could have made, we knew from the moment we met her. She’s an amazing woman who is truly in her element when acting as a doula. We would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Posted 5/6/2012

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Heather Blanton

 Initially we hired Bobbie because my husband travels a lot and I don't have any family in the area. We wanted an experienced person to be available to me if my husband was traveling when I went into labor. Bobbie proved to be a much more valuable resource to us. My OBGYN office continued to make me feel more and more like a number as my pregnancy progressed. I would get my 5 minutes a week from one of the 9 doctors in the practice but I never really received any real information nor was anything ever discussed with me. I felt I was being shuffle through a standard process and told how my pregnancy would be. This is when I started discussing my concerns with Bobbie. She was a wealth of knowledge and support. She gave me the information to make my own decisions and was able to share facts and previous experiencthreat was so valuable to me. Additionally she was kind and extremely responsive whenever I had questions. I truly believe that I would not have had such a good birth experience if it wasn't for Bobbie!  I highly recommend her! 

Posted 4/6/2012

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Annie Chaisson

Bobbie was the doula for 2 of my 3 birth experiences.  My first birth was a c-section and she has assisted with both of our successful natural VBAC births.  My husband and I have been very pleased with our experiences working with her.  She is very supportive and helpful before, during and after labor.  She is easy to work with, accessible, and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Posted 4/1/2012

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Anne Hurley

I highly recommend Bobbie Humphrey as a doula. I first contacted Bobbie when i was about five months along with my first pregnancy. She took lots of time to talk to me, always with the understanding that she could not end up being the right fit for me. After we signed a contract, we communicated regularly via phone and email about numerous pregnancy-related issues. There was a concern about placenta previa, and Bobbie worked closely with me to make sure I was well-informed and making the best decisions for me. Bobbie never imposed her beliefs on me--from the very beginning, she assured me that it was my birth, and that it was always my decision about how i wanted it to go. My plan had been to give birth without the use of pain-relieving medications. We also met in person several times as the pregnancy progressed, which was very reassuring. She also provided tremendous support when i went past my due date and made me much more comfortable with the normalcy of a post-term labor, as well as natural ways to try to induce labor. Bobbie was a constant presence, encouraging me to get in the shower and use gravity to dilate further. Bobbie was by my side the entire time. The nurses were carefully monitoring me and the baby and I could tell that they thought i was headed for a c-section. But Bobbie believed in me and kept me focused on pushing so that there was no opportunity to give up. Just before midnight on Sunday night, my beautiful baby girl was born. My husband and I both knew that without Bobbie's help, the birth would have gone much differently. Although we ended up taking pain relief measures, I don't regret it and felt no judgment from Bobbie about my decision. We were so glad to have hired her and hope to use her at all of our future births. She was patient, kind, a fantastic listener, and never tried to tell me what to do.

Posted 3/2/2012

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Juliana Sharp

My husband and I are so grateful for Bobbie's amazing assistance and support during the birth of our daughter in Oct. 2008 and our son in Nov. 2011.  I do not think we would have been able to achieve our goal of natural birth without Bobbie's support.  Bobbie is a wonderful listener and has a very calm and reassuring manner.  She worked extremely well with our midwives and nurses.  I will always remember pacing the hallways of the hospital and Bobbie reminding me how to swing my hips through the contractions.  During our second birth, Bobbie helped us achieve our goal of trying to labor as long as possible at home before going to the hospital.  We were so pleased that our son arrived within two hours of arriving at the hospital.  Bobbie was also a wonderful resource for breast-feeding.  I phoned her numerous times after the birth of our daughter and during our post-natal visit Bobbie taught me some additional nursing positions.

Bobbie's attentiveness, confidence, and reassuring manner helped me to believe in myself and have the strength and will-power to achieve our goal of two natural births.


Posted 2/21/2012

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Rachel Scherer

When I thought of having a doula, I primarily imagined the support I'd have during the hours of labor and delivery.  Bobbie was wonderful during that trying time.  My best memory of the birth of our son is Bobbie whispering in my ear during pushing contractions and giving me delicious Vitamin Water when they were over.  But Bobbie was there for support for so much more--from when I was afraid of birth weeks before to when I was having trouble nursing weeks afterwards.  I'm grateful that Bobbie helped us have the best overall birth experience possible.  I'd definitely call on her again and would recommend her without reservation to any expecting family.

Posted 2/18/2012

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Erin Vance

Choosing Bobbie was the first and best decision I made when I found out I was pregnant. I had originally wanted a homebirth; Bobbie helped me find a few great midwives. Unfortunately, I had to switch to a hospital at 7 months, which I was very anxious about. Bobbie once again gave me a ton of resources and helped me weigh the pros and cons of each hospital, doctor, and midwife. I was especially thankful to have her when I went past my due date and had to get tests done. Bobbie told me exactly what to expect. I desperately did not want to be induced, and she helped me advocate for myself by giving me information and resources to make an informed decision (and helped me avoid getting bullied by the docs). My goal was to labor at home as long as possible. Bobbie helped me at home for several hours, in addition to my partner and some friends. She answered every, “is this normal?” question that I had, which really helped me relax throughout labor. We arrived at the hospital one hour before my beautiful boy was born- exactly as I had hoped, with no medication or intervention.

Posted 2/15/2012

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Bana Miller

I can't write enough positive things about our experience with Bobbie. She will work with you to help you achieve your ideal birth experience and at every step along the way - before, during, and after labor - she wil be there to support you, give advice, and answer questions. My husband and I both feel that having Bobbie at the birth of our first child was a fantastic decision and we would love to work with her again for all our future deliveries.

Posted 2/7/2012

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Bobbie was a fantastic support and resource.  She was beyond helpful throughout our pregnancy.  After the birth she was instrumental in establishing a good latch and was helpful in following up with us after the birth when we were at home.  Special Beginnings was a great match for our birth experience.  The staff and the environment were great.  It also exceeded my expectations. 

Posted 2/6/2012

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Jessica Willis

Bobbie was great. I was extremely nervous about having my second child without labor medication and she was a tremendous help. She gave me great advice and helped me to understand that I could be more in control of my labor this time after a terrible experience with my first child. I didn't know what my options were and didn't want another delivery on my back, and I wanted to be more actively involved by not having an epidural. She gave me the information I needed to make my decision on whether or not to be induced (I wasn't) by helping me understand that I had a choice. Bobbie was a godsend at the delivery, she helped me find a comfortable position to labor in and really helped me focus on my breathing instead of screaming! I'm so glad I found Bobbie; she really helped to make the experience a wonderful one.

Posted 1/5/2012

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Gretchen Anderson

I met Bobbie just a week before I gave birth -- I'd had another doula arranged, and her circumstances made her unavailable for my birth date. Bobbie came highly recommended by my yoga teacher, and I add my voice to that recommendation for others. She is mellow and soft-spoken -- self-effacing and a good listener -- I did not know until after I'd worked with her how truly deep her experience was -- she has attended hundreds and hundreds of births. Having her present at the birth was a huge help to me and my husband, but the real differential was in the days afterwards -- I texted her with questions ranging from the mundane to the painful and embarassing, and she was direct, honest, informative and supportive. She came several times in the weeks after my birth and each time she left, I felt more prepared, informed and supported. I recommend her highly and would happily serve as a reference.  

Posted 12/19/2011

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Laura E.

My husband and I would recommend Bobbie in a heartbeat.  She supported and guided us through the birth of our first child and was instrumental in making it a beautiful and unforgetable experience. We are both highly trained/scientifically minded people, and Bobbie gave us the perfect mix between experience and evidence-based assistance. Beyond her extensive knowledge and experience, Bobbie's bedside manner is amazing and is what really made the difference. I felt so at ease with her, sitting in my bedroom at 4am working through the contractions... she was relaxed, helped me with positions and coping mechanisms, and helped me have the confidence and self-assurance that I needed to believe I was strong enough to get through this. Not to mention, it was a lot of fun as well! Eating breakfast at 5am between contractions... laughing, chatting... it was great. Both her pre and post partum support was tremendous as well, and she always made herself available. We will definitely be working with Bobbie again for our future deliveries!

Posted 12/19/2011

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Zenda & Obie

Working with Bobbie was one of the best decisions we made! Her knowledge, experience and energy kept me grounded and calm during my pregnancy, labor and delivery and now postpartum with my first child. Bobbie is a wealth of information and is an incredible resource. Working with her included an initial meeting, going over a birth plan, telephone support before labor and during early labor, physical support during active labor and postpartum support (both with breastfeeding and the millions of questions we have as a new parents). Her demeanor is perfect - calm, encouraging and knowledgeable. There were numerous occasions during my L&D where my husband and I deferred to Bobbie's expertise and her suggestions were helpful and spot on. She provided tools to give us a wonderful labor and delivery experience with a natural birth. We are so thankful we used her!

Posted 11/18/2011

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mary quick

 Bobbie was so wonderful. She made the birth of my daughter a memorable positive experience. She was with me every step of the way providing great professional guideance and emotional support. She helped me make decisions that put me in control of my birth choices before I went to the hospital and once I was in labor. It was so empowering and positive from start to finish and I couldn't have done it without her. I am so grateful to her and whole heartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula. 

Posted 11/10/2011

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Kris Messer

Bobbie was an amazing, support and a knowledgeable resource throughout my second pregnancy and the birth itself. I had a successful VBAC, and largely credit Bobbie for that. Her grounded presence was so valuable throughout my pregnancy, especially when I was told the baby was large and when my son was late. She supported me and helped me through my concerns that I would not be able to try for a vaginal birth. She was a rock and a guide. During my long labor she served as a voice of calm and was an endless resource for handling pain and worry. She is friendly, confident, calm and caring. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. I tend to be a little high-strung and I was very worried about my son’s size and lateness, Bobbie helped counsel and advise me without ever making me feel pressured in my decision making. Whenever I needed to talk or had questions Bobbie was available by phone and email and spent a lot of time and energy helping me remain positive. She is the definition of supportive, caring and calm. My husband also says he wishes she had been there with our first child, and is immensely thankful for her being a part of our second child’s birth. We can’t recommend her more fully; she is amazing.

Posted 11/10/2011

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Tara Appler

I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that I wanted a doula. It was my husband and I’s first child and he is a little squeamish about childbirth so I knew I wanted someone experienced there with us! Hiring Bobbie exceeded my expectations.

My original plan was to have a natural vaginal birth. However, at 36 weeks I found out that the baby was breach. I was devastated and felt like hiring a doula and spending weeks practicing the Hypnobabies were of no use now. I was very wrong though. When I called Bobbie in tears she gave me the support and advice I needed. She directed me to websites that had exercises I could do to encourage the baby to turn and to a chiropractor who specialized in the Webster method. She also accompanied my husband and I to the hospital when I tried a manual version to turn the baby. Ultimately the baby did not turn and I had an unplanned cesarean. Once my labor started it went very fast. It was after midnight, but Bobbie made it to the hospital before us which I was grateful for since I was already fully dilated! At the hospital, she knew exactly where to go and quickly got me to labor and delivery. She stayed with me right up until they took me into the operating room. Bobbie met back up with us in the recovery room shortly after and within minutes she was showing me how to nurse my sweet new baby. Having Bobbie there to focus on me and the baby and establishing that bond right away was wonderful. During the post-partum visits, Bobbie showed me different breastfeeding positions, the correct way to swaddle the baby and how to wear the baby using my wrap. It was all tremendously helpful.

Throughout everything Bobbie was calm and reassuring. I completely trusted her and can’t imagine what the pregnancy and birth would have been like without her guidance and support. My husband and I both feel having her be a part of the pregnancy and birth was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Posted 11/4/2011

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Diana Shea

We were very pleased with Bobbie’s doula services for our recent home birth. We were impressed with her professionalism, sensitivity and caring spirit. She supported us in the final weeks of labor by staying connected with phone calls and emails. On Birth Day, she responded quickly to our call and arrived ready to help. Between contractions, she prepared our home for the birth by setting up our birth tub and the midwife’s supplies between contractions. She also stayed in contact with our midwife by request so that she could time her arrival when it was most needed. Bobbie’s aftercare was amazing – she knew what to do and took care of things without being asked (laundry, trash, clean up, food, drink). We highly recommend her services!

Posted 11/2/2011

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Bobbie Humphrey was a great help to us as our doula in May 2011. My previous birth experience was a long, (36 hours), and painful, (3rd degree tears), ordeal that I was terrified of repeating. The pitocin I was administered upon arrival to the hospital the first time seemed to intensify my contractions while slowing my progress. Bobbie took the fear out of the experience and reassured me that she would advocate for me in trying to get the hospital staff to adhere as closely as possible to my birth plan. Bobbie is very busy, but despite her packed schedule, she was able to come over a few days after we came home from the hospital in order to aid with breastfeeding. I became painfully engorged and was producing enough milk for triplets. She taught me how to use my pump and gave me pointers. I eventually needed to see the lactation consultant at my hospital in order to alleviate a continually painful situation, but I’m quite sure I would have gotten mastitis had Bobbie not come over that first time. Bobbie’s rapport with my husband also helped make what would have been a scary and confusing situation for him, more of an exciting adventure. She made sure he participated and gave him directions in a way that he appreciated. I’m quite sure that he was very happy to have her there. I wish I could say that my birth experience was roses and sunshine, but it was very painful and took a long time to recover from. That said, our daughter was so worth it! She is healthy and happy and perfect. I would go through all that pain again if I had to, so that our daughter was born without intervention.

Posted 10/24/2011

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Christina Fenton

Hiring Bobbie was the best decision I could have made regarding my birth experience. From the moment I hired her she was involved in what would become the best experience I could have hoped for. She called to check in, visited my husband and I several times and loaned me 10 books in preparation for the birth. I felt very relaxed about the whole thing knowing I had a veteran on my side. I know Bobbie's presence also helped my husband to relax and be very present during labor & birth. Bobbie was available for all kinds of questions and always gave us an honest answer. I didn't feel any pressure to do things a certain way and when the day finally came she was a very calm presence. I would definitely recommend her.

Posted 8/21/2011

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Andrea Rackowski

Bobbie was incredibly helpful in facilitating the birth of my son.  I had a successful VBAC and I give Bobbie a lot of credit for helping me to make that happen!  She was very patient, supportive, and kind, but also was able to encourage me and propel me on with labor when I was getting tired.  I am so glad that she was a part of my son's birth and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.


Posted 8/17/2011

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Rebecca Berger

I had a very long and challenging labor (62 hours from ROM to birth of my son), and my husband and I both feel that having Bobbie's support during those days and nights was a lifesaver, and helped us have a vaginal birth despite many odds.  I needed a lot of support and encouragement during my long induction, and Bobbie had many creative ways of helping me cope with discomfort and pain, and supported and championed all of my birth preferences, encouraging me to stick with the plan even when I began to doubt myself. She also provided unexpected comforts, like lending me her headphones when mine broke, and offering a wonderful postpartum snack. My husband and I were truly grateful to have Bobbie's support at our labor and delivery.

Posted 7/19/2011

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Rachel and Abe Yasser (and Baby Max)

My husband and I were committed to having a natural childbirth, and, without Bobbie, we never would have been able to accomplish our goal! Bobbie's calm demeanor, patience, experience with breathing techniques and positioning, and credibility with the hospital where we delivered was absolutely essential to us achieving our natural birth plan. My husband, who was trained in the Bradley "husband coaching" method, likes to say that Bobbie is the best investment he has ever made. For me, Bobbie put me at ease and gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed to deliver my son, even when labor was extremely... well, laborious. We cannot say enough about how much Bobbie did for us, both during and after the birth of our son. She stayed at the hospital well past his delivery (at 4:00am!) to ensure breastfeeding was going smoothly, and came to our house a couple of weeks later just to check in and make sure all was well. Bobbie delivered way more than we expected as a doula-- no pun intended!

Posted 6/30/2011

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Dave and Jen Hartman

My husband and I decided to work with Bobbie after she was recommended by my sister in law and one of my best friends. Bobbie was so helpful throughout my pregnancy; she was eager to answer any questions and during home visits helped to put my husband and me at ease about some of our concerns. During labor and delivery, even though things didn’t go exactly as planned, Bobbie supported our decisions and offered advice when we weren’t sure what to do. Bobbie was also great after delivery and came to our house a few times to help with breast feeding and just to make sure we were doing well. I’d very highly recommend Bobbie to anyone looking for a doula.

Posted 6/16/2011

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Sarah Hammond

We could not have been happier with our birth experience. From the time we met Bobbie she made us feel comfortable about the birth process through her stories of past births in which she assisted as well as through the educational materials that she recommended. Throughout my pregnancy Bobbie was available to discuss concerns or answer questions and encouraged me to phone, text or email at anytime. In addition, at 36 weeks Bobbie helped to ease our fears about the hospital in which we originally chose to deliver and suggested a hospital that was more natural birth friendly/friendly to a new mother’s needs and desires. Even though this was a stressful decision, Bobbie helped to ease our concerns over multiple phone calls. During labor Bobbie came to our house so I could labor at home until I was ready to make the transition to the hospital. While at the hospital Bobbie continued to advocate for my desires as per the birth plan I created. She helped to keep me as well as my husband focused and calm while delivering. In addition she helped to get the baby to nurse immediately after birth. Finally, even after our daughter was born Bobbie has come to our house on multiple occasions to assist with nursing to assure that I could be successful with a sometimes stressful task. Overall, Bobbie is a fantastic, extremely knowledgeable doula. I have and would recommend her to anyone seeking the assistance of a doula.

Posted 5/10/2011

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Tori Hanna

Bobbie was simply amazing for my husband and I. She made the experience that much more enjoyable. This was my husbands' and my first child, we really didn't know what to expect. Our concern was that we would get shuttled through the standard medical methods and it would take away from the incredible experience we wanted it to be. I also wanted to do what I could to not have a C-Section unless it was critical to our daughters' health. Bobbie listened to our concerns and answered our questions. By the time labor came around she was dialed in with what my husband and I wanted. The Birth Plan didn't go 100% as planned however Bobbie was very flexible and helped put us at ease. During the laboring process Bobby was very informative and helped put us at ease and also take some of the coaching pressure off my husband. She has followed up with us since we had our daughter and has given us some incredibly valuable tips. I would recommend Bobbie to anyone. She truly helped the experience be an incredibly positive experience for us.

Posted 5/5/2011

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Sara Michael Darlington

Bobbie was great! We liked her from the first time we met her, and we knew it would be a great match. We really liked her background and experience, and she has a way about her that felt very comfortable. We met with her a few times before the birth, so we could share our birth plan and ask any questions. She was incredibly supportive - both physically and emotionally - during labor and delivery. I felt at ease knowing she was there. She is caring, knowledgeable, comforting, and patient. After my baby was born, Bobbie was available over the phone and for visits, checking in to see how we were doing and answering our questions. We are so happy glad we selected Bobbie, and I highly recommend her.

Posted 5/3/2011

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Kira Caban

We had a great experience with Bobbie, I definitely couldn't have delivered my daughter without her!!  Her vast experience as a doula and as a L&D nurse made me feel extremely comfortable and confident that she would be able to help me cope with my labor pains and know when we should head to the hospital.  I had a posterior baby so my labor was pretty difficult but she stuck by my side the entire time and helped me and my husband get through each contraction.  She even taught my doctor something new!--squatting next to the bed to begin pushing helped rotate our sweet baby and she turned!!  Bobbie was also terrific in helping me after the baby was born.  She graciously helped me settle in after the delivery and helped the baby and I begin breastfeeding.  She was terrific and I would definitely recommend her.  I will definitely be calling her when we decide to have baby #2!! :) 

Posted 4/27/2011

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Senchal Barrolle

Bobbie is a wonderful and invaluable doula. She supported me and my husband throughout late pregnancy, labor and the birth of our first child on 2/20/11; she also continues to provide excellent postpartum support. Specific to our birth experience, Bobbie drew upon obvious experience and passion to be both firm and compassionate. From the start of labor, Bobbie stood for our vision of a natural, vaginal birth at a birth center in MD. When I was at risk of being transferred to a hospital (my waters had been ruptured 24+ hours and I was stalled), she pushed me to focus, surrender and birth my child in love (and admittedly, urgency). At the end of the day, Bobbie was an integral part of the team of professionals --alongside my loving husband --who enabled me to have an empowered and fulfilling birth with relatively limited intervention. To the extent that there were interventions, Bobbie was knowledge, e.g., of homeopathics. I'd recommend her without reservation to anyone who wants a true and effective champion for a natural birth.

Posted 3/7/2011

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Kimberly Hill

Bobbie Humphrey assisted me with the births of both of my children, now 3 years old and 9 months old. Bobbie was an invaluable resource for both of my pregnancies, deliveries, and post-partum. She is very knowledgeable able all aspect of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. If it wasn’t for Bobbie, I whole heartedly believe that I would not have been able to stick to my birth plan of having my children naturally, without medication. I have recommended Bobbie to several of my friends and will continue to recommend her to anyone who is looking for fantastic doula. Thanks Bobbie!!!

Posted 3/4/2011

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Liza Schklar

 Bobbie is fantastic. She helped us through a long and painful labor, answered all of our questions before and after birth, and made the whole process far more enjoyable and rewarding than it would have been without her. Even though the birth didn’t go completely as expected and hoped, having Bobbie by our side helped us deal with setbacks in a positive manner. Our baby is happy and healthy and we couldn’t be happier. We’ll definitely contact her again when/if we have another baby.

Posted 3/1/2011

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Anne laura Reviere

 We had a great experience with Bobbie Humphrey as our Doula. She was warm and friendly from the beginning and gave us such comfort for our upcoming childbirth experience. She provided us with books, videos, and relaxation techniques. She made several house calls prenatal and postnatal. She will quickly become a good friend and is so easy to confide in on many levels. Bobbie represented my husband and I during out childbirthing experience like a family member and laboring expert. I could not have made it through my labor without her knowledge, tactics, and expertise. She not only gave me great confidence, but also a great peace throughout my experience. She works well with any medical team and family, and understands the many variables and needs of an expecting mother. She has a great heart and wonderful sense-of-humor and will be an asset to any mommy! :) 

Posted 2/23/2011

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Scott Sherr

My wife and I had a great birthing experience and Bobby was a major part of that.  She was always available prior to the big day for advice and came over several times to go over our plans and answer questions. Her support during delivery was crucial.  She was a strong advocate for us in the hospital and took an active role in helping my wife birth our daughter alongside our midwife.  She also came to the house twice after the birth to check up on us and help my wife w/breastfeeding techniques as well as various other helpful hints on how to take care of a newborn (as it is our first). 

Bobby also has a ton of experience in the doula world as well as a NICU nurse and a mom herself which proved invaluable throughout the process. 

Her calm demeanor, encouraging words, and wealth of experience made her the perfect choice for my wife and I.  We hightly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. 

Posted 2/23/2011

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Lourdes Montes-Greenan

My experience with Bobbie was exceptional.  We interviewed some other Doulas before choosing her but as soon as my husband and I met her we knew she was experienced, professional, caring and very friendly. She inspires trust from the beginning.  She stays in touch with you all the time and is always within reach if you have any questions. Having her gave my husband and I a lot of peace of mind knowing that we would have somebody professional and caring by our side during the birth of our daugher Fatima.  My labor was 23 hour-long and Bobbie stayed with us from 1 p.m. on a Monday helping us through labor, supporting me and my husband, giving us encouragement and coaching us...Finally Fatima was born at 4:59 a.m. the following Tuesday and Bobbie was there making sure we all were fine. She even stayed with us to make sure I knew how to breastfeed my baby for the first time. I remember being extremely exhausted after such a long labor and being in the bed waiting for the nurse to bring my daughter...I was thinking I was not going to be able to have the strength to nurse my baby, but Bobbie was there telling me: "Of course you can, you can do it" and I could !  She's amazing. Even after I went home, she came and visited me a couple of times to make sure mommy and baby were doing OK.  I called her several times after that to ask about nursing issues and she was always very responsive and friendly. I would hire her again with no doubts!

Posted 1/25/2011

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Jill Mehra

Bobbie Humphrey was my doula for the birth of my son and I can't imagine having anyone else by my side in the future.  This was my first birth and Bobbie helped me every step of the way.  When I told her how I was having trouble switching certified nurse midwives, Bobbie was able to get me an appointment with the person I really wanted to deliver my baby.  She referred me to a pediatrician whom I love and a mother's group where I have found support with other moms.  When it came time for the delivery of the baby, I could not have asked for someone to support me more than Bobbie.  My baby arrived several weeks early, but Bobbie was there.  She made it possible so that I could stay home as long as possible and even assisted me in writing a last-minute birth plan.  She stayed by my side for hours and hours and I am sure that she was a crucial reason why I didn't need to have a c-section.  After the delivery, she was available every time I would call with a question and even came over to help me with breastfeeding issues.  When I needed help with the baby, she recommended a post-partum doula.  Bobbie is a lovely person who is very knowledgeable and compassionate.  Bobbie made me feel completely comfortable and confident.  I highly recommend her.

Posted 1/18/2011

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Ayrika White-Mfoudi

Bobbie is wonderful!!  She came highly recommended to me and upon meeting her, I knew why.  She was very warm and welcoming and made a nervous first mom feel very comfortable.  We met about 3 times prior to my birth.  We discussed all of my concerns, as well as what I wanted my birth experience to be like.  She was very supportive and open to my wants and needs.  She was always available by phone to answer questions and to reassure. 

My son was born the morning after a huge blizzard in downtown Baltimore.  She was on the phone with me from the time I went into labor making sure I was able to get to my hospital and giving me other alternatives in case I couldn't.  She also immediately began digging herself out, while making sure there was a back up doula available for me.  In spite of all of that, and coming from near Pennsylvania (!), she arrived at the hospital right as I did!!  She was perfect.  She really helped encourage me through my labor, kept me focused and supported me.  Without her, I may not have had such a wonderful birth experience.

She came to my house after the birth for a visit, brought a meal and made sure I was doing okay.  I also called her a few weeks for her advice about cloth diapers and breastfeeding. Once again, she was so helpful and informative.  

Originally, my husband wasn't sure why a doula was so important to me.  After my son's birth and seeing how Bobbie supported us, he understands!  We are both so grateful to her and highly recommend her to everyone who needs a doula!

Posted 1/7/2011

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Ann Houghton

Bobbie was my doula for the birth of my daughter on June 24, 2010. Bobbie came to our home and answered any and all questions that we had. She told us about herself and her experience. We chose Bobbie and from then on we kept in bi-weekly/monthly contact. She would check in with me and I would always let her know how my doctor’s appts. went. About a month before I was due, Bobbie came to our house again just to check in and answer any last minute questions that we had. My water broke at 7am on the 24th (2 days early). Throughout the day, we spoke and I updated her on my progress. She told me what to expect, etc. Our goal was to have a natural birth so we labored at home for as long as possible. My husband and I headed to the hospital at 4pm. At this point my contractions were about 3 minutes apart. When I got the hospital I was 5 cm. At 6pm I was checked again and I was 8 cm. Bobbie was on her way and checking in as she drove. The birth was beautiful and we did it naturally. If I had a concern or was in pain, she was my advocate. She helped me with having my daughter latch and breast feed for the first time. Bobbie didn’t leave right after the baby was born, rather she stayed to make sure that we were all comfortable and answered any questions that we had. We really appreciated that. She called us the next day at the hospital to check on us and even did a home visit again when I was 2 weeks post-partum. I really thought that was wonderful. At the visit she brought me natural remedies to help my tear heal. This was awesome if you ask me. It really showed that she cared about me and my recovery. I don’t think a doctor would have done the same thing.

Posted 1/6/2011

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Posted 1/4/2011

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Karen Burd

It is hard for me to fathom giving birth without Bobbie.  My delivery was long (over 36 hours) due to my baby being in a posterior position. Bobbie was absolutely amazing during the whole time, she stayed with my husband and I and was incredible support to us both.  She assisted me in every way, from trying all sorts of positions to try to get that stubborn baby to turn, to relaxation and breathing techiniques, and even gave me a massage at one point.  She was also great at intervening with the staff and advocating for the birth that I wanted.  When some tough decisions had to be made, Bobbie was right there with my best interests in mind without being intrusive.  She supported my decision to get an epidural 24 hours in and also in a discussion about possible c-section. 
Bobbie was patient and calm througout the process, but also firm and encouraging when I needed it. She was also great support to my husband throughout the birth and they integrated so smoothly as a team to assist me. 

Bobbie has also been very knowledgeable afterwards re breastfeeding and general new mom questions. 
I would highly recommend using Bobbie as a doula.  

Posted 1/3/2011

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Lori Ulloa

Bobbie is wonderful!  I can't say enough about how knowledgeable and available she is.  She was there anytime I needed her.  In addition, she was instrumental in making the birth of my son a more comfortable and informed experience.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced Doula.

Posted 12/22/2010

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Meredith Reynolds

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby, we felt overwhelmed by all the information about pregnancy, birth and babies. Knowing I was interested in a natural birth, and breast feeding to follow, a coworker suggested I consider a doula. Though she had used two, she said Bobbie was her favorite.

I cannot speak highly enough of Bobbie and the services she provided. From our first conversation, I felt comfortable. She was an integral part of my pregnancy, birth and baby care. Bobbie always responded to messages immediately, never rushed me off the phone, and absolutely never seemed annoyed by my many, many questions.

Bobbie was a source of patience during the last days of pregnancy. She was a source of strength during a less than ideal induction and posterior delivery. She never made me feel like a failure when I strayed from my birthing plan, but instead she provided the support and encouragement I needed. And from nursing to cloth diapers, she was an invaluable resource. I know women who quit nursing because they didn’t have help they needed. During some difficult nursing moments, if it weren’t for Bobbie, I may have been one of them.

My baby is now seven months, and Bobbie remains on my speed dial. When I hear someone is expecting, immediately following “Congratulations”, I ask if they have considered a doula and give them Bobbie’s information. Whether I have one more child, or ten, I will be using Bobbie and each birth—if she’ll have me!

Posted 12/20/2010

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Jessica Leibler

Bobbie is an wonderful doula and we couldn't have asked for better support during pregnancy, the birth, and post-partum.  She is an extremely warm person, very knowledgeable about all aspects of childbirth, and reassuring (which was very helpful to me as a first-time mom).  Bobbie was always reachable during the late stages of my pregnancy when I had questions, and she was fully present and attentive during my entire labor.  I think she was central in my being able to have a natural childbirth, by being a constant, kind presence and reassuring me that I was doing a good job (and that it would be over soon!)  I especially appreciated that Bobbie was reachable with questions about breasfteeding in the early weeks after my daughter was born.  She even stopped by our house a few times just to check in on us and answer questions. 

We loved having Bobbie as our doula and give her our highest recommendation! 

Posted 12/19/2010

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Ally Burleson-Gibson

Bobbie was recommended by my OB after they had been snowed in at the hospital during the blizzard of 2010.  Since I had a lot of confidence in my doctor, I contacted her.  I made Bobbie aware that my interest in having a doula was centered on the fact that I have Type 1 diabetes, and I wanted to maintain control of my blood sugars while using my insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor throughout labor and delivery.  My husband is very supportive so I knew he would be a good birth coach, but I was concerned that in the excitement he may not be able to be a medical advocate for me, too.  I needed Bobbie to be an advocate with the doctors/nurses to help me maintain control of my blood sugars while also having a natural birth.  Bobbie played the advocate role to a tee! 

Although I was 8 cm dilated when we got to the hospital, I labored for a while because the baby wasn't in position.  During that time, Bobbie shared strategies that helped to ease the pain, and helped me to stay calm during the strongest contractions.  She also provided extra support for Jason by offering new/different coaching suggestions.  Because I had a big baby (10 lbs 6 oz), it took me a while to push.  Once the baby was born, my husband heard the nurses congratulating the delivering doctor in the hall for being so patient and restraining her desire to 'do something.'  After having overheard that, my husband was convinced (and so was I) that my labor and delivery would have gone very differently had Bobbie not been there to facilitate our natural birth. She was fantastic and really helped me to achieve my goals of giving birth to a strong, healthy baby while also being able to maintain control of my diabetes.  My son was born naturally and my blood sugars stayed in excellent control thanks to Bobbie's advocacy, comforting, coaching, and knowledge!  



Posted 12/17/2010

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