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Laurel Bake, CD(DONA)

Palouse Women's Wellness

Moscow, ID Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee

$575 to $950

Birth Fee

$575 to $950

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 17 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2010

Type of practice: Group practice with shared call schedule

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Instructor of Birth Choices on the Palouse, a free monthly community education outreach. Facilitator of no-cost community body literacy classes utilizing The Fifth Vital Sign curriculum. Co-facilitator of Mothering Circle, a weekly talking circle/postpartum peer group. Founding Branch Ambassador of Hike it Baby Moscow ID.

Fee Details

As Palouse Women's Wellness doulas, we bring you our combined knowledge and deep belief in the birth process. We meet you where you're at, work with you to get to the core of what matters to you, and walk alongside you through your journey, providing experienced guidance as you make decisions that reflect your values. We offer three fee levels so you can choose the services that fit best with your plans and your budget. Read more on our website here:

Moscow, ID Service range 25 miles

Client Testimonials for Laurel Bake, CD(DONA)

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Katie Anderson


When it came to birth, I was not sure what to expect and wanted someone to help guide my husband and I through the birthing process; I wasn't sure if or when family could be at the birth, and I honestly wasn't even sure I wanted family there. Having a doula seemed like a good middle ground for finding someone who was experienced, professional, compassionate, and supportive, as well as available when the unknown hour of birth came.

A lot of things didn't go as planned--like a birth that came two weeks early and took 41 hours from my water breaking to delivery--but having a doula there was an invaluable and much appreciated reassurance. I originally contracted with Marci, but she was attending another birth, so Laurel came to my birth. The three of us met together well before the birth, in case something like this would happen, so I had already met and felt comfortable with Laurel--and she was exactly who I needed. I did not realize how much emotional support I would need to rally up my spirits to make it through the last few hours of labor, but Laurel was there, encouraging me the whole way.

I would tell a friend to get a doula! Especially for a first-time birth or a birth where they felt they needed more than just their partner for support. With Laurel there, my husband could go grab food, run a quick errand, or take a break without feeling like he was leaving me alone or abandoning me when I needed help.

My birth was a really long one, and Laurel sacrificed time away from her family to be there with me every step of the way--this commitment to me and my birth was the most valuable part of having a doula. Having a doula helped me have the birth I needed.

Misha Cleveland


My biggest fears were ending up w/an unecessary cesarean, not knowing what was going on & being afraid. Laurel answered my questions & kept me informed which calmed my fears & helped me stay calm (ish) during labor so I could make it to a vaginal delivery.

If a friend were considering a doula, I’d tell them you don't have to try to figure things out yourself-A doula can answer your questions & guide you through. So you just focus on your part in labor & delivery w/out so much worry or insecurity.

Laurel was great answering questions w/evidence-based info beforehand & did not pressure me in any direction I didn't want to go. I got to know her a bit before labor & felt she understood & would support my decisions. That helped me trust her during labor & delivery.

My care was worth so much more than we paid-priceless really because of how confident & relaxed I felt going in & how supported I was during labor & delivery!!

Stephanie MacPherson


I am a first time mom, so I wasn't sure what to expect really. I was not really nervous about anything, I really just wanted someone there who had been through the birth experience before and was able to keep me on track. I had planned a water birth and we had the birthing pool all set up. I spent some time in it, however my labor stalled in the pool. I ended up on my massage table for a while and finally gave birth on the birthing stool. Laurel kept me grounded, and made sure I kept my voice low when going through contractions instead of my voice going high. She made sure I had water and calcium when needed, and was an overall gem to have on hand.

If my best friend was considering it, I would tell them to absolutely get a doula. If they are in my area I would absolutely recommend Laurel as their doula. She is so easy going and so easy to get along with, and she knows exactly what to do to keep you grounded and focused on what needs to happen.

100% return on my investment in doula care. It was so wonderful having Laurel, whom I've known for a few years now be able to keep me grounded and invested in giving birth to my daughter.

Sarah Barrows


I hired a doula because I wanted someone present who could normalize the whole process -- someone who could help me when I was meeting the unfamiliar and in pain. And I'm so glad I did! The birth process went unbelievably smoothly, partially because we had Laurel there, keeping us centered and calm. Even though labor isn't easy, I felt supported and encouraged the whole time, not afraid. There were several moments during labor when Laurel specifically encouraged me to ask questions and to take my time making my own decisions where possible. This was incredibly important, and a big factor in the smoothness of my labor, I feel. Sometimes, when we're in hospitals or with doctors, we get intimidated and forget that our bodies are telling us things, but having a doula there helped me listen to my body, which helped me avoid extra anxiety or confusion.

I would absolutely recommend hiring a doula. Not only was it worthwhile to have an advocate and a support during labor, but I loved having both Laurel and Marci available as resources to answer my questions. This was true before birth, and it was true afterwards, too! They both came to check on us postpartum (partially because our original hire was out of town during the birth because of the holidays), and we felt so supported as a new little family. I really enjoyed how both Marci and Laurel's whole focus is on helping the individual have the experience they hope for. They aren't there to dictate their own views or to convince, but rather to offer support and knowledge in a life-changing process.

The investment was absolutely worth it. Of all the many bills we got from the whole process, it was the only one I was actually happy to pay. I know that the person I hired deserved every cent of what we paid, and that I'm supporting this service in our community. 

Rebecca Wolking


Laurel was the first woman to introduce me to the idea of a doula. I knew as she shared her birth experience and the doula participation that I would want one when the time came for me. Four years later, I called upon Laurel to be my doula for the birth of my twin daughters. The traits I needed from my doula was someone who would be a team player with my husband, someone who was on board with my birth plan, and someone who was aware of risks associated with a high-risk pregnancy. Laurel fit the ticket, and then some! Prior to birthing day, she was available for any questions and concerns that popped into my head. Spending almost two days in the hospital before active labor began, Laurel was there the whole time, providing whatever my husband and I needed. Whether it was a peaceful environment, ideas for speeding up the labor, or simply distracting us from the less than ideal situation. Her professional demeanor with all the hospital staff made any of their doubts about her presence quickly disappear. It was a wonderful time had by all!

Even though I'm done with child-bearing, I would highly recommend Laurel to any expectant mother. She's conscientious of the needs of the whole birth team and is willing to go above and beyond!

Bri BeVan


I've already told all my friends how great having a doula was. Bragging about how wonderfull my birth experience was. I honestly believe Laurel was a huge key part in that. I can tell she realy enjoys what she does, she puts her whole heart in getting to know you, not just as a client but as a friend. WIthout her help and support I can't emagine how different my story would be. Even meeting her last min near the end of my pregnancy, she was sure to make time to see me in person multiple times before birth. She had no trouble driving out to my house out of town, or meeting me at my doctors apointments. Beyond that she supported me exponentially over the phone. Whenever I had a doubt or question about ANYTHING I was never afraid to ask and she was quick to answer. WAY better than just googling any of your concerns. Laurel always explained situations in an unbiased manner and supplies plenty information from multiple points of view. From pregnancy symptoms to my emotional well being; from questions about her nursery to decisions about vaccines and procedures, Laurel is so educated on every aspect. She even explains helpful ideas to me that i would never have thought of on my own. From anticipating labor to actually bringing new life into this world, she was there for me every step of the way. Coming straight to the hospital when she was on her way back from drill. After a 6 hour drive she arrived still in her uniform and boots ready to serve me all night long.  Even after my daughter was born, when she had unexplained breathing problems Laurel had still been a life savor for me and my family. Laurel continues to check up on us to make sure I am not having any troubles with breastfeeding or the unenviable lack of sleep. I cannot explain enouph how big of a support she has been for me in such a plethora of ways. I am just so thankfull that I got to meet such a fun, smart and caring person and had the honor of sharing this part of my life with her. 

Alexandra Price


I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Laurel as my doula. During my pregnancy, Laurel was always available and checking on me, full of solid advice, and offering me support, options, and solutions to my questions and concerns. I went into labor with my son early and ended up having an emergency c section at Gritman, during which I almost lost him. His cord was wrapped around his neck and chest multiple times as well as being knotted. His heart rate was down to 50 and he was blue and non responsive when they got him out. I remember Laurel showing up at 5 am in jogging gear by my side, calm, present and focused. She was an advocate for me during the entire process and has a real talent for communicating with medical staff in a soothing and direct way. She stood right by my side in the or, and told me everything was going to be okay. She helped make sure my son was latched on and I breastfed while still on the operating table. She stays completely calm in a crisis and is hilarious to boot. After my procedure and in the days following, she made sure I was aware of all my options and understood everything despite being on pain meds. She was always available for post partum advice and suggestions, and just to talk and share in the year following Dean's birth, and continues to do so today, now that he is 3. Laurel was my rock. I would use her services again in a heartbeat! 

Sam Kimbrow


Laurel is beyond an excellent doula. Before the birth of our first child, she helped make sure even the smallest of details were taken care of, like where to send our dog for a while and other things that never crossed my mind. She was there to attend appointments with our midwife and always answered my questions quickly and thouroughly. During birth, she was like an extension of my husband. When he was cooking food, she was massaging my head or putting pressure on my hips. When I needed my husband, she was making sure I was sipping water and had everything I could possibly desire. When I had complications after birth, she quickly and calmly took our newborn to the couch and put him skin to skin with her until we were available to take him. She wasn't available for our next two births and her presence was definitely missed. I'm happy to have her back with our babe due in December. I would highly recommend Callisto Birth Services to anyone looking to have a strong support system in the birth of their choice. She is pro-mom, and pro-baby to the core!

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