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Casey Haggard

Perinatal Wellness Institute

Saint Louis, MO Service range 20 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 85 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years and 30 families served

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, May 2016
  • Birth Arts International, June 2017

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smoking

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I will attend: Mercy Birth Center, Mercy, Mobap, St. Clare (Fenton). If you don't see your hospital listed please call me!

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I love the calming energy of the birth center. However for convenience, I only attend Mercy Birth Center and First Breath.

Attends home births? No Home Births

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a Christian, member of Doulas of Greater St. Louis, a Childbirth International Certified Birthing Assistant ~ Infant CPR Certified ~ Certified Patient Care Technician. Belly Binding: $125

Fee Details

My fee includes one prenatal visit, resources, unlimited email, phone or text. I will provide constant care for you through out your labor and birth. My background: Emergency Room and Labor and Delivery as an EMT. CBI Certified Doula, Birth Arts Midwife Assistant, Life Coach, Patient Care Technician and registered w/ Family Care Safety Registry. I work very well with doctors and nurses. I want you to have the birth you want whether it's natural, medicated, water birth or c-section. Techniques I use are breathing, massage, birthing ball, rebozo and position change. I offer payment plans so you can afford doula services. Feel free to contact me for a consult. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Saint Louis, MO Service range 20 miles

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I am so glad we chose Casey to be our doula for the birth of our first child! I can't imagine giving birth again without her. Prior to the birth she regularly checked in with me to find out my progress and to see how I was doing. She was available to answer any questions I had and always responded in a timely manner. Upon arriving at the hospital, we learned that we would have to adjust our birth plan to accommodate the needs of both myself and our baby. Casey was a constant source of encouragement and supported each decision I made. She partnered so well with our Midwife and nursing team that it transformed a very intense labor into a beautiful, serene birthing experience. Casey not only cared for my needs but also regularly checked in with my fiance to ensure that he was supported and encouraged - that meant the world to me. Following the birth of our baby, Casey contaced me each day to see how I was doing and came to our home for our post-partum visit. She is a wealth of information and always had resources to refer me to - including her recommendation for a pediatrician whom we chose and are so happy with! Casey does an excellent job of caring and nurturing the whole person and we would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula to support their birth. Whether your are preparing for a low-intervention birth or a c-section, Casey will support you and your birth plan with experience, knowledge, grace and compassion. 

Katherine Hamilton


Casey was a sweet and comforting presence at our hospital birth. She worked along side the nurses and doctor giving me the support and encouragement from one momma and woman to another, which is priceless in the hours of hard labor. Casey wasn’t afraid to help educate us in every moment we seemed to have a concerned look on our faces. Prenatally, Casey was very informative about all the processes to expect as well as a  packet to reference for labor, delivery and postpartum care!  But much, much more Casey was a physical presence in my 90% mental game of labor. She quite literally help me from falling off the bed in pain and assisted my Wishes when I’d call out for a nurses attention for any questions, etc.

May God Bless Casey, Thank you for being our support! Charlie says thank you!! ??????????

Tiffany Sutton


Casey is fantastic! I hired her for my first baby and she was very knowledgeable helping me make a birth plan. Unfortunately, due to some medical concerns, I ended up being induced. My labor was very tough and many of my plans went out the window. She was there for me the whole time, offering so many tips for controlling the pain and progressing labor naturally - even doing way too many squats with me for encouragement. She also helped my mom and husband know how to support and encourage me. When I decided that it was too much and I needed the epidural, she was supportive. Even though my labor went very different than we planned, she was flexible and always encouraging. She also visited and checked up on me postpartum to answer questions and see how I've been adjusting to motherhood.

Carrie Naglak


My husband and I are so thankful that we chose to have Casey as our doula for baby #2. After interviewing 2 other doulas, I felt a connection with Casey that I hadn’t felt with the other two ladies (though they were great). She was confident, experienced and even in that initial interview, encouraging. Once we got closer to our due date, she was a great resource that I could text and call. She helped me work through some fears that I had and sent me Bible verses to ease my mind. She gave me advice on pain management and once we were PAST our due date, she had information about naturally inducing (which was identical to what our midwives said). During labor, she was a strong, reassuring pillar. Somehow, I felt more confident having her there with us. She said the right things and helped us find different positions to help baby boy come easier. I give all the glory to God for our beautiful birth, but I know He sent Casey the wisdom she had to help us. Somehow, I birthed a 9 lb 14 oz. baby boy with no pain medications. (Side note, Casey and her daughter are also photographers and they captured some beautiful moments during maternity photos, birth, and fresh 48.) Thanks Casey!!!!

Hannah Engelbrecht


Casey was absolutely fantastic!!! This is or 2nd birth with her and I wouldnt have any one else by my side. My labors tend to move quicklu so here living right hu tyre hospital was a uge plus for us when we were looking for a doula. The 2nr time around, we also had her do birth photos. I didnt think I would love them as much as I have considering my hesitation of if I wanted to document such an intimate time. Thank You Casey for making such an important milestone documented and beauriful!!!

I would recommend through and through to anyone looking for pictures or doula seevices.

Ann-Marie Ferry


My pregnancies are extermely complicated. All along the doctor was fighting to keep my baby in utero. When I reached 36 weeks pregnant (much to everyones suprise) I started to frantically look for a doula. I talked with Casy during that 36th week on the phone. She had a lot of experience having had complicated pregnancies herself and was very supportive. I have found some people who are more "all natural" to be judgemental of the very hard choices I have had to make during my complicated pregnancies. Casey was not judgemental and infact just seemed to really understand. This was really big for me. At 38 weeks I finally had that all natural birth. Casey was wonderful during labor and delivery. I don't really have anything more I can say about it. She was just wonderful. 

Christina Dury


Casey came to assist my birth as a backup to my own doula, who was ill when I went into labor. Casey was amazing! She made it to the hospital quickly and jumped right in. She was very hands on and knowledgeable in laboring techniques. She was not afraid to interact with and help out the nurses, who wanted to keep baby on monitors but baby was making it difficult. We talked about my birth plan as soon as she arrived and she was firm in helping me adhere to it, which i needed. She didn't overstep or overshadow my husband rather she showed him ways to help like massaging my back during contractions. She advocated use of the tub, the birth ball, and peanut ball. Even after I received an epidural, she helped keep me positioned so that dialation wouldn't stall. During the birth, she was helpful and encouraging with each push. Afterwards, she made sure I had everything I needed and assisted in helping me and baby breastfeed. Everyone said how great I did, but I couldn't have done it without an amazing birth support team and I'm glad that Casey was on that team. I would highly recommend her services.

Brittany McNamara


I started searching for a Doula late in my third trimester, because I wanted to increase my chance of achieving a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). I called Casey after seeing her profile on From our first meeting I found Casey to be a genuinely sweet person and very easy to talk to. She quickly gathered that I was having anxiety that my OBGYN wasn't as 'VBAC friendly' as I'd hoped. She encouraged me to reach out to other providers and connected me with an exceptional physician that was willing to work with me to get the birth experience I desired.

In the weeks leading up to my labor & deliver, Casey stayed in close contact. She would regularly text to ask how my doctors appointments went and to see how I was feeling. My labor was incredibly long (several days) and I was fortunate to have Casey's emotional support through it all.

After spending nearly entire day with us at the hospital and even helping me labor at home the day before, Casey was at my side when our baby girl was born (7/3/2017). If it hadn't been for her support & encouragement I don't think I would have had a successful VBAC. Having a Doula and a supportive OBGYN truly made all the difference in my birth experience.

At first my husband was really opposed to the idea of using a Doula, but Casey made a believer out of him too. Having her is the delivery room benefitted both of us, as it took some of the stress & pressure off of him. After our postpartum visit he admitted she was worth every penny- which coming from my hubby is quite the endorsement!

Jackie Ginther


Casey is such an amazing person! She was my doula and photographer and quickly became my friend. I met her when I was 4 months pregnant with my 4th baby. I had been thinking about using a doula but hadn't taken any actions to find one. Casey and I hit it off right away. I was still unsure about "needing" a doula because I had given birth 3 times before but I was wanting to have a natural birth and, after talking with Casey, was quickly convinced that the support of a doula would be very beneficial. She was in touch with me up until I went into labor. She was always accessible and very responsive to my calls and texts.
Fast forward to labor. I could not have done it without Casey's support! I labored for 4 hours before I gave in and got an epidural. For those 4 hours, she was my whole support system. She advocated for me and made sure I was getting what I needed. My entire family was there; husband, 3 kids, parents and sister. It was crazy with all those people while in labor, so having Casey there to be 100% focused on me was awesome. She offered numerous laboring positions to try to get me comfortable. She even involved my husband who would've stayed in the corner if he could have. She was so comforting and encouraging. I was in a lot of pain but was able to push through a lot of it and hold out on the epidural longer than if she hadn’t been there. And when I decided to change my birth plan and get the epidural, she was 100% supportive. She was there for me and me only. She was my advocate, support system and friend. After my daughter’s birth, she came to check on me and baby and took her newborn pictures which were amazing! I can’t say enough good things about this woman. I am so blessed to have met her at the perfect time, to have her to support me during an extremely personal and amazing time in my life and then to have her continued friendship a year later.

Jessica M. Martinez


Casey is a beautiful woman called to do an amazing work. She puts her heart into everything she does and is blessed because of it. She took some maternity shots for me and I felt so comfortable with her. She made me feel beautiful and we talked Like we had known each other forever. If you are called by her portfolio and are thinking about it. Don't. Call her. You will not regret it. 

Kali Wood


We hired Casey for our birth. We were hoping for a natural VBAC and knew we might need some help to achieve that. Casey was very supportive in all of our planning and got to know us and why we wanted the birth we did. Due to baby being breech we had to have a c-section, but Casey was there for it cheering us on. It was nice to have her there with any questions and because I knew that she had my best interest in mind.She even took some of her "Fresh 48" photos for us which turned out great.  Her postpartum care has been excellent, especially since I don't have family in town to help me out. Her visits have made life easier as I adjust to the new baby. I would highly recommend her. She's very professional, caring, helpful and supportive.

Ashley Brown-Joiner


Casey was hired to be my doula during my pregnancy.  Prior to this pregnancy I never even heard of a doula.  I must say I would recommend having a doula to anybody that's pregnant . She was so nice and supportive.  Showed up to every doctors appointment , returned every phone call/text.  Was with me during labor and even still came and showed support after delivery was over.  If you or someone you know is interested in a doula I highly recommend it and I would highly recommend hiring her. 

Jess B


Casey was hired to be my birth photographer,  and she also trained my birth doula. Even though I birthed too quickly for her to photograph the actual birth (this was completely my fault, as I didn't call until about an hour before baby arrived.), she still managed to get some special shots. In addition,  she came back a few days later to take a few newborn pics. She is very professional,  yet easy to talk to like a friend. You can tell she loves what she does, and that passion shows in her work.

Jo Stein


I hired Casey to do birth and newborn photos in the hospital, she came to my room right after babys birth and  captured some pretty amazingly sweet moments of my baby girl and natural photos of me holding my daughter.   Casey is very friendly and easy to work with and was great with my brand new baby.

Kelly Jones


Casey was absolutely wonderful.  She had such a calm, friendly manner and was so easy to talk to about anything pregnancy or birth related. I became her client in the last month of my pregnancy and she was so supportive throughout those last weeks, giving helpful advice and supporting whatever decisions I made. I ended up spending the last two weeks on bed rest due to elevated blood pressure and a c-section was planned due to a transverse breech presentation.  I never felt like she was in conflict with my OB's advice or instructions.  I really felt like we were all a team with the same goal...a safe delivery and healthy baby.  While she was unable to attend my birth because my baby turned head down at the last minute (c-section cancelled...yay!) and I progressed too fast after the induction, she got there as soon as she could.  She was there to provide support with breastfeeding and addressed my postpartum needs on a practial and emotional level.  She even visited me post partum and took a lot of time to talk about any concerns I had.  I valued her wisdom, experience, and support.  I would highly recommend Casey as a doula!  Loved her!!!  

Kiara Skinner


Not having any family in the state of Missouri while pregnant was quite overwhelming, until Casey became my doula. Casey is very personable, genuinely caring and always accessible! During my labor when my anxiety hit an all time high she was right there to help ease my nerves. I would definitely refer anyone that needs the extra support during pregnancy to Casey! 

Anna Morris


Casey was wonderful in providing support throughout my pregnancy as well as my labor and csection. 

Julie Hess


Casey has worked with my family part time as a post-partum doula through St. Louis Doulas for the last ~3 months, and our experience with her has been really wonderful. Casey is very knowledgable about all things baby-related, she is helpful and proactive.  Additionally, she is very trustworthy and nurturing, our daughter responds very well to her, too.  She is easy to talk to and fits in well with our family.  I also appreciate how she is always prompt when she arrives!  I would highly recommend Casey as a post-partum doula, I imagine she would be an asset for other families in the same manner she has been for us.   

Marileana Garcia Corretjer


In one of those rare occasions, my original doula (who only took two moms in July), happened that both of us went into labor at about the same time! We both had long labors and she got to the other mom first. Casey was her second back up, as my labor took about 26 hours. Casey was great, she came in around midnight when the alternate doula had to leave in order to take her place. She was very supportive and friendly. Given that it was the first time I had met her, it was easy to feel comfortable and that she truly cared about the work she does. I truly appreciated her coming in last minute in order to be there for me. Even though my labor was not exactly what I had hoped for or had the doula I had chosen and gotten to know, I had a great experience and awesome support! I would highly recommend her!


Hannah Engelbrecht


Casey was wonderful to work with throughout my pregnancy. Having had a complicated one,  she was always there checking up on me and the status of my well being. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a personal caring doula for their birthing experience.

Christina Marie


Casey was an awesome doula! We met when I was over 36 weeks pregnant and instantly hit it off! She started as my doula and ended up my friend. My birth went exactly opposite of my plan. Pretty much everything went wrong! It was traumatic and in my opinion staged for failure by my doctor, but Casey was right there with me through every pushy nurse and rude doctor comment. She made me as comfortable as possible and the messages were outstanding! My birth ended in a code white "emergency" c-section where a massive intimidating group of doctors rushed me to the Operation room to almost forcefully get my son out of me. She held my hand as I screamed being cut too soon and cried as I cried out in pain. She waa there in my hardest time and i can never thank her enough! She still checks on me and was my shoulder to lean on as it took me a few weeks to process the whole birth trauma. I would highly recommend her and hope your birth goes much better than mine did, but with Casey by your side at least you will have great support no matter what happens! 

Jackie Ginther


Working with Casey was such a wonderful experience! She is a very sweet and compassionate person. I felt extremely comfortable with her from the moment we met. She was with me for my labor & delivery of my 4th baby as a photographer and support doula. Several of my family members, including our 3 children, were present during the labor and delivery so I was very happy to have Casey there to capture the very special moment. She did an amazing job geting photos of everyone and capturing the experience. It was also great to have her as a support doula to help me find the most comfortable positions during the contractions. Being my 4th I wasnt sure I needed a doula but I was wrong! Everyone should have a doula, someone to focus solely on them and making them comfortable. We also used Casey for our daughters newborn pictures at the hospital. I am so happy we had Casey photograph my labor & delivery and the newborn photos. We will be using her again to do family pictures as our daughter grows. 

Sarah K


Casey was my doula for my second birth.  She is very friendly and was supportive of my birth goals.  Our culture puts such pressure on moms to do things the 'right way' and Casey's judgement-free support was so refreshing!  She was there to support my birth no matter how it went down!  She is knowledgeable in many methods/techniques of labor support and we were able to discuss several options/scenarios ahead of time.  Also the postpartum help has been wonderful! 

Amelia Simms-Diaso


Casey is very friendly,  super knowledgeable regarding everything babies and kids,  and kind.  I HIGHLY recommend her for any of your pre and postpartum needs!!!  Such an amazing service! 

Jennifer Schulz


Casey was my doula for my second pregnancy. She was very attentive and caring especially during my labor which was a bit hard for me. She was able to help me progress without having to resort to pitocin and supported me no matter what decision I made. I would definitely use her again and would recommend her to anyone looking for great support for their pregnancy. Thank you, Casey, for helping us through our labor.

Madison Schultz


I used Casey as a photographer for my boyfriend and I as couple photos, and it was the best experience of doing pictures that I have ever had. She had several great ideas of picture poses that we could do and there was definitely never a dull moment of taking those pictures. She also got the photos back to us quickly and they looked so cute!! Casey is an all around fun and out-going person to be around, and we will definitely be going back to her for pictures again soon. I would highly recommend going to her for pictures for any special occasion, I promise you won't regret it!

Jessica Modene


I did not have Casey as a doula but I do know her and her family.  She is an incredible person who is also very supportive and caring.  I was able to go to her for help with my second daughter, especially when I had to switch to cloth diapers due to my daughter's severe eczema.  She was so helpful and was there through the entire transition.  I was able to contact her as often as I needed to and she was always willing to take the time to talk me through everything. 

Cara Jacobs


I don't have Casey as a doula, but she's been a great friend for many years. She is a God fearing woman that lives the way God would like her to live. She's an amazing mother and very intuitive. She has much medical knowledge and will research anything to help find answers. She loves and cares about people and it shows in not only how she raises her children, but in the way she treats and cares about others. She will be an amazing doula because she loves every second of helping others while pregnant and bringing that baby into the world. 

Pam Bogard


I have not had Casey as a doula, but have also had her as a friend and fellow church attender. She is encouraging, smart and easy to get along with. I've gone to her several times with questions regarding pregnancy situations I was curious about. She was always eager to lend a helping hand. If she didn't have the answer she would find out and get back to me in quick fashion. If I were to become pregnant again, I would trust Casey and feel like I was in good hands. I also have seen her love for the Lord in her speech and actions. That is very important to me. 

Tori Tilton


I have not had Casey as a doula, but as a friend, fellow homeschooling mom and fellow church member for many years.  Casey's character and love for God shine bright, in a way that is hip and loving, not over-bearing.  Being a doula dove-tails nicely with Casey's past medical training and experience and even personal challenges in birth and post-partum.  Being a doula is a perfect fit for Casey and that flows thru in caring for her clients.

Cheryl Haggard-Boyer


Casey is my go-to person for pregnancy and child care advice. At 36 weeks during my second pregnancy, I found out that my baby was presenting breech. Distressed at facing a c-section, Casey helped me try everything possible to turn the baby. We tried massage, swimming, spinning babies, a chiropractor, etc. She supported me through an ECV. Admittedly, nothing worked, but with her help I know I made every possible effort which made accepting the c-section a lot easier. She took some beautiful photographs before and after the surgery, so I can look back and see that I didn't completely miss out on the family-centered birth that I wanted. She even faced down the doctor and nurses to try to get into the operating room, she has no fear when it comes to advocating for a mother's preferences. Now that my husband is going back to work, I'm looking forward to having her help postpartum. Casey is easy to talk to and full of advice which she somehow manages to deliver without being pushy. I'm so glad I had her help through this c-section.

Madison Seaber


Casey was a back up for my postpartum doula after the birth of my son who has colic and reflux. When my primary doula was not available she was able to jump right in for a seamless transition so that the routine we had established was not interrupted. She was very respectful and non-judgmental of our parenting choices and situation. In addition, she was very friendly, easy to talk to, and knowledgable both from personal and professional experience. I was comforted by her advice (which she offered appripriately or when requested, and not in the overwhelming-too-much-information way that many moms recieve from well-meaning friends, family, and total strangers), especially about my son's reflux, since she has a nursing background.  Casey helped to build my confidence as a new mother and served as a sounding board and caring ear for my struggle with colic and postpartum depression. On a particularly rough morning she was able to come help us with only an hour notice which helped turn a very rough morning into a great afternoon. I would recommend Casey as a postpartum or birth doula, especially if you are concerned about feeling comfortable around hired help since it feels so natural to talk to her--almost like you just have a (super helpful) friend over!

Emily Amizich


Casey has been a big help adjusting to life with a newborn. She's easy to talk to and has a lot of experience with children. She's made several meals for us while helping with laundr and other things around the house and caring for baby so I can rest. 

Mary Pittman


I am a mother of three and pregnant with twins when I first met Casey I didn't know what to expect but I must say that in the short time that I have know hEr she is a great support system and continues to help me she sat at the Er visit with me upon hours and made me feel as comfortable as possible and did not leave until they dischargued me it may not be much to a lot of people but it was for me cause I hate hos and hate being alone so thank you so much I am very grateful to have someone like you helping me threw this pregnancy 

Melista Rijo


I asked Casey to take boudoir  photos of me. I am a mother of 3 and I have what I call a mommy tummy. I have never felt flattering or attractive. In photos.  I was a little nervous about how they would turn out and a little nervous about actually having the photos taken.  Casey made me feel really comfortable. She provided a very professional yet fun atmosphere. During the photoshoot we laughed a lot and I was able to relax. I was amazed at how beautiful the pictures turned out. She definitely not only captured my best features but she also captured my personality. I have already recommended her to friends and family and will continue to do so. It turned out to be a great experience.

Connie Yeager


My first childbirth experience was terrible and what made it even tougher was having no one to help me with things like breast feeding, cloth diapering, etc.  I gave up both I simply had no support system whatsoever. So when my second child was born I was determined to make it work this time. I had known Casey for a few years prior to my sons birth and I can't think of anyone with more experience then her as far as anything mothering.  When I had my second child she was my "go to" person for advice especially advice on breast feeding and cloth diapering. I was ready to give up and she was always there to hear my concerns and help me through. Casey has a nice, big beautiful family, her children are amazing!!! I am currently expecting again so far five weeks along and I plan on making her my doula, simply could not think of anyone better :)

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