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Andrea Hewitt, MA, CD(DONA), LCCE

East Nashville Doulas, LLC

Nashville, TN Service range 30 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 118 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, August 2015
  • DONA International, November 2018

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Proudly welcomed in all Nashville area hospitals.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Proudly welcomed in all Nashville birth centers.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
We love attending home births as long as a care provider is present.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Childbirth education services
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Community Doula Liaison, Vanderbilt Volunteer Doulas (Vanderbilt Hospital); The Rooted Bridge (Founding Board Member); Planned Parenthood Volunteer; Nashville Birth Collective (Founding Board President).

Fee Details

Owner--East Nashville Doulas. We are a group of birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and childbirth & lactation educators dedicated to supporting *all families* during their birthing time and beyond. We offer centered care for a supported start for your family. Our birth doula fees are all-inclusive, and you never pay more for longer labors. Buy a postpartum doula package, and get a discount! We also offer group & private childbirth education classes. Group classes cover everything you need to know and create a community of new parents for you. Private classes are tailored to your specific needs and time constraints. Professional, progressive, inclusive, informative—your doula will be by your side through it all. Give us a call today to schedule a free consult!

Nashville, TN Service range 30 miles

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Client Testimonials for Andrea Hewitt, MA, CD(DONA), LCCE

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Ashley Chambliss


We are so grateful we chose Andrea as our Doula. She was professional and fun! Her and I really clicked. Andrea was there day and night when I had questions or concerns. My labor would not have been the same without her by our side as she provided insight on techniques to help elevate pain and a deeper knowledge of the process. Not only was Andrea helpful for me but also for my boyfriend and us as a couple. Andrea really made the whole experience that much better and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire her. She is not only  great resource but I feel we really built a friendship.

My boyfriend son and I thank you very much for everything!

Kristin DuFour


My husband and I hired Andrea and her team to help support us through an unmedicated birth at a birthing center for our first child. She came highly recommended to us by several people and absolutely lived up to her glowing recommendations. She was a steady and constant support during our labor at the birthing center, and continued to offer her guidance and knowledge as plans changed and we transferred to Vanderbilt, had many more hours of labor, an epidural and ultimately an unplanned c-section.
Our son arrived a couple days early and Andrea had prior teaching obligations that required her to step away for a few hours and our/her backup doula, Amy stepped in during that time. We had met Amy prior to this day, just in case she would need to be there for any reason and we felt totally comfortable with her taking over during that time. Amy was just as wonderful and helpful as Andrea!
Both Amy and Andrea came for our postpartum visit about a week after our son was born, spent time with the baby and we discussed my labor and birth, our progress with breastfeeding, my healing process and anything else that I felt like needed to be discussed. All incredibly helpful!
We cannot say enough good things about the East Nashville Doula team!

Megan Thieme



The first time my husband and I met Andrea we knew right away we wanted her as our Doula. Being pregnant with our first child, we were so excited, but also overwhelmed by all the information we were trying to take in. Andrea was always just a phone call, text, or email away to answer any questions we had or help lead us in the right direction. The extra time we spent with her in our birth class made us feel even more comfortable in preparation for the birth. The night of labor she was there right when we needed her and she stayed after our son was born until we felt confident and she knew we were ready. From start to finish our experience with Andrea was better than we ever could have expected. We look forward to using her again in the future!


Lindsey Reinford


My husband and I had planned a natural birth at a birthing center for the birth of our first child. Since we had no experience and knew that there was a chance we may have to transfer to the hospital and work with a whole new team if difficulties arose, we knew that we wanted to hire a doula. We met with several doulas who all seemed great, but once we met Andrea, we knew without a doubt that we had to work with her. Not only was she incredibly warm and kind, it was clear how knowledgeable she is, which made us feel way more comfortable and confident heading into a new experience. We knew we were in good hands no matter what happened.

When it came time for baby, I, unfortunately, had a very long stretch of prodromal labor (labor that is not progressing), and Andrea was helpful via text and in person to make me feel supported. When it had been over 24 hours of laboring at home, Andrea came over to our house and stayed with me for 6 hours, trying EVERYTHING she could think of to get this baby out! Once my contractions got close enough, we headed to the birth center, where Andrea was the epitome of calm and supportive. After my labor slowed back down, she helped us to make the decision to transfer to the hospital and it felt good having her perspective, knowing she had seen tons of births (some similar to mine). We were so grateful to have her at the hospital with us and to make that transition so smooth.

When all was said and done, my labor was almost 60 hours long and the only people who were there for it all were my husband and Andrea. We’ve said multiple times that we would have been lost and scared without her. She helped us to feel calm and empowered, and to have the birth we wanted even when our whole plan went out the window. I will recommend her to everyone forever and will without a doubt hire her for any future babies!

Ayelet Berger


Andrea is amazing! My husband and I hired her to support us when I was pregnant with our second child. I was attempting a VBAC and I knew I needed the best doula in town. Enter Andrea. Throughout the entire journey Andrea was incredibly supportive. Having an extra person to lean on during the pregnancy was critical for both my husband and me. Due to medical complications with our son we had to have a repeat C-Section, but even through that Andrea came through in a major way. When the midwife realized that the baby needed to be born via C-Section Andrea was right there with us, giving her unending support. When I was being prepped for surgery, Andrea kept my husband busy by talking about his favorite subject - photography - so when he came to join me in the OR he was focused and calm. When we were brought back to recovery (with our healthy baby boy in arms) Andrea was there to meet us and help us process the experience. I am forever grateful that Andrea was recommended to us. She is truly a gift.

Victoria Black


When I decided was going to hire a doula, I eagerly set up 4 or 5 interviews throughout the week. Andrea was my first interview and by the time it was over I knew my other Appointments would be unecessary! I immediately loved how professional and organized Andrea was. She provided me with a folder of information and was so open to answering my long list of questions. Andreas sweet spirit shines everytime you talk to her. Our prenatal meetings were great- you could tell she really wants to get to know YOU and YOUR birth. Anytime I called or texted her I automatically got a response. Surprisingly enough, my labor was so quick that we didn’t make it to the birth center on time and we had our daughter in the car. Andrea of course still met us there and got us Settled and went get us food (since we didn’t have time to pack any). Hiring Andrea was a great choice for us and I have No doubt that she’d be a great fit for any family!

Sarah Cox


We heard about Andrea from a dear friend and birth photographer and I knew right when I met her that I wanted her to be a part of my birth team. Andrea was such a crucial part of our birth story and gave my husband and I the support and encouragement we needed. As first time parents, we had a lot of questions and anxiety leading up to the birth. I was 13 days late and pretty discouraged that I wouldn't be able to have my son in the birthing center as planned. She was always a text away with any questions I had and was happy to give me support before, during and after our son was born. I think the biggest reason we chose a doula is for my husband. He was extremely apprehensive about the birth as he had no idea what was ahead. Andrea supported him so that he could be fully present for me and that was the biggest gift she could give us. She was such a calm and supportive presence during the birth. We've already recommended her to multiple friends who are expecting.

Morgan Hagemeyer


We hired Andrea to assist with the birth of our first child at St. Thomas. We also attended her birth class at Blooma. It was really nice to have our doula also be our birth educator. Andrea really helped calm our nerves as we got closer to the birth. It was really comforting to have someone to reach out to just to say, "I think I lost my mucus plug" or "I might be having contractions". She was so patient and supportive. She was there for our entire 12 hour birth. She helped me move, suggested new postions, and when I decided to get an epidrual she advocated and made sure we had the best team to adminster it. My husband was skeptical of hiring a doula but afterwards admited that hiring Andrea was one of the best choices we made. If/when I get pregnant again, Andrea will be one of the first to know! 

Alexandra Lehman


Where to start! Andrea is the most wonderful doula. From the first time she met my husband and I, Andrea was informative, supportive and abundantly soothing. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the birth process, but she also has a very calming presence. She favors evidence-based information in addition to proven anecdotal tips. Andrea was nonjudgmental regarding all of our birth choices and helped us feel confident when it came time to make important decisions. She also helped support my husband in ways we couldn’t anticipate. We can’t speak highly enough about Andrea! She’s also a dog person which was a plus in our multiple pup household :)

Alexandria Rowland


Having Andrea as my Doula was amazing! I felt very comfortable sharing my fears and concerns with her from the very beginning. She is very warm, understanding, non-judgemental, knowledgeable, and encouraging. She made me feel like my partner and I could get through labor together and that I knew myself well enough and was strong enough to do it without falling apart. She also made me feel like if I did fall apart, then she would know what to do to get things back on track, which was reassuring. We knew that there was a chance that I would be induced and wouldn’t be able to labor at home like I wanted, so she helped me try to think of things we could do to try to make the hospital room feel more like home. I you want extra support in your labor, I would 100%

Sarah Alexander Neal


My husband and I met Andrea when I was 31 weeks pregnant and enrolled in her childbirth class at Blooma. I had been thinking all during my pregnancy that I wanted a birth doula but was convinced that I wouldn’t feel comfortable enough with someone for such an important and intense time. Turns out Andrea was exactly what I was hoping for and she never made me feel silly for hiring her at 35 weeks :)

Andrea is so fun and has such a relaxed, pleasant demeanor about her. She is understanding and informative, she has so many stories to share, and most importantly you feel instantly comfortable with her. The emotional support she provided, the actual physical support she offered in keeping me up and moving and changing positions, and her efforts at helping me stay centered and focused - it was exactly what we needed and wanted. 

I am forever thankful Andrea was a part of our journey and if there’s another baby in our future she’ll most definitely be called upon again! 

Hilda McMackin


We delivered our baby girl in December 2017 and were immensely grateful to have Andrea's support during pregnancy, labor and delivery. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and her composure during stressful moments was very grounding. I highly recommend her as a birth doula to any expectant parents.

Jessie Merritt


We had an awesome experience with Andrea! When I first mentioned to my husband that I wanted to hire a doula he was skeptical. Once we met with Andrea he was totally on board and we both agree it helped us tremendously as first time parents. We'll hire her for our next birth, too!

Jill C Meriwether


We used Andrea as our doula for our first pregnancy and could not have been more happy with her services. She truly felt like a close friend from our first meeting. We were drawn to her calming personality and how down to earth she was. We knew immediately after our initial consul that we wanted her with us when our son was born. So thankful we hired her! I don't know if we could've done it without her. I'm sure we could have, but I wouldn't have wanted to. She guided and supported us whenever we needed it and let us do our thing when needed. She had many helpful tricks to keep me comfortable and to keep baby progressing. In addition to her support during our labor, she is always available to chat and answer questions whenever we needed as labor grew closer and after. We will definitely be recommending her to any and all pregnant friends we have in the future, and we will also be using her again for our next little one if we are able!

Lauren Kelley Braue


We cannot say kind enough words to describe Andrea. We had such an amazing birth experience because of her; she was an amazing coach, a calming presence, and a knowledgeable friend. We would give her the highest possible recommendation for anyone seeking a doula. We love you Andrea!

Kellee Q


I met Andrea 8 months into my pregnancy when I realized that I wanted continuous support during my birth, from home to birth center (Baby+Co). I met with her at a coffee shop and INSTANTLY knew I wanted to work with her. Her kind spirit shined through. She was very knowledgeable. She was helpful and supportive.

When labor started, she was the first person we texted and she came over to our home relive my husband. It was great having her here to help make the call to when to go to the birthing center. Thank goodness she did because I was ready to push by the time I arrived!

She was there throughout my labor helping to guide me though. She had such a calm and soothing voice that helped me stay relaxed between pushes. After the birth she helped hold our little one as we finished things up and she stayed for a bit to help us get things we needed. We are so grateful for Andrea and her contribution to our amazing birth story!

Robbe White


A year ago, Oct. 15, 2016, Andrea helped my wife and I bring our baby Jupiter into the world. We are forever grateful that she was a part of our home birth team. I highly recommend Andrea, she is an advocate for mothers and she was a very important part of the birth team. Andrea literally held one of my wife's legs and I held the other as Jupiter came into the world. She had a lot of very helpful information and resources for us leading up to the birth and was a great listener and great encouragement. She seemed to have a solution or answer to every question or obstacle we went through and constantly reminded us to stay calm, that every thing would go as it should. At the birth, she helped as liaison between us and the midwife, who was a little more medical than natural. Despite some clashing, Andrea helped us all find common ground and make compromises to make the birth as close to what we wanted while still following the Certified Nurse Midwife's instructions and procedures. I will never ever forget Andrea's help and love her passion for women and birth. 5 stars all the way! Thank you Andrea!

Denise Galbraith


My experience with Andrea as a doula was wonderful and I highly recommend her to any woman giving birth in any health setting. It is hard to describe why having a doula is so important for first time moms - the experience, trust, and empowerment she brings to the table helped me through all stages of labor and I wouldn't do it again without her!

Joanna Peery


Andrea was wonderful to work with! She is very knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and did a great job translating medical speak for the non-medical members of the family. She helped us feel in control of our decisions even when we had to change up the plan. She has a grounding presence and yet a great sense of humor. In all we had a really fun birth! I can't imagine having a baby without her now. :) In addition, she was very accepting of our somewhat nontraditional family.

She was also very organized and great about communicating, responsive to texts, calls, and emails, and diligently arranged three tiers of backup doulas in case she was out of town. I would recommend her without reservation. 

Shannon N


It was a pleasure having Andrea as our doula. I really wanted a natural child birth and having Andrea there helped me achieve this. The one thing that I loved about Andrea was I could trust her. I could trust she had my back and would guide me though this very personal, intense, and special day. Just having her in the room gave me peace of mind. I thank her and if I had to do it all over again I would most definitely want her there.

Ashley N


Andrea came highly recommended to my husband and I from multiple people. I wasn’t sure if I needed a doula for my delivery, but my husband was nervous about labor, especially a natural one. So to ease his fears, we hired Andrea.

Andrea became our doula late in my pregnancy, about 34 weeks, and from the moment my husband and I met her she made us feel comfortable and more relaxed about the laboring process. She answered all of our questions, gave both of us confidence, and was in frequent contact throughout my pregnancy and early stages of labor. After leaving our first meeting I knew that she could help us, and I was convinced I did want a doula.

Because this was my first pregnancy, I wasn’t sure what I needed, expected, or even wanted from Andrea. At one point, I remember her saying that after having spent time with my husband and I she thought she knew exactly what kind of support I needed. And she did! She anticipated my needs when I wasn’t even sure what I needed myself. She was there throughout my whole labor offering suggestions, encouraging words, and a calming presence. Without Andrea, I don’t believe I would have had the positive birth experience I did.

Whatever birth is your goal, whether it’s natural or medicated, in a hospital, birth center, or at home I firmly believe that Andrea can help you achieve your goals and help you bring your little one into this world.

C Griffin


When we first hired Andrea, I honestly didn't think it mattered to me that our birth team was lgbt/queer-friendly because our family has passing privilege. But after anti-trans legislation was introduced while I was pregnant, I realized I needed to feel like I could be vulnerable around our doula, so I was very happy we'd gone in that direction. (I often looked to Andrea during my pregnancy to identify queer-friendly childbirth educators, midwives, photographers, etc.)

I was looking for my doula to work hand in hand with my husband as my birth team. With my anxiety & PTSD, it was important that the two of them had a relationship and connection that did not rely on me as conductor so that if I went nonverbal during labor they could work together seamlessly.

Though we had planned a home birth, babe was stubbornly breech, and I ended up having a failed external version (ECV) followed a week later by a scheduled c-section. Andrea helped me adjust my birth plan and was with us every step of the way with steadfast nonjudgmental support. In my preop room before surgery, I had to strongly advocate for "gentle"/"family-centered" c-section measures, which was very intimidating. My husband and I were both new to this, and it was empowering to have someone who had seen these things before reassure me in quiet moments that I wasn't being totally outrageous advocating for myself -- Andrea's support gave me confidence to not back down about what mattered to me. 

As a general note, I have heard some doulas say that their client having a vaginal birth is the #1 goal, and for me, it was crucial that my doula didn't have an agenda about what my birth should be, so that I did not feel I had "failed" her if the plan deviated. Thankfully Andrea always had my back, hell or high water.Also, she was very responsive throughout my pregnancy and a fantastic resource, so I highly recommend hiring her early on if possible!

Ashley England


My partner and I had an overwhelmingly positive experience working with Andrea as our Doula. She is highly organized and very knowledgeable. Her approach is professional and systematic, while also being highly personable which made us feel very comfortable. Andrea began by working hard to get to know me and my partner. She listened carefully and asked thoughtful questions to understand our needs, preferences and desires for pregnancy, labor and delivery. Andrea quickly noticed how strong a source of support and strength my partner is for me. She did everything she could to set him up to successfully support me during labor. When we were in the zone, she stepped back, and jumped in when she saw opportunities to help.

My labor was induced, which meant we had a long list of choices to make. At every turn, Andrea was prepared with non-judgmental, research-based information on potential outcomes that helped us feel empowered. She supported us in big ways, like giving us the information we needed to make informed decisions during stressful moments of labor and in small ways, like running interference with our families as they waited anxiously and getting my husband coffee when I couldn’t let go of his hand.

We both recommend Andrea without reservation. My goal was to have an unmedicated, vaginal birth and Andrea was a critical part of achieving that goal.

Joanna Grossi


I had the pleasure of having Andrea as my doula at the homebirth of my first child this past October. I feel truly lucky to have had her by my side in this experience. Andrea has a gentle and personable demeanor. She's down to earth and not pretentious. She helped me feel so comfortable and confident in my birthing space. She was very conscientious and intuitive in her position as a doula. I felt like she could sense when to give space and when to jump in and help me through. Her voice is also rather calm and soothing. I can't recommend her highly enough!!

Elizabeth Lanphier


Andrea was the perfect birth doula for me and my partner. We had decided early on in the pregnancy to go with a midwife assisted birth at a birth center, and the model of care involves laboring at home for as long as possible before coming into the birth center for the delivery. I knew that I would want a doula to support me, and my husband, during this laboring phase, and to help him learn to support me. Andrea made it clear that her goal was to help my husband and I work through labor and delivery together and to strengthen us as a team, and this was certainly our experience in working with her.

Andrea was always just a text message away whenever I had any question during my pregnancy and responded quickly and thoroughly, without judgment and with a lot of encouragement. When my pregnancy got several days past my due date, and I had three days of stop and start contractions, she helped me stay positive throughout this time even though I was frustrated about labor not progressing. Andrea had an idea of why my labor might be stalled, and she was instrumental in getting things going, by coming over and doing a Spinning Babies exercise with me. An hour after that I was in active labor, and four hours later our baby girl was born. We labored so successfully at home with Andrea’s support that I was 7cm by the time we reached the birth center.

During my labor, Andrea validated my fears, and helped me work through them. I really appreciated how she physically matched what I was doing in labor – if I was walking, she walked with me; if I was swaying so was Andrea. And she was always a step ahead in anticipating a need and preparing for it. When I turned to my partner for support as I labored, she effectively helped him to be there for me physically and emotionally. I was so fortunate to have the delivery I hoped for, and I know this was in no small part thanks to Andrea.

bob lanphier


My wife and I opted to deliver at the Baby & Co birthing center in Nashville. It was explained to us how the pre natal care would be handled, and this lead to discussion of hiring a doula for the time up to, and including, the birth.

That said, this review is for all the guys out there who, like me, never heard the word 'doula' before much less know what one does. Trust me fellas, YOU WANT A DOULA. It's impossible for me to overstate this. Andrea was absolutely invaluable to our entire experience. From explaining different procedures, answering all our questions (you'll have more than you think), and most of all assisting with the at-home labor. She was at our home from the early labor all through to when it was time to leave for the birthing center. Again, fellas, YOU NEED A DOULA for this time particularly. (Even if you think you're ready for that part, I'm here to tell ya, you're not).

After arriving at the birth center, Andrea again proved to be essential to the process. Coaching my wife through active labor, helping me keep calm and positive, and assisting with the birth itself as a person we'd both come to know and trust over the preceding months. She was a huge part of what was a beautiful and rewarding experience and her expertise and professionalism will not be forgotten by either of us. She was simply the best person for the job that I could've hoped for. HIRE HER

Sunni Ray


Andrea was the best doula ever!  I felt like I knew her for years the first time I had a conversation with her.  She is so warm and made me feel very comfortable in the delivery room.  She also made me feel very prepared prior to delivery.  I highly reccommend her services.

Scott Holzwarth


About one month ago I had the joy and privilege of being part of an unbelievably beautiful birth experience of our first daughter. My wife's labor was long and difficult, but she stayed strong and stuck with her plan to bring our daughter into the world. My wife and I both strongly believe that Andrea was one of the primary reasons why this experience was so magical. From the moment we met Andrea at our first consultation, we knew there was a special connection. Throughtout the process, she was incredibly responsive and always answered our questions more thoroughly than expected. She did research and familiarized herself with my wife's breathing techniques and preferred terminology, which meant so much to us. 

During the 14 hours of labor at the hospital, Andrea was there every step of the way to support both me and my wife. I was able to be the best birth partner that I could be because Andrea was there to back me up on massages, get our questions answered immediately, and support my wife emotionally through the most challenging and intense parts of the experience. I was able to stay completely calm the entire time because I had 100% confidence and trust in Andrea. She was my guide and I am so thankful for everything that she did. 

Andrea is an incredible person and the best Doula we could have ever found! We will never forget this amazing birth experience that we were able to share with her. 

kelly frisz


I got the pleasure to meet Andrea during a four week class at Blooma. Andrea was extremely informative and knowledgeable when it came to birth. On top of that, she has the best personality and is such a positive person!! I chose her to be my Doula and was so happy she had one more opening left to take me as a client! Labor and childbirth would have never been the same if it wasn't for having Andrea as my Doula! She is awesome!!!

Amanda Allen


Andrea supported us during the birth of our second child and I am so grateful for her calming presence and comforting words. Because the birth of our first child was so long, we opted to wait and asked Andrea to come about 8 hours after our induction began. By that point, I was having a difficult time with the contractions and after saying I didn’t think I could take much more, Andrea placed her hand on my shoulder and redirected my attention to help me refocus and center myself. The energy immediately changed in the room and everyone felt lighter and recharged.


Without a doubt, Andrea will be an asset to your birth team. My husband also appreciated her support. Birth is hard, all-consuming work, both for mom and her loved ones. Andrea was available to give him a break and to also offer suggestions while I was laboring. Having worked in the birth community myself over the last 4 years, I can say unquestionably that Andrea is one of the best doulas Nashville has to offer. She continually strives to educate herself and in fact, during my labor, used Spinning Baby techniques which I believe helped to speed up my slow labor (I went from 4cm to baby in arms within an hour and a half). She’s always learning and adding knowledge to her “birth toolkit” and this is one of the many reasons she stands out.


Though our family is complete, I would ask Andrea to support me again in a heartbeat. In the thick of labor and as cliché as it sounds, she was my “breathe of fresh air” and just what I needed for my daughter’s birth.

Lesley Smith


Andrea brought confidence, reassurance, an incredible depth of knowledge, and unbridled compassion to our birth experience. As first time parents, my husband and I knew we wanted someone to coach us through this amazing but scary process, to keep us calm during the rough moments, and to remind me—the mom–that I was strong enough to keep going. Whether you're seeking a completely natural, partially medicated or fully medicated birth, a doula is 100% worth the investment, and I can't recommend Andrea highly enough. We felt at ease from the moment we met her, were immensely relieved to see her when it was "go time", and so fortunate that she helped usher our beautiful son into this world.

Maryann Rainey


We first met Andrea through a child birth class at Blooma Nashville and we were instantly drawn to how comfortable she made us feel, how she respected our desires in our birth plan and how encouraging and positive she was. Andrea was very available throughout my pregnancy by answering any questions I had and she really helped us formulate what was important to us for our birth and what we wanted. Having a doula was the best decision of my birth plan because not only was Andrea a great resource for us but it was so comforting to have her with us during our birth. She was especially a great support and resource to my husband as we chose to do a lot of my labor at home. As with most birth plans, my plan deviated and Andrea assured me and encouraged us the entire time that we were making the right decisions for us and for our baby. Andrea has such a warm, genuine personality and I was so thankful to have her with us during my birth as an encouraging and calming voice. With her and my husband together, I truly felt that I had a supportive team in the hospital and would highly recommend Andrea as a doula!

Susan Daly


Gosh, I love Andrea. I had a loong, sloow labor and home birth transfer and she stuck with us every step of the way, from walking the neighborhood with us, to rebozo sifting, to sleeping in an upright chair in the hospital. She brought such a calm, positive energy to the whole experience. Right from the get go she was willing to do whatever to help... or not. She came equipped with a book to read should we feel the need for space, but we honestly never did. My husband felt so much more at ease having Andrea with us, especially since things didn't go as planned (do they ever?). We really cannot recommend Andrea enough!

Bre Merrill


 Andrea was absolutely phenomenal. Not only was she able to help me overcome all the anxiety that I had pre-delivery  but she was also able to completely reassure me and keep me calm and support me during the labor itself. You would think that as the woman you would be the main person benefiting from the Doula...  I had found that my husband benefited just as much from her as I did.  She was able to make sure that my husband was able to take meal breaks and get some extra energy that he needed to help me throughout my delivery. Having your husband there and supportive and having the energy to help you when you feel like you Have no energy left, is priceless. And without Andrea this would not have been accomplished. We were very thankful to have the support and the reassurance and someone there to answer our questions throughout a process that would normally be extremely overwhelming and intimidating. We highly recommend Andrea. I know that if we choose to have a second child we will definitely be calling her again.

Jessica Norris


Andrea was everything I ever wanted in a doula! She was down to earth, warm, and friendly. She utilized techniques and made suggestions that increased my comfort tremendoulsy during labor. She was great with my strong willed toddler and really helped me feel at ease. She was excellent at reading my queues to determine when I needed more support and when I could use some privacy, without me even having to say anything. She respectfully followed my lead while validating the fact that my labor was progressing just as it should and I was following my instincts well. I am thankful to have had someone so knowledgeable with such a strong passion to serve women at my birth!

Sara Sutton


We met Andrea at Blooma one night when we were thinking about hiring a doula. My husband immediately really liked her (and so did I, but I wanted to be sure he connected with whoever we chose since he'd be the most coherent one), so we decided to meet with her privately and ultimately hired her! She was so great with us, answering our questions, and helping me when we found out our baby was breech and I had to get a version. The day I went into labor she was there through the thick of it, all 30+ hours, up until we ultimately went in for a c-section. I had planned on going med-free, but unfortunately you just don't know how your labor is going to go until you get there. She was so supportive of any decisions we made, and I know we both stayed a lot more calm with her there with us. If you are in the market for a doula, you really can't get any better than Andrea. She's so down to earth and a great comfort to have in the delivery room. We highly highly recommend her!

Rachel Smith


I 100% loved my experience with Andrea.  She is exactly the doula that I needed. I was totally certain I was going to get an epidural, but I was still very nervous about birth. Andrea was completely supportive and available during my pregnancy.


Andrea is also the only reason we made it to the hospital on time.  I had a very fast labor.  My water never broke.  She helped me realize I was in VERY active labor and get to the hospital.  I was in transition and complete when I arrived, and ended up not being able to get an epidural. Needless to say, Andrea helped me to navigate one of the worst moments of my life.


Andrea is professional, respectful, funny, full of information, and a fantastic birth partner.  She is there and ready to help you in all eventualities.  My partner is so thankful that she was there to support him! We love Andrea, and she is the best we could have possibly selected.  I will be asking her to be at any future births for sure!

Lauren Reed


After having an unfortunate experience with the birth of our firstborn, my husband and I knew we needed a doula on our side. Andrea was great. We had exactly the birth experience we wanted. She knew breastfeeding was very important to me and stayed after the birth to make sure the breastfeeding relationship was established. Andrea was also a great resource pre-and-post birth, hooking us up with an amazing lactation consultant. My doctor even commented on how great our doula was! I highly recommend Andrea. She's someone you want on your side during childbirth.

Melissa Dixon


Andrea was with us for our fourth child's birth, and was definitely a positive person to have at our birth. She was calm and encouraging, and just generally great company as well. She was helpful when I needed help, and also quietly supportive during my labor stalls. She has a real heart for women and birth, and is very respectful and supportive of women's choices. I highly recommend her as a doula!

Osie Adelfang


You might ask, why would you need a doula for a planned c-section? But here is what Andrea did for me and my baby: When I got to the hospital, Andrea made sure that the anesthesiologist came to talk to me and understood and agreed to my preferences for medication. She sat with us and helped me stay calm before surgery. As soon as I came out of the OR (my husband had gone to the nursery with baby), Andrea was there to comfort me while at the same time empowering me to politely but effectively press the staff to bring the baby down to me quickly. Good thing, too, as she helped me establish a successful nursing relationship with the baby, important because baby then slept for 24 hours! We got off to a good start thanks to my doula! But most of all, Andrea's combination of knowledge about birth, respect for all the parties, and real caring for our family helped me have an amazing birth experience despite it being a c-section. Thank you, Andrea!"

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