Sarah Newton, CD(DONA), CPD (BAI) Photo

Sarah Newton, CD(DONA), CPD (BAI)

All Things Doula, LLC

Fredericksburg, VA Service range 28 miles

Birth Fee

$1700 to $2200

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Birth Fee

$1700 to $2200

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Birth Doula Experience

13 years and 231 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

13 years and 100 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Birth Arts International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2011
  • Birth Arts International, January 2024

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 0 to 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Will attend home births as long as it is attended by a licensed home birth care provider!

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I worked for 3 years with a non-profit offering birth and postpartum doula services for young, at-risk clients!

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Request a $400 retainer fee to hold your due date on my calendar. Remaining monies to be paid by 38 weeks. I always offer a payment plan that is tailored for your specific needs. **Offers a military discount**

Service Area

Fredericksburg, VA Service range 28 miles

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Client Testimonials for Sarah Newton, CD(DONA), CPD (BAI)

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Melanie F


We found Sarah through word-of-mouth, from a former client of hers. I will forever be grateful that the mere mention of being pregnant inspired this former client to share with me how useful a doula was to her, and how wonderful it was to work with Sarah.

We hired Sarah for birthing support as well as post-partum night shifts (and some day shifts). Even though I knew I wanted an epidural, I felt it was valuable to have a seasoned, calm advocate in the room. Sarah is highly personable, so the pre-birth consultations helped to get us well acquainted prior to the due date.

During the birth, I especially appreciated how she kept a timeline of the birthing process and emailed it to us. She also took some wonderful photos of our daughter's first moments. And she stayed until the birthing process was complete.

We also had her do a naturalistic (non-prop) photo shoot with the baby in our home a few weeks after the birth. The photos are so wonderful and sweet!

Sarah's help with overnight shifts twice a week for the baby's first 3 1/2 months was truly invaluable. She places an emphasis on the wellbeing of every member of the household by, for example, offering accupressure sessions for us new parents, both dad and mom (our backs and shoulders were in rough shape trying to adjust to holding, carrying, and picking up the baby!)

Given our lack of family in the area, the absence of which was especially painful given the stage in the pandemic during which the birth happened (late Jan 2021, when vaccines were not yet widely available), it meant the world to us to have Sarah as a supportive addition to the family. She is like a family member who listens unfailingly with empathy, wisdom, humility, and good humor.

Our daughter is almost one years old now, and we regularly keep in touch with Sarah, because she has been such an invaluable support during this momentous time. We cannot recommend her services more highly.

Katy D


Sarah is truly wonderful in all ways! She goes the extra mile for her clients. Sarah made me feel encouraged throughout all the trials I experienced with my pregnancy and has been supportive of me throughout every step of my postpartum journey too. Sarah has this bright cheerfulness about her that you cannot find in every doula. She takes the time to research any problem you are having and is only a phone call or email away. Her turnaround response with any inquiry or issue is impeccable. It has been so helpful to have a doula that has been an excellent sounding board. If you are looking for a doula that is helpful, kind and efficient, Sarah is the best choice!!

Monique L


I'm so thankful that I found Sarah via this site as she was a joy to work with. Prior to delivery, she provided support and guidance that allowed my baby to successfully turn from being breach most of my pregancy to the proper position. Due to unforseen circumstances we ended up delivering via c-section. Sarah was there to help with the first latch and the first few hours together as a family. I remember feeling hesitant commiting to payment not knowing if I'd be able to deliver naturally or not. However, we never once regretted having her much needed support. One of the things I really appreciated about her offerings was photos of the first moments together that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I treasure those photos almost as much as her calm support during the 4th trimester and all the pressure and anxiety that comes along with being a first time parent. If you're looking for someone to be on your team, be a sounding board, and have a bright energy about her, you won't go wrong with with Sarah. 



We hired Sarah to be our overnight and daytime postpartum doula for 2-3 weeks following the birth of our first son. I wasn't really a baby person and had zero experience with kids, and did not have family nearby to help teach me, so I knew I would need help figureing out motherhood. Sarah was there the night we got home from the hospital. Her advice and support was absolutely critical for us- she taught me how to change a diaper, put together baby gear, how to use the Spectra pump, how to deal with clogged ducts, how to cut my baby's nails, and was always available to answer the million "is this normal??" questions I had. Our baby loved her. We loved her. Even our dog was ecstatic when she came to the door. She was like a magical fairy who would show up with lactation cookies when I needed them most, or have a great recipe idea to share.

We ended up working with her for four months! Even towards the end when she was only coming once a week as our baby started to sleep better, knowing that help was on the way got us through the week because we knew we could have one guarenteed night of amazing sleep each week. I literally would not have another baby if it meant Sarah couldn't be there again. We would count the hours until she was scheduled to come again. The mornings after her overnights, it was the color had come back into the world, because we actually got enough sleep. 

Having an overnight doula is an intimate experience. You need to be totally comfortable with someone seeing you at your most emotionally and physically vurnerable, and you are trusting them with your baby's life. There is nobody I would recommend more to fulfill this role. She helped give my son a great start in life and took care of him as she would her own child. 

Bridget M.


Sarah is attentive and an amazing sounding board! She was our in-person doula in 2017 and provided much relief and reassurance through a long labor, and helped us think through our options for interventions. We knew we wanted a doula again in 2020, but had moved out of the area. We were thrilled when Sarah offered a virtual option. Being pregnant and giving birth in a new area, during a pandemic, I was so glad to have Sarah by our side. She once again helped us think through intervention options with our second pregnancy, and helped us remember what brought relief and what didn't for me, specifically, during labor. Other than my husband, she was the only person on our care team that had been with us the first time. I wish she could have joined us in person, but I loved knowing she was just a text away.



Because my vbac wasn't successful and things didn't go as planned, having Sarah there with us was just want my husband and I needed and was the thing that made my birth a positive experience despite it going off course. I was well into labor when Sarah arrived at the hospital. As soon as Sarah  arrived atthehospital she was able to jump right into things and did a great job holding my back through contractions and then have us great company one I had the epidural. She provided me with immense emotional support and encouragement and really helped me stay optimistic through our rollercoaster ride. And at the end, she took some wonderful photographs of us so we can look back at this wonderful moment in our lives. Thank you so much, Sarah!

Adam Vogtman


I've been present for the births of all three of my daughters, but only with the latest did we hire a doula. I went in with no real expectations, and without anticipating how it would positively affect the experience. As soon as my wife and I sat down with Sarah and started chatting I felt like we had made a great decision. Not only was Sarah knowledgeable, personable, and fun to chat with, but she exudes a calming and nurturing presence.  I expressed to her that as a dad, I have a little anxiety about being in the delivery room (even after 2 uneventful deliveries), and Sarah was more than understanding. She answered all of our questions, and even took some amazing photos during the delivery. To be honest, I hadn't even considered photographing the event, but I'm so glad Sarah was there and took the initiative, because now we have some of the most memorable photos in our album of our new daughter entering the world. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone in the area considering a doula. As a business owner myself I was impressed with her professionalism, expertise, and overall charm. If you're considering a doula, reach out to Sarah right away!


Sarah M


Sarah's support and care was present for all areas of labor and delivery including the time leading up to it. I asked her about 1000 questions  (or so it seemed) leading up to the big event even while laboring at home. She always answered quickly with experience-driven advice while still leaving the decision up to the parents. My labor was quick, all things considered. Sarah arrived at the hospital just as we did and offered words of encouragement and support throughout the whole process. The birth photos are a beautiful added touch and show Sarah's love for birth and her clients. 



This was our first pregnancy and we could not have done it without Sarah’s support.
The later part of my pregnancy occurred during the coronavirus pandemic once it made its way into the US. While this did limit us to an extent during the birth, Sarah was still able to provide us plenty of support. Even though she was unable to be there physically during the birth-she was readily available for calls, texts, or video chats—whatever method we needed. From the pregnancy to birth, to even after-Sarah has been there to answer any questions or concerns we might have had along the way. What I feel really goes a LONG way is her being available even after services are rendered. The fact that we have someone we can ask a quick question to when needed, says so much! Sarah would check in on us during the entire process and was very supportive and encouraging. Even though things did not go as we had planned due to the pandemic, knowing that Sarah was there to provide us support during and after the pregnancy and delivery has helped make the process so much better for us. We look forward to using her services again when we decide to have another baby.
I highly recommend Sarah for anyone looking to use her services. Professional, responds in a timely manner, great attitude and so incredibly supportive!

Jessica A


I can't recommend Sarah highly enough! I had no experience with doulas before meeting Sarah, so I wasn't sure what to expect. She was there for me in the weeks leading up to my daughter's birth, always responding to questions immediately with helpful information and even more helpful encouragement! She is so knowledgeable and was an invaluable resource for a first-time mom with a million questions about what was happening to my body and the baby. With her support, I was able to stay calm through a 24-hour labor and a difficult delivery, including a lot of time laboring at home, as I hoped. (Sarah stayed with us the entire time and, unlike a lot of other doulas in our area, didn't charge us extra for the long labor -- which made a huge difference to my stress.)

Her approach is focused on supporting the mom (and dad/others, of course!) and making pregnancy and birth less stressful and more healthy for everyone. She was totally supportive of what I wanted to do (e.g. having an epidural) and helped us think through decisions rather than pushing her own agenda. This was particularly valuable during my long labor, when she helped us understand what was happening and what it all meant, and helped me hone in on how I was feeling and articulate my questions to the doctors. Even in the weeks after we brought our daughter home, Sarah checked in on us regularly and even drove over to our house late one night in our first week home when my husband and I were exhausted and overwhelmed and needing her encouragement! (She also took a few BEAUTIFUL photos during and after our daughter's birth that I didn't think much about before but am so grateful to have now.)

I can't explain what a difference Sarah made to my and my husband's experience of our first pregnancy, birth, and early weeks home with our daughter. She is a wonderful person and friend and a gifted doula, and I would recommend her to anyone. We would never have another baby without her!



Having Sarah on our birth team was one of the best decisions that we made for our family! Sarah is so much more than this, but from the very first consultation we appreciated that she's knowledgeable, enthusiastic, professional, and kind. When it came time for labor and delivery, Sarah was extremely responsive even in the middle of the night. When we all arrived at the hospital, Sarah was "in it" with us for the long haul, and it was a LONG process! She was steady and helpful throughout, but never over-attentive or intrusive. She worked extremely well with my personal support people, the nurses, and the midwives to give me the support that I needed. Even though I'd done a lot of my own research and preparation, having an experienced birth professional dedicated only to me and my family brought peace of mind that was invaluable. We highly recommend Sarah Newton to anyone looking to hire a doula. Thank you so much, Sarah!

Samantha Folkes


Sarah is absolutely phenomenal. Throughout my pregnancy, she provided the best support and a listening ear when I needed it the most. During delivery, this gal rocked. She gave me advice for pain management, rubbed my head through rough contractions, and rooted me on to keep going because labor is HARD! I highly recommend Sarah as a doula. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. 




"Postpartum doulas are essentially your personal trainer for the 4th trimester." This is quite an accurate statement and Sarah was nothing short of our personal trainer for not only one, but both of our boys! Two boys under two and we still needed support during the "4th trimester" and would do it all over again. Sarah provided us with mental, physical, and emotional support, day support, overnight support, infant feeding, infant sleeping, pretty much anything we needed, she was willing and able...and obviously very knowledgeable! The 4th trimester struggle is real and sleep is a necessity. Not to mention she can make some pretty delicious meals, healthy smoothies, and her energy bites are my favorite! Sarah was a part of our family (and still is) and my boys were lucky to have her around shortly after welcoming them home and in the weeks to come. We cannot thank her enough, we recommend Sarah in a heartbeat (and trusting someone with your babies is no easy task) and could not have done it without her! She truly loves what she does and she loved my boys just as much! We would have kept her around forever if we could have!

The Ellingtons


After talking with some friends and listening to others share their positive experiences with doulas, we decided to do our homework and find the right person for us.  Having our first child was a little intimidating, and being far away from a traditional family support system added to our worries.  When we set out to interview candidates, we thought there would be many.  After meeting with Sara, however, we both instantly knew she was the right person to guide us through our first childbirth. She is knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest medical “trends” in pregnancy and childbirth, but has plenty of common sense and doesn’t advocate for anything unless you want her to. She is an attentive listener and has a calming presence.  She is respectful and never pushy, and works hard to include the father in every step, which was very important to us. Sara tailored everything to our situation.  Working in different towns over an hour away from our hospital during the day, we had plenty of concerns. Having the peace of mind that she could come to us at a moment’s notice was invaluable. When the time came, she was right there, and stayed by our side through a long and difficult labor.  The experience truly would not have been the same without her.  Sara was our rock.  She also went the extra mile in many ways, and helped set a wonderful mood in the labor and delivery room. She thinks of so many details that most people never would and takes care of them all for you. Those little details really made our overall experience memorable and wonderful.  If and when the time comes again, we plan to have Sara by our side.  She will always have a special place in our hearts!



Sarah was paramount to my successful pregnancy. She is a pleasure to be around & I felt comfortable with her right from the start. She is a well of information from acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, to newborn photographers. I felt assured that she’ll be there for me throughout my pregnancy, no matter how small the issue. She was right beside me during the birth of my daughter. She also made sure our little family was ok after baby girl was here during breastfeeding challenges & sleepless nights. We’re grateful Sarah was with us throughout the whole experience.

Cassidy Burke


When I first found out I was pregnant I knew immediately that I wanted to do my best to attempt a natural epidural free birth. I was immediately terrified from personal experience with anesthesia and knew I wanted to do everything to avoid the experience if possible. I spent most of my pregnancy researching on pinterest and google and any other outlet about how to make lay my fears to rest- every single thing I found led me to having a Doula. I didn't hire Sarah in the beginning- in fact I think we met in my last trimester and while she was only with me for that short period of time the work she did was a world of comfort. I cannot begin to imagine my journey through that last trimester and through my delivery without her. The birthing experience turned out to be everything opposite of what I wanted and I was forced to face my fears but having Sarah there was amazing. She helped keep me calm and helped me talk through the tough decisions we had to make, never once passing judgement or even truly offering advice just gentle listening as I worked my way through my feelings and came to my decisions on my own. She stayed with me through both days of my induction as well as my c-section and kept me company when my husband had to leave. I had a great physician and a great team of nurses but I also wholeheartedly believe that my positive birthing experience (because even though it was the complete opposite of what I wanted it still was so positive!) was also because I had the support from her. You need a Doula, but more than anything you need Sarah. Thank you so much for everything you did for us- you were the best decision ever!

Jodi Collins


Sarah did a wonderful job as our doula. My goal was to have a successful VBAC and having a doula helped give me confidence that I could achieve that goal. I am grateful for Sarah's patience and support during labor/delivery. It was also great to have pictures of the experience. Adding on the 10 hours post partum sessions were a life/sanity saver. I would definitely recommend Sarah.

Adrienne Joseph


Sarah was my doula for the birth of my second child this past June and I would highly recommend her! She is so personable and easy to talk to, and she makes you feel comfortable the moment you meet her. I hired her a little after the halfway point in my pregnancy and she kept in contact with me from that point on, always asking about how I was doing. She met with me a couple different times and asked me about my birth plan, and also had me come up with an alternate plan in case of induction, because we knew that was a possibility. I did end up being induced, and Sarah came to the hospital as soon as I was as ready for her, and was so helpful in giving suggestions on how to let things go as smoothly as possible, even with an induction. I ended up having a fairly short labor and delivered my baby with no pain medication (barely!), and I think Sarah is partly to thank for that. She took some high quality photos of the birth and then brought some delicious homemade snacks to my post partum visit. If you are looking for a doula, you will not be disappointed with Sarah!

Amelia Anderson


Sarah was a God-send! First, she is super personable and immediately makes you feel relaxed, like you’re talking with an old friend. She made my husband feel comfortable with the idea of having someone else in the delivery room. Second, she checks in constantly, which I love. She wasn’t just there for meetings and the birth. She always texted to check-in to see how I was doing, especially after delivery. It was also nice to have someone on standby if we ever had a weird question or concern. Third, she is indispensable during labor. We planned on having a low-intervention, natural birth. However, babies make their own plans. Sarah helped me try different positions to turn baby and applied counter-pressure on my back when my husband needed a break. That alone makes her an amazing asset during delivery. During some scary moments, Sarah was able to explain to my husband what was happening and give him some peace of mind despite the team of nurses and doctors surrounding my bed. After multiple interventions, a c-section was decided as the best option for us both. Obviously, this was NOT part of the plan and something that both my husband and I were scared of. Sarah was able to talk us through our fears and remain calm through the entire situation, despite it being completely opposite of what we expected. If you are wondering if a doula is worth it, Sarah is! You never know what birth has in store for you and she has the experience and knowledge to help you through whatever comes your way. She stayed with us for over 24 hours during labor (hard labor that required a lot of physical energy) and an unplanned c-section. We really couldn’t have done it without her. ~ Stephen, Amelia, and Baby Thomas

C Daugherty


Sarah was an amazing doula! I can’t imagine having my baby boy without her help. She is an excellent communicator and very personable. We came up with a labor plan and a list of personal goals for me, and she was there (4am to 11pm!) to help me every step of the way. She was recommending different positions, massaging my back, even doing things like acupressure to encourage contractions to pick up. When I was struggling with labor pains, she was there to encourage me and remind me of what my goals were. When the nurses gave me confusing information, she was there to elaborate with stories of her experiences. When I didn’t like what the nurses suggested, Sarah was there to ask about alternatives. She was also a huge help for my husband. She gave him ideas of how to help, explained some of the process to him, and greatly reduced his anxiety. From the weeks leading up to labor to the weeks afterward, she was a rock for all my questions, insecurities, and anxieties. Ladies, it is essential to have someone check in on you postpartum, and it’s even better when they bring you muffins! I will definitely be calling Sarah when I have my second child!

Stephanie Brooks


Our labor experience was as good if not better than I could have imagined and there is no doubt that Sarah contributed significantly to that! It was wonderful to have her as a resource leading up to giving birth for any questions I may have been having. We opted to try for a natural child birth, and succeeded, and Sarah was a key part in that happening. She kept me calm and helped both me and my husband so much during the labor process, and even helped the nurse when our little one had to be turned. After our baby girl was born she was right there with us, helping me to breastfeed and even helping Dad carry all of our stuff to our more permanent room. She’s also been wonderful to have around post Baby, just to chat with about how things are going and even to come over and help me out some days!! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful experience with a doula who truly loves her clients and what she does!

Brittany Bishop


Sarah was amazing during the birth of our first child.  She checked in often during the weeks/days leading up to delivery.  She was super encouraging as we anxiously waited and went 13 days past our due date.  Sarah really helped my husband stay relaxed and be the best coach during labor.  She helped us through tough intervention decisions when labor wasn‘t progressing as we had hoped.  Sarah was with us for around 20 hours, took beautiful pictures during delivery, and made sure we had everything we needed after our daughter arrived.  She continues to check in on us even 10 weeks after delivery.  We are so grateful to have had Sarah as our doula and now our friend!

Emily Corrine Knight


Sarah is a wonderful dula! Her acupressure techniques are surely what helped me have such a great labor experience!  She is not only experienced and knowledgeable but  also very personable and fun to work with! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula!  I sincerely hope we have another baby well I live in the area so that I can have the opportunity to use her again!  ??

Bridget Marcek


We were so glad to have Sarah's support during pregnancy and birth! She was great about staying in touch and up-to-date through my pregnancy, and offered several helpful suggestions and guidance to address various questions and discomforts. My favorite was when she showed my husband some acupressure points to ease hip pain-- it made a huge difference!

During the birth process, Sarah offered guidance and support prior to her arrival and pointed us to resources for coping in early labor. She had several ideas to help me cope and progress through a long, slow labor, and helped me and my husband think through our options and alternatives for interventions. When I reflect on our son's birth, I'm struck by the intense feelings of strength and support that accompanied his arrival. It was so empowering, and Sarah's guidance and encouragement played a huge role.

Sarah continued to be available once we returned home. When my milk came in and I was up at all hours trying to figure out breastfeeding, I was so glad to know that she was only a text away with guidance and reassurance that my experience was normal.

Overall, Sarah's familiarity with our birth preferences, her calm demeanor and her sense of humor allowed us to have an enjoyable, memorable, and generally awesome pregnancy, birth, and return home.

Jessica Agee


My husband and I decided very late in the pregnancy (36 weeks) that we wanted the support of a doula to help us achieve our goal of a natural, drug free birth and our birthing class instructor recommended Sarah. Being so close to my due date, Sarah emailed questions about our birthing preferences prior to our scheduled prenatal visit in case I went into labor before then and she reviewed my birth plan. I’m so glad Sarah thought to do this because I delivered before that visit! During early labor at home Sarah stayed in close contact via text and phone. She offered to come to our home, but we didn’t feel we needed help yet. When we went to the hospital we called Sarah and she arrived shortly afterward. She was a very calming presence during labor. She helped my husband with massage and relaxation techniques, giving him a much needed break as labor lasted a long time. She also helped by encouraging me through the process. She used acupressure points to try and speed labor and offered suggestions on position changes. When a long labor, with a lack of progression and exhaustion led me to rethink an epidural, Sarah was very supportive and helped us talk through our options. She assured me that even though labor wasn’t going as I had hoped I would be ok. I received the epidural, as I was worried I may not have endurance for pushing if I wasn't able to rest. This was the best decision for us and Sarah supported us throughout the process. We were grateful to have her there. When it was time to push Sarah was helpful in coaching me with breathing and pushing. My husband was happy to have Sarah taking pictures, so that he could be fully engaged in the delivery process and her pictures were wonderful. Postpartum she kept in touch to make sure we were adjusting to parenthood and that our little girl was doing ok with breastfeeding. Sarah was so helpful, caring, friendly and professional. Choosing Sarah as our doula was one of the best decisions we made.

Heather Cole


Sarah was an excellent postpartum doula for our first baby, as first-time parents! She was extremely caring, helpful, experienced, and has the most friendly personality! Our sweet boy loved snuggling her! We would love to use her the next time around (should we have another) and wish we had known her during the birthing process to have had as our birth doula. We absolutely recommend Sarah and cannot thank her enough!

D Leighann Batemon


Sarah was an absolute angel!! After we found out that I wouldn't be able to have a natural, at home birth, she gave me the option to cancel our contract. But since I had had negative experiences in a hospital before, I was nervous about having to give birth in a hospital. I asked Sarah to stay on as my doula, to help me keep calm and optimistic. She did EXACTLY that! When my water broke, she was at the hospital within minutes of us arriving, and she was such a calming presence during the experience. She helped me breath through the contractions and laugh about what was going on. And then she gave my husband her camera so he could take pictures of when we met our baby girl in the operating room. And she edited the pictures and made them beautiful :D The postpartum visits were excellent and personal, and she was so patient with me, answering all my first-time mom questions.

I would highly recommend Sarah as a doula for anyone, no matter how you bring your beautiful baby(ies) into this world. She is professional but personable, and works with you. I can't speak highly enough of how much I felt taken care of, and that Sarah really wanted me and my husband to have a beautiful experience as we transitioned into parenthood.

Alliena Kyger


This birth was the second time having Sarah as my doula. She was amazing! She kept me calm and focused and helped me relax through each contraction. I could not have gone as long as I had without pain medication if she hadn't been there. When I had questions she was there to help answer them or provide resources that I might need. I think every mother to be should have a doula to support them in their choices and help them reach their birthing goals. I would recommend her to any friends or family!

Michaela VanHooser


We were matched with Sarah after our birthing class instructor recommended her. This was our first birthing experience. I always wanted a doula and dreamed of having a fast, efficient birthing process. My goal was to have a completely natural(no-medical-intervention) birth. It's funny how babies change everything. I did get my natural birth, but the fast, efficient labor I dreamed of was just that, a dream. I ended up having prodromal back labor for 5 days before having Fiona towards the end of day 6. Sarah really helped us have confidence to keep moving forward, get rest when we could, and check in to see what progress I was actually making. We had tried to fix baby positioning with "cat-cows" and chiropractic care. She even came to the house, timed contractions, and we decided to get to the hospital "just in time" only to find out I had stalled once again. She ensured me we would figure out the prodromal labor and get this kid out. It was day 5 of labor with minimal progress, so Sarah suggested I see a local chiropractor (mine's 45 mins away) to check my pelvic bones for alignment again. I saw her suggested Dr. on Tuesday evening and Fiona was out that next night. On Fiona's birthday, I was on the phone with Sarah pretty much non-stop. I met with my OB that afternoon, Sarah waited patiently for an update. I got to my OB's office at a 9/10 and we rushed to the hospital to start pushing. Sarah met us there. She was calm and focused. I was exhausted from 6 days of labor - she encouraged me that I could finish the process and get my child out. She helped my husband, reassured him he was doing everything he could, and also re-communicated some things my doctor was telling me but I wasn't processing effectively. Fiona arrived after 61 minutes of pushing. Sarah took priceless photos of her first moments in the world outside my tummy. We love her, she is amazing! Once you are pregnant, go to a birthing class and get Sarah as your doula!! You won't regret it ;)

Tara Uchtman


I cannot express how great it was to have Sarah as my doula. She was extremely patient with me and always had time to answer my questions and give me emotional support. She was very understanding in my birth wishes and helped me express them in a written birth plan. I could not have had my natural hospital birth without her help! She felt like a long time friend by my side the entire time. I can not say enough good things about Sarah. I am so thankful she was my doula.

melody lyon


Sarah is a wonderful doula and I highly recommend her. She was with us throughout the entire labor and birth providing support for us. She is professional and full of knowledge only gained through experience. Her experience in birth helped make my day easier and helped me achieve my goals. I would use her as a doula again and I will recommend her to all moms to be.

Gina Masessa


When I first found out I was pregnant I knew that a doula was a must.  The decision to hire a doula is one each makes for their own reasons; and in our case, we had several.  Personally, I wanted to have a completely natural childbirth and as such a doula is an almost must.  I also knew that since this was our first birth experience we would need someone to help us make informed decisions during a time of confusion, excitment, and pain.  Sarah helped tremendously with all of this.  From preparation, to answering questions/text messages at sporadic times leading up to labor, to helping us make the right decisions for us at the time of birth.

Perhaps our most important reason for hiring Sarah, and one that does not seem to get much mention, is to have someone there to help my husband during the labor process.  As difficult as it is for women to be in labor, it is a significantlay different and in many ways more intensely difficult for the partners who love us to watch us go through pain and suffering.  As my husband put it "Watching you go throug those contractions was awful.  I wanted so much to help you and felt like there was nothing I could do.  I remember the moment Sarah walked through the door.  I immediately sighed in relief.  Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without additional support like Sarah during this intense time."  This was especially true considering we are relatively new in town and our family live hundreds of miles away.

Thank you Sarah for helping to support us in making the difficult decisions and for being with us physically and emotionally during this painful yet oh so beautiful time of childbirth.

Claire Lorance


Sarah was absolutely amazing to have to help me through my delivery. She took notes the entire time she was there and helped give the nurses and doctors information that would not have been known if she had not been there. Sarah was also full of helpful information about the processes and procedures I was going through. I would recommend Sarah to anyone! She made my stressful labor SO much easier on my boyfriend and I. I can't thank her enough!

Lesley Blunk


Sarah is just so wonderful, and I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula! My husband and I were so grateful for her presence during labor and delivery, and I honestly don’t think I would have made it though 43 hours of labor without her support and encouragement. We met a few times before going into labor to discuss my “as-natural-as-possible” hospital birth plan, and she helped me weigh all of the options by giving pros and cons and pointing me to credible research when needed. Sarah was always a phone call or text away, which was very helpful during my labor false alarms. She did also prepare me for the fact that anything could happen during labor and that I needed to be flexible with my birth plan. It’s a good thing she did; NOTHING went as planned. She also supported me through a not-so-supportive OB experience. I will spare the details from those 43 hours, but I can say that Sarah was an essential part of my birth team. I had to make very difficult decisions, and she helped me to be rational, thorough, and sane during the times when I was delirious from the pain and sleep deprivation. She is also funny, sweet, and laid-back (even though I caused her to have major sleep deprivation), which was pretty important and refreshing during the most stressful moments of my life. During labor, she just seemed like part of my family, and she will always have a special place in my heart.

Holly Hopkins


I wanted to have an unmedicated birth out of the hospital. My husband and I decided to use the Family Birth and Wellness center and Dr. Poppy suggested we find a doula. I had contacted several doulas who were all booked for my due date and I was becoming discouraged. Then we found Sarah. From the beginning Sarah was amazing. She was very supportive of our decision to use the birth center. She kept in touch with me every week and was reassuring for a first time mom. I cannot tell you how many times I call her with questions; she always responded fast and with helpful information. I grew anxious after passing my due date and every little pain was the start of labor.  I sent so many texts saying I was having contractions and that never turned into labor. She was patient and encouraging.  When I finally went into labor almost 2 weeks past my due date, I put her to work.  It all started at 7pm on a Tuesday and baby was not in my arms untll after 11pm on Wednesday! For 28 hours Sarah was by my side. She worked well with the staff at the birth center and made it so that my husband never had to leave my side. She took some amazing pictures of my birth. Sarah was even great when we made a very early morning phone call when our new baby cried all night and we did not know what else to do.  She came over that day and showed us the 5 S's(ask her about those). Sarah was just awesome! I tell every mom to be that they need a doula and I know the one to call. Thank You Sarah!

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