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Julianne Curtis, CLC, SBD

Birth, Postpartum and Bereavement Doula Services

Fort Collins, CO Service range 46 miles Northern Colorado, Cheyenne and surrounding areas



Birth Fee

$1200 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $40

Birth Fee

$1200 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $40

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 105 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 40 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2015
  • Stillbirthday, September 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 4 to 5 births and 4 to 6 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I am certified to provide birth doula services through any trimester of pregnancy with any birth outcome. I am also a trained postpartum doula certifying with DONA International. Expertise just published an article on the 9 Best Doulas in Fort Collins for 2017- Julianne Curtis is one of them! https://www.expertise.com/co/fort-collins/doulas

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Yes, I'm happy to attend a hospital birth of any kind (vaginal, c-section, induction, and any medical interventions or no interventions)

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Yes gladly, as long as you have a Midwife or other medically trained Birth Worker for delivery.

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Northern Colorado Dpula Association President 2018, 2019! Northern Colorado Doula Association Vice-President 2017 DONA International Member SBD Birth & Bereavement University Graduate Evidence Based Birth® Professional Member Colorado Doulas Association Member Sterling Doulas Volunteer Coordinator Northern Colorado Doula Association Member Accessible Birth Connection For Families Doula UnitedWay Women Give Business Member of Larimer County DoulaMatch.net Member Natural Childbirth Directory Larimer County Anti-Trafficking Task Force Just Be Kind Facebook Community Larimer Small Business Development Center Member Volunteer Victim Advocate

Fee Details

I offer multiple packages to fit every budget. I believe all families who want doula support during birth and postpartum should have it so I'm willing to work with a family on my fees. Bereavement Doula Services offered, suggested donation

Fort Collins, CO Service range 46 miles Northern Colorado, Cheyenne and surrounding areas

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Client Testimonials for Julianne Curtis, CLC, SBD

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Rachael Lake


Julianne was more than what we could have asked for to ease my anxiety for my third pregnancy. I had complications that were bearing down on my confidence to follow my heart on a natural birth experience. With the complications that had come up about halfway through the pregnancy, my husband and I agreed that a doula would help keep us focused. We searched and felt at peace with what Julianne would offer, this was just from her web site. Meeting her in person brought even more a huge sense of relief. Julianne has a way of being so calm and very educated. Her focus was on both of us throughout the pregnancy. I love that she continues a relationship with clients even long after the birth. We don't know if the outcome we were hoping for, to have a natural, calm birth experience, would have happened if she wasn't on our side encouraging us to follow our instincts. The support she provided for breastfeeding, as well, helped tremendously. We would recommend Julianne to anyone. She is by far the best doula who we know cares for her clients as if they were family.

Phil Herman


My wife and I were fortunate enough to have Julianne as our instructor for our parenting class. After the 2nd week I started having a lot of anxiety about the birthing process and making sure I could offer the support my wife would need to make it through a natural birth. We decided very quickly that having Julianne be a part of our journey was a no brainier. Now looking back I can not even imagine life without Julianne. She is so incredibly gifted in what she does, she loves it, and it shows. What I was most blown away by was the amount of help she provides to the dad. Us guys usually don't like to admit that we need help doing anything haha. But Julianne made me feel so much more comfortable in the process, kept me involved, guided and comforted both of us and just brought an overall calmness to our family. She is truly a special part of our family and always will be! Plus she loves dad jokes and how can you go wrong with that ??



I don’t even know where to begin. My husband and I would not have made it through labor without her. She went above and beyond to make sure both of our needs were met. She was always one step ahead knowing what we needed before we even knew. Julianne was by my side through all the highs and lows of labor always calming me and encouraging me. She never once stop believing in me and also made sure my husband was taking care of himself as well. Julianne was our rock and made our experience so much better in so many ways. I can’t recommend her enough and there is no question in my mind she will be by my side again when the time comes to grow our family. There are not enough words to thank her properly for how selflessly she took care of us. Julianne is forever family to us ??

Kelli Burton


Julianne Curtis is an incredible doula: kind, helpful, non-judgemental, funny, and knowledgeable. I met Julianne in person for the first time as she skillfully led me through breathing exercises to come out of shock after my c-section. This was due to circumstances of distance and my babies coming early, but I knew immediately after a facetime interview that her calm and caring personaility would be a good fit for us.  As a new mom of twins I was in survival mode, and she was a God send during my post-partum recovery: helping me figure out tandem breastfeeding, allowing me time to take naps, getting me Chic-Fila and Target snacks, it was amazing! She continually answered all my questions about babies and offered no judgement on the way I cared for my babies. Julianne also throws in her sense of humor in her practice. It really lightens the mood as a stressed out sleep deprived new parent! Another thing that drew me to her doula practice was her high level of professionalism. Her website, billing, promptness, and industry knowledge are unparelled. We are so thankful for Julianne!



I cannot recommend Julianne enough. My husband, Dan, and I had a heartbreaking experience with the birth of our first baby (who was stillborn), so when we found out we were pregnant again, we knew we wanted a completely different birth experience. We interviewed several doulas -- as soon as we got done meeting Julianne, we both looked at each other and knew she was the one. Her experience and compassion with pregnancy after loss shines through, and she helped us prepare a birth plan that honored our previous loss but also allowed for a more prepared and positive experience for our second baby. During the labor and delivery, Julianne was tremendously supportive, helping provide us with a variety of comfort measures, moral support, and well-timed humor. As a total introvert, I would never have imagined wanting or having a doula; however, after working with Julianne, I am all aboard the doula train.

What I wasn't planning on was her amazing support after the birth of our son. We were on the breastfeeding struggle bus, and Julianne provided tremendous lactation support and was our biggest cheerleader (and comedian!) when morale was low. She made several postpartum visits to our home and was available via FaceTime and text message anytime we had questions (which was often!) or just needed a pep talk.

I have sang her praises to anyone that would listen, and if any family or friends ever need a doula, I will wholeheartedly recommend Julianne. She has such love and passion for little babies and their families -- thank you Julianne!



Julianne was a doula for me twice. First, as a postmortem doula when my daughter was born, and two years later she helped during and after the birth of my son. Julianne is one of the most supportive and accepting people I know. She will find a way to help, regardless of the personal or medical situation, without any judgement. She brings so many skills and talents to the doula profession that I cannot begin to list them all. Being a doula is truly her calling.

Laina Baltic


Having Julianne as part of our birthing team was a decision I’m so grateful we made. I found her through numerous positive reviews and the minute we met we just clicked. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed, but also heard and valued. As a first-time mom, I really had no idea what I was doing, or how to prepare or what to expect and Julianne validated my experience and empowered me to feel strong and confident. She provided awesome support as we prepared for our baby’s arrival, including birthing techniques and practice doing them as a couple, she answered ALL of our crazy, out there questions. She was available for us to contact at any time and provided a lot of material from basic things like what to bring to the hospital, to discussing maternal mental health and self-care. When the time came, she was the one we called to figure out if this was it! and decide when to head to the hospital. Her presence there for me and my partner was invaluable. She had our back, literally! She was a strong, reliable and gentle energy in one of the most vulnerable and special times in my life. She even took pictures for us during the whole birthing time that I will treasure forever! Together the three of us brought our son into the world. Perhaps the most amazing thing about working with Julianne has been the support post-partum. She has provided me with compassionate and kind friendship as I transition into motherhood, in the most difficult moments and the joyful ones. The community of mothers that she has cultivated and nurtured is a testament to how many women, and partners, trust and value her experience and expertise. I can not recommend her services enough; our community is so lucky to have such a passionate doula in our midst. Thank you for all you so Julianne!

Daniel Kading




Attention to detail, love, passion and experience are some of the key characteristics that make Julianne the great person and Doula that she is. I am so happy we chose her. I am so happy we had her by our sides throughout the entire experience: to help my wife feel validated, to help her emotionally, to give advice and keep me informed when the doctor said something that I questioned that gave me the confidence I needed to stand up for my wife when things got tough. We had her come to and from the hospital at least 4-5 times and she said something along the lines of “I have a problem leaving sometimes, so please let me know if you want me to go home,” I thought that was so kind, and really at the end of the day, what else can you ask for!? We of course had no problems with her being there, she was our rock, but she is also selfless! We needed her. Even when she was just as exhausted as we were, she was there and ready to help. This was such an emotional roller coaster and I am glad we had her as our engineer making sure the ride was safe, controlling the chaos from behind the scenes and giving us the confidence that we needed to enjoy the excitement of that roller coaster. Thank you Julianne, we are so very grateful for your support.


Stephanie Pixler


This is likely the most important review I will ever write… because Julianne’s support meant so much to me during my crazy pregnancy journey! Although we interviewed several doula’s my husband and I knew instantaneously that Julianne was our pick. During our meet and greet she was not only professionally impressive with many credentials that we considered important but she made me feel at ease, comfortable, educated, and supported.

Julianne was the perfect support system for me with her gentle check ins and encouragement through three care provider changes that triggered past traumas. She also helped me navigate what seemed like endless roadblocks, twists, and turns from my care providers and helped me set boundaries and make informed decisions confidently. She truly listened to my husband and my birth plan and wishes for our birth. She taught me what it looked like to be truly heard in a time of deep vulnerability.

Our birth plan did not go as we wanted due to medical complications and I ended up with a lengthy induction resulting in a C-Section. Julianne was a calm, grounded, and reassuring presence for me throughout the decision making, surgery preparation, and surgery itself. In a time where neither my husband or I had any idea what to expect, or what we were doing, we felt empowered to make heartfelt decisions rather than fear based. During the surgery itself I felt comforted, safe,& loved which was something I never imagined possible while being awake during major surgery!

Julianne’s care and compassion for her client’s and their families truly shine through. It is apparent that her heart is invested into her work. This care has continued post partum, of course! Dan, Henley, and I cannot thank you enough. Despite the whirlwind of a journey that was my pregnancy and Henley’s birth, I feel grounded and stable in my healing process, and I owe that to your guidance and care! Thank you <3

Ashley Meyer


Julianne went above and beyond making me feel 100% ready to tackle my home birth. She we there for me before, during and after. She even offered advice and extra help weeks pp. My entire family loved her, including my 21mo son and my dog. My husband and I agree that we would have had a completely different birth if we did not have her by our side. If we decide to have another child we will absolutely use Julianne's support services.

Stephanie Cotton


Julianne was an amazing doula! She was an integral part of the team and I can’t imagine going through this experience without her. This was my first baby and I had quite a bit of anxiety about the entire process. Julianne was a very calming presence and answered all of my questions in a way that empowered me. During the birth of my daughter she was by my side for over 12 hours! She helped out when my husband needed a well earned rest. The best part of Julianne’s personality though is the fact that she is not judgmental at all. She never pushed her opinion on me and always respected all of the decisions I made. I would highly recommend Julianne to anyone in search of a doula!

Emily Wilson


Hiring a doula was the best decision we made when it came to preparing for the birth of our little girl, and Julianne was an excellent choice!

From the prenatal appointments to the birth to the postpartum visit, Julianne was always supportive, knowledgeable, and reassuring. She was an invaluable guide throughout the entire process. During my labor, she was completely unflappable and constantly ready with helpful suggestions. I know that I could not have had a largely unmedicated childbirth without her.

Danielle Ross-Winslow


Julianne is an amazing doula and I'm grateful she was a part of our baby's birth. She was so great and supportive -- I can't imagine what it would have been like without her, and at the same time she was very empowering and made us feel like, we got this! Even with the birth classes and prep we did, which were great too, it was comforting to have someone there that had experience with childbirth. It took the pressure off and made me feel at ease and able to focus just on what I needed to do. Plus she's just a funny, fun loving person:)

As a first time dad, I was very happy to have the support that Julianne gave to us both. Her attention to our needs as a couple was forefront, while balancing the atmosphere of the room and the stages of labor. Our great experience makes me think that everyone should consider a doula as a birthing option and consider Julianne if they do.

Frances Rabon


I met Julianne shortly after moving to Colorado, while networking with our local doula community. I wasn't pregnant yet, but I could already tell that she was a warm, compassionate individual, with whom I was eager to work alongside. When I became pregnant with our third baby just a few months later, it was a no-brainer for me to choose Julianne to support us in our birth. Even third baby in, even as a doula myself, I knew we needed and wanted that extra support. I couldn't imagine birthing without the support of a doula!

We didn't need much prenatal preparation or guidance, but we practiced some comfort and discussed our birth preferences and some postpartum planning. Julianne was always a calm voice of reason any time I needed to ask her questions, or even just to vent to leading up to birth day. When the day arrived, Julianne quickly came to our home to provide labor support. She kept me focused by changing positions, applying massage and pressure, and kept us talking, which really helps me to cope best. Things progressed rapidly once my water broke, so we went to the hospital and got checked in. My contraction intensity escalated quickly, and Julianne and my husband took turns applying counter pressure to help. I know I wouldn't have tolerated my contractions without that physical support on my body through each and every contraction. Julianne encouraged me to focus on my birth affirmation cards, which really helped me regulate my breathing and manage my pain.

My son was born very fast and spontaneous, and with the help of our midwife, I was able to pull him to my chest myself, cut the cord, and announce him to the room, which was the perfect ending to my last birth. There were times during the birth that I was fearful that I could not do it, but Julianne reassured me every step of the way. My husband and I are so grateful to have had Juianne with us on our last birthing journey.

Brittany Alvillar


With my first child I had a scheduled c-section due to my son being breech, and I knew right away that I would want to do a VBAC. After researching factors to improve VBAC success rates, I quickly started to realize the value of a supportive doula. I had no idea how much of an invaluable resource of support Julianne would become for myself and my husband not only before and during labor, but in the post-partum period as well. Julianne was there to listen and learn about our previous experiences and what we wanted out of this birth. She helped us think and plan for things we had not considered even though we had already been through pregnancy and raising a baby once before. We loved the relaxation techniques Julianne taught us using the rebozo, which we used during pregnancy and labor. Beyond our scheduled prenatal appointments, Julianne was always in touch checking-in and available to help out in any way. She even went above and beyond with a care package when I strained my abdominal muscles working at the end of my pregnancy. Julianne was there for us in a supportive and non-judgmental way as our birth plan changed, and she helped me navigate through our options when the stress and pain of labor were clouding my thoughts. We were lucky enough to have a successful VBAC, and my husband and I could not have imaged being successful if Julianne was not with us. In post-partum Julianne was there checking in on how I was doing, taught me the Bengkung Belly Binding, and supported me when I had unexpected difficulties with breast feeding later on. Julianne really cares about women and their families, and wants to support them and create a village in which women can support each other. I am so grateful to have had Julianne as our doula, and to be part of the extended mother support group that she has created around her. I could not recommend Julianne highly enough!

Ben Hess


Julianne was a huge help and support for my wife and I during our pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. As a dad, I was hesitant at first to bring someone else along on our journey, however I quickly realized Julianne was there to support me as well as my wife. She also had us think about things that neither one of us knew about on our own. Julianne’s services allowed my wife and I to focus more on our relationship and meeting our baby than to worry about what we didn’t know.

Adam Braun


Julianne was a huge help with the preparation for and the birth of our son Henry. Julianne was able to go through some of the fears and expectations that surrounded a home birth. I honestly didn’t know what to expect at first, but Julianne was able to talk with us and put some of these fears to rest. The Robozo was very helpful for Sarah, and I’m glad Julianne showed these techniques to me.
During the labor and birth of our son, Julianne was right there with us all. She provided great coaching, techniques, and helped keep Sarah and I fueled for the long endeavor.
I am so glad she was a part of our journey and I look forward to working with Julianne again in the future!

Jen Bloom


My husband and I were expecting our first and we interviewed several doulas and when we finally met with Julianne via FaceTime we knew instantly she was a perfect fit for us, perfect blend of knowledge, great sense of humor, and a calming presence. Julianne helped significantly with providing evidence based information and resources which completely helped alleviate my anxiety. She helped us create a simple Birth plan and was able to help in being open and flexible to different outcomes.

Julianne was a great source of information in our prenatal appointments, she really listened to our concerns and took the time to answer any and all questions we had. I know she had other clients but I always felt we were her priority.

Our birth experience ended up completely different than I had hoped, I ended up having to be induced (not part of "the plan") and after 15 plus hours of un-medicated labor I ended up getting an epidural (also not part of "the plan). Instead of it being traumatic, both my husband and I were able to be flexible and go with the flow. We could think through decisions and never felt pressured to do something we were not comfortable with. All that prep with Julianne paid off! Having her there was so important, she was such a calm presence and really helped both my mom and husband support me in the best possible ways.

We also hired Julianne for postpartum  care and whether it was teaching us how to swaddle, baby wear, , helping give me time for self care), providing breastfeeding support, or helping us to establish a routine. It made those early days manageable and truly gave us confidence that we could really do this parenting thing.

Julianne Curtis is authentic,  professional ,unbelievably personable and sincere. She provided great insights, resources, and humor. She helped my husband and I enter into parenthood with as much grace as possible. We highly recommend Julianne, it is the best money we have spent!

Katelyn Motley


My husband and I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Julianne! She is the sweetest most calm and caring person and I am so grateful she helped me bring my daughter into the world. My labor and delivery could not have gone better and I know she is to thank. I was much more prepared for this birth than I was with my first, and I know it is because of what she did to prepare us. Her experience and advice during the last weeks of pregnancy and during my delivery were priceless. She was professional, thorough, and a strong advocate for my wants and needs. She was an excellent coach not only to me but to my husband as well as they both worked together. Her prenatal and postnatal visits proved to be as beneficial as her presence in the delivery room. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her profession and it shows in her work! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone I meet.

Katie Hess


My husband and I approached Julianne because we wanted some extra support during our pregnancy and birth of our first child. When we interviewed Julianne, we knew immediately that she would be a perfect fit for the position of our birth doula. Julianne provided both my husband and me with incredible support during our fairly difficult labor and delivery. When things started deviating from our birth plan, Julianne always had a way to put the situation into a more palatable perspective, leaving my husband and me feeling relaxed and ready to take on the next challenge. Julianne has a wealth of knowledge on pregnancy, pain management, stress relief and a broad understanding of medical procedures, all of which enabled her to guide us through labor and delivery. One thing that I found especially wonderful about Julianne is that she always stayed one step ahead and was able to quickly offer suggestions in order to keep labor progressing. Even though our labor and delivery strayed from our original plan, Julianne helped us to make decisions that would keep us as close to the birth plan as possible. We highly recommend Julianne and have confidence that she can make your experience as memorable and wonderful as she made ours.

Yaping Moshier


I sought Julianne as my postpartum doula when we knew we were expecting twins in October 2016. During our first meeting, both my husband and I knew that Julianne will be a great fit for us due to her technical background (before becoming a full-time doula) and her interest in providing customized care for family with multiple cultures (Taiwanese & American). Julianne started the home care in the third postpartum week after my twins’ NICU stay. She showed her enthusiasm in caring for my boys, bonding of the twins with their big brother, and of course caring for me. There’s no doubt of her credentials as a postpartum doula. I liked that she seemed to always know what I wanted or needed at certain moments and provided help before I stressed out. I especially enjoyed the times when she shared her own mothering experience with me. I felt in some way connected with all other moms going through the same struggles and difficulties. With her encouragement and positive vibes, she made me believe and be confident that I am a great mom for my kids. I’m grateful and lucky to have her company during this special period of postpartum times. Thank you, Julianne!

Tiffany Breckenridge


Having Julianne Curtis as my doula was such a huge blessing! I didn't have a doula for my first pregnancy and my labor/delivery was extremely stressful (and full of drama). Julianne was literally available for me to talk to any time day or night throughout my pregnany. She made me feel both secure and empowered as a single mom. I can't even begin to explain the level of comfort I got from knowing that she was there for me even if no one else was. During my labor she was not only by my side helping me through the pain, but she was also helping the father of my child figure out how he could be a part of the experiene as well. She went above and beyond her job description and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to other pregnant woman needing a caring, dedicated doula.

Erin Friedman


Julianne was an amazing support to both myself and my husband when we had our son in August 2015. She was intuitive and always seemed to know what would help me get through a contraction or make me feel more comfortable. She continues to this day to be an asset for information from breastfeeding to sleep training and beyond. I highly recommend Julianne and if you are on the fence about hiring a Doula, get off of it and take the leap! You WILL NOT regret it!! Thank you Julianne for being such a big part of the most important day (or should I say dayS since I was in labor for 31 hours) of my life.) We will definitely be using your services again when we decide to go for baby number 2!

Mandi Schuh


Julianne was our doula for the birth of our son. I can't even begin to express how amazing she is! She helped me though almost 30 hours of Intense labor, passed no judgement or criticism, found new ways to work through the contractions when something wasn't working and offered amazing support for both myself and my husband. That's right gentleman doulas are also for you. After labor my husband stated how it took going through it for him to realize how much she helped him in addition to me. When my plan had to change she supported me though it and helped me feel at ease during my c-section. She's so great that 3 of my nurses went out of their way to tell me how much they liked working with her, one nurse even said she's the best doula she's ever worked with! I could go on and on but I'll leave you with this... You will never forget this day, it is so important to have the right support by your side, Julianne Curtis is amazing, if your thinking about hiring her DO IT! You won't regret it! 

Shelby Sofia


My experience with Julianne was amazing. She came into my life when I needed help. I found out I had to be induced with no epidural within a week and Julianne volunteered her time to be my doula. She sat and talked to me on the phone so I could get to know her. She completely understood my mental and physical health problems. She taught me so many different techniques to get through the pain my favorite was the peanut ball. She sta with me the whole time. I was there for 26 hours. She didn't let me getting angry affect hed but she understood. She even helped me learn how to take care of my daughter. She was amazing and the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I couldn't be any more thankful for her time and caring personality! 

Emy Wirshborn


The Doula services I have had during my sons birth from Julianne Curtis were amazing. I didn’t have any support from the father and having Julianne there really helped me get through all the fun and hard moments of the birth and the pregnancy She cried with me and laughed with me and listened and gave advice as need.. Curtis was a fantastic support and help implement the birth I wanted. Mrs. Julianne Curtis has also helped me with some parenting tools to help prepare for some experiences. Thank you to this world. I will defiantly give you all fives. You continue to make a difference in this world and I am lucky to have had her. Thank you for your services! I will recommend you to my friends and family who decide to have a child and are looking for a spectacular Doula Thanks for all that you did and continue to do.

Emily Wirshborn

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