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Caellyn Everson, CD(DONA)

Held In Arms Birth Services

Seattle, WA Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee

$1200 to $1600

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $45

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1600

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $45

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 120 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years and 40 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2014
  • Innate Traditions Postpartum Care, June 2017
  • Big Belly Services, May 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I attend births at all Greater Seattle Area hospitals.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I will attend a birth at any birth centers.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Yes! I will attend any home birth. I travel up to Everett, as far east as Snoqualmie and south as far as Kent/Auburn.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birthing From Within Birth art services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother roasting
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Birth Doula for Open Arms Perinatal Services

Fee Details

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Seattle, WA Service range 25 miles

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Client Testimonials for Caellyn Everson, CD(DONA)

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Melissa A


My entire family connected so well with Caellyn, even my 3 year old and our crazy skittish cat. Her energy was so calm. She stressed how important communication was to her which was so wonderful to hear because I always felt bad for "bothering" our first doula with our firsts pregnancy. I never felt like a burden. During my birth she was so amazingly helpful. She knew exactly where I needed massage on my back as my little one was sunny side up and made for some uncomfortable back labor. Caellyn said just enough of what I needed to hear to keep me pushing. She really was amazing and I hope we keep in touch. I would 100% recommend her. 

Lauren Stephenson


I can't recommend Caellyn enough.  From the moment she came to our house to the post-birth meetings, I felt like I had already known her for years and that is so important for someone who will be there for the most special moment in your life.  I tear up writing this as my birth would not have been as incredibly special, peaceful, and as beautiful as it was had she not been there to put me and my husband at ease through it all.  The positions she recommended during labor, her calm reassurance, the little words of wisdom she sprinkled during the toughest times, coaching my husband with ideas to support me (which he was so happy to get), the sweet notes from my labor that are now in the baby book, I will be FOREVER grateful for Caellyn.  She was an angel through the whole process and my birth went exactly as I had hoped thanks to having her support.  I could write a novel about Caellyn, I so highly recommend her!  I don't know if you'd find someone who has such incredible passion for what they do.  (Just a note: this is coming from someone who was on the fence about needing a doula, I am SO happy I made the decision to get one).  

Colleen Hayes


Caellyn was an absolute pleasure to have on this journey and we are so grateful she came into our lives. I sincerely don't know how I would have gotten through my labor and delivery without her. She is one of those people that is instantly easy to be around. Upon our first meet up, she made me feel empowered and comfortable and excited about my choice to go with a birth center, and that was hugely important because I was really anxious about the upcoming event. It's such a vulnerable time, and I always felt like I was in the best of hands with her, never judged or rushed. I would recommend her 100% and then some! Such a joy to be around. Such a patient soothing yet strong presence, which is exactly what you need when you're feeling like a maniac in the throes of labor :) 

Rosa V


My partner and I will be forever grateful to Caellyn for the incredible support she provided during labor and postpartum. We both felt instantly at ease with her, and I trusted her implicitly. Caellyn was there every step of our 40 hour long labor and I'm sure that without her, I would have had a very different birth experience and recovery period. Not only did I lean on her emotionally, I literally leaned on her throughout, knowing that she could hold me and my process with reverence and respect. I was in awe of her endurance and ability to be absolutely present. Having her beside me gave me the courage to trust myself and my power as I stepped into the unknown that is birth and motherhood.

Caellyn helped me advocate for myself and stay connected to my values and wishes, which was especially important as we had to transfer to a hospital (which we had hoped to avoid). She also modeled and suggested ways for my partner to support me throughout labor and then gave us space to be together during this profoundly intimate, transformative time in our lives. Postpartum, Caellyn was there to listen, offer encouragement, and advice as I navigated new motherhood. The resources she shared with me were invaluable and helped me grow more confident as a mama while healing my body from a very intense labor. 

I can't recommend Caellyn enough. She holds a special place in my heart, always, for being there during such a profound time in my and my family's life. 



I highly recommend Caellyn for any of your doula needs. Caellyn exceeded all of our expectations and delivered in ways I couldn't have imagined. For instance, my baby was breech at 32 weeks and Caellyn responded with an immediate house visit to teach me positions for encouraging babies to flip, sharing web-based and local resources to satisfy my desire to do everything possible in pursuit of a natural vaginal birth. I am ecstatic to say that it (something of the many things we did) worked as baby was head down by week 38. Caellyn was so involved in the weeks leading up to labor with kind, thoughtful text check-ins and same day responses to my email inquiries. She was incredibly supportive when we were informed that I needed to be induced. She showed up at the hospital as soon as was requested and was everything I needed and more. It was wonderful that she knew the staff (at Swedish First Hill). She was so comfortable in the room among the other providers making sure that I had what I needed at every turn. Her toolbox seemed endless during labor. She brought physical items of great use (e.g., different scented oils that I wouldn't have anticipated wanting but then did); she led positioning with gentle direction for my husband; and she brought strength with her calm words of encouragement and unwavering eye contact that I desparately needed to hold our baby inside me until I was ready to push. Caellyn's postpartum care was equally wonderful, including her expertise in the breastfeeding department. I am so grateful for Caellyn, her kindness, her professionalism, her wisdom, her energy, and sense of humor. 

Jennifer M


I had dreams of a peaceful, natural birth at the Center for Birth on Eastlake. And although that plan fell to pieces when I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, Caellyn was there for us, and was an absolute angel for us during my traumatic stay at the hospital where I had to be induced and ended up getting a C-section 3 exhausting days later. She's warm and friendly and knows how to speak her mind with a gentle authority that makes you feel like she has everything under control. I found out there's a lot of embarrassig, ultra personal moments during a birth, but she didn't flinch during any of them, and reassured me that it was all completely normal. I felt safe and cared for having her there every step of the way and I don't know how I would have gotten through it without her.




Chika Machida Franck


Caellyn guided my husband and I through my pregnancy and the birth of our first bay and we are so glad for everything that came from it––primarily, our happy and healthy baby following a delightful delivery. Throughout our prenatal meetings, Caellyn was attentive to my thoughts and concerns. Because of this, I was able to feel as mentally prepared, and safe, as possible, leading up to the big day. This went a long way for me, because I'm a planner, and everything that was about to come my way was completely unplannable. Caellyn advised that we take childbirth classes which we were planning to go without, which turned out to be a huge value to us. She also handpicked a selection of reading material that she felt would help me, and continued to share of wealth of information that would help my mind and body prepare for delivery. Because of everything I had learned with Caellyn and my husband by my side leading up to the early morning when my water broke, I was in my right state of mind, and was able to relax, knowing I was safe, and had prepared myself as much as I could, and I knew that I would be surrounded with people I trust that day, all the way up to the birth of our baby. Caellyn helped me, and my medical team, get the birth I had always wanted. I wasn't even planning for it to go as well as it did! Unmedicated and uncomplicated. I was able to deliver my baby within FOUR hours of arriving to the hospital. Caellyn had been telling me that I was stronger than I knew since we met, and that encouragement stuck with me through every breath during labor. We are planning to hire her again for our second child down the road and are ever so thankful for EVERYTHING Caellyn did for us. THANK YOU CAELLYN! 

Esther Haak


I started my search for a doula after several friends and co-workers highly recommended the support. Boy am I happy I decided to hire Caellyn. Her expert coaching of me and my husband helped us achieve a beautiful unmedicated birth for our son. I truly don't think I would have made it through without her. From our very first meeting, she put me at ease and started walking us through the decisions we needed to make to create our birth plan. She brought me on a journey of mental and physical preparation for childbirth. When that day came, she was there with us every minute - helping me get through 10.5 hours of labor. I was in and out of the tub, switching positions frequently, trying to make room for the baby to move down and turn (since his head was facing up most of the labor – luckily, he turned on his own before it was time to push!). She even performed some duties that nurses normally would have assisted with as some our nursing staff was not as experienced as she was! I absolutely loved that she had a TENS unit available (which was a huge help with my back labor), and her services included placenta encapsulation which I am really glad I went for. She has been a great resource postpartum as well. I had difficulty breastfeeding in the first couple weeks, and Caellyn introduced me to so many helpful resources and had tips and tricks to help me build my supply. I especially appreciate her focus on maternal health, and the reminders to focus on my own health and recovery. She’ll be on the short list of people I call if we are blessed with another pregnancy – gotta have her on my team!

Ashley Reeve


My husband and I knew that we wanted a doula to help us in the labor and delivery of our first child.  I interviewed 6 doulas, not really clicking with any of them, before meeting with Caellyn.  Her warm, calm, confident demeanor put me at ease and we clicked right from the start. 

During labor, I wanted my husband with me at all times, and Caellyn was there to assist both of us.  He was my physical and emotional support, and Caellyn was our birth coach.  I ended up having a somewhat difficult labor - we didn't know it at the time, but my baby was in the Posterior position (face up) and her head was tilted up (military presentation), and my body was having difficulty getting her to descend.  I had to work through uncomfortable positions, leaning into the parts that hurt the most.  Caellyn was there to encourage me to go deeper and further into these positions than I was willing to do on my own, pushing me to keep going when I wanted to quit, or didn't have the strength to do it on my own.  I was able to have a successful vaginal birth, and I am 100% certain that this was because of the combination of my excellent midwife team, and Caellyn's constant support. 

After delivery, Caellyn came out for three post-partum visits.  My husband and I don't have a lot of family in the area, and it was great to have that in-home support in the early days and weeks.  I also elected for placenta encapsulation (despite some skepticism on my part), and was so glad that I did!  I feel like they've made a big difference in my emotional stability and being able to handle some of the more difficult days.  Throughout the process, she connected me with countless resources - lactation consultants, mommy and me classes, the Spinning Babies website.  She continues to be an amazing resource.

My experience with Caellyn was perfect for my birth experience, and I can't recommend her enough.

Sophia Cain


Caellyn provided professional and personal care every step of the way. Her presence was so important in the process of birthing our son. Caellyn is gentle yet fierce (never pushy) and her wisdom caught me off guard. I'm an introvert at heart but i quickly knew that I can be myself around Caellyn. I can't imagine our birth story without her kind and supporting words and suggestions, without her providing the perfect ambiance with candles and dim lighting in the hospital room, and her energy. Not only did she provide me with all those things and more, she supported my husband throughout the labor, reminding him to eat and take little moments to reenergize. I had the best team in place for my birth and Caellyn was a huge part of it. Thank you Caellyn!

Pratima Stanton


What made our experience with Caellyn great was that she made us feel like she genuinely cared and wanted us to have our best birth experience. She was familiar with birthing, the childbirth system, the doctors and the hospital to guide us and be a constant, steady and reliable factor during our long childbirth experience. She made sure my husband and I were hydrated, fed, calm and guided us through what was going on and what questions to ask. 

Here are some of the things I loved about Caellyn:

1. Never got a judgemental or disapproving tone in any decision I made. Though she was our back up doula and I had not met her until the birth, she instantly made me feel comfortable and supported.

2. She knew what pressure points to target to alleviate my back and pelvic contractions.

3. She was present throughout my labor. She was always by mine and my husband's side.

4. I had an induced labor with a few complications that lasted for 36 hours that ended with a c-section. Because my husband and I had not gone through it before, we would be more panicked and stress if it weren't for Caellyn's calm and explanation of what was going on.

5. I felt she cared and I felt she geuinely wanted me to have my best birth experience. She counted through all 80 or so contractions with me and never got impatient.

6. When we were discussing the next step for the c-section, she pointed out the two different analysis from 2 different doctors and advised us to ask about that. This is something we would not have noticed if it had not been for her.

7. She was with us during my c-section and was a huge support for my husband who watched the whole surgery.

I recommend Caellyn as a doula and would also hire her next time round as a postpartum doula as well.

Jimmy Locke


My wife and I are very glad to have met Caellyn and to have her as our doula. Caellyn is probably the best doula one could ask for, she has a wonderfully soothing voice, has lots of experience, and is quite knowledgable of just about everything concerning birth and postpartum child care. (In our first couple meetings, my wife literally asked her questions for 2 hours and she patiently answered everyone.)

During the birth, Caellyn was extremely calm and used a lot of different techniques and positions to aid my wife through labor --she even snapped some really good photos of the process. After the birth she stayed with us for a while to help my wife breast feed the baby and help pack up all our belongings to move to the postpartum room.

I will never forget how Caellyn helped us when my wife was at the peak of active labor. Caellyn was experienced enough to know the baby may have been positioned spine to spine based on the way my wifes contractions were going. My wife at this point was wanting an epidural but the hospital had two simultaneous C-sections going on so there was no anesthesiologist available to administer it. This worried me greatly. It was at this time Caellyn really shined. My wife held onto Caellyn and listening to her specific coaching through each intense contraction. She guided her to different positions to help shift the babies position and then suggested we head the tub to ease the pain. This bought us enough time to keep my wife on top of the contractions while waiting for the anesthesiologist to come about 30 minutes later. Thankfully the epidural did the trick and the baby came smoothly three hours after.

I am forever grateful for Caellyn's presence, experience, and calm guidance during the delivery. She truly helped my wife cope with the most intense contractions whereas I would not have known what to do. If we decide to have another baby, I would definitely want Caellyn to be there with us again.

Candace Henney


Going into the birth of our first child, we knew we needed someone to not only help guide us along our journey, but also be our advocate. Caellyn was a rockstar throughout my entire 71 hour experience! I did not have the easiest labor, and when it came time to talk about intervention options, I felt comforted by her knowledge and presence. She kept me up and moving when I was close to letting the pain of labor take over, but also helped to keep me grounded when I needed it most. Not only did it mean the world to have her there for me, but she offered much needed support and encouragment to my partner. If not for Caellyn and her strong voice, I likely would have had a very different experience. After giving birth, it was taking my body time to adjust and heal. We decided to bring Caellyn on as our Postpartum Doula, and it made the world of difference to have her around postpartum. She helped me to heal physically and emotionally, and I bounced back much more quickly because of her. Without any doubt I would recommend Caellyn, she will be an amazing addition to your birthing team

Ula Trudnos


I hired Caellyn for some postpartum help and she was amazing!  She came over with her bag of tricks and tips and helped me understand baby language, breast feeding techniques and positions, and many other things that will make a first time mom's period with her newborn less frustrating and more satisfying, as mama and baby learn to work together in the first few days after birth.  While I was sleeping and without me having to ask, she also did my dishes - how great is that!  I would highly recommend Caellyn to any new mama needing some extra support. 

Hannah Persyn


Caellyn was amazing from the first time we met with her through our family's postpartum care. She spent ample time getting to know me before labor, is easy to communicate with, and knowledgable about women's perinatal needs. Prioritizing not only getting to know me but also my partner and our dog (who was present during the birth) made it easy to trust inviting her to join us during our birth. 

I gave birth to my daughter at home after 21+ hours of labor. Caellyn was invaluable. I could not have done it without her. She managed to help me dig deep inside of myself, beyond the panic, and access a strength unlike any other. Her presence is calming and knowing. She is physically strong which felt amazing to lean into during moments of need (hello contractions). She seemlessly aided in the birthing process withou overshadowing any support that my partner provided. I was well fed, constantly hydrated, and offered a variety of welcoming change of settings as needed during my laboring process without ever having to worry about it myself. Both of my midwives have reported enjoying working with her. 

Postpartum care has been extremely supportive. We communicate via text message (preferred for me) and I never hesitate to reach out if I have any questions. She came to visit us after the birth to check on the WHOLE family. She also held space for us to process the birth. 


Caellyn is a great woman to have present during your transformative journey. 

Lou Karsen


Our experience with Caellyn was phenomenal and exceeded our expecations. We had interviewed a few doulas and immediately knew Caellyn was right for us with her warm, relaxed and nurturing sensibility. Leading up to labor she was very communicative and attentive, with a few home visits, and a visit with us to meet our midwife. She provided us with a bunch of resources, things to think about, and ways to get our minds right for the birth. And it really paid off. But what makes Caellyn so special is her work during labor. She was a rock for us, was there all day and night, going above and beyond with breathing techniques, massage, position changes, TENS unit, and keeping us fed and hydrated. When the going got tough she helped us find our rhythm and breathing and really was a huge factor in a healthy childbirth. Even after the 21 hour labor she helped us get setteld in, cleaned up the house and even made placenta prints for us. Throughout the whole experience she was capturing photos as well. 

In the days leading up to the birth we were debating not calling the doula because we like our privacy, but I cant imagine getting through it without Caellyn. She integrated really well with our midwives, and we wouldnt have changed a thing about our team. I would absolutely recommend Caellyn to anyone who wants a warm, knowledgable, confident and loving professional by your side during labor. The investment paid itself off many times over. She was there for our little girls first moments in the world and is now part of our family.

Kathie Jurek


It feels like I read all the books about labor, took an eight-week Lamaze class, did a birth meditation every night and all the other "right" things, and nothing helped make the birth of our daughter easier than having Caellyn as our doula. 

She was incredible every step of the way: checking in on me as my due date got closer, sending recommendations for helping start labor and after birth, lots of helpful resources for breastfeeding and healing. When I thought I might be in labor, she had great suggestions for how I could get to sleep comfortably... and when it was clear sleep wasn't going to happen, she was at our house in 45 minutes tops ready to help. 

I love how she helped support my husband by giving him suggestions for how to help me during contractions, reminding him to eat, and keeping me company while he caught an hour of sleep. Whenever a contraction hit, both of them were there for me supporting me through it. Having her around really helped normalize the process and made me less afraid of the pain, because I knew she would always have another suggestion or idea for how to get through it.

She also took notes on the labor which were so interesting to reflect back on. Time passed so differently for me during labor, and to see an hour-by-hour breakdown of when all the important events happened helped me process it all. 

I recommend Caellyn wholeheartedly to any woman or couple. We hope she will be our doula again in a few years when we think about having another little one!

Karolina Upton


We decided on hiring a doula very late in our pregnancy. We were thrilled that Caellyn was able to make the best of our two weeks before labor. Thanks to her we definitely felt more ready. I don't think I could have survived as long during my labor without interventions if Caellyn hadn't been there coaching me through every minute. I am really thankful for her help through the process. Even though I still ended up with a C-section, I feel like thanks to Caellyn I was able to really give it my all in the 20 hours of labor at the hospital to try for the natural birth I wanted. Thank you!

Cherl Lovseth


We chose Caellyn as our birth doula for the birth of our second child. I had had a traumatic experience with a long labor and a C-section with my first baby, so I was nervous about how this birth would go. Caellyn approached us with compassion and an impressive wealth of knowledge. During our prenatal visits, she coached us on exercises and positions to do to optimize baby’s position. My labor began with back pain, indicating poor positioning and Caellyn gave us tools to encourage baby to turn. Labor ramped up quickly and Caellyn joined us right away. In the hospital she was professional and worked as a team with the clinicians. When I was discouraged at how long it was taking to push, she reminded me how this birth story was different, giving me energy to keep going. I was elated that I got to have a VBAC and Caellyn was a big part of that. Since the birth, she’s been available for support and comfort measures around tearing and postpartum recovery. I highly recommend using Caellyn as your doula!

Damaris Garcia


Our birth story would not be the same without Caellyn. From the start she was so kind and made us feel so understood. She went above and beyond our expectations.

I had prodromal labor, our birth journey lasted 4 days start to finish and Caellyn was there every step of the way! Thanks to Caellyn the unexpected didnt seem so scary. Our journey would have been so stressful without her. We were able to be 100% in the moment and focus on what mattered to us thanks to her because she took care of all of the details. She made me feel so strong and empowered during labor while giving my partner the space to do the same!

Our prenatal visits were helpful, informative and comforting. Our postnatal visits were helpful, encouraging and caring. She not only made sure to help us understand our baby better but she also helped my healing process with all of her support and knowledge.

We love Caellyn and are so grateful she was our doula!

Sara Antonelli


We had a wonderful experience working with Caellyn. This was our third birth, first time having a doula. our past birth experiences had been difficult and one was very traumatic for us. We sought a positive, healing experience for this pregnancy and birth and Caellyn helped us achieve that. She provided love, support, and a sympathetic listening ear. When challenges arose or questions came up she actively helped us brainstorm and consider different options we may have. She always supported whatever choices we made. I had a long early labor at home and another day of labor in hospital. Caellyn was 100% present and invested in being there for us. She truly became part of our family and played a huge part in my successful VBA2C. (vaginal birth after 2 previous ceseareans) She's been great in helping us process the whole experience and encouraging my postpartum healing process as well. I feel she went above and beyond for us and am so thankful to have had her on my team! 

Jamie Dinsmore


We found Caellyn Everson through Open Arms and used her doula services for the birth of our second child. Caellyn was very easy to make an appointment with. she came to my house to meet my husband, my 2 year-old and I. She was so confident and easy to talk with. Since this is our second time using a doula, I really noticed how different she was from our first doula. Caellyn would text me articles and send me resources after we talked about my birth plan. She spent time with my husband and I practicing positions that we could be able to use when I was in labor. Such a small thing, but that was not offered in the Penny Simkins birthing classes or with our first doula. 

Caellyn always answered my calls. She kept in touch with my via text and one the phone when I was in early labor. 

When I arrived at the hospital, at 1am, she was there to meet us. She continued to advocate with the hursing staff for me to get in the tub and move around. Things that I would have wanted to ask for myself if I weren't in labor. She massaged my hand and rubbed my hips. She was very good at including my husband. From practiciing laboring positions, to helping advocate for his desires for the birth, like catching the baby. 

Caellyn stayed for a bit after the delivery and then came back to check on us the next day. She also come to my house after we arrived home. 

I have recommended Caellyn to almost all expecting mothers since our working with her. Caellyn has a wonderful balance of confidence and comfort, so you always feel heard and that you will hear a thoughtful response. I can't imagine going through delivery and postpardum period without having her support. 

I would recommed her to someone who has family or friends to help but needs someone who is just there for mom. I would also recommend her for anyone who does not have family or friends to help. You can do it alone, but why??? 

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