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Kimberly Bergrud CD(DONA)

Birth Doula & Spinning Babies Parent Educator

Tacoma, WA Service range 15 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 202 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, October 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I will attend any home birth that is attended by a Certified Nurse Midwife or other birth practitioner operating within the boundaries of Washington State law in regards to home birth. I will not attend unassisted home births.

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I volunteer as a birth doula at St. Joseph's hospital in Tacoma and St. Francis hospital in Federal Way. I have supported families at the NEW Midwifery Birth Center attached to St. Joesph's Hospital in Tacoma for over 2 years.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I would be happy to meet with you for a complimentary consultation. No doula client is refused due to lack of ability to pay. I am willing to discuss a payment plan or a possible trade/barter.

Tacoma, WA Service range 15 miles

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When my partner and I first met Kim we instantly knew that we were going to hire her as our Doula. Birth is unfamiliar territory and even if you read all the books, you can never understand until you go through it. Kim made that scary daunting journey easier by listening to my fears and by being a strong presence when I needed it most. 

Annika Piehler


Kimberly was amazing as our doula! She was able to tailor her approach to fit with my husband’s  and my needs. She was able to help make sure that our birth plan was followed. She is very kind and is directive when needed. My husband and I both felt very well supported by her. Her knowledge of Spinning Babies techniques also helped contribute to our baby being in perfect position for birth. I would highly recommend her to anyone!



Kimberly empowered me to have a birth experience as close as possible to what I desired.  She brought a calm, confident, and compassionate demeanor which helped my husband, young daughter, and I feel very comfortable under a variety of circumstances. Her knowledge base and experience as a doula were quite valuable throughout my pregnancy, during, and after delivery.  Kimberly shared her wealth of knowledge and her time with kindness and insight. She was absolutely unbiased and empowered my husband and I to make objective and informed decisions that I feel had a profound positive effect on the health of our new baby, my health during pregnancy, and on our decisions during and immediately after the birth of our baby.  I highly recommend Kimberly to my friends and family. She is an amazing doula and a wonderful person. 

Sarah McCoy


My husband and I had the best birth experience with Kimberly by our side as we welcomed our daughter into the world! She made us feel empowered throughout the whole delivery. She was truly a blessing throughout my pregnancy and in the delivery room as we delivered our daughter earlier than expected. I cannot recommend her enough, she is absolutely wonderful!

Jenny Pearson


Kimberly is an excellent doula.  Prenatally, she helped my husband and me by showing us exercises to help our baby be more likely to be in the best possible birthing position. During labor, she helped my husband to know what to do to help ease some of my pain. This took a lot of pressure off of him and allowed him to participate in a meaningful way. She helped me by making suggestions to help facilitate my baby moving down, she tried to make an environment with which I would be at ease, and she helped me to focus on things other than the pain, which greatly reduced my pain. During delivery she was a support, friend, and cheer leader. Kimberly truly helped us to have the VBAC birth that we wanted, she used her training and experience to assist us. She is an excellent doula.

Diana Chetraru


Kim is my mom’s age, so she was more than a doula for me! She always gave me practical advice on request, but also on her own initiative and was so careful and flexible with me and my family!
Since I do not speak English well, I appreciated her patience on explaining me in a simple way during her prenatal visits how to prepare a birth plan, what kind of exercises will help me to have a easier labor and about natural labor induction. I also appreciated that her counseling isn’t based only on her own experience when it comes to answering the questions, but she does careful research to make sure it meets the client's needs, even if it is a question outside of her range of work.
With her presence and with the right words she transmitted calm and tranquility to my husband and my sister-in-law, who were worried seeing me suffer so much during labor.
Kim helped me to find important information for me even after giving birth: how to avoid the problems related breastfeeding (breast engorgement, breast massage and hand expression, plugged ducts, mastitis), how to dress the baby for bedtime, when introducing bottle and pacifier and other. Being still tired and having no time, I really appreciated her support with the research, but also practical help, for example she prepared a dinner for my family!
Since we are first time parents, Kim helped us to understand all about eye ointment, vitamin K shot, Hep B shot, delayed cord clamping, immunizations, and even finding a good pediatrician for the baby.
We had a really beautiful experience thanks to Kim! If you are looking for a doula, look no further, she’s the best!
Thank you so much!

D. Freeman


Heaven sent and magical are the words that come to mind when I think of Kim and her work as doula. Knowledgable, compassionate, gentle and yet powerful in her touch. This woman is amazing and I couldnt me more thankful for her support during the pregnancy and birth of my 3rd child. I am a labor and delivery nurse and desired a different birth experience than what I had with my 2nd child. I was fearful this baby would be malpositioned as my last one was and I would require pitocin as I had before. My nurse brain wouldnt shut off, but my momma heart desired the spontaneous labor and birth. Kim heard my cry and understood my internal battle. As my due date approached and passed Kim checked in with me often to offer support and see how I was doing. We did spinning babies techniques in hopes to get baby in the optimal position.At 41 wks I was still pregnant. I had my membranes swept in hopes to stimulate labor. My midwife told me my baby was malpositioned, and Kim came to my rescue. Spinning babies it was... After about 2.5 hrs of spinning babies magic, my contractions went from irregular to every 2-7min. I went home and my water broke about 3 hrs later when the intensity increased shortly after. Kim checked in to see how I was copeing and we made a plan that she would come in about an hour. When Kim arrived to my house,  I told her I wasnt sure I could do it and I wanted an epidural. She told me that was okay, if that is what I wanted. Very quickly I had a contraction, and she did the most amazing hip squeeze... It was magical and I then realized with her support and encouragment I could get through one contraction at a time. She encoraged certain positions, but also allowed me to flow with my bodies natural movement. Her presence allowed my husband to relax and enjoy the birth process as well. Four hours later my baby was in my arms. No pitocin, no epidural.... The beautiful unmedicated water birth I desired. I couldnt have done it without her. 

Caitlin Rozman


My husband and I found Kimberly through doulamatch and interviewed her early in our pregnancy with our first child. Kimberly initially appealed to us because she was already a mom with grown children, her doula experience was extensive with many births, and her personality was practical yet very positive. From day one, she was a great resource for us for everything from pregnancy concerns and symptoms  to preparing for labor. We wanted a non medicated physiologic birth in the hospital and we wanted my husband to be as involved as possible and supported as possible. In many ways we expected Kimberley to be there more for him then me. 

Our little girl decided to join us 10 days early, and in a hurry. By the time we called Kimberley to let her know we were really in labor it was already time to head the hospital . She met us there at the same time we arrived and never left our sides from that moment till a few hours after. We had a relatively fast labor for a first and she was everything we hoped for for this process. She was a voice of encouragement , calm, direction and she made sure my husband was comfortable, informed, hydrated and also encouraged and supported. We had an unforeseen complication  that she easily coached us through to a very favorable outcome and so even with that we got to have exactly the birth we wanted! 

We believe that a doula is as important a part of a birth team as the nurses and doctors and  Kimberly was the best choice for Us. We would recommend her to any parents in any birth situation or birth goals. It is her personality and experience that make her a gem! And we will be calling her again for our next child too!

Kelly Brown


Kimberly was my doula for my 4th child, she was born 10 weeks early. I was scared, didn't have time to get my husband to the hospital with me, and didnt have childcare arranged for my older three yet as we thought we still had a couple of months. Without Kimberly I would have been alone. I met her just the day before delivery because she was a backup for the doula I chose, who was out of town, I immediately felt comfortable with her as she is very friendly and caring. Having her with me was so calming, she was so attentive to my needs. She knew all of the right things to say and the right questions to ask the doctors after they'd overwhelm me with information causing me forget what I wanted to ask. I never felt as though she was in a hurry to get back to her life, she stayed with me while I was in recovery and until I was settled in my room with my husband and older kids, when told her I was comfortable with her departure. Kimberly has regularly checked in on me since the delivery and I cannot wait until we can do my post partum visit, which I chose to postpone until baby is home. If we were having anymore babies I would not hesitate to hire Kimberly again, and would recommend her to any friends and family!

Elizabeth Fairbanks


This was my second time having Kimberly be my doula. Kimberly actually reached out to me to see if I was interested in her being our doula again, I honestly was hesitating asking because our family relocated to outside Kimberly's area. She's so amazing though, she didn't mind the almost hour drive to attend my son's birth. Kimberly showed us again what great support she is. We knew what to expect this time around but having her company and knowledge is priceless.

Rosa Gallegos- Salmeron


Kimberly was my doula with my first daughter in 2015 and without a doubt she HAD to be part of my delivery for my son on 2/22/18. She met with me around my second trimester and discussed what my "goals" where for this delivery. In my third trimester she met with my husband and I once again and discussed what each role would be, how things where going and all the "what ifs" that come with pregnancies. With my first I had so many medical interventions and with my second I invisioned  a natural, unmedicated delivery with the least amount of interventions. Due to my previous experience, i was afraid to have a baby in a birth center but Kimberly agreed to work in a hospital setting while still making it as relaxed as possible. I was still induced at 37 weeks and things didn't go as planned. Kimberly was my advocate for everything, from being mobile in labor to using a tub to cope with the pain and not using an epidural. Towards the end of my inductions I started to doubt that I could keep going and deliver this baby without an epidural. I kept saying that "I couldn't do it" and she kept reassuring me that "I COULD do it". My husband and sister where there as well and she kept them calm. I still can't believe I had a son without an epidural... in the future, without a doubt, Kimberly will be part of any other babies I deliver. 

Shaleka Quezada


My experience with Kimberly was a joy!  ( My backstory) This was my third delivery and I was so anxious about it. I had been traumatized by long Hospital births. My first being 25 hours and my second 23 hours. Both births I got induced and got an epidural both of which experiences I did not want with this pregnancy. So I did a lot of research on methods and ways in which this delivery could be different. When I learned about doulas and what they can do to support during labor and delivery, the search began. From the moment I met her, her magnetic energy and sincerity drew me to her. She answered all my questions during the consultation and give me answers to ones I didn't even ask!! She was truly just a phone call away.... And call her I did! But each time whether it was pictures I sent or calling in tears from being overdue she was always patient and kind. The day my dear son was born she was such a support to me and my husband. Her grace and focus in supporting me on having the birth I envisioned came to fruition. I birth my son in only 2 hours and 55 minutes. Unforgettable!

Lorann Young


Kim has a quiet, calming, soothing yet powerful appeal in the birthing room. 

She gives voice to the birthing mother & father in kind but firm manner. 

Our daughter was in labor for over 30 hours & Kim held down the fort & kept everything in control 

reassuring, keeping the mood positive & progressive. Kim is compassionate yet professional when needing to get a task done. 

She uses humor at just the right time. She also suggested precious picture moments that are priceles! 

When many family members & friends are apart of the birthing experience Kim knows how to show respect to all but keep everyone in there proper place -prioritizing birthing mother & dad #1.  

Kim in a word is WONDERFUL 

Ashley Akers


Two friends who recently had babies encouraged me to hire a doula, and I found Kimberly on DoulaMatch. From our first meeting, Kimberly was very down-to-earth, personable and professional. 

Kimberly offered two prenatal consultations as well as two post partum, in addition to being present during the entire labor and birth. This was of great value to my husband and me, since this was our first baby and we needed a lot of hand holding. Kimberly was open to any type of birth we wanted, while also providing resources to educate us on the pros and cons of different birthing methods, medications, ways to induce, etc. 

I expressed to Kimberly that I wanted an all-natural childbirth if at all possible, and she was completely supportive. She helped me to realize I was strong enough to do it, as this is what our bodies are made to do. 

As soon as Kimberly got to the hospital when I was in labor, she helped me relax through the contractions and not fight them, but embrace them. She massaged my hips and helped find positions that would support the baby getting into the right position and out more quickly. (Before she arrived, I was tensing up with each contraction without even realizing it.) I fully believe the labor went faster thanks to her presence. 

My husband and I welcomed our baby girl only about 6 hours after my contractions started, and thankfully there were no complications. It was painful, but nothing I couldn't handle, especially with her support. If we have a second child, I won't hesistate to call Kimberly again.

Ashley & Kelly A.

Brittany Cappa


UPDATE: 12/8/2017 Kimberly reached out to us and apologized for what happened. She also informed us that she updated her policy and contract to communicate her availability more effectively. She also refunded us our money. These actions show that she really cares to improve and she likely won't let something like that happen again. - Brittany Cappa

Kimberly was very nice upon initial contact and meeting. My husband and I decided to hire  her for our baby's birth about 4 months prior to our due date. We had a few meetings with her to get ready for our baby. Unfortunately, Kimberly missed our entire labor and birth because she decided to travel out of town about a week before my due date without adequate cell phone service. We find this to be incredibly unprofessional as she first decided to mention this trip at our last prenatal meeting a couple weeks before our birth. She said that she goes on this camping trip yearly so she knew about this when we hired her. I contacted her at 11pm the night my water broke and we didn't hear back from her until after 1PM THE NEXT DAY. Because of her behavior, our birth experience was incredibly compromised. We could've hired someone that was fully available if she was upfront with us. We are very disappointed in how everything happened when it mattered the most. 

Lauren Brodie


Kimberly was the most amazing and supportive person as my husband and I had our first child!  From the first meeting with her we felt comfortable.  She was incredibly easy to talk with and focused on understanding our needs during the birth process.  She helped us to consider questions about our birth plan that we would not have thought of and was incredibly non-judgmental in the decisions we made.

We had two pre-birth visits with Kimberly and she was incredibly gracious in working with mine and my husband's hectic work schedules.  She was great in providing information about the birthing process and helping me to understand what would be soothing and comforting to me during labor (always knowing that things could change).  Kimberly was available to me after every pre-natal doctor's appointment and would check-in periodically to see how I was doing.  She was incredibly responsive when I called/texted with questions and helped me to identify which questions would be good for me to follow-up with the OBGYN about.

I had a scheduled induction for my pregnancy due to some medical concerns.  Kimberly met us at the hospital and was incredibly helpful, supportive and amazing throughout the labor process.  She helped me to consider all of my options as I made changes to my birth plan during labor and was great in knowing different questions I could ask the nurses and doctors based on the conversations we had during our prior meetings.  My labor lasted approximately 31 hours (from induction to pushing) before it was decided that a C-section needed to be performed.  Kimberly was there in the hospital with me, my husband and mother the entire time.  She then came in the OR during my C-section for support as well.  My family and I could not have handled the birth process without the support of Kimberly. She is incredibly amazing and I plan to have her there when we decide to have another child.

Lindsey Paenitz


One of the warmest and most genuine women I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with! I found Kimberly through my midwife's office. From our first meeting she was so helpful answering my husband's many questions and passionate about helping mamas through their birthing experience. What I loved about her service is she offered 2 prenatal visits and 2 postpartum visits, and was happy to come to our home. She checked in on me periodically via text and phone calls as my pregnancy progressed, which I loved! Also, being able to text her and ask if the new symptom I was having as a first time mom to be helped alleviate a lot of stress. 

~ My birth experience ~

We had planned and prepped for an all natural birth at the birthing center, and Kimberly also had me research and become familiar with a hospital birth just in case. Thank God, because my birth went almost completely opposite of our plan! With pre eclampsia at 38.5 weeks I was sent straight to the ER and Kimberly came at 6 am as soon as my husband called! Even though I had to be induced and received an epidural very early on she still adapted some of the birthing techniques we had planned like the peanut ball. My family lives out of state so she stood in for my mom until she could arrive which was invaluable, and any new mom needs a mom to get through the process! When I was out of it and the Dr's came in she would help remind me what I wanted to ask. As labor continued into the wee hours she massaged my hands with my favorite lotion and slept in the waiting room chairs, she never left or acted inconvenienced by my long induction. When it finally came time to push she was in the room with my husband and mom. She fed me ice chips between pushes and reminded me how strong and amazing I am! I will forever be grateful for her help those 3 days! 

I can't say enough great things about Kimberly and highly recommend her for your birthing journey!!

Gena Schwam


I found Kimberly by contacing Bastyr University to see if I could be matched with a doula who was in training. I was happy to work with someone who hadn't yet been certified in order to be able to afford to have a birth coach. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Kimberly's expertise from years of being a volunteer doula at a hospital in Tacoma. Not only is she experienced, but she's also confident and that confidence put me at ease immediately. In our prenatal visits, Kimberly was always extremely prepared and professional, and I knew right away from meeting with a few different doulas that Kimberly was the right choice for us. It turned out that she actually did complete her certification shortly before I had my baby, so at that point, she had become a certified doula anyway.

Kimberly was amazing during the labor and delivery process. I unfortunately had a very long labor - 25 hours - it was a frustrating process for me when dilation stalled out for a long time. When Kimberly arrived she had some great ideas about different positions for me to try to get things moving again. She guessed (correctly) that the baby's head was at an angle and that was why I wasn't dilating. Since I had an epidural, I was confined to my bed, but the labor nurses had been having me turn and move as much as possible. They were unfamiliar with some of the positions Kimberly suggested, so we tried the new ones and sure enough, my labor began to progress again. I credit Kimberly's ideas for helping me avoid a C-section. If my labor hadn't started to progress again, I'm sure a vaginal birth would have become less and less possible as time went on. During the delivery, Kimberly was right there coaching me and helping me get through the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. Having her there gave me comfort and confidence. Her personality, expertise and accessibility were fantastic. I really feel she was my lifeline and recommend her highly!

Sara Protasi


Kimberly was a very supportive and present doula. She often checked in with me via text during my pregnancy and after the birth, promptly responding to my requests for advice. Her prepartum visits were very helpful, and so were her postpartum ones. She is a warm person who genuinely cares for your wellbeing. Most importanty, her presence was crucial during my labor and delivery. She comforted and encouraged me throughout the process. Thanks, Kimberly!

Elizabeth Fairbanks


When I first e-mailed Kimberly the one thing that struck me right away was her interest in knowing more about my pregnancy, myself, fiancee, and my birth plan. She also told me about herself and clearly stated the services she offers.

After meeting with Kimberly and feeling the educative, maternal, supportive, and nurturing vibe from her that I was looking for I knew she was the one. (Finding a doula that gets my fiancee's crude humor is a must as well!)

My birthplan did not go as planned and when the day finally arrived and I was to be induced, Kimberly was ready to meet us at the hospital whenever we were ready and came right away when we were. Accompanying her was her mentor Michelle, who is equally as awesome as Kimberly!

Throughout the whole labor, which lasted 38 hours, Kimberly was with us. Kimberly kept me up and moving with alot of different tricks up her sleeve that helped moved baby and relieve pain and yet when I was tired and wanted to relax she perfectly set up the atmosphere in which to do so. She also kept me motivated with continuing my non pain medicated labor and when the labor progressed and I was in Transition, it was Kimberly who was right there holding my hand getting me through the most intense part of labor.

My fiancee also felt very comfortable with Kimberly and was glad to have someone show him techniques to help me through contractions. He was also glad to have someone trade off keeping me company, rubbing my back, etc so they each could get some rest. 

I was so happy that even though my birth plan changed a bit, Kimberly was there right by my side and I was still able to accomplish a part of the birth I wanted and for that I am eternally grateful and I would definetly recommend her to anyone I know that is pregnant, unless I'm pregnant and we're due near the same time, because I want her again.

Kyong Yu


My wife and I did not hire a doula, and educated ourselves by visiting sites online and watching youtube videos (this was our first child). When the big day came, Kimberly happened to be volunteering at St. Joseph's hopital where we were going to give birth, and we were lucky enough to be offered her services. Nothing could've prepared my wife for the amount of uncontrollable pain she experienced through her 16 hours of labor, and nothing could've prepared me for the feeling of absolute helplessness to see your loved one in so much pain, and not being able to do anything about it. Everything we researched and prepared for went out the door. Kimberly remained calm and talked us through the whole process. She had a great deal of knowledge on how to use massage and different positions to alleviate some of the pain, as well as helping my wife get into a calmer state of mind. Although she was volunteering, she devoted 100% of her attention to us and never left our side until some time after the baby had arrived and we settled in -- a total of 12+ hours. . We cannot imagine that day without Kimberly's support and highly recommend her!

james mccorkle


My wife was lucky enough to find Kimberly after I returned from a military deployment. Prior to the birth we interviewed another doula only to decide that Kim, Lea, and I seemed to be a great match. We asked her to be our doula during the process and we meet a couple of times prior to the birth to go over our birth plan and to allow my wife lea and Kimburly a chance to get to know one another. Kimberly was very knoweledgeable in the process and was able to answer additional questions my wife had as well as pointing us in the right direction regarding possible birth complications, relaxation strategies, and other possible post birth options. Kim took time out of her busy schedule to meet with us and our primary provider so that any questions we may have not recalled about the upcoming birth, we would know the answers too. The importance of the doula was unknown to myself until the moment my wife went into labor. In fact, I had never even heard about it prior to this process. Late at night, Lea and I decided we needed to go to the hospital to get checked on. Turns out she was starting her labor processes which is when we called Kim. She made the decison at that point to come to the hospital even thoough we were unsure if we wuold stay. After several hours it was decided that the baby wouold follow. She assisted us throughout the entire night and late into the next day. She acted as a guide and liason between us and the doctors. She answered additional questions based on the doctors guidance. She never left us throughout the process. She was able to advice me on things and support me in aspects of the birth I had no idea about. She held my wifes hand during the entire process, offering postions that may reduce the pain, acting as an outlet for my wife to voice, and reducing Leas worry and concerns. I do not feel that the labor would have gone so well considering the difficulties we had during the process. Her kindness and support will never be forgotten. Thanks

Rosie Gallegos


Being a first time mom I was very nervous about having a baby. I was also induced which made the experience even more terrifying! Kimberly was there through the entire process. When the contractions finaly started and the intensified I knew I was in for hard labor. I experienced terrible back labor in which Kinberly was able to apply counter pressure and maneuver my hips to relieve the pain. That was amazing! Though I had my parents and husband there with me, it was good to have the extra support. She was able to keep my family calm. She knew what the next move was when no one else did. She was more than my "doula" she was a family member. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula in this area! 

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