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Jenn Elfner, CD(DONA) LMT

Certified Doula | Birth + Newborn Photographer

Delaware, OH Service range 60 miles

(614) 432-6695

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 227 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births at OSU (Columbus), Grant (Columbus), Riverside (Columbus), St. Ann's (Westerville), Dublin Methodist, Grady (Delaware), Memorial (Marysville), and Licking (Newark).

Attends birth center births? No Birth Centers
There are currently no birth centers in Central Ohio.

Attends home births? No Home Births

Special Services Offered

  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a professional member of Central Ohio Doulas.

Fee Details

Please visit my website for more information about my services and fees ( Thank you!

Delaware, OH Service range 60 miles

Client Testimonials for Jenn Elfner, CD(DONA) LMT

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Bridgette Showman


Jenn is truly a birth angel. I was blown away by how truly wanted and needed that she was. She made the entire experience amazing and provided support that only a Doula could provide. She worked together seemlessly with hospital staff and brought a peace and tranquility with her prescence. I would recommend her to anyone in a heart beat.


I also used Jenn for birth photography and the pictures came out wonderful. She was able to be a wonderful Doula and photographer at the same time. I really don't remember her even taking pictures throughout the experience. I remember her getting me pillows, getting nurses when I needed something and facilitating importing discussions with the birth team. 

Jen Robb


Hiring Jenn was the best decision we made during pregnancy! Jenn is knowlegable, balanced, calm, organized, and supportive.  Her priority was to understand how we wanted our birth experience to develop while providing resources to help us reach our goals.  Jenn offered empathy and reassurance when I encountered obstacles with my provider, encouraging me to engage in increased dialog with them and to self-advocate.  She also recommended a tremendous lactation consultant, who helped me achieve a succesful nursing relationship with my son.  Jenn helped both me and my partner remain calm and confident during the process.

It was my goal to hold off on going to the hospital as long as possible as I did with my first birth, though my first birth progressed quickly and I arrived at the hospital ready to push.  Jenn therefore encouraged me to consider arriving at the hospital a little earlier and enjoy time outside (close to medical personnel if I needed it).  What a memorable experience-Jenn sat with me, my partner, and my parents in the hospital courtyard, providing calm encouragement as I experienced contractions.

When it was time to check-in at the hospital, I experienced a lot of back pain since my baby was posterior.  Jenn provided non-stop massage to my lower back.  I cannot even imagine how my experience would have been without her massage, encouragement,  and calming presence.  Once our son arrived, Jenn remained with us as we processed the birth.  I didn't even realize Jenn documented our birth experience through photography.  Her photos captured our raw emotions and our love for each other.  

My husband carried significant fear about the birthing process, and during our postpartum meeting with Jenn, he said that it was one of the best experiences of his life.  His statement was an attibute to her support and knowledge shared leading up to and during the birth.

Susana Hawkins


Jenn was the calm in the middle of our storm. From the moment my water broke to the moment I laid shivering with a new baby in my arms and every moment in between, Jenn was my anchor to sanity.

Like most doulas, Jenn performed the necessary basic tasks to help us through, but she also seemed to have a sixth sense about what I needed throughout the duration. She was there with a comforting touch, a grounding reminder, or a helpful suggestion at every turn.

On top of the love and attention she gave me, she also provided my husband with the support and guidance he needed to be there for me. Wether it was reassuring him that something was "normal" or gently nudging him when we were at a good point that he should eat and take care of himself, I was so appreciative of how well she looked after him as well as me. He was my support person--she was the foundation that held us together through it.

Her experience also proved invaluable as she knew some pretty amazing tricks of the trade that made things easier (omg, super sugary hot black tea after blood loss was the greatest. thing. ever.). 

I also really loved our follow up a week later when we talked through the details (some of which I didn't know even though they happend to me!) and reflected on the experience.

I can't speak highly enough of Jenn and her skills and her compassion and her calming presence and her soothing voice and and and...

Nicki Woodward


From the first time my husband and I met with Jenn, we knew we wanted her to be our Doula. She is so knowledgeable and has such a soothing demeanor and calming voice. The support she provided us before, during, and after the birth of our daughter was priceless. We feel so fortunate that she was apart of the birth of our baby girl, and can't wait to work with her again in the future!

Molly Farrell


I am so glad we hired Jenn to help us have the best birth experience possible. I wanted a doula to be a skilled, comforting presence during labor and to help ensure the best outcome, and Jenn certainly fulfilled that. But what I didnt expect was everything else Jenn provided in advance: strong support in helping me be direct with my provider, and coming along with me to a prenatal appointment, that proved to be a real turning point in me getting the care that I needed for my unique situation; expert recommendations of childbirth classes and postpartum support that were just right for me, and calm encouragement and reassurance via phone, text, and email along the way. I ended up with the empowering birth experience I had hoped for, and there were a lot of factors involved in that, but a big one was the decision months before to hire Jenn.

Susie Delman


I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Jenn as my doula.  She was actually at the births of both of my sons (1st as a backup and 2nd as our hired doula).  Jenn is very professional and knowledgeable.  She was readily available and willing to answer questions and provide suggestions/support throughout my pregnancy.  Throughout my labor Jenn was very calm and attentive. She was supportive of our birth preferences(which she had previously helped us in establishing) from the beginning. Jenn was able to advocate for our needs and was able to facilitate communication with the staff. One thing my husband noticed was her great rapport with the nurses. We both loved working with her and wouldn't hesitate to use her services again. We also would recommend her services to anyone.

Katie Baylor Tornow


Jenn was amazing from the very beginning and we were so thankful to have her apart of our birth of our 2nd child. I knew after my first child, I wanted to make sure we did what we could to have a positive birth experience for our 2nd (and potentially) last child. I had a lot of healing that I needed to go through after my first birth experience and Jenn was there to help me through it.

My first birth experience came very fast and furious with contractions on top of contractions. I ended up opting for an epidural after being stuck in triage for almost 4 hours with the possibility of not having a L&D room available. The epidural did help me to have a breather; however, our daughter ended up having TTN and was admitted to the NICU after birth. We had some struggles with getting her discharged and the post-partum experience was a very hard adjustment for me. I suffered from anxiety for about six months after this event. Our daughter is happy and healthy now but it took me a bit longer to get to that point.

Jenn helped me prepare for what would be a very healing and natural childbirth. She helped me heal from our experience before and she also prepared me and made a plan for if we were stuck in triage for hours again. We were lucky to not have to put that plan into place and I was able to get into a room with a tub upon being admitted. From there, my labor progressed beautifully and was manageable. Our midwife suggested breaking my water to help me get over that hump and begin pushing. The idea of the intensity changing made me a bit worried and Jenn was right there to help me sort through how I was feeling. She very calmly talked to me and gave me some time to process everything that was going on. The idea of holding my baby was right around the corner and I could not believe it! After about 20 minutes, I was holding our healthy son.

We are so thankful to have Jenn apart of our healing birth and would hire her again!

Kate Troyer


We had such a positive experience with Jenn! From the moment we met her we knew that she was the perfect fit for us. Jenn made us feel so comfortable and at home with her and made it clear that she was going to be a support person throughout our pregnancy and labor rather than someone who takes charge and tells us what to do. It was so great to work through different scenarios and possibilities in making our birth plan and to be given the freedom to make the decision that suited us best, rather than feeling pressure to adhere to one particular way or another.

Although my birth ended up being over before Jenn was able to get to the hospital, I am still able to say with 100% certainty that I would not have been able to do it without her! Knowing that she was there when I came out of surgery played a huge role in my mental and emotional stability in those first moments. Both my husband and I felt so lucky to have her there to help me in the immediate aftermath when it was all just too much for me to take in. I know my husband especially felt relieved to have Jenn there to talk me through the pain of waking up when he didn't know what to do or say.


I cannot imagine ever giving birth without having a doula, and specifically having Jenn with us. I look forward to (hopefully!) having a "true" labor experience with her next time!

Heather Perrine


As soon as I found out I was pregnant with our second child, I knew I wanted this birth to be different than my last. I was determined to have a natural birth with minimal interventions and knew that hiring a doula would be a great investment. Although my husband was skeptical about hiring a doula, we knew Jenn would be a great addition to my support team from the first time we met her. Jenn was always quick to respond, even at 5 am when early labor had started. Although my contractions weren't consistent at first, Jenn reassured me that baby was coming soon and did not hesitate to arrive at our home. Because I was having back labor, her TENS device was very helpful during contractions. I wanted to stay home for awhile but Jenn knew exactly when it was time to head to the hospital. She continued to be an amazing support while still allowing my husband to be involved. I was able to have a natural, un-medicated birth and feel as though Jenn played a huge role in me being able to do so. I am so thankful my birth preferences went exactly as planned and I wouldn't change anything about my experience. Jenn also did our birth photography. Our photos are breathtaking and it is unbelievable how she can capture so many important, precious moments with her camera, while still being fully active as a doula. Our photos of labor, delivery, and bonding with our newborn will allow us to relive our son's wonderful birth forever.

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