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Vancouver, WA Service range 30 miles Travel within Vancouver and Portland as well as surrounding areas.


Postpartum Rate

$25 to $30

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $30

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 30 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteering at Portland Providence Medical Center with the Gateway Doula Project as a birth doula.

Fee Details

I offer free consultations to see if I am the right fit for you and your family.

Vancouver, WA Service range 30 miles Travel within Vancouver and Portland as well as surrounding areas.

Client Testimonials for Shanna Sonnier

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Salmin Sultana


We had Shanna as a post-partum doula when my daughter was born in summer 2019. We were first time parents, had no family around, and Shanna was a godsend for us. My daughter was born 3 weeks early but Shanna managed time to be with us in the hospital so that we could get some sleep. She was with us since then until my daughter was about 5 months old. Shanna coordinated a pool of doulas to meet our requirements of longer hours at daytime and night. She went above and beyond to help us take care of our daughter and get some rest. Shanna is reliable and sincere about her job. She is sweet and always had kind words for us that uplifted our mood when we may have been exhausted or worried. The best thing about her, however, is probably the yummy breakfast she used to make for us :D We were blessed to have Shanna as our doula and  cannot recommend her enough. 



Our family had a wonderful experience working with Shanna after our baby was born. Her positive attitude and calm, nuturing demeanor was especially welcome during the crazy first weeks and months after our baby was born. She provided tips on setting napping/sleeping routines that worked well for our little one too. 

As a new mother, it was so nice to have someone to take care of me and the necessary chores so I could take better care of my baby. I also want to mention that she was just great with my baby. He loved spending time with her and listening to her tell him stories : )

Meagen and Jeremy


We were fortunate to cross paths with Shanna at a critical time in our post-partum experience. We didn't realize how much we needed a post-partum doula until she arrived.  

Following a traumatic birth and needing many months to heal from surgery, infection and physical and emotional strain, we needed a lot of support. We found Shanna after an exhaustive search for a post-partum doula and right from the start we knew she was the one for us. In our first meeting, she was immediately respectful and understanding of our circumstances. She was thoughtful, kind, responsive, knowledgeable, helpful and an excellent listener. As first time parents, we largely had no idea what we were doing in the first several weeks. Shanna helped us navigate it all with gentle guidance and practical advice. She quickly helped us gain the skills to confidently move forward in parenting on our own. 

Furthermore, from the beginning, our son was immediately soothed and comfortable in her presence. She has an uncanny intuitive understanding of infants and their needs. We were awed by her ability to multitask and take care of both our child *and* us, when we could barely take care of ourselves. We always looked forward to her visits because we had full confidence that our son would be in excellent and competent hands. We don't know how we would have navigated the first several months without her. We feel so grateful to have had her in our lives. She will always be considered a treasured member of our family, even if she was in it for just a short amount of time.

Kellyrose Matthews


Working with Shanna has been an absolute blessing. When I went back to work around 4 month postpartum, I just couldn't manage it all. Shanna has easily stepped in to help with anything our family needs. From equisite care for our highly sensitive and spirited baby girl, to cooking, baking and home care, she has been a true gem. Her many years of experience caring for babies shows in her easy, confident presence with our daughter. She has also been incredibly helpful in normalizing developmental shifts that we are all going through as a new family. The emotional support she offers and her calming, cheerful personality are like a soothing balm on a new mama's soul. She is very focused on the highest care when she is working with us, always getting lists of things done in a few hours that I struggle to complete in a few days. Shanna has a positive, compassionate and honest commuication style, and operates with the highetst integrity--these are the kind of characteristics that are essential in our home. I honestly don't know what I would do without her!

Chris & Jessica Wedlake


My husband and I greatly value the doula service we recieved working with Shanna Sonnier. She provided not only emotional support during pregnancy, she was vital to our labor & delivery process. My husband was able to take breaks during labor to rest and get food to recharge for being a supportive partner. Shanna was a very present and intuitive support person. She was able to be there for us and take care of her own needs as well, taking shifts with my husband as needed. I felt wholly supported. We value the information she provided educating us on breastfeeding and how partners can be a helpful support for breastfeeding as well.  Having Shanna there right after delivery to ensure we got started breastfeeding right away was invaluable. It was also very helpful to have someone to talk about  and process the labor & delivery at our postpartum visit.  Thank you so much Shanna- you are a gem! It was also very supportive to know we had the option of having postpartum night time support if needed with Shanna. Thank you again!!!

Rachael Manuola Engdall


Shanna was a vital part of our birth plan and such an asset to my labor. She provided my husband and I several tools to learn more about eachother and how we would like to communicate best to create a good connection during labor. She gave us lots of resources so that we could make the most informed choices about how we'd like the birth to go, while making sure that our goals were realistic and achievable. During labor, Shanna was a caring presence in the hospital room and an excellent advocate for my husband and me. It was a special comfort knowing that she was there to support my husband while he was supporting me. Shanna was also there to make sure that our first nursing was successful in the hour after our daughter was born. She has continued to be so supportive and an excellent resource in the weeks after birth, and we found it especially rewarding to have someone who was there with us during labor to reflect on everything with us in our post-partum visit. I highly recommend Shanna as a caring and supportive doula to help ensure that your labor is exactly that: yours, to be the most informed and ready for!

Grant Harold


Shanna was with us in the hospital and for 2 months afterwards. She provided a great positive mindset for us as we ventured into having our 2nd child. We were worried about sleeping through the night so she stayed up with our newborn while we got rest each night. When she wasn't working with our 3 year old or infant, she did light housework which really took the burden off of us to keep a clean home. She also provided valuable wisdom in the areas of family life, health, and nutrition. Also, she's a great baker!

Samantha Murdoch (Bess)


I was so blessed to have Shanna as my doula during my pregnancy and birth experience. She was a wealth of knowledge and brought a lot more information to me than my doctor offered. I was particularly fearful about birthing and felt so much more prepared after meeting with her. My favorite experience with Shanna was when we tested various coping methods for dealing with labor pain. I surprised myself with what I discovered would help me best and would never have known otherwise. She is very warm and caring and has gone above and beyond what she needed to do to help me get through this experience - even post-partum she's been a big support and is checking up on me. I also loved how she supported my husband and I in working together during labor. She knew when to step in to guide us, and when to step back to let us work together. I highly recommend Shanna for anyone who wants an exceptionally compassionate, kind doula who is also strong and firm when needed. She will be your biggest supporter, and will do whatever she can to help you experience your birth plan in the best way possible. 

Eleanor Fleming


Shanna was an allstar soother and team player during our prenatal and labor adventure.  She had the perfect demeanor for the role of in our birth partnership.  She is calm, but also down to get stuff done for you.  I'd highly recommend her for your doula needs, especially if you are wanting someone loving and kind by your side during the most intense moments of your life.  She was there for not only me the mother, but very supportive and helpful for the father as well.  They made a great team and feel very confident in her skills and knowledge of the birth process.  I would hire her for our next child without a doubt. 

Scott Rooker


My wife had a lot of anxiety and fear about giving birth as her due date grew closer.  Shanna helped calm a lot of her concerns simply by educating us about the birthing process.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about all details of birth, and was able to answer almost all of our questions - and if there was something she wasn't sure about, she knew who to ask and got back to us promptly.  She is incredibly professional, but also geniunely caring and warm.  She understands that this is a tender situation for both mom and dad (as well as baby), and knows how to provide just the right amount of support.  

We found out a few weeks before our due date that our son was breach and a C-section would be necessary unless he miraculously flipped.  Shanna was helpful in making decisions about whether we attempt to rotate him (which we decided against).  Despite having a scheduled date, our son decided to arrive on his about a week sooner than expected.  Shanna arrived at the hospital while we were still in triage with the nurse.  My wife's labor was escalating rapidly and her pain level went from tolerable to horrendous in a matter of minutes.  Shanna was invaluable at coming up with exercises to help keep her calm and comfortable during that time.  Fortunately she only had about an hour of uncomfortable labor before we were brought into the operating room.  I cannot imagine a natural birth, laboring for hours, without Shanna's help!!  During the rough moments, she was very helpful at giving me suggestins of things to do to help my wife without being overly forceful.  I never felt like having an extra person there got in the way or took away from the experience.  

In closing, Shanna is extremely good at what she does, and we cannot recommend her enough to anyone else expecting a new bundle of joy.  Thanks for everything that you did for us!

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