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Rebecca Durlin Smith

Portland Professional Birth Services

Website: htttp://

Phone: 4157025671

Birth Fee: $1800 to $2100

Fee Details: We offer discounts to repeat clients and those on OHP. Payment plans and additional options available for families in need. Please don't hesitate to ask how we can make our services available to you.

Birth Doula Experience: 6 years and 238 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, April 2013
Type of Practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per Month: 2 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births
Home births attended by midwives.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Bradley

Other Relevant Certifications

  • CPR Certified - Red Cross

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Addiction Recovery
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Birth Pool rental
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Co-Lead Mentor for the Mother Tree Doula Internship program. Mentoring the next generation of doulas! Served on the board of BirthWays, a non-profit pregnancy, birth and parenting resource center in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Portland, OR
Travel Range: 20 Miles

Client Testimonials for Rebecca Durlin Smith

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Grace Andrews

My husband and I decided to have a birth doula fairly late in the pregnancy and it’s one of the best decisions we made! After meeting with Brooke and Rebecca I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders. Knowing someone with so much expertise and calm energy would be there to help us navigate the rest of my pregnancy, labor and delivery allowed me to relax and actually look forward to the birth. With Rebecca’s help I had a dream labor and a natural delivery at the hospital. We can’t wait to work with them again on the next round!

Posted 11/15/2018

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Adrian Holmes

My wife and I just recently had our first child and are grateful to have worked with Brooke and Rebecca. The pre-birth sessions we had with them answered a lot of questions we had and helped us understand what decisions we might face during delivery. They are very knowledgeable about area hospitals and about the choices you have regarding everything from pain management to typical medical practices. They were very responsive and helpful when my wife's water broke in the middle of the night. Rebecca was with us throughout labor and delivery and was fantastic. She has a very calming presence and great emotional intelligence. She knew exactly when we needed her with us and when we needed a little time to talk amongst ourselves. As a father, I really appreciated that she made space for me to be as involved and supportive as I could be. She also made sure that I remembered to eat and rest during the 29-hour labor! I think my wife and I are only going to have one child, but if we were going to have another, I would definitely work with Brooke and Rebecca again. I highly recommend them.

Posted 11/3/2018

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Bridget M

Rebecca brought so much knowledge, support and compassion to our pregnancy and birthing experience. She listened to our hopes and fears and was with us every step of the way. She prepared us well and knew when to step in and when to back off during our labor. It takes a special person to be able to form a connection with people that you barely know so they feel comfortable with you joining them for one of the most significant and intimate experiences of their lives and Rebecca definitely did that for us. We have a lot of wonderful memories and a great deal of gratitude for her!

Posted 10/31/2018

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Christine Rehse

Rebecca Durlin Smith was our labor doula for the delivery of our first child at Kaiser Westside Medical Hospital. We debated heavily on the need/desire for a labor doula mostly due to the cost but I am so glad we decided to work with Rebecca and Brave Birth Doula Care. We knew immediately upon meeting her that Rebecca was an experienced professional and was the one for us. She has a calming presence about her and we knew we would be in good hands. When my water broke unexpectedly the evening before 37 weeks we were even more thankful we had Rebecca. We hadn't even had our birthing course yet(after 2 cancelled classes) and Rebecca stepped up and gave us a crash course first thing in the morning while I was waiting for contractions to pick up at home. Every step of the way she walked us through our options and helped us to make informed decisions. She knew just how to explain things so that we wouldn't be overwhelmed but also weren't missing information. Her knowledge of the hospital procedure and staff allowed her to be our advocate while working seamlessly with the rest of our care team. I was able to have the natural birth experience I desired and without Rebecca's care and support I'm not sure I could have done it. I would highly recommend her and Brave Birth. I have also attended the parent support circle off and on which is very well led and I have really enjoyed being a part of it.

Posted 10/30/2018

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Andrea Caudill

Rebecca was our doula for the birth of our second child. She was so wonderful. She really helped coach both me and my husband through options for us to work through the labor together. She brought a deeply caring, lighthearted, and thoroughly helpful presence to our birth process. She helped root, normalize, and guide the process in a positive direction every step of the way. It takes a special person to do what she does so well. I can't recommend her enough. 

Posted 5/9/2018

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Susanna Ballard

After interviewing Brook and Rebecca, I felt confident that these women would support us in our choices and provide the informed, gentle and direct coaching I wanted during delivery.

I wanted as little medical intervention during my delivery as possible, but my midwife told me that after two week, we would need to induce. I was ready to try anything in order to avoid pitocin. Rebecca ended up being on-call when I went in for the ‘induction.’ After breaking my water, nothing happened. Rebecca offered several helpful suggestions in a patient, calming way -- such as doing things that helped me relax, using pressure points, taking laps around the unit, and using a breast pump (to increase oxytocin). While my husband went out to get some lunch, Rebecca walked and talked with me. It was such a relaxing way to prepare for my baby’s birth! After only an hour of switching between brisk walks and breast pump use, my body kicked into serious active labor.
Rebecca and my midwife (from Northwest Women’s Clinic) coached me though the next hour of intense labor in the tub - and then my baby was born! It couldn’t have been more magical (or more dramatic!) to have my son come out that fast. If I hadn’t had the expert coaching of Rebecca and my midwife, and the opportunity to give birth in the tub, I don’t know how I could have managed the intensity of the experience. As it was I had no tearing (which made recovery so, so much faster!) and some breathtaking photos taken by Rebecca to remember the experience.
Thank you Rebecca and Brook for partnering with my husband and me on our journey to becoming parents again! Your experience, breadth of knowledge, supportive presence and advocacy for my desire to have a natural delivery all made the birthing experience wonderful.

Posted 4/30/2018

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Ellen Parker

Rebecca is great! She is so knowledgable! we had a great birth experience and she played a big role in that!

Posted 4/19/2018

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Johanna Macaulay

I was fortunate enough to attend births with both Brooke and Rebecca as a baby nurse and knew I wanted to hire them even before our interview. I can't say enough about how amazing they both are. After losing our first child, we knew we needed extra support for the birth of our rainbow baby. As a nurse and doula myself I'm comfortable with the birth process but knew that it was unknown territory for my husband. Brooke and Rebecca did a beautiful job supporting us both through nine days of prodromal labor followed by a quick active labor. Their calm, reassuring presence was exactly what we needed as we navigated days of uncertainty with contractions that came and went as baby turned herself into a less than ideal position. We talked to them each by phone (as they traded off call and attended other births) and Rebecca came to our home to help us through some Spinning Babies maneuvers and to talk through our frustrations. Brooke attended our delivery and was such a soothing presence as contractions hit hard and I pushed out my big, beautiful girl exactly the way I had envisioned. She managed to get some beautiful photos that I will always treasure. My midwife was so impressed with Brooke that she asked for her card to refer other families and we gladly recommend this fantastic duo to any expectant parents.

Posted 4/17/2018

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Mollie Harris

We were in the very best of hands! Rebecca and Brooke gave us so much confidence and peace of mind before, during, and after our boy's birth that I truly can't imagine doing it any other way! Finding them was the greatest gift to our family.

Posted 4/17/2018

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Michael Blindheim

My wife and I sought out Rebecca initially based on her great yelp reviews. We had initially set up interviews with other doulas but there was no need after meeting her!We knew right away that she was the right one for us for our first child based on her calming warm personality in the months after we met as we prepared for our son to arrive Rebecca was always available for all questions we had, meetings, and gave us a ton of resources including connecting us with support groups and birth class options. As a first time father, I needed all the support and help I could get since I didn't know how everything worked! She was extremely respectful of my wife and my journeys in this process together and showed genuine interest in our individual experience as well. We spent a lot of time preparing for managing the contractions at home as long as possible before heading to the hospital for the birth, but as a great surprise, our son burst through the bag of waters 10 days early and in the middle of the night. We called Rebecca and she talked us through the contractions which was crucial since my wife was dealing with rapidly increasing intensity and I was scrambling to implement my "wisdom" from my months crash course in how to be a support. Since things were progressing so rapidly, Rebecca agreed to come over to our house, and ultimately decided to meet us at the hospital given that my wife was begging for the epidural in our own house shortly after we got off the phone. In the hospital, the experience was quite chaotic initially, but Rebecca arrived quite quickly and her calming presence was immediately felt. She calmly helped us make decisions throughout the 8 hour labor and I can't imagine having our first birth experience without her. Most definitely worth every five stars! She processed the placenta into pills and has continued to begin email/text contact with us in the weeks following the arrival of our new family member! Thank you Rebecca!

Posted 4/4/2018

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Sarah Murff

Rebecca was an amazing support during my pregnancy and birth experience. This was my third pregnancy and after two induced and medicated births, I was hoping for a different experience this time. Having Rebecca as our doula was the most important decision we made towards having the natural and empowered birth experience I was hoping for. I was two weeks late and she was so helpful and supportive during that stressful time. When I finally did go into labor, Rebecca was super knowledgeable about how to move things along and offered great suggestions for positions to try at home. At the hospital she really helped keep a calm and peaceful environment in the room and made me feel empowered at times when I needed it the most. Her intuition, strength and compassion were invaluable during one of the most challenging experiences I've had. I can't imagine doing it without her! My husband and I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone, whether this is your first pregnancy or 5th! She is truly remarkable.

Posted 4/4/2018

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Meghan Thivierge

My husband and I agree that hiring Rebecca and Brooke as our doulas was the best decision we made during my pregnancy. Rebecca and Brooke are experts in the field, tremendously kind, supportive, accommodating, and skilled. Having successfully guided so many births, nothing surprises them, and the experience and wisdom they are able to impart as a result helped us prepare long before the big day of. In addition to being awesome doulas, they are well connected to other skilled and trusted birth practitioners in the community, which made it easy to manage other aspects of birth and early childcare as they came up (e.g., maternity acupuncture/massage/chiropractic work, lactation consultants, etc.). The day of our daughter's birth, Rebecca was on-call, and from start to finish she was amazing. I was able to have the unmedicated birth that I hoped for and cannot imagine having gone through that experience without her support. She helped us through home labor, and once at the hospital, she acted as a advocate for our birth plan, a liaison with our family and the medical staff, and most importantly, knew exactly how to support me and help me progress through all stages of labor. Her steady, calm demeanor helped us stay centered and assured as the process became more intense, and helped give me the faith and confidence to make it through labor. We know we would have gotten the same love and support from Brooke too had she been on call that day. We can't recommend these two ladies more highly.

Posted 4/4/2018

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Jennifer Ottovegio

Rebecca was such a blessing to have with my partner and I during my birth experience. Our prenatal visits were comprehensive and well paced - never rushed. I was with an OB group that I wasn't loving... and she encouraged me to champion for myself to get the kind of medical care I wanted. After some long phone calls with Rebecca, weighing pros and cons, I decided to change from the OB group to a midwife practice at 40 weeks. Without her encouragement I don't think I would've had the guts to do it, and I'm 100% confident it was the right choice for me. I felt very confident going into the labor experience even though I was almost 2 weeks late. She reassured me that it was fine to text or call any time, she came when we needed her, and stayed by my side through a seriously long labor. She helped my husband support me, which was so appreciated. Since she attended so many births, her touch and support during the process were invaluable. It was shocking how much I really needed that second set of hands. She supported me through 2 days of unmedicated laboring - on the phone, at my home, and at the hospital. She was my champion with the medical team - asked questions of them that I didn't think to ask and helped me make some tough decisions. Overall, I really trust Rebecca and felt she was an honest, supportive energy that made my birth experience a fabulous one. Would highly recommend her to any friends... especially 1st time parents-to-be!

Posted 4/1/2018

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Maia Hixon

Rebecca was everything we wanted in a doula and more. When any friend asks about our birth experience she's the first thing I bring up because we couldn't imagine doing it without her. From our first meeting we knew that Rebecca was that rare balance of warm and honest, strong and patient, and incredibly knowledgeable without ever being dogmatic or pushy. She answered all our questions in the weeks leading up to the birth and was there for us as a calm, experienced sounding board in the few days before when some complications arose and tough decisions needed to be made. Once labor kicked in and Rebecca arrived at the hospital she was there every step of the way either supporting me and my husband directly with breathing tips and reminders to eat and take breaks and she let us have our own personal experience and just be in the background when we needed her. We are eternally grateful for everything she did to help make the most intense and important experience we've ever had a safe and beautiful thing.

Posted 4/1/2018

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Alex Domingo

It was hard at first to grasp the value of having a doula for our first pregnancy and delivery, but working with Rebecca was incredibly helpful from day one. As a family physician in training, I found her ability to discuss aspects of our birth plan and all of the twists and turns in a way that my non-medical partner and I could both relate with. Emotionally, she is incredibly in tune and empathetic, helping us feel embraced through very difficult times. We never felt like she imposed her preferences on us, or judged what we wanted, and she was fun to hang out with in the down time during our week-long labor experience. She also encouraged us to get connected to her group's support groups which we have found incredibly helpful as well in starting to build our parent tribe. It has been an incredible journey together, and we couldn't recommend Rebecca more!

Posted 3/31/2018

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Abby D.

We had such a wonderful experience with Rebecca. I have a medical background so having a doula that was well versed in evidence based birthing practices was essential. For every decision that we were going to face in the birth process, Rebecca presented us with all options and research to back them up, letting us decide what was in our best interest. My favorite part of our pre-birth doula visits with Rebecca was the emotional support that she provided. Most often, the visits ended up being a somewhat therapy session around our excitement, anxiety and fears about childbirth. We always left feeling informed and confident.

As sometimes happens, our birth plan went in the complete opposite direction as we had expected and having Rebecca guide us through the process kept our (or my) anxiety at ease. She then helped me process my birth experience, something I didn’t really realize that I would need. I also had Rebecca process and encapsulate my placenta which I’d highly recommend! I had no idea there were so many ways that placenta capsules could be beneficial in my postpartum journey.

One last bonus – Rebecca took some of the most beautiful pictures of our birth day. I hadn’t originally wanted any pictures but I’m so happy that I have them now.

Posted 10/5/2017

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Elizabeth Decker

Rebecca was everything we knew we wanted for the birth of our daughter and everything we didn't know we needed. I interviewed several doulas and instantly knew she was the right fit for me. Doulas seem to fall into two categories: kind, nurturing motherly types, and tough, wise, older sisters. Rebecca is the latter and was just the right mix of supportive and fierce to get us through birth.

One of my biggest hopes in having a doula was having someone to support my husband as well as me.  He has a very different personality than I do, but Rebecca was able to connect with both of us.  During labor and delivery, Rebecca and my husband worked nearly seamlessly together--they mde such a great team that I couldn't tell who was massaging which foot and one of them was always ready with water or gatorade or other support.

Rebecca is also very knowledgeable and helped us access information before the birth as well as during the delivery.  She was great at helping to advocate for me, such as suggesting to the nurses that I could continue hydrating with water rather than IV fluids, and helping my husband understand what was being done, such as clarifying that they were flushing my IV line with saline not giving me any medications. She never made decisions for us but helped us be in the position to make the right decisions for ourselves.

One other amazing service that Rebecca offers is ongoing connection to all the doulas and other families at the doula group she is a part of, Brave Birth. They host a pregnancy support group and classes before birth, and we have particularly enjoyed the new parent group since birth. They have been an amazing resource for breastfeeding issues we've been working on, and the general adjustments to parenting life, so don't worry that your relationship with Rebecca will end with birth! She has been a wonderful part of our lives before, during and after birth.

Posted 12/26/2016

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Adrienne Kierst

We couldn’t have had our baby without Rebecca. She was such a vital part in our journey to having our little one. Not only did she make sure that we had all the proper information on the signs of labor but positions and making sure all parties involved knew what to do. Honestly, my labor went so fast that we really didn’t have time to think or act. Rebecca was right there helping with the nurses and my partner to make sure that my birth plan was in the foreground. We would have been lost without her, especially my partner. There was just so much going on and decisions that needed to be made and Rebecca made sure that everyone was on the same page before any decision were made and that I was ok - She talked me through everything. Her voice and my partners voices were the only ones I heard during my labor, which brought me comfort and helped me keep going to have a natural birth. If I have another baby I am for sure going to have Rebecca by my side again. She was truly a shining star and my rock in my journey to motherhood. I really couldn’t have done it without her - Thank you Rebecca.

Posted 12/18/2016

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Erika Henao

Rebecca was an amazing doula for us and was absolutely essential before and during the birth of our son. A calm and reassuring presence, she made the entire experience all the more meaningful and peaceful. One of Rebecca's greatest strengths is her ability to read a situation, be open to different scenarios, and jump in or step aside when necessary. We also really appreciated all the times she met with us before the birth, making sure we felt supported and that all our questioned were addressed in an informed and sensitive manner. She provided us with a lot of important articles and science-based information regarding many aspects of birthing and made sure we were comfortable and informed with all the decisions for our birth plan. She is very knowledgeable and experienced which was apparent to us right away, but what made us so confident to have her by our side is how respectful she was of our choices. When I went into labor and contractions were getting more intense she made me feel comfortable, supported and encouraged, whether it was by asking the nurse and doctor important questions to make sure I was informed and had a say, to giving my husband breaks when he needed them. She also knew when to give us privacy or snap a special picture, and overall added to the calm and oxytocin-filled environment. As she was such a vital part in helping bring our son into the world, we would highly recommend her in helping you along your birth journey.

Posted 11/30/2016

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Jessica Barnes

Rebecca was our doula in December 2015 with the birth of our first baby via waterbirth. We selected her based on our initial connection with her. She educated us on how things wouls work and gave great techniques to help get thru early labor. As full labor approached, she was able to continue to coach and helped me surrender to the pain. The whole way I felt supported and taken care of. She got along well with the birthing center staff. All in all, I would recommend her for anyone's birth. She will help you stick to your birth plan! 

Posted 7/22/2016

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Carolyn Tiley

We had a fantastic experience working with Rebecca as our doula! As a first time mom, it was so wonderful to have Rebecca there to listen to my questions and fears and provide well-balanced and research-based information to help me make decisions for our birth. Because of her open and caring nature, I felt completely comfortable talking through worries I had about childbirth and I always felt that whatever decisions we made for our birth plan, Rebecca would fully support us. When I ended up having to have an induction, I was disappointed and worried I wouldn’t be able to have the natural birth I hoped for. During the induction, Rebecca checked in frequently to see how we were doing and how things were progressing. She helped us know what questions to ask our health providers and was an advocate of our birth plan. During the birth, she provided amazing support through counter pressure, massage and encouraging words, which ultimately helped me to have a natural, epidural-free birth. Also, while my husband was very supportive throughout the birth, Rebecca helped him to help me. She showed him pressure points to promote pain relief and helped him to move me into different labor positions to bring baby down. She also was available to provide respite for him if he needed to step away for a minute. Rebecca was a calming presence throughout the birth and I felt so supported by her the entire time. She made me feel that I was strong enough to deliver my baby girl. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without her! Rebecca visited us at home a few days after the birth and again made sure we had our questions answered and provided resources for us so we could get any support we needed during the post-partum period. Overall, the support Rebecca provided throughout my pregnancy and birth was above and beyond what I had expected, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking the support of a doula.

Posted 7/14/2016

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Linda Abel

Rebecca was an invaluable part of our birth team! She worked with us in the months leading up to our son's birth, showing us places around our home that we could labor and provided guidance and shared her experience regarding questions that came up along my pregnancy. She provided support during early labor by coming to our home to check in on us and show us how to do various techniques and exercises to try to move the baby into the appropriate position. My labor was difficult and ended up lasting three days, including about 18 hours at the hospital, and Rebecca was right by our side shortly after we checked in at the hospital until after our son arrived. She made sure my husband took a break to eat, helped me drink a lot of fluids when the baby's heartrate changed and I was dehydrated (which I believe kept us on track for a natural birth), acted as the liaison to our family members waiting for updates outside the room, brought aromatherapy and candles that really helped with the atmosphere (hospital-approved, battery operated, of course!) and provided additional, neutral guidance during some decisions that had to be made and interventions that were offered toward the end of labor. My husband was on one side of me and Rebecca was on the other, and I will never forget that! As an added bonus, she took some candid photos during the process that are priceless to us. Finally, she visited me a few days after the birth for a follow-up and helped me decompress everything from the birth, brought us a few souvenirs, and checked on how my body was healing. Thank you, Rebecca!

Posted 7/11/2016

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Jamie PoVey

Rebecca was my doula and she was amazing. I mean, hands down, got me through one of the most: amazing, scary, life changing, happiest times of my life! I was a first time mom and I'm sure my list of questions was as long as could be. Rebecca walked me through everything. She gave me the resources I needed to be able to make the best decisions for my baby and I. She helped me draft a birth plan and again, answered probably the most tedious of curiosities. She also meticulously wove my husband into the picture, always keeping what OUR vision for our birth was. Fast forward to birth day: she was there in less than an hour and she knew it "was time." She never asked me "are you ready" or any other nonsense. She just knew. I'd like to say that she just jumped right in and knew what to do but I think that's kind of obvious. She was more than that. She guided me along the journey I never knew I could do. And then it was over and my most precious jewel was born - she helped us take a few first family photos & made sure we were well taken care of. I had every nurse tell me that she was the best doula they ever worked with. She did more "work" than the nurses AND the doctor. They even joked with me "that she made their job so easy and why doesn't everyone have a doula like that." It's funny because I had a hospital birth but what sticks out to me is us in the bathroom tub, her helping with pressure points and my husband running water on my back. I'll admit, I had a few moments of "can I do this" and "why" (I chose no medication), but she knew that was my first wish and helped me achieve it: mentally, physically, spiritually. At first I wanted a doula with me to help me as a woman becoming a mother, but after, I came to understand it's much more than that. Rebecca opened her heart to us and allowed my little family to take refuge. She reminded me of the strength I had inside of me. I will forever be more empowered as a woman and a mother because of her.

Posted 2/14/2016

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Rebecca Shemesh

We knew from our first meeting with Rebecca that she was an ideal fit for our family and we couldn't be happier with our birth experience with her.  She easily balanced me and my spouse (who have very differing ideas about the birth experience), was able to validate our feelings, help to process a previous birth experience that didn't go as anticipated, and work with us to achieve a MUCH better second birth outcome.  Rebecca's warmth and kindness is balanced by her extensive knowledge of pregnancy and birth - she is both personal and professional - the perfect person to have support the labor and delivery process.  My spouse and I were anxious about planning a VBAC but Rebecca set our minds at ease and provided a level of support throughout the process that was amazing.  She was even able to help my mother become an integral and meaningful part of the process.  We are so happy to have worked with Rebecca and will definitely seek her out again if another baby is in our future.

Posted 2/3/2016

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Jessica Barnes

We hired Rebecca for our waterbirth in December 2015 and it was a great decision! Rebecca brought tons of knowledge and experience to our birth; we don't think we could've done it without her! She provided tons of support and encouraging words to get us through that incredible time in our life. One of my favorite things Rebecca brought to the table was labor positions during contractions. They were crucial in helping with pain management for our natural, medication free birth. When we reflect back, we smile at everything we went through and we're so happy Rebecca was a part of it! We highly recommend her to anyone who wants a caring individual who can guide you to achieve your birthing goals! 


Posted 1/27/2016

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Noelle Redmond

As a high-risk pregnancy, I knew that to get the birth I wanted I needed help.  Rebecca was that and so much more.  Delivering at an academic medical center with cardiovascular issues meant monitoring, intervention, and inability to work with the midwives.  I truly wanted as close to the "midwife experience" as possible despite the powers that be pushing otherwise.  Rebecca stepped in as my advocate, rock, and friend.  During our prenatal appointments she was able to figure out what made me tick (which is not an easy thing to do). I am very "type A", a healthcare professional, and quite stoic. During labor and delivery, she did exactly what I needed her to do and helped with very difficult decisions.  I can honestly say that I could not have gotten through it without her.  I recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for a fabulous doula, but especially to those women that need help navigating the high-risk world of labor and delivery. 

Posted 1/22/2016

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Jennie King

Rebecca was a wonderful support for the birth of my son.  She was great for both me and my husband.  My husband wasn't sold on the idea of a doula initially but after the whole experience he expressed his appreciation for her information prior to the birth as well as her presence the night of the birth.  

I chose Rebecca because she has quite a few additional tools above and beyond other doulas.  Not only that she also has great focus and she really listens.  The meetings before birth gave me the information that i needed to not be afraid of the process, my mind and my body during labour.  During labour, she also was able to provide key feedback that helped me stay on track.  She also had the ability to step in when needed and hang back when appropriate.  

I feel that her role before and during birth was instrumental in my ability to relax into the process to have an unmedicated birth. She was able to direct my husband so that he was better able to support me.  I had the exact birth that I had envisioned for myself and my son.  

Rebecca also prepared the placenta for encapsulation.  She had to step in to obtain in at the hospital when I was not in a place to pay attention.  It was prepared and ready to go by the time I arrived home from the hospital.  As a Chinese Medicine practioner I believe that the placenta is key in birth recovery.  I was glad to have an easy way to have the opportunity to use this medicine. 

Posted 1/18/2016

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Michael Grabner

We decided to hire Rebecca as our doula for our first baby delivery as she was very well prepared during the interview process, but also because we had a good connection with her. This was only our first impression and we realized how much more she could offer to us as we interacted more with her. She is knowledgeable, responsive and offered us detailed feedback during our birth plan development. We learned beyond what we were told from our OB/GYN and got to ask more questions for other options which we weren't aware of. This gave us more confidence and made us feel better prepared for the big day.

The day of the induction Rebecca arrived with us to the hospital and made sure everything was settled before she left. We were in constant contact throughout early labor via phone or text asking questions and getting advice. Once we decided we were progressing faster we asked Rebecca to come in again to the hospital and she took over the most difficult part of the labor. We are immensely thankful for the support provided not only to mom but also dad, as the whole experience was emotionally draining and as new parents we didn't anticipate how intense it would get.

Rebecca's skills included soothing tools as well as encouragement, but she was also deeply empathetic of our situation. We are so grateful we had her there next to us during those times as she became the brain of our labor and made us stay focused and sane.

We would definitely recommend Rebecca and hire her again in the future. Thanks for helping us bringing our lovely baby daughter to this world!

Posted 1/16/2016

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Jessica Lieuallen

Rebecca was such a rock for us. She found ways to incorporate my partner during each step of my birth. Her experience shows as she provided comfort, encouragement, and strength through my most challenging times. 

I really enjoyed our prenatal visits. She was full of information as I had thousands of questions as this was my first child. Often she would follow up with resources of further reading and even had some great DVDs she loaned to us. She helped us understand our space so that we could labor at home as long and comfortably as possible. 

This is such an intimate time, and she really makes you feel like she's your sister or best friend. I remember her being next to me but she was quiet, calm, and always knew exactly what I needed. She easily adjusted to find something that worked. 

Rebecca is also a placenta specialist. She did a wonderful job and my placenta pills have helped me so much with my recovery. I can't imagine how I would have been without them!

You would be so lucky to have Rebecca be a part of your team! I believe the is one of the best and knows her trade well!

Posted 1/15/2016

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