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Ginger Taylor, LMT,CBD(DONA)

Birth Doula Services by Ginger Taylor

Melbourne, FL Service range 60 miles Additional Fee to travel/service in Vero and Orlando

(321) 480-9986

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

23 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Henna belly designs
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Serving as a Birth Doula for 23 years; 6 years Certified. Labor and Birth video and photos taken by my Birth Photographer, at a small fee, to capture all of your special moments and baby’s first hour of life with you. Facebook Profile:

Melbourne, FL Service range 60 miles Additional Fee to travel/service in Vero and Orlando

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Client Testimonials for Ginger Taylor, LMT,CBD(DONA)

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Ashley Trammell


I found Ginger through mutual friends while I was pregnant with my first son. I had been experiencing intense back pain and was referred to her as a prenatal massage therapist. After one visit with her, I was hooked! I had started making weekly visits with her because of the relief she brought me!  After a few visits I started asking questions about her possibly being my doula and what all it entails (seeing as this was my first baby). I was very nervous about the whole birthing process and knew I was  going to need someone I trusted there to help me during delivery. She was absolutely fantastic! She helped calm my nerves with essential oils and massages throughout the whole delivery. The birth of my first son was in 2014, and I have continued to use Ginger for massages since then and have always kept in touch. I became pregnant with my second son in 2018, which Ginger was a part of as well! If you or anyone you know is looking for a caring, knowledgeable, doula to help with your birth, she will not disappoint! 

Grace Torres


Ginger was a godsend! As first time parents, we had no idea what to expect. Even though both my husband and I are familiar with hospitals and work in the health care setting- we knew labor was nothing to play around with.  I felt completely at ease during labor and my c section knowing that we had her loving hand to hold the whole time.  She is there to support you in more ways than the RN or midwife can.  From weeks before to weeks after the delivery- she was there to help. Thank you Ginger!

Rachel Demetropoulos


Ginger was amazing. We booked her early in our pregnancy. She was so organized and sincerely wanted to get to know us as a couple and what we wanted through our pregnancy journey. She gives amazing prenatal massages! 

Through the last couple weeks of our pregnancy, she was so helpful. I was late, and she gave me numerous ideas to get things started. She was extremely patient through 3 rounds of labor starting and stopping (my baby girl was very stubborn).  On the day I was induced, Ginger was irreplaceable. She helped us fight for our desires, she calmed our fears, she took our stress on herself and allowed us to truly enjoy the entire experience. Her knowledge is so vast and she truly car s about her clients. 

I would never want to go through labor without her!



Ginger was an invaluable part of our birth experience. She was supposrtive, reassuring, and helped put our minds at ease. She was also a wonderful resource and provided great tips and helpful information prior to our daughter’s birth. Without her we would have definitely felt ill prepared for our birth journey. We would recommend Ginger hands down!! 



I'm a first time mom and so naturally I was nervous about labor and delivery. I wanted to hire a doula to calm my nerves. I wanted someone who knew what to do during labor even when I didn't know what I wanted. Ginger was our perfect match! She met with my husband and me beforehand to go over relaxation techniques and ways to get through contractions. What I loved the most about her approach is that she involves the partner. My husband was definitely a key player during the whole process and I love that we shared that together. When Ginger met us at the hospital, she didn't miss a beat and went straight into helping and coaching me through contractions. She was very calm and collected which helped calm any nerves I had. I really wanted to try for a drug-free birth, and I would not have been able to reach that goal without Ginger! No matter what type of birth you are having, she will be the perfect piece you didn't realize you were missing. It's also a HUGE bonus that she is a certified pre-natal massage therapist--definitely came in handy during pregnancy and during labor. Ginger went from being our doula to a life-long friend! Our amazing birth experience was all due to Ginger and her expertise. I knew I would be in good hands regardless of whether or not we were able to follow our birth plan. I absolutely reccomend hiring Ginger as your doula--you won't regret it!

Rosemary Ephraim


Ginger was an amazing asset to our team as a doula. We booked her a couple weeks before our due date and she made us feel comfortable and at ease right from our first meeting. Ginger was very patient in teaching us labour techniques during our second meeting and answering all our questions regarding her role as a doula. I  also appreciated that she was very responsive via text and email. Ginger was with us throughout the labor process at the hospital and her presence and techniques made for a better labor experience as a first time mom. 

The postpartum visit was also great as Ginger took her time to answer all my questions regarding my postpartum experience.

We were extremely pleased with Ginger's services as a doula and would definitely recommend her.



I am so thankful I got to meet Ginger! After having a very difficult, 4th labor and delivery without the proper help, I was determined to have a better experience with my 5th. I was led to Brevard Birth Circle, and Natural Moms of Brevard, by friends. One of the members became a friend of mine, and shared her experience with Ginger, with me. Once meeting Ginger, I knew she would be the perfect fit. We went over my concerns regarding other L&Ds, developed a birth plan (which she printed and made to be a keepsake), and got everything in line for my little one's birthday. Her response time is great and she is flexible.

Ginger is very easy to talk to, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and has a little extra help to offer compared to other doulas; her massage training was a critical factor for me choosing her. She was able to help me get through back labor, encourage other positions to relieve pain, and keep me comfortable by using a tens/tins machine (I forgot it's name) and massage. Ginger had a lot of suggestions to aid in my comfort, and went with anything I agreed to or wanted to try (including the use of essential oils per my request), over the 6 hours it took to birth my baby boy.

My 5th L&D was by far the BEST experience! I was calm, focused, and pain was manageable without medication through Ginger's care. I highly recommend Ginger for all services. She was also able to reduce/relieve some swollen glands (or lymph nodes?) and pelvic pain before labor.

Amanda Carlton


Ginger helped me birth my second child without an epidural. I had my first child without an epidural, so I knew what was coming and knew I needed someone to help me through contractions. She met with me while I was pregnant, answered several questions, and gave my husband and I a lot of information.

During my induction, Ginger gave me different methods to help me through contractions from holding/rubbing beads with my fingers, rubbing my lower back, allowing me to hang on her and sway back and forth, essential oils, and heat therapy. She reminded me to breathe and to moan in lower tones. After my son arrived, she helped me eat some food while I nursed both my children together, and she made sure everyone followed my birth wishes.

Overall, I recommend Ginger as a doula, especially if you need an extra push for a natural birth. Her presence eased my mind and helped me achieve my goals.

Thank you Ginger! ??

Aileen Liu


Ginger was a so extremely helpful during our time with her, from not only answering questions and relaying the information back to to be first time parents but during the entire labor and delivery process. Being able to labor at home for most of my labor (10 of 16.5 hours) was much more 'relaxing' than having to go to the hospital and not be in the comfort of our own home, and we have Ginger to thank for her guidance on the initial contractions to when it was actually time to leave for the hospital. Ginger was in constant contact with us from the beginning to when she joined us at the hospital. Her doula techniques were able to get me through keeping my mind from the pain of contractions and stay the course of our birth goals (no epidural or pain medication). We wouldn't have been able to be knowledgable or strong enough without her support and through the birth of our beautiful baby daughter. 

Stephanie Lopez


I hired Ginger as my doula after one of my friends recommended her to me. Prior to labor and delivery, I went to Ginger for a massage. I was experiencing quite a bit of back pain. Ginger discovered that my hips were super tight. After the massage, my back pain was virtually gone for the rest of my pregnancy! I was blown away!! She has magic hands!

Ginger met with my husband and I prior to labor and delivery and taught us key techniques we could use during labor. My goal was to have an unmedicated birth and Ginger played a huge role in me being able to achieve that! Ginger was so patient throughout the experience and tailored her approach perfectly based on my moment-by-moment need. She remained positive the entire time, which helped me immensely. I loved that Ginger made sure my husband played a big role during labor and delivery. She coached him ahead of time on how to be supportive and that made my experience that much better!! I cannot imagine labor and delivery without her!! I will definitely hire Ginger for my next pregnancy!

-Stephanie Lopez
March 2018

Ahlana Jennings


My birth was such a rollercoaster ?? over 30 hours of hard work (Thursday 10 pm to Saturday 3am) and love put in by Ginger and her daughter Kaila, I couldn't have asked for a better duo. It was hard but they made it easier, without these two...I could've easily given up! I'm so in love with my baby boy and even though my birth plan didn't go as expected, the people that surrounded him when he was born were the exact kind of people I want my son to always be surrounded by. More to come from my birth journey, thank you Ginger for your services and beyond!!

Rebecca Byers


Ginger was my doula for the birth of my daughter Annabelle's birth in our home.


Ginger never left my side durinf 12 hours of labor. She skillfully used her training and experience to suggest different positions. She also used cranial message which helped relax me and provided pain relief during my unmedicated labor. She used relaxing and helpful essential oils as well! I hope ginger will be the my doula at our next birth! 




Heidi Pellegrini Fink



Ginger is an amazing doula! Both my husband and I can attest to Ginger's ability. I did not hire a doula for my first birth and ended up having an epidural and a long drawn out labor. After careful consideration and research, plus my desire for a drug free birth, I decided to hire a doula. My husband wasn't sold on the idea at first, so anyone's husbands on the fence, have them read this! I chose Ginger mostly because of her massage therapy background because I LOVE massages! And you get a complimentary massage when you purchase her package, ahhh, that was pure bliss. So this time around, my labor progressed much more quickly than with my first and my husband and I met Ginger at the hospital. She will absolutely come to your home first, I was just progressing so quickly! The contractions became very intense after my water broke (like in a movie, in the hospital lobby!) and I am so glad Ginger was there for the hard part. I felt like I had her changing up her techniques with every other contraction! I shifted from being nauseous, needing the heat pad, needing coaching through contractions, needing to change positions, you name it. And Ginger handled my 'demands' with such grace and confidence. Her confidence, quick thinking and of course, genuine kindness is what got me through those contractions and the delivery of my beautiful baby girl. My husband sort of took a back seat as that was what worked for us. Ginger would absolutely have partners more involved if that is what works for your family. My husband was nervous and felt like Ginger is the expert, so let her handle it. And he will tell you now that he was beyond pleased to have Ginger there because she was full of knowledge and helped me reach my labor and delivery goal! I could go on for days about how awesome Ginger is, but I will just end it by saying that she is one of the most genuine, kind hearted people I have ever met with incredible knowledge and vast skill set. 

Olivia Brown Wondrely



This woman is by far amazing. From the moment that I met her she astounded me. Not only her knowledge on the human body and massage techniques, but in the knowledge of a small little miracle in the mothers womb. The best techniques to help the young blessing arrive safe and quickly.
My birthing story would of not been complete without this woman by my side. I treasure and appreciate her more than she will ever know.
Thank you Ginger. You are so very loved!!

Kali Spears


Ginger was our doula for the birth of our first child, and she did a phenomenal job coaching my mom, husband and me throughout the labor, till after our daughter April was safe, and crying in my arms.
My husband and I were set on trying for a natural childbirth, and were immediately put at even more ease with our decision upon meeting with Ginger. She was thorough in explaining her scope of practice and made sure that our expectations aligned with it. Even though we snagged her at literally T minus like 14 days till expected due date, she made the time to meet up with us on a couple of occasions to go over questions and concerns, how to handle non-ideal scenarios, and to walk us through exercises prior to and movements during labor that would ease my pain. She was extremely organized and gave us a list of things to consider for April’s birth plan, like delayed cord clamping, photographs during labor, lighting, fetal monitoring, etc… things we hadn’t really considered prior to meeting with her.
Due to April’s heartbeat irregularities at our 41 week checkup, we decided that induction by Pitocin was our best option. Ginger knew our wishes for a natural childbirth and expressed empathy for our situation, but supported us in our decision, and was still positive that we could get through the labor without additional drugs.
Everything happened so fast! Ginger was positive and very much an active partner throughout the process. She offered massage, essential oils, and cranial sacral therapy. She recommended positions for me to kneel or sit to help with pain and tasked my mother with things to do. The thing I found I needed most was her coaching me during the strong contractions. Without Ginger’s help here, I think my birth story could’ve gone completely differently, in a bad way! Ginger knew what to do and when throughout my labor and we'll be calling her again once we get news of another arrival.


Christina Townshend


To be honest,  I never really thought I would have a Doula, but I am so thankful that Ginger came into my life and that we decided to have her be our Doula. Ginger was amazing for my husband and I. She allowed for my husband to fully focus on me while she took care of the rest. My husband was able to stay in front of me and hold me during contractions, kiss me, hug me, talk to me with encouraging words while Ginger used her knowledge and gentle hands to keep me comfortable. I don't know what we would've done without her, especially me. I had strictly back labor so the massage and heat were key for me to make it through labor. Ginger was just such a calming presence in the room for my husband and I which helped us stay calm and focused. We just felt so taken care of with her there. I already told her she's going to be there for the next one too! She made natural child birth much easier ;)

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