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Center Song Birth and Wellness (

Meriden, CT Service range 40 miles Specializing in Homebirths, Yale New Haven, Vidone Birth Center at St Raphael's, Hartford Hospital, Manchester Memorial Hospital (ECHN), Connecticut Childbirth and Women's Center.

(203) 936-8527

Birth Fee

$2000 to $3750

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $55

Birth Fee

$2000 to $3750

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $55

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

12 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 3 families served

Doula Training

  • ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators), December 2006
  • Stillbirthday, December 2015
  • Madriella, May 2018

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: All meals provided are healthy, vegetarian-friendly and I will share the recipes if you'd like!

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
While I specialize in homebirths, I will attend hospital births for former clients (any hospital) and for clients utilizing midwifery-based/midwifery-led practices, such as those at Vidone, ECHN/Manchester, and Hartford

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Discount offered to clients planning births at Connecticut Childbirth and Women's Center.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
As a homebirth parent myself, I joyfully offer my support for families planning a midwife-attended (CPM, CNM or DEM) homebirth. I am happy to discuss the options around homebirth in Connecticut with any client who is contemplating this option. I have worked with most of the homebirth midwives in the state, and it would be my pleasure to walk beside you in your homebirth journey!

College Education




Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

In addition to teaching at both CCSU and SCSU, I have given talks on birth advocacy at conferences, colleges, universities around the state. I have held board positions with Meriden Children First Initiative, Birth Network National and United Families for Midwifery Care and am passionate about empowering families with knowledge and confidence to make healthy birth choices that work for them. I am a StillBirthDay Birth and Bereavement Doula and hold a Rebozo Credential through Gena Kirby University. I offer GentleBirth Workshops, Review/Refresher Workshops, Evidence Based Birth (R) Childbirth Class, Workshops and additional classes as well, some of which are periodically available for reduced cost. I also offer Hypnosis and Childbirth Level One and Two Trainings for Perinatal Professionals to help doulas, nurses, OB's, midwives, massage therapists, chiropractors, therapists and others in the allied perinatal professions to better support their hypno-using populations.

Fee Details

Center Song offers GentleBirth(R), Evidence Based Birth(R) Workshops, and Birth Retreats to our clients and the general public. All Center Song birth doula packages include childbirth education.For those interested in childbirth education AND doula services, please note that I specialize in working with repeat clients, homebirths and LGBTQIA families. I hold multiple certifications as a doula, several more in childbirth education as well as holistic education and fitness and wellness. Center Song also offers high-end packages, Dynamic Duo Doula Packages and other artisanal options. I look forward to your complementary doula consultation to go over your options or give a call for more information on our birth education services!

Meriden, CT Service range 40 miles Specializing in Homebirths, Yale New Haven, Vidone Birth Center at St Raphael's, Hartford Hospital, Manchester Memorial Hospital (ECHN), Connecticut Childbirth and Women's Center.

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Client Testimonials for Maura Jo Lynch, SBD, MA, CCCE, CPFE, GBCE, MCD, MCPD, MCPCD

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My husband and I met Maura Jo as a childbirth educator. She is a passionate, happy, caring person who is easy to talk to. We originally didn't think we wanted a doula for our homebirth. As we got closer to our guess date I started feeling a little anxious. I shared my concerns with both my midwives and Maura Jo deciding ultimately to hire a doula for additional support. Once that decision was made there was no question that Maura Jo would be our first pick. Luckily she had availablity around our guess date. She came to our home twice before I gave birth and we talked about expectations, where I planned on birthing, what comfort measures I wanted to use, she agreed to let the dog out if needed and to take photos on my husband's phone during labor at my request. My water broke at 11:30pm and we contacted Maura Jo right away for a heads up and after my contractions started 30 min later we texted regularly until she arrived. She arrived a couple hours before the midwives and she and my husband took turns filling the birth tub and providing water and comfort to me. She was amazing during the birth. So unobtrusive, yes/no questions, stayed calm and quiet throughout. She even spent extra time smoothing out the liner at the bottom of the tub so I would be as comfortable as possible. She stayed for a few hours after the birth helping out however she could including making sure I had food that I would enjoy. Finally, she coordinated a postpartum visit so that it was on the first day after the birth that the midwives wouldn't be coming, in my case, day two. A few weeks into my postpartum period I was still struggling with breastfeeding so I reached out to her and she completely put my mind at ease again! Provided me with several resources, IBCLC's and information about what's normal. It was exactly what I needed and I will always remember how incredible my birth and postpartum period were due in no small part to this fantastic woman.

roy abrams


During the labor, we had to make difficult medical decisions. It was comforting to have someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Maura to support and guide us through these decisions. I highly recommend Maura to anyone considering a doula. We are forever grateful for her sincerity and absolute dedication.

Alicia Le Borious


Maura Jo Lynch was our doula on March 26,2018. We met Maura Jo at a birth refresher course and she happened to ask us if we had a Doula. After some thought after the class my husband and I arranged a meeting with Maura Jo. We discused our background and previous birth experiences which had been traumatic. We expressed our wishes to hopefully have a VBAC for this birth. By the end of our meeting, we had a contract signed and also discussed taking GentLe Birth classes with Maura. The Gentle Birth classes were informative and proved to be helpful during the birth of our daughter.

Maura Jo met us at the hospital on the morning of March 26th per our wishes and had a smile on her face even though we woke her up in the middle of the night. From the moment we arrived at the hospital Maura Jo was by my side with my husband. Maura Jo kept me positive as we walked the halls to get my contractions going again to the moment I had a successful VBAC! I would highly recommend Maura Jo as a Doula. Maura Jo felt like family from the moment we met her and her expertise made laboring so much easier. Maura Jo kept giving me different positions to try, comforted me through contractions and kept me focused at the end to make sure I didn't give up. As a result our beautiful daughter was born and we have Maura Jo to thank for being there for us. After some terrifying birth experience we now know it is possible to have a positive birth experience thanks to an amazing Doula! 

Avi Dubnov


My wife brought up the idea of a Doula during her pregnancy, I did not know a great deal about this but wanted to support my wife as we explored this option. I can say with 100% confidence that we would not have go through our birthing experience without Maura Jo. With our doula we had constant support, advice and a calming perspective that helped my wife in and out of the hospital. During the 24+ hours of birth Maura was a rock (for both of us) and made sure that any advice or opinions given to us by the 5 different doctors that we had was not taken lightly. Maura not only supported our decisions but helped us make our own birth plan that was unique to the type of birth that we wanted and supported us constantly. I would recommend Maura Jo to anyone that needs support through what is such an emotional process, as she will contribute before, during and after. We were very fortunate to be able to connect with our doula and feel blessed that she will continue to be part of our lives.

Krista DeRosa


The decision my partner and I made to hire Maura Jo as our doula was one that we instantly knew we would never regret. Her preparedness and presence in the birth of our son was instrumental. We had a great feeling of preparedness going into birth knowing that we had her experience and knowledge to help guide us along our journey in the birth of our son we were able to make alterations in our birth plan and face them with confidence and positivity. Frankly it would be very difficult to imagine not having her as part of our birth team.

We highly recommend Maura Jo. You can rest assured knowing that your decision to hire her will be one you will always look back on as being the foundation to making your birth story as incredible as you'd want it to be.


Natasha Roggi


Maura Jo brought peace and comfort to our entire home birth process. 

She took care of making sure I was hydrated and taking in nutritious food whenever possible; between contractions and while resting.  She not only supported me through my labor, but she also supported my husband, which made a huge impact on our ability to work together as a team through my (very long) first birth.  


This being my first time, I was determined to get trough it without medical intervention, but I knew I needed to find someone I could trust to bring the right energy and working knowledge...and Maura Jo had us at "Hello". 

Not only does she have experience, but her presence is so calming and her way is so was easy to be around her and we felt immediate relief that we had found the right doula for "the job"!

Extra bonus: Maura Jo's back-up doula (just in case - there should always be a plan, right?) ended up attending as well, and we loved the whole team!  Maura Jo has a wonderful network of professionals and educational resources that she makes readily available to all of her clients.  She came back a day or two after the birth to check on us, offer laceration support, and for snuggles with the little guy too.  She is the total package.  She is genuine and she truly cares about every family she works with.


We cannot say enough about how wonderful Maura Jo is!  We highly recommend her to anyone looking for the right doula for whatever type of birth they're planning.


Melanie Dunn


Maura Jo was our doula for both our first and second homebirths.  I left a previous testimonial on the excellent experience we had with her services during my older daughter's birth.  For our second time around, things moved much more quickly, and we had no idea that my baby girl would arrive a few minutes before the midwives!  Maura Jo was experienced enough, having seen many births at home and in the hospital, to keep me calm and tell me what to expect during the pushing phase, which also went very quickly.  She ended up catching my baby, and walking me and my husband through what to do next while we waited for our midwives to arrive.  It was an amazing, fast and joyous waterbirth.  Our midwives came running up the stairs to our bedroom a few minutes later (we had called them late, not realizing just how quickly my labor was progressing), but the experience was positive because my husband and I had a seasoned professional with us.  I want to emphasize that a doula is not a substitute for a properly trained and experienced midwife, and that neither we nor Maura Jo had anticipated this scenario.  But when this unforeseen development took place, she was able to provide lay assistance for the actual birth, being the most experienced person in the room when it comes to childbirth and catching babies.  We are so grateful that she was there!

Samantha Mazun


We are so happy we chose Maura Jo to be our doula for our first birth.  She was an integral part of our birth experience and without her we would not have been able to have the wonderful birth that we did.  Maura Jo's reassuring and calm presence was so important to both my husband and myself especially when things started to get very overwhelming to us.  Maura Jo not only offered emotional support but also physical support, helping me with different laboring positions to find what worked best for me. When things became very chaotic at the hospital because the doctor was not there and I was nearing the pushing phase, she helped me and my husband remain calm and focused on our goals. Her experience with attending many births gave us a feeling of confidence and security especially when dealing with a labor that was much more intense and quick than we were expecting! We considered ourselves very prepared in childbirth and confident in the birth plan we had chosen and were originally on the fence about hiring a doula but working with Maura Jo was one of the best decisions we made in regards to our birth. I truly believe that we would not have had such a great labor and birth experiene without her!

Marlaina Watton


Maura Jo was our birth instructor and doula for the birth of our first child last October. From the first time meeting Maura Jo, I felt very comfortable with her and enjoyed our sessions together before the birth. We weren't really sure if we needed a doula because we were having a homebirth attended by two midwives, but my husband and I were both really glad that we decided to have Maura Jo attend also. I began laboring late in the evening and when things started intensifying, we didn't know if it was time to have the midwives come or not. So we called Maura Jo and she came right over. When she got there, she assured us and the midwives that it was time for them to come. I gave birth pretty shortly after they arrived, but I had no idea how close I was! Maura Jo was very encouraging and helpful, reassuring me that things were progressing normally and I was doing a good job, and reminding me of things I learned in the birthing classes, such as keeping my vocalizations low pitched. I spent a lot of my labor by myself in the shower, so my husband also appreciated her calm, reassuring presence while they let me do my thing. It was was really nice to be able to talk to Maura Jo a few days after the birth about how things did or did not match my expectations, and how I felt about it.

Beth R


I had the absolute pleasure of working with Maura Jo at a friend's birth recently. I feel incredibly blessed to have met her and I can't imagine anyone else having been there to support my friend like she did. Maura Jo is one of the most wonderful, sweet, knowledgable and experienced doulas that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I initially wondered how the group dynamics would work with a laboring mother, her husband, a doula and myself at hospital birth, particularly because she and I were unable to meet before my friend went into labor. Within moments of meeting Maura Jo I knew I had absolutely no cause for concern. I found her to be incredibly compassionate and kind. Throughout the process she kept the lines of communication open with everyone and remained flexible, even when the unexpected happened. Her communication skills are truly exceptional and she has the enviable skill of advocating for her clients without alienating staff, which is an extremely valuable asset for a doula. It is obvious to those who watch her work that she keeps the comfort and best interests of her clients at the forefront of her mind. Her client's wishes remain her priority, even if those wishes change during the laboring process.  I thought we complimented each other beautifully and I was thrilled to get to know her over those hours. She clearly has a deep passion for what she does and it shows with every single interaction she has with a laboring mother. I truly hope that I have the opportunity to work with Maura Jo again in the future!

Melanie E. Dunn


Maura Jo was an essential part of our birthing team!  She served as our childbirth educator and offered to be present at the birth as well.  We had not intended on having a doula for the birth since we were having a homebirth with two midwives present.  However, we are so very glad that we did decide to ask Maura Jo to come.  My labor lasted three days and was very painful due to posterior positioning.  Maura Jo's gentle and affirming words enabled me to continue with a very difficult labor even when my confidence was slipping, and allowed the midwives to focus on the birth.  My husband also benefitted immensely from Maura Jo's presence and her behind-the-scenes coaching, when he needed someone to support him as he watched me labor.  The right support makes all the difference in your birth experience.  Highly recommended!

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