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I decided to work with Sarah the first time we met. She is very professional, patient and thoughtful. She helped us get fully prepared to welcome our baby. She provided us with organized information about labor delivery, parenting and newborn care, which were very helpful for new parents. I was also very well supported by Sarah during my labor. She helped me cope with nervous. Her soft voice made me feel calm. It’s so lucky to have Sarah as my doula!

Rachel Myers


Chris and I met with Sarah a number of times before the due date, and her calm, kind presence was something we both loved and felt was important for the upcoming birth of our daughter. As new parents to be, we had many questions about labour day and post partum life with a newborn - and Sarah helped us feel at ease and confident with the process. Sarah also provided us with a number of fantastic resources and books which I fully appreciated - there can be so much to do and plan when pregnant, and this guidance really helped me gain more confidence as the upcoming due date approached.

I was fortunate and had a fairly “fast” first labour (18 hours total) - with Sarah’s guidance I used a multitude of natural coping techniques at home. One of the tools Sarah offered me was the use of her TENS machine, I used this during early and active labour. Sarah also coached me through my contractions calmly, offering words of much needed encouragement as each contraction grew stronger. At the hospital, Sarah offered words of support to my partner Chris, and encouraged him to help me with my contractions by getting us both to look into each others eyes - this is one of my favourite memories of my daughters birth. We had a truely positive birthing experience with minimal interventions, and I have no doubt Sarah helped us on this journey with her unwavering support. In our post partum days, we have kept in touch with a few home visits and emails - Sarah always brings positivity, smiles, and encouraging words to our home, and as new parents this has helped us build our confidence.

Sarah was such an asset to my birthing experience, I have no doubt in my mind that we would ask her to help us again if/when we decide to have another babe one day. Words cannot express how grateful I am for having her help bring our little Flora into the world.


Rachel, Chris and little Flora

Hailey Rankin


The stress that was relieved by having Sarah ’s support during pregnancy and birth was unmeasurable, she was vital in my birth preparations and birth.

Sarah provided us with informative prenatal visits, her steady calm presence during my fast and furious labor, and home visits that followed to support me with recovering and breastfeeding.  I couldn’t of imagined welcoming our sweet baby girl earthside without her and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Gussie Wilson


Having Sarah along on the journey of becoming a mom was incredibly valuable for me. She is calm, friendly, and says just the right things to enstill confidence. She even brought us food in those first few days when we were utterly exhausted and overwhelmed. I felt very supported by Sarah and would recommend her to any first time parents! 

Karrilynn McWilliam


As we were nearing the birth of our second child, we were drawn to meet with Sarah, based on both her education and experience with the birth and postpartum period, as well as her personal experience as a mother of four. After meeting with her, we were so happy with her gentle, supportive energy that we chose her right away to be a doula, knowing she would be the right fit for the birthing experience we were hoping to have this time around. Sarah was wonderful to deal with, full of information at our visits, and would follow up via email with many helpful resources and links. When in labour, I can confidently say that if Sarah had not been there I would have opted for an epidural, but with the combined support of she and my partner I was able to have the natural childbirth I had hoped to experience! Postpartum, Sarah was very helpful with concerns about breastfeeding, and she would always show up bringing the most delicious food! I would eagerly recommend Sarah to any friend - she is such an amazing resource towards having an informed, supported and empowered birth, whatever that looks like for you!

Glenda Garcia


I was fortunate to have Sarah provide postpartum care for me and my baby. I had had a complicated birth and was experiencing breastfeeding difficulties, so when looking for a doula, I was interested in someone with experience in breastfeeding and who could provide support for my recovery. As a first time mom, I was also looking for guideance and support in becoming a confident parent. What attracted me to Sarah was her personal experience as a mother of four, and her formal training, including her training around breastfeeding (she is also a La Leche League Leader). Sarah provided more than I ever expected. Not only was she able to coach me through breastfeeding challenges, learning how to use a wrap for my baby, and other baby care issues, but she was also an imperative source of support for my physical and psychological recovery from the birthing experience. Sarah was also empowering of my abilities to parent, and after two months of having her support I feel extremely confident in my ability to be a great mother. Sarah has always treated every member of my family with the utmost respect, and my daughter absolutely loves her! They had a non-stop giggle fest the last time Sarah came to see us! In addition to all of that, it seems like she always came bearing gifts that were lifesavers. A veggie tray or jar of granola at the most opportune time, or a yummy treat to lift up the mood. I can't say enough good things about Sarah and feel blessed to have found her.

Alycia Traas


Making the decision to have Sarah accompany us during the birth of our son was one of the best and most worthwhile decisions my husband and I made. Having someone like Sarah who understood are needs as we were preparing for our 2nd child which was schedule to be delivered by c-section, if labour did not start by a given date. Sarah’s personal experiences and demeaner provided reassurance for both of us. I would strongly recommend her to anyone having a baby. Thank you, Sarah.

AWall Gayle


Sarah Wauthy agreed to be my Doula only a few short months before my due date. My first impression of her was pure gentleness and kindness and I knew she would be a perfect match for me as I was entering the most beautiful and vulnerable state I would experience welcoming my firstborn into this world.

She checked in with me multiple times before the birth and even brought over cookies, which I should mention were delicious! She communicated regularly and made it known that she was available anytime I needed her support. This was very important as my birthplan ended up going way off course. I planned on doing a water birth in my home, but due to my blood pressure getting higher, the medical professionals no longer felt comfortable with this and suggested we change locations to the hospital.

I ended up being in labor for 3 days and on the third day interventions were suggested and we decided to proceed. At this point I asked Sarah to come to the hospital. This day was very difficult as through each intervention my body was making no progress and the contractions were getting unbearable. Looking back though I just remember Sarah's sweet face as she had me maintain eye contact through those contractions and really grounded me when I thought I could not get through them. She was a great support to me and my husband and kept telling me how strong I was and really gave me confidence even when I had to make the final decision to have a c-section. She stayed with me until after the surgery and made sure we were all doing well before she left.

She check up on us multiple times after the birth and it was just so nice to know I had her as a support if I needed it.

My husband and I would absolutely recommed her as a Doula. I think it comes naturally to her to be a calming presence and she is overall a beautiful person to have at this miraculous time.

Thanks Sarah!

Amanda and Jordan

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