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Angie Bee Hotz

Mothership- Birth Doula and Childbirth Education

Bremerton, WA Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee

$900 to $1300

Birth Fee

$900 to $1300

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 185 births attended

Doula Training

  • ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators), June 2006

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I attend births at Harrison Medical Center in Silverdale, Naval Hospital in Bremerton, Jefferson in Port Townsend, as well as St. Joes in Tacoma. I am willing to travel to others.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
The Birthing Inn and Salmonbery

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I love attending home births! My fourth son was born at home so I have warm fuzzy feelings about it!

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Childbirth education services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reflexology
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am the creator and facilitator of the Kitsap Cesarean and VBAC Support Group. I also tend and maintain the Peninsula Birth Network website. I am currently a 2nd year student midwife with Midwives College of Utah.

Fee Details

You get to choose what amount you want to invest in doula services from the sliding scale of $900- $1300.

Bremerton, WA Service range 25 miles

Client Testimonials for Angie Bee Hotz

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Leslie Bizon


I couldn't recommend Angie more. She was so kind to my(slightly hysterical post-partum)self when she dropped off my supplements and even took the time to chat with me and suggest lactation consultants and other support. She went above and beyond!

Lindsay Sheridan


Angie is an incredible person to have in your life and especially as a birth doula. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Because of her kind, open personality i felt comfortable reaching out with any questions I had through out pregnancy and post-partum. She is prompt to reply and usually knows the answer, or at the very least knows where to find it and point you in the right direction. I recommend her to anyone that is considering a doula. 

Josie Wartman


Angie was with us for the birth of our third child and it was wonderful. Angie has such a warm and calm presence, we felt very relaxed with her, and she is very knowledgeable in so many aspects of pregnancy and birth. 

Emily Patti


I had a wonderful experience working with Angie Hotz as my doula. Angie has a very calming and composed presence. Leading up to my labor she was invaluable in helping me prepare, especially as I developed some complications with preeclampsia and an induction. Angie helped me go through the various scenarios that could come up with my complications and made sure I knew all of my options and could make empowered decisions. My induction ended up going astonishingly fast, and I went from 5cm to 10 in just an hour. My husband and I had been fine laboring on our own and hadn't told Angie or my mother to come yet, but then I progressed very quickly. We were all surprised as I went from barely feeling contractions to very intense ones. Angie and my mother arrived as I was getting close to pushing. I really appreciate that Angie could provide support to my husband as well during this highly emotional stage, as I remember feeling concerned in between my contractions for how he was feeling, since it was hard for him to see me in that much pain. Angie took a lot of pictures for us and caught video of the moment my baby was born which is so amazing to get to see, and that I'll absolutely treasure forever. To complete her services, Angie met with me after the birth so that we could talk about it and to give me an opportunity to openly process it, which I believe really is incredibly important as part of the birth process. 

Aleya Veach


Taking Angie's birth class was one of the best things we did before our baby's arrival! We learned so much and it made us feel well-prepared for birth. I highly recommend Angie's class to anyone expecting!

I also hired Angie to do placenta encapsulation and was super impressed with the quick turnaround and all the thought and care that goes into her work including the placenta print.

Bottom line... Angie's AWESOME!!!

Meghan Boucher


I loved working with Angie and am so happy I hired her as my birth doula. I chose to hire Angie based upon our first meeting; her kindness and compassion were palpable and she immediately made me feel comfortable. Angie was very responsive throughout my pregnancy and frequently checked in with me to see how things were going. Angie is a wealth of information and is very well-connected with local resources and practioners.

When I went into labor, Angie showed up as soon as I requested her. Her support was invaluable. Throughout my pregnancy, I kept saying that I felt like I had no idea what kind of support I would need during labor; basically Angie had to figure this out on the fly, and she did a beautiful job. For the most part, I was unable to make decisions and voice my opionion while in active labor. It was such a relief to know Angie was by my side, informed of what my wishes were and ready to advocate for me and support me.

I fully plan of hiring Angie to hlep me birth my next baby as well!

Lacey Cook


I used Angie as my doula for the birth of my second child. My birth experience with my first child did not go as planned. It lasted much longer than anticipated, involved multiple interventions and left me feeling emotionally traumatized. I wanted a better experience for my second birth. From the first time I spoke with Angie, she made me feel strong and that I was perfectly capable of having a wonderful birth experience. When we met in person, she was easy to open up to and share all my concerns and hopes for my second birth. She helped me to realize that I just needed to believe in myself and trust my body to do what it was designed to do. I felt such confidence knowing she would be by my side every step of the way. As my doctor started pressuring me to do cervical ripening and induce labor, Angie helped me stay calm and focused on what I felt was truly best for me and my baby. Angie never swayed my decision but instead listened and made me feel confident in my decision. Fortunataly, labor started naturally. Angie and I communicated via text until I was ready for her to come over. She had such a calm and loving presence that helped me feel relaxed and safe. She helped me decide when it was time to go to the hospital which was an hour away. My labor started to progress quickly in the car but I was not afraid. I knew Angie's knowledge and experience would help to keep me and my baby safe. At the hospital there were so many medical personnel coming in and out of the room. It was overwhelming. Angie's consistent presence helped me to feel relaxed and supported. I knew I could count on her to help me in advocating for myself if need be. I ended up having my son naturally and without any pain medications! Angie came by a week later to answer any questions and help me reflect on my birth experience. I am happy to say it was a very positive experience. I am so grateful for Angie's support in helping me to have the birth that I had wanted so badly. 



Angie is a wonderful human being, one of a kind. We loved her down to earth nature and authentic demeanor. As our Doula she played a paramount supporting role in the birth of our third child. Our intention was to experience a VBAC but circumstances were not cooperative and the final destination was a beautiful and low stress C-Section.

Angie encouraged me to advocate for myself and share my wishes with the entire Hospital team. This worked out well and we delivered a very healthy baby girl in a supportive and baby/mom focused environment. As our Doula she was able to explain different circumstances and events that were unfolding by paraphrasing and reiterating what the hospital staff were suggesting. My husband was able to focus on myself and the baby rather than worrying about the big picture and specifics of the birth.

We would not hesitate in referring Angie's services and are thrilled we made the investment of her joining our baby's birth. A wonderful experience!

Kaitlyn Pelletier


Angie was my birth doula for my VBAC and also encapsulated my placenta. She was so incredibly supportive and made my birth dream a reality. She was always a listening ear and shoulder to lean on wether I just needed to vent my worries, or needed someone to seek out knowledge from. She held my hand in the hospital and went above and beyond to make me feel like she was always a support. I can't reccomend her enough!

Rebecca Bard


Angie was such a blessing to have as our doula. Her loving motherly presence is what drew us to her initaly. Anytime we had questions she got back to us promptly with compassion. During labor she gave so much encouragement and suggested ideas for my husband to comfort me with. I love the prints she made with our placenta, a true keepsake. We received our placenta pills within 2 days after birth with clear instructions on how to take them and the benefits. Angie is devoted to her clients and enpowers them to have the birth experience they want and deserve! She will even work with your budget/payment plans. We couldn't be happier having her as our birth doula! so many thanks! 

Chelsea Rodriguez


Angie was a great help, comfort, and voice of sanity during our birth! She helped us navigate the medical opinions and make the best choices for our situation. She was comforting and yet able to stay detached enough to calm us down when things didn't go as planned! Angie ended up staying at our birth much longer than we thought she would have to, but she didn't flinch and remained calm and caring the whole time. We would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula! 

Amber MacPherson


We hired Angie as our doula for the birth of our second son (April 2016). My first pregnancy ended with a grueling 36 hour labor & ultimately a c-section. We were, again, aiming for a natural labor and delivery in a hospital with our second baby. Angie was not only an amazing comfort & presence during my labor and delivery, she truly helped us navigate the muddy waters in Kitsap County when it comes to VBAC. She offered options and opinions about supportive providers in the area and I feel that she helped us find the best place and practice to deliver our baby. 

The birth of my second baby was absolutely amazing! Angie helped me regain confidence in my body and my ability to birth. She was also a huge help to my husband, who I wanted to be more involved with the labor. She offered suggestions for labor positions, helped me stay hydrated, but most importantly, she made me feel comfortable enough to labor- which sounds weird, but labor is so personal and primal & Angie encouraged me to tap into that and let go. My labor (10 hours in all) ended in 9 minutes of amazingness in which we met our beautiful 8lb 5oz little guy. ??

Thank you Angie!!!



Andria Head


Angie was our VBAC doula and we couldn't have done it without her.  She was paramount in planning the birth and vital for keeping me calm and relaxed through transition.  She is calm, gentle, and an incredible VBAC resource. 

Baylee Harty


Angie is the type of person that you feel like you have known forever. She's laid back and easy to get along with, I felt like I had a friend to share my wishes and fears with Throughout the process. She's accepting of all views of birth and very educated on what birth looks like from start to finish. She made me and my husband feel comfortable in our decisions that we made before and during labor. It helped to have a sounding board to get us talking and on the same page. Angie was very helpful during birth at reassuring me that things were normal and gave me the encouragement that I needed when things were tough. I loved having her be apart of my VBAC hospital birth. Angie has a true passion for birth and it shows in everything she does. 

Annalyse Martin



Having Angie present at my birth allowed my husband to be fully present during my labor and delivery. She just took care of the little things that would have taken my husband away from me. Her presence after the birth of our daughter allowed my husband to give his full attention to our child without leaving me alone during a vulnerable time. 


Thanks a million, Angie! 

Sharon H


It was a moments notice that I decided to hire a doula. I asked a friend to help me out and she knew Angie personally. I met Angie a week before my due date and she came over to my house fully prepared with reading material, yoga balls and whatever she thought I may need and even left them over for me to try out. Well I went into labor the next day and she met up with me at the hospital AND stayed with me at the hospital for 3 days straight. I was really surprised that she stayed over night. My water broke Saturday night and gave birth Sunday morning at 0430. She was there every step of the way, holding my hand and encouraging me. Through out the whole pregnancy I always thought I can do it on my own the hospital staff will help out. And of course they did but they're not there the whole time. You see different people on different shifts. You can family and friends helping you out of course but having someone that has the experience and endurance to be by your side just makes things easier. After the hospital she comes over to check on me and baby. She still gets excited about babies. I'm glad I met Angie she is such a sweetheart and now my friend.

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