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Mariam Self

Perfect Peace Doula & Placenta Services

Gardner, KS Service range 100 miles


Birth Fee

$700 to $850

Birth Fee

$700 to $850

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, September 2015
  • Hypnobabies, August 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I do not attend unassisted home births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Doulas of Greater Kansas City member Local ICAN chapter leader

Fee Details

Deposit (1/2 of full fee) is due at contract signing. The balance is due by 36 weeks. Returning and military family discounts available. My base package birth fee is $700 but please contact me if you feel you cannot afford my fee. Placenta encapsulation costs $100-$200 more than regular fee, depending on options requested and travel distance and will be added to the final payment. If you are 38 or more weeks pregnant and are looking for a doula, last minute, I have a special package just for you. Contact me for more info.

Gardner, KS Service range 100 miles

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Client Testimonials for Mariam Self

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Absolutely recommend. Her certifications and years of experience is why I chose her as my doula in the first place. My son was sunny side up when he was born so it was a lot of back labor. Her coaching and massages got me through it all. She also did my placenta encapsulation. Been taking them and helped my uterus size shrink and the boost of iron helped my immune system.



Mariam was such a wonderful asset to have during my pregnancy and labor! I ended up having to be induced due to blood pressure issues, and she was a great advocate for controlling the levels of pitocin I had going into my system - I didn't even know I could ask to have them lowered to lessen the labor pains!

I ended up also getting an epidural, and Mariam was very helpful in getting me into different positions to help with the labor. So, even though my plan was to not have an epidural so I could move around, she was still able to help me have the repositioning experience I was hoping for. 

Also, I ended up having a c-section at the end due to an infection risk. Mariam was able to identify that this was going to be happening before my midwife told me, so she was able to prepare me and identify all of the things I needed to feel safe and comfortable with the process. She was able to come to the operating room with my husband and I, and was a great comfort while my husband watched over my baby after he was born.

I highly recommend Mariam! She made the birth process a lot less scary (especially with the interventions I needed) and helped me to maintain a sense of control and strength throughout the process.

Alyssa Elson


Mariam was such a wonderful addition to my birth support team and I don't believe I would have had the birth experience I wanted without her knowledge, guidance and support. She gave us plenty of information from the first consultation, even as far as helping us choose a new OB which was the greatest blessing. When labor time came she arrived soon after being requested and applied non stop counter pressure on my terrible back labor, even after she caught a right elbow from me (total accident, sorry Mariam!!!) Mariam was a crucial part of our positive birth story and I'm forever thankful and glad I chose to have her as a part of our special girls birthday. 

Marlo Silva


So this post has been four months in the making what with a toddler and a newborn to run after! :)

Long story short, you can never go wrong with Mariam and you won't regret hiring her. She answered my questions before I even officially hired her and provided well thought out responses to every single one. In fact, we were both members of more than one Facebook group and I stalked her answers to group posts after the first one caught my eye due to her thorough and positive response.

Mariam has professional and personal experience with the myriad birthing experiences we all have the potential to have. It was important to me that she had personally and/or professionally experienced every kind of situation that I might have had myself. She was reassuring and positive which I often needed throughout my pregnancy. Not that my pregnancy was particularly difficult, but I was still processing my previous pregnancy and birth while pregnant with my second. She helped tremendously with this. During the actual labor, it was lovely to have a calm, soothing presence available to help the labor along. Even though my second didn't go to plan either (CBAC), I am doing much better now than at the same point after my first birth, knowing I did all I could to promote a VBAC (including hiring someone as wonderful as Mariam to be my doula).  I now feel like I have a lifelong resource for any related questions as well.

If we have another child (and that's a BIG if), I hope she would be able to grace us with her presence again. :)

Danielle Mears


Mariam was absoutley wonderful to work with. She's so knowledgable about birth and the different options moms have to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. She was able to advicate for what I wanted and also provide information to me so I could make informed decisions during my birth. Her calming presence is wonderful during labor. Her encouraging words and calm nature kept me focused and aleviated my anxiouness. I would highly recommend hiring her to be part of your birth! 



Mariam was so beneficial in the birth of our daughter, Scarlett. I went into the pregnancy with the mindset of having an unmedicated birth. Once I was admitted to the hospital Mariam helped me get through my contractions. She helped me manage through my emotions and when the time came for me to push she was there for me when I gave birth to Scarlett. Both my husband and I agreed that we she was extremely vital to our birth story. I would definitely recommend her!!

Ashley Kelsay


Mariam was absolutely amazing support during my VBAC. Throughout my pregnancy, Mariam contacted me often to see how my pregnancy was going, responded promptly to any questions I had, and always settled my mind when I worried too much. On the morning my water broke she responded right away even though it was 4:30 am. Once arriving at the hospital, Mariam put up signs that truly did help in reminding me of my goals and birth strategies. She was so helpful in verbally prompting me of how to stay in control of my pain through positioning, breathing, and vocalizing. Mariam provided counter pressure and touch that helped me manage contractions. She helped me understand what was happening with my body by explaining why I was feeling certain ways and advocated for me when I felt I was ready to push. Mariam was so encouraging throughout my whole labor and was a vital part in me achieving an unmedicated birth. The photos Mariam took when our daughter was born and the birth story she wrote are amazing and we will cherish them forever! I couldn’t recommend Mariam more!

Daniel Hass


As a first-time father, I was a bit anxious about helping my wife during the birth of our child.    However, from the very beginning, Mariam was incredibly helpful and put both myself and my wife at ease.    She came to our house twice before the birth for preparation, where we were able to describe our ideal birthing experince, and learn countless techniques and and tips so that we would be prepared.   When my wife had questions, especially during the last few weeks of her pregnancy, Mariam was always available via text or call to assist. 

When Mariam arrived at the hospital during labor, it instantly changed the trajectory of how things were going.   She helped my wife with several different positions and counter pressure to help with the contractions, and provide constant encouraging support.    We both felt an unbelieve amount of support and comfort, knowing that she was with us every step of the way.   I had never even heard of doulas before we were pregnant, now I cannot imagine going through the birth of another child without Mariam.   

Mariam even took several pictures post-delivery that were great to have, as well as provided us with our "birth story" in typed form when she came for our post-partum visit.    She was professional, comforting, encouraging, and incredibly knowledgeable throughout the entire process.    As fathers, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly how to help our wives during delivery, and Mariam was able not only guide me, but guide my wife as well.      It was a fantastic experience. 



This was my first time giving birth, and hiring Mariam was the best decision. She played an instrumental role in making me feel safe and comfortable, and I honestly can't imagine what my birth experience would have been like without her. 

As the birth got closer I began to get nervous, like you do, but our prenatal meetings with her helped me envision the birth in a way that made me feel confident & excited instead of anxious. She was always available via text for my questions and worries, especially after I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and later, had to decide whether to be induced. 

I ended up going into labor naturally, and after the hospital sent me home the first time, labored at home for about 8 hours. I was in agonizing pain and feeling very overwhelmed. I called her at 1 or 2 a.m. during the worst stormy weather and she offered to come to my house and help. She helped me get through the most excruciating pain of my entire labor (and honestly life), using massage and counter pressure techniques. And coached me on breathing and vocalizing properly. I couldn't have gotten through this part without her. 

After we went back to the hospital, I was in labor for another 17 hours. She stayed the entire time with maybe one very brief nap and remained positive, upbeat and encouraging, and helped allay my fears and anxieties about various aspects of the process. Advocated for me to get more pain meds when needed. Helped my husband keep repositioning me to keep things going when I couldn't move on my own because of the epidural. Brought me water. Etc. And, helped keep me on track, breathing and counting, through almost 2 hours of pushing. 

Despite my labor being long and at times really painful, overall I felt it was a pretty positive experience, as I felt safe and supported throughout. I definitely attribute that to Mariam's expertise and emotional support... highly recommended!

Chloe Langr


We're so glad that we chose Mariam as our doula for the birth of our daughter. 

Mariam was there to answer questions during the pregnancy, and checked in with us frequently. She encouraged us during the week of pregnancy after our due date, and was an amazing resource during early labor. We were able to spend a majority of our early labor at home before heading into the hospital for our daughter's birth. At the hospital, both my husband and I appreciated having Mariam there constantly in the delivery room as we made decisions and birthed our baby. With Mariam's encouragement, we were able to have the beautifully peaceful, unmedicated experience we prepared for. 

After the birth, Mariam sent pictures of our birth experience and typed up our birth story. Since the little details of the day were hazy, I really appreciated being able to reflect on our daughter's birth with a timeline! We highly recommend Mariam as a doula and are so thankful for her presence in our labor and delivery story. 

Jessica Couey


We decided to meet with Mariam after a quick doula search led me to her website. From day one she stood apart from many others in our area. Mostly because she was 1 of 2 who actually contacted me back after my initial email. During our meeting, I could tell she was very passionate about her work as she spoke about how important and essential her own doula had been for the birth of her second daughter. My husband and I agreed immediately after the consult that we wanted to hire her. Throughout my pregnancy, she kindly and happily answered any and all questions I had. I appreciated having answers from a person and not having to rely on Dr. Google. Our prenatal appointments were a blast. I could tell she genuinely cared about helping us acheive the birth we desired. She quickly felt more like a friend than just someone we hired to do a job. Our son decided he had his own plan for how he wanted to be born that matched nothing that we had wanted. Everytime I started to feel discouraged or upset, Mariam knew the exact right thing to say or do to bring my confidence back up. She stayed with us through our entire labor which allowed my husband to get some much needed rest while we waited for things to progress. She was able to explain all our options to us and gave me the information needed to make the best choices for my baby and myself. I will forever be thankful for Mariam and her help in having a positive birth experience even given all the obstacles thrown in front of us. 

Katlyn Purkapile


I contacted Mariam shortly after I found out I was pregnant with my third child. I had two pregnancies without a doula, but I wanted to make sure my last birth was my best birth. Mariam was amazing from beginning to end. She would check in on me throughout me pregnancy and was very encouraging when I was having a rough time. My son's birth was definitely the best one. I was induced suddenly after some bleeding and Mariam was so helpful the through the whole process. She was able to tell me what was going on when the nurses did not. She asked important questions and made sure I knew everything that was happening. She was incredibly encouraging and I felt nothing but positive about the birth. There was a point in time that I started feeling nauseous from my pitocin and Mariam had some pepermint oil to help. She really does think of everything! Once everything started progressing I had never felt so strong. My only regret is not having her with my other two births! I would encourage everyone to have a doula, especially first time moms. Mariam is phenomenal and I would recommend her to anyone!!

Jenica Hallman


The best thing we did during my pregnancy was hire Mariam. She was absolutely amazing to have and I could not have done it without her! Her prenatal appointments really helped me recognize and express my fears and needs so I could form an effective plan of action and communicate my needs to those around me. I felt informed and prepared thanks to her helpful materials she provided. I was impressed when she even had my husband and I take a brief personality assessment so that she could find the best ways to communicate with us and not just whatever she wanted, though our personalities were already quite compatible. During labor, she was attentive and practical while helping me to remain calm. Whether it was applying warm washcloths, using counter-pressure to help me through contractions, suggesting new labor positions and breathing techniques, or helping me understand my medical options, she made the entire experience so much better. My husband also felt comfortable going to get food and going out to give updates to our family in the waiting room because he knew I would not be alone. I felt constantly supported in my decisions and never judged. Her post-partum visit helped me recognize what was going on with me and the baby as well as release some unrealistic expectations I had formed for myself. If you are considering a doula, Mariam is absolutely the one to choose. 

Sarah Liberty Hardee


Mariam took me on as a last minute client. I became worried that my doctor wasn't going to allow me to have the kind of birth I wanted so I hired her at 38 weeks pregnant. She was available to text, call, the rest of my pregnancy and she was helpful in helping me determine when to go into the hospital. She prayed with me and my husband and had faith affirmations on the wall of the hospital. She made the situation much calmer and I was glad she took me on. 

Allison Lennan


Mariam was absolutely incredible. Despite having to be induced unexpectedly I was still able to have the beautiful and natural birth I was hoping for. My goal was to avoid the use of pain medications and I don't think I could have done that without her help, particularly witnout her massaging my lower back throughout the more painful bits. Highly recommend!!!!

Morgan Irwin


Mariam was a wonderful doula! I’m so happy that she was apart our birth experience. She was so encouraging, patient, thoughtful and supportive throughout my entire birth. She didn’t even hesitate for a moment when I changed the birth plan on everyone. She just kept encouraging me. She was a calm and peaceful presence. 

Kelly Hadley


Mariam was dedicated and engaged my entire labor and delivery. I was unexpectadely admitted to the hospital and induced because my amniotic fluid was low. I was completely unprepared and found it comforting to run everything by Mariam before making my decisions. I originally wanted to go natural but decided to get an epideral after receiving pitocin. In hind sight,  I realized that the nurse who administered my pitocin was pushy and intimidating. Mariam tried to advocate for me and support my natural plan but was flexible and supportive in adjusting to my change of plans. My husband liked Mariam and found her services helpful as well. Though my husband was supportive and involved in the process, it helped to have another women that has been through labor that was there soley for me. Mariam also took photos for us which was important to me because I wanted my husband and I to be present and in the moment rather than being behind a camera. My labor ended up being 9 hours and my baby was happy and healthy with no issues. With being induced, i think there was a risk of ending up with a C section but with the help of my doula, I stayed relatively in control of the decisions made during my delivery. 

Kelsey Wineland


Mariam was amazing through my pregnancy and delivery. She answered any questions I had about what was happening, she made me comfortable with all my decisions I needed to make, and gave me different ideas on how to handle labor and help it progress. She was amazing.

Elina Smith


Mariam was absolutely amazing!!! I will definitely use her again if I ha another baby. She was always available to answer questions and made me feel very comfortable. This was my first baby and I could not have done it without her. We met to discuss things to expect during labor, she answered questions I had and would make suggestions on what would be best for me based on what she knew about me. When I went into labor I called her and she met me at the hospital since I was already on my way. Mariam was with me the whole time, she helped me with my breathing, staying calm or as calm as I could be during the pain. I held her hand the entire time. She made me feel safe even though I was freaking out. She spoke to the nurses for me since all I was doing was crying. She helped take control of the room when I was overwhelmed by friends. Mariam talked me thru all my contractions and gave me positive encouraging feedback which helped me stay focused on the main goal which was delivering the baby. Having her telling me it was okay to scream/ yell or do whatever to help me deal with the pain was nice since my friend was telling me to be quiet at one point. She helped us stick to the birth plan which was refreshing. I recommend her to anyone having a baby or planning on having a baby. Her calm personality, her love for helping others and her love for children all make her a wonderful person. Mariam is a blessing to our family and we will always be grateful to her for being there during our most important event of our lifes. She also fed me ice chips when I needed it. She was there for my epidural which was scary. I chose her to be there over my husband because she knew what todo and I knew I was in good hands. I cannot stress this enough but without her I know my labor and delivery would have not gone as smooth as it did. From my water breaking to delivering the baby it took 4 hours. Mariam THANK YOU for all you've done. You are a Blessing. We love you. 

Katie Williams


I couldn't have done it without mariam! My husband was very supportive, but excited and nervous. He forgot everything we learned in class! Mariam  was a calming presence. She was supportive and new just what to do without making my husband feel left out. 

She is a master of counter pressure!!!! After the baby was born, he was rushed away due to Meconium aspiration. My husband went with him and mariam sat with me in the delivery room the whole time and kept me company and made sure I wasn't worrying too much. She truly was a blessing to have and made the whole experience special.

Jolaine Parks


I cannot say enough praises about Mariam. She met with my husband and I several times before the birth of our daughter and helped me to be prepared. I wanted a natural labor and delivery and she was very encouraging of that goal. I ended up being in labor almost 24 hours and had to have a C-Section because my daughter was stuck. Through each "change in plans" Mariam was VERY supportive and reassuring. When I was in labor she helped me greatly with her suggestions. She was also supportive of my husband and helped him to know what he could do to help me. When it became apparent that I would need a C-Section she helped me to be ok with that outcome even though it wasn’t what I planned. My mom arrived at my labor about 9 hours in and has since commented that she was very impressed by Mariam and said I should use her for all the rest of the deliveries, which I completely agree with! After my daughter’s birth Mariam checked in with me several times and made sure I knew she was available for any questions. I know my birth experience was so much better because I had Mariam to help me.

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