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Rebekah Gilley, CD(PALS)

Uplifted Birth

Tacoma, WA Service range 25 miles please inquire for ferry travel


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Birth Arts International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Pacific Association for Labor Support (PALS) - Certified Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 75 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

1 years and 10 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2016
  • DONA International, March 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Pets of all kinds are great. No smoking of any kind, please.

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
I serve families in hospitals along I-5; unfortunately I do not go to hospitals on the Eastside {Evergreen or Overlake}.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • ASL (American Sign Language)
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

PALS Doulas Board Member - Feb 2016-present

Languages Spoken

  • English

Tacoma, WA Service range 25 miles please inquire for ferry travel

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Client Testimonials for Rebekah Gilley, CD(PALS)

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Rose Hurley


Preparing for the birth of my first baby was exciting, nerve wracking, and overwhelming; working with Rebekah made it all easier! From our first "get to know you" meeting to the actual birth, Rebekah projected warmth, calm, and openness in way that put me at ease and made me feel like I had another ally in the birth process. She clearly explained the details of hiring a doula and the process of working with her and I felt really comfortable about my decision to hire her. 

Because my baby was in the breech position, it became apparent I was likely to need a c-section. I had a lot of anxiety going into this due to previous medical trauma. Rebekah was a great resource during this time and never seemed put off by my intense emotions. She was able to smoohly participate in discussions with my medical team before the surgery and really helped during the procedure, while still leaving space for my husband to be an active participant. She figured out new calming strategies without any prompting from me or others. I am convinced that her presence during the birth was a big factor in my positive experience. I'm sure she would be invaluable during labor as well. 

In short, hiring Rebekah as my doula was a great decision for me. I confidently recommend her to anyone considering a doula for their birth, even/especially if you have complex issues and feelings surrounding giving birth. Rebekah can handle it! She's a lovely person and a real asset to any birthing team! 

Kristine Louie


We are so grateful to have had Rebekah as our doula! She made such a difference in being able to have the birth experience that we wanted. My daughter is almost 2 years old now, and I still remember how much we valued having Rebekah. She was so helpful at coping with contractions, and it was really worthwhile to have that additional support. Rebekah was also tuned into signs that it was time to notify the doctors and nurses it was time to push, which my husband and I were clueless to. We appreciated her knowledge, caring, and sense of humor! I can't recommend her enough and definitely hope to have her as a doula again if we have a second child. 



When we first started looking into hiring a professional doula, we really weren't sure if it was something we were willing to budget for, since my husband and I have somewhat limited financial resources. On the other hand, I have a problem with anxiety, and I was worried that this might interfere with my ability to birth well. Everything I was reading in my books and learning in my classes about achieving a positive birth experience suggested the same thing: get a doula. And after working with Rebekah, I am extremely grateful I did. Rebekah was warm and laid back, yet professional and attentive to my needs. I never felt pressured about what I needed to do. She was always on my side with absolutely no agenda. One thing I didn't realize before is that even though we chose to work with a midwife in a good hospital, it would not be possible for staff to attend me at all times. We might have gotten scared being left to labor without help, but with Rebekah, we never had to go through anything alone. She was always there to help me through surges (contractions) even when the nurses couldn't be there. My husband was able to be his best for me because Rebekah was there to keep us both feeling confident. There were times when I needed two people to physically assist me, and I simply would not have had that without her help. I never expected Rebekah's role to be as crucial as it was for my physical and psycholocigal comfort. It was a long and challenging labor, yet we avoided a c-section, and I never gave into fear. It was a great birth. I honestly think if I didn't have Rebekah to support me in crucial ways, things might have gone differently, and we might not have avoided surgery. Certainly, it would have been harder to stay the course. Her dedication and stamina were profound. I thank God we chose to hire Rebekah to work with us. Her services were worth every penny, and then some.  




Joel Peterson


Rebekah Gilley served as doula for my wife and me as we had our first child in November, 2018. As a husband, it took a huge weight off my shoulders to know that someone with experience, knowledge, and confidence was there with us as my wife went through labor. As a first-time dad, I was ready and willing to be as helpful and supportive as possible, but I would have never known how to support her in all the many specific ways that Rebekah instinctively knew to try. For instance, she had the nurses bringing in equipment that we didn't even know was available, and she had Sheri go through some "spinning babies" techniques to help get the baby properly positioned.

We first met Rebekah in our Seattle Hypnobirthing class-- she was auditing it to get a better understanding of what sort of techniques couples in the class were learning. Knowing that our doula was versed in Hypnobirthing along with all her many other skills was reassuring as we communicated our birth preferences with our midwife and nurses. Like most labors, ours didn't go exactly as planned, but having Rebekah as a familiar, steadying presence helped immensely as we dealt with the ups and downs of labor.

Rebekah was also great about scheduling pre-labor appointments to flesh out our birth plan and post-labor check-ins after our baby arrived. If we have another baby, I would totally hire Rebekah again!

Sheri B


Rebekah was an invaluable part of my baby's birth (my first!); hiring her was such a great decision and I'm sure made my overall birth experience more enjoyable. Leading up to the birth, I felt so much more comfortable with the whole idea of labor, knowing I would have dedicated support from someone who knows so much more about the process and has attended way more births than my husband or I had. We met with Rebekah a couple of times in the last few weeks of pregnancy to discuss birth preferences and things to expect, and I was so impressed with her organization (she provided us with a contract that made very clear our expectations of each other, which I appreciated), her warmth, and her obvious passion for her profession.

I had to be induced, and Rebekah came to the hospital when labor picked up and we felt like we needed more support (but she was very clear that she would come whenever we wanted her, including laboring at the house, if that had been an option for us). As each stage of labor got more intense, Rebekah was there with just the right thing at the right time - suggestions for positions, guiding my husband where to push on my back, conjuring up hospital props, suggesting when to move to the tub, and handing me a plastic comb to grip to distract me... it was all just what I needed at just the right time. I remember really wishing I had a map of "you are HERE in labor", so I knew how much more intense it was going to get and where I was in the process - absent that, having Rebekah as my doula was the next best thing. 

Sam Hagstrom


Rebekah Gilley was an awesome doula. She did a fantastic job supporting my husband and I pre-natally. We learned a lot of different coping strategies before we ever entered the birthing center and felt prepared. Rebekah was always available by text to answer random questions, especially as our due date came closer and there was talk about specific things that the doctor wanted to do. When we finally were at the hospital because we were induced and knew when we were going in, Rebekah told us to let her know when we wanted her there and she would be there within the hour. When things finally got moving along she was there and during the slower times gave my husband a break and let him rest while we walked and talked about what might be next. Even when things got a bit complicated with the delivery, Rebekah made sure we were okay with what was going on and paid close attention in case we had questions later on. She was very supportive when I wasn’t feeling my best and helped me get through it and helped my mom and husband in the room make sure they felt included and helpful. Rebekah was very encouraging all the way through a tough delivery and was the one paying attention when we were pretty distracted by that point. She made sure I was hydrated during the last part of delivery and even helped get me food after (in the middle of the night and was starving)! I wasn’s sure at first that we would need a doula but it made a HUGE difference. We still like to update her with photos to remind her that she helped us bring our cute baby into our lives! Thank you so much!

Leslie LaPlante


We hired Rebekah for the birth of our second child.  I debated for awhile during my pregnancy whether we needed to have a doula present this time around since we “knew the drill.”  I ultimately decided that it was worthwhile to have the extra support on hand.  Rebekah was great with talking to us ahead of time to determine my birth goals and preferences and helping me stick with them.  She came prepared to the delivery with many relaxation techniques, even several more unconventional ones.  I appreciated her gentle suggestions to try new approaches when I was not in the position to think through the options.  She even took some great newborn pictures for us!  

Tristan Griffith


Despite a very long brith process, Rebekah stuck with us. We spent a couple long days on Pitocin waiting for active labor to start. During that time, Rebekah helped us try different techniques to get into active labor, helped us understand the process, and kept us company. She helped us stay positive and kept us from going crazy while we waited for things to progress.

Ultimately, things did not progress as quickly as we hoped and we had a C-section late at night. As we returned to our room with our new baby, Rebekah got the call from her next client. Truly no rest for the weary!

I believe we ended up being Rebekah's longest birth to-date. I know it was challenging at times, but throughout it all Rebekah was professional, dedicated, and knowledgable. Based on our experience I feel very confident in saying that you can depend on Rebekah. She's a great doula and she's fun to hang out with. We cannot recommend her enough!

Jessica Lin


I recently gave birth to my first child. The entire experience with Rebekah was wonderful - from the prenatal visits, the actual birth, to the post-natal visits. Rebekah was a great source of information, resources, and overall support in helping us through the entire process. The prenatal visits were great in getting a lot of questions answered, understanding what was going to happen, and really just to settle our nerves. During labor, Rebekah had a lot of tools not only to help manage or distract my pain, to change positions during labor to help move it along, but also to make my husband useful in giving me massages. I went without an epidural and also had pitocin during my labor, so it was definitely intense at times. I was ready to throw in the towel and get an epidural after many hours of labor, but Rebekah and my husband kept encouraging me to breathe through it. Of course, it was easy for them to say because they weren't the ones going through it, but in the end, it all worked out and I was overall pleased that I was able to carry out my birth plan. After the birth, the post-natal visits were nice just to reflect back on the labor, and was comforting to have a check-in to make sure we were doing ok. 

Overall, if you're getting ready to have a baby, I'd highly recommend Rebekah as your doula. Very professional, respectful, easy to get along with, and good partner to have on your side during labor.  



Aaron Burt


This was our second time working with Rebekah and she was great! We appreciate the way she is able to flex with the changing environment/mood as things progress. As the father in the room I especially appreciate the way she assists both of us. We look forward to working with her again in the future!

Jessie Austin


Rebekah was awesome! Her pre-natal visits were fun and reassuring and she was attentive to our concerns. She was responsive to all my texts and questions in those last few weeks of waiting. In an incredibly quick and surprising turn of events, Baby decided to arrive before any of our care providers could get to us, but Rebekah jumped in on helping the midwife as she took care of all the post-care of a precipitous labor. She also managed to snap a few pictures for us! Afterwords, she checked in regularly and provided caring post-natal visits and we still keep in touch. I really feel like I gained a friend, rather than just a temporary support person. 

Cameron Bellm


Rebekah was the doula of our dreams! From our first meeting with her, we knew we wanted to have her at our birth. She is so warm and open, and so deeply knowledgable about all things birth. We appreciated that she really took the time to get to know us and learn what type of support we were looking for in two in-depth prenatal visits. She was just as thorough after the birth with two postpartum visits, making sure that we were all doing well and adjusting to life with a newborn and preschooler (this was our second baby). I went into labor very early in the morning, and we called Rebekah to ask her to meet us at the hospital. She arrived before we did! My husband and I both felt such a sense of relief when we saw her! She immediately started helping me through my contractions as I made my way down to labor and delivery, soothing me with her calm voice and reminding me to breathe. Throughout labor, she asked for so many things I couldn't: ice, a bowl for in case I was sick, changes in position. I loved how vocal she was and how she anticipated my needs. As I was working through contractions and pushing, she was continually encouraging me and applying counter pressure to help my back. She also kept me informed on my progress and let me know where my husband was when he had to go move the car (I know he was relieved to have Rebekah there with me while he had to step away!) It ended up being a very quick labor (only 30 minutes at the hospital before he was born!), but we would never have wanted to do it without her! She helped us joyfully welcome our sweet baby and then continued to ease me through a painful delivery of my placenta and post-labor contractions, making sure that I received Ibuprofen and a warm pack. She also took pictures for us and even ordered my breakfast for me! Throughout our experience with Rebekah, I felt so deeply respected, known, and cared for. I would absolutely recommend her to everyone!

Kristina Schafer


My husband and I interviewed 3 doulas and we feel lucky that we found Rebekah to be our doula! She is passionate about the birth process, babies, and helping their parents through the experience. We appreciated that she was easy to relate to and we developed an easy rapport. Our schedule can be a bit crazy so we loved that she was willing to meet us anywhere and was flexible if something needed to change. She answered all of our questions in the initial meetings and was fully supportive of our desire to have a natural birth; we were very comfortable going into the birth process with her. At the birth she was calm, confident, and completely focused on my husband and I. We wanted a doula to support him during the process just as much as me, and she did that. She suggested different positions and breathing techniques which helped me immensely. The white Christmas lights she set up (in September!) in the hospital room made it feel cozy and was such a nice touch! We asked her to take pictures with our phones if the moment seemed right and just after my daughter was born and she was on my chest Rebekah captured the BEST photo of the three of us. Before she left the hospital she ordered us both breakfast from the cafeteria - so considerate! After we brought our daughter home she continued her support by answering any questions we had; when she didn't know the answer she did not hesitate to say so and she reached out to her network to find us answers. We are so happy she helped us bring our daughter into the world. We hope to have a second some day and we will definitely be calling Rebekah again!

Shantel Gascoigne


Rebekah was an amazing doula for us and I was so grateful to have her there through our experience. While I loved the support she gave me personally, I think the most valuable support she provided was for my husband. There was literally a point at the height of the pain when he was completely overwhelmed by seeing me in so much pain and nothing he did seemed to be right (oops ??) and he pulled Rebekah aside and said "I'm going to need you to take point here" and she seamlessly stepped in and also helped him understand how to support me. Going with a doula is a great choice, and Rebekah was a great, even energy, smart and supporting doula. 

Jenny Kordell


After hearing about the benefits of a birth doula at our childbirth class, my husband and I decided to hire one. Within minutes of meeting Rebekah at our initial visit, we instantly knew we wanted to hire her and are so glad we did! She was a fantastic source of encouragement and support for me during my labor and delivery. Her calm demeanor, pain management techniques and overall care helped me to stick to my birth plan. I highly recommend her, and will hire her again should we have any future kids. Thanks Rebekah!

Jessica Roseman


As a first time parents, my husband and I were very happy to have additional support from Rebekah during our perinatal experience. We would abdolutely recommend her services to other parents-to-be and are so grateful for her help in bringing our beautiful baby boy into this world.

Rebekah's warm and positive demeanor made us feel quickly at ease. During our prenatal appointments, Rebekah provided education, connected us to community resources, and facilitated important conversations. She helped us to think through how we wanted our birth to go and how we would cope if things did not go as planned.

Leading up to labor, I hoped to have as few medical interventions as possible and wanted to avoid pain medications. When induction became necessary, I became more open to an epidural. Rebekah joined us at the hospital when my midwife started Pitocin. She was friendly and professional and built a quick rapport with my medical team. I appreciated the balance that Rebekah struck between asking me what I wanted and jumping in to offer comfort measures - getting me water, offering counter pressure, suggesting positioning changes, helping me into the jacuzzi. She also helped my husband take an active role in supporting me during labor. I felt overwhelmed at transition and began requesting an epidural. Rebekah honored my birth plan and helped me postpone the intervention by coaching me through additonal coping measures and helping me request a cervical check to see how much progress I made. When my contractions stacked on top of each other and where too exhausting for me to bear, Rebekah helped me request an epidural, then helped me to hold still while it was placed. She then held my leg as I pushed for 3 hours!

For our postnatal care, Rebekah again provided education and connection to community resources. She also helped us to process our birth and reflect positively on the experience. We would whole heartedly recommend Rebekah!

Elise Stephens


Rebekah was a compassionate good listener during our prenatal appointments. I loved the gentle support she offered me during birth. Mine was a rapid birth with a fairly scary bit right at the end, and Rebekah was right there by my side making sure I knew I was safe and doing a great job. She has a beautiful heart and soul and brings a deep nurturing spirit to the sacred birth space.

Jessica Wood


My husband and I had planned a homebirth and we hired Rebekah to be our doula. My husband tells people she was the best money we spent on our birth. Though I ended up having to be moved to a hospital, Rebekah was with me the entire time. I need more than 2000 characters to really communicate my feelings about how much we loved having Rebekah there. She not only supported me, she supported my husband. She kept my breathing on track, especially during my worst contractions. She massaged my arms and head when I needed touch. She kept me calm and kept my husband calm. She came to the hospital and was there through the entire birth. Amazing is how I would describe her. She is passionate, kind, funny, and overall just a wonderful human being. She has the perfect demenor for being a doula. If I have another child down the road, I would ask for her to be my doula again. She is really priceless. She is worth every penny and you will be so happy you hired her to be there for you during this adventure we call pregnancy and birth. 

Molly Johnston


Rebekah was a great doula.  We loved her energy and enthusiasum.  Though early in her career she was professional and knowledgable. 

Our birth itself hit a hiccup when Rebekah was already at another birth! What timing.  She remained calm and gave us options on what we could do, including sending her back up.  We were aware of the procedures in the case that two births happened at the same time.  Given our progress in laboring, we declined the replacement and decided to go at it just us.  Luckily, Rebekah remained in contact with my husband and the other couple needed to be transfered to the hospital, so she was able to leave them to make it to our birth. 

Once she arrived, she seamlessly entered the mayhem in the room ;).  As I was hitting transition and things were progressing/getting more intense for me, she put her hand on my shoulder, told me to relax and helped me find my breathing again.  When that contraction was complete, I recall thinking "She was worth every penny"! 

Tamara Katen


Rebekah was AMAZING and such a BLESSING to us during the birth of our first child in February 2016!  My husband and I both felt it would be a great help for us in trying to get through our first birth and natural labour to have the assistance of a doula who could help keep us calm, focused, and who could be the 'intermediary' in communicating between the two of us as well as with the medical staff what my needs/desires were for labour, even the needs that I would not know I'd have being the first time I'd experienced labour.  Rebekah was absolutely wonderful in doing all of these things and so much more that we could not have anticipated beforehand.  Rebekah basically became the 'best friend' and the third 'teammate' that we needed during labour.  She was the calming voice during each contraction helping me to remember the pain was for good, and keeping me focused on being relaxed and breathing calmly.  She was the voice of encouragement and support steady through the whole process.  In addition, after the birth of our son my husband had to leave me to go with our son to the NICU for four hours, which left me, and Rebekah as my only support, to deal with all the 'repairing' of my injuries as well as all the paperwork and cleaning up/moving rooms, etc.  Rebekah stayed with me through everything and was absolutely AMAZING in taking care of all the details for me, being my hands and feet when I obviously couldn't, and the emotional support and distraction during the lengthy 'repair' work on my body as well. There is just no way I could have done it without her!  THANKS AGAIN REBEKAH!  :)

Marissa Burt


I'm so thankful we were able to have Rebekah as our doula with the birth of our daughter in January! Throughout the entire labor and delivery, Rebekah was a calm, encouraging, and supportive presence. I appreciated her suggestions for pain relief and her ability to sense the mood of the room and provide appropriate, helpful care. It was lovely to have her as part of my birthing team, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for doula support for their labor and delivery.

Andrea Rake


Rebekah was a great asset to have at our most recent birth. She was a  calm and peaceful presence to have in the room. She was always looking for ways to serve, from back rubs to walking the halls to having lots of lip gloss and water ready for me. I would recommend her to others who are looking for someone who is both educated and motivated to continue learning as well as willing to make helpful suggestions and serve them during their birth. 

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