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Seong Kitsos, AdvCD and Postpartum Doula

Spirit of Women

Phone: 312.523.3406

Birth Fee: $900

Postpartum Rate: $30 to $35

Fee Details: It is important to me that all parents who want a doula to walk with them on their journey have one. Under certain circumstances my fee can be flexible, and I will barter. I can take payments as cash, check, credit/debit card and PayPal transfer. My services include at least 2 prenatal visits. I arrive to your labor when you feel the time is right and stay until you are settled (usually 2 hours postpartum). If you choose to breastfeed I can offer reassurance about the process as you begin (I have experience and training to help). At your postpartum home visit I love to weave together your birth story with you. I am there to help with light housework if things have become overwhelming, I can watch baby (and other little ones) if you need to get a shower. I can also teach you how to wear your baby. I include photography in my general services and at the postpartum visit I give my clients a CD/Google photo access with any photos I have.

Birth Doula Experience: 5 years and 80 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 2 years and 16 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • The Matrona - Certified Holistic Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2015
  • The Matrona, August 2016
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 3 births and 0 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: There is a huge cultural void in postpartum support for newborn mothers. Regardless of how many children you have birthed, each time we are newborn as mothers/parents. I trained with The Matrona in Tending the Postpartum Psyche and I am more passionate than ever to nourish the mind, body and spirit of newborn mothers, babies and families. I can shop, cook, care for newborn and siblings, breastfeeding support, guidance on infant care, do laundry - make sure mom and baby have plenty of time to bond!
Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I had my first two babies in the hospital and both were very positive experiences! As a doula, my support has been received very well by medical staff at hospitals. I have always had a great ability to maintain a professional, kind and friendly attitude toward all people regardless of their attitude toward me. Luckily, most RNs consider doulas a great asset to birthing mothers!
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Birth centers are a great alternative to hospital birth for women who are not quite comfortable with home birth ( or whose partners are not).
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I absolutely LOVE homebirth. My last three children were born at home and both births were incredibly positive experiences. I have yet to meet a family who has chosen to have their baby at home and regretted it. All births are special but there is something so comforting to birthing women about being in a familiar environment.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • I offer customized private CBE instruction to my clients for an additional fee

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • I breastfed all four of my children successfully. Surprisingly, I had a rough start with my fourth! It came as a huge shock to me after having such an easy time with the first three. I learned a lot during my breastfeeding journey with my youngest. I have attended an Advanced Breastfeeding Topics for Birth Professionals taught by Dr. Carol Chamblin, RN, IBCLC

Other Relevant Certifications

  • American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification
  • HBC - Home Birth Consultant
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • SERVSAFE® Food Safety Management Training
  • Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Previous birth trauma and/or birth injury
  • Single parents
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Teens
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion Support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Languages spoken: English

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Client Testimonials for Seong Kitsos, AdvCD and Postpartum Doula

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Seong served as my postpartum doula starting the day my husband returned to work after paternity leave (my baby was 2 months old) until she was six months old. This was my second child and I knew I needed more support postpartum this time around. Hands down one of the best decisions I have made. I was anxious about welcoming a stranger into my home during a sensitive, transitional, and vulnerable time, but when I interviewed Seong I knew it was the right fit and the right decision for my family and me. She exudes the most incredible energy and she is a true advocate for women. I tell my mom friends that a nanny is there to help you by taking care of the kids, but a postpartum doula is there for YOU, which can include taking care of the kids. Seong helped with my baby and toddler, did light cleaning, and helped meal prep. She was also an emotional support, offering her knowledge, experience, warmth, and calmness. I am a strong believer that if you have the means to hire a postpartum doula, do it. Even if you have family around to support you, do it. Do it and be proud of yourself for setting yourself up for a smoother transition into motherhood. It will help you mentally and physically, which in turn makes you a better mother, partner, person. I always looked forward to the days Seong was coming to support me.  I am forever grateful for her and what she did for my family and me. I give her the highest recommendation to my friends, family, and this community.

Posted 10/9/2019

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Seong was amazing help for me postpartum. She thoughtfully, creatively, and patiently cared for my toddler while also providing help with the baby when needed. She always knew what other tasks needed to be done around the house so that I didn’t have to spend much time thinking about it. She also gave me some good advice that clearly comes from a ton of experience!

Posted 4/29/2019

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Theresa Friedlund

Seong attended the births of both of my children and I was so grateful to have her there.  Her nurturing and supportive spirit was integral  in the outcome of my experiences.  She smoothly guided me through several difficulties that we encountered.  Seong also helped me stay on track and made sure I didn’t lose sight of my birthing plan. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an empathetic, knowledgeable, and experienced  doula!!

Posted 1/22/2019

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Katherine McCormack

Seong is an amazing doula and person! I feel so lucky to have had her by my side during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. I had a very competent doula for the birth of my first son but I can truly say that Seong is special. She is warm, kind, extremely knowledge, generous, and passionate about birth. She truly loves what she does and it shows. She provided not only support for me but also for my partner and my older son. Despite this being my second birth I still learned a lot from her every time we talked and she even helped me to reframe my first birthing experience in a positive way. Her positivity, strength, and light have been a real source of grace in my life. She always went above and beyond what I expected from a doula and really felt like a friend. From homemade muffins to a beautiful birth affirmations wall hanging to answering every worried text from me promptly and with helpful information she always found a way to put my mind at ease. She is an amazing listener and I felt comfortable sharing both my fears and my joys. I am so thankful that she was part of my 2nd son’s birth story. She really taught me what a powerful role a doula can play by imbibing even the smallest of acts with great love and attention. I cannot recommend her highly enough! I think she is an especially good match for expectant mothers who might struggle with anxiety because of her ability to create calm wherever she goes.

Posted 1/12/2019

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Melissa McKinney Erdoss

Seong was great during both my birthing experience. I honestly feel like had I not had seong as my doula I would have had to have a c-sections for both my birth. My 1st was. 72 hour labor that seong faithfully stayed for and helped me and my husband through. My 2nd was a 10lb baby and I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to deliver him naturally because of how small I am and how big he was, she definitely gave me tons of encouragement and wisdom to help me birth the way I wanted to to. She advocated for me when needed and that was a huge help to me and my husband. She also was not belittling when I chose to change my birth plan which made me feel really good. She is a great doula and I am happy to say with her help I birth 2 healthy babies the way I wanted to despite all the odds we faced and threats of interventions and c-section.

Posted 12/14/2018

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Leslie Jones

Seong was our doula for the birth of our third child and I couldn't have been happier with the recommendation (from our last doula who was unable to was unable to be us). My daughter's birth was my second natural vbac in a hospital setting with a midwife group. I also had a history of shoulder dystocia from my second birth. Seong was very comforting during our initial meetings; she is an incredible listener and has a great way of making you feel understood and enabling your own reflection. She made me feel confident in my decision making and knowing what was best for me and my baby. She provided a birth affirmation banner that truly helped me through the last weeks of my pregnancy and labor. During labor and delivery, she was a calming force and was excellent at reading my needs, start to finish. We feel very lucky to have had her support through the end of my pregnancy and at the birth of our child.

Posted 8/5/2018

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Michelle Garrett

Seong was a true joy to have by side as she helped guide me through my first pregnancy and birth. As a new mom, I didn't know what to expect and Seong's patience and kind energy immediately put myself and husband at ease. Prior to the birth, she made herself available to answer any questions and she was quite generous with her time and wisdom during the prebirth and postpartum visits.

During the birth, she really helped to put me at ease and guide me through the birthing process. I was a high risk pregnancy requiring early induction  and at higher risk for medical intervention.  She supported me through this scary process and I believe that having Seong at my side was part of the reason that I succeeded in having a vaginal birth not requiring medication or medical intervention. She has been an enormous support not only for myself but  for my husband especially during the birth since he didn't know what to expect. She went above and beyond to make us feel supported and well cared for. I really appreciated the small things such as ensuring that I was well hydrated and had nutritional support during the birth to going above and beyond by volunteering to take photos of us during the birth which was really nice. We hadn't considered having a birth photographer and capturing these memories was something really special for us. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Seong to anyone who was considering having a doula. Her wisdom, support, and friendship through this special time in my life has been priceless and hope to work with her again in the future. 

Posted 5/25/2018

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Stacy Hunnicutt

We had a great experience with Seong. While my childbirth did not go as planned due to some minor complications, Seong remained a great support to both me and my husband throughout the labor and after we brought our daughter home. She was always a calming presence and did not pressure me in any of my decisions. Her emphasis was always that I have the type of birth that I wanted. She also very generously answered some late night questions via text from me during our daughter's first week at home. My husband says he doesn't know how we would have done it without her. I heartily recommend her.

Posted 10/20/2017

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JL Steere

Seong was my doula for my first birth. We signed on at 32 weeks, and unfortunately little man came at 35 weeks, with a host of issues. Seong was available to me not only pre-birth as far as hooking me up with other professionals to help try to turn my breech boy, but also trying some hands on techniques as well. Even though she was on vacation at birth time (not her fault - who expected a 35 weeker?) she was there for phone support and sent in her backup doula who was also amazing.

Post birth (c-section due to breech-no doula could have helped me talk the doctors out of this one) she was a wonderful guiding spirit for not only healing, but baby care, self-care, and an overall wealth of information in pretty much all things needed.

When it comes time for my attempt at VBAC for our second (crossing fingers for the future), we will need Seong to be there.

Posted 2/21/2017

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Rose Kirschner

Seong was a great support for the VBAC of our second child. Seong arrived in the evening, after I'd been laboring for a few hours, and (unbeknownst to me) she'd been up all of the previous night assisting another birth. She and my husband traded off supporting me and "sifting" my belly through every contraction to ease the pain all night long.  She was great at suggesting new positions, and bringing calm to the room, while making sure the hospital staff at UIC were there to support me when needed. At one point, there was concern that the baby was in stress, and that we may not be able to have a successful VBAC. Seong's experience helped us realize there was no need to rush into another c-section and suggested successful alternate positions to keep the baby happy, and my labor progressing. Needless to say, we were all exhausted by the time our daughter arrived at noon the next day, after nearly 20 hours in labor, 3 of which were spent pushing. It was only then I found out she had been up all of the previous night as well!

Posted 2/9/2017

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Ariana Tarifa

Seong was our doula for the birth of our first baby. The moment my husband and I met her, we knew we wanted to work with her. Seong has an amazingly calm manner, she is warm and supportive. She strongly believes in the strength a woman have and she constantly reminds you about it. My labor was short and she was with me the moment I told her I needed her at my side. She was so comforting and supportive during the birth of my daughter.
We love Seong, and if having a second child, we will have her as our doula again.

Posted 2/7/2017

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Danielle Vara

Seong has a tangible passion for empowering women and their partners. From the moment I met with her through the arrival of my son, there was no doubt she was a perfect fit and a huge part of making my VBAC a success. I can't say enough about her knowledge, support and kind spirit ??. I'm so glad to have had her by our side!

Posted 12/7/2016

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Theresa Friedlund

Our experience with Seong was one we'll never forget.  She was a vital part towards maintaining my sanity and mental health throughout the duration of my pregnancy.  Seong instantly knew how to calm my fears even when I was on the verge of a breakdown.  She checked in with us throughout the duration of the pregnancy and when baby decided to show up 10 days early, she was there at the hospital in no time!  Seong was instrumental in how smooth my delivery went as well.  She took the utmost care to help center me especially when it came to dealing with the doctor and nurses who weren't communicating with me in the way I needed them too.  If Seong wasn't there to "translate" the medical talk and reassure me that I was making the right decisions, I don't know what I would've done.  She helped both my husband and I ease into parenthood and we honestly couldn't have done it without her.  I hope to maintain a lifelong connection with her as she is one of the most warm and kind people I have ever met.  :)

Posted 12/6/2016

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Jessica Ewald

I highly recommend Seong as a doula. I hired her for my third pregnancy, although I am/was an experienced mother with a present husband we still desired having a seasoned doula by our side. Seong was attentive in getting to know us prior to the birth, her presence was calming and easy going. Seong is a centered individual, very knowledgeable and resourceful. She knew exactly how to encourage me when needed and gentle when she knew I needed some 'tough love' motivation. I'm forever grateful to have had her as part of my childs birth. 

Posted 10/18/2016

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Joänna Zumhagen

Seong is an amazing person, a strong advocate for making your birth all about you, an expert guide as you reach the end of pregnancy, and a peaceful presence during labor. You won’t regret hiring her as your birth companion.

I knew within minutes that Seong was “the one”, as sappy as that sounds. She had such a comforting presence that instantly put me at ease. With no promise of being hired she freely spent nearly two hours of her time discussing my hopes and fears and truly listened. She provided great insight and suggestions. She emailed me some useful articles and book titles and checked in to see if they helped (they did!).

During labor I ended up wanting to be alone a lot more than expected. She was totally respectful of my need for space, but reminded me she was available if I needed anything. She straightened up my room, brought drinks, checked in with the doctor and my husband as needed, and was overall just a peaceful presence and a good person to have around. Something I really appreciated was that she remembered the nit-picky things we had discussed in our earlier visits such as my desire to have a clean room, my son to not be scared, a specific brand of essential oil, etc. She told me how great I did during contractions and kept my self confidence high. We had great, natural conversation in between contractions which kept time moving quickly. After delivery she helped to mediate a situation with my mother-in-law just like we had discussed. Seong handled it with grace and I was so thankful to have an advocate.

Seong was a dear member of my birth and I’m glad she was there to support me. I was excited for the post partum visit just so I could see her again. If I have another child and she is still a doula, I will most certainly ask her to join me again. She is flexible enough to accommodate many styles of births, but educated enough to also guide you in any areas of uncertainty. 

Posted 8/3/2016

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Giedre Krulikas Sidrys

Our experience with Seong Kitsos was AMAZING! We hired her as a doula for my first birth (at UIC), knowing we really wanted to have a natural birth experience and labor at home for as long as possible and that this would be easier with someone experienced by our side. When we had our first meeting with Seong, I left telling my husband that I was so excited for the birth and couldn't wait for it all to happen. The night I went into labor, we contacted Seong and she was immediately texting back and forth to help us figure out when the best time would be for her to join us. Once she arrived, she helped my husband tremendously by giving him tips on how he could assist me during my contractions, various methods of massaging that would ease my pain, and other sorts of advice. She helped us determine the best time to leave for the hospital and then stayed by our side for my entire 37 hour (!!) labor. It felt like she was constantly pulling things out of her bag to help me out and had excellent advice throughout the entire process - even figuring out positions for me to labor in that would ease my back tension and help the baby slip into position. I felt like she was really helpful when we had to figure out whether to start on pitocin and other pain killers, because labor wasn't progressing like it should. It was also incredibly helpful to have her there to give my husband breaks, since my labor lasted so long that they both needed to take catnaps to get through it and leave for food and to stretch their legs. Finally, I don't think I would successfully managed to deliver naturally without her, since my pushing lasted five hours and I really only feel like it began to progress once she urged me to switch positions and try different things. I highly recommend Seong as a doula! 

Posted 3/28/2016

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Vincas Sidrys

Seong Kitsos was an amazing doula! She helped my wife and I birth our first son who took 37 hours of laboring and she was there the entire time. She was incredibly knowledgeable with positions and techniques to help my wife successfully naturally deliver our 9 pound 2 ounce son. Also, she was a great advocate for us at the hospital making sure all the healthcare professionals followed our birth plan. Seong is very caring and has a warm personality making her very easy to work with. She and I had a great dynamic and were able to ensure that my wife always had someone with her, especially when I needed to take a break or quick nap. I look forward to working with Seong for our next child.

Posted 3/22/2016

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Thomas C.

Seong was wonderful to have around. She was a rock the whole time for my wife and I. She sought to make sure that all of our wishes were respected at the hospital, and that our birth went as naturally as it possibly could in a hospital. There were some extenuating circumstances that forced us to have a hospital birth instead of a home birth, and Seong helped ease that transition and made it a bit easier to accept. Our wishes were respected, and we were very thankful for that. 

We wouldn't have wanted another Doula other than song. We are so glad we had her to share this experience. She even surprised us with wonderful birth pictures on our checkup appointment! She spent a few hours making sure my wife was comfortable and recovering nicely from her pregnancy. If you choose Seong, you will have no regrets. There is nobody else we would have wanted to share this amazing experience with. 

Posted 3/19/2016

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Jamie Racutt

I feel so blessed to have found Seong for the birth of my third son. It was the first birth that I was able to have a doula with us. Seong is very easy to talk to and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the time that we spent together throughout the doula process. She provided such a calming presence during the birth. She was supportive while also allowing my husband and I to dictate how much and the type of support we needed throughout. Our son's birth day was truly all the more special in that she was there to share it with. She was able to keep me grounded, confident and strong when pushing became overwhelming. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Seong as a birth doula!

Posted 2/10/2016

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Amber Nicklaus

The birth of my first child would not have been the same without Seong! From the moment I met her, I knew right away that we clicked. She had such a positive, sweet and calming spirit. Throughout the entire process from the home visit, the birth and the post check up, she was there for me! Making me feel special and empowered during the birth was something that I look back on with so much fondness. The encouragement I got was perfect! Seong knew the right things to say and when to say nothing at all or to just hold my hand. Not only did she provide support for myself but also was there for my husband, mom and dad. She did her very best to make them all feel included in the process, as I was not able to do that myself. Keeping my parents updated and feeling calm was something that I considered to be above and beyond! Everyone present, including myself, felt that Seong brought a peacefulness into the enviroment. It was an energy that I desperatly needed toward the end of labor! I wasn't sure that I was going to be capable of bringing my son into this world...but there was Seong! Gently leading me in the right direction with her quiet, confident encouragement. I can't say enough great things about this wonderful person! She took the time to get to know me on a personal level. She used an approach that fit me as a person, and not just another "client". It felt like having a friend in there with me.  If I'm ever blessed with another child, I pray that Seong will be available! If you are looking for a doula who will not only be there for you, but truly gives her energy and heart into helping you through your whole birthing process, then Seong Kitsos is the right woman for the job!! 

Posted 9/28/2015

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For the birth of our second baby, I decided to hire a Doula. With my first baby I had an extremely long labor of 55 hours. Looking back I realized that I may have not allowed myself to be truly vulnerable during that process. I chose to hire Seong because I wanted a different experience, I wanted to allow myself to be able to rely on a wonderful and supportive team. Seong was a blessing from the get go.  My husband and I felt really comfortable as she has a warm and very kind spirit.  She was truly a blessing to me during my labor and afterwards. She was nurturing, and brought a great sense of comfort and encouragement to me during some of those very hard moments.  Even in those moments that were a blur to me, reflecting back I can remember feeling a sense of comfort and compassion with her presence. Her loving help and assistance allowed my husband to really focus his attention on me which was also very special. I wouldn't of gone through my experience with anybody different, as Seong was truly an answer to prayer!  

Posted 8/31/2015

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Dorothy Paape

The birth of our second child was wonderful, thanks in large part to the help we had from Seong Kotsos.  I felt like having her as a resource and support person was like having an older sister right by my side, and I'm so thankful that she was there.  During the last few weeks of pregnancy, Seong was great about checking in to make sure things were going smoothly, and when we hit a bump in the road at 39 weeks, Seong was there to help us with a ton of useful tips.  She even met with me to talk about my options & gave me an herbal remedy that could help.  On the day of the birth, Seong was there from early labor until we met our son & beyond.  She helped us create a safe space to welcome our son, and the nursing staff even remarked that the room smelled like a spa.  She was extremely respectful and in tune with both my wants as a laboring mother and my husband's wants as a patiently wating dad.  I really can't' say enough good things about Seong & the birth she helped us have.

Posted 8/19/2015

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