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Seattle, WA Service range 30 miles

206 981 8561

Birth Fee

$1400 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Fee

$1400 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 30 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 40 families served

Doula Training

  • PALS Doulas, January 2015
  • ProDoula, April 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

- Volunteer with Open Arms, Shanti Bhavan Children Project, Platforma RO100 Seattle,

Fee Details

With a background in interior design and a passion for birth and babies Parenting Greenhouse was born. Parenting Greenhouse is a professional support service company design to enhance quality of life though pregnancy, birth and parenting guidance. Parenting Greenhouse is certified in the KonMari tidy method and with an extensive background in interior design our mission is to help families thrive. We teach parents how to manage their homes and lives in order to fully be present for their children and themselves. The labor fee is 'a la carte' and it includes 2 prenatal visits, birth support, 1 postpartum visit, birth photography and 1 or more KonMari tidy lessons. For any design project please email me for a free consultation and a custom estimate. Thanks for taking the time to take a look, would love to hear from you! - "Greet the great mystery of parenting with an open heart" - Timothy Dukes

Seattle, WA Service range 30 miles

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Katherine Axt Rundell


Ana came highly recommended from a good doula friend who said she would personally use Ana as her own doula when she had her baby. I couldn't agree more! My husband and I interviewed multiple doula candidates, but choosing Ana was easy. She strikes a wonderful balance of practicality and flexibility, and she is knowledgable and helpful. She also brings the personal experience of having her own child. She didn't judge me for using pain medication (epidural) or choosing a hospital to give birth over a midwife/home birth. Some doulas we interviewed were very abrasive or take-charge, but Ana is more tender, caring, supportive--what you want in a doula; someone who can support you to make important decisions during labor and delivery, not someone who will make those decisions on your behalf. We were also looking for a doula who provided post partum services: we used her for several weeks to do overnight shifts at our condo, and she was helpful in establishing sleep and feeding habits, bouncing questions and suggestions off of for baby gas, fussiness, lack of sleep, starting to use breast pump, how to properly bathe baby and put in front carrier. Finally, Ana is also an excellent photographer and took beautiful photos of the birth experience for our keepsake memories. She did this in a non-intruding way, and I'm so glad we had her capture the memories!

Kim Lappala


Ana was amazing to work with! She was very accommodating and receptive to our needs. She has a very calming, reassuring presence. She did a great job of getting to know us and figuring out when to provide encouragement or suggestions and when to step back. I really appreciated having her around as a support in case my toddler needed something. It felt natural and comfortable to have Ana around and made our home birth experience so much better. 

Katrina Kleinwachter Fortney


We were so pleased to work with Ana for the pregnancy and delivery of our second child. Ana was a calm presence, listening, offering perspective, and ever supportive, as we prepared for the birth. That continued on into the labor. I had a pretty drawn out labor again with my second, and it was her encouragement to rest when I could and let out my frustration that helped get me through moments where things weren't progressing. She was somehow unobtrusive but ever present in the delivery, knowing just when to coach or be quiet, and she used massage which was a nice relief late in labor.  I was grateful to be able to achieve the unmedicated delivery I'd hoped for thanks to the support of Ana and my husband. She is fabulous at what she does and would be a great resource for anyone looking for doula support.  (She also took a few great photos after the baby arrived that made me wish we'd hired her to photograph the birth!)

Brooke Simmons


Ana was phenomenal to work with during my labor. I spent over 24 hours in labor with Ana present, and would not have made it through a difficult delivery without her confidence and compassion. She helped me cope with pain while laboring at home and hospital, and make informed decisions about medical interventions. Ana was delightful to work with and received compliments from not only my family members, but staff at the hospital as well. I would highly recommend working with Ana. 

Robert Simmons


Ana was amazing to work with!!!! She prepared our family for what was to come, came to our home during labor to help cope with the pain and determine when we should go to the hospital, and stayed with us for over 24 hours during delivery at the hospital.

Ana is an absolute pro and she is extremely personable and caring. We would recommend her to all of our friends and family in a second!!!

Patrick Herman


Ana was fantastic!  We really appreciated how much she knew about the childbirth process, and really focused on what we wanted to know and our individual experience.  As we transitioned to a high-risk pregnancy, Ana continued to adapt the support she provided to the constantly changing circumstances, and was a fabulous calm and unbiased presance in an otherwise stressful environment.  She provided great information in advance, and was a huge asset in the delivery room when confronting difficult decisions.  We had been afraid that working with a doula might push us into birth-plan directions we did not want to go in, but in fact Ana did just the opposite.  She talked us through all the options and decisions, and ultimately helped us get to a place that we felt most comfortable with.  If you are lookiong for a stable, confident, relaxed, and supportive resource for your experience, we cannot recommend her highly enough.

Ariana Bancu


It's hard to imagine having had our baby without Ana's help and guidance. We are very grateful that she was with us and provided us with her care and expertise. She assisted us through a lengthy delivery, helped us think through important steps, and guided us through the complicated decision making process involved in a delivery that went completely contrary to our birthing plan. Ana's guidance started way before the due date. We received helpful articles and Youtube video links months before to help us prepare. She answered our questions, and was an excellent communicator while we were still expecting. I hoped to deliver through a natural water birth. Ana supported our plan 100% but advised us to keep an open mind, as births often don’t go exactly as planned. Ana came with us to the hospital, and was by our side during the 60 hours that it took for our son to be born through what ended up being a C-section. Ana helped me with positions that would soothe the pain of contractions, breathing exercises (and more) and acted as a liaison between us and the hospital staff. The fact that she was there with us gave both the feeling that everything was under control. When our son was born, Ana was there and helped us through the first days of being new parents. She showed me how to breastfeed, how to soothe our baby, how to sterilize bottles and much more. We were very fortunate that she stayed with us for a few days after the delivery. I had to recover not only from several hours of labor but also from the C-section. Knowing that my son was well taken care of by Ana gave me peace of mind and I could relax and catch up on some much needed sleep. Extra bonus was that Ana made amazing photos all throughout the process. I can’t do her justice in a brief testimonial and there might be details I am leaving out. All in all we will remember Ana's help and guidance for the rest of our lives. The delivery of our son was event in which we felt calm and in control.

Neely Goniodsky


I’m don’t know what we would have done without Ana.

She was an amazing help during labor itself. But since that was a painful blur I especially appreciate Ana's presence and advice on how to handle the baby. I was always pretty confident with babies, having a 12 years difference with my younger brother. But Ana is a “Baby Whisperer.” After watching her handle our bundle of joy, we gained confidence of how to hold and soothe the baby. Ana has extensive knowledge on sleep training, breastfeeding, and she gave us lots of useful advice and filled us with confidence. Also Ana encourages us to contact her with any questions, and responds with useful advice right away.

The morning after our postnatal visit, following Ana's guidence, I was able to hold the baby with one hand while grabbing a quick breakfast, feeling confident and encouraged.

So if you ask us, everyone should get Ana for a doula, even if they are second time parents! You will learn so much from her!!!

Emily Jerome


With the highest respect and greatest honor, I recommend Ana Pastor as a Doula for any parent to be. 

Ana is an incredible support, leading up to the birth and upon follow up; she answered all our questions and helped us design a plan for the arrival of little Olivia. Yet there is nothing that can compare to having Ana Pastor as support during labor. Friends and family do their best to understand, but everything you feel and experience is unique to the mom to be. Ana was there, through all of it. She was invested in every moment, every contraction, every second of everything I experienced. I felt supported and connected because of her presence. While she was there, my husband was able to take breaks, grab a bite to eat, and also have direction in supporting me as a partner. As first time parents, there was nothing that could prepare us for labor and delivery, but Ana was there through every step, for both of us. 

After 24 hours of natural labor and delivery, little Olivia arrived happy and healthy. We have beautiful memories and photos from working with Ana. Both my husband and I agree that the best decision we made during our whole pregnancy was the decision to work with Ana. When we are ready for our second, there is no doubt that we will work with her again. In the meantime, I feel that we have added a new friend and family member in Ana, as only someone who shares life's most incredible and intimate momemnts can become. Thank you for everything Ana!

Bonnie Beukema


It is hard for me to express how much Ana helped me through the first months of parenthood. I'm a first time mother and my husband has a very demanding job. I also had a c-section, which made recovery even more challenging. He had his first business trip when she was 10 days old and I was beside myself. How on earth could I care for my little baby when I was struggling physically? We called Ana and she would come over each night when he travelled and a few nights a week regularly. Ana quickly became my favorite person. I would look at the clock with desperation waiting for her to come so I could have a break to rest, especially during her first growth spurt.

Ana was so helpful in helping me understand her developmental milestones. She helped me teach my girl how to to self soothe and sleep in her crib pretty quickly (which really helped with our sleep). She even helped me when I was learning to pump. I had no idea how to do any of this stuff and, trust me, I read every book and went to classes. When you're exhausted and have a crying baby, you need someone there to help you in person. She was there with resources and positive, non-judgmental help. Her goal is to make sure mom, dad and baby are happy. For example, I had to switch to formula earlier than I wanted to and Ana coached me through it and gave me some great resources for how to switch and fantastic formula options. 

Also, my baby girl LOVED Ana. She's so calm - her energy is perfect for babies. I would hear her singing and speaking softly to my baby girl and I knew she was in good hands... which allowed me to get some solid sleep that I desperately needed. 

Trust me. Ana is the best investment you can make when you are a new parent. 

John Stein


How high can you rate a doula? Five stars? Ten? A hundred? Two thumbs in the clouds?

We found our ideal doula in Ana. She helped us throughout our journey. We utilized her warm, organized and minimalist design sense in helping us ready our home and baby room. Her prenatal visits prepared and de-stressed us, and dispelled many of our boundless fears. We felt completely in good hands.

During the birth, Ana met my wife Bonnie, her sister Caroline and myself at the hospital and we could tell she was genuinely excited to be there, like this experience was as special and meaningful to her as it was to us. Her gentle, non-judgmental, present, aware, endlessly optimistic, super-knowledgeable demeanor led to a fantastic, perfect birthing experience.

Our doctor later said that he was super impressed with our birthing team (Caroline, Ana and myself), and Ana specifically. He said he has worked with other birthing support folks and that Ana is a superlative. I agree. As a confused, somewhat clueless father-to-be, without Ana I would've been running ragged and blindly. She modeled and supported me throughout. She is amazing.

We also got the photo package, which I would recommend. Her documentary-style photographs truly captured this once-in-a-lifetime experience in an honest, beautiful, non-tacky way. I am a semi-professional photographer myself and I was impressed.

If we have a second child, we are calling Ana. I recommend her with this caveat -- please don't overbook her if we get pregnant again :). Until then we get to enjoy Robin, our newest family addition.

And I get to write this testimonial, that Ana is the best.

Heather Manzer


We hired Ana kind of late in our pregnancy, but I couldn't be happier that we did. When we originally met with Ana, her temprement was so calm and collected...My husbnad really responded to that and new immediately that she would be a great fit for us. She was very professional, but personalable at the same time. We agreed to her services as a doula and we also decided to have her do some labor and deivery photography for us as well.

When the time came, she was just as expected. Everything she explained to us in our prenatal visit was exactly what we got. Considering that our labor was SO much quicker than expected, I really appreciated her calm, cool demeanor. She arrived when she said she would and was happy to give my husband as much or as little support as he/we needed. Due to the progression of my labor, we left for the BC almost immediately. Without any knowledge to myself, Ana had already begun photographing our birth story.

She followed us to the BC and stayed by my side the entire time. She kept me focused and she stayed controlled even when I felt I couldn't. In this area, it is very hard to know exactly which midwife or doctor you will have on the day your baby decides to join the world, so having Ana there with my husband knowing my birth plan and my labor wishes was settling. Although she had never been to the birth center we had our son at before, she fit right in and the midwife team loved her as well. She was respectful of everyone around her and although she was taking photographs, I don't think anyone would have noticed had I not seen the photos postpartum to prove it.

A few days afterwards, Ana came over for a postpartum visit and shared our images with us. I COULD NOT be more grateful that we invested in them as they really do tell the story of our childs birth! We are so happy with the photography and would hire Ana time and time again. 

Angela Wecker


Ana has been the KEY to making it through the first 2 weeks post partum.  Ana's flexibilty allowed us to arrange visits as needed.  Her flexibility was AMAZING for us as we didn't know what kind of a baby we would have and how much support we would need. We are forever greatful for Ana!  She absolutely helped ease us into parenthood with her wonderful advice and support.  

Ana was available day or night via email when she was not at our home to answer any questions we had.  She is completely devoted to her clients.  A personable and caring baby whisperer! We are very lucky to have met her:)

Rachel Fletcher


Ana was amazingly supportive throughout my labor. My husband and I knew before we got pregnant that we would want a doula, and I'm so incredibly glad we found Ana! Even though we took birth classes from (the one and only) Penny Simkin, having Ana's experience was invaluable.

During our pre-labor meetings, we wrote up our birth plan. Ana offers a unique format - a visual birth plan. This helps medical staff quickly see what your wishes are without having to read a long list. When I gave a copy to my doctor a week before birth, she was really impressed and even showed it off to the other doctors and nurses in the office!


She joined us shortly after we arrived at the hospital and was with me the entire time (about 24 hours ). I felt completely comfortable with her (which is really important since your doula will see all of you!) and was never afraid to let her know exactly what I needed. My goal was to have a drug-free birth, but when I made the decision to have an epidural (after hour 43 of labor), Ana made me feel totally supported in my decision. 

My husband later told me that he would have paid her double (maybe triple!) for her services. He was so thankful for making us both feel supported and as comfortable as we could during the birth of our baby girl! IF we ever decide to have another, Ana will be on speed dial!

Carrie Schonwald


Ana was our post-partum doula in January for our daughter.

I feel it is inadequate to use words to express how wonderful she was for our family, as so much of what is amazing about her is her energy and the feeling she brings by being in your home at such an important moment of your life. She is grounded, comforting, knowledgable, intelligent, funny and warm and having her on your new parent team makes everything truly feel manageable.

Ana's services were a new baby gift from my family, and now, three months later, I still tell them that I cannot imagine a better gift.

To have someone who not only allows you to sleep for as long she is in your home and recover from your birth experience, but who also has the knowledge and intelligence to explain things to you about your baby's needs and moods is so helpful that as I have already said, words cannot adequately express it.

My recommendation of Ana as your post-partum doula is of the highest order- she truly allowed us to experience our new parent joy wholeheartedly, without the total exhaustion and stress that usually accompanies the first week or two of parenthood. Because of Ana were able to first recover and gain some know-how before fully plunging into 24-hour parent duty. When the two weeks she spent nights with us were up, we felt physically and mentally ready to be the best parents we could and we are forever grateful to her for that.

Sarah Denham


Having Ana as a member of our birth and postpartum experience with our twin girls has been completely invaluable.  Her presence, knowledge, and resources of information allowed us to feel more informed and prepared for welcoming our little ladies.  During the birth, my husband and I felt completely supported and cared for by Ana.  Is was so incredibly helpful to have such a grounded and comforting source during all aspects of the labor and delivery!  Additionally knowing that her support would continue once we brought the girls home was such a relief.  With all of the unknowns of being a new parent and a new parent of two babies it has been so helpful to have Ana's continued hands on support that always goes above and beyond to provide the best for us and our girls!

Casey Hobbs


I am so grateful that you were a grounding and supportive presence at our daughter's birth, Ana! Your wisdom, adaptability, and composure throughout every step of the way meant so much for us. We can’t imagine going through that amazing experience without you!

Blessings to you as you continue into your doula career. Each father is so lucky to bring you into that space and have your support! Thank you a million times!


Peggy Hobbs


Ana, thank you doesn’t quite feel adequate to sum up how I feel about your support for us! I am so overwhelmed with the gratitude and love that has been present with me in the last few days while reflecting on our birth journey. Your ability to step into anticipation, excitement, difficulty and joy is unbelievable. I will never forget how empowered I felt throughout my pregnancy and birth and much of that is because of you! Thank you for facing pain with me in the kindest and gentlest way. Thank you for helping me find my own inner strength! I can’t imagine our birth story without you. Blessings as you continue to usher in life & goodness.

Much love,

Peggy and baby E

Bess Sorensen


Our baby boy was born in August and Ana was an excellent support! Ana was always very responsive and available - before, during, and after our labor. We met for two prenatal visits, she was with us through the entire labor (25 hours!), and followed up with visits to our home postpartum. We received several positive comments about the visual birth plan Ana helped us create (very simple and easy to understand!) and she was very respectful when working with the hospital staff. Through the many hours at the hospital we were glad to have Ana's calming presence and appreciated her suggestions througout the labor. She was knowledgable of laboring techniques and breastfeeding, but more than that she instilled confiedence and seemed to understand the types of support we needed at the various stages. We would highly recommend Ana's doula services to others!

Rebecca Parks


Ana was a joy to work with. She was knowledgeable, kind, and comforting through out both pregnancy and labor. She is easy to connect with and knows how to put everyone at ease. I am not sure what we would have done without her, my husban and I felt incredibly blessed as she helped us labor to bring a daughter into the world. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Holland Omar


Pregnant with our first child, my husband and I felt a connection with Ana during our first visit with her and hired her immediately.  We were not disappointed!   Ana is incredibly knowledgeable about pregnancy and childbirth and provides a caring, calming energy that eases new parent-to-be anxiety.  We moved in the last trimester and Ana was flexible enough to meet us at both our old apartment and the new house.  She answered all of our questions and spent time checking in with both of us emotionally during each visit.  Anything can happen during labor and delivery and Ana made sure we were well educated about all of our options when creating our birth plan.  She was available via phone and text and arrived at the hospital within minutes of my husband informing her I was in labor.  After our son was born, Ana helped me feel comfortable breastfeeding and taught me how to use the breast pump.   She provided endless support and encouragement all along the way and responded to our questions with research-based information.  Ana always put our needs and desires first and respected our choices.  It seems obvious that Ana is meant to be a doula.  She exudes warmth and knowledge and provided the support we needed.  We will definitely call her for baby #2.

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